Real Housewives of Melbourne Reunion Part 1

RHOMelbourne – S2 EP12 –Reunion Part 1 by Reality_Bytes

group shot

Gamble Outwits, Outlasts & Outplays Petti in true Survivor style last night in Part 1 of the Melbourne Housewives reunion show, and I couldn’t be more proud of her finding her voice. I think we have seen the best of Gamble in this show and girlfriend is ready to soar…not just fly! And the way in which she did this you ask? Well she put miss Petti in her place!

The show opens with all of the ladies arriving separately and carrying the gown they will be wearing with 2 exceptions…Gina was already dressed to the 9’s, and Jackie was barking orders to her stylist as he was lugging several bags and yelling at him to hurry asking him what he was waiting for? Uh…they do the makeup and it is only one dress Jackie…really…a bit overdone don’t you think, especially barking orders! I’m gonna like you at the end but at the beginning? Not so much.

janet hair

I am not a big fan of Alex what’s-his-toes because last year he was so soft with the women and doesn’t go for the hard questions, and I wondered if Andy Cohen had a training school Alex could attend?

However, having said that, this year he was bringing up controversial and relevant questions from people on social media to spotlight the fights and bad behavior of all the ladies and at one point after fighting ensued around Petti about her book, he finally said he needed to shut 7 bitches up … so he did far better this year, and I actually enjoyed him.

He welcomed them all individually…He asked Janet if she was ready to have tea leaves read…he welcomed Gamble calling her a reunion virgin, and she replied that she is the ‘fresh blood’, says she has no idea what she is in for tonight and says she should have worn a helmet! He welcomed Petti and said she probably has a lot to say tonight and she said ‘yes tonight I am shouting…grrreaaaaaaaaaaat!!! Jackie next and says she is the barometer of truth, and Gina commented Jackie is brutally honest! Lydia is next and he asks how her husband is doing. Alex says she took more of a backseat this season, and Lydia agreed and said because of last year’s whiplash with Gina she really didn’t have a great deal of confidence and says she has had a horrible time with ‘non-faced people’ of social media.  As Alex welcomes Gina he talks about her book and how she uninvited some people…Gina returns with she mailed all the girls invitations but some of them didn’t receive them…and then her publicist decided I guess that it was the wrong venue for HW fights…Gina herself said it wasn’t really a housewife event and she wanted to keep it simple with no negativity. He welcomes Janet and asks her what she thinks of Gina doing that, and Janet replies she thought she was going and then got a text that she was uninvited and she thought it was just her…wahh wahh wahh. Gina says there is an energy when all the girls get together and they tend to put a negative spin on things…and then jokes and said if the girls would have bashed the book she would have had to stab them…Jackie looks appalled!

Does anyone have an extra sense of humor we can lend Jackie??? Alex goes on to greet Chyka saying she slid off the fence this year and Chyka says she was never a fence sitter…blah blah…Alex called her a cheekier Chyka!

Now Alex brings up how well the ladies compliment each other and all the snarky making fun of each other clips are run and this part ends with everyone doing the Janet ‘EVERYONE’ ARM WAVE.

the wave

Moving on to Alex asking Gamble if she had her feelings hurt when Lydia was mocking her speech impediment, and Gamble said yes and explained why…and Lydia gave a mea culpa look and said Oops and even apologized half heartedly. (Lydia isn’t one who should be mocking anyone since it isn’t her accent but lack of either using the correct word or pronouncing it correctly that has plagued both she and Jackie this season…glass houses and all ladies…glass houses!

Next is one of the funniest segments ever seen in any of the HW reunion shows – Gamble and Gina’s friendship…and they even showed a morphing segment of Gamble into Gina…both she and Gina have a big laugh during this segment and all the snarkies from Jackie and Janet are also played, and that is a good thing because I am not sure either of those two have  any ‘real’ friendships other than surface ones…well maybe MANuela and Janet…ha ha ha…but that says it all anyway doesn’t it? Chyka is the only one who has mentioned it could be a very true friendship between Gamble and Gina (not sure I see the conviction behind her words though… Alas, she does get the A+ for the effort.)

After the morphing part and Gamble spoke and Gina spoke…Alex says Petti questioned the friendship as to whether or not is was real, and she gets downright ugly, obviously jealous because she doesn’t have the same kind of relationship with anyone that we have seen all season with the HWs or her personal friends. Petti:

  • It doesn’t seem like they have much in common, and I still don’t think so
  • Gamble has a little crush on Gina
  • Gamble says that is condescending and she doesn’t have a crush on anyone
  • Petti says you said it
  • Janet says you said it was the lesbian in you
  • Gamble says her point is…it’s not about having a crush it is that Gina embodies the things I respect in a woman…she’s got her own career…she studied very hard (Petti interrupts here and I missed some dialog)
  • Petti says you were sniffing her butt like a little dog the whole time
  • Gamble says she finds it really vulgar the way Petti speaks and she isn’t up anyone’s a$$ (Chyka turns her head, fiddles with her hair and smiles) and Gamble finishes with “it is revolting”…
  • Janet says well I think you are up her a$$
  • Gamble says that is disgusting and why do you speak like that?
  • Chyka finally says “maybe there is a better way of saying it Janet” and Janet gets a bored look on her face
  • Gamble goes on to say that Gina is like a female version of Rick, who is very sensitive, very conservative and very sober, and I am sort of the dizzy silly fun one and sometimes it is a nice balance (AMEN to you Gamble and very articulate)
  • Chyka gives her same meeting someone late in life speech and it is great when a friendship like that actually happens
  • Gina agrees…(and my take is why not be friends with someone who is not gunning for you all the time and starting fights?)


Alex starts out by saying one of the newbies this season was a POCKET ROCKET with an even bigger mouth to match…(Thanks to Gina for the “pocket rocket” title for Petti, and thanks to Alex for pointing out what we already know…Petti has a big mouth!!!)  We go through a video montage of Petti’s narcissistic comments about herself starting with…My name is Pettifleur – please call me Pettifleur (Rut Ro, I must have missed this at the beginning of the season, LOL)…and of course all her bitchy moments and her bossing people around and all her freaking out comments…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…and how she has been accepted into the group and we can all eat our hearts out…loosely translated DRIVE THE STAKE THROUGH MY HEART NOW! After wraps up Petti says “Can I go now?” My answer is twofold…first it is May I go now (we know you are capable, but will you?)…and secondly is a resounding YES!

Alex asks if the doing the show was confronting to her, and she responds with it was a great ride!

The next question (from FaceBook) is why does she talk to people like they are second class citizens when she herself comes from humble beginnings?

While Jacks winces, Chyka looks to be sleeping, and Janet is butting into the conversation…

pre answer

Petti says the question is sad because she is far from that type of person. Really? You are going to go with that answer Petti?

Gamble has a non-verbal response to Petti…

gambles response

She kind of ends with she is horrified when she sees how she acted…uh huh…


Is Petti assertive, aggressive, or just bitchy?

I am thinking Gina works in a man’s world as well, but I’ll bet she doesn’t treat her peers like that, nor would she need to in order to command the respect of male counterparts.

EPIC FAIL on Petti’s reasoning. Her housekeeper and the store sales people were both women and she treated them and the ladies like crap all season!

Next Alex says the other newbie came complete with a Pomeranian, chicken noises and a wolf or two! Now we see a montage of Gambles scenes which are all pretty darned funny and Gamble’s view is “It is a matter of being silly and not stupid!” Well said Gamble, and I would add that it is a lot more of “not taking yourself too seriously” in there as well!

A Twitter question is “I can’t figure out whether you are super bright or super dumb…which are you? Gamble answers BOTH!

Nouveau Riche vs Old Money

The scenes play showing Petti talking to Lydia saying her first impression of Gamble is she’s not that bright (ironic to me who she is voicing that sentiment to, LOL), the Petti says “She’s dumb, just dumb dumb dumb” (and even Jacks cringes). She tops the conversation off by saying “I can’t do dumb.”

The we go to Gamble calling Petti nouveau riche Barbie, which of course Petti doesn’t like. The next scenes are where Petti is always putting down something Gamble is wearing…and Petti says she thinks Gamble’s style is a bit of a train wreck…and then DRUMROLL PLEASE…perhaps less plastic surgery? On to the scene at the bar where Petti asks why she thought Gamble thought she spent her money frivolously (that was the headdress moment) and then the conversation about stupid again and Gamble asks so do YOU have moments of stupidity, Petti no, and Gamble says well I do, and Petti says well then I am justified (in calling you  stupid…[sic]) and flashes a smile with spinach in her teeth, LOL…PRICELESS!

spinach teeth

Another scene is where Petti says (to Jacks I think) that Gamble was like “who let the dogs out…my God…get back in your cage!”

Then it is the old money vs new money between Gamble and Petti and the infamous crap from Petti about she doesn’t have her money given to her like Gamble does and credit cards, and an allowance, etc. (A really embarrassing part of the season)…I am not going through all the ugly here again…we saw it all season, but Gamble’s comment at the reunion was spot on…(the comment comes a bit later on, so be patient ladies)

Alex thought the two newbies would have bonded and stuck up for each other…and Petti says me too…  Gamble says…for someone who is supposed to be writing a book about empowering women then calling somebody stupid before you have gotten to know them at all…I found that even if I do behave stupidly at times I found that contrary to what she is trying to portray… (Lydia talking over this part of Gamble talking)…she insults me at every moment…(Gamble turns to Lydia and says excuse me I am talking now)…Gambles starts again and Lydia butts in and says “I know you are I can hear you”…Petti didn’t like my jewelry or something about what I was wearing and it gets a bit wearing on you after while…and I never tried to possess that I had all this wealth or anything, and I didn’t know how else to describe it so I used nouveau riche…because Petti is extremely obsessed with money and obsessed with Brands and all that…(Petti interrupts and calls Gamble Cuckoo…and Gamble says maybe she should have called it something else.

Alex asks Petti how she would respond to that and Petti says she thinks Gamble is cuckoo…Lydia laughs…and Petti says “How the Hell does she know ME to start talking the garbage she just did?”

Alex says but you called her stupid…

Petti replies with I was just having some fun, it wasn’t malicious…

Gina’s reaction to the having some fun comment…

ginas reaction

Petti continues with but what she attacks is very malicious…going down bad roads like money and how much I spend and who I hang out with (which Petti is making up here)…WAIT PETTI…YOU STARTED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gamble: I never said that…I never said any of that!

Petti tries to downplay all her comments in dressing down Gamble were all in fun…

Gamble says she thought nouveau riche was a pretty lightweight paddle back at Petti for all the things she had been saying throughout the season at her because she didn’t insult her taste, she didn’t insult anything she was wearing, I never took a slam at your intelligence, so I think you covered a lot more in your insults than my one comment to you to your mountains of comments every time I sat down with you on and off camera missy…so if you are going to get called nouveau riche, just suck it up because it was just a light insult back!

(I am on my living room floor bowing repeatedly to Gamble) YOU GO GIRL!


Petti –  9,476,313 comments

Gamble – 1 nouveau riche comment – cha ching!

Alex asks Petti another FaceBook question: Don’t you think it is rude to question someone about their money?

Petti’s response was…I didn’t question her about her money – she questioned me about my money!

Gambles reaction to that…


Chyka interjects here that she has a real opinion on this money thing…”My opinion of this is no matter where any one of us comes from…it really doesn’t matter…every single one of us here have our own way of doing things…and I think it is up to US to talk about those things IF we want to.

Petti continues the fight even after Chyka has said this, and says it is because she had a dig at my NEW money…and when you talk about somebody’s new money…



Petti loses it and says her parents come from her (SAY WHAT?) and asks what ex-husband?

Yes folks…Petti has not 1 but 2 ex-husbands and a really rich partner now of 8 years!!!

Don’t these ladies Google each other?

Petti IMMEDIATELY apologizes to Gamble (not heartfelt…just quick words to move the reunion along) by saying Sorry Gamble! NOTE: When anyone apologizes at the top of their lungs – they are not to be believed!

After the Break – A TEARY JACKS

It seems Jackie really felt threatened by Gina…WTF? Really Jacks? Gina might break a nail…LOL…how could you possibly have felt threatened by her?

In any event I guess for the most part Jackie and Gina resolved this off camera before the reunion show(s), but for a story line…Jacks is bring it up here and attempting to squeeze out a tear…and says she didn’t want to be placed in a situation where she didn’t feel safe.

Gina is listening attentively, and shaking her head a bit.

Montage of the seasonal fights where for the most part Jackie is making accusations and being Bogan!  Gina says it best where the relationship is a bit like a mother and a teenage daughter – there is love and there is affection and the there is rebellion and there is discipline. (I think Chyka even said in her blog that this was a good analogy of the relationship).

Alex believe the relationship is healthy because they both get it out and say what they feel…Gina smiles and says she would rather she keep it in! Jackie says no she isn’t going to keep it in, and Gina again says keep it in – it is uninvited!

NOTE TO JACKIE: Also there is a huge difference in being called a Bogan and displaying Bogan behavior. (She looked up Bogan in the dictionary and says Gina is mocking the working class)…Gina said no she wasn’t calling her a Bogan she said she was displaying Bogan behavior…bless Jackie’s heart, she just can’t get it right!

The argument goes on to something about how Jacks said a word GWOONE or something like that (which is actually how this Bogan stuff all got started and that was last year when Jacks brought it up and said something about Bogan to Gina)…hey ladies turnabout is fair play! Jacks calls her a legal aid barrister – Gina says she is a prosecutor, and Jackie just is playing tit for tat with her and saying if she is going to use a word like that she should know the terminology…laughable at best…Gina KNOWS the terminology and used it correctly and Jacks had to look it up…nuff said!

Now there is the reading from Jacks last season saying Gina’s partner was running around on her and Jacks thought Gina’s partner was mad…he wasn’t…he and Petti’s partner have known each other for years and they both were out on the balcony at Petti’s party, and whatever point Jackie is really bringing up for Gina to defend…was SOLVED BEFORE THE REUNION…why bring it up? In any event Gina sees Jackies frame-of-reference and sincerely apologizes to her…Petti looks like she is thinking of something to bring up next because I am sure she doesn’t want Gina and Jackie to be friends…LOL…and Jackie is doing her best to muster up a tear…NEXT!!!

Now Janet wants in on the next conversation about dilated pupils…and accuses Gina of always making a comment and running away and Chyka says there is no follow through…Janet calls it a smash-and-run…and Gina says what they are missing is she is not instigating the conversation when this happens…she is actually reacting and running…and why not if you don’t want to go through the same crap over and over?

Janet says oh Gina says it is all us…ok I am getting a drink now, and she gets up and forces a break…guess her alcohol in her bloodstream has been depleted and she must refill it!

AFTER JANET GETS REBOOZED – Switch the Bitch Book Talk…zzzzzzzz

This segment starts out with Petty being happy of course because the attention is on her…

Alex asks Petti for a reading, and following Jackies lead…now Petti is starting to cry…and when asked why she is crying, Chyka says because it is her journey…and we hear the hard knock story again…zzzzzzz

Gina asks why that makes her cry, and Lydia starts answering and Gina says to Lydia to LET HER ANSWER…Petti feebly comes up with the time and money she had to come up with to get this book where it is today selflessly (YES SHE SAID SELFLESSLY)…to be published…(Janet call BS on it and said…

janet no tear

…and then says “It’s all bullsh**t. There’s no crying at all, There is nothing coming… Chyka and Jacks are smiling…Janet goes on to say it is making her uncomfortable…

Petti, not missing a beat, goes on to say her 15 year old son edited it …and Petti gives a reading…this is a snoozefest.

  • Next Alex asks Chyka about bitch being derogatory
  • (I think I saw Gina suppress a yawn)
  • Gina tells Chyka she is so agreeable – every questions she is asked she is agreeable…says a friends with everybody translates a little bit to friends with nobody…upsets Chyka
  • Next ??? is did she know about the other bitch book before she wrote hers…standard Petti answer…yes she know…everyone supported her except Gamble and Gina…
  • Gamble said as a friend she tried to give her a head’s up to her face and suggested an editor…she says the book didn’t look finished, it didn’t look entertaining…
  • Petti defends it as “raw dahling”…
  • Jacks attacks Gamble for trying to put Petti down and insert her big nose…
  • Gamble said she wasn’t…
  • Magazine experience comes up and Lydia-who-has-never-worked blasts Gamble that her work wasn’t important…said it was a column and not a magazine…
  • Lydia gets angry and tells Gamble not to get angry with her
  • Chaos ensues and Alex tells all 7 women to STFU…well kinda…LOL
  • Gamble tells Petti she just called her stupid again
  • Gamble says why should she be supportive of Petti when she doesn’t agree with the title, or the content
  • Alex says he needs to switch 7 bitches off right now.

Petti Takes on Gina and Walks Out

Montage of Petti and Gina throughout the season…but she didn’t feel drawn to a friendship. Or a connection or a chemistry that would want her to move forward in a friendship

  • Gina says upon meeting Petti she didn’t dislike her at all
  • Gina didn’t feel they were having great communication
  • Someone on Twitter asked why when Petti was so eager to meet Gina…why didn’t a friendship happen?
  • Petti says she didn’t have any control over that
  • It was how Gina came across
  • There was the underlying snickering (which NEVER happened at their first meeting so anything said forward can’t be true…
  • She said when she first met Gina that Gina was like a dog trying to hump her leg
  • Gina’s comment to that remark is What planet am I on?
  • Gina asks Petti if she has ever been described like that?
  • Gina says she has never behaved like that
  • Lydia butts in saying Gina is condescending at times, but goes on to say it is Gina’s sense of humor and she did explain that to Petti early on
  • Chyka pops in with everyone has owned up to things they have done, but tells Gina she never has (well THAT isn’t true if she sat down with Jackie and resolved their issues…and we have seen her try and make up with Petti and Janet
  • Gina asks what she hasn’t owned up to?
  • Gina says it is unrequited love with Petti, she came to the situation with expectations and Gina didn’t reciprocate what Petti wanted in a friendship
  • Alex thinks that is a bit arrogant and Gina feels it is the truth…and if we remember from the beginning of the season…that is what Petti said she wanted.
  • Petti complains she isn’t being given a chance to get to know her…
  • Says she only talks to Gamble…not true…she talks to the other ladies too…(but if it were true it would be because Gamble doesn’t attack her all the time, wouldn’t it?)
  • Alex asks about the publicity tour, and Petti says yes it happened there too, and Gamble and Gina start laughing, and it seems all the girls are laughing at this
  • Petti says she got dragged into a fight…all the ladies are laughing, and Gina is about to fall off the couch laughing and probably wiping REAL TEARS of laughter…Petti asks what is funny…

real tear

  • Something about Petti’s commando and landing strip…and she owns it but doesn’t want to talk about it…LOL…she certainly did the first episode and wanting to but mirrors on the floor of the Bentley…
  • Gina said Pettifleur you are so divine really and getting this so wrong actually…you are cute, and I am so glad Jackie witnessed it…
  • Jackie speaks up and says it wasn’t Gina and Jackie arguing it was Petti and Gina…
  • Janet agrees
  • Gina said we were having a nice conversation …
  • Jackie says to Petti that is was when she brought up that Gina wasn’t a Barrister…if you remember that conversation
  • Petti says she only talked about it when she got dragged into it
  • Jackie disagrees and said Petti was drunk
  • Petti says she doesn’t drink then says not more than 2 drinks is a max and she wasn’t drunk
  • Janet says DRUNK AS A SKUNK
  • Petti jumps up and starts pointing that finger again and then says she is getting the He11 out of Dodge because she is not taking lies

no lies

  • Petti screams that they are all lying
  • Gamble says that’s not the way it went honey…(Guys this is a must see part, my words will be inadequate in this instance
  • I guess in the segment everyone remembers Petti being drunk, except Petti who says she doesn’t drink yet says out of the other side of her mouth that she never has more that 2! Hmmm…MORE THAN ZERO is drinking!
  • Here is how the rest of them remember it…



  • Will Petti come back?
  • Can you believe MANuela is there and they seat her next to Gamble?
  • Janet slides off the couch to make a point (of showing more nostril)

Ciao for Now!

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  1. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. Hope you’re having a great weekend and holiday. 🙂

  2. TexasTart says:

    Good morning. I think that might have been the only reunion I actually laughed through and enjoyed! Looks like RealityBytes has a very detailed recap with bonus links. Thank you! 👏👏👏👏

  3. lila1star says:

    Good Morning–the weather is warm but as is always the case for the first tourist kick off–its raining!
    Some here might know my world–if not check The mid wests answer to “lets party”!

  4. TexasTart says:

    ICYMI. If you want to see more pics from the wedding and comments about Kathy, go look towards the end of the comments in the previous blog.

  5. ladebra says:

    I loved this reunion Reality_Bytes! And ❤ your blog! Honestly, the only one of them in part 1 that didn't have a sense of humor was Petty. And you are so right, Gamble was articulate and civilized and I was gobsmacked at her composure.

    Hope you Texans are staying high and dry. What a mess. You know I carry a little piece of Texas in my heart – I lived in Bowie, Witchita Falls, Denton, Midland, Taylor, Waco, Dallas, Corpus 😜

    • I love that you used ‘gobsmacked’ because it is sooooooo Australian 🙂

      I loved it too, especially watching Gina in tears…LAUGHING…and of course Gamble…she has been hiding from us all season…I just loved her in this show.

    • TexasTart says:

      That’s not just a little piece, if you were in all those cities! ❤

      • ladebra says:

        Dad worked for Phillips Petroleum as a geophysicist. We moved every year, some times twice a year – all over TX and OK until I was 12 and we moved over seas. They called us doodle bugs. We were on a seismic crew looking for oil 🙂 They would plop the families down in a central location and the crews would go out to the land leases and use seismographs to look for oil pockets. Good times.

    • lila1star says:

      me too! I got here via El Paso which was home for a number of years but I also lived in Big Spring, Fort Worth, San Angelo and Van Horn!

  6. Powell says:

    Very interesting and funny reunion. I’m sorry but “Nuevo Riche” means the newly wealthy. That’s not a bad word or a bad thing in their circle so what’s Petti got her panties in a bunch for? As far as I can tell none of them comes from “Old Money”.

    I need to watch a marathon of Melbourne.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Yes it means “new money” but it implies a lack of class, a lack of manners and a lack of proper decorum. It is not usually intended as a compliment. It implies that the person is flaunting their wealth in a crass manner. I personally, wouldn’t mind being called nouveau riche as I would love to be any old kind of “Riche”!!! Right???!!! Bring on the “Riche”!!!

  7. Veena (NMD) says:

    Good morning – Youngest daughter is graduating college today. She’s the first of this generation on both sides – with one cousin two years behind her and another entering as a freshman next year in this tiny liberal arts college – so lots of family here to see her. We’re about to head over.

    My SIL got us reserved front row seats – what a treat! Especially with aging grandparents in tow and a scorching hot day.

    Life is all about these moments. Watching the little ones grow up and begin their own journey.

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    Congrats Veena. Special moments for sure 🙂

  9. plainviewsue says:

    Off to meet my one year grand niece today!! My nephew is in from California, so my MIL will be meeting her great grand baby for the first time. So excited!!!!!

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    I got up early this morning and made my way to two cemeteries where I have family. Because I was so early, no one else was in either cemetery. Such a quiet kind of peace with a very light rain falling. I decorated 16 graves (with real flowers mind you; my mom always said that if I put artificial flowers on her grave, she would haunt me!). I took a bit more time and reflected on each and every person. I miss these people greatly, but also am so thankful for how they touched my life and made me what I am. Happy Memorial Day to all of you!

  11. Foxymel(Mel) says:

    Great blog, Reality_Bytes! This was such a fun reunion to watch! The host looked ridiculous with his sunglasses on too of his head. All of the ladies looked really nice–kudos to them.
    Brooke ‘ bridesmaids dresses look so tacky. I get that they’re on the beach, but the dresses so low cut wasn’t cute. I think only Nikki Hilton looks good. So, Kyle brought Faye to the wedding but Kim couldn’t bring her bff Brandi along? Hope you all have a great day!

    • Agree, especially about the terrible bridesmaid dresses, so I better say this before we fight about Bethenny again. 😉

      Also, can’t believe that Kathy Hilton didn’t bother to show up. Guess she felt she did her duty with the last one.

    • Thanks Foxy, and I haven’t forgotten our discussion about Jackie…U haven’t had much time to research it, but I think you are right that Jackie wasn’t as aggressive towards Gina last year…she was just obnoxious with introducing herself as a psychic to everyone.

  12. “Hmmm…MORE THAN ZERO is drinking!” LOLOL! Love it, Reality_Bytes! Great blog. You really did a great job getting it all down. And thanks, because I was sitting here thinking, WTF did she/they/he/alloftheabove say?

    Can’t wait until next week. Lydia trying to talk Pettifleur off the ledge, the other ladies all laughing their azzes off, and finally I get to see MANUELLA or whatever her name is–I managed to miss her in every episode she’s in because Bravo decided not to do reruns and it timed that way when I’d miss bits here and there.

    • It is pronounced (at least by me) as MANuela…what an aggressive beotch…she is no doubt gunning for Petti’s spot on the cast. I guess then we could say that MANuela has her hand up Janet all the way to the mouth…LOL! Janet is losing Petti from her team even if Petti returns, so Janet will need another ally…someone else loud and abrasive…she is a real piece of work.
      I think BRAVO only bought the rights to the first run and that is why there are no reruns. What I wish is that they air the same show the same week next season, so Australia isn’t 2 weeks ahead of us…Twitter would make much more sense if they did! Glad you liked the blog…the nostril comment at the end was for SJP and you!

      • LOL! Can’t WAIT to finally SEE MANuela. I wish Bravo would at least do a later rerun that night, which they did at first. That’s how I missed MANuela–expected the rerun and missed a bit of the first airing, then…nada! Some of the episodes are On Demand, but trying to catch up with the ones I missed is frustrating, because Bravo isn’t consistent with those, either.

        I wish Bravo would also show last week’s episode in the hour ahead of the new one, like they do the other serial shows. That way more people get a chance to see it and no doubt the number of viewers would grow. I never used to watch some of the shows I do now, but I got interested because they were on when I had TV time.

        The numbers for Melbourne are not good, I’ve read, so I am afraid Bravo will pull it next season. Guess if they do, we’ll have to watch them another way. 😦

        • Really? The numbers aren’t good here? They are winning awards in Australia for the show…interesting.

          • Well, Bravo does so little promotion, and no reruns. So one of the bloggers…somewhere?…put up the stats for the Bravo shows and Melbourne is near the bottom. Gosh…where did I read this? Let me think, let me think….

            Here? O_o

            So many Bravo shows/blogs/tweets, so little time….

            • TexasTart says:

              @randy_haas does ratings, I think it’s

              Normally shows under 400k get the axe and RHOMelbourne is very sadly near that number. They barely promo it and I think not just because no reruns, but the over saturated market. I mean we had RHOBH, RHOA, RHONY and RHOMel overlapping one a other there for a bit. That is what kept me from watching it all….regretfully so…I liked it better to in some respects than the US housewives and should have dropped one of them, lol.

              • I quit watching the RHONJ long ago, never watched Miami but maybe a few times, for the same reason–too many to keep up after a point. I even quit watching the OC gang for a few years–the Jesus Jugs years, though that was mainly I didn’t care for the cast.

                I will be surprised if the Melbourne show is picked up again here. I have to wonder why Bravo has been so stingy with promoting it. Their Twitter fight is EPIC! LOL

          • TexasTart says:

            Great job on the recap, RealityBytes! Not good ratings, they were averaging 414,000 before the reunion. 😦 Ladies of London, which I loved, was so afraid it would be cancelled for low ratings, but they gave it a second season. Oh, Melbourne is wrapping second season…maybe that’s comparing apples to oranges, IDK.

  13. VV™ says:

    I wonder if the 911 was somebody at the wedding posting a pic where Kim can be seen drinking in the background.

    Did Kathy ever confessed what the 911 was? That was weird!

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      I read that she and Rick stayed behind to take care of Monty- if true, maybe it had something to do with him?

      • VV™ says:

        I’m not buying the caretaker story. He has two other adult daughters and a ex wife not counting the many ex girlfriends. I’m sure he has relatives and friends and if worst comes to worst he can afford to pay a nurse. If true the Hiltons stayed to take care of him, that is some imposition. It is also the perfect excuse if Kathy didn’t want to attend (for whatever reason that sounds like the perfect excuse). Remember at reunion Kyle was upset about potentially being disinvited.

        • OneMoreInBoston says:

          Oh of course it’s a big excuse. But it seems to be the official Hilton party line.

          I’m not so sure it’s an imposition either way- I think Monty has them his will.


          • VV™ says:

            I dont know OMIB. I looked at pics of Monty from a little over 2 almost 3 years ago and he only posted pics of him partying and surrounded by beautiful woman. He would post the occassional I love daughters blah blah blah. Eventually, he started posting old pics of Kim and then those became more frequent. Perhaps, this was the time he knew he was sick. I don’t know. I think he reconnected with Kim’s side of the family after his ilness and is closer to them now because of that.

            I find it hard KH stayed to be a caretaker and miss her niece Brooke’s wedding. Kathy has known Thayer’s family for years as well.

  14. VV™ says:

    Saw pieces of B taking to Stepdad scene. Editing was choppy, the conversation flow was decent but it was edited indeed. On the obvious bad editing, you can see John and blue sea behind him, next B talks and next there is a big bush behond him. Me thinks the scene conveyed the message B wanted viewers to know and nothing more. I still think she exaggerates and only befriends people to her benefit.

    • Agree. I won’t say more, because she does/says things every single show that don’t get discussed for fear of backlash, but that I find so telling about her personal agenda, and I’m not talking Skinnygirl products. Yikes.

      • VV™ says:

        She is a big time people user. She repeats over and over she’s a truth cannon and she actually believes it herself and has many believing it too. She can be honest about part or life to make that claim. However. There are too many inconsistencies and BS on other parts of her life and how she conducts herself.

  15. VV™ says:

    I am surprised. I didn’t know how profitable her store was. Good for her.

  16. TexasTart says:

    Why are they playing a Kandi repeat?! I know it’s a holiday weekend, but WTH, it’s only 3 episodes, why would they show one and take a week off….so dumb. At least it makes it more like a holiday for Ramonacoaster and Veena 😉

  17. Orson says:

    I read somewhere that Kim’s Designated Sober Companion to the wedding was supposed to be Monty, who couldn’t make it. Like they couldn’t have seen that coming miles away IF THEY HAD LOOKED. It wouldn’t surprise me if Kim’s stay at the Malibu Rehab Resort Spa lasts until either Bravo says “Thanks, it’s been great having you on the show. Our best wishes on your future plans” or if they offer her a new contract, until the week before taping starts.

  18. OneMoreInBoston says:
  19. TexasTart says:

    Since the Brinson/Fatburger wedding, I have a theory that someone decided that Monty and Kim should not spend time together – to further aid her recovery. Now what role does Kathy, the best sister ever, play? Is she puppet master? What was the 911? Did Monty escape her clutches and flee for Cabo? Okay, I’m gonna have to stop and laugh at how I’m stretching out my theory, lol.

  20. ladebra says:

    The History channel has a mini series starting tonight. Texas Rising. It’s after The Alamo I think, and it’s got some good actors. FYI

  21. TexasTart says:

    Lost satelitte signal. Again. Still have power! Y’all are probably sick of my weather reports, lol. I’m taking a break from painting inside the house, was trying to check the news on TV. Wanted to watch Days Of Our Lives, but there’s tennis…that and no satelitte signal. :-/
    Did they kill off Kristen -Eileen Davidson’s character?!

  22. TexasTart says:

    Where is the tornado emoji? 😯

  23. ladebra says:

    I bet Maury has DNA tested the entire population….

  24. VV™ says:

    View this post on Instagram

    My walk on the beach was a little cold…

    A post shared by Lisa Vanderpump (@lisavanderpump) on

  25. Rebecca wishes dragons would appear and roast every Housewife who says or does something stupid. says:
    • ladebra says:

      Patti’s vineyard needs to be torched. LOL

    • Orson says:

      “I didn’t say Unfiltered tasted bad. I said I think Brandi’s horse is diabetic.”

    • Rebecca wishes dragons would appear and roast every Housewife who says or does something stupid. says:

      “Acidic, slightly venomous and leaves a bad aftertaste. So exquisitely Brandi.”

    • California35 says:

      I thought this was going to be about more real celebrities, and among them Bethenny. I was thinking wow!! How cool that she is in the “celebrities” list. Thrn saw Patty and brandi and so on. Never mind lol most are reality celebrities. Based on the reviews, I would like to try Steve Mathew’s and Train’s, in general I would add Drew Berrymore’s who got mixed reviews. As far as Lisa’s i tried it already and didnt want to say what i thoght becasue i Love her. I never tried Bethenny becasue i was afraid i would not like them, (i did try her mix drinks and gave my review way back then) (i have trud her popcorn that i loved and her hummus, i have not found her chips or anything else) I may eventually try her wine and may love it, for all i know, but I have not.

  26. ladebra says:

    rofl Janet calls Lydia “Lydiot”. That’s funny

  27. ladebra says:

    So I binge watched all the episodes so far this season of Orphan Black. OMG! Amazing! I love this show ❤

    • California35 says:

      I need to look for that and watch, it sounds at it is a good one.

    • Sorry have a big draft of project due this week so worked all weekend, but doing a quick fly by and I saw your comment. I have been a little meh on the boy clones and had been wondering if OB jumped the shark this year, but I have to say it was a hell of an ending on this week’s episode!

      • ladebra says:

        Good luck with your project! IKR? I might have stopped watching after the 2-3 show if I didn’t have all of them to watch, but wow! Now I can’t wait for the next 👍

  28. ladebra says:

    Wow Tartsy. I’m watching the floods around Austin. Holly cow. Unbelievable and it sounds like more rain on the way. This is scary, and I hope you and your family and pups are high and dry and SAFE!

    • ladebra says:

      And Lainey! You are in this same area? You guys OK? Laineyboy ok?

    • TexasTart says:

      Hi LADebra, we are okay. It was exceptional, I just don’t know how to define that in a few words. I can tell you my swamp is complete with water snakes that like to come to the island that is my house! We have 21″ of rain this month alone. That’s about how much we get a year. 😦 We have rain in forecast for next 7 days.

      In addition to flooding there were 7 tornados touch down and there were many possible tornados. Lainey’s area was also affected, but I don’t think too serious, of course the news can’t cover all that happened.

    • TexasTart says:

      It was historic flooding, I guess this made national news for you to know. Our local news did live reporting for 6 straight hours. So glad everyone I checked on was okay. 🙂

    • Well he does have more personality than Pretty who is about as beige as they come, but frankly I think he has the George ick factor.

      Ok, I am back to work – huge deadline so I will be scarce but wanted you guys to know I was thinking about you! Have a great week.

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