Real Housewives of New York City “Birthday in the Berks” plus Million Dollar Listing New York The Proposal

Real Housewives of New York City

“Birthday in the Berks” – S7E9

by Stars99

Group Shot

Remember Last Week…

While Ramona is confused regarding her feelings about Mario wanting to get back together, she also seems to be enjoying dating again. She brings a guy named “Michael” to Dorinda’s birthday dinner. Heather killed her chances of ever selling “Yummie” shapewear in K-Mart stores when she snottily asked Sonja if that’s where her fashion line was going to be sold – I think they BOTH could only DREAM their fashion lines were available there – Just ask Martha Stewart and Jaclyn Smith about it… Carole was inexplicably elected to the Board that governs her apartment building despite serving appetizers during her election night party that were over 2 years old. I think she was hoping for some handsome paramedics to have to come…

Heather seems always trying to appear to be a “hipster” and last week’s attempt culminated in a straight-faced statement that she wanted to get the Angelina Jolie “Maleficent” head tattooed on her hip. Wow. Also, Bethenny broke down crying while shopping with Carole at CB2 – Being ever so touchy-feely, she and Carole have scheduled a date and time to hug in October, 2016… However, the funniest part of the episode was when Ramona and her business partner, Peter, were interviewing a potential employee for a job at their sports bar. From it, we all learned that we’ve been remiss in not listing a “stapler” on our job applications under “business machines you know how to operate.” No seriously, she listed, “stapler” in that category. I’m just glad we don’t have to answer questions about our relationship with staple removers cuz those things can KILL you…

Ramona got caught talking badly about Dorinda’s boyfriend “What’s His Name” (John) who still gives me a severe case of the creepies – Especially when he leers at caviar girls (Sorry, Dorinda). Evidently, Ramona had a previous conversation with LuAnn about “What’s His Name” and they both said some disparaging things about him – But when tattletale Ramona told Dorinda about her conversation with LuAnn, Ramona conveniently omitted the part that she said unflattering stuff, too. LuAnn wanted to shove Ramona’s face into the caviar but sadly, Heather had eaten it all.

This Week…

It’s so picturesque… The snow is lightly falling… And there is a honkingly long driveway leading up to Dorinda’s Berkshire home/mansion/manor. Dorinda tells the women about how her grandfather was a mason from Italy and physically built the foundation for the house. In addition, Dorinda’s Father did all of the stone work for the house. She tells the story that when she was growing up, they used to drive by the mansion and Dorinda used to point at it and tell her Dad that someday she was going to own that house. Her Dad responded, “Of course you are, Princess.” In my mind’s eye I can almost see him patronizingly patting her on her head. Well, fast forward a few years – and Dorinda’s 2nd husband, Richard, generously bought the house for her. When her Dad came to visit her new home for the first time – Out of habit, he tried to enter via a side entrance like he did when he used to work on the house – Dorinda insisted he come through the front door. I think it was a symbol of great pride for her – It was a pretty kewl story.

Okay, before I say anything more – Let me just say that I love, love, LOVE the mansion. To me, it feels homey – but it’s also very eclectic. I don’t mind eclectic if it’s tastefully done. I’m pretty eclectic myself. And I do love me some vibrant color… But holy crap on a cracker!

Every room was very unique, distinctive, and vibrantly colored which is no small feat – Especially when you’re dealing with the number of rooms she had to decorate. The other women said they all loved the home – And it seems that Dorinda made all of them feel completely at home in this fun, crazy environment. I think that’s what it’s all about, no?

LuAnn probably said it best when she described the inside as being just as colorful as Dorinda is… The main living room had 2 purple couches; one with gold pillows and the other with burnt orange pillows. There was also a turquoise couch and drapes. I love me some Dorinda – But for this particular room – It looks to me like she used the classic “Joker” as the inspiration for her color palette.


Dorinda tells the women she wants to come up with a name for the house while they’re there. Heather tells us that since Heather’s home is also in the Berkshires, she feels like she’s kind of like a cohost.

Ramona tells Carole and Kristen that her business partner is going to come to the dinner party the following evening. Of course Carole and Kristen question her about it – because that’s kind of what you do with your friends. Ramona wonders if it would be considered a “date.” She’s surprised that they both would call it a “date” – and Ramona insists that she thinks of him as her “friend.” Ramona refuses to say if they’ve kissed or not. I’m confused because Ramona JUST brought a guy named “Michael” to Dorinda’s other birthday party a few days earlier… But, in my defense, Ramona seems more confused than me about her relationships.  Ramona is cautioned not to mix business with pleasure. Ramona gets all offended because evidently she knows that more than anyone else.

Carole tells Ramona that she’s going to suggest to Dorinda that she name the house “Bluestone Manor.” Later in the episode when they’re talking to Dorinda, Ramona tries to take credit for the name. In her TH, Carole says, “Apparently dresses aren’t the only thing that Ramona steals.”  Oh, snap!

Ramona and Kristen are in a very, very blue room talking about what happened the previous week. Ramona didn’t like it that LuAnn brought up their conversation about “What’s His Name” (John) during Dorinda’s birthday dinner. Kristen says she thinks that John is flirty. Dorinda walks in on them while they’re talking and wants to know what they’re talking about. They are so busted!

Dorinda cranky

Ramona explains to Dorinda that she was very disappointed in LuAnn’s timing and delivery during the dinner. Ramona noticed that LuAnn started to talk about it the minute Ramona physically got up and sat next to Dorinda and hugger her. Ramona is upset that LuAnn throws the dagger, “You made your girlfriend cry.” Kristen tells Dorinda that she had a conversation about John and that she had said that he was too touchy feely to her. Ramona in her Talking Head (TH) said, “Kristen – You’re absolutely dumb to tell Dorinda that John is too touchy – I mean thought you had a brain or two.” Whoa… Where did THAT come from? Yikes!

Dorinda reminds Kristen that she was right there shimmying with John, too.  Kristen maintains that when he got too touchy feely for her that she walked away. Kristen was upset that her husband was standing there. I dunno – I think it would have been worse if her husband WASN’T standing right there – I mean it’s disrespectful either way you slice it, IMO, but at least it didn’t appear like she was hiding anything.

Dorinda says that it wasn’t a just a quick thing but instead they were dancing together for a couple of minutes. Dorinda seems to think that it was inappropriate that Kristen did it in front of her husband – But really, isn’t it JUST as inappropriate doing it in front of your girlfriend? At some point the “Mom” card was also used – And I just don’t even want to go there. Kristen said she was okay when she was dancing sandwich style with her front to John’s back… but that it was when they turned around that she felt very uncomfortable. Possibly because John was grinding his crotchel region into Kristen’s backside… But I’m only guessing…lol. Sonja – the other part of the human sandwich – Seemed to enjoy the whole danged thing.

Kristen called out

Dorinda tells Kristen that she was embarrassed for Kristen and she was embarrassed for herself. Kristen is shocked. Dorinda tells Kristen that she made Dorinda look like an ass and that she should not do that crap. Kristen doesn’t understand why Dorinda is making such a big deal about it… She doesn’t feel like she did anything wrong and that she walked away. Dorinda accuses Kristen of acting “coquettish” and Kristen disagrees.

Dorinda wants to make sure everyone is going to be okay around John when he arrives the following day for her party. In fact, that is what she asked of them as her birthday gift – For no one to say anything negative about John and that they like him on her birthday. It’s not much to ask, right?

Dorinda gives us a little insight to her relationship with John. She explains that she had just met Richard when she turned 40 – and within 10 years they met, married and he died. She had no idea that she would be in this situation at the age of 50. She said that John has really been there for her over the last couple of years. He sat with her night after night as she wept – and often he wept with her. I really think that’s what we should all do – Weep with those who weep – and rejoice with those who rejoice. I think too often we insist that people “cheer up” instead of letting them have a good cry and process through their feelings. I think it’s because we’re uncomfortable with tears because we don’t know what to do or say to make things better – As if mere words could make the grieving process easier… I think we all need to get a grip. John got HUGE points from me on this one. I mean he got some serious points.

Ramona then said something in her TH that floored me. She admitted that she judged John too quickly and too harshly – And that it wasn’t right of her to do so. Whoa… She tells us that she’s happy when Dorinda’s happy. Okay, okay… I’ll try to look at his good qualities… I really will…

Heather appears and wants to know what’s happened. They rehash it to her. Sigh.

The women go to the Red Lion Inn for dinner. It’s where Heather got engaged…It’s a pretty great place and their special dining area reminded them of eating at their grandmother’s house. Ramona said that she was happy she was there and that surprisingly she really loves the Berkshires. I think she’s just not fond of going there in the middle of summer with no air conditioning…lol.

Even though there are 6 women at the table with all kinds of things to talk about – They decide to talk about Bethenny – Who isn’t there. They criticize Bethenny for leaving so quickly from Carole’s election night party. LuAnn tells everyone that she had a heart-to-heart with Bethenny about making more of an effort with everyone. The women express they just want an opportunity to get to know Bethenny. I don’t think they understand that Bethenny is not looking for friendships from this show – But rather a platform to sell her products. But okay… lol.

Ramona says that Bethenny is not and has never been a “girl’s girl.” She then she criticizes her that she had her stylists, makeup artists, and assistants at her birthday party. Ramona asks, “What girlfriends does she have?” I dunno – Maybe she has a point – But we’ve seen Bethenny with a few friends here and there throughout the years. She has told us that her circle of friends is small by design. I think very few get to be in Bethenny’s inner circle – Of course she has trust issues. Plus, when you have money – All of the sudden you have a whole bunch of friends who are extending their hands for their payouts. I’m sure Ramona hadn’t seen the footage from a couple of weeks ago of Bethenny in Florida with her maid-of-honor. They show a clip from a previous season when Ramona tells Bethenny that she has no friends. Talk about being harsh…

Carol explains B

The women continue to talk and say that Bethenny has had to scratch her way through life. Carole tells the others about how Bethenny broke down in tears when they talked about how Bethenny wasn’t getting along with the rest of the women. Carole told Bethenny she had a branding problem. Heather does a huge eye roll. Kristen wants to know if they were real tears or if they were crocodile tears like “this one.” Ramona wants to know who “this one” is – And Kristen tells her it’s Ramona. They argue… Kristen maintains that Ramona has cried crocodile tears a couple of times… Ramona calls Kristen a jerk… I grow tired.

As if we all needed reminding again, LuAnn says Bethenny had a horrible relationship with her parents. Heather isn’t buying it for a second and says that a lot of people survive not having a good relationship with their mother. LuAnn says that if you can’t trust your mother that it affects your whole life and all of your relationships with women. LuAnn is really sticking up for Bethenny – It’s pretty kewl to see.

Heather concludes that the other women are scared of Bethenny. She doesn’t understand why they cut her so much slack. It seems like she thinks that Bethenny is excused for what she says and does because she is going through a lot. Heather points at some of the others who are also going through a lot.

In tonight’s edition of, “I KID YOU NOT” – Heather says, I kid you not,I just went through the major change in my life – Where I moved from my nanny for 9 years…”  Okay, is it just me, or did Heather just actually compare the perils of having to change nannies with: 1) those who grew up in homes filled with abuse (Ramona, Bethenny); 2) the 5 women who have gone through divorce – Some of them very public divorces; and, 3) the 2 widows (Dorinda and Carole). Wow… In LuAnn’s TH, she emphasizes that Heather just compared losing her nanny to the abuses that Bethenny experienced while growing up. LuAnn doesn’t think it’s a great comparison.

Ramona decides to go on a diatribe by saying how everyone goes through hard times like divorce, death, losing a job – but that we all need to find our inner strength to say, “It’s going to be okay.”

Dorinda - Actually

Dorinda thinks that’s all bologna and that instead, what you say is “I just have to get up this morning.” She talks about how you’re lucky if you’re feeling well enough to even take a shower. Dorinda and Carole talk about how you really can’t say that it’s all going to be okay because it’s really NOT going to be okay… These two know the kind of grief and loss that leaves a permanent hole in your heart. I think you don’t get over it – but you just get through it. Carole concludes that it’s a different level of tragedy.  They all cheers to Dorinda’s birthday!

The following day is Dorinda’s birthday, and Sonja arrives wearing what Dorinda describes as a “19th century Dracula outfit.” I don’t think she was being critical – just descriptive. Carole is wearing a “stop talking” sweatshirt… I die laffin’… Heather comes down wearing the same animal print vest and cream shirt as Ramona is wearing. Aww… That’s cute… They’re twinsies!

The women all decide to go shopping but nothing interesting happens except that Sonja and Ramona embarrass Carole by walking down the street singing…lol… Oh, and Ramona confronts LuAnn about what she said at Dorinda’s birthday dinner. LuAnn said that she was kind of caught up in the moment and admits she could have chosen a better place and time to talk about it. Ramona thinks LuAnn “pulled a Ramona” – Blurting out something at the wrong place and time. I think Ramona’s lucky LuAnn didn’t push her face in some caviar.

All the men start arriving for the festivities starting with “What’s His Name” (John) bringing tidings of a case of pink champagne. Ramona had already brought a case of her “Ramona Pinot Grigio” so it looks like they have plenty to drink. And what’s a Bravo party without a lot of alcohol. Heather’s husband John and Kristen’s husband Josh also arrive… Wow… I guess everyone who dates or marries these women have names that start with “J”… I mean even Jason Hoppy fit that particular bill…

Sonja comes downstairs dressed in a lingerie robe that frequently opens. She poses sexually and postures and rubs up against “What’s His Name” (John). Dorinda laffs it off in her TH that John is looking at Sonja with Roger Rabbit eyes… Sonja greets and frontally hugs John while barely keeping her robe closed. She tells John that he can touch her… I get the case of the creepies again…

Dorinda must be a much more tolerant person than I because I would NOT be okay with that at all. It’s not like I think that something would actually happen. I guess to me, both John and Sonja are disrespecting Dorinda when they do that crap – Harmless and playful as it may be. Sonja is perpetually in heat – or at least pretends that she is – So for me, while I’m sure she would never consciously do anything wonky – She has shown she is able to cross a lot of boundaries when she’s under the influence. Sonja’s reason for being there at that point is that she forgot to bring a dress and she needs to borrow one… I just shake my head. Doesn’t she have an entire clothing line from which to choose? Oh right… It’s not available yet. Nevermind… lol…

Bethenny walks in with flowers in her hand and the look on Heather’s face is absolutely priceless… She is so NOT happy and it makes me laff. Bethenny explains that she decided to go to Dorinda’s after her daughter went to bed to surprise her. Bethenny made an entire experience out of the trip with her daughter – They traveled in a limo with lots of pillows and blankets and watched Princess movies together… Dorinda felt very honored that Bethenny took the effort to come to her birthday party… Heather immediately chides Bethenny for not telling her she was coming with her daughter because Heather also brought her kids who were also staying at a hotel off-site. OMG… I already grow tired…

Carole & L finding info

Before everyone sits down for dinner, Carole goes into LuAnn’s room with her laptop. She google searched “Peter” – Ramona’s business partner and date for the evening. She found an article that talks about how Peter allegedly dated Mario’s alleged mistress (did I use the word “alleged” enough…I hope so… lol) LuAnn asks Carole if she’s going to tell Ramona about the article and Carole is so not going to tell her. When they go down for dinner…LuAnn and Carole can’t wait to clue in Heather while they’re standing like 20 feet away from Ramona… And, as if on cue… In walks Peter… Oh see… He’s doomed already cuz his name doesn’t start with a “J.”

Bethenny-Knotts landing

Bethenny thinks everyone is wearing Knott’s landing costumes complete with long gloves… I’m distracted by the lighted ceramic Christmas trees that are behind Dorinda and John’s head – because we used to have one of those.  I love it. Everyone seems to be having a good time. Dorinda completely rolls with Bethenny showing up to a formal dinner party unannounced. Ramona leans into her date…

John announces that they have a gourmet sushi chef who will be preparing the meal. Bethenny makes a comment that she only eats shellfish. Rut roh… I think if you show up to a dinner party without RSVPing – That you eat what you’re served or you don’t eat.  Heather tells Dorinda that Bethenny is allergic to fish with fins. Wow… I have never heard of that… I know plenty of people who are allergic to fish in general – or shellfish specifically – but not “fish with fins.” Hmmm….

Bethenny is allergic to fish

Dorinda tells Bethenny that she has some hummus. Heather tries to get involved in solving this globally important critical issue of what is Bethenny going to eat for dinner. Wait… Does Bethenny even actually eat? Anyhoo… Bethenny insists she’ll be fine… Heather gets grumpy about the whole thing… Ramona in her TH tells Heather that Bethenny is an adult and can take care of herself and that, “You’re not her mommy, Heather.” Meanwhile, Heather leans over to Carole to tell her about the big kerfuffle about Bethenny not eating fish. Heather says that on one hand she’s feeling bad for Bethenny but on the other hand she thinks she’s mean and that, “She really is harsh.”


In her TH, Heather says that she’s never dealt with someone who is turned off by someone trying to be nice. Then Heather complains about not even being able to give Bethenny a meatball. Bethenny tells Sonja that she doesn’t want therapy… She doesn’t want to be helped… She just wants to be left alone…

Bethenny tells us that she always feels like Heather is taking her temperature. Mr. Stars99 comments, “Is that rectally or orally?” I die laffin’… Bethenny seems to be confused at how someone she just met is talking to her about her custody schedule, how she’s dealing with things, and her childhood… Bethenny says she feels like she’s being clocked.

Heather suddenly spills the beans and tells the entire table that they have a journalist amongst them – And so they looked Peter up on the internet. Peter good naturedly plays along and they talk about whether or not it was nice stuff. Then Heather starts to talk to him about his businesses… and out of nowhere, Bethenny suddenly starts talking to the bottles/glasses of booze in front of her saying, “I love you… I love you… I love you… I love you all the same…” It was really wonky… Is she drunk? Or is she doing it for attention?

Ramona and her guy

In light of Heather’s conversation at the table with Peter, Bethenny offers to take Dorinda’s brother into the bathroom to help him end it all… She asks if he would like a slow death with a butter knife or a quick one involving an artery? Sonja and Bethenny are laughing… Peter asks how many times a week they have this kind of a roast… He laughs at the situation and says that he told his driver outside not to shut the car off – Just so he can leave at any time. I gotta say, I kinda like this guy… He has a great sense of humor.

Heather tells Bethenny that she’s going to have to separate her and Sonja because they talk through every conversation. Bethenny says there’s 20 people at the table and that they’re allowed to have a conversation. Heather tells Bethenny that she was just making a joke and tells her that she has to lighten up – That she’s too serious. Wait… Didn’t you just say that you were going to have to separate Sonja and Bethenny because they were laughing and talking? Heather – You are soooooooooooooooooo danged confusing. This season, you have somehow turned into this raging pain in the dupa – I just don’t understand it. This isn’t a flattering look on you… Maybe your “Yummie” shapewear is too tight or something…

LuAnn scowl

Heather tells Bethenny that she doesn’t understand why Bethenny acts the way she does when she’s trying to be nice to her. Bethenny honestly says she feels like Heather is trying “to tend to her” and they really don’t even know each other yet. Heather says that she can tell her what she wants to fu***ng tell her. Heather says, “Don’t tell me how to talk… Don’t tell me what to do…” Bethenny said she didn’t tell Heather how to talk or what to do… Heather wants Bethenny to be clear on what her intention was… But Bethenny said she doesn’t need Heather to talk to her like this…

Bethenny tells Heather that she’s exhausting and, “I’m not interested in this.” I think “I’m not interested in this” is this season’s, “Shut the F**k up.” Lol… Heather tells Bethenny she doesn’t have to be interested in Heather – But that she should be interested in Sonja… Bethenny quickly responds, “Okay… just like, get off me.” I guess I just don’t understand this whole conversation – Bethenny HAS shown an interest in Sonja – all season. Plus she just got into trouble for talking to her too much. I just don’t understand Heather’s comments at all. Perhaps Heather was just trying to bring drama to a Bravo dinner party… I dunno. But seriously, Heather – To me, this makes you look like a gooberhead.

Dorinda says of Heather, “Sometimes Heather goes from teaching to preaching.” Bethenny says that sometimes she doesn’t want attention – That she just wants to breathe and be light. Heather says it Bethenny is making it sound like she’s suffocating her… Bethenny doesn’t want to get into anything otherwise she will be on the floor sobbing… She wants her walls to be up and working. People tell Heather to take a step back.

Then inexplicably, Heather gets up and walks over to Bethenny and tries to take her by the hand to go and talk to her in another room. That’s the LAST THING Bethenny is going to want to do. Is this all because Carole had a heart-to-heart with Bethenny and now Heather wants one too? Surely, it can’t be…  Bethenny doesn’t want to deal with anything…Bethenny is saying, “Just walk away.” Heather starts crying… Bethenny is in tears… The words, “To Be Continued…” fill the TV screen. OMG… We have another week of this? KMN! (Kill me now!).


The following chart depicts this season’s viewership by episode (Thanks to Randy at


Last week, when a “mysterious” person (some think it was Jill Z in disguise) suggested on Twitter that @Andy fire Bethenny because she didn’t save the RHONYC’s ratings this year, Andy responded, “uh they’re up double digits from last season pal! Over 2 million an episode! We’re poppin bottles.”

I admit I was confused because I checked the stats that I used in the chart with 2 different sites. They both agree that the week of 5/19 had only 1,089,000 viewers… That’s a far cry from “over 2 million an episode.”  Now, Andy could be referring to “LIVE+SD” which is the number of people who watched a show while it was broadcasted or watched by DVR on the same day it was broadcasted… Or he could be referring to “LIVE + SD + 3” or “LIVE + SD + 7” which is the number of people who watched a show while it was broadcasted or watched it by DVR 3 or 7 days from the original airdate…. Or he could be adding up all the days it was rebroadcast throughout the week plus all of the above categories. Or he could be using new math… I have no idea…

Statistics can be very deceiving depending on the semantics used to explain them. Statistics can be spun in a whole lot of ways. Even the first part of Andy’s response, “up double digits from last season” could simply mean that viewership is up by as little as 10 people because technically, that’s the definition of “double digits.” This season’s total average viewership (1,364,875) is up a little from last season’s total average viewership (1,289,130) it’s still not even close to the franchise high viewership from Season 4 (2,039,833).

I have found that it’s wisest to compare apples to apples to apples. While I think there is certainly validity in considering viewership from all the categories above – In years past, those statistics weren’t easily accessible. To be fair, I do find myself watching many shows by DVR 1 or 2 weeks after they air – Because, after all – Aren’t we all busy? But until the exact same sourcing for statistics occurs for several years in a row – In my opinion, it’s unfair to compare apples to oranges.

For the purposes of comparing viewership, I will continue to compare apples to apples to apples. I mean, it’s the only fair way to do it, no? After all, it’s really not fair to compare the viewership of a show that is rerun 10 times in a week to a show that is only aired once. Also, perhaps this year – The statistic gatherers gained access to additional cable company statistics. I think that would give an unfair numbers advantage to a current show versus last year’s show when the statistics just weren’t available. Perhaps someone else has some additional information on this topic…

Don’t even get me talking about “On Demand”…LOL! It cracks me up how Real Housewives of New York City and Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are available on my cable company’s (Time Warner) “On Demand” system – but Real Housewives of Atlanta is not.  It really forces you to watch the show live, DVR it, or catch a rerun of it. I’m sure there’s a calculated strategy for this – Probably relating to driving up the numbers that potential advertisers use or something. It has just always amused me. It is the most watched show of all the “Real Housewives” franchises. Somehow, it’s all about money – We can be sure of that… Either potential earnings or money the networks have to pay the cable companies for “On Demand” accessibilities.

While last week’s RHONYC episode increased from the season low of the previous week – It still was the 2nd lowest viewed episode this season.

Next Week…

Heather bellyaches more about Bethenny and decides to put on her “scully so that bitch knows who she’s dealing with.” Bethenny is talking to Ramona and Sonja about something and says that she would rather eat glass than to talk about what they’re talking about… Back in NYC… Ramona asks Avery if her dad has told her that he’s trying to pursue Ramona so to speak – Avery says she doesn’t ask many questions – And Ramona says that’s smart… LuAnn is agitated with Bethenny and asks if they are friends or not – Bethenny tells LuAnn that LuAnn can’t deliver things in pretty packages that aren’t pretty… Kristen is cranky that Carole told her that she was dumb… But at least she’s “Preeeeeeety.”

Well, that’s it for this week – Thanks for reading… Hope to see you next week… Happy Trails!


Million Dollar Listing New York – The Proposal – by NotInStCyr

2015.06.02 MDLNY-S4E7

This is the episode we’ve been waiting for.  We’ve seen previews of the big moment and really, I wish that was the only thing I could write about.  Have patience.  We need to wade through some of Fredrik’s personal life and Luis’ megalomania first.

Last week, Luis promised to focus the entire planet on the last remaining townhome in Gerard Longo’s Cobble Hill development in Brooklyn.  Luis wants to use the international press to create enough buzz to interest international buyers in the property.  His real goal, however, is to impress Longo and become the broker for his developments.  Unfortunately, Luis failed to do his research and didn’t discover that Longo already had an in-house team of brokers. Let’s give Luis some credit, because inviting the press and a lot of media freeloaders to a catered event did result in a few articles in foreign publications that mentioned the townhome.  He can’t wait to email the articles to Laura, the executive vice president from Longo’s firm, who doubted him.  You just know he’d love to tell her, “Nyah, nyah, nyah, na na!”

1 - mdl

Ryan has already sold 3 of the 4 units in Yvonne’s new building on the Upper East Side.  The last remaining unit is the top floor duplex that has an asking price of $4.75 million.  The developer has spared no expense in outfitting the penthouse, which Ryan shows to a Greek family with a particularly rambunctious son.  Ryan tries to create a bond with them by mentioning that he has a Greek girlfriend.  He utters the one phrase he says he knows in Greek.  When the family breaks out in laughter, he realizes that it didn’t mean what he thought it meant.  Instead of saying “I love you” in Greek, Emilia has apparently being saying “You drive me crazy” all this time.  Adorbs.

Fredrik has gone home to Stockholm to seal a deal his firm has brokered.  Eklund Stockholm is apparently very successful, with $40 million in commissions and offices in London, Helsinki, Oslo and, well, Stockholm.  He’s obviously an extremely driven workaholic.  As a kid, I once set up a lemonade stand on a borrowed card table.  At the same age, Fredrik probably started up a multinational beverage company.

Eklund Stockholm has sold 6 out of 7 homes in a development in an exclusive Swedish ski resort. Fredrik wants to have a hand in selling the last chalet.  The Sunset Peak villa is beautifully crafted in the warm, comfortable and sleek Scandinavian style we’ve all come to love.  Think IKEA times several million.  The home is listed at the equivalent of $1.4 million.

Ryan and JD have been calling various city agencies, as well as the Mayor’s office and the NYPD, in an attempt to shut down Times Square.  He’s repeatedly told “it can’t be done!”  They don’t know Ryan very well, do they?

Luis goes to Brooklyn for a showing of the unfinished Cobble Hill townhome.  He’s met by Laura, Longo’s EVP, who hugs him.  Luis’ strategy finally impressed her.  They tour the space with a Brazilian developer who may be interested in buying the property for himself as an investment.

Derek and Fredrik go to see his brother, sister-in-law and father.  It’s obvious that he’s close to all of them, and he feels guilty for living so far away in New York.  Fredrik tells his family that Derek has finally come around and is ready to start a family.  The first person Fredrik approached for an egg donation was Malin, his sister-in-law.  Although she was willing, Sigge, his brother – not so much, thereby sparing the Eklunds some very confusing family reunions.  Klaus, Fredrik’s father, reminds him that he needs to reduce his workload if he wants to see his child regularly, as he was unable to do because of his career.  Fredrik feels that since he went to New York with the intention of becoming the number 1 broker in the city, he shouldn’t have any trouble becoming the number 1 father.  He’s even willing to reprioritize and settle for being the number 2 broker in New York.  Somewhere Luis is rubbing his hands together and saying, “My chance at last!”.

2 - fredriq

Ryan is still trying to find a way to shut down Times Square.  One functionary finally admits that it was done once before, apparently for Tom Cruise.  We never find out if this was for a movie, or whether Mr. Cruise popped the question to any of his ex-wives there.

We spend some time in the Swedish Aspen, as Fredrik calls it.  Åre is only 1 hour away by plane from Stockholm, which makes it a convenient and desirable destination for wealthy Europeans.  Sadly, this is probably the only time I’ll get to use the A with the little halo over it.  Fredrik has scheduled private showings with a few Swedes, who are a little resistant to the unusually high price of the property.  Fredrik is in his element showing off the amenities, including a kitchen island that he deems “3 Fredriks long”.  Yes, he has now made himself a unit of measurement.  He brushes aside the steep asking price, assuring potential buyers it will be worth owning the best house in town.

Ryan is bringing Yvonne an offer of $4.5 million for the duplex, which is below the list price of $4.75 million.  He’s a little hesitant, saying, “I can’t negotiate…she’ll take my firstborn!”  She does indeed give Ryan a hard time and refuses the offer, noting that all the other units sold for the full asking price.  At Yvonne’s insistence, Ryan actually succeeds in getting the offer increased by $25,000, which he describes as a “lot of money…like part of an engagement ring”.  Yvonne finally lets Ryan off the hook, accepts the deal and tells him that she actually would have taken the $4.5 million offer.  She wants to know if he’s ready for the next project.

Luis is putting on a lot of miles on the Maserati, as he returns to Brooklyn to meet with Longo.  Luis is pleased as a puppy to present the developer with an offer of $3.75 million for the Cobble Hill townhome.  He quickly adds that he can probably get the bid up.  Longo, however, dashes Luis’ dreams by telling him that his team has already received an offer at the full asking price.  Luis quickly makes lemonade out of lemons, and tells us that this was a “win”, because he showed that he has vision and can deliver.  The developer, on the other hand, only promises to “consider” Luis for future projects.

We then get to watch Luis interview people for a job on his team.  He asks, “What’s so amazing about you?…What value do you bring to me?”  I’d like to know where is he going to put the new employee, since he already shares a small office with Ronita.  Is he going to build a bunk desk above her head? Luis confides his plan to take over the world with an “army of successful brokers”.  By the way, did you notice the name plate on his desk?  It reads, “Luis Ortiz — Boom!”  Really, Luis, a catchphrase?  I bet you he watches every episode of the Apprentice, too.

Fredrik is throwing a party for international buyers at the lodge where he and Derek are staying.  He’s also invited Anna, his best friend, who is also an egg naysayer.  He hopes to change her mind, now that Project Milla is a go.

It’s 7:00 am and Ryan and Emilia are driving through Manhattan on the way to Boston for a family birthday party.  Around Times Square, Ryan says that he wants to stop at a Starbucks and makes Emilia get out of the car.  Times Square is usually one of the loudest, flashiest and crowded spots in the world.  Now, it’s eerily desolate and quiet, which seems to fill Emilia with dread.  She nervously asks what’s going on.  Ryan tells us that he wants to create a fairy tale memory for Emilia that they’ll be able to tell their grandchildren about.  He also says that this is the birth of a new life for him.  Looking like the last people on earth (except for the String Quartet playing in the background), they walk along the huge, empty space. Ryan then tells Emilia, “You’re The One” and directs her attention to an electronic billboard facing them.  It reads “I love you Puffer Munkin” in Greek.  Puffer Munkin is either Emilia’s pet name, or the name of a rare species of Puffin that only lives in Greece and subsists on feta cheese.  I may have missed that David Attenborough episode.  Ryan, the former womanizer and all-around MDLNY scoundrel, gets down on one knee and opens a box to reveal a ring.  When he asks her to marry him, she’s so shocked, she forgets to answer him.  With a little prompting, she finally whispers, “yes”.  Like the ending of a corny Harlequin romance novel, they fold into each other for a long embrace in Times Square.  Ryan tells us that words can’t describe what he’s feeling.  I have to confess that this moment melted my jaded, cynical, Grinch-like shriveled heart.  Sniffle.

3 - time sq

4 - proposal





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274 Responses to Real Housewives of New York City “Birthday in the Berks” plus Million Dollar Listing New York The Proposal

  1. I grow more tired.
    Love love love. I can’t stop laughing. Sonja in her silk robe two sizes too small was just too much for me. I don’t think any guy with a typical level of testosterone could have stopped from staring at that much skin.

  2. not THAT Jill says:

    Starzy…I grow tired as well….
    Awesome blog!!
    Heather needs to GET OFF MY JOCK …ASAP!! What a pain in the ass she is! I don’t even think she does any of this b/c she LIKES Bethenny-she clearly does not like her. I think she’s trying to make Bethenny crazy so she flips on her ass and we will all see how much we didn’t need Bethenny on NY and Heather can go back to being the only B who is back…I’m done with Heather!!
    I love Dorinda but her house is too…too….?????

    • Cartwheels says:

      Dorinda’s house is beautiful, the décor is just uhmmm…. not my style.

      Heather is throwing her passive aggressive comments around that are meant to show her as a caring person but IMO just comes across as Heather being fake.
      It is very obvious to me that she doesn’t care one bit for Sonja or Bethenny, her comments about them when they are not around are more telling than her fake protests of how much she cares and how nice she is. She is poking and poking and hoping for a reaction so she can cry bloody murder. Heather knows that if she keeps pushing she is going to get a massive reaction out of Bethenny and then she gets to be the victim and the likeable one. I bet Heather is still scratching her head about how all this BS is backfiring on her. Heather is frustrated because so far Bethenny hasn’t given her too much to work with, just digs and snark but nothing massive like she was expecting.

      • not THAT Jill says:

        I agree-Heather seems to have an agenda and it’s not to make fast friends with Bethenny. The way they started out was all wrong -Heather going on about Bethenny owing Luann a car? It started strange and it’s getting worse! Heather is looking annoying and kind of jealous I think.

        • T-Rex says:

          It was weird that she tried to “justify” her moronic behavior by stating she didn’t like OldCraggybitchRamona at first either, like that gives you a PASS for being an asshole to someone else?

      • Powell says:

        Her house is beautiful. I like a lot of it. She made it very welcoming and cozy for her guests.

    • Powell says:

      I was all on Heather’s side last epi w/Sonja. I’m not this week. #GetOffLynnFamsJock 🙄

      • Foxymel(Mel) says:

        😆 Good one, Powelly!

      • MM in OC says:

        I was fine with Heather calling out Bethany for being rude. Sonja and Bethany were very rude and immature while they were trying to have a conversation. All the other stuff Heather did was BS. Her fake cry at the end was annoying.

        • Foxymel(Mel) says:

          That was a huge table and Benthenny and Sonja were in the other end of it. I don’t think they were being rude when they’re having a conversation especially since they probably couldn’t hear the other side of the table.

          • not THAT Jill says:

            It was a long table-if you are not directly across from or right next to the person talking you have no idea what’s going on…I hate a long table!!

          • mm in oc says:

            To me it sounded like they were mocking the conversation and everyone knew it which is why the guy asked if it was a roast. There were 10-12 people at the party.

    • Powell says:

      JNNTJ I said Heather wants to be the only Direct Bit*h In Charge.

    • Stars99 says:

      Thanks so much, the best Jill in all the land – It really surprises me that Heather is acting like this – Especially because she was the one sitting there when Bethenny originally used the term when talking about Ramona, “Get off my jock.” It’s like she’s trying to prove something…

  3. Cartwheels says:

    Bringing forward my comment from last blog
    My issue with Heather is that she does this annoying buttisky things under the guise of being a caring person. I do however have the feeling that her “caring” moments are only reserved for the ones she actually doesn’t like.
    Heather cared so much for Sonja’s line that she had to mock it, making digs and all kind of underhanded comments but it is all because she cares for Sonja, same with Ramona’s guy, she had to grill him and ask him all kind of questions out of so much care for Ramona, she had to push, push , and push Bethenny with the issue of the food even though it had already been sorted out and that is just because she cares so much and is just being nice and she is “f*&^” mean for not accepting her nice suggestions.

    Heather really loses me when she demands that Bethenny and Sonja stop their giggling or she will “have to separate you two” and then when Bethenny tells her to relax and they were just joking, then Heather has the galls to tell Bethenny, “Don’t tell me what to do, I can say whatever the F^%$ I want”

    Weren’t you just telling Bethenny and Sonja what to do (not laugh) and how to do it (by being separated)? I mean, I can’t imagine that Heather doesn’t realize how incredible her double standards are. On one hand she feels like she can tell everybody what to do, how, and when to do it but on the other hand she doesn’t want anybody telling her what to o or what to say? Oh, the irony of the double standards.

    • T-Rex says:

      Well you knew exactly how the evening/rest of the weekend was going to go when BethennyBallBuster walked in and ASSHOLEBITCHHeatheroftheTwear looked like she wanted to throw her back out the door. Like how DARE YOU show up without telling ME, you know I am the RULER OF THE BERKSHIRES and everything up here has to be cleared by ME

      • iceNfire says:

        The look on Heather’s face! I paused it and sat here laughing….

      • hawkmoon947 says:

        Especially after Heather declared herself the “co-host” just because she also had a house in the Berkshires. Last year, it was great to see Heather use her confidence and forthrightness to defend Carole against Aviva. This season, she’s coming off as an insensitive and pushy person. NYC should be big enough to hold 2 alpha females.

    • FattyCat says:

      I’m not a fan of Bethenny, never have been, probably never will be. She is just too harsh and her responses are just rude, plain and simple. But….Heather just went at her non stop to the point that I actually really felt sorry for Bethenny. I’m the type of person who if someone is upset or says they don’t want or like something, I ask once, can I do anything, or can I get you something, if the response is no, then drop it. These are not 5 years. And sorry, your nanny left you after nine years?? Big freaking whoop!

      I did like Dorinda’s house, not so much some of the colors, but I think it was warm and homey and nothing like the other museums the other HW’s live it. I’d stay there.

      Thank you Stars99 for the recap, I so look forward to it! And Mr. Stars99 deserves a medal, the minute the word Housewives comes out of my mouth, I am banished to another room!!

      • Stars99 says:

        You’re so welcome, FattyCat – And yes, you’re right – Mr. Stars99 DOES deserve a medal… To be honest, he generally goes to another room when I blog and who can blame him? Sometimes he stays and just reads or does other stuff… He cracks me up…

    • MM in OC says:

      Heather’s reaction was that of a person with too much alcohol in her system.

  4. ramonacoaster says:

    Still scratching my head at the episode last night.

    Heather: Bond with me, bitch!

    Bethenny: I don’t want your meatball! I don’t know you like that!

    Ramona (realizes she has to calm the situation, raises her glass): Happy Birthday to Dorinda! Sake Rocky!

  5. BTW- I am a blonde. A bleachy bleachy blonde. Platinum. 30 volume double process. Every 3 weeks. Clockwork.

    How can these ratchet Long Island broads BE FILMED with f*ckin roots? I wouldn’t even go to the grocery store like that. And BRASSY. Just ugh. And No.

    • T-Rex says:

      OMIB – Seriously, I thought the same dayum thing, look you broads are boasting about all your money that you have, how you grew up in the right part of long island, because gawd forbid anyone grow up two blocks down the road, and then profess to all this lavish plastic surgery, then look like some tramp that hasn’t been to the hairdressers in a couple of months. LOL. Oh, I thought it was Rich that a few talked about their blondeness, uhm honey all of you are nice jewish girls that were born and bred brunettes, you CHOOSE to be a blonde, you weren’t born that way, LOL

    • Foxymel(Mel) says:

      The ombre/sombre beachy look is in….unless that’s not the style they’re going for. Lol

    • Powell says:

      Roots are the thing. You sure it wasn’t deliberate?

  6. T-Rex says:

    Mmmkay, doesn’t ASSHOLEBITCHHeatheroftheTwear have a HOME in the Berkshires, since she clearly anointed herself as RULER OF THE BERKSHIRES by announcing that she and Dorinda were Co-hosting this shindig since ASSHOLEBITCHHeatheroftheTwear also has a home there, so why was she in a hotel? In addition, ASSHOLEBITCHHeatheroftheTwear needs to put a SOCK in it when it comes to comparing her “trials and tribulations” of life to that of several of the Ho-wives, because frankly lady if YOUR mother tried to commit suicide in front of you, blamed you for it, then said she wished she had ABORTED you and never wanted you, then kicked you out of the house basically for most of your life, and sold lies to the tabloids, you may have a bit more perspective on the issues. In addition to all the shit Dorinda and Carole have gone through losing a beloved husband via death, which is way different then a divorce. She has certainly dubbed herself the purveyor of manners, and of course doesn’t think those manners actually APPLY to her, just those around her. UGH UGH UGH, Well, you gots to have an idiot villain each season I guess, and guess what moron you are proudly wearing that badge of dishonor ASSHOLEBITCHHeatheroftheTwear!. I loved that DrunkDelusionalGreyGardensSonja was basically a non-entity except for flashing Mr.John because she is the perpetual bitch in heat and has no class what so ever, and runs in “heat”mode now as a part of her daily life. I loved Dorinda’s house, I think color is fun, so having all those different themed rooms was fun to see, she seemed so at HOME there, and the story of how she acquired the house was wonderful. Oh and can we get rid of DumbAssKristenWho please and yes, there are butterflies and rainbows rolling around in her head where brain should reside, because Dayum smarts are not her asset.

    • iceNfire says:

      Yeah – Why isare Heather’s kids in a hotel when she has a house there? Her house didn’t have a/c for the hot summer ….maybe it has no heat for the winter/
      Heather is on a mission to make B her best friend….Mission Impossible but it’s weird that it’s so important to her

    • Hmmm…good catch on the hotel, I didn’t even pick up on that.

      • iceNfire says:

        Why didn’t Heather invite B and Bryn to stay at her Birkshire house? She wants to be in with B but misses this opportunity. I think there a major problems with Heather’s house

        • T-Rex says:

          Even better Sanctimonious-HYPOCRITE-ASSHOLEBITCHHeatheroftheTwear(knew I would get a name for her), wanted to know why B didn’t call her so that they could basically arrange to be at the Same Hotel or that the Ruler of the Berkshires could TELL her where to stay I guess, it was just weird.

          • iceNfire says:

            I don’t think Heather is looking for a friend in B. She is looking for business connections….Good luck with that…*Holla*

            • FattyCat says:

              good afternoon all – I don’t think Heather is looking for anything with Bethanny other than to get her off the show. She really, really, really, is annoying me this season (Holla Mama that is).

            • chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:

              What on earth does Holla need a business hook up for from Barfenny!??? 😳😩😂

              • iceNfire says:

                HellooOOoo chismosa!

                • chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:

                  How are you ICE!?

                  So much hair stuff to discuss – anything new there ???? Lol

                  Hope your summer has started off nicely !

              • hawkmoon947 says:

                Doesn’t Bethenny have a slimwear line? This would make put her in competition with Heather’s Yummy Tummies. Maybe Bethenny’s slimwear is outsourced, and Heather would like to get that business.

    • Powell says:

      Right T-Rex. B basically no longer lived at home when she was sent to boarding school. She would go to her friends home during breaks. She’s been on her own since about 15. And Heather no Nanny -vs- B losing her apt, getting divorced, about to pay a divorce settlement, & going to court for custody of her child. Hmmm!! I don’t think losing a freakin Nanny wins. 🙄

  7. So. Consider the source on this one. I still believe someone in the Hilton camp in feeding these stories to “communicate” to Kim.

    • SunnyGirl says:

      OMIB – I agree with you. I think it took Kathy less time to cut off Kim that it took Kyle. Good for them both!

      For whatever reason, this relapse of Kim Richards feels different. Maybe it’s the arrest. Maybe because there is more chatter about it. It just feels imperative that Kim get her act together this time. It’s like she is out of chances.

      • mrs peabody says:

        Kathy probably didn’t want to be know as an enabler with her sister since it’s now widely known that Kyle cut her off financially. If Kathy continued to support her financially she becomes the sole enabler. Wonder why Monty isn’t supporting her financially since they are such good friends.

        • T-Rex says:

          Not sure what I believe but I DO believe that KruellaKathy is too busy NOT raising her own kids, that she has no want to have to deal with her sister’s issues, she is too busy jetting off here and there and ignoring her own son’s despicable behaviour

        • Orson says:

          Um, who knows what Monty has willed to her?

      • lila1star says:

        I agree–it does seem different. Just my take on it but I think Kim had decided to be what she is–an addict. No more rehab or pretending etc…truly off the deep end this time but she forgot one rather important issue–money and the family members who have been paying her way for years. I don’t believe Kathy has been doing the money thing very long–maybe since about the time Kathy made herself visible. Hiltons do not give up their funds easily. I have no trouble believing Kyle and Mo are done but if this is being used to get her in rehab it will not work for long either.

      • Barb (Just wondering in Jersey) says:

        I think Kyle lasted so long because her precious mother told her to look after Kim.

        • Orson says:

          Oh heck’s yes. Maybe the sisters or the children will ask the judge to put her in a lock down rehab place. It probably won’t take, but it’ll give them a month or 3 to really decide what to do about her. And for Goddess’s sake, get rid of that dog. If she must have a dog, get her a puppy beagle or something like that. No pittys, rottys, pinschers, mastiffs, wolfhounds, or German shepards.

  8. Foxymel(Mel) says:

    Such a terrific blog, Starzy!!⭐️
    This episode was very nice to watch until the dinner party. Why can’t Heather just leave Bethenny alone? It’s obvious that she doesn’t like her so why keep going at her? Then, she expects Bethenny to walk away with her after she made her cry?
    I’m really liking all of the ladies except for Heather. Heather also has the worst fashion sense. She looks terrible with all of her furry/feathery coats and vests–too bad since she has probably one of the nicest HW bodies. IMO

    I hope you all have a terrific day!

    • mrs peabody says:

      Heather’s a bully. She is just so used to overriding everyone that she thought she’d treat B the same way but B won’t stand for it. Good for her.

    • Stars99 says:

      Thanks so much, Foxymel… I know I found myself yelling “backoff” at the TV more than once… It’s all just so hilarious to me… I think generally Heather is pretty astute but she is completely tone deaf when it comes to dealing with Bethenny.

  9. California35 says:

    OMG Stars you crack me up. All the new words and phrases I’ll add to my vocabulary…LOL WOW 😜😜😛 may I?
    “Big kerfuffle” “raging pain in the dupa” LMAO
    You make this show so much more fun, than it really is.. “I that rectaly or orally?” LMAO

    Heather IS a pain in the dupa, what’s her problem!? Let it go! She is so eager to bethe big dog, the snart one, the strong one, the cool one. If she didnt try so hard, she could be all those things. Instead she come out as grompy, controlling, soficating. She wants people to relax, when they were already relaxed UNTIL she joined it, that is. She wanted to be on full control of the talk with Ramona and her date, but also be in control of Bethenny. She may have been mad that Bethenny and Sonjia were having fun and not paying attention to her, or that the full attention was not on her…but in reality she had been like that all along. Any ways, whatever. She bithered me in this episode AND Sonja being inapropriate aroubd John or with John. She wants so much attention, this was for the cameras. To show how sexy she is, but using John also. Not a fan.

    • Stars99 says:

      HI California, my neighbor – Yeah, Mr. Stars99 cracked me up with that comment… lol… I say weird stuff IRL – It’s hilarious… When I used to work with groups of girls called the “Super Stars” – I had occasion to drive them around… I was careful of what I said when they were in my car. When a car would speed around me to pass me I would say, ‘hurry, hurry” and when someone cut me off and came into my lane I would say , “Welcome to my lane.” It was my way of dealing with traffic issues in a constructive way around them. One of them told me she was walking down the hall at school and someone abruptly came out of a door right in front of her and without blinking she said, “Welcome to my lane.” lol… I laffed.

  10. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. Hope your morning is going well.
    Heather was a trip on NY. Boy has she got it in for B! Heather tweeted a meatball last night saying they were good. If the host “DORINDA”, seems Heather forgot that, told B she could get her something else suggesting two things & asking twice and both times B said no thank you, then Heather keeps insisting,.”I was going to get them for her”,.or whatever she said and like Dorinda’s chef couldn’t do it, why was Heather going on and on? Then when B got emotional WTH is Heather getting emotional for? The other ladies were sitting there like “WTH?”. Ramona was the only one that tried to get it to stop. Ramona of all people. Heather was getting blasted on Twitter

    • HuskerHuny says:

      I only got to watch the last 14 minutes or so last night (dang that trivia running so late – but we won!). So this is what I saw . . .

      A fancy sit-down dinner at Dor’s country home. Beth comes in unannounced (I’m thinking she was not expected so no RSVP from her?!?).

      Everyone sits down for a custom-made sushi and sake kind of dinner.

      Beth announces that she can’t eat fish other than shell fish.

      Dor offers to get her something else out of her fridge.

      Heath also offers up her leftovers (I guess from a lunch earlier that day).

      Beth says that she fine, that she will make due.

      Here is where it goes off the tracks . . .

      For some reason, Heath won’t let it go. I guess she sees it as being kind (in an overbearing kind of way), but after Beth refuses her offer time after time, why in the world didn’t Heath just shut it down? She was in the wrong and should have shut her yap.

      But I’m still a BIG Heath fan (waiting for the barbs to come my way!). Yes, I would be her friend. I couldn’t be Beth’s friend because I just can’t handle her issues. And I’m guessing she wouldn’t want to be my friend either in that she just won’t anyone over that wall and that’s her choice for sure.

      Now that Heath is watching this back and six months or more have elapsed, I’m curious what the relationship is between these two today. I’m guessing they are not braiding each other’s hair at a sleep-over, but I’m thinking they have moved on and smoked the peace pipe and come to a understanding. But then I could be totally wrong!

      O.K. y’all – let me have it. I’m standing by Heath and I’m thinking by the time the season ends, Beth and Heath will have kissed and made up.

      Happy Hump Day to all!

      • T-Rex says:

        Just one perspective, that whole meatball thing, stupid SanctimoniousHypocriteAssholeBitchHeatheroftheTWear doesn’t understand, nor listened, that B doesn’t eat meat, as someone who also has dietary issues, once you tell someone NO it’s NO, because frankly I usually don’t want to bring up my issues at a party. So when I say no to fish, you offering me MEAT, is not helpful, so when I say NO you have to just stop. You need to watch the whole evening because SanctimoniousHypocriteAssholeBitchHeatheroftheTWear just would not stop her obsession with B this episode, seriously get the F**lk over it.

      • Every girl I know and their sister has some type of eating disorder/ allergies what have you.

        I only care because it leaves more of the good stuff for me.

        Seriously? If you are old enough to drink legally, you’re old enough to figure out what to eat.

        • T-Rex says:

          Yes and as a vegetarian if for some reason I was to wind up somewhere unexpectedly, I try to stop and grab something to eat beforehand, and just hope for some veggies or lettuce wherever I wind up. OR I just don’t eat for a couple of hours and eat later, not going to kill someone not to eat for a few hours, and those bishes on the Ho-wives hardly ever eat anyway. So don’t throw some used meatball in my face and demand I eat it!

      • T-Rex says:

        HHunny- Just a note I was a fan of the HollaHeatheroftheTwear last season, and I don’t know what happened to her but she flew the coop and now SanctimoniousHypocriteAssholeBitchHeatheroftheTWear has promptly taken her place. She is trying TOO HARD to “shut” BethennyBallBuster down for some reason and not in a good way, in a I look like a bitch from hell way. She is getting ROASTED across the blogs, and folks that were NEVER Bethenny Fans are saying, yeah still not a fan but dayum SanctimoniousHypocriteAssholeBitchHeatheroftheTWear needs to take it down like a “million” notches with her. She has lost a LOT of fans in the past couple of weeks.

        • HuskerHuny says:

          Totally understand your POV T-Rex. I’m just not ready to write Heath off yet as I have Beth. I’m tired of her going from woman to woman with her mopey face and I really don’t want to interact with you but I have to because there are cameras here attitude. RHNY is wallowing in misery and it’s just not fun anymore.

          • Powell says:

            I’m not writing Heather off either. Hopefully she doesn’t get any worse towards B. I still like B. Her mopey face is her. I take it w/the rest of her.

      • kit9 says:

        I think Heather’s been on the receiving end of Bethenny being an azzhole one too many times and blew at the wrong thing. And, boy did she, wow. But, starting day 1 with the car..Heather was joking and being friendly and instead of having a laugh, Bethenny got weird and defensive. Then, they were at lunch and Bethenny interrupts Heather mid sentence and says, in effect, STFU, I don’t care about what you’re talking about. It was incredibly rude and then the obnoxious sleeping incident. Then in ATC, Bethenny hurls insults to the women at dinner, calling them nasty b’s.

        And last week, Bethenny thought Heather was being intrusive? WTF? This is a woman that has whored out the deepest darkest issues in her past to a national tv audience. Yet asking how many days she has her kid is off limits? Esp odd since it’s an issue Bethenny has app. brought up to them. I agree Heather went overboard at the table but I get why she could have snapped. I’ve freaking had it w/B and I’m a long standing fan of hers and she’s not telling me to STFU! lol. I’m not writing Heather off. She had a bad night. If it turns into a pattern..that’s something else.

        • Good points.

          Also explains Heather’s uncharacteristic tears.

        • Foxymel(Mel) says:

          What the heck happened in Atlantic City??

        • not THAT Jill says:

          I think Heather knows damn well that Bethenny can not discuss much about her divorce/custody agreement so asking her is just an asshole move-reminds me of something Brandi would do-like bringing up smoking weed with Kyle when she knew damn well it didn’t happen on camera and Kyle didn’t want it “out there”…these bitches break girl code every minute and then cry when no one wants to be there BFF!!

          • Powell says:

            JNNTJ they do break girl code any chance they get.

          • kit9 says:

            But she wasn’t asking about her divorce which is ongoing. The custody issue had already been settled when this was filmed and it’s an issue that Bethenny, HERSELF, has talked about to the women. No comparison at all to what Brandi(hopefully soon to be unemployed by Bravo Brandi!) outing Kyle on tv just to an azzhole.

        • HuskerHuny says:

          All good points kit.

        • Powell says:

          Heather has had a bee up her dupa, as Starz says, about B since epi 1. It’s like she’s made up her mind that she doesn’t like her and this is how she’s going to treat her. No one told Heather to be the leader of the Kristen committee and tell B Kristen was upset she wasn’t invited to the lunch. Heather was so clearly B wanted to get to know her. It didn’t make sense to me for B not to invite Kristen because she was trying to get to know all the ladies. She invited Kristen to her house in the Hamptons. But Lu Miss etiquette said it was ok that B didn’t invite Kristen. She said “you can’t always invite everyone.”.

          • Foxymel(Mel) says:

            Heather thinks that this show IS her dollhouse and she wants Bethenny out of it!!

          • kit9 says:

            I disagree. I didn’t see Heather out to get Bethenny at all. I saw her simply talking to her and being friendly when they first met. Heather had just learned the story about Bethenny saying Luann helped her name the drink so she joked w/her about it and Bethenny got all weird about it. I don’t see any evidence at all that Heather didn’t like B from the jump. At all. I also don’t see Heather trying to be besties w/Bethenny. Unless talking to someone is trying to be besties with them.

        • Powell says:

          I think B is being careful w/some things not to give Jason any reason to make up something to go to court for. He already did after epi 1.

      • Powell says:

        Husker from S2 on I have liked Heather. Have liked her this season up to last night. It was just all kinds of stupid. She has a deep dislike for B. And hey we’re not supposed to like everyone but you don’t constantly go after a person when it’s not warranted. Heather was totally wrong.

        • kit9 says:

          Oh, I think she deeply dislikes Bethenny NOW, for sure! But it didn’t come out of nowhere. And I have not seen Heather constantly go at Bethenny.

  11. Foxymel(Mel) says:

    Ok, I going to just throw this out there–I think Heather’s husband is used to her being like this–Alfa everything. I mean, I do t think I would intentionally go in on someone especially with my husband watching me. Did anyone else find this strange?

  12. chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:

    Just as saw on the E ticker – KI-RI is not a FT HW next season RHOBH.

  13. shamrockblonde says:

    Stars!!! LOVE the blog!!! – I also appreciate the BBT reference too! – Heather started this Berkshire visit off once again trying to be the problem solver, the one with the absoute answer, the one who is really in charge with her “I have a house in the Berkshires too, so I’m the cohost” comment what? how does that work? oh right – it doesn’t – the look on her face when B showed up was priceless – and that face told you all you need to know about how Heather feels about B – and then dinner – there was a non-issue with B not being able to eat fish with fins – odd that – and of course, despite the issue NOT being a big deal and already having been discussed & solved, in comes Heather – in my mind I see her walking in and saying “everybody calm down, I got this” as if everyone was panicking and wondering what in the world to do – newsflash Heather – B is a grown woman – a very smart, savy, and independent woman, who can, believe it or not, figure out what to eat – or not eat – but for some reason, you think that unless and until YOU solve this pressing issue, it is not solved – the thing is I think Heather uses the excuse of being helpful to be the only go-to person – the one who solves everything – I was shocked that she actually got up and attempted to take B’s hand and lead her away – YOU might think you can turn this all around and be the confidant, the problem solver, but in reality, you have NO clue what is truly going on – none – honestly if it had been me, I probably would have smacked her away from me –

    was not crazy about Carole checking up on Ramona’s business partner – this immediateluy turned her into a gossipy teen – not a good look even on a teen –

    Kristen – just stop – loved loved loved Dorinda’s home!!! –

    • mrs peabody says:

      I was kind of wondering why Carole felt the need to pull up Ramona’s date on the internet and then to go tell Heather what she found. It seemed she just wanted to cause trouble to me.
      Dorinda’s home was beautiful and I want it! And when I host my parties for you guys at my new home Heather is NOT co-hosting with me regardless of what she think’s she is doing. It’ll be my crib in the hood (see I can talk like her too)

      • Foxymel(Mel) says:

        Thanks for reminding me about Carole. Why would she do that and then immediately tell all the ladies? Kristen is also a non-factor this season.

      • I thought it was mean spirited.

      • Powell says:

        I thought she was going to keep it between her and Lu but they both went downstairs telling the ladies. I guess just not Ramona. Sometimes they have awful timing. Don’t mention it during Dorinda ‘s BD party & w/all the guys there.

    • Powell says:

      Shamrock as a matter of fact if B WAS really hungry she could go into the kitchen and whip up just about anything on her own.

    • Stars99 says:

      Thanks so much, Shamrockblonde! It’s ALWAYS a good time for a BBT reference, no? lol… I thought the interplay between Heather and Bethenny was a lil funny… It’s like Heather thinks they’re playing a game of chess but Bethenny just wants to play Solitaire. Or maybe it’s “Go Fish.” Oh wait – she can’t – She’s allergic.

  14. chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:

    I think there was a lot of choppiness in the flow of H offering — AS THE OTHER WOMEN WERE AS WELL—- food. Before the FLOODS OF THIS WEEK’s RHONY began right on schedule by the usual person. 🙄 🚿🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽 kill me. 🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫

  15. SerenaNYC says:

    Thank you Lord.

    • T-Rex says:

      Now we just need her BFF THELIARSUPREMESLUTBAGSCUMBAGLYINGLIARJEALOUSBITCHMORONSTFUBrandi to be reporting the same thing

    • chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:

      I said it — E and Bravo are same fam. If E reports, it’s true.

      Bye girl 👋👋👋👋

      • SerenaNYC says:

        Yep. And their announcing it now probably means they’re gearing up to film again soon. I’m guessing late June like last year.

      • not THAT Jill says:

        If they give her part time/friend status we will see her a lot…Luann had friend status last season and she was more than other HW

        • Foxymel(Mel) says:

          Maybe they’ll film her like they filmed Taylor, which was like two episodes for like five seconds.

        • T-Rex says:

          Yeah, I think probably not though, she will be in rehab until probably the end of July, depending on the court order at her hearing in two weeks. I would think her interactions will be completely monitored this time

    • jezzibel says:

      Honestly I’m glad of it, she need to be off the show after season 2, but that’s just me. Whoever made that final decision did the right thing for Kim, it might not seem like it to her or her family, but in the long run it is.

    • Foxymel(Mel) says:

      Thanks for posting this! It gives me hope that we’ll soon see Brandi as either fired, or friend status.

      • lila1star says:

        Lets hope! I think Kim knew this and felt she no longer had anything to loose or rather pretend for. So she went on the bender to end all benders and there is no Kyle trying to save her job.

        • Foxymel(Mel) says:

          I think you’re right, lila. Until she hits her rock bottom–hopefully not that rock bottom but ends up in a Mexican jail cell, then maybe she can get off her drugs. And like many have mentioned before, I don’t think her main issue is booze…

  16. Must be a kick in the ass that your step dad is prettier than you.

    • not THAT Jill says:

      I might be alone but I don’t think Cait is all that pretty….photoshopped like a true Kardashian-but not a great looker.

      • Foxymel(Mel) says:

        You’re right and they didn’t even bother to show his hands because then they’d have to photoshop the hell out of it.
        I hope you all had a great time at the walk and later gathered for a great big meal. 🙂

        • not THAT Jill says:

          Thanks Mel-we gathered for a great PARTY….2 actually. My niece and my nephew both got engage-we had one engagement party on Saturday and the other on Sunday after the walk…busy weekend!!

      • I think that she came out so much better than i thought, but I am over seeing her everywhere…I think left to her own devices it would have been clown make up but with all that help….a little bronzer would nice, lol..

      • mrs peabody says:

        The pic was nice looking but I doubt that’s how he really looks, I’m going with a lot of photo shopping going on

  17. shamrockblonde says:

    honestly, I am just glad that he spelled Caitlyn with a “C” instead of a “K” – I wish him well, but really, I don’t care what he wants to be as long as he is happy –

  18. ladebra says:

    Great blog Starzy, I love how you put the little Joker in the photo with the couch. lol. I’m very visual!

    I hesitate to bring this up, mostly cause I’m not interested enough to watch over and over and over again, but the dinner was a little choppy. I suspect the heavy hand of the producers and editing. But even suspecting manipulation, I liked Dorinda’s manor, and I like how she stood up for John, and I also respected Ramona and Luann for sticking up for Bethenny when Heather did the comparison of Bethenny’s abusive childhood to loosing a nanny… I expected more from Heather.

    There were several scenes that were perplexing – like when Sonja comes in the bedroom in her gown and says to Dorinda “I didn’t bring a dress to wear”. She got there late. She knew where she was going. She has interns that do everything for her. I don’t get it.

    And one last observation. It’s clear that maybe the life Bethenny lived isn’t the life that Heather or Kristen or Ramona lived, but to marginalize a person because they aren’t like you, don’t do things the way you do things, don’t raise their children the way you do is just not right. Heather is getting the b!tch edit this year, but she can’t blame everything on that. There has always been something just a little off with her – Very fine line between helping and annoying; teaching and preaching; concern and being obnoxious. IMO. Allegedly.

    • ramonacoaster says:

      I’m not much of a Heather fan (unless she crashes into another glass door) but I do have sympathy for her caring for a child with severe health problems. That can be very traumatic experience for a parent. Would it measure up to B’s divorce and custody issues? It’s debatable. I did notice there was some editing when Bethenny first arrived and I think Heathers bitchface was producer manipulated. It was funny though. Foreshadowing. At the dinner, most of the crazy behavior came from Heather. She can’t claim bitchedit for that.

      • Foxymel(Mel) says:

        I’m totally with you on that. That’s why I found it bizarre when she said that she’s going through something hard because they let their 9-year nanny go. She’s been through really tough times with her son’s health issues and I do think Heather is a very strong woman.

        • ramonacoaster says:

          Yes, she is strong. There have been no updates on Jax on the show or if his hearing was fixed. I’m assuming it’s because he is fine. Hope so.

      • I don’t think going through any divorce–which is Beth’s choice, by the way–is in the same ballpark with having a child with the challenges of Heather’s. Didn’t he have a liver transplant as a baby?

        Going through that kind of life-threatening event with a child would be devastating beyond what most of us who haven’t can imagine. I worked in a hospital when I was young; dealing with so many doctors, hospitals, and insurance agencies is a full time job for those parents, believe me. I think this is why Heather has an overly developed “take charge” aspect to her personality.

        If Beth had to choose between going through a nasty divorce and having her child struggle with these issues, I don’t think there would even be a hesitation. She should count her lucky stars.

        • ramonacoaster says:

          I forgot to add B’s crappy childhood and her mother trying to commit suicide in front of her to the scale. Just had to throw that in there.
          All kidding aside, I guess it is safe to say they all have dealt with trauma.

          • Yeah, that’s very safe to say.

            Thing is, I once felt very sorry for Bethenny. I was a fan. I watched most of her entire 3 seasons of spin off.

            I really hope she gets past this stage of her life, I do. I know divorce is hard. I know a dysfunctional family is hard.

            What I fear most for her is that she’s unaware that the way she’s going about this divorce appears to me for all the world like exactly what her mother did to her relationship with her father.

            And she’s apparently driving herself crazy with it.

            She repeating history, only this time she’s her mother.

            Dang Freud!

        • OneMoreInBoston says:

          I must be confused.

          Bethenny never ever compared her life Heather’s. Heather said something along the ones is we all have trouble in our lives, deaths, divorces and firing a nanny or whatever f*ckery she was going on about.

          So therefore no one should cut Bethenny any slack. Or not as much slack. Or just cut a bitch- I don’t even know what she was saying,

          And Heather came to this conclusion, not because of Bethenny’s “choice” of divorce, but because the others were discussing her very much “non-choice” of her abusive childhood.

          Of course no parent wants their child to be seriously physically ill. Anymore than a child wants their parent to be seriously mentally ill.

          • Well, I was looking at the arc of their continuing headbutts, not just specifically that night, that one comment.

            So I feel that Heather was saying, when someone is deliberately rude, I don’t ask them what kind of childhood they had. People focus on the unsuitable “nanny” example, but that’s not the issue, simply a misdirection.

            Of course, what do I know? I’d have been in a table-flipping, wine-throwing, glass-smashing, weave-pulling, Who-gonna-check-me-Boo mood myself, but…you know…Trash. 😛

            • I actually agree with a lot of what Heather has to say but she just looks like she drank a bottle of vinegar when she says it.

              But has B been rude? Or just her abrasive self?

              It’s not just the nanny comment, it was the controlling with the food, trying to go over and take bethenny out of the situation like a mommy putting a naughty child in a timeout…the whole night was just not her night.

              • Agree, it was her worst episode evah. She was completely decompensating over Bethenny.

                Yes, I do think Beth was aggressively rude to Heather numerous times this season,

                In those instances, Bethenny might as well have said to Heather, You’re nobody to me and get out of my world, you insignificant ant.

                I call that rude. But if in the 21st century manners are so dismissed that people no longer make any effort to be minimally polite, then okay, Bethenny should be out UN ambassador to Iraq. (That’ll show ’em!)

                I apologize for the confusion of my use of Heather’s child’s illness compared to Beth’s divorce. I wasn’t clear at all.

                I meant that as a comparison of Heather’s difficulties in life to Beth’s. Others were saying to Heather at the dinner that Bethenny had been through such a traumatic childhood, etc., and Heather brought up her “nanny” trauma. (LOL to even write that.)

                My cross-reference was in relation to how much chit Heather is getting for her comparison, as if she doesn’t know what a hard time is. My point was Heather knows too well.

                I think. O_o

                Anyhow…it was a good episode. Messy all over the place.

        • not THAT Jill says:

          They weren’t talking about Bethennys divorce-they were talking about her shitty mother and how awful she was-the divorce and custody stuff is a whole other thing-I wouldn’t compare a divorce to what Heather went through with her son-just like I wouldn’t compare a nanny quitting to Bethenny seeing her mother try to kill herself.

      • chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:

        I love you saying the glass door -I LOVE stuff like that ! LOLOLOL

        MHo is there was a lot of editing.
        and Heather has dealt with $hit in her family. Health is above ANYTHING ⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️else.


    • Powell says:

      Dorinda”s bro and his husband are cute.

    • Stars99 says:

      Thanks, ladebra, my neighbor – I thought the exact same thing about the editing… I mean I know they have to cut it down – but things were spliced together wonkily… I totally didn’t understand Heather’s getting up to go and take Bethenny by the hand to go talk… That’s was so odd… I think other things happened that we didn’t see… At least I hope they did…

    • mrs peabody says:

      She’s a bully, she just rolls right over everyone. She over talks people. I can’t stand people like her and stay away from them.

  19. VV™ says:

    I have a quick question. Can somebody please tell me what Bethenny wrote on the book she have the Countess? I’m talking about Episode 1 of this season. Heather alluded to it. Can somebody quote what Heather told Bethenny?

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      I don’t understand.

      What did Bethenny write in the book regarding LuAnne? That made Heather say she should get a car?

      • VV™ says:

        The scene at Luann’s house episode 1.

        Heather mentions to B that she read the note that B wrote to Luann. She then proceeded to describe what was written. I want to know what Heather said verbatim.

        I don’t care about the car thing. That was a scene later.

    • Powell says:

      Something about helping her name the SG Margarita. They showed a flashback to the season when B and Lu went out to lunch and B was telling the waiter how to make the drink. Lu was intrigued w/the ingredients and told the waiter she’d have one too. Lu asked B what’s it called. B said something. Lu chimed in. The rest is history to Heather “you should buy Lu a car. I told my GF I’d buy her a car for helping me name Yummy if I ever sold the company for a billion”.

      • VV™ says:

        Thanks Powell. I really want to know exactly what Heather said the book dedicatory read. I hope I can get somebody to give me the exact words that Hearher uttered. I’m looking at that specific scene at LuAnn’s home.
        I appreciate you replying 😀

        • chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:

          There was something of a “thank you”

          Though she called her a snake 🐍🐍🐍so dramatically that other time.
          Cue 💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💧💧💧💧💧💧💧

        • kit9 says:

          Heather didn’t say. They showed the women in a scene earlier that day of them reading what Bethenny wrote to Luann in her signed book.

  20. Great job on the recap, Stars99. You worked hard on this one. I always enjoy your point of view on different issues that come up.

    I agree with the…exotic?…purple couches room. It looked so velvet-Elvis, I imagine Kristien loved it. It was a lovely house, however, and I love Dorinda’s personal story of it.

    I liked this episode. Everyone’s flaws and endearments were hanging out. I actually found myself thinking what a lucky group of women/friends when they got up the next morning and were laughing and hugging each other. Nobody is perfect but they all seem to care about each other.

    As for Heather and Bethenny:

    What I think Heather was trying to express is that to her, Bethenny’s dismissive, self-absorbed behavior isn’t excused by personal struggles. They are all thrown together by the production company and interaction would seem to be the job, which Bethenny took. The “nanny” comparison was an extemporaneous misfire by Heather. IMO, she has far worse issues to deal with than Bethenny. The illnesses Heather’s son has endured all his young life and with which he will always struggle are in another league of suffering for a parent.

    That’s my opinion, at least.

    • Powell says:

      Yeah WTG B will get thru the divorce, money issues w/Jason but Heather’s son’s illness is life long. Tha a better comparison than the Nanny. There’s thousands of them in NY. But really why compare your experience to Bs? Why even go there.

      • Foxymel(Mel) says:

        I think Bethenny gets along great with Carole and Dorinda, two new women she hasn’t met before.mso, it’s not like everyone’s hating her. Just Kristen and Heather.

      • I think Heather and Kristen both came in thinking it was the JOB to interact and integrate Beth into the group, so they did the unthinkable: they treated Beth like they would anyone, making conversation about the things Bethenny herself talks about EVERY SINGLE TIME SHE’S ON TV–which is a lot.

        Dayum them, how dare they approach her imperfectly! (But they are good for a punch line. Jot that down, assistants!)

        So Heather has finally taken offense, and I think Bethenny meant to offend, to keep that wall up–as she said herself repeatedly: I don’t know you and I don’t have the time or want to or trust you or care, as you are insignificant in my histrionic life.

        I think Heather is off her game because it’s hard dealing with a beotch who uses you to get the attention she never stops whining she doesn’t want–ON TV–FOR THE UMPTEENTH SHOW….

        That’s just how I see it, of course.

    • Stars99 says:

      Thanks so much, Whitetrashgirl – I think the funny part of this whole thing is that Bethenny is pretty “harsh” even when things are going well for her… The only thing different that I’ve seen is that she is more raw and prone to cry… And she doesn’t show up to everything all the time… But that’s a production/contractual issue, I would think… I would LOVE to see her contract…lol

      • Good point. I’m sure it’s a doozy. Perhaps it would go something like this:


        Bethenny Frankel RHONYC contract:

        Addendum 68: Article 92: Provision 241:

        In any social or professional setting, scene, party, private or public event; in the expectation of any possibilities of any or all eyes of any species, not confined to only sentient beings but to include any living organism heretofore identified in said Universe being available to view, sense, or otherwise be exposed to the aforementioned (Registered Trademark) SkinnyGirl Brand, products, merchandise, representatives, or anything else we can think of at any time in future negotiations: said SkinnyGirl Brand commodities will be present in plain sight on camera, as well as in obscured sight, at every angle, and within sight in every camera frame at all times.


        Hm. I wonder if there’s a “Crying Clause” as well?

    • chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:

      Yup I hear you WTG- for sure 🚬🚬🚬

    • kit9 says:

      I agree. Heather’s point was the all have very serious things going on that they’re dealing with-and what Heather is dealing with is truly horrific. I knew she was referring to her child. Heather didn’t want to name it, specifically, but I knew what she was talking about and it wasn’t just her freaking nanny. The nanny was probably what she was dealing with on the day and it came to her because it was related to her son and was yet another challenge for him to deal with. Also given her son’s severe health issues, his nanny may have been a lot more than just a nanny to her and her family. Had Heather had no serious problems in her life, I would have thought the nanny comment was horrendous! Awful. But, that ain’t the case.

    • shamrockblonde says:

      and yet, she did not mention that – I wonder if it was because she did not wish to talk about that – maybe it was hurtful to her to talk about it, maybe it makes her upset – just like B not wanting to discuss her divorce or her custody battle because it causes her pain – in that sense, the two do have something in common – Heather needs to be able to see that and back off its not for her to decide when B should be ready to confide/talk about it any more than it is for B to decide when Heather should be ready to confide/talk about her son’s health issues –

      • I don’t think that’s exactly fair, though. It’s not like Heather asked Bethenny about her divorce and custody issues to be mean. How was Heather supposed to know that Bethenny would be highly offended if asked about that which she never stops discussing openly with the public?

        And so far, Beth has no awareness of Heather’s child’s issues that I’ve seen, since Beth has no interest in Heather, as she has made clear: WALL UP.

        I agree Heather does need to back off, definitely. What’s the saying?

        “Never waste your time trying to explain who you are to people who are committed to misunderstanding you.”

  21. Powell says:

    Coming up on tmz drama w/Brandi and Joanna Krupa. They were in the same restaurant and one sent the other a plate of fish. I’ll tell who did the sending after the commercial. 😝 🐡

  22. BTW? As a single 50 plus woman? Ramona’s got some serious game. She is constantly with handsome men. Who’d a thunkit?

  23. Oh crap I misspelled my name again. Can someone take me outta moderation please? I need to find me an easier name

    • TexasTart says:

      In just a minute.

      • Thx babe. Sorry I’m an idiot.

        • TexasTart says:

          You are going to have to do a helluva lot worse than a silly typo to be an idiot! Not a problem other than I was held hostage by medical professionals this afternoon. Looks like y’all have been having fun.

          All I can say is to thank Veena, SunnyGirl and Stars for the blog. And as far as my girl Holla Heather, she was guilty of very bad behavior and I will be very interested in learning more, what she has to say in her blog and seeing future behavior(s) but I am not kicking her to the curb! Not yet. I know someone like her.

          • Foxymel(Mel) says:

            Is everything ok?

          • So I have 2 basic accounting books in my office. One is The Complete Idiots Guide to Accounting and one is Accounting for Dummies.

            I always say hmmm, what am I today? A Dummy? or A Complete Idiot? when I need to figure something out. Lol.

            I hope the medical professionals were just doing check ups.

  24. not THAT Jill says:
    • T-Rex says:

      Okay just looked at the courts and it looks like the case possibly has been settled and then attorneys fees set, meaning the LOSER has to pay the fees, and well THELIARSUPREMESLUTBAGSCUMBAGLYINGLIARJEALOUSBITCHMORONSTFUBrandi LOST the case, and they settled it out, and we probably won’t be able to see that information since settlements are usually sealed, but she was it looks like charged with legal fees on top of the settlement. Since she is a five year old of course this now explains her response, BRAVO ARE YOU FINALLY LISTENING. FIRE this bitch she is a liability.

  25. VV™ says:

    Can you please help me with the question I asked above? Please pretty please.

    • not THAT Jill says:

      It’s discussed briefly in this recap-not the actual inscription…

      • VV™ says:

        Thanks, Jill! So, according to this recap, Heather said the inscription B wrote was thanking Lu for helping her name and develop Skinnygirl. Why would B write this?

        I’ve always contended that the scene where B and LuAnn ordered the drink started the whole SG. My impression was always that after that scene played, Bethenny started to get a lot of inquires about the drink and a light bulb went off and she decided to market it. She went on the show to promote Bethenny bakes and that didn’t quite take off. SG was a tremendous success.

    • chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:

      Hey !!!
      Sorry I’ve been sort of not “regular” lately !!!!!

      I said something above — I feel like she wrote something about “thankful”…

  26. California35 says:

    I’m watching now the forst part of NY. I missed it last night.
    Heathet was on everything, no matter what was going on, she would be in or walk into it. She helped and she was happy, friendly, joking, constatly butting in deciding where who sits, etc. but all very light. Not the same person on the last 1/2 of the episode. She DID continue to try to be part of every scene or conversation, but she was tense, annoyed and annoying.

    I see John in a difrent light now. When he walked in to the house carrying a box. He seemed tired and sweet. Or is it because I heard (and read) the story Dorinda told about him? Hmm either way. I hope he is a god guy. He makes Dorinda happy.

    • I agree. I wonder if a part of Heather’s behavior was over-compensating for her humble vacation home in the Berkshires for the cast last season, which Ramona’s dig was shared perhaps as a clue?

      I also changed my opinion of John somewhat. He always seems to be good to Dorinda, as well.

  27. Powell says:

    Anyone watching The Briefcase? Interesting.

  28. T-Rex says:

    GO TAMPA BAY BOLTS!!! Wish Lynn were here so we could talk smak as my team plays her beloved BlackHawks for the Stanley Cup! I was a Hawks fan from Birth, but when I moved to Florida an we then got a Hockey Team, I bleed Blue for Bolts.

  29. Dwight Schrute says:

    Only two quick comments.

    With respect to Heather, whether it’s badgering Sonja about her business plan, following Ramona around when Ramona doesn’t want to talk to her. Stirring up trouble on why B. didn’t invite Kristen to her birthday (even though she purposely cut Ramona out of a trip to London). She’s never just simply asking a question, she’s conducting an inquisition.

    On Million Dollar Listing I’ve never seen the Tom Cruise movie but it’s pretty well known that they shut down Times Square and several surrounding streets for the filming of Vanilla Sky.

    • chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:

      That’s actually a good movie – i loathe TC and all he stands for but you’re right – it’s not SOOOOO unheard of to do so.

      It’s about permits and such. Haven’t watched that scene yet- seems sooooo over the top to me and not intimate – but hey I guess that’s them/ him/ her ???

      Or maybe they met in Times Square ? (Um- gross !)

      • Powell says:

        I like a lot of Cruise movies. The Mission Impossible trilogy are my fav, although I haven’t seen them all. Need to. Need to see if there is one DVD w/them all, of course except the current installment.
        I’m not a fan of his personal life though.

  30. SoutheastVA says:

    Has anyone used the periscope app on your smartphone? I’m addicted. If tou have a Twitter account, periscope ties to it and retains who you follow. Basically, anyone can live tweet/stream video and receive comments from viewers. I watched Oprah cook today. It’s like being a voyeur. I can see potential problems too.

    • T-Rex says:

      SouthVA – A couple of my friends are addicted to the periscope, they have all these folks they I guess “:follow”(I don’t twatter so not sure the terminology), and such, but they spend a lot of time watching them. I think they are going to start having issues when the PORN industry takes a big foothold in this new venue, because let’s face it PORN basically made the internet, and I am sure there will be loads and loads of that stuff cropping up on the periscope, if it hasn’t already. Here is the real problem is the illegal type of Porn stuff, they don’t seem to have any controls on the Periscope so the first time that crap starts cropping up they are going to have to take down the system of change it somehow. IMO

    • Powell says:

      SoutheastVA I posted about it I think Friday or Saturday. I had been trying to get the app for a few months now. Zoya, a nail polish company I follow & purchase from started using it but it wasn’t available to android users. They posted Friday or Saturday that they would be on, I looked again and just Thursday the app became available for Android. I downloaded it and I love it. I have it set that I get a chirp or some sound when someone I follow is Live. It’s fun. 🙂

      • SoutheastVA says:

        Powell – I had to stop the notifications. My phone kept chirping. I follow a lot of techie type nerds and they were on periscope full on.

        T-Rex – I think porn will be a problem too. I don’t know how they are going to put controls on the app. I clicked on a random person’s scope and it was a student in class bored videoing the class. I typed a comment saying pay attention to your teacher and get off periscope. I added some parents don’t want video of their children online. I also saw several people periscoping live concerts they were attending. I caught the Taylor Swift, U2 and Rolling Stones concerts wiithout purchasing a ticket. Ruh-Roh

        I see a lot of potential problems and set ups happening because of this app. Still for now, I’m having fun. I don’t think I’d persicope anything other than a walk thru a museum or zoo keeping the camera off of me and my family.

  31. not THAT Jill says:

    Remember Bravo had that one time special show about the House of Versailles? Well the couple is on Celeb Wife Swap right now….how the hell did they become rich again?? They are still building that monster of a mansion and she is still a big damn mess!!

    • Get a beverage and sit down. You won’t like this.

      They never lost their own personal fortune. They lost the banks’ money, loaned to their mega time share companies that went bust in the real estate crash. Then they just waited for the dust to settle and refinanced or re-purchased the same properties at lower interest rates and at a third of their former value. After which they pocket that money all over again. The old man said that much on camera–noting it’s illegal, but that could be circumvented, of course.

      That’s how truly rich people do it. They always come out smelling like money because they rig the system. [Shhh, don’t tell.]

      The story of the old man of whom you inquire is he finally sold controlling interest of the Las Vegas Time Share so far in default of the loans, which put it back into business and kept the bank from repossessing it. His new partners pumped many millions into it to make it even more extravagant, plus he got much of his invested equity back with the partnership buy-in and something like a signing bonus–we’re talking major money. He isn’t billed as a billionaire for nothing..

      And he re-started building the ego-mansion in Florida, to eventually fill with dog chit and unsupervised children and untold gaudy stuff that will mostly decline to junk in less than 30 years when he’s long gone and it’s a tear-down.

      What fools we mortals be.

      • not THAT Jill says:

        Ohhh thank you WTG-how friggen crazy!!
        After all that mess they were in financially -they are back to being rich pigs-and I do mean pigs! Classless pigs! What a strange couple…and they still have all the dogs and all the dog shit -but now they are back to paying people to clean the house!

      • Powell says:

        Then he’ll leave it to his wife who will leave it to the kids who will then be in big doo doo. Just crazy.

    • Powell says:

      I remember that. They were going to lose it but then finally found financing. They’re still building it? Good gracious.

  32. designernailsdiana says:

    I’m still a Holla Heather team member. I totally get what she was doing trying to help B get food. B looks like a starving model and she just needs to eat a burger or some bigger calories.
    I do agree that if you say it they will play it so to avoid the negative edit don’t say it!
    I like Dorinda and her home was lovely. I’d hang out with her and John. He’s sweet to her and she’s happy.
    Luann looked great and classy.
    Ramona looked as if she wore her lingerie as a dress. The stitching looked bad (part of the seamstress in me notices that stuff now). It didn’t fit not flatter her figure.
    Kristen looked very prettyyyyyy.
    You know they had to put the Carole and Luann looking at radarliarliaronlies to show how Peter isn’t such a great guy for Ramona. So much manipulation from producers geesh!!!
    7 days left and I can’t wait because I’m tired of being sick and tired. I be STILL got a sinus infection 6 weeks of this and not my third round of antibiotics. I went to Target minute clinic after work. Fibre kept me from sleeping well last night ugh I just want to crawl into bed and not get out for 2 days.
    Tonight’s MDL solidified my love or Fredrick and Ryan. Fred is very successful and smart. DH noticed he never says um or ah because he speaks well with knowledge.
    Ryan and Amelia are so cute together. He’s so much nicer now than he was the first few seasons.
    Luis is growing on me.

  33. Orson says:

    … :: clearing my throat:: …


    Okay, first of all, the Kim Richards situation. I can’t believe her blowing off that Malibu rehab spa is going to help her upcoming case in court. I feel sorry for her attorneys. Not a whole lot, though, because they’re probably well paid. It’s interesting that after only a couple of months of putting up with what Kyle had to do for years, Kathy waved the white flag. Oh, and Bravo said they’d have her back occasionally BEFORE it was announced that Kyle wouldn’t be returning. Without Kyle, what reason could they have for having Kim on for even an appearance?

    Remember, they signed Luann as a “friend” as a slap on her wrist because she was playing too hard to get during contract negotiations last season. They were already several weeks into taping before Luann told Bravo “Well, maybe we could talk about your last offer again?” and Bravo wanted to attach her to another object by an inclined plane, wrapped helically around an axis.

    Nice segue into RHNY. I’m proud of me.

    As for Sonja, I was shocked, shocked to hear she showed up, um, under-dressed at a party where there’d be men! Let’s face it, this is what Sonja does. Look, if the only tool you have in your tool box is a hammer, every problem you have starts to look like a nail.

    Now to Heather… This is her 3rd season, right? Well, her first season, she was sort of the quiet new girl and buddy with Carole. She had a couple moments; there was not inviting Ramona to that thing in England which I thought was a bit cold but not exactly undeserved. Let’s face it, Ramona is famous for shooting off her yap and then later apologizing. She’d be better off thinking stuff through before talking. And I think later on, there was some fashion show she was hosting with Aviva as a model and Sonja and Ramona were pretty loud and disruptive too, but by then, Heather had learned you can’t win when drunk Sonja and drunk Ramona double team you. Now, in season two, Aviva outblasted everybody, so no one noticed much of Ramona.

    Now, this season… it’s pretty clear Heather thinks of Bethany as a rival for some reason. Maybe it’s just two alpha females. So she (Heather) is finding fault in everything Bethany does or doesn’t do, what she says or what she didn’t say. And Bethany is pretty much dismissive of her. She’s been through a LOT lately and this little gnat buzzing around her is just an annoyance. And Heather WILL. NOT. BE. IGNORED! I hope no one gives Brynn a pet bunny. I don’t think it would turn out well.

    Oh, and look… if I’ve just met someone and had some sort of disagreement with them and everytime we’re together since then we have some more unpleasantness, I really am not going to want to then have to listen to them attempt to tell me how to fix my personal problems. I’m going to just want to avoid them. Maybe it’s just me.

    And what’s with forcing food and drink on people after they tell you “No, thank you.” for the second time? Yeah, I know it’s good manners for a host to offer something, but isn’t it also good manners to respect a guest’s wishes? Especially when those wishes don’t put you to any extra effort? This is a sore spot for me. You see, I don’t drink alcohol. Back in my formative years, rather than acquiring a taste for booze, I spent my time mastering rolling green leafy substances in small papers. Oh, and I stopped that when Reagan was president. The last time I had any beer was when I took a swig out of a friend’s bottle in the summer of 2001 to see if it still tasted as bad as I remembered. And it did. I might have a mixed drink or some wine every couple of years, but it’s not really something I do. I’m not an alcoholic, I just don’t use the stuff. I didn’t even drink any at the last New Year’s Party I went to. It doesn’t make me better than people who like it, it just means there’s more for them. So, when drinks are offered, I usually ask for a diet cola or black coffee. I get annoyed when the same people repeatedly ask me if I want an alcoholic drink. So by the third time they ask, I get a bit strident. I guess I could just accept a can or bottle of beer and just spend the night holding it, but in those situations, my contrary streak starts coming out and I figure why the hell should I pretend I drink for them? But that’s just me, I guess.

    And to end on a lighter topic, there’s Brandi and Johanna and the fish. Classic Brandi. I can easily imagine BG explaining to the judge “It was just a joke!”. You know, Brandi, with that Bravo money no longer coming in, besides having to pay your own rent, how are you going to afford to pay your lawyers?

    I guess that’s about it for now.


    • ladebra says:

      👏👏👏 Bravo!

    • lila1star says:

      Yeah Orson! I have a question–did I miss something. When was it announced that Kyle was not coming back?

    • Foxymel(Mel) says:

      Nicely said, Orson! Um, Kyle’s not coming back?

    • California35 says:

      I have the same questions as the others, Kyle won’t be back??

      I thinkig Kathy has been there for Kim also, maybe not as muvh as Kyle or not as often. But i feek she has had to, becasue its been yeeeaaars of this adiction of Kim’s. Maybe it is just that Kathy had not been there for her in a while untik just recently agan. Then now she is throwing the towel, again, and it hapoens to be at the same time as Kyle, so hopefully Kim will not have either if them to enabek her ir tiuse against one another. Kathy us busy and worry right now with her kids. One going to jail and one getting married, she has the perfect reason (or excuse) To tell Kim, no.

    • T-Rex says:

      I would expect nothing less from Bravo, of COURSE they are going to cash in on the debacle that is the DrugAddict/AlcholicKim. I also don’t buy for a minute that VileKyle will be fired, at least not YET!. MzAndy likes her for some reason and HE still controls the franchise, and with her gone it wouldn’t make sense then to exploit the DrugAddict/AlcholicKim situation like they will next season. Shoot VileKyle would take a damn paycut to remain on the show, she is the Uber Famewhore. Yesterday was the first time anyone had said anything about her being fired and I don’t think that info came from Bravo. Let’s face it THELIARSUPREMESLUTBAGSCUMBAGLYINGLIARJEALOUSBITCHMORONSTFUBrandi sell information CONSTANTLY to the tabloids, so I would bet she is somewhere behind this nonsense. Look she STILL hasn’t been given a contract, all the others have, including VileKyle, so she is going to put as much crapola out there as possible. One thing I did hear is that they are considering adding Mohammed’s fiancee to the Ho-wives this season, that would make for some very interesting dynamics between her and YOLOLymonHead, they actually get along and the fact she is also very friendly with TheRoyalVPump, would make for some interesting interactions. Oh, and they wanted Holly Peete from what I heard, but then she and her family got a better offer and are doing a reality show on another network.

      • Oh, adding Mohamed’s fiance makes sense, as Andy said on WWHL he thinks casting is best when there is a natural connection of some kind between women.

  34. VV this is for you I don’t why I did this but here it is…….

    heather to Beth on the couch at Luann’s new home….
    Luann showed me your first book at her estate sale.
    Beth: really? She was selling my book??
    Heather: No she was in a room of things that weren’t for sale.
    and inside it you talk about starting the magarita with her.
    Flash back to luann and heather in den and luann pulls out beth’s book and Carole reads inscription.
    “You helped me invent the Skinny Margarita

    YOU DID???? Do you get SG mix for life?
    Heather: You should, omg.
    Luann: I ‘ll have to work on that.
    Back to Beth and Heather at Party.
    Heather: So I told her you must owe her a car or something, lol, for selling the business. A Rolex maybe, lol
    B:I don’t know, maybe, (shrug) she happened to be at the right place at the right time, we were sitting at dinner, I order something and she said, “what is that?” and I said, “It’s a SG maragarita.” I explained to her what it was..flashback to scene of beth doing that WITH NO INPUT FROM THE COUNTESS, except to order one too…
    H: My gf helped me name Yummy.I always say to her if I ever sell the company for a billion dollars I would buy you a rolex or a car..
    B: so she helped you name it?
    H: yeah
    B TH: Let me get this straight you want me to buy Luann a car? ummm let me think about that..
    B:so that was you
    that is where I stopped, lol…TH of Heather giving B shit…..

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