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Episode 5

Bethenny TH2

Bethenny Frankel

“There Is Definitely Smoke And Mirrors”

It would appear that Bethenny has given up on her short and sweet blogs and now gives us a mini novella.  She shares that she is relieved that she didn’t cry or rip anyone a new one in this particular episode and takes that as a win.  She tells us she loves Sonja and believes that some of the other ladies have a malicious disingenuous side and Sonja is none of that.  I’m not so sure about that.  There is nothing “genuine” about Sonja.  She is all Smoke and Mirrors to me! Bethenny continues to tell us how much she loves Sonja especially at their lunch where Sonja said she only “swallows” if the guy has a black AMEX.  Doesn’t that make her a hooker?

I didn’t want to give unsolicited advice, and, this season, I walk a slippery slope. I’m damned if I do anything in the way of business advice. Whether it’s positive or negative advice, it will appear that I’m better than and an expert, and that’s simply not how I view myself. I have a lot of experience: I’m in the trenches, and I keep learning and making mistakes every day. Sonja doesn’t have that experience, and, for her to succeed, she needs to get focused and start absorbing more information (that’s how I learned– mouth shut and ears open). Business is hard, and she needs to learn what it really takes to focus on one thing and see it to the finish line. “Accessible luxury” is a start. And–no–she doesn’t owe me a car.

B does have a lot more business experience than a lot of the ladies.  I would say Bethenny, and Heather actually created and run successful businesses.  Sonja would be a follow to ignore their advice…and yet, who are we talking about?

As for her fashion meeting, I think she front-loaded that staff for effect. I will bet everything that I hope to be that not one of those people is on salary. I happen to have an international brand and barely have that many people with those fancy titles, so there is definitely smoke and mirrors there.

It really was ridiculous and sad.  Bethenny says she wants Sonja to succeed, but I think Sonja is her own worst enemy.  She has some really great ideas and I always love her style, but she will not allow anyone to “manage” her into fruition.  I don’t think we will ever see Sonja’s clothing line in Macy’s, Dillards, Nordstrom or TJ Maxx anytime soon.  I still wish I had a fucking toaster oven.  It’s 88 degrees and my kid heats up the whole kitchen to make his 30 pizza roles.

The night out at World Bar was a little grating, and I was glad to not be there, getting myself in trouble. The yammering on from Ramona about Sonja not saying hi was reminiscent of past seasons–hashing and rehashing something completely inconsequential to fill up the airwaves. Check please.

John sandwich

It’s not fair that B gets to skip out on that Tom Foolery, yet I was subjected to it in my home!  NOT FAIR!  Bethenny addresses John and his “touchy-feely” ways by saying:

If he were 6′ 2″ and chiseled, no one would care. It really isn’t that big of a deal. There are a lot of guys who have a cocktail and don’t understand personal space. There are women in our group who have this issue, too. His girlfriend was two feet away.

Yup.  Dorinda was in slapping distance and wasn’t bothered by.  He is a flirtatious guy.  Big deal.  I have a feeling if he was really stepping out on our Dorinda, she would step all over him in a pair nice stilettos.

While I wouldn’t want my boyfriend behaving like that, and while he may not be ultimately right for Dorinda, she knows who he is, and I don’t think it is a massive big deal. A little icky? Yes. World Bar World War 3?

Hmmm, it is weird though cause wasn’t Mario a big flirt?  Kinda makes you think.

Kristen - Whoa TH

Kristen Taekman

“John’s Hands Got A Little Too Friendly”

Well, it’s confirmed.  We have moved on to the very detailed blogs.  Dear Ladies, Noone wants to read your every thought about each episode.  I wish to read every thought that my lovely ladies here on Lynn’s Place want to share, but as for you gals, please keep it brief!  As for you Kristen, you are a snooze fest this year.  You really have nothing to write about!

Kristen pretends to cheer on Bethenny for attempting to talk some sense into Sonja.  We have all seen and heard Sonja drinking her own kool aid.

Lu and Dorinda’s pedicure…I love Dorinda’s attitude. She doesn’t care that John was out without her. He probably invited her along, she didn’t care to go. Dorinda has been through so much in her life, she knows not to sweat the small stuff. “Who cares?” as my nanny would say, LOL 🙂

I think Dorinda is a big girl and can take care of herself.  How she and John choose to carry on their relationship is totally up to them.

It’s sweet that Sonja decided to plan a trip to Atlantic City for Ramonas birthday. It seems like Sonja has turned over a new leaf and is being more sensitive and supportive of Ramona. Thank goodness! AC seems like a perfect getaway to help take her mind off things! Ramona, did you say that “all the girls have not been supportive of Sonja”?! PLEASE! You feel the exact same way we do: concerned for Sonja and confused.

Do we all honestly believe that Sonja out of the goodness of her heart decided to plan a getaway for Ramona or is this a Bravo manufactured trip?  Me thinks Bravo is involved.  Lol.

I started a blog about a year ago. I think when you go from stay-at-home mommy, who does modeling gigs every now and again, to mommy with kids at school, your life shifts gears dramatically. It comes so fast. It’s just you at home with all of this free time. One can only exercise so much, right?

Well, good for her!  When I went from full-time working mom to full-time stay at home mom, everything changed.  I craved human contact.  I would talk to anyone and everyone that made eye contact which prob made me super creepy.  I finally started doing research work from home which kept me busy and allowed me the freedom to work from home.  Kristen writes several paragraphs about her life as a model.  I am bored about that topic and will tell you that I was never a model.  I am 5’3 inches tall and have always had “curves”.  Those model agents in the mall were not stopping me.

Sonja’s showroom with Bethenny…Wow this whole thing is just so uncomfortable for me. Are you having a hard time watching this? Poor Bethenny is trying to be nice, even for her…you can tell she is uncomfortable. Sonja even seems somewhat hesitant. Is it me our do all of her “partners” seem like paid actors?  No one has answers, there is not an article of clothing anywhere to be found, only lots of pretty sketches. “We are in talks with retailers, but we can’t confirm any.” And the line launches in like two months, but they aren’t allowed to disclose any other information? “But know we have the best relationships in the industry.” What does that even mean?  Is this normal? I don’t know a ton about fashion retail distribution, but my instincts tell me they have a lot of work ahead of them.

YES!  These people did seem like paid (or unpaid actors; maybe interns?).  How do you sell a clothing line to nonexistent retailers or retailers that are in the witness protection program?

As for Dorinda’s plan to get all the couples together at World Bar…

Ramona was really overly sensitive about Sonja not going over to her. Sonja was drinking and with her boy! I mean, “young man,” and Ramona should not be stressing it and just let Sonja do Sonja and her boy, er, I mean her young man, right?

Ramona has always expected everyone to drop everything and fuss over her when they see her…Sonja is like this too, no?  It’s just weird to be friend with people that are that needy!  Thank God Sonja and Ramona never had more than one child.  There is no way they could have shared the spotlight with too many kids.

I am happy to see that Lu and Carole spoke about the whole “Adam” thing. It seems like all is OK? If two people broke up more than a year ago, shouldn’t it be OK to starting dating again? Even if the new person is a friend of the ex’s aunt? Why not?

Really Kristen?  I have read some of Lu’s nasty tweets about Carole recently and I don’t think this is OK by mile.  Lu still believes she “owns” Adam.  Perhaps she peed on him at some point and claimed him for herself.  Who knows.  Could someone get her a copy of the 13th Amendment?

Sonja and I dancing with John…LOL! The party was over, a lot of the ladies were headed home, Josh and I ended up staying a bit longer. The music was turned up, and we all had a bunch to drink and were just having playful fun. Josh was sitting right behind John and was laughing watching John trying to get the party started and getting his “extra friendly” on. Sonja and John started dancing, and he pulled me in to dance with them, so we were all having fun, and then John’s hands got a little too friendly and that was a cue that it was time for me to exit…it felt very deja vu from a night last year with Aviva’s dad

First, let me say this, I would not allow Sonja within arm’s length of my husband.  These women are fools if they allow that tramp near their significant others because Sonja has no boundaries AND is an attention whore.  Kristen participated to be playful at first and when it got uncomfy (or the ick factor rose) she stepped out.  All is good.

Heather and LuAnn

Heather Thomson

“I’m Obviously A Glutton For Punishment”

Heather tells us she is a “team player” and if by that she means, “team leader” than I agree.  Heather is a strong business woman and I imagine it is difficult to be around someone as delusional as Sonja.  I am not a strong business woman and I find it incredibly difficult to WATCH Sonja so I can relate.

I have been down Sonja “Sexy J” Morgan’s rabbit hole before: spending valuable time, energy, and favors on her pursuits, unfortunately, to no end. I was not at the lunch Sonja referred to saying the girls haven’t been supporting her, nor was I picking on her at this event. I was simply not in the know that Sonja had sourced a group to back a fashion endeavor, hiring freelance consultants and a designer to pull a collection together. And I was surprised to learn from Bethenny that she had. I was interested to learn more about it and lend whatever I potentially could. But, ‘The Countess’ boomed in and, as the case often goes, things flew off the rails. And it’s frustrating. 

And you’ll have that when dealing with Sonja.  It still baffles me that Sonja wouldn’t go to Heather for real advice if she truly wanted to start this fashion line with hopes of it being successful.  Heather compliments Bethenny on her delivery of solid advice to Sonja and questioning the timelines, vendors and supply and demand issues.  But, to no avail, Sonja has no worries and popped the champagne.  Maybe Sonja is a wizard and will pull all this together in her closet, but I am still waiting for my fucking toaster oven (yes, I will continue to bitch about that every week).

But back to Sonja…please, dear, if you are going to call me out on anything, please let it be that I’m an obvious glutton for punishment! Why do I even care?! Having worked in the industry for over 25 years and launching my own successful brand Yummie by Heather Thomson, I’ve been around the block enough at this point to offer valuable knowledge to someone just starting out. And I’ve always been eager to help Sonja, so I would have thought she would have wanted to hear my thoughts on her new venture?  

And Heather is right on here.  She has a successful brand under her belt (literally) and it would make sense to seek advice from her, but Sonja doesn’t want advice.  She wants yes-men and that ain’t Heather.  Heather continues by saying she wants Sonja to succeed, but as a group they have watched her many pursuits fall flat.  Heather is still rooting for that Nigerian Football team…would it be soccer or American football I wonder?  I wonder if she will design there uniforms and be the Color Announcer like Clairee in Steel Magnolias.

What’s real, or not so real, is that spring has sprung, and so have Ramona’s boobers! And a visit to any retailer, or even a website–where one’s spring 2015 collection would potentially live in all of its glory–may lead one to think not much has changed, but it’s a journey nonetheless.

WTF does that all mean?  Is she talking about good push-up bras?


Sonja Morgan

“What’s A Party Without A Little Drama”

Just so everyone knows, Sonja’s blog was 2051 words long.  Yes, 2051.  Let that sink in.  When it takes that many words to explain your DELUSIONAL decisions, you have a problem.  She babbles on about how she doesn’t know if she is happy or sad about her lunch with Bethenny cause, get this, she doesn’t feel Bethenny is really able to understand her business.  Holy FUCK!  Sometimes, when you are with a group and one person says, the grass is green and your thinking its blue…then someone else in the group mentions the green grass.  Oh, and then another person joins the group and they compliment the grower of the green grass.  I’m thinking it’s time for you to stop believing the grass is blue.  Does this make any sense?  I was just trying to distract you from Edie (Grey Gardens).   Sonja then goes on to say the reason why B doesn’t truly guzzle the Kool aid is because she is newly single, going through a divorce, raising a daughter and running a successful business.  Yes, she said B was going through all those things WHILE running her multi-million dollar business.  And yet, Sonja is not gonna take her advice.  I totally get this.  NOT.  Delusional Grey Gardens Sonja then schools us all in property sales.  Does she forget that we all know the house in France was sold off by a 3rd party to help pay her debt?  She tries to tell us the only reason you sell is to go bigger…or pay off debt.  She totally forgot to mention that but I expect she will in next week’s novel so let’s all be on the lookout.

After Heather helped me with the toaster oven shoot to make a box, I got a lot of information from the luxury department store executives that told me I needed guidance from a real branding expert. They were impressed I didn’t come in empty handed (I designed and built a fabulous toaster oven), but they pointed out that I was a fashion brand at heart and center. It’s an international brand in image. Starting with toasters was not a good idea. Down the road. Not first. So I took the advice and started my jewelry, fashion, and perfume ventures based on a solid business plan. It takes years to build a fashion collection. I have been involved and hands on every step of the way from design to marketing. My investors are the distribution experts. They have done it for decades.

Praise be to Jesus.  I now know my toaster oven is sitting in a warehouse somewhere waiting for Sonja to finish her fashion collection.  I am beyond relieved cause when that line is launched this spring (wait, are we 2 months into spring already) then I will be able to get that damn toaster oven.  Forgive me while I take a break from this.

OK, I am back.  Sonja tells us the meeting was “uncomfy”.  Sonja tells us her team (ie intern/actors) did a great.  Gaurav (what?) who was playing CEO spent 3 months on this.  Really?  He prepped 3 whole months to prepare to pretend to be a CEO?

Bethenny has made a wonderful name for herself in the alcohol industry and now with all her new licensing deals, but she doesn’t reeeeally know fashion. I went to The Fashion Institute of Technology for my bachelor’s degree in marketing, have been ensconced in the fashion world inside and out my whole life. Since a young girl, it has driven me and taken me the places I know. As a young model, I lived in Paris and Milan. My brand is an international lifestyle brand, because there are international influences in my designs, and because you can’t have Sonja Morgan without having international.

I don’t think you have to “reeeeally” know fashion to know that the Sonja International Fashion Brand is a work of fiction.  B would have to be living in a home filled with unicorns to not see this fiction.  As for Sonja living in Milan and Paris, I have traveled to Moscow but that doesn’t qualify me to make Matryoshka dolls (stacking dolls).  Sonja thinks if B was a real friend she would just support her.  Like buy into her fairytale and ride off to fashion week on their unicorns.

Keeping secrets from friends is never good, and those things always end up coming out anyway. Look what happened to Lu and I last year when she hid the fact she and Jacques were having trouble. I didn’t realize she was sensitive and going through the trauma of separation. I felt terrible about being left out but even more terrible for Lu. I knew that day was coming and warned her, but it doesn’t take away the pain. I’m looking forward to the next best guy for Luann. I’m sure he isn’t far from now.

OK, this situation in no way relates to Luann knowing sharing personal info with Sonja is asking for a blistering headache.  This is again Sonja finding a way to relate or insert herself into a situation.  Can I say that I wish Sonja had a ghostwriter handle her blog?  Noone is gonna accuse anyone but Sonja of writing this drivle.  I see her sitting on one of her threadbare chaises and dictating this to one of 3 interns her are waiting on her.  One is refilling her glass with Skinnygirl cause Sonja KNOWS a good thing.  Another is painting Sonja’s toenails fire engine red and the third sits across from Sonja Indian style with the laptop balanced on their legs while Sonja blathers on and on.  The interns rotate every 2 hours so that the one typing doesn’t cramp.

Honestly, Luann and Heather, you wish that I would have invited you to see my designs boards? I thought that you both washed your hands of all of my business deals? That’s what you said! Bethenny asked about my business, and we agreed it would be good for her to meet my investors. She wanted to get a feel, and tell me what she thinks. I swear with these women you could bend over backwards and still not make them happy. They ask questions, and then twist my words and get me all flustered instead of being supportive well-wishers with constructive criticism. 

Bethenny offered Sonja constructive criticism and Sonja didn’t take it.  She criticized B’s knowledge of the fashion industry.  Again, Sonja wants people who drink the koolaid.

I wish that Ramona had not made that hello such a big deal! I would never mean to snub Ramona. I just honestly did not see her. But I know that she’s going through an emotional time, so I’ll give her a pass. She sees me coming off of my speed bump and may feel I will leave her. Never!

Oh you two morons made the hello so very ridiculous.  Who behaves like that?  I will tell you; attention seeking whores.

Everyone tune in next week to see a great weekend in Atlantic City at The Borgata Hotel and Casino. I have friends in high places there! It will be beautiful to see the luxury. Keep watching to see if I really am delusional or if I can make my fashion dreams come true!

Wait a gosh darn minute!  Has Sonja been reading my blog?  She just mentioned being delusional and its all I can think about when she shows up on my tv.

P.S. My fashion and jewelry collection is for sale here. Check out the preview page first.

Now you all know I remove links from the blogs, BUT this one, I am leaving here!  Go check out the preview page  Now, everything is available for PREORDER only.  There is nothing in stock (hmmm, She by Sheree’?”)  The prices are reasonable for pretend clothes though (not anything I would buy cause I shop at JC Penney, Kohls, Macy’s and Target).

Dorinda and J-claws

Dorinda Medley

“John Went Home Again…Solo”

Dorinda does what I love best; she made a top 10 list!  Let’s break it down.


  1. Lady Morganreferencing the Black Card like a madam at an escort service.

Ain’t nothin’ “Lady” about Sonja.

  1. Bethenny going to a business meeting disaster at what appears to be the UN where silence is golden.

Perfect.  Just perfect.

  1. The Ramonacoastergoing from a sip of green juice to a glass of pinot in 60 seconds.

I always love a good reference to Ramonacoaster.  We see how Ramona is able to go from 0-60 in one teeny tiny sip.

  1. Carole letting Kristen know about her new beau and Kristen seeing a little taboo in it.

I don’t think Kristen saw it as “taboo” but since she is in a traditional marriage, I am sure Carole’s dating situation is odd.

  1. Luannand I doing some good mani-pedi talk about men and vaginas….totally normal.

I have mani-pedis all the time and never talk about my girly bits at the salon.

  1. Hannah acting like the only adult in the show and actually giving me great advice.

Hannah reminds me of Vicki Gunvalson’s daughter on OC.  We all need a voice of reason and I think Hannah just might be it.  I also think she is right on when it comes to John.  Keep your distance Hannah.  John is not sticking around for the long haul so why bother trying to be his “friend”.

  1. Kristen flashing SoHo like the hottest crazy person in Manhattan.

Argh.  This reminded me of Jelly-Bean-Kelly.  Enough said.

  1. Heather and Luann going after Sonja like it’s The Inquisition.

There just comes a point with some people where you choose to close the door.  These ladies need to just accept that NO ONE is gonna change Sonja.

  1. Frick & Frack (Sonja & Ramona) barking at each other….again……like they do.

Barking is a great analogy for what those two morons were doing.

  1. Carole fessing up to Luann about “what’s cooking” in her kitchen these days.

Still don’t get this.  Luann doesn’t OWN Adam.

And then poor Dorinda must address her beau, John.  She is totally aware that John is “touchy-feely”.  We already know he is a fan of PDA.  Dorinda admits she was pissed.  She goes on to say that his behavior is not uncommon nor is she the jealous type.  She knows his behavior is like bringing lighter fluid to the bonfire.

Sonja was very comfortable and played into the friskiness. What a surprise. Kristen wasn’t sure what she got herself into. At first she played along, and…I must say…she was quite comfy with John, but then it just went too far, and she had to escape like a gazelle running away from a big hungry lion. You know, how they do on the Discovery Channel. Yech…embarrassing.

Well, yes Sonja enjoyed it.  Even though Sonja was there with her toddler (or had she put him to bed yet?) she was happily flirting and “grinding” on another man.  My reaction would have been similar to Kristen’s although I prob would have bolted as soon as he began touching me.

I am sure there is going to be lots said about this, so I’m preparing myself. Two things are certain: John went home solo…again…and Ramona will apparently get down anywhere.

I think John has a lot of solo nights.

Screenshot 2015-05-04 14.49.32 (Small)Luann de Lesseps

“The Whole Situation Is Really Sketchy”

Luann said this is the episode of the clashes.  She tells us Bethenny is a successful business woman and she noted that B stopped herself from giving out unsolicited business advice to Sonja.  Lu says she loves Sonja, but she basically sets herself up for the other ladies to roll their eyes at her endeavors.

Bethenny asked simple, straightforward questions, the same questions Heather and I have asked. They’re all fair questions! She wasn’t being “bitchy” with Sonja and her team; she was being honest, real, and a businesswoman. Heather and I have been honest with Sonja in the past, and that’s precisely why she cut us out of meetings and the discussion altogether. Now that Bethenny’s chimed in, her opinion might be tossed out with the rest of ours.

Sonja does not want real advice.  She wants sheep who will agree with her.  That is why she has so many interns.  Are those interns paid?  Do I need to get Sonja a copy of the 13th Amendment, too?

I knew all about this before Carole actually came to me and told me herself. Of course, my niece had filled me in, because she was very upset. How would you react to hearing about someone you’d broken up with and still care about having a fling with your aunt’s 50-something-year-old friend? It was pretty “scandalous” amongst the group, which is why Heather and Kristen –Carole’s dearest pals–reacted the way they did. They all knew it was taboo at the very least. Look, I understand 20-somethings are nice to have around, I have 20-year-old children! The larger issue is this: This guy was my niece’s ex-boyfriend, and they were still “seeing each other,” probably unknown to Carole. She recklessly put me in a very awkward position with my family! And you watched her say it this episode: She didn’t care! Not about my niece, not about me and what I faced with my family. I did my best to gracefully end the conversation so as to not add to the embarrassing situation by saying, “We’ll figure it out.” We obviously didn’t see things the same way. And still don’t! Look, I want Carole to be happy–of course I do–but at what expense?

OK, so I guess we all know Lu’s side now.  But this just seems like a teenage love triangle to me.  I hope Lu’s niece sees that Adam is not the “catch” she thought he was.  If he was seeing the niece and Carole at the same time, then he is kinda a snake and she should be glad he is not in HER bed.  Let Carole have her playtoy and be done with him.


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  1. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. Is it Friday yet? I know. A girl can dream. 😊💭
    It’s going to be a HOT one in my neck of the woods. Yippie!!!! I know. I’m weird. 😄 You all stay cool and have a great day.

  2. HuskerHuny says:

    It was a freaking 40 degrees out this morning! Really? But the sun is out and shining for all its worth. Hoping warm weather is on it’s way back. I really need to get my plants outside before they die! Hope it’s a happy Tuesday in your neighborhood!

    • lila1star says:

      Morning all–I have the same issue Husker–36 degrees this morning which meant I had to turn on the heat for a bit. But I need to get my Begonias outside!
      Oh and–B needs new lawyers–goodness. I do not understand how JH is entitled to so much??? Call me confused…. Great Blogs 🙂

  3. Veena (NMD) says:

    Radar Online broke this (so I ignored it) but Page 6 is reporting that B has to also pay Jason’s legal fees.

    ““Real Housewives of New York” star Bethenny Frankel is raving mad that she makes 50 times her estranged husband’s salary — because it means she has to pay him more than $26,000 a month plus another $100,000 in lawyer fees, according to a source.”

    They need to settle quickly – the lawyers are taking it all. It seems to all be about the joint custody – which is why the prenup doesn’t seem to be helping ….

    “The ruling comes after Frankel and Jason Hoppy, a pharmaceutical salesman, settled the custody portion of their divorce case last June. Frankel was forced onto the witness stand to defend her bid for sole custody of the couple’s 5-year-old daughter, Bryn. In tearful testimony, Frankel called Hoppy “white trash” and “disgusting” for allegedly getting an investor to finance his divorce.
    The embarrassing performance resulted in a shared custody deal. But under New York law, the agreement means the wealthier spouse must cough up lawyer fees and temporary child support and alimony.
    Because the reality star earns around $5 million a year and her soon-to-be ex only pulls in around $100,000, she has to pay 97 percent of their daughter’s $600-a-month preschool tuition and $900-a-month extracurricular costs.”

    • So pretty much Jason is no better than Grey Gardens wanting to milk a life style that he didn’t earn? He is a healthy adult with education and has been an earner in the past – go get a job!

      • Veena (NMD) says:

        He seems to have a $100,000 a year job.

        I’m surprised he’s entitled to so much after such a short marriage – Is B expected to support him at the same level of lifestyle?

        I suppose that is why he stayed in that apartment – because if he left it then he wouldn’t get his costs reimbursed to live here.

      • Okay, maybe you can explain this to me:

        Jason worked with/for Bethenny’s company, was on her TV show and to my mind, contributed at least somewhat to her success in that as it was all about her marriage and their new baby. He did give up his privacy to do this (willingly, no doubt, but you can’t criticize him for wanting fame if you don’t criticize her for the same, as well.)

        In fact, Bethenny was the one who quit on the marriage–her right, of course. But we all saw her on camera castrating Jason with her demand he quit his job and work FOR HER COMPANY, because she could trust him. His reticence was working FOR HER, his WIFE, rather than WITH HER, his PARTNER. Her response was: it’s still MY COMPANY.

        Now, I can’t say who was in the right or wrong in that relationship, because…marriage.

        But exactly when did Jason become a “thing” she should discard with no legal consideration (forget personal ones), who should give up his rights to THEIR child, leave the apartment THEY built, and go back to his old life without any rights to what he ALSO worked to build…even if it is HER COMPANY?

        Thing is, they were married, which she willingly did. She put him in HER SHOW, while promoting HER COMPANY, and having HER BABY….

        Now he’s supposed to just vanish like a ghost?

        Yeah, how is that fair? We’d have a FIT if he was the one with the money trying to dump her with nothing for the marriage WHICH THEY BOTH WERE IN. He has a lawyer, same as she does. At what point is he supposed to just tell his lawyer, Never mind protecting MY RIGHTS in this divorce, just let her have everything she wants and I’ll hope I can see my daughter before I die?

        Anyhow…this is one of those HW topics that people fight over, and I don’t want to fight over it. I just don’t understand why Jason is the bad guy here. It’s a divorce. They usually aren’t happy times.

        • Cartwheels says:

          Jason never worked for her company, no more than I help my husband get receipts organize and every ready for taxes, yet I don’t receive a pay for that.
          Bethenny asked Jason several times to quit his job to work for her as her CEO and he hummed and pouted but at the end he told her that he didn’t want to be his employee so that never happened. Bethenny already had partners, she was not alone in this business ventures. This has always been Bethenny’s company, she has started all from the ground up, why would she had made Jason a partner, she told him that by becoming her CEO he would have power to make decisions but that in one or another level it was her company and she would be on top of him, what is wrong with that? I don’t see any male business person making their wives partners of their businesses just to sooth their ego, do you?

          Jason was married to her for merely two years and signed a prenup, how does he figure that he should get out of this marriage settled for life? He didn’t quit his job to take care of the kids, he didn’t sacrifice the best years of his life to help her build her company, he was married to her for only two years. Jason needs to get back to work, find a smaller apartment that he can afford and stop dragging this divorce for years to come. Legally he is trying to twist her arm into a settlement and I hope she doesn’t give up.

          • Okay then. I’m guessing the judge and lawyers will work it all out.

            Which is my point. Why are Bethenny fans hating on Jason so much? It’s THEIR divorce, again–not just hers.

            It was obvious that their last year she was very cold to him, and vice versa. So whatever was going wrong in their marriage, it takes two, IMO. Some people are not meant to be married.

            • I like Bethenny all right this season but was never a fan of hers in the past. Frankly I like a straight shooter and with the other dingbats on the show I would rather root for her than them. I don’t hate Jason, but I do hate entitled people (men and women) who feel like they are owed a living for marrying someone with money especially when they are healthy, able and educated.

        • HuskerHuny says:

          I’m with ya White Trash. It’s a two-sided horrible mess. No one is more wrong or right than the other. Stipulations were put in place before the marriage and now they both have to live by them. The only people benefiting here are the lawyers. Isn’t that always the way?

          • Yes, lawyers always make out like bandits.

            Is there a copy of their pre-nup and lawsuits online? Maybe at the Clerk of Court in the county? I have never read them, so I guess I should if I’m going to make an informed argument in this debate.

            I guess I really don’t care that much, though. I’m pretty sure I’ll be happy when they finally get it settled, anyhow. 🙂

        • Foxymel(Mel) says:

          Who’s saying he should just vanish like a ghost? He’s punishing her for walking out on their marriage. Simple.

          • Wait…how is he punishing her? She’s the one who trashes him six ways from Sunday, on every TV show, every tabloid interview, etc.

            They do have a child together, they were married, he did accommodate her public businesses and programs for those years they were together, participating on camera, no less.

            It is what it is: divorce.

            I guess I just can’t understand why her fans think their marriage, child, and businesses having nothing to do with Jason. She didn’t marry an actor with a salary, she married a man who was her husband. Some think committing to a marriage is actually serious business, which is why there are licenses and laws governoring it. So why is it wrong for Jason to litigate what he contributed to that marriage, benefits and losses, instead of just giving it all to her because she’s a woman and she says he is worthless?

            And yes, she just called him scum on TV–again.

            Honestly, I was a Bethenny fan until the worm turned for me when she began the “full custody” battle. He had to fight for joint custody of his own child. THAT was her doing, and lawyers cost money, which she has and, as everyone loves to point out, he doesn’t.

            Anyhow, she wins, because he’s always going to be trashed as a man for not just giving her everything she wants and walking away empty handed, years of his life down the drain, his reputation mud thanks to her, and a daughter he’d have seen at her convenience, which means seldom if at all, IMO.

            Well done, Beth. And so much for equal rights.

            Because if the circumstances were reversed, I’d be making the same argument for her.

            • Foxymel(Mel) says:

              I’m not sure why you think I have to explain to you why I now think that Jason is an as$hole. He just is.
              Btw, I just starting Bethenny this season, two episodes ago.

              • Foxymel(Mel) says:

                *starting liking her*

              • Oh, sorry, I don’t “think” you have to do anything. I thought we were discussing the different angles of their divorce.

                Guess not. My apologies. I’m done.

              • mm in oc says:

                Jason is an ahole. We didnt figure that out until season 2 of her show. Hes said mean ugly thing to her when he thought the cameras were out of ear shot. Also, and I onow some of you will disagree, but visiting his parents every weekend is not normal and too much to ask. Finally if jason was only making $100k as a pharmaceutical rep in new york, he likely sucks at his job. Obvious in hindsight he was probably after her money from the getgo. Considering he expected a partnership in the business. Douche!

        • Laineylainey says:

          I agree a little more w u WTG. I do not think that he is the devil incarnate. There are so many cases of women marrying “up” or giving up their careers to support their husbands…and I always think it’s smart of them to get what they can from the partnership when the marriage dissolves. So I feel that if I wdnt judge a woman, I’m not going to judge him either.

          • Yeah, equality cuts both ways. Having grown up in the ’50s and ’60s, it’s something I’m keenly aware of. It’s why I get so CA-RAZY when I see the double standards on Southern Charm. LOL Oh, those middle-aged men better BACK OFF that young woman, saying she should be home with her child while they’re about as irresponsible as middle-aged skirt-chasers can be. ARRGH!

        • mrs peabody says:

          He’s not, he’s entitled to exactly the same thing she would have been entitled to if the roles were reversed. She’s the higher wage earner and she is the one that will have to pay more just like he would have been had he been the higher wage earner. It’s only fair. I think he should fight for everything he can get because if the shoe was on the other foot she’d be fighting for all she could get.

          • Of course, the law will sort it out, and that will be that. There are considerations other than money and property that I think about. Really important things.

            I know it has to happen, but how does one put a price on the value of a marriage–even a short one? No matter what comes next, these two were husband and wife. That can be changed, but it can’t be erased. It will be many years before either can put this largely behind them.

            Bryn is a big part of that. What’s the value of becoming parents together, which is lifelong? That’s blood, and that’s done. They will always have their child to factor into every step of their futures: shared custody, 2nd spouses, step-children, half-siblings…it gets complicated and that only begins with divorce.

            I know this is all common, and I’m not saying either should be “punished” for divorcing the other. I am saying that there is more at stake than just money. They chose to take this path and it will always be a part of all their lives. That’s not a couple of insignificant years.

            To me, money is the least of it.

            • mrs peabody says:

              In the end the courts will sort it out, someone will be happy and someone won’t. Hopefully they can come together at some point and have a civil relationship for that little girl. Lots of people do it and they can too if they really have her interest at heart rather than hurting each other.

      • Foxymel(Mel) says:

        Seems like he wants to punish her.

    • Yeah, see, calling your CHILD’S FATHER white trash somehow…just doesn’t seem all that smart to me….

      Not that being WhiteTrash is a bad thing…. 😛

    • Foxymel(Mel) says:

      Couldn’t believe this when I read it. That is way too much to have to pay. Weren’t they married like 3 yrs? No wonder he doesn’t want to leave that apt. this is no longer about Bryn, this is about payback and he’s going to drain her for every $ she has.

      • Cartwheels says:

        He will try, any decent judge would deduct all that money out of the final settlement. Jason got himself an investor who is fronting the money for the lawyers and then when Bethenny gets ordered to pay he gets his money back. I didn’t think that this was possible but I guess it is. I wonder who is banking Jason?

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      Veena- I saw this and didn’t even bother posting it, as it just seems like this situation ignites a small forest fire on the blog.

      IMHO- the judge ruled favorably for Jason because s/he is privy to information none of our self appointed blog experts have.

      I do wish they’d just end this family feud tho, for Brynn’s sake.

      And ours.

      • TexasTart says:

        LIKE! ⭐ excellent post!

      • TexasTart says:

        “Only you can prevent forest fires” Smokey

      • Oh, gosh, I thought it was brought up to discuss. Sorry. Maybe Veena can delete my comments? That’s fine with me.

        • Foxymel(Mel) says:

          I’m sorry for my comment to you above.

          I thought you were thinking I’m this hardcore Bethenny fan, that I can see her do no wrong. I just think that those numbers above are a little much for someone that has a prenup and is still fighting for more. He’s got his child covered financially, why can’t he just end all of this?

          • Thanks for that. I really don’t want to pizz anyone off. I have no stake in it. It has dragged out a long time.

            • Foxymel(Mel) says:

              Hey, it’s ok to disagree. Please don’t think that I don’t like your posts because I do enjoy reading them. 🙂

        • Let me clarify. My comments were not meant for any one person.

          There really never is any discussion when it comes to these two- just a lot of emotional rhetoric.

          Bethenny supporters see her as a victim, and Jason supporters see him as one.

          For what’s it’s worth *IMHO* I like both of them and but also see where others don’t like Jason/Bethenny.

          there doesn’t seem to be any middle ground, it just devolves into name calling.

          • You’re right, of course. I told myself out of the gate, prolly not a good thing to “go there.” Sometimes I should listen to myself. :\

            • Personally? I would love to have a discussion about these two, because there is just so much to talk about on BOTH sides.

              But it’s the same situation as Teresa- she’s either a devil or a saint depending on who you’re talking to- no nuances at all.

            • kit9 says:

              Hell no. Go there if you want! ❤

              • not THAT Jill says:

                I agree kit-if someone wants to “go there” GO!! Everyone has an opinion-express the life out of it!! If you can’t do it here where the hell are you supposed to go to discuss such important things like the HW???? “Go there” with gusto!!

              • I see. So you’re trying to get me killed, too?

                Lord, that line is long…. 😛

                • not THAT Jill says:

                  Hahaha never!!! I just happen to love reading different opinions and seeing mature people discuss/debate their views!!

          • mm in oc says:

            I really dont like either of them. However id have the same opinion if this was a man with a successful business and some golddigger thought she was dur millions after a fe short years. I hate mooches! I guess that why I despise dimkim so much.

    • T-Rex says:

      Well Okay, I am not reading a whole lot into this garbage Story, the reason being that I think RadarOnliarliarpantsonFire(allegedly) gets about 90% of their stories wrong, and Page Six is actually QUOTING RadarOnliarliarpantsonFire(allegedly) as their SOURCE for this story. BethennyBallBuster has been pretty honest about things and the real truth is somewhere in the middle of all this nonsense. IMO

  4. Cartwheels says:

    Settleing is exactly what Jason is hoping for and the reason why he is dragging this for so long. His only chance at any settlement that he thinks he deserves is if Bethenny settles, other wise he will receive probably 1/4 of what he thinks is owed to him.

    Bethenny has a prenup that protects all past, present and future earnings made from the sale of SGC, Jason is entitled to not one penny of that money. He is probably entitled to half of what she made in the two years they were married (minus SGC) so he hired a financial auditor to trace every penny of the money she has made during those two years, with as many ventures as she has, that ordeal is taking a lot of money. Bethenny has tried (according to ROL which is Jason’s go to place) to settle this twice, the first time by offering 3M which he decline, the second time offering him 7M which he declined again. Jason wants 10M, He wants to be settleld for life so he IMO is nothing but a gold digger. There is absolutely nothing that prevents him from working. He never quit his job to work for Bethenny but now with the legal battle I have read that he is not working, why not? he can work during the day when Bryn is at school, he can work and make his own money.

    Jason is just playing the waiting game and hoping that Bethenny will settle and give him the 10M he wants, I surely hope that Bethenny stays firm in her ground and gives him not one more penny than he is entitled to, at this point the damage is done and giving in would be not in Bethenny’s best interest. I surely hope that any money that she has had to pay during these last two years will be deducted from his divorce settlement. Gold digger asshole.

    • not THAT Jill says:

      Jason keeps proving what a complete asshole he is. People like to say that the divorce is all Bethenny but I don’t know how anyone can say that since we have never heard EITHER of them say who wanted the divorce. Maybe it was him…maybe it was her. I don’t care. Jason signed a damn prenup-if a woman signs a prenup and tries to get more money she’s a gold digger…Jason is an asshole and gold digger. He go what he wanted from his marriage-he got a kid and fame-now he wants the money…he will get it because he doesn’t care how long it takes.

      • Cartwheels says:

        Jason never fool me, not even when everybody was gaga over him, any guy who tells his wife whom he supposedly loves that she is not normal, that she is unlovable, that her daughter Bryn will grow up to hate her and that she will end up alone like her mother is a POS in my book.
        Jason had the wonderful facade for the cameras but I also knew that this was just a mask for the public, the real Jason is an awful jerk , that POS is the one Bethenny divorced, he played his hand very well and fool her with the charming and understanding guy act at the beginning but as soon as the deal with BEAM was closed he showed his true colors.
        He was always very careful about not to show his bad side in front of the camemras but few times his real person slipped out and it wasn’t pretty at all.
        Even if Bethenny’s public image got decimated for the divorce I am glad she got away from that jerk, nobody deserves the mental abuse he put her through. His game is now more evident but I bet Bethenny kicks herself every day in the mirror for not being able to spot it since the get go.

        • California35 says:

          Yeah, even as he was “being nice” he would be saying that she is damaged. I remeber that time in some party when he told her that. I was so surprised, and he was being nice!! I hoped that it was inmatuarity and that it didnt come out right, that his intention was to say something better. It is one thing for her to say it herself and even then i felt so bad for her, hearing it from the guy who is saying I love you at the same time as he is saying it, yikes!!! So yeah, i can imagine how awful he could have been when he meant to hurt her and no cameras.

        • Prince Ali says:

          Sometimes Jason/B situation reminds me of my husband. I love him but I do so much to protect his flaws from being seen so when I get mad at something he does people see it as me being unreasonable…I probably should explain more rather than just posting this but it takes too much effort. Basically I am alluding to the time when Bethenny complained about everyone thinking Jason was this “perfect” guy and how annyoing it was that people didn’t see her side of the issues–he did very well at playing to the camera and others.

        • Powell says:

          Yeah cartwheels remember B said to him something to the affect that tried playing the nice guy before the cameras? Yup that Beam deal brought out the real Jason. I can imagine B saying to herself all the time “why didn’t I just be Jason’s GF. He have his place. I have my place. And we raise Bryn. I shouldn’t have married him.”.

      • Powell says:

        I’m w/you too JNNTJ.

    • Foxymel(Mel) says:

      So if she has a prenup why is he going for more? How doesn’t that protect her?

      • Cartwheels says:

        She does have a prenup that protects any money coming from SGC, Jason is going for half of the money from her other ventures, the golden goose is SGC though. Jason and his lawyer know that if the judge rules and make the prenup stand Jason won’t receive that much because while her other products are profitable none of them are at the level of money that SGC generated. Their obvious strategy has always been to play this in the court of public opinion as a ploy to force Bethenny settle and give Jason the millions he feels entitled to. Jason and/or his lawyers IMO are behind all the ROL articles, disclosing every bit of information , taking Bethenny to court for the slightest things, all of this is meant to forced her to settle to protect her image.
        Driving her crazy while they were living at the same apartment is also another of his strategies, now he can request her to pay for the bills of such apartment, he is even asking for housekeeping money, can he clean up after himself? Talk about a lazy and entitled POS.
        Getting split custody was pivital for him, with her making much more money than him it doesn;t matter if they split Bryn’s time in half, Bethenny now has to pay child support and provide mostly everything for her daughter.
        I wish Bethenny wouldn’t had been so needy, Jason’s game was evident to me since the get go, Bethenny wanted a fairy tale story so badly that she allow Jason to play her for a fool. Bethenny fell for his knight in shining armor hook and sink.

        • Foxymel(Mel) says:

          Thanks for breaking it down for me. I understand a little more now. A part of me is like, give him the money so he goes away but it’s not cool what he’s doing. Let’s see how long this war will last since they(Bethenny) has to pay all of the lawyer fees.

    • California35 says:

      Wow! she offered 3M then jumped to 7M and he still didnt take it??!! Wow!

    • kit9 says:

      Man, this whole thing kills me. I really liked Jason. The house squatting was it for me. He’s a lazy POS out for as much of B’s $$ has he can get. They were married 2 seconds which doesn’t entitle him to a chunk of her fortune. What I keep thinking about is how he was such uncomfortable w/Bethenny being the major breadwinner. Guess he got over that.

    • Powell says:

      I’m right there w/you cartwheels.

  5. Foxymel(Mel) says:

    Good morning everyone!
    Thanks Namaste for the great job you did recapping the novels these NY ladies wrote.
    I finally watched ATL reunion and I got a little sad watching Nene when she spoked about her mom. I’m glad they ended on a good note. Cynthia still seems to really care about Nene and I wouldn’t be surprised if LuPeeta told Cynthia to go against nene for a storyline.
    Have a wonderful day!!

    So P Diddy was on WWHL and he said he likes Nene a lot and that they’re friends. I almost died laughing when they showed the clip where Sonja is telling Heather that P Diddy goes on HER yacht–he called Sonja a very “imaginative girl!” Lol

  6. plainviewsue says:

    OMG Namaste, your recap on Sonja’s blog literally brought me to tears I was laughing so hard!!! Plus anytime you referenced Sonja on the ladies blogs!!

    Well done!!!!!

    I did go on Sonja’s web site out of curiosity. She cannot be serious. Who is going to buy such expensive jewelry from her?? Delusional doesn’t even cover her anymore.

    Bethenny is trying to reign her in, but to no avail. On the First Look, when Sonja goes on and on about how people threw red carpets for her, B is trying to get her to focus.

    So P Diddy wasn’t on Sonja’s yacht???? Why are we not surprised?

    • Powell says:

      One of her big problems is not letting the past Mrs. Sonja Morgan go. That’s like one of my fav films Sunset Blvd. Gloria Swanson’s character Norma Desmond can’t let go of her past success as the it girl in Hollywood. The Queen of the Silent Film era. Every season we hear about her “yachts, homes in Italy, chefs, the Rothschild’s, etc”. It’s no longer her life or lifestyle. But she still lives there in her head.

      • mrs peabody says:

        it’s really kind of sad that she lives in her head, she really should get out of there and back into the real world. All joking aside it is sad that she just can’t let that life she had go, it’s never coming back.

  7. Laineylainey says:

    View this post on Instagram

    Statement from Kenya Moore

    A post shared by Kenya Moore (@thekenyamoore) on

  8. Laineylainey says:

    Hi friends! I was out of town, but I’m baaaaack! I have some catching up to do.

  9. California35 says:

    Good morning! Thank you Namaste, For the work and for saving us the time of reading the whole blog of each of the ladies. I would prefer skip some of the blogs. Or part of them, but with your take on them (and then the comenters on the board) it is fun and more digestable (?).
    I agree with the ladies and you that Sonjia doesnt want to a person to tell her how it is and how to do something, she wants a yes you are great kind of person. So she doesnt want their advice or talk to them about her “business” any more. HOWEVER I also see that becasue they went through this with her, they talk to her in a very condesending way. Who would want that?? Also, we cant forget how they all talked to her on the reunion. I don’t blame Sonjia for not wanting to talk to them about it any more, I do however blame them for acting like they care and for feeling left out when They are not invited anymore. Do they want to help or do they want to keep putting her down? I see and we all see poor Sonjia has nothing, and she acts like she does. Like she has all of this business knowladge and business contacts and business ventures, but she has none. So I am not in any shape or form defending that. I understanf also why she is showing Bethenny snd Bethenny doesn’t mind, yet. I know eventually, or already Bethenny sees what the others see, and Sonjia will not like Bethenny for that either, as Bethenny said, she alienated everyone already. I mean, halloo even Ramona, the closest of the ladies to whom she is with…is also a good business person and great at her researches and all of that. Even she is distancing herself form the topic, last season did not go very well becasue Sonja did not feel support from her on her delusions.

    On Heather and Luanne and Kristen,,, do they have their own story line this season??! So far, Sonja Sonja Sonja. Carol is too busy with her boyfriend and with her book to get involved, or care 😛. Bethenny running around as usual, Dorinda trying to connect with the ladies, so far she si getting disapointed and bored probably. With the twi she can hang with more are always beckering (Ramona and Sonja). The others are too busy for her.

    • Powell says:

      Yeah I see why Sonja didn’t tell them either and it rea shouldn’t be a surprise to them that she didn’t. Sonja has Heather, & Lu that know what it takes to get a product on a home shopping network and if she had a real product could lead her in that direction. Ramona has skincare, jewelry online and is a buyer/wholesaler and could lead Sonja in quite a few directions. The big but is BUT Sonja doesn’t truly want it. She likes to talk about it. She loves the sound of her voice saying she knows people all over the world that want to do biz w/her but there aren’t any people. Biz people move on. Sonja’s had the International soccer team in limbo for 4,5 yrs now. I do think they’re still waiting.

      • California35 says:

        Is that another business thing? Wow. She is all over the place, not only not have any real “business”. I had forgotten about her sex novel. I wondered what she meant and what she would write about. She should use her knowladge in the matter (if that is not also just another thing she only talks about and not really know about), her experiences and her imagination(delusion) to write a good book. That can be written in the comfort of her home, no help from anyone needed. Just start writting if typing. Use it as a journal, after a date.

        • California35 says:

          Forget about anything else. Dont talk about it. Dont talk about the business with anyone, that way she won’t have to feel like she has to show any thing about it. She won’t have to pretend anymore.

          Or as Bethenny said, just pick ONE of the many business ideas. Focus and work hard for it, in SMALL scale.

          She most likely has no one to turn to for money, no ine wants to invest because she has no real plan. The rest of the time she wants to forget about it by going out, drinking, hooking up. So neither is helping her.

        • Powell says:

          Yeah she could do sexy novels, romance novels but again, Sonja doesn’t really want to.

  10. Powell says:

    ********Spoiler Alert******
    On Wendy Williams it’s reported that B has to pay Jason’s legal bills which are over $100 grand. Wow!!! It’s been all about the Benjamin’s alll along. Despicable!!

    • Powell says:

      And maybe when NeNe was an adult and her mom wanted to try to get to know her NeNe did turn her back on her. If she did that would not be a surprise. After a child’s parent has dropped them off to live w/another relative and as the child grew and matured and never got what he/she wanted in an explanation of why, it would be no surprise that as an adult a child might not want anything to do w/that parent.

    • Powell says:

      Sorry. I don’t see him kiss her, hold her hand, hug her, or give her goo goo eyes. She could be anyone. Not saying he isn’t but this isn’t the proof that he is.

      • inorite?

        Totes agree with you- this could be his personal trainer for all we know…no smoking gun that I could see…

        Maybe he didn’t lie to me?

  11. Powell says:

    Husker and lila IDK what’s up w/the cold weather in your parts. Here’s some of my Sun and warmth for you. 😊🌞🌞

    • HuskerHuny says:

      Thank you ever so much Miss Powell. It’s better today though. My son graduates from college on Saturday and they’re saying 80s with a chance of thunderstorms, hopefully that night!

  12. T-Rex says:

    Namaste the blog was terrific, loved the snark and the truth being weaved into clearly less than truthful blogs by several Ho-wives. Oh and for like the Billionth time, DRUNKDELUSIONALGREYGARDENSSONJA, you do NOT NOT NOT have a bachelor’s degree from FIT, uhm, it’s called the INTERNETS and shit like this is now online and guess what, you are NOT THE ALUMNI!(in my best you are not the babydaddyMurrayVoice). You did NOT model in Milan or Paris, because you are like 5ft 2 and they would the designers I guess could use you for a model’s shoes, but NOT to walk a runway or even do print in Europe. Her clothing line is a joke and folks are ragging about it everywhere, I believe you will hear that at the upcoming fashion show someone remarks how cheaply made the items were, and she comes back with “well these are just for show, the real items are wonderful”. or something to that effect, if they show it.

    • T-Rex says:

      OH I forgot to note anything about this Infamous fake Clothing and Jewelry website, first off NO ONE pays upwards of 5K for jewelry online via PAYPAL!!! Half the jewelry listed doesn’t even have pricing or a place to PRE-ORDER(which means not made, but maybe we will if someone is stupid enough to buy something). Also, NO ONE NO ONE NO ONE is spending 2k( this is the average price of her jewelry) without inspecting the items from some rinkydink nonexistent clothing/jewelry company, that’s why there are billions of Jewelry stores and they do well! Now to the clothing, good grief, NO ONE is spending $500.00 on a pair of shorts, from some start up company that takes PayPal and only has items listed as PRE ORDER. OMG this is yet another EPIC.FAIL, and I really hope she didn’t put money in this, I have heard she did though and she is going to lose every last dime. Weird word on the street is that she refinanced her home, and used the money that she should have used to fix the place, to bankroll this new fiasco. Look she does not have good Business sense, she made her claim to fame, Schtooping married men whilst being a hostess at San Pietro’s until she got fired when one of the wives actually named her in their divorce action. Then she ran into Mr. Morgan whom she had “serviced” while at San Pietro’s and I think he thought she was fun and would make a nice play toy for him, and he kept her just until he tired of her antics, then dumped her off, like he has all of his other numerous wives. She did get WAY more than the Pre-nup she signed and she had to attest to that fact in court.

    • Powell says:

      T-Rex Sonja went to FIT for a semester and when she was a young woman in Milan someone took her picture. So to Sonja she has a degree in Fashion from FIT and was a model. 😏 LOL.

  13. Exit4 says:

    So B has to keep paying for Jason for one year-or until the divorce is settled. According to the article. It’s that apartment that’s holding this whole thing up. Not sure WHAT planet Jason Hoppy lives on-but people who makes $100,000 a year, in New York of all places, do not live in $5 million apartments. The yearly fees are more then his salary. $100,000 a year is really nothing all that special in NE corridor-especially for someone in their mid-40’s. As soon as that apartment situation is ironed out-this will be over.

    • Powell says:

      Exit I posted above. 😊
      I think it’s crappy of Jason. He’s doing to B just what Halle Berry’s daughter’s father has done to her. Jason is perfectly capable of working to afford what he previously had. But B give him that apartment and not cuz he deserves it. It’s more trouble than it’s worth. She and her lawyer need to give him the apartment w/no strings attached for B about maintenance on it. If Jason can’t afford it then that’s his problem. Let him lose it, sell it, whatever. Bryn will be fine w/o living in the home she lived her first yrs. Jason has some type of pre/post nuptials money from the divorce. If he can’t live on the money and a job that’s his problem. Not Bs.

      • Exit4 says:

        The apartment is owned by an LLC that they set up. I’m just guessing, but I think what’s happening, is that Jason can stay in the apartment, on B’s dime, until the apartment is sold and the LLC is dissolved. He’s going to lose that apartment in the end-I don’t B see being forced to pay for his lifestyle forever and there’s no scenario where he can ever afford it.

        • Powell says:

          Yes I remember T-Rex, NMD, you or someone else discovering it was under an LLC when her show was on and she purchased it. I hope he loses it. To me he doesn’t deserve it. B has always shown who she was from S1 scene 1 epi 1 minute 1 that she was on the screen on NY. Jason pulled the whole DAMN sheep over my eyes. As a man he is not who he purported to be.

          • Exit4 says:

            I think in the end he couldn’t deal with the money, success, demands on her time etc. Plus her unwillingness to have his parents around all the time. By the time he realized he would never be her equal-he started to resent her and battle her. He’s still doing it.

            • Powell says:

              Be shoulda married a girl from his hood then. Yup he’s still doing it. But in the long run he’s the one that will lose. B will eventually get her life back and will only deal w/him concerning Bryn. He’ll be out of her pocket as her empire and banks account keeps growing.

      • Foxymel(Mel) says:

        Good point, Powelly! Was Halle married to that guy or no? He’s a goooood looking man.

        • Powell says:

          No!! That’s what makes Halle’s situation even worse. He was not her husband. Yer she had to purchase him a multi-million dollar home AND pay him a 5 figure mthly child support. She was able to get the amount lowered from what he originally received but the amount is still tremendous for a man that was a hugely successful runway and print model that was making lots of money. He could have taken his handsome looks back to the runway but he’d rather have Halle pay for his gym membership instead of work.

  14. Powell says:

    I was looking at a little of ATL reunion part 1. I had missed the very first part where it shows them getting ready and Andy checking on them. Sometimes I don’t like Andy but sometimes I do. I surely could do the reunion MUCH better than he does but I have to say Andy truly loves good looking women. He appreciates their look and their style. Yup I’m giving a compliment.

  15. Foxymel(Mel) says:

    I checked out Sonja’s website. The first place I checked was her contact us page. No phone number listed. If you buy items online, you know that you gotta check their “contact us” info to see if they’re legit.

    • Powell says:

      Right Foxymel. When I worked in banking I researched company’s for prospects, “Contact Us” is one of the first things I looked at on their website.
      Well Foxymel I was thinking her interns set up the website for her but would interns be so inept not to put that information up?

    • kit9 says:

      Oh, fer the love of…I had seen the clothing but hadn’t looked at the jewelry. Is she freaking kidding? NOBODY is going to pay that type of money for jewelry from some nobody from reality tv.

  16. Powell says:

    Taking a break. Sitting here watching CNBC Titans talking about Leo Burnett, Leo Burnett Company. The vision for Mad Men and Don Draper. An ad mane named Draper worked for Leo Burnett. I think Mad Men used the name Leo Burnett as a rival of Sterling, Cooper, Draper. Leo Burnett had Pillsbury, Brown Shoes aka Buster Brown and many other for 30 yrs. Maybe you all will know this but Pop N’ Fresh is the real name for The Pillsbury Dough Boy. Of course I’ve heard pop n fresh but I thought that was what they termed the biscuits, cresent rolls – open the can. Pop N fresh. Didn’t realize that’s the cute little guy’s real name. Cute fact. 😊

  17. kit9 says:

    “Perhaps she peed on him at some point and claimed him for herself. Who knows. Could someone get her a copy of the 13th Amendment?” Roflllll! Thank god I wasn’t eating when I read this! Thanks so much for the blog, Namaste. Sonja’s is just insane. The woman is a pathological liar. A freaking fabulist. She was a model, my azz. Almost as absurd as her claim she met her husband while ‘doing deals’ with him.

  18. Powell says:

    Just turned to Botched. Paul fixed Dwight’s nose. y’all remember Dwight. Did She By Sheree pay him back for his money he put out for her fashion illustrations launch? Remember the show w/o designs? 😯

  19. not THAT Jill says:

    Hi ….I’m so late to this but I’m watching the ATL reunion and I have to give Kenya credit for getting up to support NeNe. I don’t know what was going on with NeNe but Kandi sitting and not even having a little sympathy was just sad. Kenya was very compassionate and kind about it and I thought it was great.

    • not THAT Jill says:

      And Cynthia…I just noticed that she was following NeNe back stage-that was ballsy of Cynthia because she knows NeNe can turn on her-but she put that aside and went with her. NeNe probably wouldn’t do that for Kenya or Cynthia but I kind love that they did it for her.

      • T-Rex says:

        I don’t watch but from everything I have read here cynthia seems to be really hurt by NayNay Terminating their friendship, and I think she really does seem to care for her deep down, but she also doesn’t want to get stabbed in the back again either. While I dislike the PeterPanCharacter she is married to, seems Cynthia has a good heart, but a terrible head when it comes to relationships and business, IMO>

        • Powell says:

          Right. I think she’d like to be friends w/NeNe. I think PeterPanCharacter, hahaha 😆, has influenced her not to try to have a relationship. And Cynthia is a follower. She’s followed Kenya’s bad attitude towards NeNe and I think that’s the main reason NeNe doesn’t want to renew the friend contract w/Cynthia.

      • ladebra says:

        And Nene totally threw shade at Cynthia — no good deed goes unpunished by NayNay — her sitting there naming off everyone that came to her side, and oh yea, Cynthia was there. Nene can’t help being nasty and rude. That’s who she is.

      • Powell says:

        You’re right again. 🙂

    • Well.

      That’s what Kenya wanted everyone to think. And open the door for a possible new bestie storyline for next season.

      She’s a better actress than NeNe.

      I kinda think that’s why NeNe got up and left- didn’t want anyone stealing her camera time.

      Kandi was like WTF is going on? (said in Cynthia’s TH voice) She’s not buying it.

      • HuskerHuny says:

        I agree about Kenya – it’s all an act with her. But I did believe that Cynthia’s actions were from the heart.

        • not THAT Jill says:

          I don’t know who was acting or who was being real but for a moment they were all being “normal” and I liked it.

    • Powell says:

      True. Kandi had a look like, “whatever’.

  20. TexasTart says:

  21. TexasTart says:

    I updated the RHOC announcement above ^^^^^ with a link that gets to the trailer. Can you believe that Bravo’s link I had there, didn’t have the trailer? And when I found the Bravo Media PR write up for Season 10 – they used a RHOMiami logo?! SMH

  22. chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:

    Hi —

    tarts thanks for the DM!!!

    WhiteTrash girl – thank you – I don’t think I can get the dates on Instagram on the apple stuff. Just pc’s I suppose.
    Thanks for getting back to me.

    And I’m SO with you on the comment you said above about way wah wah wah wah wah “REAL” gal & the divorce. 😏

    Hey —- I don’t watch OC – but saw that Andy named Vicki his favorite HW of all time.
    I hope you all enjoy that season – at least it’s like HALF the amount of cast of NY ! Jeeeeeesh🙀👅👅👅

  23. kit9 says:

    Just discovered something really random…there is a connection between Carole’s doggy and the new OC Housewife, Meghan…she posted this pic and then confirmed it’s Carole’s puppy. Her brother is somehow connected to Carole’s dog. “Baby’s mom is @CaroleRadziwill and she has two dads, one is my brother @RJ king3 so I’m an auntie!”

  24. kit9 says:

    In other news…from US Mag…”Brandi Glanville Visited Kim Richards in “Really Nice” Rehab: “This Is the Four Seasons or Something!”

      • California35 says:

        Wow! The dummy is outing Richard more and morw. Hallooo!! We all suspect already about whay kind of rehab she is getting, since she has conditions and wants to get her way. When its time for courts, a “rehab” like the “four seasons” Won’t impress the judge.

      • Powell says:

        She took her kids? 😏

        • California35 says:

          I know what!?!?

        • T-Rex says:

          Now i know this is a lie, no way they are going to allow Minor children that are NOT related to someone in the Rehab/Halfway House, and who the HECK brings their kids to a Rehab center with alcoholics and junkies who are NOT related to them.

          • California35 says:

            Duh! You are right! What am I thinking? Lol never mind, we can’t believe this lier.
            And or Kim really is NOT in any kind of rehab – it really is a resort of some kind.

            • T-Rex says:

              If you look at the website, it’s a lovely compound in Malibu, it’s a completely gated, and locked facility, look it’s nice but it is as close to rehab as that DrugAddictAlcoholicKim is going to come close to going to. This is a Sober House and some folks are in there via court order, so there are still rules and regulations to be there including alcohol testing several times a day and drug testing daily, you are required to attend meetings while you are there, etc. Look it’s not really what she needs but is better than nothing. At least she isn’t drink and driving with a potential to kill innocent people while she is in there.

    • T-Rex says:

      I don’t think she actually visited her! This is the same story she has been shopping around for over a week now. Odd that her family hasn’t been visiting but a random TOXIC idiot could? Oh and don’t you think those morons would have posted Instacrap pics, they both love to take tons of them, and I guarantee you if she had been there would have been pics she could sell to the tabloids along with the stories she is selling about her BFF DrugAddictAlcoholicKim, whose family must be OH SO PROUD that the Toxic THELIARSUPREMESLUTBAGSCUMBAGLYINGLIARJEALOUSBITCHMORONSTFUBrandi is making a nice buck off the back of DrugAddictAlcoholicKim

      • California35 says:

        Maybe she is the “lovely” person who is not really.

        Did Kathy ever explained?

  25. chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:

    Welcome back Lainey – I hope you had a nice time wherever you were ! 🚀🚀🚀

  26. Powell says:

    2Stupid your kids are so funny. One loves you because you make her food and the other thinks you’re ammotional. Hahaha. Too cute.

  27. Powell says:

    Husker you got sunflower seeds and a card from your son. So cute.
    My mom and I are sunflower seed freaks too.

  28. Powell says:

    Diana I think when Isaak is 20 yrs old he’ll remember gamma and that red lipstick that came off on him. That’s very sweet.

  29. TexasTart says:

    • Powell says:

      B told Sonja to stop talking about the past. It sounds pretentious. What does Sonja say? “Its because they haven’t lived that life.” Or however she said it. Sonja just doesn’t get it.

  30. Powell says:

    eHarmony commercial was just on. Over 500,000 marriages. Eat that Patti Stanger. Kenya needs eHarmony. Or maybe Tinder. Hey Hilary Duff went out on a Tinder date. They didn’t have anything in common but it’s probably better than Stanger’s website.

  31. TexasTart says:

  32. TexasTart says:

    Bethenny was late and she was sorry 10x

    OMG they are already screaming in the limo to start the trip?! 😦

  33. kit9 says:

    Fav mo so far from tonight’s RHONY…Sonya puttering in her foyer pretending to flower arrange some dead branches in a mason jar.

  34. TexasTart says:

  35. TexasTart says:

    Thank you Ramona! STFU Everyone! 🙉🙉🙉🙉🙉

  36. kit9 says:

    I really cannot stand Sonja at this point.

    • T-Rex says:

      Kit, well I have never liked her, LOL! Just finally folks really seeing her as the BSCrazy Name dropping, bankrupt, delusional, moron she really is. I love that BethennyBallBuster was trying to get her to realize she sounds ridiculous, name dropping all the stuff she CLAIMS to have done, which we all know she hasn’t!

  37. TexasTart says:

    Bethenny peeing on the side of the road – thank goodness —it’s the only thing that got them to simmma dowwwn.

  38. TexasTart says:

  39. TexasTart says:

    • T-Rex says:

      She should have said DRUNK AND DRUNKEST as the two of those idiots were trying to prove who could be the Drunkest of them ALL in Atlantic City, but I think DrunkDelusionalGreyGardensSonja won the prize last night

  40. TexasTart says:

  41. TexasTart says:

    Carole has black lace bunny ears?! Is it Halloween?!

  42. T-Rex says:

    Holy crap, yet another episode with DrunkDelusionalGreyGardensSonja, living up to the DRUNK part of her name.

  43. not THAT Jill says:

    Snatch guard….the Countess kills me sometimes!!

  44. chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:

    SJP —-> are you here ????

    What is the restaurant Barf was asking Sonja about – Braun? I keep looking online and can’t find it – she said its up the block from Sonja’s. I’m surprised B deems it cool enough to go above 14th/23rd st ……
    I’m searching and searching !!!

    So REAL …. As long as the camera is there- the pee/ pregnancy tests come out. 💦💧👍🏻

  45. TexasTart says:

    Where is everyone? This is a good episode sans the limo screaming fit…they sounded like a RHOC girls trip.

  46. TexasTart says:

    Bethenny don’t EVEN bother to try to talk sense to Sonja —SHE’S DRUNK!

  47. kit9 says:

    Wow, lighten up, Bethenny. That was what we call a joke, not a “dig”.

  48. TexasTart says:

    Whoa how serious, Bethenny at the poker table.

    Frick and Track going freaking nuts in the casino, LOL

  49. Exit4 says:

    Mur. Mur. Ugh that place is so cheesy!

  50. OMG. Snatch Guard, I can’t believe that was uttered by Countess Hubcaps

  51. TexasTart says:

  52. T-Rex says:

    Good for BethennyBallBuster to just leave because at least we the viewers don’t have to hear that DrunkDelusionalGreyGardensSonja say ONE MORE FREAKIN time she is a PR person and PROMOTES people, she does NEITHER, only apparently in her delusional world that NO ONE else lives in and she did not hang out with JFKjr, or Madonna. She was a HOSTESS, a HOSTESS at San Pietro until she was FIRED then John Morgan decided to marry her. I don’t think any of them hung out wiht some 60 year old man either

  53. WTF Miz Andy – he had gum sticking out while announcing WWHL

  54. Powell says:

    T-Rex now Sonja has modeled in UAE.

    • T-Rex says:

      Yeah, I heard that, uhm, first off UAE back when she would have been modeling, would have meant she was either a Hooker in a harem, or modeling burkas, because it was a very much a closed world to women back when she would have been young enough to model. Again, it NEVER HAPPENED.

  55. Dorinda – Snap with that line about John John

  56. Exit4 says:

    Poor Sonja.

  57. Powell says:

    JFK Jr is dead and Madonna parties w/15 yr olds do what else has Sonja got?

  58. TexasTart says:

    Exactly! I’ve never seen someone recover like Sonja (Luann)

    • T-Rex says:

      OMFG DrunkDelusionalGreyGardensSonja has been divorced for more years then she was married, she needs to check into a mental facility, seriously there is something wrong with her.

      • mrs peabody says:

        I agree 100%, there is something going on upstairs with her and it isn’t good.

  59. Square Jaw looked better in the TH where she is wearing the hot pink and black

  60. TexasTart says:

  61. kit9 says:

    Omg. Sonja’s gone stepford wives malfunction on us. Holy crap.

  62. TexasTart says:

    Vitamins?! Conflict with alcohol?!!
    More delusions. 💊💊💊🍸🍸🍸

    • She went to the Rambles school of pharmacology

      • T-Rex says:

        Good one SJP because I think there is more pharmacology rolling around in that delusional body then a flinstone vitamin. Oh and saying someone wants to see her “sheet” means she is probably also doctor-shopping, which means getting pills from numerous doctors!

      • Powell says:

        Sooooo glad I wasn’t eating or drinking. It would have been all over me, my phone everything. 😆😆

      • TexasTart says:


    • kit9 says:

      Ridiculous, right? The thing w/Sonja is her entitled attitude. Judgement against her or not, she’s not poor. She still has more money than most people. Yet, she seems to be allergic to actually working. If I see her whining once more about how hard her life of getting facials and going to the dog groomers is, I’m going to effing scream!

  63. Powell says:

    Flintstone vitamins don’t make you say Gstad. HAAAA!! too DAMN funny!!! 😆😆😃

  64. T-Rex says:

    DrunkDelusionalGreyGardensSonja Just be HONEST, you were in LOVE with HIS MONEY and everything that came with that! Good Grief

    • kit9 says:

      Yes, it really does seem the lifestyle is what she’s mourning the loss of more than the husband. In any case, it’s been like 7 years and her constantly bragging about how fabulous she is, the name dropping, her connections, is rude.

  65. Powell says:

    But B got something good out of Sonja that no one else has. Sonja said her bottom fell out when her husband divorced her. It’s the first time she’s admitted she’s still holding on to the past. She’s gonna drown her soul if she doesn’t snap out of it. It’s been too many yrs now.

    • Powell says:

      Now Sonja didn’t even get it. It’s nothing to do w/having a close relationship with her family, her daughter. B was telling Sonja she’s got to let go of her past married self and figure out who she is and take care of herself.

      • kit9 says:

        Yeah, B is trying to be understanding and self absorbed Sonja somehow finds a way to make it about, what exactly? How fabulous she is and B is not? What the hell was that?

    • chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:

      I’ve seen Sonja break down and say that was it before on the show.

  66. T-Rex says:

    Oh good gawd! The reason you are not after Chapter11 is because of YOU YOU YOU, even your trustees have actual had to admit in the courts that the problem they can’t get shit done is because they can’t get her to do anything with the bankruptcy!

  67. TexasTart says:

  68. chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:


  69. kit9 says:

    There was so much cray in this epi I’m going to have to watch a few more times to get everything. One thing for sure, during dinner, I wish the show would have moved on from Sonja/B and moved down to the other end of the table where they seemed to be laughing and having fun.

  70. not THAT Jill says:

    Sometimes I wonder how Bethenny could ever get past what her childhood was like-I mean look at all the shit her mother still does -selling pictures to ROL and giving any interview she can and never saying a kind word about her own child-clearly the woman is not right in the head. I know people really dislike Bethenny but what child could survive seeing their mother try to kill herself?? Bethenny not only survived it-she succeeded in her life despite the sad excuse for a mother she had. I say cry your eyes girl!!! Boofriggenhoo all you need to. Then dust yourself off and go kick more ass…THE B IS BACK….get off my jock….

    • TexasTart says:

      LIKE ⭐

    • T-Rex says:

      DOUBLE LIKE! Saw the scene where her step dad point blank admits her mother never wanted her, wow that is BRUTAL. She is lucky she is as well adjusted as she is!

    • VV™ says:

      Bethenny Ever After: Bethenny Frankel reconciles with stepfather she hasn’t seen in 23 years

      • T-Rex says:

        Her stepfather will be on the show next week, in the previews we see her talking with him about her horrific birth receptacle(can’t call her a mother as BethennyBallBuster would have been better off raised by wolves)

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Such a good post, Jnntjill Very true

      • not THAT Jill says:

        Thanks Lainey-I know Bethenny is hated by some but I don’t know how she survived it all. Seeing your mother try to kill herself has to be the most EFFed up things ever. If the violins come out and she has a pity party for herself sometimes-that’s cool with me-thank God most people will never know what that childhood was like first hand.

        • Laineylainey says:

          THIS would be the reason to cheer for her.

        • I’m sitting on my hands this episode because I think I’ve made enough enemies over Bethenny in one day–LOL–but I do want to clarify that I don’t hate Bethenny. Not agreeing with someone’s BS–which I have plenty of my own, BTW–isn’t hating her. We all screw up; she just does it on TV for money.

          • Laineylainey says:

            Hi WTG!! I should prob just mind my beeswax. But I don’t think Jnntjill’s comment was directed at you. Not at all. First you’ve never stated that you hate B or anyone else as far as I know and second, there is no second.

  71. TexasTart says:

  72. VV™ says:

    View this post on Instagram

    Another one …too much money not enough taste!

    A post shared by Lisa Vanderpump (@lisavanderpump) on

  73. Exit4 says:

    Once at BG, a very pretty blonde was standing at the register in the old hoisery department. I walked by her 3 times until I realized no one was helping her. I didn’t work in that department, but I went up to her, asked her if she needed anything, apologized to her and went and got someone to help. It was Carolyn Kennedy. She was very nice.

    Sonjas story would be that they met cute, became BFFS and shopped together all the time! That’s her alternate reality. I’m kind of worried about her!

    • T-Rex says:

      Oh and Carolyn would have invited her to be on her yacht and they lunched together regularly, and sunned themselves on her own yacht, oh and she gave Carolyn GREAT PR advice, and she helped her with her life

    • Powell says:

      Yup. That’s pretty much how Sonja’s interpretation would be.
      Her crying to be. “I promote people.” Well who in the heck was she promoting anyone too? The ladies? She was just yammering ad usual. Oy Vey. 🙄

  74. TexasTart says:

    Andy grilled Luann on the twitter battles with Carole and Luann was somewhat embarrassed. She said that there is more that happened between she and Carole – we will see it on the Turks and Caicos trip (whenever that is). So they did have a showdown about something else as many folks here thought.

    • TexasTart says:

      A caller asked about Daniel. He works for her, but all the tweets are her words. She said no tweet goes out without her approval.

      • I.e., Daniel wrote them and she’s not going to shove him under the bus. But if she weren’t actually typing the tweets, what’s the point of having an intern type them for her if she’s there “approving” them? I call BS.

    • kit9 says:

      Yes and it was pretty telling that Luann tried really hard to just gloss over the twitter battle-like it never happened. In effect, pretty much admitting that all those vicious tweets ripping Carole over Lu’s poor niece were a load of crap. Also, Luann’s answer about Twitter seemed like pure BS. It’s very clear she didn’t make those tweets. Andy called her on it, too.

      • T-Rex says:

        Oh, you could see that she was embarrassed by the twatter war and she CLEARLY was not actually sending out the twats, her assistant Daniel obviously sent them, his master CountlessLuMandeleHubcaps was probably telling him to send out this or that, but he put his own “spin” on the missives. She needs to just stop, apologize and move on. She said last night they needed to move on, but didn’t really apologize for the twats!

        • What about Lu’s timeline? Lu said on WWHL, to explain why her “tweets” to Carole were so mean, that Nicole dated Adam “again” in Sept., didn’t she? But Carole said she and Adam had been dating since October, if memory serves. Yet we saw Lu agree with Carole on camera that Adam and Nicole had been broken up for a year. That scene was after Carole and Adam were “practically living together”, according to Carole. Adam knew cameras were taping these scenes, as well.

          What’s missing here? Does Adam get any responsibility in this kerfluffle?

          Luann disappoints in this.

  75. Exit4 says:

    Very bad train derailment over in Philadelphia tonight. The Amtrak NE Corridor train from DC to New York. Hopefully no one here has any friends or family on the train. They aren’t looking at anything sinister right now-but the big guns (FBI, Homeland Security etc.) are there.

  76. LaineyLainey says:

    I didn’t have a chance to share with ya’ll that a friend (#1) and I flew to Long Beach for the occasion of a mutual friend (#2) whose daughter was performing in her last college performance before graduation. I’ve known the child of #2 since she was 6 years old. We all go way back. #1 has a daughter who lives in LA. We had a lot of fun!!! We were at the grove on Saturday and I saw Todd Chrisley at Nordstrom!!!! I wanted to talk to him, but I decided not to bother him as he was conversing with someone. He’s very nice looking, by the way. I also met “gentleman Norman”. A celebrity dog (yes, I said, dog). His book launched this weekend and he, his “lady” and a man were at the table next to us at morel’s, a restaurant at the grove. You can find him on Instagram @gentlemanNorman

    We watched HOT PURSUIT, which I do not recommend. We strolled around the Pan Pacific Park and visited the Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust. We strolled around San Pedro and ate some good meals in San Pedro. We were there thurs thru Sun. It was a fun little getaway!

    • TexasTart says:

      I’m glad you had a fun getaway! Thanks for sharing all about it! 😀

      • Laineylainey says:

        It was quick but fun! Friend #1 Got us a great deal on everything! Air, hotel, car rental. Hubby pitched in as it was part of my Mother’s Day gift from him. I was back by Sunday noon to have lunch w our son who met me at the airport w flowers. Awwww.❤️

    • ladebra says:

      That sounds fun! I really like the Long Beach area down around the Convention Center. I don’t think I’ve ever been to San Pedro. I must say that I did a lot more traveling around the area before I moved here. Hmmm.

      • Laineylainey says:

        Hi la! My friend got a great deal on the crowne plaza in San Pedro. Supposedly a $280 room was $85/night. It was a kind of a halfway point between orange and LA. The two places we needed to go. It was a new place for us to see but I wdnt recommend it, very industrial even though the little pocket where we were has been spiffed up.

        Did you ever go to “EAT” for brunch in north Hollywood? It’s good!

        • ladebra says:

          I drive past every Sat and think “walk down here next weekend”. But then my memory lets go of that thought before I get to the next corner, and the next weekend I go thru the same conversation lol. That’s just sad to admit rofl😜

    • Powell says:

      Oooh. What fun!

  77. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. Happy hump day. Happy Friday eve eve. Oh gosh I need it and I’ve just been at work for 3 hrs, 19 minutes. 😯
    Well last night’s NY epi was crazy a heck. Seemed like Sonja rubbed off on just about everyone starting w/the wait for her in the rain. I missed that little bit. The trip was downhill from then on. Wwhl was good. I didn’t watch it all. And house guys were correct. Lu has someone tweeting for her. Y’all are so smart!! 🙂

    • TexasTart says:

      Good morning, Powell. Yep, Luann was trying a hard sell that all the tweets are approved by her, but people here know better. It’s just like if someone tried to “play” TexasTart on the blog, you folks would pick up nuances that would make you go, whaaat?! she never had an attitude like that before, etc.

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