Real Housewives of Melborne Final Wrap Up

RHOMelbourne – Season 2 – POSTMORTEM by Reality Bytes



Well ladies…it has been a season, hasn’t it?

There were ups and downs and tears and laughs…there were fights and rumors and bird flipping poor behavior…book launches… tea launches… shoe launches…booze launches…charity events…poker events…horse races…dog races…and golf outings… trips to Sydney and Manila…lavish parties and booths and events, and at the end of the day…all the ladies are still intact, no scratches or bruises (at least visible ones) and they can still slide off the couch at the reunion or hug it out when it is all said and done…their choice!

janet slide










  • If Chyka and Jackie (totally different people with different backgrounds and different social circles, etc.) can have a good friendship…why is it that Chyka is so suspect of Gina and Gamble having a true good friendship?
  • Why is it that Pettipants admitted, upon meeting Gina, that she wants to be friends because she feels Gina is an accomplished woman (like she is cough…cough), and then tell the tale at the Reunion that Gina was like a dog humping her leg the first time she met her?
  • Two seasons now, 2 property developers and we haven’t seen 1 property developed, why is that Janet and Petti?
  • Who acted more petulant at the Reunion, Petti storming off in a snit, or Lydia refusing to move to the end of the couch (FOR 3 MINUTES so MANuela could fight with Gamble)?
  • Jacks is all about ‘being real’, and that is not a bad thing…but who, besides me wants to send her to ‘finishing school’ so she can be a bit more couth about it?
  • If these ladies are the socialites of Melbourne, why haven’t they learned the simple lesson of discussing things in private with each other? The only ones we really heard about doing that were arch enemies Jacks and Gina, and even then they made it a point at the reunion to bring up the fight again. It was a real WOW anyhow because Jacks felt physically threatened by Gina’s partner? Really? You are going with that storyline? Was that truth or fiction? And if truth, in what alternate universe does Jacks live?
  • Gamble, I think, surprised everyone at part 1 of the reunion with being much more articulate than other times during the season, but she was being attacked the entire season like Gina was in season 1…so maybe that has something to do with it, right? I hope that was it, I like Gamble and she doesn’t attack without provocation…let’s see what season 3 brings for her besides wedding bells!
  • Why don’t each of the housewives have to blog after every episode like the U.S. HW’s do? And even when they do blog, they have them all over the place, not on a single source.
  • Why doesn’t Bravo air the U.S. shows in real-time with Australian airings? Life and blogging would be so much simpler that way!
  • Who is with me? I would rather hear Jackie misuse “couture” incessantly or poke myself in the eye with a sharp stick than hear the word BITCH one more time!



Maybe for me it is my age or my aspiration to be like “Maxine” or both…LOL, but if someone starts dishing on me when we are in a conversation, and I choose not to continue, I simply say “this is not a conversation” (that’s the nice cleaned-up version of what I say…LOL), and either they or I walk away.



I didn’t know the power of those two words ‘walk away’ until I watched The Royals this season, and when the Queen spoke to someone and she was through with the conversation…she simply looked at them and dismissively said WALK AWAY!  I like that much better, so here are a few thoughts…



When you’re happy, you enjoy the music but when you’re sad, you understand the lyrics. In reflection you were sorry, but in real-time you acted like J’Andrea this season, and you took mean to a new level, WALK AWAY.


I can explain it to you, but I can’t understand it for you.

petti tweet

An English comprehension class might behoove you. Also, racism isn’t a joke or something that should be brought up to have a storyline, WALK AWAY.


If you tell me the truth, I’m gonna be mad but I will get over it. If you lie to me I’m never going to be able to trust you again 100%. Excuses are useless and results are priceless. Your choice!   WALK AWAY


Dear Karma, I have a list of people you missed, and this one thinks she owns Melbourne. WALK AWAY


Knowing what to say is one thing, but it’s knowing when to say it that really makes the difference…I think you actually sorted that out a little bit this year, I like you a lot, but I am affectionately giving you the nickname of Switzerland!


I buy you books, show you how to study, and you eat the covers…A bit of an iffy season on the brashness and fighting, but you actually redeemed yourself a little by siding with the drunken truth at the reunion even if it meant siding with Gina…so I am still giving you a shot at full redemption (Who’d a thunk it?)


Life is all about making choices that you can live with. Love is all about making choices you can’t live without. Sorry you were picked on so much, I like you tons and tons…Give Cash a smoochie from me…The best to you and Rick, he is your true North!


There are two things you should never waste your time on ~ things that don’t matter and people that think you don’t matter. I am so happy the viewers got to see more of the “woman within” this season…they have only to read your book to know even more, and if they don’t, it is their loss. Looking forward to all you have in the works…smoochies to Ninja…and heartfelt thanks again for sending me an autographed copy of your book ~ I will forever be grateful for that treasure!



Chyka’s Blog –

Jackie’s blog


Cast shakeup for Season 3?

MANuela in and 2 demoted to friends? (Already sharpening my pencils for this if it is true!)

How will we ever stand it all summer without these ladies while we wait for Season 3 that begins filming in July 2015?



Ciao…until Season 3!




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48 Responses to Real Housewives of Melborne Final Wrap Up

  1. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. Hope you’ve had a great weekend.
    Reality_Bytes nice rendering of the ladies you found. 😃

  2. Hey NYMD,
    Speaking of Melbourne.

    You tell me if GINA like to pretend she is a victim. LOL make sure you read the comments.
    By the way, I am not trying to pimp my site. We both have mentioned each-other.

  3. California35 says:

    Good morning and happy relaxing Sunday to you all.

    RealyBytes, thanks for recaping Melbourne. I hope Bravo show all the episodes again. I like what wrote to each of the ladies and the updates on the ladies. There was an explanation about Lydia’s husband, I did wonder why he was not in it and it was not talked about. Hopefully no more Petyflower FOR SURE, who else? Hhmm Lydia? or Janet? or Jacky? Would the cut anothe new wife, Gamble? I do hope they keep Gina and Chyka.

    • According to Gina’s blog she is coming back, and according to Twitter and what Gamble said at the Reunion about her wedding in Season 3, she will be back, and I hope and am pretty sure Chyka is back also. I am NOT psychic, LOL, but I am thinking Petti is either gone or demoted to ‘friend’ and I think maybe Lydia gets demoted to ‘friend’, and a new addition would have to be MANuela who split a gut to get in front of the camera every chance she got this year and will pair with Janet against Gina and Gamble, but once again…I am NOT psychic! I have “heard” Lydia’s husband is less than thrilled that she is on the show, but that may just be a rumor, so don’t quote me on that.

      • Also, Jackie wants to transfer to one of the shows in the U.S., according to her, because she wants to be the first to do so…so where would she fit the best? Replacing Kim R on RHOBH? or replacing TG on RHONJ?

        • California35 says:

          Interesting none-psychic thinking 😛
          Jackie to on of the US Realhouse? Hmm lydia felt like a “friend” not realhousewife to me. From the littke i watched, she onky had her mom, right? Also she had no story. Gamble back with the wedding will be a story 😀 janet only has a story becasue she is in everything lol, but what was her story? Any ways, your predictions sound good. Im just confused on Jackie, but as you said SHE is who said it.

          • Yeppers…she did!
            She thinks it is the natural progression…LOL
            Also another link to Jackie’s take on Lisa Rinna…I actually wonder how foolish she feels about Kim’s ALLEGED sobriety now?

              • California35 says:

                Wow yeppers for sure. Did she not pay attention BRANDI is who mentioned the interbention. ALSO Brandi is who when comfronted about HER behaviour (anger and drinking) brought up Kim and her late night calls and how worry she is for her and how dangerous all is. All was thrown at Lisa R, as if she is the ONLY one who saw and said thungs about Kim, Any ways…. It sounds to me like Jacky will be an aggressive person to add to BH, and BH already has that. It sounds like she has her opinions and is coming in with a target and a plan. Relax Jackie, where is the “positive” Jacky? Also it is pretty dangerous to fight others people’s battles, relationships change, situations change (kim’s addiction is in full now), for all we know Rina and Kim become great friend (i doubt it) Brandi starts attacking Kim (no one will be surprised). If Jackie does join BH (i doubt it) she should come in easing her way in, not blazing in. My humble opinion 😇😀😛

  4. Laineylainey says:

    Great blog, Reality! I hope Gamble Gomes back!

  5. ladebra says:

    I really enjoyed you blogging the RHOMel Reality_Bytes! And this recap is the cherry on top. (Oh darn, I was just at the store and meant to get fresh cherries … This is how my mind works. I hate losing my rememberer). Anyway! So glad they are picked up for Season 3. And that they are shaking up the cast; Lydiot needs to go, she’s not good tv. And I don’t think Petty has another speed, so one season is enough. Maybe next time we will see the property developments, hmmm.

    Anyway, hope you are on board for next season! Aussie! Aussie! Aussie! 😉

    • Thanks so much, and if it helps any…my mind works just like yours, and I am proud to join your mind club!!!

    • This is why I keep a notepad on my fridge and write my grocery list as I go.

      Then forget to take the list to the store….

    • chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:

      I have to find out where this “Aussie Aussie Aussie” expression came from.
      They did it to try their darn hardest to promote Mel on bravo and I ….. don’t think it worked. 😐

      • ladebra says:

        I heard the cheer from Hugh Jackman. He said when he meets a fellow Aussie they greet each other with the chant. And I stole it. 👍

  6. Thank you Reality Bytes, Great Blog!! I enjoy this show and wouldn’t miss Petty, Jackie or Lydia. I find Jackie the most annoying or maybe it is Petty….it is a toss up…if I never hear the word couture again it will be too soon!!

    • California35 says:

      Petty was a terrible additin in my opinion. Lydia should haeve left with Andrea, she acts so avobe. I don’t know, her talking heads were so annoying. Jacky, hmm surprised that she did not turn out to be the positive young fun girl, she said she was on the first season. Back then i did not like that she would mention the age difference and the judging regarding the older ladies and or the richer ladies…a la Brandi, but other than that she was ok. I dont know what is getting to her.

  7. Brilliant, Realty_Bytes! What a great idea since we don’t get the tabloid exposure for this cast here that much. I am thrilled they’ll be back another season. .They are by far the most fun HWs group I’ve seen.

    That caricature of all the women is wonderful. It’s so good, I can’t imagine Andy won’t commission that artist to do every show’s cast. That’s why I so enjoy this group–something a little different.

    I do think you meant Jackie needs “‘finishing school’ so she can be a bit more COUTURE about it?” 😀

    Finally, the “Walk Away” segment is priceless! I want to make it a poster to read every day. At the very least, I’ll make a sign that says “Walk away” and stick it to Hubs’ face so I don’t forget when I need it most. 😛

    Well done, matey. Muah! xoxo

    • You always keep me honest WTG, bles your heart…glad you liked it…but the sign should go on YOUR forehead…so hubs will WALK AWAY…it is your line to say…and his to retreat!

      • Ha. Okay. Since it is now on the wall behind my computer in poster sized letters, he’s been scratching his head and walking very softly around me, so I guess that’s good enough. 🙂

  8. chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:

    Thanks for the recaps.

    I would like petty Lydia to stay just because I like seeing someone I look like on TV and not just bleached blondes and the R A R E brunette.
    I would love to hear about marriage troubles with her and Andrew LOL

    thanks for the post-mortem
    I’m snoozing at the God dammmmmmed Tonys being blasted in my house. I HATE SINGING SHOWS 🙍🙈🙉

    • sparklemuffy says:

      it’s like they’re going pretty good and…..BAM….. they burst into song! No?

      • chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:

        Lol – I’m just not into singing.
        I’m ok with opera and I’m positively obsessed with music but not musicals.
        There are a handful that I do like though


        • I grew up listening to musicals with my Dad and we would lie on the living room floor with our eyes closed and he would play his precious “reel to reel” copies of all the 60s musicals. He would explain the story to me…..some of my most favorite memories!!! He would love that my kids break out singing duets of Le Miz…lol…

          • ladebra says:

            Le Miz, and I can belt out Don’t Cry for me Argentina! Alllll the versus, and I do the balcony scene to the hilt! 😉

            • Hahah, my son and daughter do the duet of Hugh Jackman and Russell Crowe…my daughter loves to do the deep bass, too funny!! I sing a lot of Gypsy…depending on my mood… #yagottahaveagimmick

          • chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:

            I know I’m very monority

            I’ve seen Phantom like 12x – so that one I always liked.

            Nine was my favorite one that I saw in the past years. Because it was dark and Fellini. Antonio Banderas was great. Loved !

            • Have you ever seen “Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barbar of Fleet Street”? If not, you’d have to love it. It’s slasher thrills for theater. And the score is HYSTERICALLY funny and alternately terrifyingly macabre: I saw the original Broadway production with Angela Landsbury broadcast on PBS back when that happened–many eons ago, of course. It’s truly genius music with the chorus and the characters…ah, I’m such a sucker for Sondheim.

              The movie version, however, got butchered a bit as they chopped out the amazing choral counterpoint, which is so important to the story and tension of the score. Amateurs.

            • Oh, lookie! Thank you, as I didn’t even think about the production being online. I went to look up a picture for you and IT’S ALL ON YOUTUBE!

              • It’s also spelled “Barber” and Angela “Lansbury” of course. The holes in my old brain seem to have made their way through my spelling capacity.

                Oh! For Hannibal the Cannibal fans: this has also got cannibalism comically sliced into the story. [Ha ha. See what I did there?]

            • Okay, I promise to stop after this, but if you want to see a brilliant performance by Lansbury which won her a Tony, so funny, you must watch this. And to convince you, let me say these lyrics are in it, when she bemoans the difficulties of the meat shortage in her pie baking: “The Worst Pies in London.”

              Mrs. Mooney has a pie shop…
              Does a business but I’ve noticed something weird,
              Lately all the neighbors’ cats have disappeared…
              I have to hand it to her,
              What I calls enterprise,
              Popping pussies into pies!
              Wouldn’t do in my shop!
              Just the thought of it’s enough to make you sick!
              And I’m telling you them pussy cats is quick!

              What an incomparable couple she and the Barber make:

              • Oh crap. For some reason, the same song came up both times. Sorry. You can click on youtube in the corner and go to the page and you’ll see “The Worst Pies in London” on the right side.

                • ladebra says:

                  This is great! I never went to see ST live, but have seen several bits on TV. Angela Lansbury was magic in that role!

              • T-Rex says:

                WTG- I wasn’t lucky enough to see this on Broadway, but I remember YEARS ago, either HBO or SHOWTIME ran the entire Opera with the incomparable Angela Lansbury in the production, it was amazeballs! I don’t think the original gentleman from Broadway was the title character though, but it still was amazing

                • Oh, love it! There was a similar orchestral production aired on TV when the movie was coming out, with Patti Lupone in the Lovett role–also brilliant. But Angela will always have my heart–she’s just so British cockney in the role, it’s perfection.

                  I do love the sets and lighting with a full out production, though. We once had an amazing, talented director do a production run of this show at a local high school auditorium, and it was brilliant. Of course–UGA is not a small resource here, so he had lots of talent and ambition to draw upon in the theater community here.

                  I must say that youtube is DA BOMB! Here I am, watching my all time favorite musical at will. I am not worthy! Ha ha!

  9. Powell says:

    That blondish wig Quad has on in her TH is awful. Did She get NeNe’s hookup? 😨

  10. chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:

    Was there some reunion being filmed ?

    Boy he knows how to get everyone all excited …..😼

  11. ladebra says:

    This is very sad. I don’t remember who it was, but someone was just writing about the Queen of Versailles house in Florida

    • It was Jill No Not That Jill who brought it up. It’s at the bottom of the blog a few days ago of RHONY, the Berkshires birthday party episode, with the Million Dollar Listing one, as well. I’d put a link, but I’m afraid I’ll break the blog.

      It is so sad. Those children are being raised feral. That mother is a complete narcissist who is shamefully irresponsible, and the father is the same. Money also can’t buy you common sense or parenting skills, apparently. How many animals were running around leaving excrement and urine all over the mansion, not to mention, dead in a cage of dehydration because not one of the score who live or work there could be bothered to water a creature in captivity? They’re too busy collecting stuff to take care of anything, including their many neglected children.

      For Victoria: RIP, little girl.

      • T-Rex says:

        WTG- Feral children is ABSOLUTELY the best term. I live in Florida so their idiot family is in the news a lot, she bragged to several tabloids, that she has never once changed a diaper for ANY of her children, she has staff for that. She claimed that she did not feel it necessary to have daily contact with her children ,She also stated that she didn’t liked to be “touched” by her children, i.e., hugged or kissed, that was reserved for her husband, and that she didn’t think children should be present at dinners, because that was “adult” time, good gawd, she is worse than some alley cat knocking out litters of kittens.

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