Kandi’s Ski Trip – Todd had better look out when Joyce starts slinging snowballs

Kandi’s Ski Trip by RamonaCoaster


So instead of getting deleted scenes of the Atlanta housewives, we see the Burruss-Tucker family do a big vacation to help blend their families together.  I guess someone at Bravo felt Joyce and her sisters were entertaining enough to film a show and the animosity between Todd & Joyce would be enough of a storyline.

Kandi got a free stay at a resort in Colorado which is why they are going on a ski trip.  This is why Kandi will stay rich because she takes advantage of a deal.  I noticed people who stay rich are thrifty.  Kandi and Todd are taking Riley and Kaela shopping for ski gear.  Todd has snowboarded twice which apparently makes him more of an expert on the slopes than Kandi.   Todd is scared that the girls are spending too much money and he wants to limit how much they spend.  The total comes to $1248.90 and Todd pulls out the Citibank card.  I’m sure there’s enough of Kandi’s money there to cover it.  You got to look cute on the slopes!

They all start packing for the trip and are wondering why they are going on a ski trip.  Mama Joyce questions why a ski trip but reconciled by saying she is looking forward to spending time with her since she hasn’t seen much of her since Kandi was married.  This is normal for couples to spend time alone together and their kids.  Carmen wants to make sure Joyce knows she is going.  Just watch out for flying shoes, Carmen.  Carmen and Don Juan are going on the trip too.  Kandi says it is because they helped put together a musical and a wedding so they are going to help put together a trip.  I thought she was going to say because you guys are such good employees – I’m letting you go on a free getaway.  It’s apparently a work trip.  Kandi tells them they are part of the family and Carmen is not sure she wants to be a part of the family while Don Juan says he has his own dysfunctional family.  Already Joyce is saying Todd better watch out for her rock inside a snowball.  Mind you this is after Sharon, Todd’s mother, has passed.  I do remember Sharon in the past saying New Yorkers don’t take threats lightly.  Being from a city where there has been a major terrorist attack, we take every threat seriously.  Mama Joyce could teach Al-Qaeda a thing or two.  Joyce says she has been trying to have a better relationship with Todd.  When has she been trying?

So far the two aunts, Joyce, cousin Weenie, Kandi, Todd, Riley, Kaela, Carmen, Don Juan, Todd’s assistant Matthew, Todd’s uncle, wife & brother are going on the trip.  Carmen is already watching out for any attempted murder scenarios.

Kandi is setting her hair in a bonnet and Todd is complaining.  I guess the baby making factory is closed down for now.   They pray for Sharon’s soul and we see a scene with Mama Joyce bringing flowers to Todd for Sharon’s grave and she promises to be a good mother-in-law.  Joyce should be happy with a new house since Todd had issues with her living in Kandi and Todd’s house.  They should have time together as a couple.

Joyce is going to play nice with Carmen even though she still wants to drag her.  On the bus, Don Juan wonders if Steamboat Springs has seen any black people.  They all take a flight and see the snow from the plane.  Todd’s family and assistant meet at the airport.  Already Matthew is assigning transportation.  The Tuckers go in the truck and everyone else goes in the shuttle bus.  Already the aunts are complaining.  Matthew offers apple cider to the Tucker family and Don Juan says the aunts are going to push him over a cliff for forgetting them.  Matthew seems like a better assistant than Carmen with his survival bag.

On the shuttle bus, the aunts think Colorado is about weed and snow.  I wonder if they’re going to get toe up. They all admire the mountains.   Aunt Bertha is complaining about the long ride to the house.  The owner greets them and shows them around.  They are all impressed except for Aunt Bertha.  That long trip without a smoke stop was getting on her nerves.  Todd tries to cheer her up and when that doesn’t work Kandi tries to placate her.  Aunt Bertha is used to planning trips so when things are out of her control she does not have a good time.  Bertha is spitting mad and forgot that the trip is free and voluntary.    Matthew even offers to give her a foot rub and Bertha’s ready to smack him.

Carmen did the room arrangements.  Todd’s family is on a ground floor in a separate house.  The aunts and cousin Weenie are walking up the steps to another house in the back.  Bertha’s a smoker and she’s already wheezing going up the steps.  They start complaining about the raggedy-ness of the room and start waving their arms and yelling.  It looked nice to me.  I do think they shouldn’t be walking up the steps in case of ice, not that there was any ice there.  Bertha brought a taser for security since there are no locks on the door.  It’s only them in the house, why would they need to lock their rooms?  I’m sure there’s a lock from the outside of the house.

Kaela nicely got off her phone to talk to Riley.  Riley tells Kaela she broke up with her boyfriend through a friend.  It’s cute that they can talk about their personal lives this way.

Kandi and Todd walk up the doggy steps to get up to the high bed.  They’re both short enough to use it.  Todd talks too soon about how peaceful the situation is.  He doesn’t know what’s going on in the other house with the aunts.  Kandi didn’t pack her remote control Bedroom Kandy panties.  She needs to advertise her goods.  She can’t leave them at home. It’s time to eat and the aunts are ready to go on the warpath.

Weenie gets into it first and starts yelling at Kandi how they were placed in the back and far away from the main house where they meet for meals.  Meanwhile Riley and Kaela are eating elk at the kid’s table with Matthew.  The aunts and cousin Weenie are very upset at how far they have to walk and Kandi didn’t realize what the problem was.  It is all very dramatic and crazy. Kandi asks Kaela and Riley to switch and Riley is whining that she doesn’t want to.  She complains about her hurt knee.  Is she going to go skiing with her hurt knee?  Carmen and Don Juan volunteer to switch.  They seem to be appeased but they are still far away and up the steps so it’s not much of a better situation.  Did they automatically assume they got the worst living situation despite the lovely views?  Joyce finally is reasonable in her TH that they should be happy they were invited on a free trip.  I’m getting scared that I agree with her.

Kandi goes to help them pack their stuff  and they start laying on their grievances on her. It’s like Kandi took Nene’s place in the counseling session intervention.  It seems rather scripted.  Aunt Nora complains she hasn’t heard from Kandi the past year and says she doesn’t mind not getting money?  Kandi gives her money?  Joyce says she doesn’t see her either and Kandi doesn’t return phone calls.  Even Weenie says her feelings are hurt.  Aunt Bertha says she should reach out more often. They all pretty much have the same complaint that Phaedra had with her.  Todd has been away working in Los Angeles so it can’t be her new marriage.  Kandi is pretty much saying “whatever” to her family too when they don’t say what she wants to hear.  Kandi, after making her shaky cry voice and giving excuses, promises to be better.  Aunt Bertha puts down a broom from the fireplace set so that Kandi can jump the broom and the problems get swept out the door.  Kandi obliges them.    I thought this would be more of a comedy but so far, only Don Juan has been giving the good punchlines and everyone else has been whiny and not in the funny way.  The family seems to be too needy and should find a hobby that doesn’t include their world revolving around Kandi.

I have been looking for Todd’s name in the credits and don’t see it.  According to the Zap2It website, “The Real Housewives of Atlanta: Kandi’s Ski Trip” is produced by True Entertainment with Steven Weinstock, Glenda Hersh, Lauren Eskelin, Carlos King, Lorraine Haughton, Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker serving as Executive Producers.  If they have control over editing, shouldn’t she show her family to be more entertaining than showcasing how needy and entitled they are?  Unless she doesn’t care as long as they get a paycheck and don’t mooch off of her anymore.  It’s rather ingenious.

Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion Part 3 has a 2.59 million Live + SD ratings.  They lost some viewers but are still strong at the adult 18-49 ratings which are what advertisers look at.


Meanwhile in Atlanta last night ….  Kandi celebrated her b-day with some of her ATL co-stars, including Phaedra Parks, Kenya Moore, Claudia Jordan and Demetria.  Derek J and Funky were also in attendance.

Kandi Phaedra



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  1. chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:

    Morning !

    Who is “Funky”? A new cast member?

    I guess blow up doll Kim 💤💤💤💤couldn’t make it – she made the E ticker that she was celebrating her 5 years of being married. It feels longer than that – I guess with all the kids she’s had ?

    • Veena (NMD) says:

      I doubt Kim was invited – last I heard their names together, Kandi was suing her. Funky Dineva is an ATL blogger – Funky was sued by Sheree in the whole Chateau Sheree fiasco, along with Tamara Tattles and the blogger from Straight from the A.

    • Powell says:

      Yes it seems like at least 10 yrs. 🙂

  2. Happy Monday! Interesting article about Lady Grey Gardens and the film that never was – http://www.martindale.com/matter/asr-2058572.pdf

    • mrs peabody says:

      very interesting article. Sounds like she pulled a toaster oven scam on them. She never really had the money same way she has never had a toaster over to sell, just the box.

    • T-Rex says:

      This is WHY she lost her court case in California, she used the Morgan name to try and garner a deal, without MR. MORGAN knowing or even being involved, they were already divorced at the time. AND I have read the court records, she had to admit to being already divorced(something she had lied about early in the case), and had to ADMIT to receiving WAY MORE than her pre-nup stipulated she made a LOT more money than she could have.

    • Wow! What a great article- thank you for finding it!

      She almost got away with it too- but she really pissed this producer off and it looks like he made it his life’s mission to go after her.

      What hubris! If she had just made apologies, been humble, and hadn’t tried to get her husband’s financier friends to threaten him, it would’ve been over much sooner and without losing so much $$$.

      This just proves she’s always been a nut bag- it’s not just now she’s becoming delusional.

  3. VV™ says:

    I don’t watch NY. However, reading the leaks on B and Kason report all I see about this nasty divorce is he is hitting her where it hurts her the most “money”. She now is hitting him where she knows it hurts, his mother.

    I still cannot stand Bethenny. I think she’s a nasty opportunist who only cares about herself. She is clearly a very unhappy human being……a rich unhappy human being.

    • Powell says:

      Well who in the heck doesn’t read the trust agreement and let your MIL be the notary? She had a lawyer do a pre-nup but she couldn’t have the lawyer look at the trust? That’s not smart at all.

      • I find that whole story quite unbelievable. Nobody spends $5+ million on a property they don’t have lawyers ALL OVER. Particularly not someone savvy enough to get a prenup and build a company to such success so fast. Puh–leeze, with the “she trusted Jason” nonsense. If she trusted Jason like that, she’d not have gotten a prenup.

        Plus, she doesn’t know IF she signed it, but she knows her name WAS signed? And NOW it’s an issue? Um…again…BS! In some states, your spouse can sign your name on legal documents WITH YOUR PERMISSION. At least, that’s what our accountant told us regarding TAX FORMS.

        I am just saying this whole claim being filed AT THIS LATE DATE in their never-ending divorce seems like more grasping. In fact, with all her whining on the RHONY about how long this is taking and the money it costs, I’d be asking my lawyers WTH if I were Bethenny. Maybe it’s her lawyers she should be angry with.

        • Well.

          I’m stopping short of saying “unbelievable”.

          I do find it odd.

          And I can’t help but notice it’s only reinforcing her victimhood status for another season.

          • I know. That’s my complaint about her: all that money, success, fame she craves; a trim figure to flaunt her “brand”; a lovely child; so rich in men she could drop her handsome hubs like he wasn’t worth the trouble after only 2 years…wahn wahn. POOR THING. Cry me a river, indeed.

        • mm in oc says:

          Another person can’t sign for you if it’s being notarized. The whole point of notarizing a doc is proof of person. The notary can be sued if they do this. My dad tried to get me to do it on a deed of trust and we haven’t spoken since. That was a most 20yrs ago.

          • Foxymel(Mel) says:

            So sorry to hear that. 😦

            • mm in oc says:

              Being a notary sucks. Its a four yr commission that I pursued for work. Signing quarterly financial statements for corp officers. I had another notary ask me to do an illegal notarization and then my dad. Dad wanted to sign his new wife’s signature. Im guessing he wanted property moved under his name. I said no and he said thanks for nothing. I would have been financially liable for that. Dad’s an a-hole. I pick my friends can’t pick family.

              I haven’t read the beth story, but if the mother did that she’s really putting herself in financial risk and I dare say either not too bright or way too trusting of her son. You need to get E&o insurance when you are a notary. My signatures were only covered for company notarizations. It’s really not a job worth having because people try to take advantage. Mom should have known better to notarize for something where she might have financial gain or perceived conflict of interest. Again just going off the brief commentary here in comments.

          • Interesting. So my question is this: was Bethenny aware that her signature was signed by someone else at the time? I mean, she either signed, as she should have, or she didn’t but knew someone did, which she now seems to be saying she doesn’t remember? That makes no sense to me.

            Was she aware that what her MIL was doing was not legal? Was her MIL aware? Did any of this even actually happen? Is the source legitimate for the article?

            It’s all pretty insane to me. I’ve done two real estate deals and in both cases, the lawyers involved were all business, took hours to go through each and every document with all parties together, answering all questions fully–and we had many; and our properties were a fraction of the $5 million involved with this property.

            Anyhow, thanks for that info. Guess they will or they won’t figure out how to get that divorce through one of these decades.

    • Oh my…is this a safe place to say that? O_O

      LOL Just kidding. I think. I agree and also am quite surprised we’ll be watching yet another episode of As Bethenny’s Childhood Turned. Actually, I’m shocked. After all, we had how many years of this through the last 3 TV shows she did?

      I know something about beotching endlessly about people you feel have hurt you, so I’m not trying to diminish her pain. But I find it surprising that with all her money and therapy, she’s STILL going over this ON TV?

      Because what my experience taught me is after a point, even your best friends have had enough of your pizzing and moaning. Guess we’ll see how the ratings go. Maybe I just don’t have the charm she does. 😛

      • chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:

        She isn’t 1/4 as charming as she thinks (or producers) think she is.
        I’m totally with you. As the B world turns ⌛️⏳🌏🌏🌍

  4. HuskerHuny says:

    First off, thank you so much for all of your kind words and wishes about my son’s college graduation. It was a fabulous morning and yes, Pomp and Circumstance always brings tears to my eyes. All of the graduates wore medals on orange ribbons around their necks. On the first day of college, they throw their medals in the campus fountain and make a wish. They get those medals back the morning of graduation. I told my son he had to wear his the entire day and he did, very proudly! Even when we went to Omaha to celebrate. Someone stopped him and asked him if he had just graduated from Midland (University). My son said yes and the guy said that he was also an MU graduate. Yes, it is a small world. I gave him the choice of any restaurant in the entire city of Omaha (which has some wonderful restaurants) to eat and guess what he chooses? Hu Hot – a Mongolian grill kind of place. Oh well, at least he didn’t break the Bank of Mom and Dad. Now off to find a big boy job. Wish him luck and again, thank you so much for your wonderful words. You guys are the best!

  5. Ok, random thought, I found the NY first look online – I know Pretty got her boobs redone, but not loving them. She is wearing this tight long sleeve t-shirt and they don’t look normal, here they look too big for her frame.

    • Powell says:

      I haven’t looked but if you wear a tight or body hugging top your boobs will look bigger. Maybe it’s that.
      I was just thinking it’s funny how we’ve heard very little of Josh. He came of so bad last season he must be staying in the cut this season.

  6. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. Hope you had a great weekend. Ugh!! I just wasn’t in the mood to watch Kandi. I had a nice weekend and wasn’t in the mood to listen to Joyce’s “Snowball Throwing”. She’s hated Todd for everything under the sun. First she didn’t like or respect him because he took off 3 months at the request of Kandi to move to ATL so that they could have time to get to know one another. When that excuse dwindled she hated Todd because Kandi had pics all over her house that included Todd but none of Joyce. So Kandi has Karmen get the pics up on the walls. When that excuse dwindled she then hated Todd because she “heard” Karmen and Todd had an affair. When that didn’t break Kandi and Todd up the next excuse on the hate Todd train was she “heard” Todd’s mother was a Ho and his dad was a Pimp. This accusation hurt Todd the most. And through all of these lies that I believe we’re started by Joyce Kandi giggled them off. Made excuses that her mom is old and old people say whatever they want; she told her mother to apologize but she can’t make her. Excuse after excuse. Then when Sharon tells Kandi what she would do to Joyce Kandi rolled her eyes and said she’s not going to let Sharon hit her mother, she can’t make her mother apologize. This all hurt Todd and Sharon so much but what does Kandi do in the end? Buys Joyce a new home to make her happy. Todd asked if the new home doesn’t make Joyce happy what next? The 2nd to last epi of ATL Joyce gives Todd “IF I said something to hurt you I apologize. I only repeated what was told to me and I shouldn’t have repeated rumors.” Joyce gave a MJ sorry not so sorry apology. And what does Kandi say? “Oh isn’t that nice. Thank you mama.” Or however she said it.
    If Joyce was truthful and said to Kandi that she doesn’t like Todd because she feels he will be in her way of getting Kandi’s money, like I feel is the reason for her h ate, I would respect her more. Yup that would be selfish but at least she would tell how she really feels. I think all of this is a reason Todd hasn’t been attentive to Kandi like he once was. And that half ass way of presenting the pre-nup days before the wedding didn’t help. If they don’t make it I feel Kandi will share the bigger responsibility on the demise of their marriage.

    • Good run down of Mama Joyce’s campaign to off Todd. That’s why I’m watching this Ski Trip: some of this is spilling out, in spite of their attempts to keep that genie in the bottle.

      One thing: Mama Joyce did tell Kandi a season or so ago that she was worried if anything happened to Kandi, Todd would kick Joyce out of her house. Kandi told her mom she had that all taken care of legally…duh.

    • Powell says:

      Very!! Husband’s don’t get paid. Why would Bravo et al even think about holding on to paychecks for anyone. Whatever!! 🙄

      • T-Rex says:

        Okay this isn’t as nefarious as the article makes it out to be. We do writs with the courts occasionally, and it’s just a formality, we send them out to anyone, and everyone we can to see if there is any money floating around anywhere to recoup towards money damages owed. They of course send one to Bravo, and to the production team, and all Bravo did was send back a “nope we didn’t pay him” statement and they were dismissed from the claim. I did NOT see that True Entertainment has sent anything to dismiss their claim, so I believe they probably paid him money. I don’t believe, never have, that househusbands aren’t paid. They may not be paid by Bravo, but may be paid outside of that by the production companies. Bravo was dismissed in it’s entirety, I am trying to find if True Entertainment filed a dismissal as well.

        • I don’t think anything necessarily nefarious- I do think it’s interesting how much other blogs are focussing on Carlos King and his influence over this particular franchise and Bravo.

          To the point that this blog at least, is implying his leaving is triggering a Federal subpoena.

  7. OneMoreInBoston says:
  8. HuskerHuny says:

    Why in the world does Bravo keep putting the trainwreck of Kandi’s family on TV? I don’t know anyone that likes this group of Bozos. They are a bunch of whiny complainers who will suck Kandi dry of every penny she’s earned. Please let this be the last we see of them!

    • mrs peabody says:

      They’re sucking her dry with her approval. I wonder who stopped the money to the aunt, Todd or Kandi. Probably Todd.

    • T-Rex says:

      Because she brings in the ratings

    • Well, here’s why I’m watching and enjoying it treMENDously:

      Ever read any Eudora Welty or Flannery O’connor?

      “She would of been a good woman,” The Misfit said, “if it had been somebody there to shoot her every minute of her life.” — Flannery O’Connor, A Good Man is Hard to Find and Other Stories

      Even Charles Dickens, with the ridiculously demanding characters who believe they deserve more deference than perhaps they do, always grubbing for favors?

      It’s just like that, only real people. I’ve known them ALL my life; they’re my relatives, my family bickerings, my…gulp…own rants over a bad hotel room? LOLOL (In my defense, the hotel rooms I get grouchy about are real dumps, not a nice mountain chalet with a view to die for.)

      But the cherry on top is none other than DON JUAN AND CARMEN! Those two are hilarious, sitting side-by-side as the Greek Chorus. All of these shows need that. In fact, Bethenny made her bones that way.

      Don’t change, Don Juan and Carmen! Or at least, don’t let us see it up close if you do.

  9. SerenaNYC says:

    • HuskerHuny says:

      Eileen and I have something in common – sons who graduated from college this weekend! I’m sure that’s where the commonality stops though.

  10. Foxymel(Mel) says:

    Thanks Ramonacoaster for the great blog! I don’t know if they are all acting or what but Kandi’s entire family is completely mean and selfish. The aunts are like, “You don’t call anymore, wah.” –that’s code for: you don’t give me money like you used to.
    Um, you’re all here on this FREE trip! Get off Kandi’s jock! Lol
    Not sure if I can stomach another episode.

    • Powell says:

      Ditto!! And Todd is the supposed “come up” to get her money. 🙄 Sighhhhh!

    • T-Rex says:

      Yeah, I think that KandiKashKow has been supporting her family for quite some time, she is listed on a lot of house titles that other folks are living in. I think it’s not just Todd, but the show and maybe it’s sinking in from the feedback she is getting from viewers that the MoneyMilkTrain needs to slow it’s roll, to all of them. I feel sorry for her, I think her mother has guilted her for many many many years that she should be “tithing” to her own kin folks, because she has talent and has made money for herself.

      • Foxymel(Mel) says:

        Lol at that KandiKashKow!! That’s perfect!
        It’s pretty bad if she has to pay/support these people just because she has a lot of money that SHE’S earned. The little gang up around the couch by the two mean aunts and the sister was terrible and of course, you have Mama Joyce adding in her two cents instead of having Kandi’s back.

  11. Oh, gosh, I’m falling behind in my blog reading again!

    Thanks for the recap! I look forward to reading, as I watched and enjoyed this show–what a group of grouchy old aunts!

  12. shamrockblonde says:

    Husker Huny! – congrats on your son’s graduation!! – what a great tradition with the medals and how wonderful that he wore it all day! – you have done an amazing job – my Grandmother used to have the following saying hanging on her wall –

    the two greatest gifts
    we give our children
    are roots,
    and wings

    you gave him his roots – now its time for him to try out his wings – I have no doubt he will soar!
    *hugs Husker Huny really hard*

    I did not watch the Kandi show last night – just had no interest – I think Bravo thought that the Aunts were all so cute in their little old lady ways and in small – very small – doses, they were right – but a whole show – WITH Joyce? ohhhh no – just no –

    • Powell says:

      That’s a nice saying Shamrock. I’ve heard parts of it before.

      Yeah Shamrock I just couldn’t watch last night. Blahhhhhhh!! 😝

    • HuskerHuny says:

      Thanks Shammy! I know the Shamrock thing being Irish and all, but I have to share with you something from my son’s graduation ceremony.

      His college had a few foreign students this year graduating – Irish, Scotish, English and a few other places as well.

      When the two Scots were called to get their diplomas, they had their kilts on! Couldn’t really see them under their gowns, but their knee socks gave them away. So cute!

      • shamrockblonde says:

        that’s always been one of my favorite parts of the St. Pat’s Day parade in NY! – the kilts!!!! love them!!! – true pride right there – good for them!!

  13. lila1star says:

    Thanks for the blogs because I can not watch Kandi–even her voice gets on my last nerve, Totally off topic but I need to vent. Those that gave me a heads up regarding my IRS letter–thank you! I just spent an entire hour on the phone with them–first I had to prove I am me–oh joy. I am not out of the woods yet–according to the IRS man my identity has been or is being stolen 😦

    The IRS is sending me a letter to be used to verify this fact with any and all agencies that would consider me a liar since I claimed I do not file returns. I have to: file a police report, contact SS, my bank, all 3 credit places–there was more but by then my head was spinning! The worst part right now is having to close my bank acct. and delay my SS–I can not afford that! SS move like snails.

    I also learned the disturbing fact that people filing tax returns under another name and SS actually works since the IRS can not send out letters and catch them all. Mine sent up red flags because I have not filed a return in several years. He stopped the bogus return with me on the phone and marked it fraud–I hope they catch them but Like he said–its in my name! OK–I am done–ty for letting vent…….

    • Oh my gosh! This is cray!

      Good luck with this.

    • Foxymel(Mel) says:

      I’m so sorry to hear this. I hope this all gets resolved very quickly.

    • T-Rex says:

      OH MY GOSH! Well, thankfully they caught this. There was a story in Florida, they caught this person, and she was filing fax tax returns, she would just choose random numbers and hope they worked, the IRS didn’t catch on, she got caught on FACEBOOK! Yep, look it up, she was on facebook bragging about her ill gotten gains via the IRS, idiot. Thankfully, she didn’t know which SS numbers were good or not, so no one had their identity stolen. I hope this is the same in your case. I guess somewhere in CRIMINAL-LAND you can buy a SS number generator program to send in the fake IRS information. You can’t make up the story below!


      • lila1star says:

        I followed your link and went on to read a whole bunch more on this very lucrative crime that the feds in no way can keep up with. Seems the fact that the IRS pays out refunds fast and before seeing employer documentation that they do not have to send in until march. It is summer before the IRS matches up claims by then millions of dollars have been paid out. Mine sent up red flags for the very fact that I have not filed in years.

        Again–thank you all…

    • T-Rex says:

      OH I FORGOT HUGS TO YOU to have to go through all of this~ I hope that everything works out for okay and you aren’t disrupted any more than you have been.

    • This is what I worry about every day. We get so many phone calls from scammers and con artists. I’ve even been profiled and approached AT A BARNES AND NOBLES. When we found out I knew his family, he backed it up and backed it up fast, Dorinda.

      It’s such a scary world now. I would caution you to verify who THEY are, the people who sent you a letter demanding you prove who you are over the phone. That sounds a bit dodgy. Have you called the police?

      • TexasTart says:

        WTG, what happened was lila received a letter from the IRS that stated a return was filed in her name. She did not file that return, so she called the IRS and they stamped that return fraud, then advised her to do all the things she’s listed above including a police report.

    • TexasTart says:

      Lila, I’m so sorry. 😦 I can’t help but wonder if this was the first attempt to steal your identity and all that other may not be necessary. Once the thief knows that is rejected, they are through with trying you and on to the next victim! I’m sure it’s IRS protocol to advise anyone who’s SSN has been stolen to do all of those things. I guess that’s the safest thing to do, forgive me for being skeptical.

      • I actually had a friend who this happened to recently. Basically someone filed phony 1099s or w-2s and then filed a return for the refund. They actually got the money and my friend found out when she went to file her return, because the “second” filing was rejected. Amazing how so many people would rather steal money than work for it.

      • lila1star says:

        I agree and tend to want to hope this is all there is to it!

    • My son got a letter last year from the IRS regarding ID theft. It was triggered because he sent in two years of returns at the same time. It took numerous phone calls and letters to sort out. Finally got it all sorted out, took forever. He was lucky that it was not real. He now has a PIN # that he has to use on his returns. Everyone I talked to there (after really long wait times) was sooo nice but not helpful at all, lol. I am so sorry you are going thru all this. (((Hugs)))

    • ladebra says:

      Lilastar — just an idea — are you a member of AARP? If you are, even if you aren’t, you might try contacting them. They might have someone/service that will help you with contacting everyone you should.

      Just a thought.

      • TexasTart says:

        Good idea. I was thinking Lila could use some professional advise, but I know she is on a limited income, so I didn’t know what to suggest.

      • lila1star says:

        AARP is a good idea and yes I am a member. Ty–ty all for the feedback 🙂

    • Barb (Just wondering in Jersey) says:

      So sorry to hear this. I hope it can be resolved expeditiously for you.

  14. I must say, those of you who are not “getting” this show are just not looking at it in the right light.

    It’s about the Weird Sisters:

  15. VV™ says:


    Thank you for all the links on the Davis. WOW WOW and WOW 😳

  16. Cartwheels says:

    Regarding Bethenny and her divorce,

    The judge, I repeat the judge has ruled , not given a personal opinion, the judge has ruled that the trust Jason set up where he named himself the head of the trust is invalid due to all the irregularities he found.
    Jason created the trust with him as the head using an attorney who never met Bethenny, Jason and his mother declared in their application that Carol was licensed to notarized in NY when she was not, Jason an Carol instead of committing perjury decided not to answer to a simple question like, were you present when Bethenny signed the trust?
    IMO is very telling that Jason decided to leave a couple of questions without answers, questions that might have help him prove his case.

    It doesn’t matter now as the judge, not Bethenny and her PR machine, not the gossip rags, the judge found enough irregularities in this case to throw the trust out the window. Now the process will go back to what it needed to be, Bethenny should be able to prove that the money used for the sale of the apartment came from her business account, because the apartment was also going to be her company headquarters, as soon as she is prove that Jason should start packing because the prenup precludes him from receiving anything that came from the cocktail line.

    Bethenny is not trying to difame Carol, carol defamed herself when she notarized a document she had no business notarizing , the judge pointed to that specifically , she was not licensed to notarized a document in NY and she should have known better but she did it anyway, Jason as an educated person should have know that this was illegal but she he did it anyway. The judges busted them, not Bethenny.

    I guess the judge must be a closeted Bethenny’s fan and ruled in her favor for no reason , poor Jason and Carol, being dragged through the mud and held accountable for their shadiness, how does the judge dare do this to them. A judge who every single time has ruled against Bethenny even giving a ridiculous verdict for her not to wear her daughter’s pajamas.

    Sometimes things make me scratch my head and this is one of them.

    • Wow!! How shady can you get!! #herecomethejudgeherecomethejudge

    • T-Rex says:

      CARTWHEEL ::::APPLAUSE, APPLAUSE::::: I am sick and tired of folks blaming Bethenny for things the COURTS are doing. I am a notary, and you can’t lie about notarizing information without severe repercussions, including major fines and criminal charges. Cripes, even made a co-worker have his wife come down to the offices before I would notarize something for them, known them almost 10 years, upstanding folks, wouldn’t try to con anyone, BUT my instructions clearly state that you cannot notarize something that requires two signatures without both parties present. PERIOD. IN Addition you are NOT supposed to notarize documents for your own immediate family either, this is Florida laws so not sure if it’s the same everywhere.

      • TexasTart says:

        I’m a notary and same as you, I follow the rules. In Texas you can not notarize for a family member.

      • mm in oc says:

        Read my note above regarding my dad. Never again will I be a notary. Find out how normal people will do the shadiest things.

    • So ok.

      Here is the original ROL article, with some of the judge’s comments.


      I stand by my original comment that this is odd. Exceedingly so.

      If true? That Jason and his mother basically defrauded her out of the apartment- it supposedly happened NOT as a result of the divorce but when she BOUGHT the apartment.

      Because the fake trust was set up to insure her privacy at the time of purchase.

      So this would mean that Jason and his family ( or at least his mother) were plottng to steal the 5M+ apt and for them to get a divorce FROM THE JUMP.

      smh. If Bethenny truly believes this- and it’s not just legal strategy? No wonder she’s constantly in tears.

      This is a massive betrayal on an epic level.

      • Foxymel(Mel) says:

        Thanks for posting because I just asked below! 🙂

      • Cartwheels says:

        IMO Jason never loved Bethenny and was in this relationship since the beginning with one goal in mind, to exploit an emotionally damaged woman who wanted more than anything to have a family of her own and whose start was rising meteoric ally, he thought he could easily get away with it, get her to marry him and then a quick divorce and who will be none the wiser because after all Bethenny’s neurosis is very well documented and nobody would blame him, short time, quick money, that was his plan A. That all changed when Bethenny stood her ground and stated that if he didn’t sign the prenup the marriage would be cancelled. Jason signed only 5 days before the wedding and I am sure he was very unhappy with it, his plan A was going down the hills.
        Plan B came in action, he whined and complained that he felt unprotected, unsecured about her millions from the sale, he guilted Bethenny into signing a post nup where he would receive few millions (it has been reported that the amount of 5 millions) Bethenny and Jason talked about the post up in one of their episodes of BEA, stupid Bethenny signed a post up to make him happy and secured but that was not in Jason’s plans. 5 millions was too little for the greedy POS

        Plan C, Jason tried to built Bethenny into making him a partner in her business ventures, the eternal whining that he wasn’t passionate about his job and that he was frustrated that he didn’t have as much success as she did, what did dumb Bethenny did? She offered to make him her CEO, a CEO of all her other ventures, but greedy jason wasn’t happy with that either, he whined that he could never be her employee, luckily this time Bethenny wasn’t dumb enough and told him that was all she could offer him and he stated that he would not work for her. Jason never worked for Bethenny or any of her companies because he refused to do so.

        This apartment and the trust fund is his plan D , another attempt to get more money from Bethenny that he is not entitled to due to the prenup. He whines and complains that he doesn’t feel included in the apartment and doesn’t even know if he would be allowed to live there, so what dumb Bethenny does, she tells him that he will be in charge of all the apartment permits and what not, then because the media was hunting for information about the price sale Bethenny agrees to sign a trust to keep her privacy, the original trust was supposed to have one of her assistants as representative, but obviously that changed at some point and Jason appointment himself as the head trust, the the shady part comes in place, it seems like Jason has some provisions in the trust that in the event of divorce allowed him to keep the apartment as head of the trust, that is the part that Bethenny fought and won in court, Bethenny acknowledged that there was a trust set up but it was only for privacy reasons, he never met the lawyer that signed on the document and legal council and she never signed in front of Carol, Jason allegedly exchange the original document, added a page and there is even some rethoric about it not even being Bethenny’s signature. The judge really didn’t need to dig any deeper as soon as he found out that Carol was the notary and that Bethenny and the lawyer who was supposed to give her legal advise never met, he threw the trust out the door. Jason is not the person he portrayed himself to be on the show, he is shady as hell and this latest court development just proves it.

        His concurrent plan is still in action though but I hope it backfires, since the divorce he has played his poor, pity me ring wearer but giving inside information to ROL with the only purpose of twisting Bethenny’s arm into a settlement, the prenup protect the SGC money so he is looking for many alternative ways to get his hands in money that he knows doesn’t belong to him. Bethenny should think about her daughter and just give into his mental blackmail and pay hm off and get it over with? How about Jason? Should he stop trying to get money out of his two year marriage and make his own living?

        It must be terribly sad for Betheny to come to terms with the fact that Jason was never the guy he pretended to be and she was nothing but a target and a prey, I do hope that she stands her ground and doesn’t give him more than he deserves, she has already offered him 3M, then 7M and he rejected those offers, I hope the judge gives him nothing, he should have taken the money that was offered to him but greediness got the best of him.

    • Okay, no need to be snarky. I’m just asking reasonable questions. It’s not like an online tabloid is a court document. Are you going to argue that Jason leaked this, as well?

      I have asked if this court filing and judgment, complete with copies of the allegedly fraudulent document, is available for us to see ourselves. That would settle it. Or am I expected to accept what the tabloid published as fact? I have seen them get a thing or two wrong, once or twice.

      Who is this lawyer in question, who doesn’t follow simple law for legally signing important documents? What lawyer doesn’t bother to notice significant questions haven’t been answered on a document for a trust worth $5 million? A bad one, at best. Since the lawyer hasn’t been publicly named as the executor or legal representative, that I’ve seen, I don’t think it’s a stupid question. He should be brought up before the State Bar.

      Yes, I’m a skeptic in all things tabloid. You seem to know a lot, so please understand I only ask the obvious. If you know the answers, thanks in advance.

      Like why did this technicality take 2 years to surface in a tabloid, represented as a recent filing, when Bethenny clearly is on camera back in November 2014 or earlier complaining about her devastation as a homeless person while Jason lives in HER apartment?

      If all of this is true, has it occurred to her she has very bad law representation for a millionaire?

      Just some simple questions, IMO. I have no idea who should or should not get what. I personally doubt Jason will be able to afford that apartment at any rate, as others have pointed out.

      Finally, please don’t take offense at my questions. It’s not my divorce; I’m not invested in any of it, but I do like to know the truth versus spin or lies. Remember Paul beat Adrienne and their kids? LisaVP sold stories to the tabloids? Jill Zarin has TV projects in the works? Kenya has a boyfriend? 😀

      • Exit4 says:

        Going by memory with the article. B bought the apartment with her money (down payment) and secured the loan. Jason would never qualify to do so. If I knew exactly what kind if trust it was, it would be easier, but beyond privacy, trusts are set up for other reasons. Taxes being a big one-but Jason was named successor of the trust, a trust is a seperate entity. Pretty much meaning if Bethenney was unable to maintain the apartment (illness, death) Jason would have the power to manage it. You can also place money and investments in a trust-so there may be $ attached, earmarked for mortgage, maintenance etc. I am just assuming on that. The real issue, is what kind of property is it? The owner of the apartment is the trust, technically. The seperate entity. What actually happens to the apt. depends on if it is marital property or B’s individual property. In order to settle that, the trust had to be dissolved anyway. In the process of doing that, I guess they found the irregularities. I think this was always going to happen and once it becomes clear if it is B’s property, he has to leave, eventually. If not, they split the difference. That seems to be the argument all around-marital property or not.

        • Okay, thanks so much for that info.

          Now I’m going to go feral on this topic, so please, anyone who is offended easily by an argument based on what is alleged in a tabloid, do not read further. I’m simply going through what confuses me NOT A LAWYER. Also not trying to make people mad. Really. (As if…. I have more thoughts than common sense.)

          I was reading the article again and I noticed the disputed notarized documents Mrs. Hoppy allegedly signed out of her state seem to actually be nothing more than Power of Attorney forms for both Jason and Beth?

          From the article: “It is also undisputed that the power of attorneys [SIC] were not even signed in the state where the notary public was credentialed, Pennsylvania.”

          I’m not a lawyer nor a millionaire, but as I understand it and as you said, Power of Attorney is given in case a person can’t function. If this is what Mrs. Hoppy notarized out of her jurisdiction, I’m not sure that’s something that is a death penalty offense, at least until it became part of a divorce death battle.

          My question: do the allegedly erroneously notarized Power of Attorney forms have anything to do with the disputed signatures of the Trust, which some unnamed and untitled person did or did not see “acknowledged”?

          I know I sound dumb and naive, but there’s a lot of tap dancing in this article, IMO. (Nod to “All That Jazz.”)

          I still do not believe that Beth was ‘duped” and doesn’t know if she signed the documents herself. Why not? Is it her handwriting? Is she accusing Jason of forgery? What does a handwriting expert say? I have a friend who is one and travels internationally to testify in cases, so I know a little about that as we’ve had some years-long, detailed discussions about handwriting analysis of documents. Is this going to that kind of trial?

          Also, what does this mean: “What’s more, ‘it is also undisputed that neither [Bethenny], [Jason], nor the trustee was ever present in the office’ of the attorney who allegedly witnessed their signatures on the trust agreement, according to the documents, and none of them had ever met him before the agreement was signed either.” What does going to this person’s office have to do with any of this? Who is the mysterious “trustee”? If none of the three ever met the lawyer before, who set this all up? I can sign my life away in the middle of the street on the back of a car, if that’s where it is witnessed, so this is all very dubious in missing details and manipulated language.

          There is the odd use of the words “allegedly witnessed their signatures”: either he did or he didn’t. What does he say? Is he dead? On the lam? NO ALLEGEDLY, dangit! This is crazy.

          In another except the wording is odd: “On May 4, the judge ruled that ‘it is undisputed that the signatures of the parties … were not acknowledged in the presence of the person claiming to have acknowledged those signatures.'” How can it be “undisputed” if the person “CLAIMING TO HAVE ACKNOWLEDGED THOSE SIGNATURES”…claims to have acknowledged them?!

          And those ellipses are quite the gap in this strange statement. Undisputed by whom, in the presence of WHOM? HUGE gaps in details here. Also it doesn’t say they were not SIGNED in the presence of this invisible person, but not “acknowledged”? What does that mean?

          At any rate, this is all based on excerpts which it appears to me are leaked by Bethenny and therefore we’re seeing what she and her lawyers want us to see. Maybe that’s all there is to the story, and maybe not. I would like to see the documents in question before I make up my mind what’s truth and what’s spin.


          • Exit4 says:

            I posted my comment below and missed all these new ones! Still reading! If the documents were able to be read-it would be easier to explain. I have some knowledge about living and family trusts. The tax aspects and the pass throughs. Without specifics and line you said, the gaps in details-I can only guess. Cartwheels (❤️) mentioned he was the trustee (Jason), he wasn’t. He was sole sucessor, 2 very different things. The actual trustee if not B herself (again, more details needed!) is most likely an attorney. Usually an estate lawyer. Again-best guess. Like I said below, it doesn’t matter. The trust is invalid. A judge ordered that. It now goes to the real heart of the argument-is it marital or individual property.

    • Foxymel(Mel) says:

      Can someone link the story here . I thought it wasn’t a major deal, but it seems like it is.

      • Cartwheels says:

        It is a major deal a huge deal IMO it highlights who the real Jason is but also shows that his mother is not the poor, sweet lady that was on TV, as a notary she knows her legal responsibilities and to notarized papers that were not signed in front of her is another example of shadiness

        Just because I refuse to give ROL (Jason’s mouthpiece IMO ) one more hit, here it is the story reported by another source


        • Foxymel(Mel) says:

          Well it’s probably a good thing that B didn’t settle. Get a lawyer that deals with contract fraud and maybe this thing can be settled.
          Why would the mom notarized something when it involves directly with family? Things that make you hmmmm

          • Cartwheels says:

            ROL is a gossip rag and they make up a lot of crap but they would be crazy to make up a whole court ruling, their article has quotes directly from the judge ruling so I believe that it does exist, plus we know that when Bethenny made the comment that she felt like a homeless person Jason’s lawyer immediately give interviews about how this was an attack to his client, don’t you think that is ROL had made up a whole story quoting the judge that Jason’s lawyer would had kick and screamed that this was a vile lie made up by Bethenny’s camp to discredit Jason?
            We are talking about an act that was illegal, Carol Hoppy stamping her notary seal when she was not authorized to do so, and Jason’s lawyers has no comments?
            Please, if the story was remotely an invention of ROL! Jason’s lawyer would have already blamed Bethenny and dragged her back to court.

            • I wonder if he stole the notary stamp from his mom…I liked her so it is easier for me to think he stole it rather than she was in cahoots with him….allegedly….

              • Cartwheels says:

                Nah, even pos Jason wouldn’t be that shitty, Carol is In this knee deep. After what I read about Jason’s dad parading in his underwear just to embarrassed a filming crew that was interviewing Bethenny I had my suspicions that the Hoppys are not the gentle souls that they pretended to be.
                If your son is going through a very difficult and contentious divorce would you shoved yourself in their apartment for days on just to make things more difficult for your DIL? I think that Jason learned the art of passive aggressive digs from the best, his parents.

                • Oh I didn’t know about that…I felt sorry for them cuz they lost a child but I forget that that doesn’t make someone a saint…

                • mm in oc says:

                  If I remember correctly (and it’s been 15-20y yrs), you have to keep the notary book and stamp under lock and key. Not doing so results in crap like this happening.

        • Exit4 says:

          The focus of the tabloids is the trust, but really, a trust wouldn’t have given Jason any power at all as far as a divorce goes. He was just the sole successor, something would actually have to happen to B for him to lay any real claim to it. It’s totally irrelevant now, since it wasn’t executed properly and therefore never exsisted. I’m guessing there was wording that alluded to the apt being marital property, which is the important thing in a divorce. B’s argument is that it’s her sole property and he has no claim-an argument made even stronger now. This was going to happen no matter what. It does speak to what kind of person Jason is. He would never be able to manage that apartment (without B supporting him), even if he was given it free and clear. That is what I think was the game here-get the apt free and clear, stay as long as possible, until the support payments dried up and sell it. Keeping all the profit for himself. Taking the 10 mil he was offered would have been wiser-but he dug in to be a jerk and dragged his mom down with him. SMH

          • Okay, now I’m going to have to disagree with this. So much is being attributed to the awful Hoppys, but it’s all coming from Bethenny’s PR, so I think it has to be taken with a grain of salt. I do remember all the horrible insinuations she slandered him with before she got on the stand under oath and it turned out to be not much. Of course, then she settled the custody that night so Jason never got a turn to defend himself or tell some of her own issues, no doubt.

            I don’t see how that’s not obvious, but oh well, I used to support Brandi vigorously, so I guess we see what we want to see.

            Anyway, I think there’s a lot of exaggerated accusations about the Hoppys based on carefully chosen misinformation. What I don’t see is them being arrested for crimes against Bethenny, but some people seem to think they’re Ma Hoppy and her Gang, so I guess that’s to come. ;P.

            • VV™ says:

              She calculates her every move. That entire S3 of BEA was a preview set up to justify her divorce. I remember exactly what she did before she settled not allowing Jason to tell her side. She plays dirty. She’s an unhappy sour soul…a rich unhappy sour soul.
              I’m glad Jason is hitting her where it hurst her the most “money”. I hope he takes a big chunk of her money too.

          • VV™ says:

            Exit, was Jason really offered 10 Mil? I remember reading long ago his lawyers wanted to settle for 10 mil and Bethenny rejected. I guess I can Google and find out. There is a lot of mid information out there.

    • mm in oc says:

      Bethanney can sue her for this and win damages. Moms commission should be revoked. They scare the hell out of you when you take the notary course and test. No sympathy for her in any way. Like I said above, she’s either not too bright or too trusting of her son.

  17. Remember when I thought Paul was looking mighty fine after divorcing The Hoof Maloof?

    Grey Gardens thought so too…


    • Foxymel(Mel) says:

      Run away, Paul!! No! I think he’s a great catch but not for her. He needs someone that’s not after his money or his surgical skills. I was going to say maybe Shannon but she’s got the hottest husband of them all. Grrr

    • Orson says:

      I think he just spent time with her and the other HWs who were at the Upfront. He’s too smart to attempt a serious bi-coastal romance.

      • If you look closely at the picture he has one hand on Sonja’s lower thigh and one on Shannon Beadors- so yeah.

        The article says he was all over her tho…

        • Well, I think Sonja is looking beautiful this season. Her “work” is some of the best we’ve seen on the HWs.

          But she’s crazy, so there’s that. Paul probably got enough insanity with Mad Chef Bernie in the house.

          • chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:

            I love Sonja’s work too
            Her face is better than the pics of her when married !
            I want her doctor !!!!!!! (And J-Lo’s) 💉💊🔪🔨

  18. Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

    Hello all…sorry about breaking the blog last week!! I went a little “Insta-crazy” !!! I hope those who were interested enjoyed the pictures and to the one who weren’t…whoopsy!!!

    I’m participating in a Type 1 Diabetes walk- I have a 30 year old nephew who was diagnosed 20 years ago,a 9 year old niece who was diagnosed 3 years ago and Tyler-one of my favorite people I the world was diagnosed 7 years ago. We are raising money to help find a cure. My whole family joins in for the walk. I won’t beg or pester for donations but I will ask now and maybe one more time before the cut off date. Donate if you can and don’t think twice if you can not!


    • chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:

      Ash – may I ask because I can never get a clear answer online – do you know if type 1 diabetes is genetic/ hereditary ?

      Is this of Sonja’s fame? — I hope she’s helping a lot as well. I’m sure she is – she has a 💚💚of pure gold.

      Congrats and I’ll see what I can do if anything, as things are not great to put it mildly, these days. 😦

      Oh- and thanks for breaking the blog!
      (Insert VV’s HYSTERICAL computer breaking emojis here )

      • Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

        Type 1 is consider one of those auto immune diseases that seem to run genetically in my family-so many of us have auto immune something or other! My Mother had type 1 and I believe that it skips a generation-2 of her grandchildren have it and I hope that’s the end of it! Poor kids! Well I say “poor kids” but they are amazing-never a “poor me” attitude from either of the,-its incredible to me.

        Yes-Tyler is THAT Tyler -the intern! I don’t know if he reached out to Sonja yet but I remember her making a donation in the past so I’m sure we can count on her to pitch in again..I hope!!

    • TexasTart says:

      No need to apologize for what WordPress couldn’t handle – who could have known?! It’s never happened before, not that I’m aware of, at least.

      • chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:

        I joke with her that she broke my phone – but I hope she GETS me ……


        It’s a shame bc I LOVE seeing all the photos !
        Especially of the blow up doll + daughter from the ATL 😤👧🏼👃🏻

    • #teamJNNTJ – made a donation! My mom was type 2.

      • Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

        Thank you so much SJP-I’m overwhelmed by the generosity! Thank you thank you!! XOXO

  19. TexasTart says:

    Ramonacoaster, thanks for recapping Kandi’s Ski Trip. 👍

  20. chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:

    Husker- congrats on your son’s graduation – I feel I may have missed that on the blog that never loaded for me when the BLOG BROKE the other day.

    Major congrats to you and the family !!!! 🎓🎓🎓🎊🎊🎊🎊🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

  21. chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:

    LILASTAR- best of luck with the IRS crapola. So sorry this has happened. They don’t fool around and there’s so much shadiness out there !

  22. TexasTart says:

    Regarding fraudulent IRS returns, there are two things that have made this easier IMO. 1) The ability to file online. 2) When they stopped mailing checks! When you get a refund, you have to give them a bank account to get the money back – no one said that has to be your account!

  23. Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

    Imagine looking like this and then looking like the woman she is now?? Why did she ever start messing with her face??

  24. Class says:

    Wow! Kandi better learn much quicker than she is right now or her marriage will be OVER. Understanding her mother Kandi had better begin to distance herself from the bag, along with the Ants. ( yes, ants ). I was taught from the get go husbands come first, not mommys and ants.

    I get so upset watching Kandi act as tho she is blowing it all off until it comes to Todd saying a negative about her family, then she has something to say.

    I have respected Kandi in the past however if she doesn’t shut this crap down with her family a divorce will come soon. Todd is easy going but he will NEVER forget nor forgive what the old bag said about his mother/father.

    I haven’t watched 1 minute but the discription given I don’t have to. Thank you for that and for thus blog. Best to all


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