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Episode 6

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Kristen Taekman

“Dinner Was A Serious Roller Coaster”

Kristen sets the record straight about the whole confusion that started out the trip to AC.  They were told to meet at Sonja’s at an early time that made it impossible for Heather and Kristen to take their own kids to school.  They both arranged for someone else to take their kid to school which I think leads Kristen to question why Bethenny could not do the same.  The weather was crazy with pouring rain, howling wind and bitter cold.  When they arrived at Sonja’s, they expected to be invited in for perhaps a hot cocoa or a cup of tea since we have always heard about what a wonderful host Sonja claims to be, but Hostess Sonja was not up and about at this early hour.  One might think that one of the many interns could have pinch-hit for Sonja, but perhaps they were busy folding her undies and sorting her hair pieces to host the ladies.  This pissed the ladies off and I believe, rightfully so!  You invite the ladies on the trip.  You tell them to meet at your place at a specific time and when they arrive, they are told to wait out in the rain.  The limo finally arrives, the ladies pour into the car and B arrives with MANY apologies in tow; she handled the situation appropriately.  SHE APOLOGIZED!  Sonja finally deigns the ladies with her presence and not one apology is heard from her.  Only a list of reasons why they should not have barged into her home.


It starts in the car with Bethenny and Sonja. Bethenny is really trying to help Sonja out…no more repeating and no more speaking of the past about all the extravagant friends, parties, trips, yachts, houses, businesses, etc. It’s funny to watch Bethenny genuinely trying to help but quickly becoming frustrated by Sonja’s madness. I will say, we all tried to warn her! I personally do really care for Sonja and think she is a very smart, savvy woman with a huge heart, and she is funnier than anything. I am starting to think she is not well, because it used to feel like an act but not anymore. I said tonight that I thought Sonja’s tears were fake, but Luann was quick to point out that they weren’t. Did you ever see the movie Blue Jasmine with Cate Blanchett? Sonja sort of reminds me of her.

Why do the ladies feel the need to compliment Sonja?  She is not a smart, savvy woman.  She is a woman who is falling apart on national TV.  We are watching Kim Part 2 and it ain’t pretty.  Kristen jumps forward and talks about the private conversation B had with Sonja.  She was glad Sonja’s façade broke and the seemed to recognize there was a problem.  Unfortunately, Sonja quickly turns the situation around by claiming no one truly understands her situation.

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I like to push the limit with my style and felt that wearing two different colored shoes would be wild and crazy and fun for AC. I mean, Carole had on a pair of Playboy Bunny ears, and I had two different colored heels, all in good fun. I personally don’t care what anyone else thinks, so when Ramona asked what was going on with my shoes, I joked with her that I forgot one. I was kidding–the whole look was intentional.

I’m not sure if wearing mis-matched shoes is really pushing the limit, but I thought her shoes looked super cute with her outfit.  I also thought Carole’s outfit was cute and loved her sense of humor when selecting her clothes.  Carole does not take herself too seriously.

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Dinner was a serious roller coaster, because we were there to celebrate Ramona’s birthday and have some fun. And Bethenny was still trying to get through to Sonja, and then Sonja starts crying…ugh! I just remember thinking, enough is enough already…let’s keep this light and fun. After all, it’s Ramona’s birthday! We’re supposed to be celebrating! Sonja has a wonderful way of always making sure the attention is on her, and everything always circles back to her. But Bethenny trying to help is appreciated, and yeah, let’s celebrate Ramona.

Oy vay.  It was just painful to watch and I imagine it was worse for those sitting at the table.  Awkward?

The ladies all went back upstairs after dinner to freshen up. I didn’t want to go all the way up, so I hit the floor to gamble. When I ran into Bethenny, I sat down at the empty seat beside her. I didn’t realize she wanted to be alone…hmm. Oh well. However, when Elvis pops up out of the blue on that guy’s hat, I knew I was in for something good. Elvis seems to always be with me in some weird and mysterious way, and in this case, he was my good luck charm. With Bethenny’s help, I won $800. Call it beginner’s luck, but I say thanks to Elvis and Bethenny!

I am not much of a gambler myself cause I am cheap.  I like my money IN my pockets.  I am the girl that wins 20 bucks and walks away from the table.  My husband and I are not alike in this way, by the way!

The nightclub was fun. It’s always fun to dance with the ladies. Oh, Sonja, I don’t even need to comment, but she was having fun and getting her erotic dance on and a few free shots for the club (if you know what I mean). Ramona made it clear she has a hard time handling Sonja when she is in that state and thought it was very kind of Dorinda to look after Sonja and make sure she made it back to her room in one piece safe and sound.

I actually felt bad for Dorinda that she got dumped with Sonja.  No one likes to babysit the drunk.  Kristen notes that Sonja was “fresh as a daisy” the following morning and acted like nothing happened the night before.  I imagine Sonja was so many sheets to the wind that she has little recollection of the details.

I have to say Bethenny legit cares about Sonja, because she even takes more time to pull her aside and try and talk to her and help her through whatever she is going through. I think they can understand each other through some of the same challenges they probably face with divorce and being single mothers, but Bethenny is trying her best to help Sonja, and I think that is sweet.

I am surprised that Bethenny has taken such a sincere interest in trying to help Sonja.  At this point, Sonja needs to really acknowledge she has a problem.

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Bethenny Frankel

“I Genuinely Didn’t Want To Upset Sonja”

Bethenny now understands why Heather’s panties were in a bunch after having to stand out in the rain for an hour.  She realizes now that Heather has “carried” Sonja into her house and tucked her into bed when Sonja was on a bender.  She acknowledges that Sonja prob has NO recollection of these incidents and prob doesn’t make the connection.

I could go on about this for days, but then you’d fall asleep. You decide if you think it’s a big deal. Maybe she was banging an intern and needed privacy. Who cares really?

I had not thought of that as an excuse, but seems perfectly reasonable to me.

That limo ride made me pee–literally. When you gotta go, you gotta go. Is that really a big deal? For the record, Ramona did pee. I saw it, and I heard it, but she got self-conscious and realized that one day other people would see this. Big deal, R. I’ve seen you do way worse. Your pee is as yellow as the rest of ours.

That limo ride would have made me throw up.  I would have probably reacted like Ramona and yelled at everyone to SHUT THE FUCK UP!  She feels bad for Sonja and realizes, truth hurts and perhaps its not her job to tell Sonja “the truth”.

For me, repetition can be maddening. Sonja likes to drive a point home but somehow gets lost on the ride home and takes a lot of circuitous turns. Not much to say.

Screenshot 2015-05-18 15.57.17 (Small)

This would have put me over the edge and I am always of the belief: Don’t Feed Crazy.  When someone around me is acting or saying ridiculous things, I walk away.  I cannot fix crazy.  I can however remove myself from crazy.  Bethenny says gambling was fun, but she lost so it wasn’t as much fun as she would have liked, but still prob better than sitting next to Sonja at dinner.

The amount I lose is annoying, and the amount I’d win couldn’t change my life. Kristen definitely had beginner’s luck, which made me happy!  Carole kept betting on my bet, which was the wrong caboose to attach to. She has a great attitude overall.  Loved her ridiculous outfit. She enjoys a getup, as do I.

I hope Kristen splurged and bought something fun with her winnings.

It’s starting to get good; this is the turning point. You will love this on so many levels. I sure did, and these bitches and I do get crazy.

I might need to start taking Imodium before I watch these episodes.

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Luann de Lesseps

“You Don’t Reason With Sonja When She’s Drinking”

Luann is grateful she missed the limo ride from hell.  She also schools Sonja on her lack of hospitality by leaving the ladies in the rain.  Luann reminds us this isn’t the first time we have seen Bethenny tinkle on our tv.  Yes, the other tinkle was brought back to the forefront of our memories by Bravo thank you very much.

The folks at the Borgata did a wonderful job for us. Heather was late for dinner that night–no question–and I find her denial of this fact confusing, because just hours earlier, she went ballistic on Bethenny for running behind schedule. Sonja started drinking before dinner (always a risky proposition), and she was tipsy by the time we left the suite to go to Izakaya. Sonja’s name-dropping JohnJohn/Gstaad/updo/Madonna/Gstaad/updo doesn’t just irritate Bethenny but annoys all of us, and her attempts to move Sonja on to another topic were futile. Is Sonja repeating herself, or as those in PR say, “staying on message”? You can’t reason with Sonja when she’s drinking, so I don’t even try.

It was odd that Heather was late, but perhaps it was a passive aggressive move.  Sonja’s delusional (ok, delusional is the new drinking word.  Everytime we see it, we must drink!) name dropping is just annoying and bringing up John John is classless!  Lu addresses Carole barb at her (although I don’t really think it was rude because, well, Carole simply pointed out that Lu is not European.)  I don’t agree that Lu should get extensions because I love her hair and her whole “look”.  It totally suits her and she shouldn’t change it.

Screenshot 2015-05-18 16.21.52 (Small) Screenshot 2015-05-18 16.21.49 (Small)

Disco Disco Disco! I guess I’ve become the snatch guard for Sonja…OMG, keep your legs together woman. Unfortunately, my hands were not large enough to keep the crowd from getting an eyeful. When Sonja’s two sheets to the wind, at some point she’s going to try to make out with you–it happens every time. I’m used to it, though, and since I’m so much taller than her, half the time she misses my face. Bethenny finally had enough and left us to look after Sonja. Thank goodness Dorinda took a turn taking care of her. As Heather mentioned earlier, we’ve all had a shot at keeping her safe. After we pulled Sonja from the dance floor, and we knew she was ensconced in her room, the rest of us partied into the night. I think Ramona had a great time and even won money playing black jack.

I did laugh when Lu asked when she became the Snatch Guard.  Was she wearing panties?  Was she not?  Who cares.  IT’S SO WRONG!  On too many levels for me to count.  I did feel bad that the new got stuck with Sonja.  I guess that is how they haze in these groups.  As we saw the following morning, Sonja was VERY quickly recovered from the events the evening before.  Sonja blames the “baromic” (does she mean barometric?) pressure for her behavior the evening before.  I guess the vodka has nothing to do with it then.  Lu believes Bethenny’s intervention fell on deaf ears.  Sonja, being the amazing PR person that she is, stay on message and repeated that she was fine.  That worked out good for Kim Richards, right?

Will Sonja cut down her drinking? Will Bethenny ever get to relax on this trip? And will Kristen ever match her shoes…? This and more, from the Borgata to you, see you next week. Be there and be cool.

I guess we have been warned.

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Heather Thomson

“What Happened To Common Courtesy And Manners?”

Heather tells us she understands running late.  She admits that she herself has a difficult time being on time.  Heather then says they were given a time to meet at Sonja’s – 10am.  Of course, Sonja wasn’t ready and Bethenny was running late.  The polite thing to do would be to invite your guests in from the rain, but Sonja shows us she is not polite.  She does, however, hang with John-John and Madonna.  I hope she doesn’t make them wait out in the rain.

I was literally shocked when one of Sonja’s many interns told me “Lady Morgan isn’t receiving guests.” The same “Lady Morgan” who has allowed me to make sure she is able to get home safely is now forcing us to wait in her unheated vestibule. This was insane to me. I also found it very hard to believe Sonja was clueless about the car situation. She was the one who arranged all the details for this trip. Just invite us in, offer me a glass of water, and I would have been happy to wait it out for hours. 

Ok, now I totally want an intern.  Where and how do I get one?  I want to be called “Lady Namaste” and I want them to cut my grapes.  Heather says she really didn’t care that Bethenny was late.  She would have appreciated a little “heads up” from her to let the group know she had to get her kid to school and would be late and maybe Heather and the others could have spent a little more time drinking before arriving at Sonja’s unheated vestibule.

Once we finally made it to AC and were getting ready for dinner, I wasn’t keeping everyone waiting as Bethenny tried to make it seem. Bethenny actually used my hair stylist that night, and I even let her go ahead of me, so it makes me giggle that she was calling me out. Everyone was in the living area of my room, so someone could have easily come and gotten me if I was really 51 minutes late.

Why the fuck do these ladies need to bring their hairstylists along for a weekend away at AC?  Really?  You ladies are too dumb to do your own hair?  Plus, I noticed Carole had her make-up done so I am assuming the others did also.  Why?  No one looked that great.  And it wasn’t like they were going to an “event”.  It was dinner in a casino.  Heather does share that she is not always a fan of Bethenny’s delivery, she did tell Sonja things she desperately needed to hear.  Heather wants (and I believe she is sincere) for Sonja to get healthy.

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Dorinda Medley

“I Was Disappointed In The Ladies”

Dorinda starts out by addressing the number of opinions shared by the ladies.  I always say, Opinions are like assholes; everyone has one and everyone thinks their’s does not stink.

Opinion, opinions, opinions…Opinions everywhere and no solutions!

So the trip to Atlantic City started out with a deluge–and I’m not just talking about the weather. Once we got to Sonja’s townhouse, we were told to wait in the foyer. In Lady Morgan’s foyer. Quite a nice foyer, but nonetheless, a foyer. (Is it foyER or is it foyEYH? It really depends on who you ask, really.) I was fine waiting, to tell you the truth. With this much entertainment around you, how could I not? I did not want to sit in on a coffee klatch at Lady Morgan’s house, especially with Heather having so much on her mind about Sonja lately. Would’ve been nice to have the limo there already, yes, but it’s not like we were being held in a hot subway station in the middle of August. Heather, on the other hand, was pissed…and I mean pissed. She took it very personally that we were kept waiting in the foyer and, naturally, Heather expressed it to Sonja…and Bethenny…and Ramona…loud and clear. More than once. In fact, she may have taken it a little too personal. Although I would have probably handled it differently, I don’t think it required a burning at the stake. I kinda expected Sonja to be late. C’mon…she’s Lady Morgan.

I have to say, I find Dorinda’s blog to be quite entertaining.  She pokes at herself and the other ladies without really crossing the line.  I think we all expect Sonja to be late, but not because she is Lady Morgan.  Dorinda feels it would have been polite for Sonja (or her minions) to offer a little coffee, cup of tea and perhaps a biscuit.  She was grateful when the damn limo finally pulled up and they were able to pile in.

Hey where are Carole and Luann, those tricky ones?! How did they get out of this rainy booze cruise shenanigans?!

Screenshot 2015-05-18 16.10.19 (Small)

Carole and Luann were genius!

I was just hoping Madame Yummie would grant poor Lady Morgan a pardon already, so we could have some fun…it’s Ramona’s birthday! That limo ride was full of chit-chat-chattering and back-and-forth. I kinda sit and take it all in—what else is there to do? If I get involved with my real feelings, there would be bleeding housewives everywhere. Don’t even want to drink, because I am afraid that my anxiety will push me overboard.

Now I think Madame Tummie is perfect for Heather.  I wonder who the Dowager will be?  (Downton Abbey reference).  Upon arrival at the hotel, Lu and Carole finally deigned to share themselves with the others.  Dorinda refers to Carole, Lu and Heather (Madame Tummie) as the three “Witches of Eastwick” and I am think that is perfect.

Thankfully, that restaurant delivered on both. It was delicious. A short-lived pleasantry, because it became the Takedown Sonja Hour. I hate that—it made me very uncomfortable and sad. Right or wrong, we have to let Sonja go on her journey.

I am torn.  I agree AND disagree.  I will not sit idly by and watch someone I care about destroy themselves.  Dorinda compliments Bethenny on changing her tact the next afternoon.

Sonja just has to let go and let things happen. I know how she feels, I’ve been there myself. This is why Bethenny’s advice was perfect: Life happens now. Thankfully Ramona pulled her out of it the night before. (By the way, I’m calling them Frick and Frack, because when they pair up, not only do they start to look and act like one another, they’re entirely in sync. Have you noticed? They even finish each other’s sentences! It’s as cute as it is frightening, to tell you the truth.)

Sonja is in a hole so deep that I am not sure there is even a way out.  Yes, Ramona and Sonja do start to look and act a lot alike when they are together…only thing is that we don’t usually see Ramona 22 sheets to the wind and cry uncontrollable while attempting to one-up every conversation she can hear.  Dorinda says she was disappointed that the ladies kinda dumped Sonja once things went completely sideways  Dorinda knew she had to get her back to her room and tuck her into bed.

Note to self: Next time, I’ll tell Sonja that John John is waiting for her upstairs. Maybe then she’ll move faster.

And again, I love her sense of humor!

Screenshot 2015-05-18 16.09.28 (Small)

Sonja Morgan

“Heather Was Just Pissed Bethenny Was Late” 2322

Just so everyone knows, this week it took Lady Morgan 2322 words to explain herself.  Yes, that is 2322.  Let that sink in.  I will attempt to swim in her BS, but I can make no promises.

First and foremost, I need to address the situation that occurred at my home at the beginning of the episode. What really happened was that I was taking a call from my sister from Nashville who was just telling me she was not be able to come to watch my daughter, because her best friend had just passed away. My carefully laid plan blew up, and if I didn’t secure someone else trustworthy to watch my daughter, I couldn’t leave to Atlantic City overnight. I was trying to deal with all of that. I was focused on taking care of my family, and Heather went completely ballistic on me on the phone when she called to come up, and I told her I would meet her in the limo, and besides, Bethenny was late, and some of the others had not arrived yet! What really pissed her and the some other girls off was that Her Royal Skinny Bitch was late. (I’m Lady Morgan, we have Countess Luann, Princess Radziwell, and now Lady Dorinda–I think the queen of skinny stuff deserves a title, too!) HRSB’s tardiness is what set off the bomb. Luann can vouch for that. Heather can’t take that she might not be HBIC anymore in this crew. (Head Bitch In Control) Trust me it’s not about me, it’s always about them. At least I don’t lie and comment on things I don’t understand about others’ businesses to be relevant among the girls. 

Alright, I kinda want to buy this story, but what baffles me is that when she got in the limo, why didn’t she just SAY THIS.  Instead, she continues to act as though she was not late.  Also, Bravo’s editing made it seem like she was having a cup of tea and packing her suitcase.  Hmmm.  Sonja says it was rude of Heather to let herself into her home and barge up the stairs.

She did call, and I told her I needed the time to finish the call with my sister, had no one to attend to the girls if they wanted to come up, and that I would be right down. Interns are here to learn, they are not employees or domestics. I have to be with the interns when they observe or participate in any entertaining at home. I won’t tell you the disasters that can occur in a home like mine in 15 minutes. Just imagine French doors, pond in backyard, front doors to street, garbage disposals, elevators, electric gates, two poodles, the cat, and a myriad of other accidents waiting to happen without me with the interns, who are trying to help out and learn.

OK, now this IS getting good.  So the reason a cup of tea could not be served is that the interns (who are not slaves) must be duly watched by Lady Morgan when they are in the home.  What are the interns going to COLLEGE for that being an intern at Sonja’s is a learning experience?  Are they going to school to be an assistant?  Someone’s bitch?  Where is this major available?  Sonja then tells us unequivocally that Heather has NEVER carried her to her bedroom…or maybe the liquor has blurred her memory?  Moving on, when the ladies barged into the foyer, a cup of tea (somewhere at Grey Gardens) was spilled all over the marble mosaic tile floor and on an antique table. We are then given details as to how Lady Morgan herself had to clean each drop of tea off the mahogany table.  Sonja then tries to sell us on the idea that Heather wasn’t mad at her, she was mad at Bethenny.  Difference?  Bethenny immediately apologized upon entering the limo in order to diffuse the tension.  You behaved as though you were a little early for this event.  FUCK!  I just realized there are over 1400 words in this blog.  I need a glass of wine in order to continue.  BRB.

OK, I’m back.  It’s been over 12 hours, but I managed to convince myself I need to come back and finish what I started.  Sonja acknowledges that Bethenny was trying to be supportive in the limo, BUT she still vacations in Gstaad with an updo and smoky eye.  I guess The Learning Annex has invited Sonja into the demonstrate these things…which makes me think less of The Learning Annex.

It’s hard for me to be there for her (Ramona) emotionally when I’m being attacked all the time, so any time we get to spend time away from the other girls is really special. Like when we were gambling and dancing on our own. The other women want to keep me in a nice little labeled box because of their own insecurities. They would not feel the need to constantly be talking about me unless they were uncomfortable with where they themselves are going. I have seen this script in my life over and over. People with real concerns don’t share them with the world. They are protective and keep it between the friend and themselves. In private. They don’t want me to do well and get out of this mess of a divorce and lawsuit resulting in a $7 million dollar judgment. They are just trying to level the playing field by bringing me down, but nobody can bring me down!

Forgive me, I fell asleep.  Same old story; different day.  Sonja now says she has learned her lesson and knows she just shouldn’t drink around these particular women.  She warns us that she will not be drinking in Turks and Caicos and will stick to wine (when did wine become “not drinking”?)

They all started drinking in the limo on the way over, starting before 12pm for four hours. I really don’t know how their livers do it! After one hard drink, I’m buzzed. After two, I’m bombed! After three, I’m yours! I’m a cheap date as they say. People ask me why my skin is so nice. One reason is I can’t drink that much, so it’s usually an early night if I don’t stick to wine and wine spritzers. So, I didn’t start drinking until we got to the hotel. The key to having a good night out (and I do feel that I’m an expert on the subject) is to be with good people and to be in a good mood. Instead, I was surrounded by women who are always nit picking me and trying to belittle my life decisions.

And now we have entered the twilight zone.  I am at a complete loss for words.  Sonja continues by telling us AGAIN how much stress she is under and how she is building a (fictional) fashion lifestyle brand from scratch.  She says she is “self-made”.  Hmmm.

I’m glad that Bethenny cared enough open up to me about how she was feeling. I really do think that Bethenny was coming from a good place and that she is trying to help me, but I did feel a little attacked at dinner. We all know that Bethenny can project her life experiences at times on others, so I’m glad that the two of us were able to talk and clear the air. Bethenny was right saying that divorce is like a death. Losing your best friend, lover, and father to your daughter is not something that I would wish upon anyone (as we saw in Morocco with the psychic who said Mario was cheating), and it’s something that takes a long time to adjust to.

I get it.  Divorce is hard.  But you cannot use your divorce which happened in 2006.  Yes, 2006.  Its been 9 whole years.  I guess Sonja isn’t gonna put on her big girl panties (cause she is always commando) and grow the fuck up.  All of us have had big shit sandwiches handed to us over the years and you don’t see us (at least not me….I can’t speak for all ya other ladies! J) Drunk without my panties dancing on a bar while 6 sheets to the wind.

 I don’t want to enter into another relationship until I feel that I can contribute as an equal partner emotionally and can stand on my own two feet financially. I just didn’t feel that I could do that a year ago. Hence, the younger men. Between being a mother, running my businesses, starting new businesses, managing my reorganization, and dealing with my legal situation, I don’t have much left to give to another person. But as I’ve said in the past, life moves in a circle, and I’ve had my low times, and now I’m headed back up to a high point again. I’m very lucky, because I have many circles of supportive, non-judgmental friends that like me for being me. I have a very strong family base and spiritual beliefs. God has been there for me. But I’m just taking life one day at a time like everybody else! See you all next week for more fun times and hopefully less clubs, crying, and catfights! 


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    Party over HERE!!! 👏👏💃💃😊

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    Sonja makes me laugh. So I like her even tho she is completely bat sh*t crazy.


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    Ok I didn’t even finish reading but I must comment ASAP!!
    I so agree with the entire “Why the fu*k do these ladies need to bring their hairstylist ….No one looked that great” OMFG -it’s soooooo true!!!

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    Well I say B didn’t want to ask someone else to take her child to school because she wanted to. Just because Kristen and Heather had someone else take their kids to school doesn’t mean B had to follow the leader and do the same.

    • I don’t think it is a “follow the leader” kinda think, but when you inconvenience other people, its rude. I think the polite thing to do would have been to send a text the night before saying “Can’t be there at X time. Gotta run Bryn to school and will get to Sonja’s Y time.” then Kristen and Heather could have taken their kids to school, too.

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    Oh Lady Namaste………………..I didn’t know how you would get thru that Sonja blog. I don’t blame you for taking a 12 hour reprieve!!! I couldn’t get through it at all. She is out of her mind nuts.

    YES, wine IS alcohol!!!! Plus, why did she have to include the Moroccan prediction that Mario had another woman. Is that a dig to Ramona?

    I hope that Sonja’s drinking doesn’t hijack this season like Kim did with RHOBH. I have to say that I am enjoying the season. I like Dorinda. She has great comebacks and talking heads. But as a newbie, remember your ranking!!!! As Lady Morgan would say!

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      Omg, I’ve been trying to get through Sonja’s blog for a few days now, STILL not done!

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    Dorinda on WWHL tonight – I think it’s on directly after RHONY, because my DVR has an hour and a half block.

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    As a Bethenny fan she’s killing me w/her annoying behavior. In this week’s B overreaction-she goes apechit over Carole making a joke in defense of her suggested hairstyle for Luann. And, couldn’t Carole be 0-fended by Bethenny making a dig at Carole’s unsophisticated American hair advice?/sarc. Then, to make it worse, instead of addressing it directly as she suggests you should to in her TH, B does something I don’t even know what to call…aggressive passive aggressiveness? In direct insult throwing? She starts calling the other women names but not to them-to Ramona. She calls them nasty bit*hes who constantly throw digs. What is she talking about? What constant digs? And why is she addressing it like this? Bi*ching loudly for them to hear but not just talking to them?

    And, I’ve officially had it w/the SG product placements. It’s reached absurd levels at this point. Is it it written in her contract?The last epi had Bethenny opening SG bottles, not once but twice and then, in something I missed when I first saw the epi…when they arrive at the hotel, there’s a full out SG sample table greeting them. WTF? This isn’t a B trip. Why is there a freaking SG showroom awaiting them?

  13. TexasTart says:

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    BH meets NYC I like this group. 💋

    A post shared by L I S A R I N N A (@lisarinna) on

  14. OneMoreInBoston says:

    Carole’s fecking bunny ears tho…

  15. TexasTart says:

  16. TexasTart says:

  17. vilzvet says:

    Just found out that Matt Lauer and his Today Show bike tour is opening the show tomorrow at my little town’s firehouse! I think he biked through Connecticut today so now it’s on to Kings Park, Long Island. I doubt I’ll make it up there because I drop my daughter off at school after the show starts, oh well. Main Street is going to be closed off for at least an hour so it’s gonna be interesting for people to get to work tomorrow.

    • NJBev says:

      I think that’s so cool V- I would like to see that,
      and I’d really like to see Matt Lauer in person
      (I was so sad the day he cut his hair off…. lol)
      too bad it collides with school starting-

      • vilzvet says:

        I wish Al Roker was coming! It’s only going to be a few minutes, but it will be interesting I’m sure.

  18. TexasTart says:

    LOL Dorinda is too competitive for that XD

  19. TexasTart says:

    LOL at Ramona dipping into the icing on the cake, like Oh Well! 😛

  20. chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:

    Can anyone explain to me what this is about ?


  21. TexasTart says:

    Very interesting outfit Bethenny has on at the therapist office. Not sure if I love it or hate it, lol

  22. not THAT Jill says:

    That comment from Kristen is going to bite her in the ass BIG TIME!!!

  23. chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:

    This one has to be BS

  24. TexasTart says:

    It is sad, Bethenny.

  25. TexasTart says:

    LOL at a pretty skeleton!

  26. chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:

    I feel like countless is tweeting herself tonight. Not her assistant / Justin/ whomever.
    And Carole is N/A

  27. TexasTart says:

    Ramona “How do you stay so fit?”
    Dorinda “Girdles and low lighting.”

  28. NJBev says:

    surprised to hear Ramona talk like that about Dorinda and John?

  29. NJBev says:

    God, Bethenny is scary skinny-
    I mean, how many calories a day can she consume to
    maintain the skin and bones look?

    Lord, i weighed more the day I was born…😫

  30. OneMoreInBoston says:

    Ummm… The stepfather.


  31. TexasTart says:

    Bethenny’s talk with John. Not sure what to say, lol. Need to clean up my kitchen. Damn Real Housewives!!!!!

  32. NJBev says:

    I wish RHONY was on like, Netflix, and I could binge watch the whole season on one night.

  33. Exit4 says:

    No one can eff up a child more then their parents. People raised in dysfunction, become dysfunctional and until she can reconcile her childhood and move forward, she’ll never be truly happy.

  34. sparklemuffy says:

    Thanks for the great re-cap Namaste! Hi all! I had a comment about entering Lady Morgan’s home. It’s been brought up before at length. Do you remember the kid that wrote some blogs for Lynn, and became fake-friends/stalker w/ Kristin and ( I thought ) did a quick and dirty internship w/ Sonia? Was his name Matt? Anyhow,ALLEGEDLY — He arrived on a filming day and the entire crew had to huddle across the street for 2-ish hours ( rain day) until all was ready for Lady Morgan plus All the cool girls arrived for filming. It was a very interesting take as to how things were handled, but if I remember correctly no one important was made to wait. ( I would guess that was why the cool girls arrived late? yes? There were more details but I just can’t….. but she has a lot of rules before filming and he said all the crew was completely aware of them and if she had allowed everyone in her home to wait if would have been a lot of people. But he was furious because he felt entitled since he was supposed to be an intern. does anyone else remember the details?? ( there were photos)

    • designernailsdiana says:

      Michael Mazzella was his name. He lied about so much stuff I doubt a lot of what he “reported” about things he did related to ho-wives.

      • NJBev says:

        holy cow Diana!!
        I remember him like yesterday!! I always felt somewhat ambiguous about his comments so I am not surprised that he may have smudged his memory a bit while recalling the events. lol

        • designernailsdiana says:

          I heard the back story about what happened with Kjo and it pissed me off. He probably still comes here to read and lurk.

      • Orson says:

        I was just lurking in Maz’s days here. IIRC, in his blogs he couldn’t be bothered to spell correctly. I don’t mean the occasional misspellings and/or typos we all make, but more of a “Hey, if you don’t get what I’m saying, it’s your problem, screw you!” sort of mistakes.

      • chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:

        I just searched and searched for him on Twitter and he changed his name/ handle ?
        He makes odd spelling mistakes and I googled and found the Iguana had an interview with him years back. Lordie.

        I just remember having an icky feeling when he first started guest blogging here but I didn’t want to undermine (?) Lynn’s graciousness at letting him.
        Don’t remember the kjo fracas.

  35. sparklemuffy says:

    Interjection! I love the whole JFK era thing and was just reading that NO ONE who actually knew JFK Jr called him John John– that was a media thing and the family hated it— mmmmmm..

    • Orson says:

      Back in the day, the press wanted to differentiate between the father and the son. The family and inner friends knew the difference, John was the son and the father was called “Jack”.

  36. designernailsdiana says:

    This Ramona at the gym shows her chest better and I believe she had implants put in after she booted Mario. A little gift to herself and self esteem too.
    I’m sure someone can find a pic of her a few years back in gym clothes or a bikini to compare.

  37. Orson says:

    You know, at first I was going to post commenting I didn’t know why Heather was so pissed at Bethany arriving late at Sonja’s for the trip to AC. Didn’t Bethany arrive before Sonja came down to the limo? Was everybody cooling their heels in the foyer and later the limo waiting for Bethany? Then, just before I hit the “reply” button, I had a minor revelation: It doesn’t matter what Bethany does or doesn’t do, says or doesn’t say – Heather will find fault with it. And I suspect Bethany’s been around enough to recognize this and knows how to deal with this game.

    • TexasTart says:

      Perhaps so. As Kristen revealed in her blog, she and Heather had to get at Sonja’s so early they had to make childcare arrangements for their kids. I think Heather became pissed the moment Bethenny said she was late because she had to take her daughter to school. If the other ladies knew, as it sounded planned, they could have taken their kids too and not wasted all their time waiting. So that’s the difference in Bethenny’s being late opposed to Sonja … for which was never explained other than she was packing.

    • FattyCat says:

      I agree. Heather is just not going to like Bethany, I think she feels threatened because Bethany is as strong, or an even stronger person. Both Heather and Kristin have their kids 100% of the time. Holla definitely over reacted and Kristin just seems to hang on her every word.

  38. TexasTart says:

    Namaste, I enjoy your blogs so much! 😊
    Here’s the award of patience for Sonja 🏆
    or maybe you would rather a 🎁
    or a banner and a parade?! 🎉

  39. chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:

    Not sure if I knew that JZ and Kookoo were there. But no current cast ?
    I know Ross was there.

  40. serenanyc says:

    If Dorinda is happy with John, I don’t think it’s any housewife’s place to criticize their relationship.
    And why oh why is Kristen still a housewife? The girl bores me to tears.

  41. Powell says:

    Morning peeps!! How was the epi? I wasn’t feeling well and didn’t want to listen to screaming so I took a nap then watched DWTS on and off. The finale was great!! I don’t know how they picked a winner. All 3 were superb.

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