Brandi Glanville Podcast with guest Stassi Schroeder – They discuss Kim Richards, Lisa Vanderpump, and PumpRules

Brandi Glanville Podcast Recap by Kit9

Guest: Stassi Schroeder

Brandi begins by saying she’s read the comments by people who think her interview with Stassi will just be a “bitch fest about Lisa Vanderpump”. She says she doesn’t plan on doing that. Brandi thinks Stassi, along with Kristen, who Brandi describes as “batshit crazy” have the best one liners on the show. She thinks they are the two most interesting people on the show.

Brandi then proceeds to bash the men on the show by saying they are pretty much all the same person and says half of them are gay and on drugs. She calls the men of VPR’s, “manginas” (Brandi  had a nasty Twitter fights with some of the men on the show).

Before Stassi, Brandi says she wants to address the Kim situation. Brandi claims that TMZ and others have contacted her with questions about what is happening with Kim. “All I know, what I read on TMZ that she went to her daughter’s wedding and she’s MIA. We talked before she left and she was in a good place. I’ve texted her since she’s been gone and I haven’t heard from her and I’m just praying for her.” Her producer asks how long Kim’s been MIA. “This is from the internet. So, um, apparently, a few days,” Brandi says (real great friend, there, quoting gossip sites, no?).

“But she left rehab, had a pass for a couple days and just didn’t check back in, supposedly. Again, all gossip. But, I know she’s not returning my texts and she always gets back to me so I am worried and I love her and her family and I hope everything is ok. It’s frustrating because I don’t want anything bad to happen to her because she has a really good heart at the end of the day. She’s a little bit nutty, but aren’t we all? There’s more to her. She’s got a history. Her life is really interesting. I didn’t know her fiance was killed. I didn’t know any of that stuff.”

“One other thing I just. Need. To say. Because it’s driving me nuts…some blogs are saying that ‘Brandi is moving again, kicked out her house again’. I lease the house I live in. The lease is up in July and they are selling the house for more money than I can afford to pay. So it does look like we are moving unless they don’t sell the house”.

She says she loved living there except for the house being robbed and losing everything she owned. “My Louis Vuitton luggage. It’s so sad. But, it’s just things, the kids and I were fine.We might have to move, we might not. But, I’m not getting kicked out by any means…so stop with the bullshit.”

She turns to Stassi, noting that she’s dressed in all white, “like an angel. Right!” Brandi claims that she and Stassi have more to talk about than Lisa Vanderpump. “Our lives don’t revolve around SUR and Beverly Hills and all of that.” Did Stassi leave the show or was she fired? Stassi says production asked her before the reunion if she was willing to come back and she made it clear she wasn’t. “I think I made myself very clear, season 3, it was so apparent that I didn’t want to be there.”

“Yeah, you can tell. I only watched snippets because it’s hard to watch certain people (certain pink wearing, dog carrying people?) but, you’re the funniest one. I know Kristen is batshit crazy but I love her on the show.”

“I like Kristen, too,” says Stassi.

“Without you two..I don’t have the best one liners.”

“It will be a different kind of show,” Stassi says, “It will still be great.” But, she continues, “I was really upset by what some of my other cast members, and bosses went out and said. She said she personally fired me because I have a bad attitude. Mmm. Well, I was told if I ever wanted to come back, just give them a call.”

Brandi says Lisa went to TMZ with the story she fired Stassi. Stassi thanked the producers for a great three years but told them it was time for her to move on. She says she was really proud of herself for leaving the show on her own. Brandi agrees, saying, “It’s a lot to walk away from.”

“Yes, it’s a lot of money, and, so I felt, like, really hurt by the fact that someone kind of took that away from me,” Stassi says.

“Like they stole your power” (oh, fucking please, Brandi).

“So, you quit, you weren’t fired. We have that clear. And Lisa went to TMZ and said she fired you personally but we all know there’s a team of producers and it’s not just one person that can fire everyone.  If it were, Kristen would have been gone a long time ago,” Brandi says. “I remember Lisa saying to me how much she hated her. It was hilarious.” Both Stassi and Brandi agree that Kristen is great TV.

Stassi thinks Kristen is also smart. “She’s a little out there..but she’s not an idiot. She’s willing to do whatever for the sake of a good show.”

So what is Stassi doing now? She has a fashion blog, Style by Stassi. After college Stassi wrote for other blogs but wanted her own. She wrote for Pandora’s website but she wasn’t able to do what she wanted, prompting Brandi to giggle and snark on Pandora, “I didn’t know she had a website”.

Brandi asks if Stassi was ever actually a waitress at SUR (huh?). Yes. Stassi started working at SUR her senior year in college at LMU. Stassi figured she couldn’t find a real job at the time so it seemed like a great opportunity when the show came along. Brandi mentions that Stassi and her family being on Amazing Race years earlier. “You were a brat!” Brandi tells her.

Stassi agrees and says it’s embarrassing to have her most awkward phase be televised. Brandi asks about her being raised with money. “Not an exorbitant amount! We were just normal. I didn’t get whatever I wanted.” But, Stassi admits, “It’s just my nature to be a little bratty. I’m bratty.”

They discuss Stassi’s chin implant and she says it’s the only plastic surgery she’s had done. Brandi compliments Stassi’s lips and teeth. Brandi’s jealous of her friends that have really “thick teeth” (wth?). Brandi, though, hates veneers and would never date a man that had them. Stassi says she doesn’t notice teeth. “Really?” Brandi asks, “that’s interesting because you worked with a lot of English people at your last job” (get it? Cause Brits have bad teeth! Groan).

They turn to Stassi’s love life. She’s still with the same boyfriend. He didn’t want to be on the show. “I couldn’t see him, like, being on camera fighting with Jax or Tom. It’s just not his personality.” Brandi again calls the men of VPR’s manginas. She’s never seen men spend so much time getting ready and crying. Brandi asks how many of the boys on the show “go both ways”. Definitely one, Stassi thinks. Brandi thinks there’s three. When Brandi would model, the men were straight but they were “male-model straight” because “they would “suck a dick to get a job”.

Brandi noticed, while watching the VPR reunion that everyone except Scheana and Stassi were, “like jacked for Jesus…like everyone was sniffing and their jaws were like going back and forth and fidgeting. Like what were they on?”. “A bunch of them do the blow. But, we were all addicted to Adderall”, Stassi tells her. “Wow. It’s pretty much the same’s crystal meth…it’s methamphetamine”, Brandi says.

Stassi quit smoking and Adderall at the same time a year ago and she misses the Adderall every day. Why? “I love just being able to focus. I can drink as much as I want and I am still, totally, just on point”. After she quit, before season three started, she was worried she wouldn’t be as good on the show without the drug. Brandi’s hairdresser is on Adderall but actually needs it. Stassi says that she and none of her castmates legitimately needed Adderall. Brandi says a lot of women are on it to stay skinny. “Oh my god! I was so skinny when I was on it! It was the best”, Stassi says wistfully.

Brandi took it once and she was “cracked out of” her mind. She cleaned the whole house, organized everything. But she also ate a lot. Brandi wishes she could take something to suppress her appetite but there’s nothing safe for her to take. And, because she has kids, she says, “recreational drugs are no longer my thing, sadly”.

Stassi says she doesn’t think Scheana takes Adderal. “No, she’d be thinner”, Brandi says. “Kidding”. Brandi thinks that Stassi had her own opinion on the show and that once that opinion differed from “certain other people’s”, she was cast aside. Stassi thinks it was a little more complicated than that. Stassi thought she could be honest on the show and just “call out the bullshit”. But, it just made her the bad guy.

Brandi believes everyone “gets a season” where they can say whatever they want and get away with it. Stassi agrees. Brandi uses Lisa Rinna to illustrate her point, “Lisa Rinna got a golden pass. She said whatever she wanted and everyone loved her. Even though half the shit she said was horrible..and she got a pass. But, I’m telling you, she’ll have her moment”.

Brandi feels that the presence of the camera makes them all act like second graders. “We’re being paid to be dramatic, not to sit around and watch tv”, Stassi adds. Brandi would feel responsible when nothing was happening on the show. Stassi completely agrees and says she’d just start being bitchy and they both complain that other cast members would sit and be boring while getting a “free ride”.

Brandi gets in a dig about Lisa having photo shoots “for a restaurant”. Brandi’s agent can’t watch VPR anymore because all they do are photo shoots and sleep with each other. He worked in restaurants his whole life-with good looking people-and never did one photo shoot. Stassi still wonders if she did the right thing leaving the show and turning down all that money but also feels it got repetitive. “What the fuck else were they going to do? It’s all the same shit. Who’s going to be cheating on each other this time? You can’t keep going like that. I don’t know. I’m sure it will be salacious and dramatic and amazing”.

Brandi thinks they are going to have to bring in new people because they’ve all slept with each other. Brandi knew Vail before she was on the show when she was a legitimate actress and was shocked to see her doing reality tv. “What the fuck is Vail doing on VPRs?”. Brandi was dating Vail’s boyfriend’s friend at the time. Vail’s boyfriend had a jet and they were “fancy”. Brandi mentions that Vail is now dating Chris Pine and that Tom Sandoval claims the relationship is a publicity stunt, which she doubts.

Stassi disagrees and thinks Brandi is naive to believe the photos of Vail and Chris were taken without their knowledge. Brandi doesn’t see what Chris Pine could possibly get out of such a stunt and feels real actors like him think they are above reality tv. Stassi is under the impression that Vail has known Chris for a long time. Stassi then drops some interesting intel about Chris Pine–she knows three girls from Sur who have dated him. Brandi is shocked by this(I, for once, agree with her). “Are you kidding?!”. “Chris Pine has always been part of the chatter at Sur since I started working there”.

“I guess I’m just gullible”, Brandi says. “I thought they were just caught”, referring to the paparazzi pics. A skeptical Stassi teases Brandi by saying, “Maybe Angelina Jolie is caught sometimes. But, like, Chris Pine and Vail? Really?” Brandi concedes that maybe it’s not real but thinks the two look in love. “I hope so, I love love”, says Stassi.

Back to Stassi’s blog. Stassi wants to inspire teens and twenty somethings to be very fashionable without spending a lot of money. She never felt when she was younger that she could ever be a glamazon so she had to learn to put together outfits on a dime. Her best style tip is to have a personal uniform that flatters you. She doesn’t like the idea that everyone should have staples. Not everyone needs a leather jacket or white button down shirt, she says.

Stassi thinks if you wear clothes that flatter you, it always looks expensive. Brandi spends her money mostly on shoes and purses while getting her clothes at Zara. Stassi agrees and prefers spending her money on accessories rather than clothes. Stassi’s always looking for deals online. Her favorite site is which will search multiple fashion sites at once for what you want.

Brandi asks if Stassi is still doing personal styling. Stassi was never actually a stylist that and she she doesn’t know why Lisa said she was. Stassi also has a podcast called Straight Up With Stassi. She does it out of her home. Stassi doesn’t have celebrity guests. It’s girl talk. She wants people to feel like they’re sitting with their girlfriends having a glass of wine.

Stassi and her boyfriend lived together for a year in LA but now have decided to live apart but they’re still together. Stassi hopes that “he’s the one”. Before going on Brandi’s show, Stassi let Brandi know that she would not talk about certain people, namely Jax. What is Stassi’s ultimate goal? A talk show? Fashion magazines? Stassi doesn’t feel she has to choose just one thing. She just wants to keep working in fashion because that’s what makes her happy. But, does she still like being dramatic and filming a reality show? “Fuck yah, I do”. Brandi could see Stassi doing something like Fashion Police.


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126 Responses to Brandi Glanville Podcast with guest Stassi Schroeder – They discuss Kim Richards, Lisa Vanderpump, and PumpRules

  1. T-Rex says:

    Kit – Again you take another one for the team, kudos! I found a couple of items interesting one of which is the fact that THELIARSUPREMESLUTBAGSCUMBAGLYINGLIARJEALOUSBITCHMORONSTFUBrandi didn’t know anything about DrugAddict/AlcoholicKim’s fiancée being killed, uhm really, it’s been talked about on the show, it was talked about at a reunion, and it was talked about the first time she went to rehab, so uhm, how do you not know. Why because you aren’t a friend you were the 3am drunk ass slurry bitchfest. I don’t think her family wants her to have ANYTHING to do with THELIARSUPREMESLUTBAGSCUMBAGLYINGLIARJEALOUSBITCHMORONSTFUBrandi going forward that’s for sure.

    The house, no one said she was getting kicked out her house, Bravo has paid for that house through the end of the lease and she can decide to stay and pay her own damn rent or move, and I think she is desperately hoping to be re-signed soon to the show so that they will pay for her rent another year, otherwise she has to find some place she can afford.

    Kit you can comment, but it seems from the PodCrap that SpoiledSuperUBerBratStassi wanted to keep things a bit more positive, and THELIARSUPREMESLUTBAGSCUMBAGLYINGLIARJEALOUSBITCHMORONSTFUBrandi was the one trying to throw “shade” at everything.

    Oh, and I am not the ONLY person on the boards that has worked at a Bar, at a Bar at A Bar, so I don’t get the DIG that her dumbass Agent would say that he doesn’t watch the show because of all the photoshoots(and if he did he is TRULY a dumbass for pissing off potential clients). These folks are on a REALITY TV program, they host events at the Bar, they have a Calender, etc. of COURSE they are doing photoshoots, a TON of bars do them. Crap, it’s been 30 years since I was in a bar and we didn’t call them photoshoots back then, but we were told about once a month to show up at the club early for pictures, that would then be photocopied onto flyers to promote the bar and the upcoming bands headlining at the bar. It’s called PROMOTION and PR something a damn agent should know about, and not condemn, I don’t think he said that anyway, and again if he did he is a DUMBASS

    I feel a bit sorry for SpoiledSuperUBerBratStassi that her boyfriend wants to see other people, yes there are stories that he has been spotted with other ladies, and has a wandering eye. I think she is truly in love with him, but he clearly isn’t ready to settle down. I wonder if she is actually back living with her father. I don’t buy that she left the show on her own accord either, but that’s just my opinion.

    • jezzibel says:

      I think Brandi picked her agent up at the McDonald’s drive through and the only thing he really knows about restaurants is “do you want fries with that?” Brandi’s agent sounds like a rank amature, just like her hair stylist .

      • T-Rex says:

        Also her Hair guy is not, uhm, svelte so he is probably taking Adderall at clubs and not as a daily prescription, like a TON of folks do. OH and let’s note that one DrugAddictAlcoholicKim is a LONG TIME Adderall user, and still uses, that was brought up by Dr. Nassif a few seasons back that she was taking that drug, which she QUICKLY noted was by prescription~ Oh and I forgot to note that SpoiledSuperUBerBratStassi has some real SELECTIVE memory about the Stylist information she said it a few time Season One that she wanted to be a stylist when she first started her blog she had that on her blog, it has since been removed, and when they had the “summit” at the VPMansion and Pandy was scolding her, she clearly stated she wanted to be a Stylist for Pandy’s blog and not just a writer~ Good Gawd folks this shit is on film, just own your shit if you said it!

        • jezzibel says:

          Also Brandi said she didn’t dabble with recreational drugs anymore…but nothing about prescription overuse or alcoholic benders…allegedly. She doesn’t know squat about Kim because she’s outside the Hilton/Richards/Umansky circle of trust, probably because she would sell what she knows(or plausibly makeup) to the highest tabloid bidder anyway.
          Its kind of funny that she made Stassi come of as the more mature-grounded-in-reality adult.

        • Powell says:

          Yes Stassi said she wanted to be a stylist. That’s why Lisa continued asking Stassi if she wanted to help w/several photo shoots Lisa did.

      • Powell says:

        😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆 Jezzibel!!

    • Powell says:

      Kim was her BFF and she didn’t know her Kim’s fiancee was killed? Hm. Yup she was just a 3am bitchfest phone call.

      T-Rex I never really understood WHY Bravo paid Booble Bobble Head’s rent. She’s been on for 3, 4 seasons. Why continue to pay? Was her rent apart of her pay?

      • T-Rex says:

        The whole RENT thing started when ShannaTaylorNotFordLyingGrifterHusbandStealerLyingliar was living in VileKyle’s pool house after Russell’s suicide and she was thrown out of their rental because they hadn’t paid rent for many months and were in the eviction process. SO, when filming time came they couldn’t film her in VileKyle’s poolhouse so Bravo rented her a home. SO, during filming when they decided to make THELIARSUPREMESLUTBAGSCUMBAGLYINGLIARJEALOUSBITCHMORONSTFUBrandi a Full-time housewife, she had been evicted from where she had been renting, and so Bravo decided to help her out by renting her a house for that season. So, I guess they decided to defer part of her salary for the show by renting her a home. She has HORRIFIC credit, she couldn’t rent any of the places she has lived in the past few years if it were not for Bravo signing the leases, no one would rent her that type of house after running her credit.

        • SF says:

          Horrific credit, no, she didn’t have credit after her divorce from Eddie. Which is two different things. She’s built her credit history since then because she wouldn’t have been able to lease a Range Rover.

          And where is this info coming that the the show rented the house for her? I see this everywhere, but unlike the crazy ghostwriter stuff, I have seen no proof. Or even the claim she was evicted, leases end. Owners get greedy, this isn’t a new concept.

          Never mind she had a nice place to live before she got a job with RHOBH so your timeline is off. If she couldn’t get a nice place, how did she get a nice place before RHOBH?

        • Powell says:

          I can understand Taylor because she was a part of the cast but Booble Bobble Head wasn’t so to me they should have just passed on her just for that. But whatevs right? 🙂

  2. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. I hope you have a great 🇹🇬🇮🇫❗😊

    Who’s watching Celebrity Marriage Bootcamp tonight? I’m looking forward to seeing if we get all the truth if Hank Basket did cheat on Kendra w/a transvestite. Should be an interesting season.

    Now onto what kit went through to give us a great blog. 😀

  3. Powell says:

    OC 2011. Alexis and Peggy are now apart of the cast. Alexis is debuting her clothing line.

    • FattyCat says:

      only started watching OC, I think season 5, never watched the HW things (why, oh why, did I allow myself to get involved!) I watched OC reruns from the beginning this week. Enjoyed seasons 1 to 4, (might have my seasons/timing/etc. confused, but hopefully you understand) then Tamra came and, is it me, or is that when it became trashy???? I don’t think Icky was as loud or obnoxious until then. Also, wow, never a fan of Heather, but again, wow, never realized she was that pretentious from day one! Why oh why do I continue watching???? 🙂

  4. Powell says:

    Watching TMZ Live. They caught Kyle. Asked her if Kim was back in good w/the family, Kyle said yes. Asked if Kim was still in Mexico or back in U.S., Kyle said she had not spoken to her. Asked if Kim’s supposed to go back to rehab, Kyle said that’s the plan. Asked if Kyle is mad at Kim, she said no. TMZ said they also saw Kathy & she gave similar answers. They are speculating that Bravo may kick Kim off and get Kathy on.

  5. designernailsdiana says:

    Considering STFUBrandi wasn’t going to talk about LVP she sure did a lot of it.
    Kit Thank You. I hear the next one will be so filthy we will need bleach and comet cleanser baths to recover from it. I send you a dome to protect your delicate senses and skin.
    Came into work to find out Bomb Threats were called into various malls and Minnesota was named. Ugh why can’t we all just live in peace?
    Blessings of this TGIF!

    • Powell says:

      Bleach and comet is too harsh on the skin. LOL. 😉
      Bomb threats?!? 😱 I wish we could just live in peace. We’re not supposed to be the same. We may not like some people. But just let everyone live their lives. Everyone live in peace.

  6. Powell says:

    It’s weird how Bravo is running OC. Epi started at 12:40pm.

  7. Powell says:

    Vicki filed for divorce and Tamra is w/Eddie. DANG!! I didn’t realize it was in 2011.

  8. stellastars21 says:

    I don’t understand if Stassi quit the show then how as she said did someone take her chance of making all the reality tv money away from her? I don’t watch that show but I’m not buying that she quit.

    • T-Rex says:

      Yep, exactly Stella, it’s like the “I’m not living with my boyfriend any longer, who has been seen out with other women, but we are Still together” crapola. Famewhores don’t give up a paying Reality gig, to sit back and do a blog that no one is reading, sorry.

  9. Powell says:

    OMG Kit! I said the show w/Stassi would be a “bitchfest about Lisa and Scheana”. DANG!! Did Booble Bobble Head read it here?. 😱 😉

    • California35 says:

      Of course she reads here. She feels she is being watched and criticised, hallo she is on a tv show. Any ways, if Brandi is reading this…you lost me slowly for difrent reasons, but pushed me over the edge with your bikini in PalmSprings and your racial comments at the pool. religion ans rase, great job. You can’t blame that on any of the wives you have blame for other things you have done.

  10. shamrockblonde says:

    *hugs Kit really hard* – thank you angel – your poor ears – Stassi was on the amazing race? and what is with not discussing Jax?

    • kit9 says:

      Brandi said that it was the first time in doing her show that someone said they wouldn’t discuss something, Stassi actually said she wouldn’t talk about certain people-plural. Then the audio cut out. At first I thought they just weren’t talking, maybe motioning to each other, but I listened to it again and it seems the audio was cut. When it came back on, Stassi named Jax as one she didn’t want to discuss. I’m thinking she probably also included Katie. With Jax she said she was tired of being associated with him, or words to that effect.

  11. TexasTart says:

    TMZ is still following around Kyle, she responded to several questions, one of which is she has not talked to KIM since the wedding.

  12. lila1star says:

    You did it again Kit! ty for taking so many for the team. Does anyone here know when we find out who is coming back to BH? T-Rex–do you know? Ever notice that Brandi gives the same reason for having to move every year–they are selling the house–right and I have a bridge she is welcome live under for free 🙂 Its on the river–so plenty of water and weed (not that kind of weed) but one can’t be choosy.

    I do not think Stassi gave up that pay check of her own free will.
    I imagine the tabloids are desperate enough for info that they do call Brandi–it is just that Brandi doesn’t know anything about Kim. Their whole relationship is based on being drinking buddies.
    have a good one1

    • I don’t think she gave it up either and I love how she and her bf are living apart but still together, oh, okayyyy…

    • T-Rex says:

      Lila – it’s been confirmed that TheRoyalVpump, VileKyle, LypsLIsa, and ThatTrampweLOVEEileen have all been given new contracts, and several sources have said they are completely re-signed. THELIARSUPREMESLUTBAGSCUMBAGLYINGLIARJEALOUSBITCHMORONSTFUBrandi has not been given a contract as of yet. She and her PR folks are workin ANDY HARD to try and get back on the show, however the four above do NOT want to film with her, at all. So we shall see what happens. .

  13. TexasTart says:

    Kit – I enjoyed your recap, thank you!

    • Are you floating away or are you dry, I hear you are getting more, send it here please…

      • TexasTart says:

        Really wish I could, Princess. We have racked up 23″ of rain just this month. That is more than our annual rainfall. I’m dry as long as I am in the house, which has been reduced to an island. The standing water is getting really stinky, brown with gosh knows what but the bacteria content is creeping me out. The water is killing our peach trees and the garden is dead. I can’t sleep through the storms, my dog is a nervous wreck. Septic system is flooded. DirecTV has been out for 3 days. I have WATER SNAKES showing up around the perimeter of the house, if that tells you anything, lol. I don’t think our house will flood though. Lord, please let this not be famous last words! I feel shameful to complain when people have lost lives and possessions.

        How’s your fabulous self? Is your shoulder improving?

        • OMG!! That sounds horrible!!!! Stay safe!!

        • ObeMoreInBoston says:

          Wow. Stay safe.

          Keeping you and your state in my prayers.

        • HuskerHuny says:

          Stay safe and sane TT! I talked to my friend in Houston Wednesday night and he is high and dry where he is, but only a few blocks away it’s a different story. He’s happy to be heading back up this way next week and dry out a bit. Let’s send this rain to the west coast.

        • not THAT Jill says:

          Tartsy!!! None of this sounds fun!! Please stay safe and I hope this ends soon-it’s so scary just seeing it on the news!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

        • Powell says:

          I’m sorry TexasTart! I wish I could wave a magic wand and get that rain out of there for you all. I pray it will end very soon.

          • TexasTart says:

            Thank you all ^^^^^ forgot to mention the frogs are so loud at night it’s unbelievable. 🐸🐢🐍

  14. Oh Kit!!!! Great job as always, do you just have to sit somewhere quiet and rock in the fetal position after listening to this much stupidity??? A long soak in a hot tub to wash off the ridiculousness??? Seriously girl, if you don’t want to listen to the Ron Jeremy one I don’t blame you!!!! I would give you a pass….yucky, yucky, yucky!!!!! If you do it, I will probably read with one eye closed, lol, just in case it is too much for my delicate sensibilities… At least you won’t have to look at him….or her for that matter!!

    • kit9 says:

      Rofl! @ fetal position! lol. I actually already finished the Jeremy epi but haven’t edited it yet. It turns out that the interview is actually with the man who owns the Bunny Ranch. He just happened to bring Ron along and he barely talks. There’s really only one really gross part of the interview, if you can believe it. Mainly, it’s weird.

  15. HuskerHuny says:

    Anyone watch Aquarius last night and if you did, what did you think? I thought it was a good start, but I’m still holding final judgment after seeing a few more episodes. It’s been so long since I’ve watched anything that isn’t reality TV or reruns from past favorites.

    • I lived that, so I have no interest in seeing it. It was so scary as a kid having that all happen. The Tate/Labianca murders were so frightening and consuming the news. And this was all in the same years as the Zodiac killer and Bobby Kennedy, … We used to go up to San Francisco every few months…it all seemed to be happening in LA too… I can still remember talking about it at school. And then also Vietnam… and everything else that was going on .. I am so glad we didn’t have internet and stuff back then. As they say it was a turbulent time, the late 60s/early 70s….

      • HuskerHuny says:

        I as well remember this in real time, but I didn’t live as close to it as you did. And it was a very scary time. I had just moved into my first apartment after leaving home (fall 1975) and I did not have a roommate. I bought the book Helter Skelter. Big mistake. I had to get up out of bed three times during the night to make sure my door was locked. Living in the midwest during the late 60s/early 70s, I was pretty insulated against the reality of what was going on not only in this country, but around the world as we only had the newspaper and TV. The internet has changed all of that for today’s youth.

        • I was just talking about this with PBB because I saw the commercial for this show and she said, “No Mom, you don’t want to watch it” I didn’t know what it was for…she knows me so well. But I was telling her that she has grown up with so much info on a world wide scale that I understand why a lot of her generation is afraid to leave the house and have no hope for a future. There is a whole generation in Japan of men in their 20/30s I have to google the term but they don’t leave the house and are on the computer all day. From Wiki~~ Hikiomori…..According to government figures released in 2010, there are 700,000 individuals living as hikikomori with an average age of 31. The social pressure is too much… I don’t blame them, lol!! And what were you thinking reading Helter Skelter!!!!!

          • Powell says:

            The world can be a scary place at times but we can’t let that take over our lives. That’s just paralyzing. People like them that just live on their computer are just as scary IMO.

        • kit9 says:

          Reading all these comments makes me want to see Helter Skelter again. Haven’t seen it ages.

      • mrs peabody says:

        My time period too.

      • lila1star says:

        I too lived it. The horrific Manson “family” crime spree was squeezed on the news between images of the Viet Nam war and folks getting 20 to life for pot, LSD (depending on where one lived) and whatever else made news. That whole era was the first time news could be broadcasted into ones home.

        But I did give Aquarius a look see but found it slow and a bit unsettling. They do not claim to stay with historical accuracy but rather story telling. To keep up with the likes of Netflix one can watch the whole season now or up to one month from the premier on-line at NBC.
        I am a child of the 60’s and remember it well–some fondly and some not so much. But I do cherish my hippy clothes lol (which are coming back in style).

        • It really was one of those “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…” I still remember my “Love” necklace pendant in six grade and my first low rise bell bottoms….so cool!!

    • California35 says:

      I did not watch it, but plan to. I am curious about what you and those who saw it think of it. I will give it a try and, as you, I will give it a few episodes to see if I stick to it. The previews and X Files and Californication guy is in it 😀

      • sparklemuffy says:

        I am liking it. Up to episode 6. Read more about Manson and didn’t realize he had been in and out of prisons and brutalized. What an evil manipulator. He hated women.

  16. SerenaNYC says:

    Look out! She’s an actress now.

  17. not THAT Jill says:

    Walk For The Cure is this Sunday- to those who donated I thank you from the bottom of my heart-my blog friends ROCK!!!
    If you can donate-please do. If you can’t donate I totally understand but you can still help by keeping my family in your thoughts as we walk on Sunday-it’s supposed to 90 degrees and ALL the kiddies are walking with us…any good thoughts you have will be greatly appreciated as my nerves will be frayed by the time we reach the finish line!!
    Thank you all!!!!

    • chismosa says:

      dear god, i WILL be thinking of you! Get some nice gatorade or coconut water or whatever the heck works for you. Have an amazing time!!!! Doing good work….. ❤
      our star jill ⭐

      Please have some brewskies when done!

    • Foxymel(Mel) says:

      That’s awesome! Have a wonderful walk. 🙂

  18. chismosa says:

    TARTS!—- i’m JUST getting here—- and saw SNAKES…… dude- I’M so very sorry this has been so awful for you! i’ve been on a crazy non-regular schedule of reading the blog this past couple of weeks– i am praying for you literally—– this is terrible! I hope you stay SAFE SAFE SAFE! love you girl ! Zodiac is one of my FAVORITE films, that when it’s on i can’t stop watching. Amazing! and i’m not a huge Jake Gyllenhaal fan at allllllllllllll.
    Now with Mad Men gone i can’t get my 1960s fix anymore (though i think Masters of sex is back soon, i didn’t watch the trailer that is out but i was not into the last season so i hope this upcoming one is better)— so I do like David Duchovny and i was ATTEMPTING to get my mother to watch Aquarius with me but she wouldn’t.
    So i am still going to watch it– and i believe all episodes are available for binging— on demand— i already in 20 minutes decided the guy who is slightly older than the rest at the main first party- he has bad skin– he was on Justified— he is an undercover cop. I wonder if i’m SO wrong! LOL
    I didn’t know Charles Manson was southern? The guy had a drawl speaking who plays him……

    So cool, i love this creepy crap!!!

    KIT! amazing review…. thank you. Very intriguing. So Stassi was fired, essentially, right???
    And despite Lisa hating Kristen, she’s back on— that is so interesting to me.
    Those men are total man-gina’s. It’s icky.
    Brandi is a mess.

    — i do agree with her that Lisa Lips is going to get a bad edit if they don’t find another ‘villain’ for next season. for SURE. Foxy Mel said it !

    Powell: on tmz— i don’t watch that ever— do they actually RUN UP TO KYLE in the airport? like she’s some sort of STAR? I’m just wondering– she’s someone camera guys run to?
    Good for her…..

    I just don’t think this is going to end well for Kim. Andy better get his $hit together as he plans next season. He’s been to bit*hy on twitter to people. No wonder he’s not the face of Bravo anymore.

    • chismosa says:

      sorry— i thought i typed in Husker in here to break my comment from Tarts to Husker—
      Sorry it’s a bit all over the place!
      I have people watching over my shoulder O_o

    • TMZ “found” her walking with her store’s shopping bags (empty?) from her store to the garage.

      I guess if you pay anyone enough they’ll run up on you.

      Big side eye.

    • TexasTart says:

      Thank you.

    • kit9 says:

      I like Zodiac, too. It’s a well made film and managed to capture, for me, a genuine 70’s feel which isn’t always easy. I wasn’t alive for most of those murders and too young to remember the Manson murders. But, my mother had a fascination with the case and knew everything about it. I remember watching the made for tv movie. Steve Railsback, so creepy!

      • chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:

        Oh I’m jotting that down …….. For the future.

        Zodiac is AWESOME.

        • kit9 says:

          It’s one of those great 70’s tv movies like Sybil. It’s from the Manson persecutor’s book on the trial from Vincent Bugliosi(sp)called Helter Skelter.

  19. sparklemuffy says:

    I thought Kim was taking Topamax — but don’t remember the Adderall? A bunch of us tried Topamax for weight-loss back in the day. ( don’t do it–you can feel your brain cells dying). Anyhow, what is up with all these women taking Adderall? And Dr’s prescribing? I know several and they swear they have adult ADD. I have also heard that so many people have so much memory loss from taking depression meds that they have to take for any focus. It’s questions like this when I miss our Nancy. Thanks Kit for taking one for the team– so interesting they speak of drug abuse so casually. –Prayers for our Texas people–

    • T-Rex says:

      Adderall is the prescription drug to the stars, for their FAKEAzz ADD, but really it’s just the new SPEED. You are zoomed up, you don’t eat, and feel like the energizer bunny, bonus you apparently can drink on the stuff and not seem really drunk and you lose weight. I remember that Lindsay Lohan for years was on the stuff and would ONLY go to a rehab that would allow her to remain on the drug. Finally the courts sentenced her to THEIR rehab and she had to give up the stuff, not sure if she still takes it or not. Same with DrugAddict/AlcoholicKim, she only chose rehabs that were not going to remove her from her prescription drugs, and yes she was taking Adderall, at least when she confessed to her drugs at the time she went to Dr. Paul. That’s why she needs BettyFord/Halzeldon they wean you off EVERYTHING. They then will add back medications if needed and their point is that none of that crap is needed and most of it is just abused legal drugs. I remember a show about Hazeldon where they said that 99.9 percent of their patients leave without any prescriptions and that most patients were only using them like the would illegal narcotics, and would doctor shop for them.

    • T-Rex says:

      Forgot to add that LOADS of folks take Topamax and Adderall together with Wellbutrin it’s a cocktail that helps suppress the appetite and give you a bit of a high all day.

      • Powell says:

        IDK how people live like that, in an altered state day in and day out.

      • lila1star says:

        Hi T-Rex–and a dangerous cocktail at that. Topamax–along with Gabapentin, and the newer Lyrica are anti-seizure meds that failed and so they now have different uses for them. Like you said–Adderall is simply speed.
        My doc has tried numerous times to get me to take 2 of the above anti-seizure meds for nerve pain etc… and all they do to me is send me straight to doom and gloom land. I wont take them nor will I take any anti-depressants which they also use to treat pain. I am fine with my aspirin–ty.

        Lyrica has been so abused that now you have to have a written script like one would get for a narcotic. I really do not get what folks see in this.
        I will say that in the early stage of my Lyme they put me on Trazadone which is an old anti-D hardly prescribed in favor of the newer more expensive stuff but because my day and night was so messed up they gave it to me for sleep and I will say it did the job and I was on it only 6 months.

        An Interesting side effect to Topamax is with the eyes–it can cause that furtive eye movement. I have seen that with KR.

    • I think Trazadone was on that list too….anti-psychotic, given for sleep…

    • chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:

      Sparkle now you have me all nervous about any type of SSRI (?) or mood changer.

      Memory loss ?????

      Couple that with what recently came out about otc sleep-aids —my constant use of zzzzzzzquil for sleep help (+/ or melatonin) >>>> I’m thoroughly SPOOKED. 💀👻

      • sparklemuffy says:

        I don’t know. I’m hearing that?? It’s hard to find any info about it, but I know 4 people who are on Adderall as we are all aging ??

        • chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:

          Lol you mean just aging or just memory loss – giggle 😀

          This adderall talk is super enlightening to me !!!!
          Crazy! 🏃👛💊💊

    • kit9 says:

      I almost fell over when Stassi admitted freely the drug taking. And, outing not just herself but everyone else! She didn’t burn the bridge, she torched it! I have no experience with Adderall at all. I wonder where they all got it. Were they all going to Dr.s and pretending to have ADD?

      • Okay, I just saw a TV talk show on this Adderall–just a couple of weeks ago? Two parents were on whose son killed himself after taking this drug for an extended time period. He was always a model student and son until he started using this in college for studying. Apparently it’s very common in college for students to take this. One doctor said all you have to do is go to a doctor and say you’re depressed: script!

        The worse part was the parents took their son to a medical facility for help when his personality changed drastically; they even told his doctor who was giving him the script that he was killing him–and every time the son walked out with the script for Adderall. It was so sad.

        Oh, I found the online video, which is in 5 parts. It was on the Dr. Oz show. It pretty much tells all you need to know about this awful drug:

        • I’m in sort of a strange position with my staff because their health history has to be on file with me since they all get free treatments. Gotta follow medical protocols etc.

          So I have a few girls that work for me on Adderall. And they are awesome employees BTW. I can also always tell when they forget to take it because they’re like lost kittens wandering around.

          I think the drug has a time and a place. The mix of the two amphetamines are a lifesaver for someone who has been legit diagnosed with ADHD and pulse control.

          But because of it’s weight control and extra concentration reputation, it gets abused.

          My assistant manager has told me her cousins have offered $10 a pill- she’s a good girl that gets paid well enough she won’t start dealing it, but I can certainly see the temptation.

          p.s. As I have discussed in previous blogs, my father has spinal injuries relating to his time as a POW- Lyrica has helped him greatly.

          • I understand it’s a complicated issue. I’m certainly not a doctor.

            I personally am very sensitive to drugs, so other than an acid reflux medication, I rarely take anything but the occasional OTC headache/pain pills. However, I’d love to be skinny and smarter, but so far no doctor has offered a pill to help me get there, so I must defer to your expertise in this. 🙂

            • Crap- sign me up for that pill too!

              I just have seen first hand how beneficial Adderall can be for someone who truly struggles with ADHD. I’ve also seen what happens when someone misses a dose.

              I also get that it is very easy to abuse. I just think it’s “throwing the baby out with the bath water” to categoririze the drug as speed and therefore a menace to society or whatever.

              • HOnestly, I’ve come to the sad conclusion that humans–lovely as we are–can be a hot mess, with or without meds. So I’m just along for the ride, seatbelt engaged. 😀

    • designernailsdiana says:

      I was on Gabapentin for my fibromyalgia pain. I finally took myself off of it. I didn’t like how it made me feel. It helped a little, but not with pain more with following conversations.
      I take Duloxetine (sp?) cymbalta and that has helped the nerve pain.
      I don’t get all the mixing drugs and alcohol. I have people tell me all the time it’s okay to mix them. It’s deadly and I tell them I’m not famous enough to do that, which gives them a pause to think about it.
      It’s bad enough I have to take medicine let alone take them for recreational use. Ugh

  20. California35 says:

    Thanks Kit for the sacrifice and for blogging about it.

    Brandi is right (finally paying attention) when she said they get a season when rhey can say whatever and get a pass, she just did not mention that she had a season of that herself. That she misses those times and that she thought she could continue to have it, and her head grew big. Then realized she over did it and no longer got the pass. By the way, i dont think everyone gets that season of saying whatever they want. Only certain people, and if i can say this, it was probably only her. On that capasidy. Everyone has their bitchy moments, their inosent moments, their funny moments, etc. but not all do what she has done and bow clains Lisa R is doing. Any ways..

    On stassi, I am sure she s kicking herself for losing the oportunity or not using the oppoortunity well. She said it herself, she is a brat. She thought she could do better, but how if she is burning bridges. Wheather she got fired or she quit. She no longer has the paychek nor the platform to eventually do soemthing better once VPR is over it on the side. If she is saying Lisa could not have fired her because she is not the only one that makes de decision, she is ONE that could make the desision. Also, she is ONE that can decide to fire her from SUR, either way baby, Lisa has s lot more power than you on both, the show and the restaurant.

    Yesterday I posted regarding the “broken” blog. I hough everyone knew about it. It was talked about it on the blogs after. Any ways, it was the one whee there were a lot of twits, it was mostly about Kim. I was just curious to see what I have missed and I can not check THAT one blog. Not the blog, not the coments, nothing.

    P.S. ONEMOREINBOSTON — your name shows up oBemoreinboston. No wonder your color is different.

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      Lol- thx babe- no wonder I don’t feel like myself 😜

      I think the blog you’re talking about is lost in the mists of the internet. It started off great but most of the comments were “wtf?” after it got all broken. So pretty much everything that was said was said again…

      • California35 says:

        Ok thanks OMIB, in that case I’m informed since I read the blogs/boards after it.

  21. While meeting with Adrienne Maloof’s plastic surgeon husband, Dr. Paul Nassif, Kim said she’s taking Lexapro (anti-anxiety), Trazadone (antidepressant) and Topamax (an anti-seizure medication that can also be used to treat alcoholism).Nov 8, 2011

  22. Foxymel(Mel) says:

    Happy Saturday everyone!

    Thinking about you, (((Buttersmom))) Also, my friends in Texas with this dangerous weather, I hope the floods go away soon.
    Topomax AKA, Dopamax is also used for chronic migraines. I was only on it for about 5 weeks and never fully went to the maximum dosage because it was horrible! I felt like I was in a constant fog, I couldn’t remember the very last thing I was saying and it gave me insomnia. Of course I lost about 4 lbs whilst on it because I couldn’t remember if I had already eaten. Very strange drug. I was also experiencing lower back pain and I was afraid it might be kidney stones since that’s a possible side effect.
    I know body builders use this drug for a short period of time to lose some weight, so I wouldn’t recommend this med. unless you’re home ALL day and have nothing else to do. Lol

    We just got back from Sanibel, and it was truly an amazing family trip. 🙂

    • ladebra says:

      I ❤ Sanibel!

    • TexasTart says:

      👋 Hi Foxy! I’m so happy for you having an amazing family trip! You can read a little bit upstream (pun intended) about all the fun at my swamp. We have chance of rain or storms today or night, but the very very good news is they are forecasting a mostly dry week ahead! 🌞

      • Foxymel(Mel) says:

        Oh my gosh! I truly hope it stops raining in your area. The aftermath sounds like a nightmare. Please stay safe until the water clears out a little. Poor Rocky feeling nervous during those storms. 😦

    • chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:

      I hear beautiful things about sanibel !
      Glad you had a blast …..

      Thanks for the 411 on 💊💊💊😳

  23. chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:

    Jill thinking of you for tomorrow !!!!

    Are the girls going? My Maggie ? (Powell 😉)

    Have fun! Stay COOL☀️💨💧

  24. Orson says:

    We’ve had a lot of rain up here lately. I just today figured out what’s been happening. It’s all KatieCat’s fault. She’s been making it rain so that Snowball and That Tramp can’t go out on dates.

  25. VV™ says:

    Billionaire Joseph Getty marries Sabine Ghanem.

  26. VV™ says:

    This is an interesting tweet because her own mother a few days ago wore a white blouse to Nicky’s bridal shower. I wonder who Nicky had in mind when she tweeted this. I’m 100% she was not talking about Kathy.

  27. TexasTart says:

    • Orson says:

      Maybe Brandi and Kathy have the same person pumping up their cheekbones?

    • Hmmm…its a nice picture of Portia and Kathy.

      But why do i feel like lines are being drawn in the sand?

      • TexasTart says:

        – – – – – – – – – – – – – because maybe they are?!
        Kyle also tweeted a pic of she and Mauricio in Puerta Villarta (sp) and I thought that was interesting they went back to Mexico . Maybe anniversary trip or something because maybe this indicates she left Portia in the care of Aunt Kathy?

        IF that is true it speaks volumes as to the status of the Kathy/Kyle relationship. But i don’t believe their relationship would be so close, the I’ll leave my kid with you close. Of course we don’t know the date of the pic, could have been taken at the time of last week’s wedding and has nothing to do with who keeps Portia when they are gone. I would think Farrah or Alexia could watch after Portia.

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