Kandi’s Ski Trip Part 2

Kandi’s Ski Trip Part 2 by RamonaCoaster

I thought the “unts” would be the comedy relief on this show but thus far, their brand of craziness is not entertaining.  Don Juan and to a certain extent, Carmon, are the greek chorus.  They are the muppets that sit in the balcony and make wisecracks about the characters in the show.  Last week’s rating was 1.457 Live + SD.  Kandi’s Wedding did much better in the ratings department.

Kandi comes back from the family intervention and talks to Todd about how her “unts,” cousin and Mama felt.   Todd doesn’t know what the problem is when they are on a free getaway.  Kandi tells him her family complained that she isn’t the same person.  He doesn’t think she is the same person.  She is newly married.  Todd thinks there is a lack of men in the situation and the women are catty, crazy, only see things from their own perspective.  Todd still wants to sit them down and hash it out which I think you should do if the people you are dealing with are sane but you can’t talk to crazy.  Kandi knows her “unts” better than that.  In Todd’s TH he realizes they are old and set in their crazy ways and no man can gainsay them.  After all they set it up that way.

Carmon and Don Juan decide to have a drink after the long crazy night.  Matthew knocks on the door and they are surprised that “Forrest Gump” came to see them with a notepad and an itinerary.  Don Juan does his Forest Gump imitation and it’s funny as heck.  Matthew wants to know where Don Juan’s notepad is and he says he has passed that level.  Matthew is sassing that they are unprepared and are only there for a free vacay.  He suggests fly fishing.  In the middle of winter, Matthew?  Actually I did some research and you can do fly fishing in winter provided the stream isn’t frozen over and you can stand the cold.  I don’t think they would stand there freezing just to catch some fish.  Don Juan says our people don’t fly fish and Matthew whispers “that’s racist.”

Don Juan wants to know if there is an AARP for snowboarding.  Matthew then illustrates by raising his foot in the air that Mama Joyce is very flexible.  It’s not about flexibility; it’s about strong bones.  One broken hip and it’s downhill from there.  Don Juan doesn’t think he should put his leg in the air and thinks he is strange.  Matthew says he wants to be just like Mama Joyce when he grows up.  Does your boss know about this?  Carmon suggest Matthew take the “unts” shopping while the rest of the family goes skiing.  But Matthew wanted to go skiing.  Oh well.  Take one for the team.  When they discuss breakfast, Carmon says they will have bacon, eggs, and grits.  Matthew suggests organic pumpkin or granola cereal for breakfast and Carmon tells him that’s not going to fly with these people.  They need food that clogs their arteries.  Carmon wants to give him enough rope to hang himself so sends him grocery shopping on his own.  Carmon is unbothered that Matthew wants to take her job.  Eventually they are going to resent him for doing a better job as an assistant.

Kandi and Mama Joyce are cooking breakfast.  Joyce doesn’t usually have breakfast.  She does her Jack Lalanne exercises instead.  Kandi doesn’t think two packs of bacon are going to be enough for all those people.  No one brought grits despite arguing who should take the grits in their suitcase. Kandi must have glossed over the organic pumpkin granola stuff that Matthew bought.  Kandi asks her mom if she knew how the “unts” felt about Kandi.  Joyce is carefully picking her words.  She reiterates that they think Kandi has changed.  They both agree they want their relationship back on track.  Joyce doesn’t eat the way her sisters eat so she doesn’t cook.  Her sister is surprised when she walks into the kitchen and sees Joyce cooking bacon.  I think Joyce would enjoy the organic pumpkin granola.

Don Juan can’t believe Carmon let “Forrest Gump” go grocery shopping on his own.  Carmon wants to put the blame for not having enough bacon at the breakfast table on Matthew but Kandi rightfully says that it was her job to do the grocery shopping.  I guess her plan to pin it all on Matthew is going down the tubes.

Mama Joyce says she hasn’t seen Carmon doing anything.  She says if Kandi wants to pay Carmon for doing nothing then pay her own self too.  Mama Joyce got a house.  Her salary is very expensive for complaining and meddling in her daughter’s marriage.  The group members are splitting up to go shopping and skiing.  The OLG (old lady gang) are no way in hell going skiing.

Todd, Kandi, Todd’s brother, Don Juan, Carmon, Riley and Kaela are going skiing and signing some releases that excuse the resorts from liability and they are wondering how dangerous skiing is. Just ask Michael Kennedy, Sonny Bono, and Natasha Richardson how dangerous skiing is.   Matthew had the forethought to set them up with ski instructors.  Ray, Todd’s brother, fell as soon as he got on the ski escalator and had trouble getting up.  It’s rather discouraging when you can’t even get up the bunny slope.

Matthew is taking the “lovely” senior citizens shopping.  Mama felt Carmon should have taken the old ladies shopping instead of Matthew.  They all like the store that Matthew suggested and tried on some cowboy hats.  Matthew thinks his boss’s needs come first.  Mama Joyce is getting to know Todd’s aunt and Todd’s aunt says she doesn’t judge a book by its cover.

The skiers are falling and having a good time.  It’s nice they are getting along; Kaela is all over the slopes bumping into people.  Carmon is skiing like a pro.  Kandi wishes she was a better assistant than skier.

After skiing, Todd takes his male relatives out for beers to talk and get away from the cackling hens.  His uncle tells him that Cousin Weenie is a bully and is jealous & envious.  He feels he needs to take a stand.  Todd sees how Kandi’s family can be from another perspective.  Todd is usually alone when dealing with Kandi’s family and he feels like he is losing his mind.  Usually when you are the only sane person in a room full of crazies, you start to wonder if you are the one going crazy.  Todd says he usually calls his mother when things happen and now he wants to know if it’s okay to ask his male relatives for advice and support.  His brother, Ray, offers advice that Todd shouldn’t withdraw and make his voice heard and respected.  This gives Todd the push to talk sit down and talk with Kandi’s crazy relatives to hash things out.

Kandi and her family sit around to play family games.  Matthew announces that someone wants to go to a nude beach which really is a nude spring.  Mama starts screaming that she doesn’t want to see anything.  It’s a rather weird thing for Matthew to say.  Matthew offers to wake up the “unts” to play games and they all tell him if him if he wants to live, he won’t.  They decide never to want to play truth or dare and play charades instead.  The senior citizens trounced the young’uns’.  After the game, Todd brings up the issue that the family feels he is responsible for Kandi not being around and how they addressed the room situation in the beginning of the trip.  Weenie starts screaming about how she took off a week for her vacation to come there.  It’s a free vacay, freeloader!  I’m also beginning to suspect they are getting paid to be there.  It’s no hardship for you, Weener.  Todd starts speaking when Weenie is screaming and Mama Joyce yells “hold up!”  Don Juan is all excited that Joyce is saying her peace.  She points out that Todd’s uncle came in and gave his wife a kiss while Todd came in and got a beer.  Todd realizes Mama is deflecting and he brings the conversation back to his point.  Todd says he feels they should communicate more and he is not keeping Kandi from them.  Uh, Todd?  Maybe Kandi just wants to get away from the crazy and she is not communicating appropriately?  Weenie says they won’t have a problem if he treats Kandi right.  Kandi is flattered that Weenie is over protective of her.   Come on, Kandi!  You are the money tree they like to shake every once in a while.  They can’t do without you.

They go snowmobiling the next day.  Riley and Matthew overturn their mobile but are okay.  The “unts” are enjoying themselves.

They sit down for a big family meal at a ranch.  Kandi wants everyone to sit next to someone they wouldn’t normally sit next to.  Kandi points out that Matthew has been helpful.  Matthew gives out minitoothbrushes to clean your teeth after eating barbecue.  Aunt Bertha thinks Matthew hit his head after watching him brush his teeth and the table.  Don Juan wants him to brush the brown stuff off his nose.  Riley is annoyed at how sarcastic Don Juan and Carmon are being towards Matthew but it is because he is doing a better job and they are haters.  Give Riley fifty silver dollars!  They all wonder what Carmon does for Kandi.  Mama Joyce jumps in and notices that Carmon doesn’t take care of her “artist” (boss).  Carmon starts listing what she does for Kandi and it sounds kind of weak.  Mama plans on coming around to see what Carmon does.  Don Juan wants to know when Kandi will step in because eventually they will start in on him if the Carmon bashing gets tiring.

Don Juan and Carmon retire to their crib and complain about what happened over dinner.   They feel they bring in the money and don’t want to explain what they do for the Kandi empire.  Kandi walks in and knows she walked into the middle of their conversation.  Kandi says she wishes Carmon was more like Matthew.  Don Juan wants to point out that he is not an assistant but a general manager.  Kandi gives him props for doing a good job.  Carmon, however, is not that great of an assistant.  Kandi points out that Carmon gets her nails done first thing in the morning instead of her job.  She then throws Don Juan under the bus when Kandi says he doesn’t want to ask her to do stuff anymore because she doesn’t so he does it himself.  Don Juan is not happy that he was caught talking crap about Carmon.  Kandi points out that people in her company think she gets special treatment because she is Kandi’s friend.  I think if she wasn’t her friend, she would have been fired already.  Kandi then wants Carmon to sort things out with Mama Joyce.

They both go over to Mama Joyce to start talking.  Dun, dun, duuuun! Until next week.

So on the next WWHL poll, I think Andy should ask the audience: “Who is the biggest, entitled pain in the ass on the ski trip?”


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79 Responses to Kandi’s Ski Trip Part 2

  1. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. Hope your weekend was fantastic!! It’s Bottom Lip Monday and thank goodness it’s not a bad one. 😃
    I haven’t been watching Kandi’s ski trip. I don’t enjoy her family, the Old Lady Mob, Joyce and her cousin. They’re always whining and Todd gets the blame but if they were truthful it’s all about The Kandi Gravy Train. I don’t particularly like Juan Don or Don Juan, whatever his name is. He doesn’t treat Kandi like she’s The Boss. His job isn’t guaranteed.
    Any news on Kim Richards?

    • HuskerHuny says:

      Hey there Miss Powell and happy Monday to you and everyone here!

      I did watch about 2 minutes and 14 seconds of Kandi and her whiny family last night and then turned it off. All of the aunts and mama herself were whining about Kandi doesn’t do this or Kandi doesn’t do that. Whine, whine, whine!!! This is entertainment? Yo Bravo, time to show this family the door already. Zero entertainment value.

      • Powell says:

        Hey Husker. Down to the last second huh? 🙂 Andy needs to stop giving Kandi her own show. I like Kandi but out of her 3 shows I’ve probably watched 2 minutes and 14 seconds in total. You know Husker Kandi’s family will treat her how she allows them to treat her.

    • ladebra says:

      Hope you have good weather Powell👍

      • Powell says:

        Hey ladebra. I do. It was a very nice weather weekend. We’re getting rain this afternoon but it won’t be bad. How about your neck of the woods?

  2. Powell says:

    Ramonacoaster I’m a little miffed w/you calling DJ and Carmon the Old men Muppets that sit in the balcony. I love those old men. They are funny. DJ and Carmon are not.

  3. HuskerHuny says:

    Does anyone here watch Blood, Sweat and Heels? I have watched the majority of last year and now this year. I do like it, but I don’t know why. This week I like this girl and then the next week I don’t like her, but I begin liking a girl I didn’t like a few weeks ago. It’s funny, but I keep watching.

    • T-Rex says:

      I watched this a bit here and there, and yes, I am like you one week I am liking someone then the next week they just piss me off, the English chick though she is a BITCH, so is that Geneva who has clear anger issues. I disliked Melissa last year, but like her a lot this year.

    • Powell says:

      I watch but didn’t last ni. I fell asleep. The British girl likes to start drama. When they went to Demetria’s book reading Geneva should have told the British girl to shut up when demetria was reading. Geneva said she wasn’t responsible for her but when Demetria’s fiancee was ready to kick her out Geneva stood up for her. NO!! But you’re not responsible for her. Why stick up for her? Some kind of friend to Demetria. Then Geneva gets mad because the fiance uninvited her to the wedding. These Bravo shows crack me up w/the uninvites. 😄

      • mm in oc says:

        Whoever planned that event was an idiot. Wrong setting for a q&a. When alcohol is being served you can only do up to a 2 minute speech before people tune out and start separate conversations. Recrptions like thst one are doomed to fail. Ill blame this on production as Im sure they planned it this was to cause friction.

  4. designernailsdiana says:

    Happy Cold Sunshine Monday from Minne”snow”ta. It’s breezy and cool today, but it’ll hit 70 so I guess it’s not too bad.
    I did watch Kandi’s Lazi Famili Ski Trip. I’d rather watch just Kandi and Todd with their daughters. The parents of teenagers issues would be more enjoyable than OLG whining.
    10 days left!!! I’m beginning my countdown to freedom.
    Kim Richards is in a rehab that her family got her into. If she had been MIA they would’ve been calling police to find her in Mexico. I think that’s why Paris wasn’t at Nicky’s bridal shower.
    Addicts can be emotionally draining as well as mentally taxing.

    • T-Rex says:

      I agree about DrugAddict/AlcoholicKim, when she was at the Malibu place, stalk-a-razzi were camped out waiting to take her picture, update her comings and goings, who was visiting, trying to pay staff there to get intel, etc. So at least now, she is somewhere private and can work on getting better, without the press stalking her every move, and without that asshole THELIARSUPREMEMSLUTBAGSCUMBAGLYINGLIARJEALOUSBITCHMORONSTFUBrandi mucking up the works and giving out FALSE information and lying about being in contact with her, etc.

      • Yeah, but THE SISTERS and THE CHILDREN have all contributed to the VERY PUBLIC information that has been leaked about Kim, TIME AND AGAIN. They BENEFIT with PAYCHECKS for being on TV, in the news, selling their products and shops and perfumes and what-the-heck-ever from their CHOOSING TO PUT THEMSELVES OUT THERE.

        It was KATHY HILTON who posted the photo of KIM at Brooke’s shower. It was MONTY who posted that Kim was doing well in rehab. It was BRANDI who publicly tweeted she’d seen KIM in rehab a couple of times, WITH her small sons in tow.

        WHO POSTED THE PHOTOS AND VIDEOS OF THE WEDDING ACTIVITIES? FAMILY. All over social media, tabloids–no doubt for which they got paid.

        I tell you, this pizzes me off so much. What do they do NEXT? Have Kim “disappear in Mexico” and then they all walk around blaming US, the very public they have used to gain their riches and notoriety all their sorry lives.

        I will not even watch Kyle Richards on RHOBH anymore. Her smiling at TMZ and coyly answering questions as if she knows nothing, yet clearly isn’t worried one whit about Kim being “missing in Mexico.”

        I can see now that Kathy Hilton has been behind this wreck of a family from the beginning, with her awful children who are nothing but a disgrace to the USA from the first SEX TAPE.

        Enough of these sorry fame whores leading us around by the nose.If Bravo wants to know why ratings are in a dive? THIS.

        • T-Rex says:

          WTG- Oh they are the FAME WHORE FAMILY FOR SURE! Now, all of sudden they want the information to be on basic “lockdown”. but I personally believe it’s more a mandate from whatever Rehab place they have her stashed at.

          • I don’t resent any desire for privacy on Kim’s part. It’s her life. I don’t ever want to hear about it or her again, frankly.

            But I do resent that the Richards sisters and families seem to expect us to turn our interest on and off AT THEIR DEMAND. That’s not how being a public person works. As you, we, and they all know.

            It’s just my opinion–A FORMER VIEWER–but I think allowing the media to publish for a week that Kim was severely relapsed at the wedding and now is “missing” is unconscionable. All her family–WHO PUT THIS ALL INTO THE PUBLIC–had to say is “She’s handling her health issues privately and we appreciate your concern. When she’s ready, she will thank you herself.”

            Or something honest and decent.

            Instead, we get lies and publicity stunts! All this intrigue and tabloid rumor is effing nonsense! They love it and are LAUGHING AT US. Yes they are.

            They can all go to Mexico and jump in the ocean. Keep swimming until you hit China, beotches!

        • Thank you WhiteTrashGirl!

          Kim Richard’s “story” has been carefully crafted and presented by this ridiculous family. And people continue to buy into it!

          The TMZ paparazzi who just happens to accidently “find” Kyle? Her deliberately vague statements that people hang onto every word? The orchestrated Instagram and FB posts?

          Ugh. Just ugh.

          Oh and BTW? I don’t believe for one New York second that Brandi is not with the cabal. They need her to be the “concerned friend” that tweets support for Kim to try and further manipulate public opinion. I think Kathy is playing her like a fiddle too.

          • Thank you! I am so astonished at how callously and cruelly they have handled this entire mess, from having Kim ON a reality show bombed out of her mind for five years, making the rest of the cast and crew deal with her sick and destructive issues, while the viewers are dragged through it all because we don’t KNOW what’s happening until the season wraps after FIVE EFFING MONTHS of teasers stringing us along, to this “missing in Mexico” BS! Oh, I am LIVID!

            And I never heard of Kim or Kyle Richards before this show, so I can’t imagine how their lifelong fans feel.

            Andy Cohen better be dancing like a maniac, apologizing to the viewers for allowing this FREAK SHOW FAMILY FROM HELL to abuse Bravo’s long term viewing public so badly. Otherwise, he’s not only going to ruin the BH franchise, he’s going to hurt the others, as well.

            Because right now, I’m more disgusted AT MYSELF for ever getting sucked into the DISEASED RICHARDS FAMILY SWAMP. I’m questioning MY character.

            Put that in your Bravo hookah and smoke it, Andy!

            • I don’t really blame Andy or Bravo. They’re dong what they are paid to do- provide a version of reality that sells advertising making the network , the advertisers, and Andy $$$.

              Business 101? When it stops making $$$? Then I’ll make the pronouncement that the BH franchise is tun isn’t the ground.

              I DO blame all of the family and so called friends like Brandi for milking Kim’s addiction for everything it’s worth. (looking at you too Rinna)

              The new ” shocking” revelation from an anonymous source I just read on another blog? Kim was NOT drinking at the wedding? Yay!

              Except the toxicology report showed Toluene in her system. How stupid do they think we are?

              • I have read dozens of these tabloid reports, and they are all as empty as the first one: a set up publicity stunt with unnamed sources and nothing but repeat, repeat, repeat speculation.

                Kim is a seriously addicted personality who is out of control and will end up seriously injuring or killing herself or someone else one day. She did drive to the Polo Lounge, after all.

                Let’s don’t forget that a number of people in that family orchestrated The Dr. Phil show with Kim. Whose decision was that? We all know they got some seriously expensive perks out of it.

                What about the latest “Conrad Hilton” restraining order? Conrad was also recently charged with driving 130 mph in Palm Springs last year, dangerously weaving in and out of traffic–allegedly. People driving on the public roads were calling in 911 reports, terrified.

                No doubt Bravo and Andy know how to make lots of money off of these awful people. To their credit, Andy and Bravo have made huge successes out of suicide, convicted fraudsters, drug addicts, and divorce. Good for them. May we all be so business savvy one day. #exceptme #nothanks

                Sorry I’ve ranted so much about this, but I truly thought by now someone would have the decency to assuage the public anxiety surrounding the vicious “missing Kim” publicity campaign. How gullible am I?

                Because what is slipping through the cracks in their PR manipulation is shocking.

                Let’s look at the rich Fatburger heir Brooke married, around which so much of this fanfare has revolved, shall we?

                The Wiederhorn fortune was greatly enhanced through a Ponzi scheme in Oregon, which lost $160 million in pension funds–that’s money people worked for and expected to live on in their old age. Mr. Wiederhorn, Brooke’s new father-in-law, was associated with this scam through real estate loans he took out and then defaulted on, according to a blog I read with supporting sources. (I don’t know if I should put that link here, but you can google “A SHORT HISTORY OF FATBURGER… WIEDERHORN CENTER OF WORST PENSION FRAUD” to find it.)

                The upshot is that after pleading guilty, Mr. Wiederhorn got so little time in prison, it makes my blood boil. That blip in The Riches’ radar didn’t stop them from living in mansions and building their previously purchased burger business. (Thanks for that free publicity, Kyle and Bravo.)

                So I hope all the skeletons that now tumble out of these giant closets daily are worth it. I’m sure they are, as not one of these people has any integrity.

    • Powell says:

      Kandi’s Lazi Family Ski Trip. I love your title Diana. 🙂 Yes Kandi, Todd and the girls would have been a good show. Them bonding as a blended family to teens would be so much better. I bet the girls get along better than Kandi’s family w/Todd.

      • designernailsdiana says:

        I’m an only child and I’m going off my own experiences, but I bet they always wanted siblings. Kaela and Riley now have a sisterhood plus a common enemy The Parents! Talk about bonding over something. Ha can you imagine the talks they have comparing notes of childhood?
        I like how soft spoken Riley is and how she quietly observes the adults acting like fools.

        • Powell says:

          I bet those are some good convos. 🙂 Riley giving Kaela the 411 about her crazy family.

          • Riley seems to have more sense than any of the mothers, aunts, and Kandi. She’s very composed and restrained, and she’s barely a teen. I like her.

          • Oh, I should say I like Kaela, too, but I haven’t seen much of her yet. I laughed when she skied down the hill and ran into and hung onto the handsome instructor. Accident or very clever teen move? Hm…. LOL

  5. ladebra says:

    This Mercury retrograde stuff is getting old. I’ve been sitting at my desk for 45 min and my computer can’t connect to anything! It’s not like the old days when I could find something else to do. Everything is electronic and in the cloud.

    Thank you for the blog stamina coaster 🙂 if I were Kandi the OLG would be on a plane back home accompanies by Carmon and Don Juan

    It never seems to be a good idea to mix business and free loading friends.

    Oh boy! Everything just started working!

    Have a great Monday everybody!

  6. mrs peabody says:

    Just a note, Kandi’s unts should really be spelled nuts as that is what they are. LOL

    • ladebra says:

      True !! lol

    • T-Rex says:

      Okay, I was breezing by the channels and caught just a few minutes of this mess, and HOLY SMOKES, the Kandi-FREELOADER-Units is what her family needs to be called, cause DAYUM they are some truly ungrateful, whining, bitching, hanger-ons,moneygrubbers. Kandi basically pays for most of their homes, including her whiney bitch cousin, she sends all these folks money, maybe not as much since she married TODD and that’s the REAL reason these folks are upset. UHM Kandi is not your KASHKOW, it’s nice that she helps out, but she shouldn’t be your only means of support, again DAYUM and Kandi needs to fire DumbandDumber, or TweedleTwit and TweedleTwat, or whatever you call those two folks she pays to sit around and do nothing for her business. Sorry, but I like Kandi and can’t believe for as good as a business person she is, she allows all of these freeloaders to suck off of her.

      • mrs peabody says:

        That is the whole problem in a nutshell with her family. They are freeloaders and she lets them do it. I think with Todd being in the picture they are all worried about that coming to an end as it should have a long time ago. They have absolutely no respect for her or her husband and that is her fault and her fault alone. If she doesn’t respect her marriage they won’t. Todd is her husband and if they don’t like it they can stay home but for them to expect her to put them over him is not right and she needs to stand firm against that. If she doesn’t they won’t. As far as T/Twit & Twat they need to go and a real company brought into manager her affairs. That girlfriend is just another freeloader in my book. Double those gold coins to Riley, she hit that on the nose. Face it Kandi has a lot of problems in dealing with people, I’m surprised she actually has any money.

      • Powell says:

        She paid for the cousin’s home too? DAMN!! I need to find out if I’m a cousin. Girl just handed out dough!! Imagine if Todd was a billionaire. They’d all want Bentley’s and 2 nd homes. #FreeloadinFreaks 😝

    • Too cute! The Unt Nuts!

    • Barb (Just wondering in Jersey) says:


    • mm in oc says:

      I thought she was just leaving off the “c” on the front side…

    • ramonacoaster says:

      Ha ha! Good one!

  7. Enjoyed your recap, RamonaCoaster. I’ve enjoyed this show because…it’s kind of like my family. The old, cranky matriarchs ruled the roost. The rest of us were always being pecked to death, trying to keep the peace while knowing they would NEVAH let that happen. Their position was defined in the play “Death of a Salesman,” about the aged and spiritually dying Willy Loman: “Attention must be paid!” It’s very old school.

    I loved the “peanut gallery” of Carmen and Don Juan in the first episode. This one, not so much. They clearly have it in for Matthew, who is just trying to do a good job with a group who obviously aren’t going to help him–the stranger–out. Matthew has had a few missteps, but he’s trying and that’s more than Carmen or Don Juan can say. #bloop

    I was surprised that Kandi went after Carmen so hard. I felt she was justified in doing so, of course, but it’s always strange to me that reality show casts do this: either they don’t realize that they are putting their close relationships in a publicly hurtful position, or they do and just run that old reality bus over them anyway–ratings must be earned, after all. This is the element that makes me ask, REAL or STAGED?

    Either way, making Carmen go have a throwdown with Mama Joyce immediately after raking her over the coals for what should have been a private employee evaluation puts Kandi in the “merciless boss” category for me. So I hope for Carmen’s sake that this is all staged. Otherwise, it’s going to be a sore spot that may result in job hunting for her.

    • Powell says:

      Carmen is dumb. Why is she working for her friend? Kandi ought to be ashamed of herself and her mother having Carmen even address the made up story that Carmen slept w/Todd. Its obviously not true. She wouldn’t be married to Todd and she wouldn’t be friends/employer w/Carmen. Joyce is wrong as wrong can be about Todd and Carmen and Kandi has the power to make it stop but chooses not to.

      • Yeah, Mama Joyce has won a few points this trip, but she’s about to lose them, I’m afraid, with her stubborn clinging to gossip like that.

    • ramonacoaster says:

      Yes that public employee evaluation was pretty intense and rather unfair to be put on tv. The employer has the power in that situation. Kandi, I think manipulated the situation so that Carmon would be pliant enough to do what Kandi wanted which was to confront Joyce. Carmon by being a weak employee also put herself in that position. It pays to be indispensable to your employer.

      • So true. LIke I said, these people amaze me with what they’re willing to do and discuss on camera.

        I have ended up wanting to tell Don Juan and Carmen they’re not coming off too well picking on the white boy. However, all these shows are about is picking on anyone and each other, so…guess Forest Gump walked into it with his eyes open. He seems to be taking it in stride.

        Also, Todd and his side of the family are coming off looking good, I think.

  8. kit9 says:

    Oh, man. I’m watching old OC’s that Bravo’s been airing for a week and the episodes about Lynn dealing with her daughters, the youngest in particular, is so hard to watch now that we know what happened to her. So so sad.

    • Foxymel(Mel) says:

      I hope her daughters can somehow turn their lives around, they’re still young.
      I watched an episode of Celebrity Wife Swap and it had Tracy Lordes. Holy cow! She is the quintessential homemaker and really wanted to leave that part of her dark past behind her. Good for her!

      • TexasTart says:

        Wow! I didn’t know that, good for Tracy!

      • T-Rex says:

        It’s an interesting note by John Waters actually helped her out a lot by getting her into mainstream movies, well okay whackadoo(I love john waters) John waters mainstream movies, but he also helped her with other producers, she has said she was grateful to him for helping to get her a chance in the biz outside the “other” industry she was in.

    • Powell says:

      So many stories Orson.

    • ladebra says:

      But looking at the glass half full, maybe this is the final nudge Bravo needed to get her off the show. And then there’s the judge she is going to try to manipulate in a couple of weeks.

      • OneMoreInBoston says:


        The source is a ROL “insider”.

        If Kim was back in LA and not in rehab then we would see Instagram, twitter & FB posts. We would see paparazzi pics of her lurching out of Starbucks like after her arrest.

        My pure speculation is that she is some sort of rehab- one that her lawyers/handlers/family think will favorably impress both the judge and Bravo.

        • T-Rex says:

          Exactly, OMIB, in addition, her court date is in two weeks and I am SURE her legal folks are going to want her almost done with her Rehab by then, or at least been at the Rehab a few weeks to show she is serious about her sobriety. I think as we all have, these TMZ stories are complete “plants” by her family to throw the dogs off the scent, so to speak. I could be wrong, but EVERYONE here has a better track record of being right then that rag of a mag Radaronliarliarpantsonfire(allegedly). NOW if the tabloids are right and she is not in rehab, well then gawd help her, because they will order mandated rehab and jail if she doesn’t go.

          • lila1star says:

            Morning all–Hey T-Rex–perhaps the judge should just skip step one of mandated drug rehab and toss her in jail because KR is so above the rest of us that mandated or not she wont go.
            Falling off the wagon at the wedding only weeks after being arrested and on Dr. Phil suggests to me Kim is now out and proud with her substance abuse.

            I read what WTG wrote and how this has really upset her–that is how I felt watching this past season and realizing the BS ride Bravo has taken us on the entire time she has been on the show. WTG statement ” No doubt Bravo and Andy know how to make lots of money off of these awful people. To their credit, Andy and Bravo have made huge successes out of suicide, convicted fraudsters, drug addicts, and divorce.” is spot on and is why not only am I done with this family but bravo as well.

            Its one thing to do these shows to bring on the drama and crazies but another when it becomes to real-to intense and to dangerous that it is no longer fun.
            I have been doing an informal survey here and realized that there has not been a day or blog post that doesn’t end up about BH or the :sisters” even when they are not the topic. Nothing wrong with that I just found it interesting. As always JMO……

            • It’s getting harder for me to keep watching. I know people are messy, and I certainly am no paragon of virtue or righteousness. But lordy, when it comes to intentionally hurting others to promote yourself, no thanks. Also, why I don’t have lots of money. ;D

  9. kit9 says:

  10. Powell says:


    B is having a book signing in Boston.

  11. Powell says:


    GiGi at the CFDA. She looks gorgeous.

  12. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. OMG the storms last night! More rain but hopefully not like yesterday. TexasTart I hope the water is receding there.

    • TexasTart says:

      A little bit each day the sun shines, thank you. It’s hard to get any sleep with those storms, huh. Directv just replaced my receiver, so I lost everything I had recorded 😦 but at least we get television. 🙂

      Have a good day Powell.

  13. ladebra says:

    I projectile vomited every time the gold digger opened her mouth on the Southern Charm reunion.

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