Real Housewives of New York City “Family Matters” plus Dorinda Medley on WWHL – AWKWARD

Real Housewives of New York City

“Family Matters” – S7E7

by Stars99

Group Shot

Note: We were a house divided again tonight – The Chicago Blackhawks are playing the Anaheim Ducks in the Stanly Cup playoffs… Mr. Stars99 grew up in Chicago and we live in Orange County… We generally root for Chicago teams until they play Orange County teams… Even in baseball I will generally root for the Cubs cuz they’re such underdogs. However, I will ALWAYS root for the Ducks… Quack. The dang game had 3 OTs… and didn’t end until around 11:10 PM my time… Ducks lost… Oh puck… It was the longest game in Chicago’s history… Needless to say – I’m cranky… Really cranky… The only silver lining is that Mr. Stars99 is happy… But I’m not… And I’m exhausted… Watch out, housewives… You have been warned…

Remember Last Week…

Sonja was rude… Bethenny was late… Heather and Kristen rightfully flipped their figs about having to wait outside in the cold and rain… There was so much whining and screeching on the limo ride that it gave me a headache…Bethenny grew tired. Sonja and I grew more tired… Kristen fashionably wore 2 different-colored shoes… Carole wore bunny ears and a tuxedo boobie shirt…Dorinda kept her cool and was kewl… Bethenny lost in gambling but the birthday girl and Sonja won… Money can’t buy you class but evidently LuAnn was crowned Sonja’s “snatch guard”… Dorinda had to babysit a drunken Sonja… And Sonja lost her ever-lovin’ mind while she was drunk because she claimed to party all the time with Madonna and John-John Kennedy. Honest…

This Week…

Ramona continues to celebrate her birthday season by hosting a gathering at the Fishtail restaurant. She has invited 30+ “great girlfriends” that she has known for over 20 years. Bethenny and Ramona bond over Heather’s use of casual-speak. Bethenny just doesn’t understand why Heather insists on calling people “mama.” They talk about when Heather says, “holla.” Ramona gets right on board the Heather bashing train.  Ramona thinks Heather is an uptown white chick from the Berkshires – Not a rapper.

Speaking of a joke of a rapper we’d rather not see… Did anyone happen to see Kanye West’s performance on Sunday night’s Billboard Music Awards? It was filled with so much pyrotechnics that you couldn’t even see him perform – It was absolutely hilarious! Also – The censors had way too much fun for words bleeping out large portions of his song and as a result there were huge gaps of blank air. It was pure perfection! However, to me, the sad part was when Kendall and Kylie Jenner went onstage to announce their brother-in-law’s performance. They (and Kanye) were mercilessly booed… I guess I’m just not a fan of booing teenagers especially when the booing is probably just a backlash of anti-Kardashian sentiment. These girls actually model and do stuff. Okay, okay, meanwhile… back at the party…

Did I mention there’s a “Turtle Time” cake? It’s always all about the cake.

Bethenny observes there are lots of blondes and lots of boobs amongst the crowd. She tells us several of them look amazing and you would never know their age because of the “work” they’ve had done. Others look like they would be more at home in the Star Wars bar because of the amount of cosmetic enhancements they’ve had. You just gotta love a housewife who uses a Star Wars reference. Now, if only Bethenny could get the Star Wars Cantina to serve Skinny Girl products…

It’s hilarious because several women at the gathering greet Bethenny like she’s their long, lost friend – But Bethenny only looks blankly back at them and superficially says “hello.” Could this be Bethenny’s karma for complaining that she had met Kelly B several times but Kelly never remembered her? I’m guessing Bethenny HAS met several of these women before – But she just can’t remember them. They probably didn’t buy any of her products. In all fairness, it’s got to be hard to remember everyone you meet. I know I can’t. I sometimes blank out on people’s names… I mean names that I really SHOULD know… And so I punt and call them something like, “Miss Wonderful America” or something – Lame as that is…lol.


Sonja talks to Robin who we learn is a “Swami Priestess.” Okay, I’m not sure what that means…  But I think she’s the same person who blessed Sonja and her home last season, no? Sonja couldn’t wait to tell Bethenny that she has taken her advice and is talking to someone about her issues. Sonja gushes that the “Swami” has advised her to get back to her writing and to go to the beach with her. Wait… So, on the exhaustive list of “hats that Sonja wears” we can now add “writer?” Wow… I wonder if Sonja even writes her own blog… Hmmm… Bethenny is understandably perplexed by this because Sonja is NOT doing anything they talked about. Sonja thinks Bethenny is just projecting her own personal experience onto her. I think Sonja is a little wackadoodle… But then – Aren’t we all?

There was some talk about Sonja and her Psychopharmacologist. Sigh. Let’s be honest – You’re being prescribed stuff that’s stronger than just herbal tea, Sonja. I think you must have graduated from Kim Richard’s school of pretend truth.

Dorinda tells the girls about the architecture of a house she and “What’s His Name” (John) recently visited. There was an actual shower in the middle of the “party” room and they were told that if the party went well – They all could just spontaneously have some shower fun. I really could use one of those showers in the middle of my living room since I’m compelled to take a shower every time I see “What’s His Name” (John) on TV cuz every time I see him on TV he gives me such a bad case of the creepies. I also get creeped out when I see Slade Smiley and/or Vicki Gunvalson’s Icky boyfriend Brooks from RHOC… Or anyone named “Joe” from RHONJ… I could go on… but you get the picture.

Dorinda is asked if she and John are swingers. Ack!… I quickly reach for the eye bleach to try to get THAT visual out of my mind…lol… Dorinda assures all of us that they’re not swingers because she’s too competitive. Really? THAT’s the reason you’re not a swinger? Sigh…

Ramona stands up and makes a toast to her friends. She tells them the reason she’s able to get through the stuff she’s going through is because of them. It’s really quite sweet – Ramona really does care about her friends.

Bethenny is meeting with Dr. Amador, her therapist and I must admit that it kind of feels like old times. He really knows Bethenny and her situation so well – and as Bethenny puts it, “He knows where all the bodies are buried.”

Bethenny explains to him that her talk show was very demanding. She felt like she was shot out of a cannon and there were so many things going on in her life. Now she’s wrestling with the failure of her talk show and her marriage. She’s in shock about the whole thing. The scary thing to her is that there’s no way to really know a person. She is reticent about making new best friends at this point – Because even if she wasn’t great friends with someone in the past – She thinks the devil you know is better than the devil you don’t. It kind of explains why she isn’t quickly friending her coworkers on this show.

Bethenny is finding it hard not only to trust others – but she’s wrestling with trusting her own judgment because she has been so wrong about people. With Jason, she had some gut instincts that she didn’t go with… But now, she says she’s shooting first and asking questions later. She is looking for connection with someone.

She talks about reconnecting with John, her step-father. He raised her since she was 4-years-old and parented her more than either of her biological parents. Their relationship “got hairy” and they stopped talking – But she really wants to re-open that door on some level. She seems to desperately want Bryn to know family on her side of the family tree. She wants Bryn to know the person she considers to be her father – Even if it’s not at all like a fairytale. The end of the session comes and you can tell Bethenny doesn’t want to leave. She looks around the room and sizes it up as her new home. Cuz… You know… She’s homeless and stuff.

Carole saw a documentary on Jack Johnson and fell in love with boxing. I think she’s referring to “Unforgivable Blackness: The Rise and Fall of Jack Johnson.” She attributes some of her love for boxing to the testosterone she was taking at the time…lol.  Carole, Kristen, LuAnn and Ramona go to a boxing match and sit in the front row. Carole tells the others that the ONLY way to watch boxing is from the front row. Cuz you know, that way you can be showered in the boxers’ sweat and if you’re REAL lucky, you’ll get splattered with blood. Ick.

Kristen and C

At first Kristen is really not really into it – Especially when one of the boxer’s mouth guards catapults out his mouth, hits her leg and winds up on the floor in front of her. During the match, Kristen whips out her travel Purell to wash down her perspire-spattered bare legs. Yuck. However, as the match goes on, Kristen gets more and more into it. She starts screaming at the boxers. It’s pretty funny. I guess I just don’t understand boxing…

Carole tells the others that Bethenny decided not to come with them to boxing night because she had Bryn. Intonight’s edition of “I Kid You Not” – Kristen’s clueless response to that news was, I KID YOU NOT – “I don’t want to judge, but I do have 2 kids and I can manage to get childcare for my kids and still go out and be social… Everybody’s different – But at this point it just doesn’t really seem like she’s making the effort.”

Wow… You always know you’re in trouble when you start out, “I don’t want to judge, BUT…” which of course means you’re going to be judge, jury and executioner, no? The thing is, Kristen… You have NO idea what it’s like to have access to your kids only 50% of the time… You have NO idea what it’s like to be constantly working outside of the house and away from your kids… I get that you don’t think Bethenny is making much effort to be friends with you at this point – But it seems to me that you can thank Heather for that. Her knowledge of you thus far is that you whined about not being invited to her birthday party.

After the boxing match, the girls meet Heather and go out for some refreshments. LuAnn thinks that after seeing such a raw, primal boxing event that they should be ordering something like beer and ribs – But the dainty girls are instead drinking mint tea and eating steamed vegetables.

R and C

Kristen casually asks Carole about Adam. There was an awkward silence and Carole was stunned that Kristen had asked about him. Carole says they’re still seeing each other and they’re having a good time. LuAnn thinks he’s a little young and still has issues about it since he’s her niece’s ex-boyfriend. Ramona tells Carole that LuAnn’s niece is like a daughter to her. There’s conversation about how long ago they broke up – LuAnn says it was six months ago – but Carole thinks it’s been longer than that. When pressed, LuAnn just says that it seems like yesterday.

Kirsten and H

Heather tells LuAnn that you can’t control these things. LuAnn says that Adam is young… That he’s “Sonja young.” Carole flips a fig about her comparison to Sonja. LuAnn states that Sonja is dating a 24 year-old and Adam is 28. Carole, in her talking head (TH) says that LuAnn lecturing her on dating younger men is like the Saudi government lecturing the world on feminism. She thinks LuAnn is a hypocrite of epic proportions.

Carole defends herself by saying they didn’t jump into bed the very first minute. Right now, he’s in Nicaragua with LuAnn’s niece. Heather says that this is the first time she’s seen Carole excited about the person she’s dating. Carole doesn’t know what’s going to happen next with them. LuAnn finally says that she’s happy if Carole is happy. Carole says that she wishes he was 20 years younger. The others pick up on her Freudian slip – Don’t you mean 20 years older? Oopsie…


Bethenny goes to Miami Beach to be with some of her high school friends. She meets Teri, the maid of honor from her wedding. She tells her about her upcoming meeting with her step-father who she hasn’t seen for years. Bethenny is being guarded and cautious about it.

Bethenny said the physical abuse was always aimed at her Mother – Except for the last time she ever saw him. Evidently, he attacked her when she was around 19. She’s baffled at how someone could ever beat somebody in front of their kid. She says that innocence is something you can never get back. She tells Teri that she doesn’t walk around telling everyone her story… Except she kind of is now, no?

Bethenny is craving some normalcy for her life. She went through a whole lot of atrocious things as a kid – but what she’s going through now she describes as 10 times worse. She admits she looks like a skeleton. Teri agrees… but she’s a pretty skeleton.

Dorinda and Ramona are working out at “Strive.” Dorinda says she doesn’t work out. Ramona asks how she looks so fit – and Dorinda humbly attributes it to girdles and low lighting…lol. Ramona has made the big step in admitting that she’s actually “dating.” Ramona does not seem to like Dorinda’s boyfriend, “What’s His Name” (John) because he’s crass and she’s unsure that he genuinely cares about Dorinda. I totally agree… Haven’t they broken up yet? Dorinda wants to know how much more exercise she has to do and Ramona laughs and says that they just got there…lol…

LuAnn’s daughter, Victoria, has one of her art pieces showing at Art Basel which is a modern and contemporary art show that’s annually held in Miami (and other places across the world). As Bethenny and LuAnn walk into show, Bethenny just can’t get over how there’s a naked man right over there… They meet up with Victoria and make their way through the exhibits to find Victoria’s offering. Wow… It’s self-portrait of Victoria in all of her full frontal nakedness and glory. They pop some champagne to celebrate…

LuAnn and B

LuAnn has a heart-to-heart talk with Bethenny about how “the girls” don’t think she’s making enough of an effort with them and that they’re disappointed. Bethenny listens and takes it all in. She asks LuAnn what she would do if she was in her situation. LuAnn says that maybe once Bryn goes to bed that she could then feel free to leave. LuAnn always seemed to feel very free to leave her kids, no? Remember that in previous seasons her son begged her to stay home with them? It was heartbreaking, really… Bethenny is spending every moment she possibly can with her daughter. It’s really a very easy decision for her.

Bethenny and clown

As they’re leaving, they pass an area where you can pay $3 to feed a clown. Bethenny is surprised they have to pay but she coughs up the dough since the barker promises her a lifetime of memories if she does so. As she smooshes the food into the clown’s mouth – The clown loses his nose. As they continued walking out, they were perplexed at the whole scenario but were somehow placated because they seemed to make the clown happy.  Okay, let me get this straight – You can actually get people to pay money to feed you? Clearly, I’m in the wrong line of work.

In the 60 second fake out segment we get the privilege of seeing Sonja work out with her trainer… I’m not sure why… but okay… While she’s working out she’s also looking at shoes that have been just delivered by her “stylist intern.” No seriously, that’s what Sonja called her…lol. Sonja tells us, “There’s not enough hours in the day to do everything – So I do it all at once.” I think this must be her mantra. She does EVERYTHING all at once… All the time…

Carole TH

Carole is feeling pressured to write her book. Perhaps she can call Aviva for some help on that. It took her 3 years to write her first book and 4 years to write her novel. She’s not the kind of author that can churn out a book in 6 months.

It’s hilarious cuz Carole is working in her “used to be a kitchen but is now a converted office.” I find it amusing and quite smart that she’s dating a chef since she doesn’t cook at all herself. I questioned one of my nieces one time about learning how to cook – And she said that she’s concluded that she didn’t need to learn how to cook because she was just going to marry a guy like her uncle Stars99. I just had to laff! And I couldn’t argue with her logic. Carole is working in her kitchen/office… She gets a phone call from Adam who is in Nicaragua. She bellyaches that technology doesn’t allow you to get to the point where you can actually miss anyone anymore. I’m thinking she’s feeling a little smothered… but I could be wrong…

The final scene is of Bethenny meeting with her step-father, John Parisella. They haven’t talked in over 25 years. He was a horse trainer just like her biological father. Evidently, her Mom was cheating on her Dad with him. They talk about her childhood and that she was going to nightclubs when she was 14… From a very young age, Bethenny was surrounded by incidents of abuse, alcohol, drugs, gambling, and her Mom’s suicide attempts.

But Bethenny knows that it made her who she is today and that’s that she’s successful as a result of it – I think it’s more like in spite of it, but okay…


Bethenny tells him that she can’t imagine any of this stuff happening to her daughter. John bluntly tells Bethenny that she has to understand that her Mother never actually wanted a child. Whoa… Bethenny may have felt that was true all along – But it’s pretty brutal to have someone straight out tell her she was unwanted.

John says that he’s sorry for what Bethenny experienced. Bethenny tells him there was a lot of good, too – But that there are some things that she vividly remembers. Like the time when she got into the car and he told them they had to move because the mafia was after them. She remembers at the age of 5 that she knew there was a gun in the glove compartment of their car.

John tries to explain that it was because he owed the mafia $300,000 in gambling debt. He said he was sorry about so much that happened and Bethenny appreciated it because this was the first time he had apologized to her. As an adult woman and as a mother, Bethenny is wrestling with how to deal with all of her childhood as an adult looking back at it. She promises John that she’s not angry or anything.

However, John said that HE is mad. Bethenny went to boarding school at 14 and her Mom was in a “nuthouse.” He’s mad that he hasn’t heard from her for 20 years. John said that he visited Bethenny 3-4 times a year at Pinecrest… Whoa – You mean every 3 or 4 months? Wow – Pin a rose on your nose. Bethenny tries to tell him that she was the child in the situation. She tells him that he SHOULD have visited her because she was the child – He was the parent. She tells him that she appreciates that he did visit her and that’s why she’s even talking to him at this point of time.

He doesn’t understand why he hasn’t heard from Bethenny since she was 18 years old. Bethenny tells him it was because of “the incident.” She reminds him of the time when she came home with her Mother’s car and he went a little crazy on her. He seems incredulous that it lasted 20 years. Bethenny reminds him that she reached out to him 2 years ago. He didn’t reach out to her – even though she’s the child. John thought that Bethenny had become so successful that she no longer had any time for him.

Bethenny sticks up for herself and tells him that she had no money until about 6 years ago. She reminds him that she first attempted to reconnect with him DURING her success.  Bethenny tells him that she always refers to him as the only Father she’s ever known. She tells him that she believes he did the best he could and that her Mom did the best she could.

Bethenny said it was sad to hear some of these things John had to say – But it is what it is. He said he’d like to see her when she comes down again to visit her friends. He’d also like to meet Bryn.

Bethenny is glad they sat down and talked. They hug it out… Then go get a drink. I’m sure it was a Skinny Girl drink.


The following chart depicts this season’s viewership by episode (Thanks to Randy at

Season 7 Viewership

As you can see, viewership as slightly increased over the last 2 episodes but it still hasn’t returned to what it was for the first 3 episodes.

Next Week…

Heather is criticizing Sonja’s “original” dress – but Kristen seems to think it’s a big deal… Ramona and Dorinda talk about Mario… Bethenny cries while talking to Carole who isn’t a big hugger… which is fine… Countess LuAnn asks Dorinda in front of Ramona about a comment she said that Ramona hadn’t been nice to her… Dorinda explains to Ramona that she said she wasn’t very nice to John… But Dorinda thought that she said that LuAnn had said it – And LuAnn said it was a total lie… and Ramona tells LuAnn that she DOES, in fact, lie – Therefore, LuAnn wants to stick Ramona’s face into the caviar. Fun times!

Well, that’s it for this week – Thanks for reading… Hope to see you next week… Happy Trails!


Dorinda on WWHL by Veena

Dorinda had an awkward debut on WWHL last night.  She started off by giving Andy a rose (her fellow guest was Bachelor host Chris).  But when Andy was waving the rose around she told him to be careful and accused him of not caring about the rose (needy much) to which he replied – he did indeed care about the rose.  She did a lot of jumping in – over talking – but all in strangely awkward places.  Perhaps the most disturbing thing was when Andy mentioned he got a call to potentially do The Bachelor – and had to explain that he was “so gay.”  Dorinda jumped in to assure Andy that he wasn’t that gay (what the fleck?) because he loved her (huh?). Hey Dorinda, Andy wasn’t saying he was “so gay” as a self-derogatory remark to get attention (as in I’m “so lazy”.)  He was saying it because he in face is gay – ie he would not do well on a show where the premise is finding a woman of his dreams.  Super awkward.  Asked if she thought John was getting a bad edit, she just sat there looking sulky saying no one really knew him.   Correct.  However, he is coming across as a disgusting pig.  Then finally, asked about Ramona’s words about John from the show that night she tossed back, “where’s Mario living.”  Ouch.  Just not a good night for Dorinda.


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287 Responses to Real Housewives of New York City “Family Matters” plus Dorinda Medley on WWHL – AWKWARD

  1. Morning all!

    That clown and his pointy little teeth is the stuff of nightmares. Very odd that Bravo thought it was important to show.

    • HuskerHuny says:

      That was one odd (I really mean gross) art show. I guess I’m just not that cool and that’s O.K.! But I do have a piece of artwork in my office that I’m looking at right now. It’s entitled ‘Kramer’. Yes, I am an art lover after all.

      • chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:

        OMG ! The Kramer painting!!! I own that ! LOLOLOLOLOLOL!

        • not THAT Jill says:

          In Kevin’s Firehouse there is “Kramer”…one day Kramer (I can’t remember his real name??) walked by the Firehouse and they asked him to come in to see the “art work”…he offered to sign it for them. The brilliant guys on duty that day (NOT Kevin) neglected to take the picture out of the frame and Kramer signed the GLASS…needless to say the signature didn’t last long…bunch of dopes!!

        • Powell says:

          I love Seinfeld. That was a funny epi. That rich man and his wife paying for the “Kramer”. Too funny

      • FattyCat says:

        lol, we have a framed poster of George over our mantle out east! That diva pose in his whitey tighties. I love it and it’s a photo moment for all who visit! But I wouldn’t go anywhere near a clown, they just creep me out.

    • Foxymel(Mel) says:

      That clown was disturbing. I could’ve done without it.

  2. Powell says:

    Morning peeps!! How was the epi? I wasn’t feeling well and didn’t want to listen to screaming so I took a nap then watched DWTS on and off. The finale was great!! I don’t know how they picked a winner. All 3 were superb.

  3. Veena (NMD) says:

    When Bethenny started talking about her abusive childhood I kept thinking to myself – your poor stepfather – he’s signed up to be humiliated on national TV. But during their meeting I realized he was fine with his past being aired out – and strangely enough I actually enjoyed an episode of HWs for the first time in a long time. I’d much rather see Bethenny in scenes like this than the fight scene with the girls.

  4. chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:

    I didn’t think Dor came off badly at all on WWH in fact I thought the opposite but hey – whatevs. Loved the Bulgari-esque dress embellishment. I only thought Cavalli did super tacky things but that dress was elegant.

    I need to get more info on these friggin face masks. Brandi seemed to have tweeted Dorinda about hers since B was the first one to show it off online.
    I saw it at an Ulta store – they’re cheap !

    I’m confounded at barf’s storyline. She told us at her event on cinco de mayo (as she did on one of her very very first WWH episodes ever) – that she grew up here — she told the audience to us the actual public school name she went to here when with the wolves —-
    I know she had her sweet 16 on the water in a town on the south shore that’s known for restaurants and such. I don’t “get” the timeline of living with Wolves/ Nellie in the forest/ gangstas in the car with the 🔫and 300$k owed /// then go down to live in Florida.
    And I forgot where she did college.
    Whatevs. I was impressed with John. Everyone has issues. Everyone. I’m younger than Barf and am embarrassed to not move over certain things – I’m sorry – at some point, you reconcile and move on with your past. (Unless it’s book idea ###7 from your editor)
    I was quite impressed with the way this John/wolf came across. Some valid points.

    And sorry – she says she has these friends she’s known forever but then why are there actual people who are known to have been close to Beth for years at a time and then suddenly “dropped” by her ? I guess the Florida friends are special in that way. 😟

    Thanks for the recaps !!!!!

    • not THAT Jill says:

      At what point would one be ready to move on from seeing their mother try to kill herself? I get it-you really really do not like Bethenny but I don’t understand how you could be so compassionate about Sonja not moving on from her divorce but expect Bethenny to “get over” that shit childhood…unless it’s the fact that you don’t believe her story? If that’s the case then I can understand I think…. but John didn’t dispute anything she said?
      Who has she dropped? The only person I know she dropped was Marianne Garvey…good RIDDENCE to that ass and her dumb friend Rob!!

      • not THAT Jill says:

        And for the record I totally get you not liking Bethenny and I’m not trying to change your mind about her-I can’t stand Brandi and everything she does war rents a snarky comment from me-I GET IT!!

    • I dunno how I feel about this John character.

      He was angry that 18 year old Bethenny didn’t stay in touch with her after HE got physical with her?

      In my OMIB world, he would be very glad I never reached out to him because both him and his illegal hidden firearm would be in jail.

      Drug use. Illegal gambling. Owing the Mob 300K. Exposing her to her mother’s extramarital affairs. Beating her mother. Physically attacking Bethenny herself.

      You can’t pick your family, but you can pick who you expose your child to. Why would Bethenny want this guy in Bryn’s life?


      • That last part…the question I have….

        Personally, I think a psychological analysis of that entire conversation would be fascinating. There were some real stunning elements, including the subtext, as well.

    • chiszy – Love ya, but I think you are holding Square Jaw to a different standard because of your intense dislike of her. I get it, hey I can’t stand Booble or Rambles and it certainly colors my view of them. I think seeing your mother’s attempted suicide in front of you and physicality towards your mother and yourself scars you and frankly I am surprised Square Jaw functions as well as she does. She owns that she is flawed and that her past affects her – I think that is shockingly self-aware and I respect that she really doesn’t try to play the victim card.
      John was a gambler, drinker and abuser so while it is nice that he seems to have reformed I would proceed with caution if I was Square Jaw.

      • HuskerHuny says:

        At some point in everyone’s lives, you either have to accept your past and move on or you let it define you and keep reliving it. I had some pretty awful things happen to me as a child, but it doesn’t define the person I am today and I’ve put it behind me. Once in a while, I have flashbacks (that scare me to death), but I take a few deep breaths, think about the many, many, many blessings in my life and I put it out of my head. I didn’t need counseling of any sort and I don’t keep blathering on about it from friend to friend. In fact, the only person who knows what I went through is my husband. It’s my past and I’m not going to let it define the person I am today. So wish Bethenny could do the same.

        • But then there’d be no storyline 😉

        • not THAT Jill says:

          I think our past does define who we are-we can let it define us as a victim or a survivor.
          I chose survivor and never victim. I’m sure many of us have some hair raising stories about back in the day-my family talks about the past often-not in a “boo hoo woe is me” way but in a “holy shit can you believe we survived and thrived after that mess??” kind of way!

        • Foxymel(Mel) says:

          ((HuskerHuny))) Barbara Walters said something interesting on The View I think a couples years ago. You know how everyone thinks it’s always good to go to a therapist to vent especially when something very traumatic has happened? Well she said she met a professor/Psychiatrist that met with Holocaust survivors (an example of extreme trauma) and thought it was best to not say more on the experiences they had so that they wouldn’t keep reliving those nightmares. I think our brains try and sometimes block terrible experiences as an effective coping mechanism. So, for many it works for them to vent over and over but for some, it’s best to not rehash horrors one has experienced. Did I make any sense?

          • HuskerHuny says:

            Yes, that does make sense Foxy. But I guess I’m just really tired of hearing about it. She has so much going for her. She’s a self-made success story and has a beautiful daughter. Make your peace Bethenny I find it a bit ironic that she tells Sonja that she needs help (which she does, big time), but Bethenny still has so much work to do herself. Uggg . . . life is too short.

      • Um…how is Bethenny not playing the victim card? She never stops talking about what a victim she is. Ever.

  5. Orson says:

    I can’t believe that Bethany would accept parenting advice from Luann. Luann paid people to raise her children for her. Besides, I don’t think they have boarding pre-schools in the US.

  6. BTW? How hurt and pissed off would I be after a friend of over 20 years invites me to her birthday party and I get all dressed up, get my hair did, maybe got a little Botox tuneup because I was told it would be filmed, and they show my picture when Bethenny says it’s like the Star Wars bar?

    Kinda bitchy.

    • not THAT Jill says:

      It was bitchy but Bethennys description was spot on

    • Yep, it was bitchy and I totally laughed out loud when she said it. Sounds like from Pretty’s blog that a lot of the women made very nice speeches about Crazy Eyes – obviously none of that was shown.

      • HuskerHuny says:

        That’s Bethenny’s way of playing defense – say it about someone else before they say it about you. She’s snarky and admits it. She’s living with everyone’s opinions of her weight (or lack thereof). She dishes it and she gets it. Karma.

  7. plainviewsue says:

    Will be back later to read recap, which I know will be wonderful!! But I had to say I agree with your take on Dorinda’s first appearance on WWHL.

    Maybe she was buzzed, but she seemed, as a newbie, to be just a little too comfortable. I didn’t like her give and take with Andy, who seemed uncomfortable. I get she was annoyed about what Ramona said about John, but to answer with a Mario crack, was so below the belt. They are supposed to be good friends.

    I think I’m having a like/hate feeling towards Dorinda now. She does have great talking heads, and she was made for reality television. We shall see.

    • JumpTheShark says:

      I don’t want to judge BUT: if Dorinda is so competitive, why is she dating Fred Flintstone?

      • I thnk she meant that she didn’t want to compete with other women FOR Fred Flintstone because he’s so Fred Flintstoney and women can’t keep their hands offa him.

        Looking at you Betty Rubble, looking at you.

      • designernailsdiana says:

        He may have skills we don’t want to hear about so maybe speculating is not a good idea.

        • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

          Puts my hands to my ears and chants, “I don’t wanna know about any alleged special skills….lalalalalalalalalalaaa”

  8. Foxymel(Mel) says:

    Great blog, Startzy! So sorry your team lost, btw especially so late at night. ;(

    I think Kristen was in like one scene maybe? She should be feeling nervous for next season. What she said in her TH was really bitchy and I just don’t like this chick.
    Overall, it was a good episode and I can’t wait for the next one!

    What’s going on in NJ that you don’t pump your own gas? Do you wait long in the car for an attendant? Do you pay cash or credit and do you tip them each time? Here in FL, you have to pump your own gas and the help buttons don’t even work! Wah

    • Exit4 says:

      You just drive up-they have multiple attendants and you either give the cash or credit. You don’t tip them, because their job is to pump your gas. At the station I go to-most of the guys do the bay work too (oil changes, tire rotations etc).

      • Foxymel(Mel) says:

        That sounds very nice. I like how some of the gas stations also have oil change and tire work too.

    • Orson says:

      It doesn’t have to make sense; it’s a state law. I’ll tell you this, though: they allow truck drivers to pump their own diesel in NJ and TX.

    • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

      Thanks Foxy… I wish we had gas station attendants here, too… I’m jelly…

    • Limespider says:

      As someone who lives in New York state but close enough to New Jersey to gas up there, I save about 50 cents per gallon when buying gas in New Jersey. This is because the taxes that New York tacks on are incredibly high. Even when I travel to Maryland and gas up, the cost is usually about 10 cents more than New Jersey. The idea behind allowing self serve gas was that it would save consumers money, but that hasn’t always been the case as some states have boosted their gasoline taxes enough to wipe out any savings.

      New Jersey and Oregon are the only two states that have laws prohibiting pumping your own gas. New Jersey’s law has been on the books since 1949. A few years ago, then-governor of New Jersey Jon Corzine tried to get the law changed but it backfired on him. People like not having to pump their own gas!

      The gas stations along the major highways tend to be really quick at getting you in and out, but don’t count them checking your oil or washing your windshield. They’re usually just too busy. Go to gas station off the highway which tend to be less busy if you need an oil check or a windshield wash.

      I personally hope New Jersey never allows self serve gas!!

  9. Powell says:

    So it took Ramona not appreciating Heather’ s “momma” and “holla” for her to realize Heather is a “white girl from the Berkshires and not a Rapper”?

    • Light dawns slowly over Marblehead…

    • Butters'Mom says:

      I hate the momma term. There is a woman here at work who always says “Hey momma” I finally told her to stop calling me “momma” I am not now nor have I ever been anyone’s “momma”. When I see an extremely elderly lady and I address her I may call her Mother as in “Hello, Mother may I help you with your luggage” or whatever. But never “momma” or “granny” it is disrespectful to me.

  10. Powell says:

    When I previously lived in my townhouse my next door neighbor was an assistant pastor. When he and his family moved there he told my mom he would bless our house. My mom said no thank you. When new people moved into our community he would tell them he would bless their homes. I believe all those that he asked accepted his offer. Every last one of them either divorced or relationship broke up. I bring this up to say I think Sonja’s Swamy Priestess put a spell on her house instead of blessing it. As far as I can tell Sonja’s had nothing but bad luck including an overrun toilet, falling down home and tooth constantly falling out. Maybe Sonja needs to call Asa the Persian Priestess to bless her home. Just sayin. 😏

    • designernailsdiana says:

      Great story Powelly and I agree with you. Swami Priestess? Good grief that was so bizarre. Shannon Beador from OC should do a fung shui (sp?) for good energy and prosperity like she did for Vicki.

    • Remember when Sonja’s dog died and she had the funeral? Didn’t she have a spiritualist there saying a blessing or something? Was it this Swami Priestess?

      Interesting story…

  11. Powell says:

    So I guess Heather, Lu, Ramona, Josh, Harry and B are ALL projecting their personal experiences onto Sonja? So ALL of these people that have told Sonja for 5 seasons now to focus, define her product, to get out of her own way are on that angel dust B was talking about. They’re nuts but Sonja is just fine? So I guess we the viewers are nuts too? Hm. Oy Vey!! I yi yi Lucy!! 😱

    • Foxymel(Mel) says:

      I’d like to ask Sonja one simple question. If you were fired from HWs, where would your paycheck come from? She wrote another strange blog how she’s a business women. 😒

      • T-Rex says:

        Here is the idiocy of her babble, she is STILL in bankruptcy, which means she has to disclose every single penny she makes and spends to the courts, it’s updated on a fairly regular basis, she is making NO money from that dumbass SonjaDoestheCity(or whatever fakakta name she calls it). The first time seeing anything about this phantom-fakeazz ShebySheree knockoff clothing line was on the show, which was filmed months ago, no income there. The only income is from Alimony, Child support and the Ho-wives show. It’s like the French teardown Chauteu being SOLD by her, uhm, it was auctioned at the request of the courts because you couldn’t be bothered to list it after the courts told you to do so, the judge was PISSED at having to auction the home after she was told for almost a year to sell it, then she didn’t even PAY the agency that auctioned it, they had to file a petition with the bankruptcy courts to be paid. From what I can tell she isn’t really participating in her bankruptcy what so ever. UHM your DUMBASS filed the bankruptcy, no one MADE you file, because there is no way a bankruptcy should ever take four years, not with the few assets and holdings she actually has. She has also been chastised for lying or as they put it misrepresenting her income and expenses.

      • designernailsdiana says:

        If she has businesses she would showcase them on her website. Only her clothing line non clothing line which is not even ready to ship is listed. I’m going to contact GE see if we can’t get a Lynn-Fam Toaster Oven to sell! We could all have our “Names” on it. We’ll have to get BlockedByJillZarin to sign on since ShrillZarin got us our publicity years ago.

      • plainviewsue says:

        The best part of Sonja’s out in fairyland blog was when she questioned Bethenny always living in the past and not looking towards the future. Huh??????????????????????????

        • Foxymel(Mel) says:

          Don’t even try to analyze it. She’ll drive you mad!!;)

        • Powell says:

          I think she must’ve been on one of her psychotropic drugs. Um Bs been going through her divorce for 2 yrs. And how many yrs was Sonja taking her ex to court? And isn’t it every epi she’s either talking about her yacht, vaca in St Tropez, or dancing w/Madonna and John John? 🙄

      • Powell says:

        Foxymel that’s a very good question. 👌

  12. Powell says:

    LOL “The Men of The Real Housewives That Give Stars The Heebie Geebies.” 😆😆

    • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

      lol Powelly-Pooh… The list would be very long, no? I grow tired…

  13. lila1star says:

    Stopping in to say Hello. Great blog–it is almost like actually watching 🙂 Only better.
    My take on Beth–her past is what drove her and she found success and she is very self aware and that’s good but she has yet to find or make peace with it. Until she does–it will remain upfront her mind imo.
    Plus–OT–I am freezing! Dang

    • Powell says:

      Yeah lila. She hasn’t made piece w/the past. I think she wouldn’t have chosen Jason if she had. But she did get Bryn so it wasn’t all bad.

    • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

      Thanks, lila1star – I totally agree about Bethenny… She’s just trying to process through it so she can move forward… I totally relate to her about the no family aspect… I at least have a brother – but he’s far away. She has no one. It’s really hard to understand what that feels like to people who have grown up with one or two strong cheerleaders in their lives.

  14. TexasTart says:

  15. designernailsdiana says:

    I watched the show twice to make sure I heard it all right. I believe the editors pick the people and scenes to show based on what is said either in the TH or gossip between ho-wives. Hence the Star Wars shots!
    B is so quick witted she says stuff that make you chuckle or jaw drop.
    Seeing Luann’s daughter naked was funny since everyone else naked was blurred, maybe it’s ok if it’s a Memorex not live.
    Ramona looks like she did get implants not huge ones just a lift and slightly bigger. I checked her Instagram and bikini pics w/Mario shows a flatter version. I don’t blame her for that cause I’d do it too.
    Heather needs to tone down the “I’m so hip and cool” speaking because it does sound strange. I call my daughter Lizzi Little Momma because she calls me Mommy still, it’s so sweet to hear it still. I don’t call other women Mama. Ma’am maybe, but not Mama.
    Carole is goofy and likes to bring levity to the show, sometimes it is forced.
    Dorinda is fun and I like her no nonsense attitude. John makes her happy and as long as she’s ok then it is what it is. Her daughter is funny and I love their conversations.
    Kristen is Pretty! She doesn’t yell or get sloppy drunk and lie all the time. I say keep her because we have seen worse (Aviva, Cindywho, KooKooKelly).
    Sonja just needs a 30 y.o. man or a rich 70 y.o. Keep her busy so she can’t get distracted trying to look like she’s got any businesses.
    That article about the failed film was so enlightening.
    Happy Hump Day!!!
    Blessings, Di

  16. not THAT Jill says:

    Great blog Starzy!!! I so agree about Carole feeling smothered by the kid-she didn’t seem all that into the convo she was having with him…perhaps she doesn’t like him as much as she likes his age and pissing off The Countess???

    • Foxymel(Mel) says:

      I think you nailed, Jill! I think it’s a little to piss off Luann too. Heather seems like she’s gunning for Luann in her blog. Carole ‘s going to unleash her pitbull/holla/mama on Luann at the reunion.

      • not THAT Jill says:

        Heather is annoying me so much this season and I know some of it has to do with her conversation with Bethenny about Kristen but that’s not all of it-she just seems extra annoying! She so mad…why is she so mad???

        • Foxymel(Mel) says:

          She was pissing me off in the beginning and then simmered down a bit but from her TH and blog, it’s like she has to fight everyone’s fight. And wasn’t Luann a friend of hers too? She seems like she sucks up to Carole for some reason.

          • not THAT Jill says:

            In the first episode she was in love with Luann…but her true love is Carole!!

        • mrs peabody says:

          She’s mad she’s not top dog since Bethenny came back. Bethenny is more successful than she is and snarkier. Holla doesn’t share the limelight well.

    • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

      Thanks Jill – The Best Jill in All the Land – I just couldn’t help but feel that Carole was just not that into him at that point. She ended the call by saying she needed to get back to work? lol… That was hilarious to me… I think long distance relationships work for her so she can be autonomous… and see them infrequently… but… this may work out. Who knows?

      • kit9 says:

        I think it’s just awkward to talk to someone on a phone publicly. I think in her TH, Carole seems pretty damn giddy over Adam.

        • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

          You make a great point, Kit9… It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

  17. FattyCat says:

    Hi all, new here. Love the blogs blogged and always love the recaps! My personal take: Sonja – nuts, Carole – not so much loving her this season, Luann – reminds me too much of Heather from OC, full of herself, Ramona – well, Ramona, what else can one say?, Heather – mama/holla, gotta go, just stupid, Kristin – she’s so hanging on Heather it’s kind of sad, Dorinda – like her so far, we’ll see (do not enjoy John and her daughter really has to lay off on the eyebrow pencil), Beth – wasn’t ever crazy about her, but will give it time.

    Thanks for letting me join, enjoy reading all the comments!

  18. BTW-All of the girls I Know in the beauty industry from NYC- call me and each other mama. But it’s like ” muhmuh”

    I thnk it’s a regional thing? Doesn’t particularly bother me tho. Better than bitch. I get called that a lot too.😜

    Hollah back gurlll

    • not THAT Jill says:

      I don’t think I ever called anyone Mama….I have called a few people bitches and sometimes Girl but never Mama!!

    • chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:

      I have never ever ever heard mama being used in NYC.
      Maybe back when Holla was working for Diddy when he was Puffy it was all cool…..?
      Or when Beyonce had darker skin and her clothing line ….. 😬😛

  19. No one has mentioned Carole’s dirty hipster hat…

    • 2Stupid says:

      Dorinda does in her blog and how out of place it was. She specifically said she was on the UES not downtown!

    • not THAT Jill says:

      I wanted to smack the stupid hat off her head!! Seriously-she thinks she’s an emo teenager!!!

    • Foxymel(Mel) says:

      I’m not feeling her style. You saw what she wore to the Upfronts, so I’m not surprised she wore a dirty (I’m trying to give her some credit) black beanie hat.

    • ramonacoaster says:

      If she switches to a pig pie hat, I’ll start laughing. Trying too hard to be truly tragic hipster chic.

  20. not THAT Jill says:

    • Awesome article but don’t break the blog again!

      Wicked withdrawal symptoms…

      • not THAT Jill says:

        Tartsy said it wasn’t my fault!! I was just trying to keeps peeps informed!!

        • not THAT Jill says:

          Seriously-look at Kim…how can that fool say she didn’t get a nose job???

          • Foxymel(Mel) says:

            Forget the nose job! I think she had a mommy makeover when she went to Miami. I think they gave her a tummy tuck, lipo all around her body and injected the fat into her butt. Also had the boob lift and of course had the nose job with Brielle in tow.

          • T-Rex says:

            She has also had Cheek implants and heavy duty fillers, what is up with the fillers, they look terrible, no one with fillers looks good, NO ONE JUST STOPP!

          • Powell says:

            I think she’ll say, “Yes I had my nose done 10 yrs ago but not recently.” HA!!

    • Foxymel(Mel) says:

      Omg. Brandi needs to go to the Botch show-hideous.
      Lisa’s lips looked very nice before her lip implant. Lol at Luann’s “natural” look and a little yoga. Kyle, Vicki and Kim look amazing!!!!

    • Powell says:

      Lisa was always cute. I can see her having her nose done but she should have laid off the lips. Other than that she looks the same.
      Kyle looks very different but I don’t think it’s a fair comparison because the early pic was when she was not even 20. She still has that baby fat, teen face. The nose job is good.
      Tre has new boobs, otherwise looks the same.
      Lu looks basically the same. She may have had her teeth done.
      Vicki went from good to bad IMO.
      Kim was cute. All she needed was her nose done. Now she looks plastic.
      Booble Bobble Head looks totally different. She’s morphing into having that “cat” face.

    • chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:

      Thanks for this !
      –whoa LIPS really had a rhino, never realized.
      –Countless has the best maintenance work, like Sonja.
      –IF Kyle has the eye lift- it was one of the best I’ve ever seen. -IF-
      –how does Vicki not have bad skin in her younger pics? She seemed to have like poc marks or whatever you call them, before she had that major work done last year ?????

      — AGAIN WHY DOES NO ONE SPEAK ABOUT BRANDIS NOSE👃🏼???? Does no one see this !?!?!?!

  21. not THAT Jill says:

    • Ummm… “Mama” is bad but “shawty” is ok?


      • Powell says:

        Shawty is from back in the day. Mama is either a child talking to or calling their mama or slang for a guy calling a cute girl/woman mama. Not a white girl from the Berkshires as Ramona calls her, calling female friends mama.

    • Shiny says:

      I want that haircut, but might not look as hip in gray…..

      • Powell says:

        THAT looks good. Love the colors too.

      • Barb (Just wondering in Jersey) says:

        I want to take a brush to it.

        • chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:

          That’s the “rage” right now, messy beachy-chic.
          Her hair is very thin without clip ins so she needed this.

          • Barb (Just wondering in Jersey) says:

            I wish this “rage” would end soon. I’m so sick of seeing long stringy hair on women who have no business wearing hair that long. Yes, I’m old. 😀

  22. So, Sonja is seeing a psychopharmacologist (sp?). Does this mean she is on psychotropic drugs? In my world these people are physicians who have done extra study in the field of psychotropic medicines and their effects and interactions. They do NOT hand out herbal tea, vitamins or abundance candles, they hand out drugs.

  23. Shiny says:

    I think Luanne is so mad about Carole dating her niece’s ex-boy because Luanne was supposed to be keeping an eye on him by having him as a chef. Lu had him employed and niece could be nearby, and things were supposed to get repaired — instead, Lu invites her friends over and the chef ends up with one of them. Lu didn’t fulfill her promise to her niece?

    • justanothermary says:

      I think Lulu wanted the chef for herself.

      • chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:

        No those nieces truly are like daughters to her, I believe that.

        • justanothermary says:

          Maybe, but the way she treated her own daughter, I wouldn’t put it past her to go for Adam.

        • Orson says:

          I recall Luann having her niece on one episode early on. They were shopping and laughing and having a mutually enjoyable time. Later that season, Luann went out with her daughter and her classmates. She took them to a restaurant and lectured them on proper table manners.

        • kit9 says:

          I remember her going out to clubs with that niece in earlier seasons so I don’t think she sees her as a daughter, more like a friend.

  24. Powell says:

    Just saw on the news that women prefer the Apple watch over men. Who’da thunk it? 😯

    • JumpTheShark says:

      Does it vibrate?

    • chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:

      It’s so fug.
      Many women had it at the Barf event on cinco de mayo

      They made certain to show it off. 😒😴

      • LaDebra and I don’t have to show them off – I am secure enough to know I am no cool but I have enough money to buy a nice toy.

        • chismosa says:

          Well as you like to say- “love you BUT 😉 ” –> in this area here it’s all about showing what you have. If you decide to watch that wretched show Secrets and Wives/Lies you’ll see.
          These women are the ones who got up and had the gall to deem themselves queens to adjust the air conditioner in the room of the event without asking anyone else and when asked about it just said “I was freezing”. This is my “people” lord help us.

          So not you and Ladybra! I’m sure you’re perfectly secure ! #trust

          • Chiszy – what does fug mean? I think the iwatch is a nice to have not a must have. I was prepared not to like it, but find it is pleasantly elegant. For me at least few people notice I have it, it looks like a watch so unless you wave it around or pay for something with it hard to spot. I did get a comment on it from the cashier in Starbucks when it scanned for my coffee.

  25. Powell says:

    My mom told me her hairstylist went to SUR while she was in LA for her niece’s graduation from college. She said it’s beautiful inside. The food was meh. Lisa’s partner was so nice. She told him she’d seen him on tv. He talked w/her and her niece and daughter for a long time. She wanted to take a pic of the bar but didn’t want to be too touristy. 😃

    • Foxymel(Mel) says:

      That’s cool, Powelly! I’m glad she had a nice experience.

    • chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:

      I want to visit two of Lisa’s restaurants if I ever get my a&& to LA again.

  26. Powell says:

    Anyone watching 500 Questions tonight?

  27. SerenaNYC says:


  28. TexasTart says:

    👣 👙🌊🌊🌊🏃🏃🏃💰💰💰💰💰Looking forward to the season finale! Going to watch Survivor live, but please no spoilers here tonight.

    • Foxymel(Mel) says:

      Hi Tartsy! Have they voted someone back in yet or is that tonight?

    • T-Rex says:

      Tartsy what did you think of it? I loved the winner, and looks like the new season is going to be really good, I think that the voters(cough cough, I never believe voting scores, network picks who they want). did well in their selection for the new season. Really really really MISS MelTheHounds Survivor recaps, and miss him terribly just posting here.

  29. My daughter has a theory about “the beanie hat” ~that guys can’t resist it~…..when she wears one she says guys can’t help themselves, lol….but that could be because she is Princess Beanie Boo, but still, anytime she wears one she has stories….

  30. Starzy forgot to say thank you for blog!

    • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

      Awww… You’re so kind, SJP and very welcome! 🙂

  31. justanothermary says:

    I LOVE your blogs Starzy – thanks for what you do.

    • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

      It’s so great to see you, the Extraordinary Mary… I appreciate your kind words! 🙂

  32. chismosa says:

    Thanks for the blogs Starzy. No baked yummy treats for this one ?
    You deserve some ! 🌯

    • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

      Hey there Chis the Wiz – You’re so welcome… Unfortunately, no yummy treats this week… But I did drink a mocha frappuccino – So all is well!

    • Powell says:

      Yeah when NMD read Andy’s book I believe she said Andy didn’t want B on NY but it’s interesting to learn LR auditioned for the 1st season of BH but Andy poo pooed that idea. LR said she’s a hustler. I think her on this season was the right time for her.

  33. ladebra says:

    Awesome job Starzy! I watch the First Look, and I read your blog, and I don’t need the show. Win Win 😜

    Sorry about the Ducks 😦 I wanted them to win.

    • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

      Thanks so much, ladebra, my neighbor! The show is actually pretty fun to watch this season – I don’t get nauseated like I do when I watch some of the other franchises for some reason. Yeah… I wanted the Ducks to win, too… Quack! lol 🙂

  34. TexasTart says:

    Thank you Stars! 👍

  35. Orson says:

    There’s been some upsetting of the status quo here at Chez Buggy recently. Background: There’s a black Evil Outside Neighborhood Cat that we’ve taken to calling “Snowball”. He likes to explore and get scritches from anyone who calls him over. So, of course, KatieCat hates him with the fire of a thousand suns. She glares at him through the glass door to the deck. If the glass door is open and the screen door is closed, she’ll launch an attack on him especially if she sees us petting him. As long as they’re separated by a closed screen door, that is.

    Anyway, there’s a new Evil Outside Cat in the mix now. It’s grey and white with a pink collar. I’ve decided her name is “That Tramp”, in deference to KatieCat, because she’s (That Tramp) out there using her charms to ensnare Snowball affections away from KatieCat, who’s now enraged that Snowball would even consider being unfaithful to her (KatieCat). I’ve tried explaining to KatieCat that she shouldn’t worry about Snowball; he’s probably just snuggling up with That Tramp and they’re just busy spending their time together bathing each other.

    Today it’s been sort of cloudy and there’s no sun puddles for Katie to recharge her solar batteries in. I tried to comfort her by telling her that there’s no sun puddle for her today because most likely Snowball and That Tramp are using all of her sun puddles and don’t feel like sharing with her. Do you think buying her a cone to wear would cheer her up?

    • TexasTart says:

      I don’t know ***giggling*** but we have an evil black cat trespassing that my dog Rocky wants to terminate visitation rights…and Rocky also needs a sun puddle in the worst way. ☁☁☁☁🐱☔☔☔☔

      • TexasTart says:

        I must say, this emoji conversion sucks, the cat face I picked was black and it displays as yellow here. :-/ I failed to mention that Rocky had to wear a cone a while back and it didn’t cheer him up either.
        LOL Orson you’re a hoot!

      • Barb (Just wondering in Jersey) says:

        Would a Sun lamp help?

    • T-Rex says:

      So funny my sister posted a FB thing going around called “not my cat” of random pictures of folks with cats in their home, their yard, garage, that are NOT their cat, LOL So your story just made that even funnier, thanks

    • ladebra says:

      I love this! I don’t have male kitties now. But my inside male kitty used to have a literal pissing match going on with an outside male cat…. On the front door. I never could get him to stop, but I invested in weewee pads and (on the outside) pepper spray. At least KatieCat is more civilized in her displays of displeasure!

      • Orson says:

        Lady Bra, you said “At least KatieCat is more civilized in her displays of displeasure!

        Um… KatieCat is a rescue. Before Roomie became her servant, she lived with a family with another cat. That arrangement ended right after she viciously attacked the other cat to the extent that other cat had to spend some time in a Vet hospital. So, when she has her hissy fits at Snowball through the screen door and gets her claws stuck in the screen, I don’t help her out of it. Mostly because I don’t keep a couple of units of my blood handy for an emergency transfusion and due to Roomie’s MS, he’s unable to start an IV or stitch up any wounds.

        You know, your avatar looks like That Tramp.

        • ladebra says:

          😜 KatieCat is my kind of kittie! She ain’t got time for that!

          • Orson says:

            Well, I’m willing to stuff her in a box and mail her to you, but when I asked KatieCat how she’d like going to LA, she just ignored me and pretended she was sleeping and keeping Roomie’s bed from floating to the ceiling.

    • Powell says:

      LOL. Too funny Orson. You’ve got a real live soap opera going on there. 😄

      • Orson says:

        Do you think there’d be any interest if I make updates on the Trials of Katie?

        • Powell says:

          I think it would. It’s totally funny. You need a title. Haha. 😄

        • Barb (Just wondering in Jersey) says:

          Orson I’m a kitty lover so I would like the updates. When I first saw ladebra’s avatar I had to ask her why she had my cat’s picture up. 🙂

  36. ladebra says:

    I cheated. Just watched first part of Survivor Reunion. I’m smiling 😜😜😜

    • TexasTart says:

      You mean you didn’t watch the 2 hours that lead up to it first?! Oh my gosh, Debra, you are such a rule breaker, LOL. I think they could have condensed the 2 hours into one and one thing you missed in the show was something many of us long time fans have questioned why not bring back. They FINALLY listened. 😀

      • ladebra says:

        Haha, I think I know what you’re talking about, and I will FF through the show to catch it. But I just couldn’t slog through that this morning.

  37. I just don’t understand this ratchet family.

    How can you have a second “dream” wedding when your terminally ill father cannot attend due to illness? But he was well enough to travel to Vegas last week? Sounds like a nightmare wedding to me…

    • Powell says:

      I understood the 1st wedding but this 2nd one is redic to me. Just a waste of money.

      • Orson says:

        Well, actually, I was the Best Man at 2 weddings for the same couple. We were all in the Coast Guard in NYC at the time. They wanted to get the Official Paperwork rolling (getting married quarters or a joint housing allowance in NYC at that time was a BEAR) and that couldn’t start until there was a marriage license with the stamp and stuff on it, so one Friday (I got Friday afternoons off), Peggy stopped by my office and asked me out to lunch with the proviso that I had to be the witness/best man at city hall first for her and Juan. It took about 2 1/2 months after that for her to get the church wedding and reception on base arranged and I was the BM for that.

        The weird thing was that although the Catholic chaplain wouldn’t officiate because they were living in sin, so the Protestant chaplain officiated, but they were married in the Catholic chapel, not the big Protestant one. Not to offend anyone, but sometimes I find Christianity really befuddling.

        • Rebecca wishes dragons would appear and roast every Housewife who says or does something stupid. says:

          Actually Catholic priests won’t marry you unless you have six months of pre-marital counseling.

    • Foxymel(Mel) says:

      I don’t get this either. I get she wanted to go all out for her wedding, but she had her dad present in the first one, so what’s the point of the second one? I guess when you have a lot of money then you can celebrate many times.

      • Powell says:

        She could have went all out for the 1st wedding. When you have the dough your wedding planner can make things happen.

  38. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. I’m glad it’s Friday eve. I hope your day goes well.

    OC ’07 season is on. Tamra’s 1st season. Remember the “Hottest Housewife in Orange County” according to Tamra? Whatevs right? Tamra is telling Ryan to expect to hear from Simon about the rules of the house and him getting a job to save his money to move out. That was the one thing I agreed w/Simon about. Ryan was a spoiled brat that needed to get his sh*t together. He didn’t want his l kids turning out like Ryan. I surely didn’t blame him.

    This looks back at OC has been interesting.

    • Foxymel(Mel) says:

      Very interesting that you mentioned Ryan because it looks like that’s part of Tamra’s storyline this season. She tells Eddie that they have to help out Ryan. Um…..when’s he supposed to stand on his own two feet?

      • Powell says:

        Ryan again huh? He moved several states away to get married and have a baby. I wonder if he’s moved back.

      • T-Rex says:

        Yeah, they gave him a job, so he sold illegal drugs in their parking lot, met an older woman, knocked her up and had no job. Had to have several medical procedures due to illegal steroid abuse, and still has no job right now. Ugh, he’s a catch.

        • Foxymel(Mel) says:

          I thought his new wife/Baby Mama owned a gun store or some sort of store. Not sure why Tanra can’t cut him off.

          • Powell says:

            Tamra feels guilty for his childhood. She did the best w/what she had emotionally and financially. He’s made his choices since he became an adult. She has nothing to feel guilty about or makeup for. She needs to get over that.

    • Foxymel(Mel) says:

      I’d probably help with with only the baby stuff like formula, diapers etc. no cash given.

  39. Powell says:

    LOL Vicki and her decorator Frankie the OC fan. She did too much upgrades to the property she planned on flipping then the market tanked. She blamed Jena and Frankie for HER choices.

    • T-Rex says:

      Uhm, then she turned around and did a MURAL on the wall of her current home that is pretty bad, first thing any potential buyer would do is paint it over.

      • Powell says:

        Right and they would want to lower the asking because of the paint job they would have to do. RE 101- Decorate for the public, not your taste.

        • Orson says:

          There’s no $$ in sentimental value. A thing is worth how much someone else is willing to pay you for it. That’s how it works with used guitars, anyway.

    • Catseye says:

      Hey Powell, how’s it going? I’ve been lurking in the background, again. I came across something that might interest you–have you ever heard of/tried Butterbur for your migraines? It’s supposed to be natural and the reviews on Amazon sound really good,.

      • Powell says:

        Hey Catseye. I’ve never heard of that. I’ll research it. Thks. 😃

        • Foxymel(Mel) says:

          Hi Powelly, please let me know if this works for you. I can’t get off my meds. so quickly to try something new. The meds. I’m on makes me very sensitive to the sun(I live in FL) and just ten minutes out on the beach (in April in the morning) gave me white patches on my shoulder that’ll probably take like a year to fade. Now I’m going on vacation next week, on the beach and I have to wear those uv/SPF shirts my kids wear. 😒

      • Foxymel(Mel) says:

        Wow. The reviews are great!

        • Catseye says:

          I know!! I rarely get migraines any more, but when I do it’s HORRIBLE. I found out about this Butterbur stuff, researching Collagen supplements, that I told you guys about, a few days ago. Amazing, the things you learn on the internet!

  40. IPPHO, It’s not Brooke’s fault that Monty’s health is failing or her Mom’s addictions/crazyassness. maybe this was her dream. I have been to Cabo and it is incredible, the beauty is just breathtaking… Who knows if she was talked into the first wedding… These families have STUPID MONEY!!! They spend $40,000 on a f~king purse, what is a million dollar wedding to them..nothing… Cabo might be a special place for the two of them… I just hope she is happy because you know she has been thru some shit with both of her parents.

    My trip to Cabo was when I was staying at the former governor’s mansion in La Paz, it had been turned into a hotel and we took the ‘chicken” bus down to Cabo…it stopped every mile or 2 and picked up locals on the side of the road with their wares to sell at market. It was miserable. Every once in a while we would pass military men with big rifles standing on the side of the road.

    • Sorry princess, I just don’t get it. I know I’m being wicked judgemental but c’mon!

      It’s not about the $$$ at all. YOLO etc.

      But if Your dad is TERMINAL, cannot attend, but you’re gonna hoop it up at your “dream” wedding?

      This isn’t a six year old birthday party. She’s an adult. IMHO- it’s poor judgement and is in bad taste.


    • Exit4 says:

      I agree Pindy! I wrote last week that I totally get on a personal level why she did what she did. My dad died 6 months before our wedding. We didn’t do a seperate ceremony early so he could walk me down the aisle. My dad wouldn’t have appreciated that sentiment. It would’ve made him feel worse-so we forged ahead and hoped for the best, which didn’t happen.

      I think a Cabo wedding was always in the cards for them. They probably started to plan one-and changed course because of montys diagnosis. You can’t predict Cancer. It turns out he’s still alive and apparently not going. There has to be a good reason as to why-I don’t think he’d miss it. All parents want is for their children to be happy, if postponing Cabo and doing something small for Monty was their choice and made everyone happy, I think it’s ok. They deserve the wedding the want. They probably could have pulled off a huge BH wedding on short notice-but that’s not what they wanted. It’s Brooke and her husbands day-not kims and montys.

  41. TexasTart says:

    RHOMelbourne reunion – first of all, they are laughing at themselves thus far. What about this host with sunglasses on his head??? Reminded me of Pit bull (singer) at first glance. I like this plain setting far better than the over-the-top cluttered and too much light stages they use in the US. The audio is better too. Take note Andy. 📝

    • TexasTart says:

      LOL, Janet is frustrated and gets up to get a drink at the reunion and the rest of them follow…there’s a mini bar on the set. 🍸

    • TexasTart says:

      The women making fun of themselves and each other – hilarious. I didn’t know a reunion could be so funny. And this host tells you to shut up if arguments start to splinter. He had control…I just don’t get the sunglasses on top of his head, lol. Glad I watched!

    • Powell says:

      It was reunion night?!? See how far I’m behind on Melbourne. 😱

  42. VV™ says:

    I didn’t know Bethenny met Jason late 2008. Some articles say November 2008 … Interesting …

  43. VV™ says:

    Last Night.

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    squad goals

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  44. kit9 says:

    Holy crap! Guess what’s on tonight? That modern masterpiece of cinema, produced by businesswoman/entrepreneur/model/actress/financier/designer/congresswoman/ambassador/PR of all peopole, Sonja Morgan! Yes! The Marsh is on Encore tonight. I’ve got it DVR’d!

  45. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. Thk goodness it’s 🇹🇬🇮🇫

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