Kim Richards out on a day Pass and Kathy Hilton couldn’t wait to tell everyone / Real Housewives of Melbourne Season 2 Finale

Kim Richards out on a day Pass and Kathy Hilton can’t wait to tell everyone by Veena

File this in the “this hypocritical bullshit really pisses me off” pile.  Last week famewhore Kathy Hilton had a lot of fun on twitter talking with Joanna Krupa about people exploiting Kim Richard’s situation.  Her dig was at an unnamed housewife who she accused of talking out of both sides of her mouth.  Well – it sure seemed to me that Kathy was the one exploiting the situation .

Fast forward a week, and again she’s talking about Kim.  This time she tweeted out an instagram photo of Kim, a frumpy looking Kathy, and niece Brooke at a bridal shower for Brooke.  Asked (by our own Plainviewsue) why Kim wasn’t in rehab – she explained that Kim was out on a pass with a sober companion.  That’s all well and good – but why tweet it out?  Her famewhore – exploit her own sister – ness makes me ill to my stomach.


Kathy and Kim

Kathy Hilton


Real Housewives of Melbourne

Season 2, EP 11 – Winter Wonderland

by Reality_Bytes


First things first ladies…I have very sad news…although Gina was willing to accommodate us on the Gina AMA (Ask – Me – Anything) the decision was ultimately up to her Talent Management people and they said they are sorry but they are going to have to pass on this opportunity at this time because Gina is too busy. We can’t argue with the “peeps” that are paid to schedule her, so sadly we will be unable to have this with her…at this time! I will keep it on the back burner and try again at a later time, and I have copied all the questions off the blog we set up for this, so will we have them as a starting place if we can ever get her “peeps” to agree to schedule her. I probably shouldn’t have mentioned it until it was confirmed-to-death, but she seemed amenable so I moved on it first…maybe someday!

On to the episode…

Ardrie Park – Dog Races

This is one of the cutest segments this season as Gamble sets up the dog races, and all the ladies who own dogs (or borrowed one for this event) show up at the park. Jackie is the only one who doesn’t own a dog, and I guess she didn’t want to borrow one (like Petti did) so she did not attend the event at all.

Upon arrival we see a section of the park roped off and there are tables for the ladies to sit down, and there is also a portion the area with lanes marked off for the dogs to run their race, so a good bit of effort took place to make this a fun event. Everyone seems to be getting along just fine and the pooches are all bubbly and cute and they are as fun to watch as are the owners with their animals.

Gamble has provided a little clothing option for all the dogs of a little jockey getup they all dress their dogs in and the dogs are held at one end of the lanes while the owners are at the opposite end so they can encourage their pups by calling them and hopefully (off leash) they will run to their owners and we will see who wins! Lydia, of course owning a greyhound, believes she will be the winner, but never underestimate the dog show placing Cash to show off and take the whole event with Lydia’s dog coming in second and Janet’s dog coming in third. It is painfully obvious that Petti doesn’t know anything about dogs as she unwraps a chocolate bar to encourage her borrowed dog to beat everyone else out.

NOTE TO PETTI: Dogs can DIE from eating chocolate…just sayin’.

So the winners are placed on a hay bale podium to receive their 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place ribbons. All in all it was a fun event and one of the cutest by far of the entire season, and everyone human and canine had a blast.

Petti Hires Chyka

Party Planning Petti wants only the best Event planner around, so Chyka arrives to see what all Petti has in her wee little mind about the decorations for Petti’s 50th birthday party. While I do agree Chyka, by reputation, is an awesome event planner and seasoned business woman, the woman is not a mind reader (maybe Jackie should have accompanied her), so …translating what is in Petti’s mind to actual instructions isn’t as easy as what it might seem…(maybe it is the accent, eh?). Parts of Petti’s explanations are totally rational and coherent, while other parts get lost in the translation when they travel from her brain to the execution coming out of her mouth…Chyka doesn’t agree with some of her ideas, and tries to steer Petti in the correct direction…which is similar to driving a Monster Truck in 4 feet of mud…not an easy task.

As we remember from earlier episodes, Petti lives in a nice penthouse apartment with 7 balconies… (Well we’re movin on up, to the east side. / To a de-luxe apartment in the sky…) and is very proud she is able to live in this type of place.

Then she explains she wants a cake in the shape of a staircase leading toward the heavens that resembles some opera house (Chyka disagrees with the opera house angle), then she says something about bitches…surprise surprise…Petti wants a drama free night…Chyka says that the Jackie/Gina fight could erupt again…and that ends that planning session!

Lydia Cooks for “Some” of the Ladies

Lydia gets to show off her newly decorated home in this segment (which I grabbed some screen shots of in a previous blog). Petti says she loves Lydia’s place. The rest of the “INVITED” guests arrive (minus Gina and Gamble), Lydia said she didn’t invite them, Janet Nostril…(thanks for that one SJP) said it was better without them..snark snark…Lydia made it appear she was cooking, who really knows if it was actually her or the chef that was there, Matt Butcher.

lydias dinner

Talk was interesting (NOT) from Lydia’s mother as she and Nostril got into a Viagra and ED gells conversation,  and Nostril said she was well versed on erectile dysfunction meds. WOW, not sure I would be proud of that fact or touting it, but ok, I understand her need to be relevant!

Matt-the-chef did make a stunning dessert (until Petti got a hold of hers and sucked the life out if it, LOL). It was supposed to represent a smoldering cigar…sorry I couldn’t get a pic of Petti because the stupid arrow on the picture covered her mouth.


Party Day Decorating

Petti goes through freakout session as the people from Chyka’s company start the decorating for the party that night. Petti cannot visualize in her mind that the way it looks in daylight is not how it is going to look at night when things are up lit, and has to call Chyka and tell her about it…the moon isn’t right, Petti is too short, and comments she expects event planners to GET her vision…going to be hard since she rarely can put a coherent sentence together…she must have said “I am freaking out” a zillion times in this SHORT segment. The carpet isn’t white it is cream the entrance isn’t right, and she is worried she won’t get a WOW impact when her guests arrive…

Janet at Manuela’s Home

  • Janet visits Manuela at her home and tells her what a good friend she has been and how much she is loving experiencing year 2 of being single.
  • Manuela whines about not being invited to Gamble’s hen’s party. Janet accuses Gamble of telling the whole world about the stripper incident and calls her an attention seeker, and Manuela says or she is just dumb!
  • When Janet is ready to leave, Manuela says that she will see her at Petti’s party.
  • I see no reason for this segment to have even aired, it is filler for the rest of the show, I think Manuela is vying for a spot on the cast next year, and Gamble doesn’t really even “know” Manuela well and thinks she is aggressive in her attitude. Moving on…

Petty Party

  • Petti sends a horse and carriage to pick up groups of the ladies…
  • Petti sees the entrance to her party completely done and lit and loves it
  • Petti says her party is going to be fabulous

parade wave

  • Lydia, Gina and Gamble arrive via carriage


  • Lydia, Gina and Gamble walk through the entrance and Gamble calls it an ejaculating forest.

Petti had one fun thing, a photo booth with all kinds of accessories like hats and glasses and boas and stuff to wear in the pictures…it was very entertaining!

booth1 booth 2 booth 3


Party Conversation

  • Gamble feels Manuela is aggressive towards her because she is best friends with Janet and that Gamble doesn’t get along with Janet
  • Manuela confronts Gamble about her aggressive comment
  • Gamble DC says Manuela confronts her in an aggressive fashion about her aggressive comment…hello she answered her own question!
  • The whole Gamble/Manuela conversation is over the top insults…I hope Manuela isn’t picked up for the show since she has already shown her true colors teaming up with Janet
  • Janet joins the conversation and rips Gamble, Chyka looks on and then backs Janet up by saying she was being a friend telling Gamble the rumor…RUT RO…Chyka finally slid all the way to the dark side with that comment because Janet only wanted to start CHIT when she first brought up the rumor, if not, she never would have brought it up in the first place…
  • Now Janet has totally blamed Gamble for the whole thing!
  • Petti says the girls fighting was a spoiler for her birthday.


Petti’s son introduces his mother and tells a little story about how Petti’s Mom and Dad met and danced to a song called PETTIFLEUR, so now Petti is doing a dance performance for her own party…y’all really need to see this part because “words cannot express”…her son even looks embarrassed at one point Janet snarks about nothing good can come of Petti dancing  and it has all the makings of a major train wreck…and then changes her tune to it was beautiful…I think the Camera DCs are done AFTER the editing…LOL…but here it is in pictures…Petti thinks the Main Event of the party is her steamy sexy dance, because she wanted to give all the bitches something to look at!

DANCE 1 dance 2

Jackie keeps saying “very couture”…Petti says her guests were blown away…and that at the end of her dance she was going to lift her dress and say kiss my a$$ bitches but she didn’t do it.

Then a clarinet and piano played the Pettifleur song all over again. Gina says “If you haven’t heard the Pettifleur song once you are going to hear the Pettifleur song again, but this time Petti’s son is playing it on the piano and is accompanied by a clarinet player.”

Petti has her eyes closed and is swaying back and forth listening, Chyka has the ‘funeral giggles’…Petti has now had 3 outfit changes, and takes the microphone to thank everyone for coming to her party…thanks Frank for opening up his checkbook for the amazing party, and hopes there is still enough for the Bentley in the near future!

Lydia said she should have gone and bought her a little matchbox Bentley!

YAY the song is over and we can move on to Jackie and Gina fighting…”who’d a thunk it”, that this would be more entertaining . Gamble brings up with Gina about her mentioning her makeup artist doing makeup for strippers, and Gina replies that she thought maybe it was how it got started in the first place…and that was all it took for Jackie to enter the conversation late and start ripping Gina, with her telling one version and Gina another, and then Gina commenting that Jackie is on a mission to convince Gamble that Gina is not her friend.

Jacks pointing at Gamble telling her she better check herself before she speaks!


Gina takes Jackie’s pointing finger and moves her arm down to her side (It really isn’t polite to point at someone and shake your finger in their face)

gina moves hand

Janet comes over and Gina reminds her of the morning show and how she said what she did, and it was nothing that was said seriously they were all talking about the new additions to the show and Gina had made a comment in jest. I don’t think these ladies will ever understand Gina’s sense of humor  and how it is used and when she uses it because they never have a normal conversation with her they are always attacking everything she says.

Gamble believes the girls are taking whatever was said before they actually met and started filming as a way to break up the friendship between Gina and Gamble. The conversation continues with Jackie insulting Gamble, Gamble says she worries about Jackie’s psychic voices she hears, and immediately Jackie says it came from Gina…here we go…Gina asks Gamble What came from me? Everyone starts talking and Gina says “I’m outta here”…at least she has learned it is best to remove herself from the fight…she says she knows when she sees that glint in Jackie’s eye that she is going to walk away and not go there with Jacks.

  • Jackie follows Gina
  • Jackie confronts Gina again
  • Gina asked her nicely to stop pointing and shaking her finger at her
  • Gina walks away from her again
  • Jackie follows her again after saying to someone else she better also check herself
  • Jackie tells Gina she is out now…she is GONE!
  • Gina is walking back through a door and tells Jacks she is an idiot
  • Janet says Gina runs as fast as her fat spanks a$$ will let her go
  • Jackie follows her again and gets to the door which she can’t get in and says FU Bitch to Gina
  • Jackie keeps pointing and shaking her finger saying “don’t touch me” at least 10 times in rapid succession
  • Gina says goodbye to Petti and does a DC saying she doesn’t want to go to a party and fight with some random Bogan woman…which is how Jackie is behaving.
  • Blah blah I am done with Jackie and her fighting!


NEXT WEEK…Reunion Part One

Wanna bet they all attack Gina? I think that is a pretty safe bet, don’t you?

Ciao…for now…


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157 Responses to Kim Richards out on a day Pass and Kathy Hilton couldn’t wait to tell everyone / Real Housewives of Melbourne Season 2 Finale

  1. Laineylainey says:

    Yay! You’re baaaack!

  2. Barb (Just wondering in Jersey) says:

    Good afternoon. Hope everyone is well and happy.

  3. Powell says:

    Hey LynnFam! Hope you’re having a great Saturday. 😃👋👋👋

    • vilzvet says:

      So far, so good, just watched the Rangers take Game 1!

      • TexasTart says:

        👍⚾ Interesting that you are a Texas Rangers fan, livin up thar in Yankee land 😛 Are they hot this year? Or you just hate Cincinatti’s team? I don’t follow baseball, but do typically watch the World Series….which is in the fall, so what is this game 1 of? I know, so many questions. 😉

        • vilzvet says:

          No, TT, hockey Rangers! And I’m also a diehard Yankees fan, go to one game a year which is always fun. As far as these hockey games go, forget it, ticket prices are through the roof, over $1K each!

          • TexasTart says:

            HA! First of all, I have to tell you the Texas Rangers played today. However, when you said game 1, that did throw me a curve!

  4. TexasTart says:

    Thanks, Veena, that was my first thought when I saw the reply to PVS – how the heck does this benefit anyone to be posted online?! If I were in rehab and everyone knew I messed up, I would make certain not the be seen or heard during rehab. Even if I had hall pass, I’m certain to be telling my sisters – no pics of me – I better not show up on Facebook until I’m out!

  5. TexasTart says:

    Another point that Plainviewsue and maybe others have made is I wonder why Brooke couldn’t have put this for-show wedding off or take a luxury trip with close friends or sisters……don’t give her mom a reason to leave rehab. Maybe she already had a lot of money invested. Maybe she thought her Mom usually doesn’t stay a full stint, so why change her plans. Just seems odd to me the things that stressed out Kim – the wedding – Monty – the dog, were all things that didn’t have to be that way. I think her son was something there was no avoiding or changing.

    • Foxymel(Mel) says:

      I’m sorry but if Kim was my mom, I’d either postpone my wedding or tell her to stay in rehab! No way does she need to be leaving her resort-style sober living facility for a 2 hour bridal shower. I also agree that Kathy is exploiting the situation by posting this on social media. Btw, Kathy looks like crap in the photo.

      • I wouldn’t postpone my wedding.

        How much more is Kim’s addiction going to affect her children? Shouldn’t they be free to live their life?

        Maybe she has told Kim to stay in rehab and she won’t stay put.

        I can’t really figure out Kathy’s agenda here- to prove to the world that she is a good sister by showing us pics of her with Kim?

        Smh at this fambly.

        • I concur, Kim’s Kids have been thru enough shit due to her and her addictions. I can’t even imagine the embarrassment and shame they have had to endure over the years.

  6. lila1star says:

    Does anyone here really believe that just because KR has a sober companion to babysit her that this poor person would be able to stop KR from using if she so chose to so? What is up with the best sister ever suddenly all over the place?

    • vilzvet says:

      I know, really! And what goes on at weddings? Drinking galore! Like everyone else there is going to be abstaining for Kim’s sake?

    • ladebra says:

      But, she made it clear, she isn’t struggling with her sobriety. ….

      • I totally believe Kim when she says she doesn’t drink.

        Because she’s huffing paint out of a bag!

        • TexasTart says:

          IF that Toulane info is credible, I would point towards crystal meth, smoked from a pipe. Although I still contend her behavior is consistent with someone on alcohol and pills you should not take with alcohol….specifically oxicontin. (sp) 💊

        • ladebra says:

          That will make you look like the crypt keeper fast!

      • lila1star says:

        lol In a bar, in a bar, in a bar… couldn’t resist!

  7. CORRECTION TO MY BLOG: I am so sorry…the Nostril comment was brought up by SJP-NYC –I didn’t mean to assign the Nostril Credit to the wrong person…my bad (hanging my head in shame here).

  8. Foxymel(Mel) says:

    Thanks for the great blog, Veena and Reality_Bytes!
    Is it me or did it seem sweet that both Gina and Jackie had nice THs about each other? I think it was the first time they were both really honest and nice about the other. I wonder if the THs are fresh or before the reunion? What a bitchy thing to do by not inviting Gamble and Gina to Lydia’s dinner party. Janet’s friend, Manuela really wanted som tv time by confronting Gamble at Petti’s party. Janet is also the biggest biatch of them all!! They need to get rid of Petti and maybe someone else, Chyka?

    • Petty Petti isn’t getting good reviews anywhere that I have seen so maybe she is gunning for her spot thinking she can bring on more drama! People hardly ever even respond to her tweets.

  9. ladebra says:

    Thank you Veena, and Reality_Bytes for the blogs. It’s funny- weird, but this blog is such a part of my life. It’s been something like 6-7 yrs and I have sat every morning having a coffee and reading the blog and catching up on comments. I remember finding the blog when Bobby mentioned it and I thought I Am Not Alone! Lol… And then it took me 6 mo to figure out where the comments were (yea, I’m so dumb!) thank you all for the camaraderie and laughs, and celebrations, and tears, and prayers. And 🍸🍸🚬🚬 and sharing your lives and letting me share mine. 😘

    • Foxymel(Mel) says:


    • Shiny says:

      describes my finding the blog exactly, too. It’s my other favorite group of friends who are almost family after all these years: even if I rarely post, I always read (although not always that day, of course, with real life being only slightly less crazy than reality show life).

      Currently dealing with mid-90’s mother who is back in rehab after being in the hospital for breaking her leg…..a mere 4 days after she got out of rehab after the last lengthy hospital stay! Never dull in my actual family either.

      • Foxymel(Mel) says:

        Shiny, I hope your mom has a speedy recovery.

      • TexasTart says:

        “..real life only slightly less crazy than reality show life…” Glad you are there for your mom, I’m sure those lengthy hospital stays are so draining. Take care of yourself when you can. (((Shiny)))

    • lila1star says:

      I agree! I lurked here for years only commenting every now and then. Only coming out of the woodwork recently. Not only are the best blogs written here but the family atmosphere makes this place special imo.

      I have been to other blogs and never comment –I am afraid to lol. Its my blog and I will delete you if I want to and I don’t need a reason–well those types of things keep me away. So thank you for giving us this place!

      On another note–anyone here know anything about the IRS? I got a letter yesterday to verify my identity before processing a claim. The claim is in my name with my SS number–now here is the catch–I have not filed a tax return in years. I am on SSD and there has been no need to. They are talking identity theft! I do taxes for others but they do not involve my personal info and besides those claims have all long ago been processed.
      How does this happen?

      • ladebra says:

        Hi lilastar – I don’t work for the IRS but it sounds like they got a suspicious return. If you haven’t filed, it sounds to me like someone has filed for a refund using your identity.

        Check this link, but you should contact them either on line or on the phone and get it straightened out. Identity theft is a huge problem and False tax returns is one of the most prevalent scams.

        • Foxymel(Mel) says:

          My accountant handles our taxes as well as my parent’s even though they’re on SS. They just file each year but this year, she told me that they needed a signature from each of them because the IRS was trying to avoid identity theft. I hope that helps!

          • lila1star says:

            TY Foxy–I am sorry–I did not see your post. The IRS will not even let me file as there is no need. I guess I am just confused as to who and how someone could be filing under my name and social???

      • TexasTart says:

        However that happens, it seems very risky to use a tax return as means of theft! There are so many cross checks. The sad thing is this means you may have been a victim of identity theft before they tried a tax return. It could be the first attempt, remember this is just my opinion and I do not have personal experience with this. Contact the IRS via phone ASAP. Another thing I would suggest is to check your credit report online. It wouldn’t hurt to read FAQ’s on an identity theft prevention service website and see what they have to say about false claims through IRS.

        One day I got a call for Human Resources at our business (which is one of the things I do at our mom & pop business). They wanted to confirm employment and salary for me. I was not seeking credit and no one calls a self-employed person to verify they are self employed! I immediately started asking questions, instead of answering and the caller was getting irritated with me and I said again, but I AM the person! She said, why would you put yourself down – I said, I didn’t! Ugh.

        I freaked out, dropped everything and went to check my credit report and all was well. I went to an Identity theft service to see if I need to employ their services. I didn’t, but I used their FAQ to give me some ideas. Started checking my bank account and credit cards online daily. Luckily nothing else happened, I guess that stopped a method of identity theft to get credit. Luckily the IRS has flagged this claim and you have the ability to straighten it out. Good luck…and patience!

        • lila1star says:

          I am officially freaked out! Why would anyone want my identity–I don’t have anything but they sure could mess up my life.

          • TexasTart says:

            Oh lordy, Lila, my dear I do not want you freaking out! I know I did, but it all worked out and nothing more came of it. I just want you to deal with it promptly. With this attempt halted, the criminals will either be stopped or move to another target.

          • Rebecca wishes dragons would appear and roast every Housewife who says or does something stupid. says:

            Illegal aliens use other people’s SSN to get credit. My aunt works for the city and was alerted to an illegal alien trying to hook us water service using her employee’s social.

            This is a HUGE problem in Arizona. This is a big reason Arizona is trying to put the hammer down on illegal order crossings.

  10. TexasTart says:

    I have the same sentiment about this place. You’re not dumb though. We just regret not finding the hidden treasure sooner! I read Lynn Hudson, on occasion when I was curious about something I watched or missed. I never knew about the community formed in the comments until Lynn died. When I heard she passed on Twitter, I went to her blog to leave condolences and I was so overwhelmed to read the comments. I followed up to see if Lynn’s “family” moved somewhere and have been hooked since Veena’s creation of Lynn’s Place.

    • TexasTart says:

      That was in response to LaDebra ^^^^

    • Barb (Just wondering in Jersey) says:

      I was reading over at bravo and someone would post when Lynn posted a blog so there I went to read Lynn’s blog. I finally decided it was so much nicer at Lynn’s that I never bothered with bravo again. I’ve never regretted my decision.

    • Jan my experience is similar to yours. I only read Lynn’s blogs but never comments until after she was gone. After finding the I Hate JillZ blog I used to go read her blog I the morning and still remember that weekend when I keep checking for the new blog and nothing was being posted and then the news of Lynn passing. I hadn’t realized how much the blog had become part of my routine. Then I lurked on comments for probably a year or so before starting to post.

  11. Well said, Veena. Kathy is now Kim’s primary enabler, obviously. I am not saying Kim or her chosen facility should do this or that–not my call. But I totally agree putting these pics of Kim into the public arena, her all smiling, having a great old time at the local Huff-shop and bridal showers and weddings, etc., is sending the message that Kim is fine and will back on TV soon.

    Which are the same lies Kim has been telling all her adult life now.

    • Huff-shop.

      I see what you did there- I see you boo

    • mrs peabody says:

      I think she is also sending a message to Kyle, I’m her favorite sister, I always have her back! Wonder if Kyle was invited and if she or any of her kids went.

      • Foxymel(Mel) says:

        Very true! Kyle’s away doing Upfronts whilst I’m here helping my niece and my sister. Maybe Kathy wants to be on the show?

        • Oh, sorry I just repeated what you said, as I answered mrs peabody from my WordPress acct. before I came to the blog. I must stop doing that, dangit.

      • The timing is bad for Kyle, since Kyle was in NY with the Bravo “upfronts” that day/night of the shower. How did they get those dates so crossed up? Both events had to have been planned well in advance. Remember when Kyle was hurt because none of Kathy’s family came to Kyle’s daughter’s graduation? I thought they didn’t want to be on the show, but now I can see that’s NOT it, since Kathy was on the show four or five times last season, as well as Paris and Nikki were in the episode about the book signing.

        I think they must all give Kyle a hard time.

        • TexasTart says:

          I can only imagine that Kim’s kids, the girls in particular have become close to Kyle over time, as she is probably the only solid influence of the three sisters. The only sane/normal one IMO.

          Probably, like Kyle said at the reunion, is the ONLY reason she sticks it out with KIM treating her like shit all the time.

          • Agree. That’s why the comment to the Gawker blog about Kim’s charges got to me. The “little children running around” while Kim was passed out in her driveway said it all. I know Kyle has rescued those kids many times from Kim’s madness.

            For anyone who missed it, I’m referencing a comment at the bottom of this blog:

            To me, this explains so much about why Kim tries to drive Kyle away. Kyle knows Kim’s dark secrets, so Kim resents her for being the constant reminder of the truth amidst the druggie’s denials. Kyle is the buzz kill for Kim.

            • TexasTart says:

              Ding Ding Ding!

              Good for you to repost that link, I was trying to remember what to bring over from the overloaded blog and I couldn’t find that one at the time. Y’all take a look at 2 comments that talk about witnessing Kim wasted. I know they are anonymous, but I believe them.

        • T-Rex says:

          I have posted this before and I know folks keep downplaying it as just business, etc. BUT I can tell you in LA it’s still a very much OPEN WOUND for the Hiltons and the Umansky’s. KruellaKathy and Rick Hilton have felt, still feel, still obviously want to make sure folks know that the defecting of Murray from Hilton and Hyland was a major blow to their family. KruellaKathy was seen with VileKyle a lot of the time, they went to her store openings, if you go back to Twatter first season, they are together a lot, etc. THE HOT SECOND that murray left HiltonHyland and opened his OWN COMPANY the “grand canyon of rifts” erupted. They felt absolutely, completely, ultimately SuperDuper BETRAYED! It’s one thing for an employee to leave without notice, and to do thinks sneaky behind the scenes, etc. it’s a whole nuther Oprah when this is from FAMILY> A FAMILY that gave Murray his start, nurtured him through the years etc. From everything that’s been heard out there, Murray et al, did this behind their backs, they felt that they should have had at least the COURTESY of letting them know what was going on.

          • I see. So business and personal all mixed up results in estranged sisters. Now I’m thinking that post of the pic of Kathy and Kim with Brooke at the shower was a shot across the bow to Kyle. A nasty public display of a family dispute and very trashy, IMO. And I know trash. 😉

            I don’t know about Mauricio, or Kyle, or anybody else, but I’d run so hard from the Hilton’s I’d probably end up in Brazil under an assumed name. Between all the druggies and porn riches and public display of dysfunctional relationships, those people are toxic, and that’s very clear to me.

          • lila1star says:

            I hear you T-Rex–The Hiltons and especially LK do not forgive and forget. But I don’t blame Murray one bit. What must it be like to work for some one who literally believes they are king and queen of the universe? What goes around comes around as they say–LK turned her back on the destitute and terminally ill man who raised her as his own. Not to mention the numerous bills they skipped out on when they found out papa wasn’t going to pay their way–Rick had to get a job.
            Is LK stepping in because Kyle has had enough? Or to stick it to Kyle? Save Kim’s HW job? If Bravo takes her back it will be another season of how great she is doing in her sobriety etc… yadayada–nope cant do it.

  12. Enjoyed the recap, Reality_Bytes. It was a surreal kind of finale, wasn’t it?

    I swear, if we all drank every time Pettifleur used the word “b*tches” we’d be in the emergency ward. It didn’t bother me that much earlier in the season before “not selling” her book became her obsession, but this episode, I wanted to smack her every time she said it. She truly turned her “empowerment” of women nonsense into a full out blast of derision, calling the cast members “those/the/you b*tches” every time she spoke of them. Yuck.

    • Maybe someone needs to take a Switch to the Bitch, and yes, it was surreal. I can’t wait to see what the reunion will bring…rumor has it that Part 1 is really a set of brass knuckles short of a brawl. Every time I see Chyka bow out of a conversation, and Gina walk away from one, and Gamble with the deer in the headlights look, it reminds me the rest of them (mostly Jackie) have no redeemable social skills whatsoever. I have always said you got a problem with me, then deal with me in private, not in front of all my peers or friends…(and check your flaring nostrils at the door!)

  13. Did anybody see the NY first look? I missed it and was curious what fun and games to expect next week. Thanks

    • mrs peabody says:

      I just watched it and it made me wonder what Jill Z thinks about all this. You have all the originals on the show except her and Alex, I bet she is spitting nails now that Bethenney is back on with Ramona, Luann and Sonja (even though she can on 2nd season). They’ve also had the crazy girl on there. What a slap in the face not to let Jill on for even one show.

    • kit9 says:

      Scenes with Bethenny and her therapist which I’ve always disliked. Ramona has a birthday lunch.

  14. Catseye says:

    I read more than I post. I love reading everyone’s comments and re-caps. I know there are a lot of chronic pain sufferers here, such as myself and I’d like to recommend a product I’ve been using for the past month. I got it from Costco, (Amazon has it too), Youtheory Collagen. Cost under $20 a bottle. It’s helped tremendously in alleviating my pain, I admit I started taking more than the dose, (which is 6 pills a day, as it is) along with extra Vitamin C. But I can now walk 1/2 a mile down the block to the grocery store and carry stuff home (like 2 liters of 7up & Raspberry Lemonade), without feeling like I’m going to drop, something I would never consider doing a couple of months ago. I recently had my varicose veins lasered and have to walk, so I needed to find something natural, since my meds are too intoxicating and affect my balance, etc. And it’s not just me, my dogs are also benefiting, I give them each a pill a day.
    *Added bonus, it’s supposed to be good for wrinkles too!

  15. Exit4 says:

    Re Kim and her daughters wedding and shower. I don’t think its a bad thing that she’s able to go to those things. I don’t think she’d have gone to rehab or whatever she’s in at all if her NOT being able to attend was on the table. Maybe it’s giving into Kim, I think we all know what she’s like by now, but if making sure she could go to those events was a condition of her going to rehab-at least half the battle is won. Kim is still bitter at the house kyle didnt steal, imagine if she had to miss the wedding? It would be one more thing for her to blame others for and one more reason to keep drinking, huffing and puffing. Imagine the guilt she’d pile on her daughter? My dad always said its winning the war that counts-not the battles. So, if the choice was made to let Kim win the wedding battle, with the hope it’ll help her win the war-it’s the right thing.

    I know a lot of people talk about it being her second wedding. I get it on a personal level. My dad died 6 months before my wedding. We hoped he’d make it, but Cancer is what it is and boom-it gets you for the last time. It was brought up to us to stage a small wedding for him, by well intentioned people. We did not. It wasn’t something he would have appreciated, nothing but a church wedding would do for him! The church may not go along with 2 weddings and being married civally could make issues for the church as well…and a “fake” wedding that wouldn’t even be an option. It would have made him feel worse and killed whatever fight he had in him and we knew it. Luckily for Monty he’s hung in there. But I totally understand why his daughter would do what she did. Had Monty not held on the way he has-and died before the wedding, she would have regretted it forever. She made the right choice for herself. At the same time-she also deserves her dream wedding. Very hard circumstances when you have a parent who is ill, as many of you know!

    • Your dad sounds like he was a wise and wonderful father.

      I don’t personally think it matters whether Kim goes to whichever rehab, stays or checks out and in and out and in…. She’ll either get sober or she won’t.

      I won’t, however, watch Kim for another season of “sobriety” issues. It’s enough for me, already. The RHOBH needs to let the worn out Kim/Kyle/Brandi story GO.

    • TexasTart says:

      The battles and war analogy is so true. Thanks for sharing this with us. ❤

  16. ladebra says:

    Speaking of she who will not be named 😜

  17. TexasTart says:

    Luann’s 50th birthday party…

    • Foxymel(Mel) says:

      This is as close as it’ll get for Jill being around HWs. I prefer Luann without Jill, makes her more likable.

    • Foxymel(Mel) says:

      Just noticed that Jacques is in the background next to Luaan. That’s nice that they’re still close.

  18. TexasTart says:

  19. TexasTart says:

    RealityBytes, your recaps are very couture! 😉 👏👏👏👏👏

    These ladies are all so unique, aren’t they. And their little individual words or phrases they over use. I’m pretty sure I would have the funeral giggles at Petti’s party presentation. Matter of fact, I was giggling at the thought of the performance again. Personally, I wouldn’t want her off the show because, well, she’s so ridiculous! The season could have ended on a good note, if note for …oh well, no need to go into that. I loved the dog event and the carriage ride to the party was cool. The forest ejactulating, lol. I know, so juvenile, but it got my funny bone that she said that.

    I have to be critical of the production pics and season end comments…those were not good pics, they were in some cases, bad quality freeze frames (of course, did we all not love that Janet looked possessed?!!!) That brief presentation at the end, looked and sounded too rookie…IDK what to call it, but I expected more of the statements made and quality of its’ presentation (it was also very dark).

    Sorry the Gina AMA didn’t pan out. Maybe in the future! Your efforts to try to secure that are appreciated in any event. And recapping the whole season! I have been an intermittent watcher of this one. I watch all the US shows….for which should have shorter seasons! I hope you can recap the reunion. I think you’ve had good photo choices and I also liked your use of bullet points! Thanks again.

    • ladebra says:

      Oh Tartsy you are so right! Those freeze frame shots were horrible, but I was laughing that Janet looked like an alien! I’m going to hell and I know it lol.

    • Oh TT, you are so very kind with your words, thank you…even ‘couture’ (ha ha)…that gave me the giggles! I loved that they took rotten shots at the end…they actually matched the rotten comments they put with them, and it may have been production’s attempt at a bit of levity. I have so enjoyed doing the blogs for this show, and yes, I am planning on doing the two reunion shows, and hopefully will be asked back for next season as well…it is my favorite of all the HW shows, but this last couple of weeks my time management went out the window, and I found myself not knowing if I found a rope or lost my horse…I will do better! Gamble’s comment gave me the best belly laugh of anything in the show, and I agree it was juvenile, and yet hilarious at the same time! Mark my words though, that gal really has a lot on the ball…we have not seen the true Gamble yet, but we will! I don’t care if Petti, Janet, or Jackie come back, but I certainly don’t want MANuela either, LOL. I would of course be sad if we lost Gina though. I am keeping the possibility of the AMA at another time on the back burner…thanks again for being so kind to the newbie!

  20. TexasTart says:


    Hope it’s nice where you are! 🌞

    • Foxymel(Mel) says:

      Good morning Tartsy! There was a huge thunderstorm that just rolled by and it last 10 minutes and now it’s sunny again. Ugh we have strange weather here.

      • TexasTart says:

        Good morning, at least it doesn’t hang around and the boys can get some outdoor time today! It has been going on for 4 hours. I see south of here, is getting the worst of it and closer to Jezzibel got 4″ in a very short time. I think, I have received 15″ just this month. It’s a mosquito swampland out there. I wish this rain could go somewhere that needs it!

        • jezzibel says:

          I got up just before the severe weather warning alert went off on my phone(wow that is an annoying sound). It’s been thundering, flashing lightning and pouring down rain since 8 am. We had a bit of a dry day yesterday(few random 5 second sprinkles of rain).

          • TexasTart says:

            We had a reprieve yesterday too, I think it was the only one for 10 days. Hope you don’t have to drive in it.

            The phones come with that emergency alert defaulted and the thing about gave me a heart attack. I can not imagine using that as it would be going off all the time as we are continually having flood or severe weather threats for weeks. I wish they would allow that alert to be a vibrate. If you want to silence yours, I’ll tell you how I did on my android phone. Open Messages (Text) go to the settings and find advanced or notifications and it should be listed separate as emergency alerts.

            • jezzibel says:

              I don’t mind the alert so much, I think it must be insanely useful to emergency service personnel, since here in SA we have so many low water crossings, and every storm people ignore and go around the safety barriers, and wind up needing to be rescued or worse. I’m lucky I have a job that affords me the luxury of working from home most of the time.

              • TexasTart says:

                That’s good. I agree that it’s useful, but just not for me. I can not tolerate my phone issuing deafening alert for a weather watch for a town 150 miles away at 2AM. I’ll never get back to sleep after that!

        • Foxymel(Mel) says:

          Pouring rain again with no end in sight.

  21. ladebra says:

    Two things.

    1. American Pharoah won the Preakness on a muddy mess track. Woohoo we might have a triple crown!
    2. On the news this morning “the lava lake at Kilawea has dropped 500 ft and the recent earthquakes have geologist thinking a major eruption is expected”. Ooo Veena you could get the big show!

    • TexasTart says:

      He’s being charged for what happened back in August. 9 months seems like a ridiculously long time for a DA’s office to get around to filing charges and an arrest warrant for something like speeding and evading an officer.

      • Yeah, what’s up with that?

        Oh, right. Palm Springs. Where Kyle stole Kim’s house. And all of the Richards sisters and their various husbands had/have homes, following the wonderful example of Big Kathy. The only mystery here is why they bothered to charge the trainwreck son at all.

      • T-Rex says:

        This is not as uncommon as you may think. He was arrested in August, it took the DA and police all of this time to get the evidence needed to charge him, and they wanted Felony charges. My cousin said this is SO not uncommon, she likes to point out that real courts do not sum up cases in a matter of hours like the show Law and Order. It takes months to put cases together, and as long as they are within the legal statutes they some times take all that time to do their due diligence to get the correct information.

        • TexasTart says:

          Thanks. Of course, my thinking is this couldn’t be so complicated….I mean, I totally expect it to take the legal system that long to put together something for, more serious charges. Not that felony is not serious, I think you know what I mean. Do you think cases have to wait in line, no matter what they are for some jurisdictions?

          • T-Rex says:

            Tartsy- I think that in cases that involve high profile folks they want to make SURE they have their “ducks” in a row before charges are handed out, so that they aren’t in turn sued themselves for malicious prosecution.

            • TexasTart says:

              That would make sense.

            • Well, with a whole plane full of witnesses, Conrad walked away from what I stupidly thought was a done deal: how did I imagine terrorizing a plane full of passengers in flight while obviously under the influence of whatever was a federal offense?

              Like Aunt Kim, Conrad is in a downward spiral.

    • This is the son who threatened and terrorized people on a plane for hours, What did he get for this federal offense? Charges reduced to misdemeanor and house arrest. Which is exactly what he told the “peasants” on the plane would happen.

      Is Kathy running a halfway house? Remember her dear friend, Brooke Mueller, appearing on Paris’s reality show with Kathy Hilton “advising” her? Brooke is Charlie Sheen’s ex-wife whose lifestyle includes over 20 rehabs. She is the mother of those twins who ended up in the foster care of another Charlie ex, Denise Richards. They were so damaged by that time, Denise had to petition the court to step in because they were dangerous to themselves and everyone around them.

      Here are some nice pictures of the once lovely Brooke–smoking crack, allegedly:

      • TexasTart says:

        Yes, one in the same. Oh my, I had forgotten about the Brooke Mueller connection to the Hiltons. 🙄

        • Reading up on Brooke: who does this sound like? [Hint: her house was stolen.]

          Another TMZ article quotes Brooke’s lawyer admitting she had an Adderall addiction. There’s a terrible photo of her hands blackened–WTF?

          I was actually reading up on the prescription drug Adderall yesterday because some people think other HWs are on this: it’s pretty much clinical cocaine. Dr. Oz had a show on it with a couple whose son was given script after script even as his parents told his docs of his personality change and paranoia. Then he killed himself. He became addicted to Adderall in college. Apparently college kids know how to game the system to get it from docs for their study jags.

          It’s all so scary.

          • Let’s see if I can get this TMZ image to post of Brooke Mueller back in 2012, I think?

            • WTF is this all about?

              • I don’t know, but this woman is a walking nightmare. And she was long time BFFs with Paris and Kathy–lots of pics of them all together, plus Brooke was in Paris’s “reality” show in 2010, as well.

                The video of her smoking meth in a bathrobe in 2013 is stunning. Makes me realize why Brandi accused Kim of “smoking meth”: obviously in LA this is common knowledge.

                Which connects the Hiltons closely to lost cause Charlie Sheen. The biggest horror of all is the twins that couple have abused since birth…even Sheen has accused Brooke of damaging the boys with prenatal drug use.

                I think these people must have so much money, they have no shame of character whatsoever.

          • Some if my staff are on *perscribed* Adderall for legit reasons but I know from them that many girls take it for weight control.

      • kit9 says:

        Holy hell. I didn’t know that Kathy was friends with Brooke. Isn’t she young enough to be Kathy’s daughter?

        • Brooke and Paris are long time BFFs, as they were portrayed in Paris’s one-off season of her reality show, The World According to Paris. Anyone else see that? I watched because I thought, Goody, at long last I can see for myself what all the hoopla is about.

          It was…trashy. Very trashy. With money.

          Brooke was spiraling down into drug usage again and admitted it to Kathy, who appeared to be somewhat of a confidante/mother figure. Or maybe Brooke wanted her to finance rehab–who knows? She did go to rehab shortly after that brief season ended, though.

  22. TexasTart says:

    • TexasTart says:

      I couldn’t get that to post as desired, but Kyle is saying “I’m here too” as in she’s at the same location shopping” then Vicki suggests seeing her place. Maybe this shopping place is close to Palm Springs? And she wants to see that home?

      • Palm Desert has an awesome mall- I think it’s the only upscale mall close to a Palm Springs, close to the Palm Springs airport. A lot of country clubs etc. a little bit more high end than Palm Springs which has a small but growing drug problem.

  23. TexasTart says:

  24. VV™ says:

    A few days ago, Barron Hilton graduated from LMU. I will confess, I follow him on Insta and Twitter. I’ve followed him for years and had NO CLUE he was in College. See he moved to NY close to two years now. He only moved back to LA after Thanksgiving Holiday when he met a young model. They are still dating. My point is of his many posting, I think I would’ve figured out he was in College. I didn’t. I saw pics of him jet setting all over the world and eating at restaurants including on days where he should’ve been in school. I wonder how much Kathy and Rick donated to LMU. He got a degree in Film and TV. I find hard to believe he actually earned it…..AND I LIKE THE GUY! I think he is likeable.

  25. What a lovely extended family the Hiltons and Richards and Davis’s are. I’ve been googling the Davis branch of the Kim Richards clan–just wonderful. These privileged thugs seem to be constantly under arrest or in rehab or fighting while appearing in various reality TV projects and party brawls. The paps have made a fortune off this gang.

    You’ll remember that the Davises are related to Kim’s children, Whitney and Chad, with her second husband, Gregg Davis, heir to legendary Hollywood billionaire, Marvin Davis? Brandon, Alexander, and Jason Davis are Whitney’s and Chad’s first cousins, the sons of Gregg’s sister, I think? Oh my, at the connections I’m finding.

    But first, here’s a classic brawl, at Paris’s Malibu rental last year: I know Kathy must be beaming with pride.

  26. FattyCat says:

    Hi, just been lurking for the last month or so and would really like to join in on the conversations, especially housewives stuff, don’t really watch much of the other shows. I know it takes a bit to be approved. I’ll wait and keep lurking!

    • TexasTart says:

      Welcome FattyCat! People pretty much stay on the most recent blog to chat, so no one may see your message but myself. There will be a new chat blog today posted at 7:30pm Eastern.

      • FattyCat says:

        thank you TexasTart for the welcome. As I said, I’ve been lurking and reading the blogs, etc. but love the comments section. Heading up to watch RHONY in a bit, I dvr it because I normally fall asleep! Will read the latest blog on the blogs (my favorite thing here) tomorrow. Good night (I’m not a night owl!) and again, thank you for the welcome.

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