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Episode 9

Bethenny-Knotts landing

Bethenny Frankel

“I’m A Quality Versus Quantity Person”

Bethenny shares with us that her Tour of Tears is over after this episode.  Praise Jesus.

I booked a limo with blankets and pillows and princess movies and came to the dinner after bedtime. I came from “a place of yes,” and it worked out. That said, I was, as Carole puts it, “wound tight” having tried to pull it all together.

We have always known Bethenny was wound pretty tight.  She kinda always owns her shit.  I laughed out loud when she commented on the wardrobe choices of the other ladies.  B went there wanting to “chill” and giggle and I guess Heather wanted to make the rules and had decided upon B’s arrival that laughter wasn’t on the playlist.  B comments on the other ladies analyzing her and saying she had no girlfriends.

I have a very small group of best friends that I’ve had for 25 years. I keep it tight and right, and with this nastiness and catty conversation, now we know why. I’m a quality versus quantity person. If you think I’m going to fill a room or my life with girls that look like they’re all my BFFs but wait for them to start gossiping behind my back, you got the wrong one. Ya gotta love Ramona.

I guess I am more like Bethenny.  I have very few close girlfriends and then I have acquaintances.  I have been burned in the past by too many ladies I thought were good friends and I am very picky about who I allow to get close to me.  B does find it interesting that Kristen was the one that started that conversation… “You just stand around and look pretty.”

And my daughter and I got to make snow angels at the Red Lion Inn. All in all, I’m glad I went, and I’m glad the crying game is ending.

Glad she was able to leave the city and have some fun (albeit cry a little too).


Heather Thomson

“It’s Clear I Was Getting Frustrated”

Heather claims she is usually way more chill in the Berkshires.  Maybe she does better in the summer with no A/C?

Dorinda’s house is special, and I love the history of it for her with her father. I’ve met him, and he himself is special. There is so much history in the Berkshires, and the architectural history has always fascinated me. During America’s Gilded Age (1865-1901) our country saw unprecedented economic growth and prosperity, allowing some of the nation’s wealthiest families to construct these massive estates. Approximately 75 of them are in the Berkshires, including: The Wheatleigh, Ventfort Hall Mansion, and The Mount.

I am shocked that Heather takes a little time out of her busy Yummie life to educate us.  Shocker.  I actually had no idea that the Berkshires had so many historical homes!  Heather reminds us she and Hubs got engaged at The Red Lion Inn and she is childhood friends with the executive chef.  Seriously?  I know the kid who flips burgers at McDonalds and got engaged in my husband’s grandfather’s living room on Christmas Eve.  Big whoop.

Normally dinner at the Red Lion is special, but immediately the group started discussing  Bethenny and all the usual topics…custody arrangements, her childhood, and opinions on her friendships and her integration into the group, or lack thereof, and the mood changed. It’s clear I was getting frustrated with the context of the conversation, and I can admit to being tough and having an irreverence for bullsh–, but I was not attempting to “compare” people’s struggles…and although I may have enough eye rolls in this episode to fill a sequel to The Heathers, I am not a judgmental person and certainly not unsympathetic to people’s challenges, misfortunes, mishaps, or sh–ty deals. That is for damn sure. Life has tough breaks, and unfortunately some of us have it worse than others, and some better, but circumstances can change in the blink of an eye…

Odd that Heather doesn’t own her really inappropriate comment where she attempts to suggests that losing her Nanny is on the same level as divorce and child custody!

I was looking forward to my husband Jon’s arrival and Kristen’s husband Josh’s, too! This evening was all about a dressed-up dinner for Dorinda’s birthday. She loves a dressed-up dinner party, so fancy was the dress code, and it’s fun!

And now we understand the dress code!  Thanks for clueing us in!

Unfortunately, things took a turn rather quickly after Bethenny’s arrival. It started with Bethenny’s reaction to us recognizing she had fish allergies after surprising us for dinner. Considering her announcement about not eating fish and knowing there was a sushi service on deck with the probability of nothing for her to eat, first Dorinda, and then I, were simply trying to suggest alternative options. No one was trying to get a rundown of her dietary preferences!

I thought it was odd the way Bethenny made an announcement (like, if you have strong food allergy, you should never just “show up” at a dinner party since a hostess cannot usually accommodate you at the last minute) about not eating seafood and I think Dorinda and John’s reaction was pretty normal.  They immediately starting offering anything they could think of that was in the kitchen because I am sure they didn’t want to see their guest at a dinner party with an empty plate.  Heather decided this was her opportunity to mother/smother and it didn’t go as planned.

While you can be sure that I am over Bethenny’s rules, deliveries, and rude behavior, in dealing with her at this point, my own attitude has become harsh. I am completely sensitive to food allergies, given my own son’s struggles with them, and I could never have expected such a severe reaction…instead of a normal conversation about an allergy to fish, Bethenny, snaps at us to ignore it.

I think Bethenny initially responded to Heather with a polite “no thank you” but Heather being Heather couldn’t let it go and she pushed and pushed.  I have a mom that is a pusher.  This is a stop at her house:

Mom: “Namaste, do you want a sandwich?”

Namaste: “No thanks”

Mom: “I just made a roast.  I will cut you a sliver and put on some bread.”

Namaste: “No thanks Mom.”

Mom: “You look tired.  You should have a sandwich.” (all while opening fridge to get the full fat mayo out)

Namaste: “I swear to God Mom if you make me a sandwich I am going to put a down payment on the nursing home you hate down the street!”

Mom: crying

Screenshot 2015-06-03 11.54.02

Kristen Taekman

“Dorinda Is Clearly Very Sensitive About John”

Kristen’s agrees that Dorinda’s house is beautiful and colorful and fun! Blue Stone Manor was magical.  Kristen moves on and tells us that Ramona is a SHIT stirrer…yup, she sure is!  Kristen addresses the “awkward dance”.  Doesn’t anyone here ever let a sleeping dog lie?

As for Dorinda. WOW! She is clearly very sensitive to the whole John topic. Very defensive. I had no idea of the history behind this topic before this particular day in the Berkshires. John is sort of known for his inappropriateness? UGH…

John may be known to all the ladies here as “inappropriate” but I think to Dorinda he has been a true friend and companion.  Kristen was shocked when Dorinda blew up at her, but I think at this point, Dorinda is just sick of defending the man that has stood beside her through her darkest period.

After she freaks out on me, she starts crying about Richard and how when she was 40, he was with her by her side, etc., and now he’s gone. She started crying, then I started crying thinking what if something happened to Josh and he wasn’t around in 10 years. I can’t imagine! I know how hard this all is, but still, for her to make all those criticisms about me… Oh, and then I was reminded about how much of a BITCH Ramona is!

I loved that Dorinda completely opened up about this and shared why she really cares about John.  We find him a wee bit icky, but there has to be something good in him cause he gives Dorinda free dry cleaning AND holds her when she cries.  I say WIN-WIN.

Red Lion Inn–We all start talking about Bethennybut what you all don’t realize is that she just wasn’t around much when we were all hanging out. And because Heather and I haven’t gotten to know her yet, at this point we have no idea what’s going on in her private life (I am watching now just like you are), and so we are totally confused as to why she’s back–what does she want from the group?

The difference between Bethenny and many of the other ladies is she isn’t on this show to “make new friends” or build relationships.  She is there to promote her brand and change her image; it was a business decision.  Add into that the fact that she has shared custody of her daughter which usually means that every 5 days she has her daughter for 5 days (or something similar) which would mean she is limited when it comes to filming.  PLUS, given her current custody battle, it would be completely stupid of her to have her daughter, leave her with a sitter so she could film some silly stuff with other HWs cause I am sure Jason’s attorney is combing over these episodes with a fine-tooth comb to make sure she isn’t wasting her precious mommy time.  Kristen kinda regrets the shitty comment she made about Bethenny, but doesn’t really apologize.  Argh.

P.S. Ramona, yes, you cry crocodile tears often, and it’s so fake and obvious!

Did Ramona not watch last season?  The trip to the Berkshires was FILLED with those damn crocodile tears!

P.S. The dress code for Dorinda’s party was “elegant.” Knots Landing is back, Bethenny. When you RSVP, you get the memo! 

OH SNAP!  LOL!  I find the dressing up fun.  I haven’t gotten all dressed up since the last funeral I went to.  Shows you how very lame my life is!

I am shocked when I find out that Peter is linked to Marios fling! WHAAATTT?! Does Ramona know that? That’s a bit creepy. There are too many fish in the sea to have to resort to double dipping, ewwwww!

That is super creepy and a very odd small pond to swim in.  YUCK!

Screenshot 2015-06-03 11.45.38

Luann de Lusseps

“Heather Should Know When To Quit”

Luann really enjoyed the history behind Dorinda’s Berkshire home with regard to her father and grandfather.  It was a really cool story and I love that Dorinda has REAL history with this home.

The Berkshires in the winter is gorgeous, and Dorinda’s home is as vibrant as her personality. I took a car from New York with Ramona, and I have to admit, it wasn’t all that bad! We’ve been through so much together that when we have a tiff, it’s more of a fender bender than a 95-car pileup.

I was surprised that so soon after the Caviar Debacle they were in a car together for the long trek up to the Berkshires.  Maybe Luann snuck a little Xanax into Ramona’s Pinot and it was a calm ride.  Who knows?  Luann school Kristen about bringing up the whole John and Dorinda thing.  Funny that it was OK for Luann to share with Ramona her concerns about John but Kristen isn’t allowed to?  Not cool.

John makes Dorinda happy, and she’s opened up her heart to him, so her friends need to accept John for who he is…a kind, sometimes slightly inappropriate man who should heed Dorinda’s warning that these girls are looking to throw him under the bus.

Again Luann tries to make us believe she is above such gossip, yet we have been watching all season and know better.

Women who have good relationships with their mothers have an easier time building and keeping female friendships. Our mothers and sisters are our first friends, and if that trust if broken when we are young, it’s difficult to trust women in the future. I think that some of the girls are better than others when it comes to nurturing healthy female relationships, and Bethenny clearly struggles with this.

And now Luann will psychoanalyze Bethenny.  I think Bethenny pays her shrink plenty of money to analyze her and doesn’t need any help from Luann.

When Heather compared losing her nanny to the struggles Ramona and Bethenny are currently experiencing, the reaction from everyone at the table was of disbelief. Heather tries, she really does, but this time she was way off base, and she should know when to quit.

I think Heather probably wishes she didn’t say that.  It was an odd game of one-up.  Heather lost.  My girlfriends and I play a game called “Who has the Craziest Mother In Law”.  I am the all-time highest scorer.

It’s hard to hide your past with Google! It’s disconcerting that Peter, Ramona’s plus one for the party, also dated Mario’s mistress. Too close for comfort in my opinion, yet I don’t think Ramona cares, because she enjoys his company and he makes her laugh. I’m certainly not going to mention it to her.

Carole & L finding info

How is it that anyone on these shows believes their private life is private?  Why the hell would Ramona bring this guy on the show when surely it would come out that he was somehow affiliated with Mario’s playground?

Screenshot 2015-06-03 12.06.18 (Small)

Sonja Morgan

“These Girls Are Emotional Vampires”

I will attempt to cut through the BS in this particular blog, but I make no promises.  I might throw in the towel and quit halfway through.  Just so you are warned.

Overall Dorinda was an amazing hostess to all of us crazy ladies, and I am so grateful to her for extending her warmth and hospitality by sharing her birthday with us nuts. 

I did think Dorinda was very warm and welcoming to all those crackpots.  Sonja moves on to complain that Ramona hadn’t told her anything about her dating life.  Perhaps because the only thing Sonja wants to talk about is the current toddler she is breastfeeding?  Sonja believes Luann and Ramona are both ridiculous for questioning John and Dorinda’s relationship.  Sonja tries to suggest that Luann and Ramona fight over her all the time…WTF?

Speaking of people who thrive off drama, what was with Kristen this episode?! Like Dorinda said to Kristen, if you are going to do a sandwich, do a sandwich! Don’t act like John was trying to be malicious when we were all just having a good time as adults in a private club. If you can’t take the heat, Kristen, get out of the kitchen!

Well, there you have it!  Who knew that when three adults danced closely it was called a sandwich?  I have said before and can’t say it enough, I guess I don’t get out much.

I loved how all of the women immediately hated on my dress as soon as I showed up to Dorinda’s house. I would like everyone to know that dress was made by Michael Kors, not Dracula! But I have always been able to laugh at myself and take a joke, so if the girls want to pick on my dress, that’s fine. I’ll always make fashion faux pas. That’s how I create.

I think all their wardrobe choices are questionable.  I think Carole and Heather are the most “casual” in the group…and maybe Dorinda is able to do casual in the Berkshires.  Right now, I am wearing a pair of work out shorts I bought at Target, a tshirt from JC Penney, socks from Costco and Fila running shoes.  I went grocery shopping and tanning dressed like this today.  I doubt I brought shame upon my family (at least I hope not).

I love John, and that moment with Dorinda, John, and me in the bedroom is pure fun! Everyone needs to stop saying that they are going to stop knocking John and actually stop knocking John. I have great intuition about people, and I can see that John really cares about Dorinda. It’s great that Dorinda felt comfortable sharing why John is so special to her. I think that conversation really helped the other women see that Dorinda loves John and that John helped her through a very difficult time in her life and has been there for the last two years. 

I think John is kinda a big bear of a guy and is probably very good with Dorinda.  I also thought he kept Sonja at arm’s length even though Sonja did everything she could to slink all over him.  I wouldn’t trust Sonja around any married man.  Moving on, Sonja was glad that Dorinda was able to brush off the fighting and ridiculousness in order to have a beautiful birthday dinner.

I think Heather would get along with all of the women much better if she stopped trying to control everyone. Controlling everyone around you doesn’t mean you are actually in control–it means you want to be a dictator. I can see why Bethenny doesn’t feel comfortable sharing things with Heather. Everything you share in intimacy with Heather she uses as ammunition against you. It feels like a trap to be friends with Heather! For example, when Heather was in the car with Carole and said that I had said I made my first million when I was 20?!

This is actually a very astute observation of Heather!  I am very impressed and think the interns are contributing a little bit more to the blog this week.  Sonja completely denies ever saying she had made her first million before she was 20, but this is the same person that says she parties with John-john…

Screenshot 2015-06-03 11.57.57

Dorinda Medley

“I Reached My Boiling Point”

Dorinda was rightfully nervous and excited going into her birthday weekend with this group.  She tells us her home is a real “lived-in” home (oh, like mine then, right?  Only slightly bigger…)  Finally! At long last, my birthday weekend arrived, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was as nervous and tentative as I was excited.  She loves seeing the reaction the other ladies have to her house.  She then addresses the inappropriate and disrespectful comments the others have made about John.

Ever get annoyed by hearing the same loud commercial over and over again? Even the commercial jingle just makes you clench your teeth? Right…well…Do these girls have nothing else in their lives, or are they so bored that they have to focus on this?

Not sure about them having anything else in their lives, but they have learned you get plenty of screen time if you can gossip about another housewife.

Let’s break this down into Eight Simple Rules For Not Getting Bitched At:

1. Make no mountains out of mole hills. (It wasn’t a big deal.)
2. Don’t rehash and belabor things. (The topic has been exhausted.)
3. Take responsibility. (You’re an adult and weren’t forced to do anything.)
4. Be a gracious guest. (You embarrassed me at my own cocktail party.)
5. Show off your manners and be polite. (You’re my guest, once again.)
6. Take the shade someplace else. (Especially when it’s about me.)

I’m not one for living in the past, and at this point in my life, I just aim to be happy. So…

  1. Be happy for me.

And if you can’t be…

  1. Leave me alone.

I gotta say, Dorinda is our Common Sense housewife.  I imagine any of us could hang out with her and have a conversation and not be belittled or dismissed.  She seems quite “REAL” which is something we are not accustomed to on these shows.

BTW, did we know The Red Lion Inn was opened in 1773?  Holy crap?  The city I live in is celebrating its bicentennial so we got nothing that old!

Lady Morgan was definitely channeling some Transylvanian chic with her black florals and fur cape, wasn’t she? I loved it! When she pulled up, I knew the weekend would be a fun one. She came wearing a cape and bearing gifts. Naturally, I thought we should all go Christmas shopping, and I gathered all the ladies of the manor and ordered our coachman to take us into town. How dainty.

I totally need to get a friend who lives in the Berkshires!  It seems enchanting.

We decided to have a nice dress-up dinner party and make the most of it. I love dressing for dinner; it creates an “old world” feel, and it makes things a little more fun and memorable. Once the ladies came down to the living room for some pre-dinner cocktails, I sat there and just smiled. THIS is what I was wanting Petrossian to be! We have the 40s chic look to the dark and sultry Morticia Radziwill, to my Pucci Pucci Pucci. (I love me some Pucci!) Once the champagne was popped, BAM! THE B WAS BACK!

As I said before, I do love a reason to get fancy, but have so few opportunities.  My closet is not filled with as many options as these ladies’ though.  Everything was going smoothly until B announced her allergy.  And then the shit hit the fan.

I also know that Bethenny hates attention and certainly wouldn’t want to call this kind of attention to herself at a dinner party, because it’s potentially embarrassing and definitely distracting. Watching this back-and-forth, as you’ve noticed, makes me so uncomfortable. I just want to line ’em up and start slappin’. Just don’t understand why it has to be so much tension about every little thing. I feel like we should all get reminders on our iPhones that say “Choose your battles wisely, bitch.”

Since when does Bethenny NOT like to draw attention to herself?  This is how she gets paid!  I think the polite thing to do would be to wait until your dinner was served and eat what she could off the plate and if Dorinda questioned it, she could then say she was allergic, but certainly didn’t want to inconvenience anyone since she had NOT RSVPed.  That would have been the polite thing to do if you did not wish to draw attention to yourself.  I like attention so I would have made a GRAND announcement.  But, my mother raised me right so I would have RSVPed.  Since Bethenny was raised by wolves, I guess we have to forgive her.

 I sat there next to John, looking at Luann and Sonja, asking myself, “Why can’t I just have a peaceful birthday where we drink some sake and have a fun night?” Singing “Happy Birthday” to me wouldn’t hurt either, by the way.

It was odd that Dorinda’s birthday celebrations were spoiled both times, but she has to be a little satisfied that this time, it had nothing to do with John.  Whew.  Dorinda goes on to say she understand that everyone deals with their “shit” differently.  Everyone has a journey and each person’s journey is different.  She just wants people to know she is there for them and not there to analyze them or offer a solution (I LOVE HER!).

When Richard passed, my mom called every day and asked me simple questions. We had short conversations, we had long conversations. It was comforting to hear these simple words at the end of each one: “I’ll call you tomorrow.” That was precisely what I needed. To know that she was there, available, and willing to be there again when I needed her next. That was a good 50% of the comfort I needed. And each day got better and better.

It is all too often that we feel compelled to offer someone our advice or take over a situation when really our friend or loved one simply wanted to be heard.  Nothing more or less.  Just to be heard.


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345 Responses to Real Housewives of New York Cast Blogs Blogged

  1. Great blog Namaste!

    Glad you saved the best for last- Dorinda, who is fast becoming my favorite. Or at least my least disliked. 😛

  2. chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:

    Kit as per your link — that made my local 11 o’clock news last night. 🙄

    She had a Maserati??? When did we see this being driven or at least shown on the 12 acres long driveway?
    Maybe behind the chickens and dogs she hid out back. 😼

    So yup, Bravo will be coming full force for her happily and giddily.

  3. I’m confused as to Dorinda knowing Ramona for YEARS and then being surprised Ra takes an interest in her love life/ personal life ?
    Has she JUST MET RAMONA?
    Or let’s put the blame squarely on Kristen because she’s simply much too beige. 🙄

    This annoys me no end. When people are suprised by each other.
    Or say, surprised on how certain other personalities are on a show that was on for ages after one left and came back. SHOCKING. just beyond ! 😱😱😱😱

    Ok back to reading.

  4. California35 says:

    LMAO Namaste at your story with your mom and the sandwich 😛😛
    Im still reading, i just had to stop because i was laughing so hard…. Thanks for the blog and for the laughs…. I will keep reading.

    • T-Rex says:

      OMGosh I loved loved loved this Namaste story about the samich! Like I said SanctimoniousHypocriteHeatherofTheTWear should have STAYED the F out of it, and not tried to jam a “used meatball” down B’s throat, she wasn’t even the HOST for gawd sake. BethennyBallBuster was polite and said she didn’t eat fish, she wasn’t ASKING for any other foods either, so she needs to start backing the F off! SanctimoniousHypocriteHeatherofTheTWear tried to justify her actions by saying her child has issues, well dumbass Bethenny is a grown ass adult, she doesn’t need a MOMMY to cut her food for her! UGH. I have dietary issues and have been in similar party situations, and you just politely try to avoid the food and the subject.

      • Powell says:

        T-Rex the most annoying thing, it was all annoying, but the most annoying thing was like you said. Heather WAS NOT the HOST!! The host Dorinda did her job to accommodate a guest that surprised her by asking her twice if she could get her something else. The host Dorinda got IT after the 2nd “no thank you” and said ok and backed off.

        • Not the Hostess, not the Mostesst

        • T-Rex says:

          I noticed how SanctimoniousHypocriteHeatherofTheTWear forgot to mention that little missive in her blogs~ Oh and how she is the Ruler of all things Berkshires and she wasn’t told that BethennyBallbuster was going to be in her town. UGH. Oh and why wasn’t she staying at her house? Oh, and uhm her house is only 1500 square feet, so that house we saw last year wasn’t hers, it must have been a rental for the show

  5. Thanks for the blog Namaste – I truly enjoyed it.

  6. kit9 says:

    Lmfao at Sonja’s nonsense. Her example makes no sense. Using something said intimately against you=Heather saying Sonja made her first million by 20. Then denies she said that. Ok, what? If Sonja didn’t say that, how is it an example of using something said in private against her? Wouldn’t it just be lying about her? Also, newsflash, Sonja, Heather was clearly being sarcastic when she made that comment based, no doubt, on Sonja’s BS claim she was doing big financial deals with the likes of JP Morgan last season. Also, when did the women all rip Luann’s dress? Seriously, did I miss that? B, may have mentioned the gloves, but the dress? And, Dorinda doesn’t say a word about Sonja who was actually grinding her azz into John’s backside. Why isn’t she yelling at her?

    • T-Rex says:

      Kit9, I was about to post the same thing, LOL! First off, DrunkDelusionalGreygardensSonja has said that she made her first million by 20, not once, not twice, but more than 3 times in the past two seasons! She screamed it at the Reunion for cripes sake, right after she said that Diddy partied on her phantom yacht, I guess along with John-John(well his ghost) and Madonna. I only watched the show once, and I didn’t see anyone rip on CountlessLumanDeLeHubcaps dress, they made fun of her gloves, but not the dress. Oh and again KristenWHOOOOOO? and why is she still on the show? Uhm, why is BethennyBallBuster on the show, well MzAndy LOVES LOVES LOVES her you dumbass. He has begged her for two years to come back on the show, they are BFF’s, they even probably braid each other’s hair at slumber parties at each other’s homes, LOL!. UGH I hope she is gone gone gone after this season, Keep Dorinda, and nix KristenWhotheFareyou?

    • Powell says:

      I’m so tired of Sonja doing biz w/all these big time people and businesses. She modeled in Milan, worked w/Marc Jacobs, has a degree from FIT and now did biz w/JP Morgan. You know IF any of it was at all true I’d be embarrassed for the simple fact that all of these accomplishments she is still in court w/her bankruptcy and living in a house that is falling down around her ears and she has no way to pay for renovations. 🙄

      • T-Rex says:

        Well on the old HOUSE front, she is remortgaging her home to start paying off some of those bills she owes, via bankruptcy. SO, instead of having a home free and clear of a mortgage, she will now owe a monthly payment to the bank going forward. Okay, now this means that her home is no longer “safe” from being taken away, if she misses bank payments they can now come and foreclose on the property.

        • chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:

          TRex couldn’t they have come after her property before anyway ?
          I’m so confused with her house issues.

          And i wonder if Martin scorcese still lives near her

          • T-Rex says:

            Chisy- Bankruptcy is MAJOR confusing, but here’s how it works with your house, once you file the bank cannot TAKE your home away to use as collateral or to pay any of your debts, basically so they cannot make you homeless. Once you are out of bankruptcy however, you are no different than any other folks on the block and your home becomes fair game for foreclosure if you don’t pay your mortgage. DrunkDelusionalGreyGardensSonja is mortgaging her house of her OWN volition, no one is making her do this legally. She just hates living on her budget and being given an allowance etc. so she is going to “pay off” her creditors all at once at the rate the courts have dictated, and then take her chances she will be able to repay her mortgage.

    • chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:

      Wait – someone said Lu’s dress was ripped ???

      How did I miss that ?

  7. SoutheastVA says:

    Namaste – The history of the Berkshires prompted me to look up how old my city is. It was first a town created in 1682, then a borough in 1736 and lastly an city in 1845. There is a church in our downtown near the harbor with a British canon ball stuck in it from the Revutionary war. The church still stands in tact. Before leaving Norfolk after being beat the British burned most of the downtown area on Jan 1, 1776. Sore losers.

  8. California35 says:

    Great blog and very similar opinion on the ladies behavior.

    Kristen – is just an outsider commenting on other’s behaviour and life.

    Heather – the same, but refuses to be dimissed and refuses to give up control.

    Ramona – seems to just go on with her life, wants friends around, and wants to ignore everything else… She does a little bit of stiring and thrn shakes it off, to not get into it too much. She leaves conversations and even tries to change the subject, even if the ladies just want to keep the subject going.

    Sonja – she just wants to have fun, keeps defending herself and bringing up past (or imaginary) successes to prove that she is not what all the ladies are saying about her.

    Luanne – she is bettere than previous seasons, FOR SURE, she still has her moments, but I think she is aware and she checks herself. I appreciate that. She is still on Ramona’s business and talks about/for Bethenny as if she knows her and fills the other ladies in her story, um she means well. She just gives more info and analizes B’s actions than she should, to excuse B’s behaviour. Im confused on this. She gives B advice, she defends B, but it feels like she wants more from B for doing this, she will be upset if she doesnt get it.

    Dorinda – I love her way of hosting, making everyone feel at home, i loved her story about her dad and the house, i love her story about her and john. Everyone need to STOP saying anything about John, period. Who are they to critize him??! Respect Dorinda and her relationship. Imagine and eveyone was comenting about your husbands…ex husbands… I am not surprised she talked to Kristen like that about the “sandwich” moment when dancing with John and Sonja, KRISTEN brought it up, so I am glad Dorinda addressed it. I totaly agree with her. On Kristen’ defense, she thought it was inosent and left Them when she thought it was going further than she thought, BUT still she should NOT make a big deal about John if she had joined John on her own.

    Bethenny – she was not ready for this yet, sorry, I love her and i wanted her back and i still enjoy her, but she is not ready emotionally. She is trying, but fails with Hether on her jock 😛. She wants to keep it light and she has given us the reasons why, and she proved it when she began crying. She is way too busy and way too sencitive for this, she always is, i know. But she she makes changes and improvements and she still gets critized. she doesn’t show to everything, she shows but leaves early, she shows but late, ugh already! By the way, she has always missed events on all the NY seasons, and NO ONE CARED, ladies could miss events all the time, now (i guess they did that to Lisa on BH) all the ladies HAVE to attend to everything, otherwise they are not supportive or they dont care or they bla bla bla.

    Those ladies bothered by Bethenny (Heather, Kristen) just start showing us your life and create your own story and leave Betheny’s alone. Make your life interesting, so we would want to watch you, right now I rather you were gone.

    • California35 says:

      WOW! I wrote a lot. Sorry 😌😛

      • chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:

        I liked all you wrote – please !
        Someone needs to shut my a$& up!

      • Cali – I wrote something similar last week, I don’t think it was the good decision for Square Jaw considering her emotional state to come back. She is very raw and while I appreciate that she doesn’t sugar coat things, she may have need to lick her wounds a bit more before coming back.

    • Powell says:

      Cali I think Lu has grown the most out if the original cast and w/Sonja joining the cast. I think she does recognize her faux pas and works hard to correct them. Yes she still has her moments. I like this Lu much better than the 1st seasons Lu.

    • Powell says:

      And Dorinda was totally right w/Kristen. Why did Kristen bring it up? To me all she had to do was address it w/John at that moment. I don’t think he meant any harm, but went too far cuz he was drinking and hot to trot Sonja joined in so it went on from there. Since Kristen didn’t address it that not w/John she should have let it go and lesson learned not to get into similar situations again.

    • Powell says:

      I don’t blame B if she misses an event because she has Bryn. Those twits have read the mags, etc like the rest of us and know Jason will try to use things against B.

  9. Powell says:

    Good afternoon everyone. Grrrrr. Stupid work. I couldn’t say good morning. 🙂
    I hope you’re having a great day.

  10. California35 says:

    T- Tex i saw the exchange between Tamara and Lynn. I thought they were talking about the procedure Brandi had, and it turned out that Lynn just has not had sex in a long time. I was surprised she had a troller and that is what got my attention when I turn to Bravo, so I watched the whole exchange. The baby is her daughter’s? which one?

    • T-Rex says:

      I didn’t watch it, someone posted a link and I had to comment about that stupid comment, especially since you are now a GRANDMOTHER. Looks like the Internet Star who posed for Naked pics for Money Raquel is the mother of the GrandBaby. The other daughter did Porn but not sure if she is still in the business or not, it looks like she may be, but I am NOT going to those certain websites to see for shre.

      • California35 says:

        Ok cool, thanks. I didn’t watch the episode either and I don’t think I will watch OC at all. I have not for a few seasons already.
        Sad about those girls…the parenting, etc.

  11. Carolinagirl says:

    I love these blogs, recaps etc. Thank all you ladies that so entertain me. !! It has gotten to a point that I can barely watch the train wrecks but STILL HAVE TO KNOW what is going on. Plus, I fall asleep. I just moved back to SC from AK and the NEW episode of RH of wherever would come on in Alaska at like five in the afternoon. It was awesome. I get up everyday to see the latest on Lynnfam. I sure hate Southern Charm is done for the season. Oh well….but I did dream about Shep last night…..he is way to young for me but I played my Sonja card. Love me some Southern Charm. I live in the city/town that Cameran is from btw. 🙂

    • California35 says:

      Hi Carolina Girl. I like your name, i should have used “girl” instead of that number, that is five years old though so I wont chabge it now.

      Any ways, i like Southern Charm also. It was silly and all, but I still do like it 😛 it just feels so much lighter than the RHs.

      • Carolinagirl says:

        Hi California35. We California/Carolina girls both got songs about us right? lol. Yeah, Southern Charm has something about it….I guess I just love the accents since I got one myself and caught hell about it in Alaska. Well…not HELL exactly but …you know. . I am glad to be back in the south and when I get a minute I’m gonna ride down to Charleston and have a beer at Shep’s restaurant. 🙂 Hopefully he’ll stop by.

      • Powell says:

        Yes SC is much lighter. I only have a huge problem w/Whitney. He’s a waste on the show.

        • Carolinagirl says:

          Whitney is a sore spot for sure!….but hey. His mom makes up for him. right? lol. She is something else. I honestly didn’t know that women like her still existed. Love her.

    • Powell says:

      Hi Carolinagirl! 😊👋👋
      LOL having dreams about Shep.

  12. lila1star says:

    I just love reading your take on the NY blogs 🙂 Lisa said her return is up to Bravo–I did not get a sense she was wanting to leave?? Maybe I am missing something.
    Anyway–thanks to those who mentioned “Devious Maids” –I had never watched it but started to playing catch up on-line and it really is a fun show. Have a good day.

    • Powell says:

      Oh shoot!!. I forgot about Devious Maids. I didn’t watch it that much last season and want to get back into it. I have to remember.

    • FattyCat says:

      I watched DM over OC last night, watching rerun of OC now. For some reason my DVR cut out the very end. Really glad I didn’t watch last night because I would have been sound asleep 5 minutes into it, it’s not all that exciting and Heather still make my stomach turn with her pretentiousness.

    • chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:

      LISA who ?????

      In BH?

      I hate these mind games. We know contracts are out. So LAME

      (Not sure of who you speak of)

  13. ladebra says:

    I swear I will read the rest later today BUT I love love love “I swear to God I will put a deposit at the nursing home” . You have me giggling and laughing and trying to be quiet at work!!

    I don’t have life long friends. And I didn’t know this was considered some kind of character flaw until I was in my 30’s. My family moved alllll the time. A lot, sometimes several times a year, at least once a year, and not down the street – to a different state – a different time zone. We didn’t have facebook. I don’t have life long friends. And I’m fine with that. You can’t miss what you never had.

    As an adult, the number of close friends I have I can count on one hand. I know a lot of people. But I don’t consider them friends, most of them I would not enjoy hanging out with.

    Ok, the giggles are gone, back to work!

    • Wow me too. Total army brat. I never thought it was strange until later in life either.

      There’s are pros to it tho. Throw me into any culture, any situation, any group of people and I will make friends fast. I’ll bet your the same way.

      It’s helped me to be resilient and to be a better salesperson too- if you’ve lived everywhere, you can usually find a commonality with everyone.

      • ladebra says:

        I was an oil brat, same thing!. I never met anyone I couldn’t talk to. I talk to people in line at the grocery, and strike up conversations waiting in the DMV line – the guy at the next gas pump. I’m sure it might annoy some people, but most people are very pleasant and we have a shallow chit chat that leaves everyone smiling 😀 and I never see them again lol.

    • T-Rex says:

      I have two friends and one is my sister in law, and the other is my sister. and of course my husband, but that’s it. I didn’t move around a lot, I just don’t have a lot of close friends, I have always been this way my whole life. I had one good friend in high school, I still chat with her occasionally but we drifted apart years ago, I really only hang out with my family. I have a lot of Acquaintances, and I am very personable and you would never know that I don’t have a gaggle of close friends, so I guess that’s why I can understand BethennyBallBuster at times.

    • Powell says:

      I get that. Sometimes that’s just how it is especially if you move often. But Ramona knows B has a few close GFs. If we’ve seen it definitely Ramona has seen it. Just another time she shoots her mouth off w/o thinking. As we’ve seen she does that. Told Lu it must be horrible to have a husband that cheats on you left and right. Told B she’d probably reck her relationship w/Jason. What’s happened? That has all come back on Ramona. So she better look out. One of her 50 BFFs May have slept w/Mario. Like B said. Quality friendships over quantity.

  14. Powell says:

    I didn’t like Ramona saying B has no close GFs. B has no “parents” so GFs are all she has had since she was in boarding school. GFs have been her emotional support, her sounding board.

    • chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:

      Powelly I still think she’s had many that she’s dropped like nothing — and perhaps due to things SHE – the wolf –perceived as bad.

      I find her to not have that many- and not saying it’s good or bad I’m saying as rough and annoying as Ramona can be to people she’s extremely observant. Who picks your NEW MAKEUP ARTIST as guardian to your child ???
      Or your ASSISTANT – and not the first one — as your child’s god mom ??? Huh ?????

      Something is off. Way off. 🎑

  15. Haven’t read the blog yet but I know I will enjoy it!!! I only watch OC last night so I can keep up…
    First of all Heather is a horrible actress and I did not believe for ONE MINUTE that she didn’t know and had to FAKE COUNT how many bathrooms her stupid mansion has….COME ON NOW!!! She is so declasse’…I know she thinks she is classy but she isn’t, IPPHO.
    Second of all, that kid is too old to be having that paci in her mouth….IPPHO…
    Third of all…gee Tamara, I wonder why none of the other HWs want to film with you, seriously, you stupid bitch….you have to have broke-ass, has-been HW to film with you and your trashy relatives, what a bunch of yahoos at that shower, talk about lipstick on pigs…and the men, yikes!!!! This show has just so far gone downhill, IPPHO
    Fourth of all, I try and not say anything about people’s natural looks, stuff they can’t change so I am not going to say anything about the new girl’s extraordinarily long neck, nope, not gonna say anything. But I will say that her step daughter is my new favorite character on the show, hahaha, her husband is an ass but his daughter was cracking me up!!!!
    And finally of all….David, oy vey….I know how emotionally stunted I am and nope, nope, nope, hit the road Jack and don’t you come back no more, no more, no more, no more….I know myself well enough to know that there is NO WAY I could get over being cheated on, the cut would be too deep, I just couldn’t and wouldn’t…”know that”, *exhales fake cigarette smoke.

    • TexasTart says:

      LIKE! ⭐

      • iceNfire says:

        This is why I dont post much here…….no edit button


    • Powell says:

      PrincessP I’m with you. I couldn’t forgive it and would also say Hit the road Jack and find me a great OC lawyer.

      • I don’t know how women or men can do it. I would ruminate on it and drive myself nuts. That part of Brandi I is such a betrayal of trust. I would forgive for my own sake…but “dead to me” is how it would be…

    • mrs peabody says:

      I feel the same way about Heather, she thinks she is something great and I don’t. Tamara is trash, I don’t like that new girl and her husband appears to be a jerk but time will tell. Vicki is a grown a$$ woman and if she wants to live with that creep so be it. I was shocked at David having that affair, that broke Shannon’s heart and if he had done that in the past he’d be bye bye but if this is the first time I can see why she would try and work it out. What the H was he thinking, does he not get he is on a reality show and we’re going to find out.

      • I think I have a one strike policy. But who knows, it’s her decision. I just feel awful for her. I just don’t know how people get over it…that is the thing that amazes me. I wouldn’t be able to be around the person, I would be way too hurt, humiliated, etc., etc., etc….

      • Powell says:

        That makes you think about the trip they took. They were so awkward w/one another. I thought it was the camera crew and that was probably some of it but it now explains more.

      • Catseye says:

        I agree with everything you said. As far as Shannon and David go, I wonder if it really was a one time thing and not something he has done, in the past? They had to have the cops come out to their house, so I’ll bet there’s been some really bad fights between the two. Maybe she forgave him once and then found out he did it again? I think the reason she’s being so honest is that she’d rather tell her own story, than have nasty Tamra and hateful Heather running around spilling the beans.

    • chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:

      Wow I feel so bad for this Shannon person (who I think looks like the plastic surgeons wide from Secrets and Cheesy Wives) – a Tamara look alike and a Shannon one.
      That is HORRIBLE.

      Was that even disclosed on the reunion of last season ?????
      Poor gal.

      Add this couple to the excel sheet //// HWs marriagebusts.xls

    • EllaMinnowPea says:

      Was anyone else annoyed by Her Heatherness? I was torn between appreciating the fact that at least she appreciated that hers really are First World problems (after all, that’s what the shows started out to be, right? The lavishness of these lifestyles) and just wanting to punch her in the face because she had to have the $7,000 sink to have her hair washed in.
      And Tamera, leave your poor boobs alone. They’ve taken enough abuse.

    • Foxymel(Mel) says:

      Love your post!! We need more IPPHO!

  16. shamrockblonde says:

    thanks for the blog Namaste! in our family, it is my daughter Kerry who worries after you – I had told her long ago to go ahead and have dinner with the girls and not wait on me as I don’t get home till about 7:00 pm and that is too late for them what with school, homework, showers, and just some down time – but when I would get home she would always ask if she could fix me something – amazingly, bot of my daughters are very good cooks and I give full credit to my husband – I’m lucky I can boil water! – but if I say no thanks, she starts making suggestions – how about just some soup? a salad? How about I reheat some pasta for you? sometimes I give in and accept just to get to get her to stop fussing, and other times I just stare at her with that Mom look and she backs right off – what I find really sweet, is after I;ve changed into my pjs and am finally ready for bed, I get a ligjt knock on the bedroom door and when I open it there is a tray there with a bowl of ice cream – Katie does this – she knows my weakness, and she knows me – this is the same one who falls asleep on the den couch waiting for my husband to come home at 2:00 in the morning – he wakes her up and they walk arm and arm up to her room where he tucks her in, gives her a kiss, then kisses a sleeping Kelly before coming in to our room –

    I am liking Dorinda so far – I was not sure that I would, but she handles herself well, and more impressively, she handles Ramona & Sonja well – not an easy feat! good for her for letting Kristen have it too!

  17. Powell says:

    So should B have (1) eaten the fish and be rushed to the ER; (2) not said anything w/fish on her plate and everyone looking at her like the food was poisoned cuz she wasn’t eating; (3) speak up – “I don’t eat fish. But that’s ok. I’m fine.”; or (4) take the used meatball? 🙄
    If Heather is a straight shooter why doesn’t she just tell the truth. She doesn’t like B and this was just another reason for her not to like her. All the blah, blah, blah about B before she arrived, which by the by no one new she would show up. So all of that and her fedupance on the topic had nothing to do w/Heather getting on Bs Jock. #HoldUpWhiteGirl #GetOffBsJock ✋ 😯

    • 5) not showed up at all. It would teach me to stay far away. Just saying

      • Powell says:

        But then OMIB there again would have been complaints to Lu that B doesn’t seem to want to be apart of the group. (6) There’s no winning. ✔

        • iceNfire says:

          B was planning on going the whole time but she wanted it to be a surprise. She said as much in her TH. Everyone was happy to see her except for Heather who prolly thought B just wanted to make a grand entrance…and maybe she did – idk – but it sure pissed Heather off #HollaThat

    • EllaMinnowPea says:

      Heather is one of those people who want to ‘fix’ things and can’t take ‘no’ for an answer. Maybe it’s because she wants to be the hero, idk, but it is annoying. My MIL can be the same way and when someone finally snaps at her, they’re the bad guy. BTW, there’s is plenty of shell shish in sushi; B could have picked her way through.

    • chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:

      She didn’t say all fish. She said she only ate shellfish – which is so odd bc I know people who are allergic TO shellfish.

      If she’s carrying an epipen, then fine ✋🏼I’ll buy she’s deathly allergic.

      • EllaMinnowPea says:

        Yeah, I’ve never really heard of anyone being allergic to “fish with fins” as Heather said. But, whatever; doesn’t mean it can’t happen. Sushi has shrimp and crab and veggies, too.

  18. plainviewsue says:

    So here’s my take on Bethenny. I agree Namaste. BTW, did I tell you I get a t shirt that says NAMASTE in honor of you???!!! LOL

    Bethenny came on the show to revamp her image and sell her products. She’s much more engaging with people on twitter. But………………………….this is a show about the women. How the women get along. About their trips. About their families. Bethenny cannot pick and choose what can and cannot be discussed. I get her situation with her daughter is difficult and trying. I get that you are going to spend every waking moment you can with her. But YOU signed up for the show; you’re getting allegedly a cool million dollars. And you’ve turned it into a informercial for Skinny Girl.

    You can’t keep saying you don’t want the attention on you. Heather was way out of line & I would of been annoyed if she went on and on about eating something. But there’s a way to speak to someone and Bethenny comes off very rude & nasty at times. I hate to agree with Jelly Beans Kelly, but there are times that her voice does sound like she has knives on her tongue!!

    I am loving Dorinda.

    • iceNfire says:

      RHoNY has been an informercial for all of them for a very long time. Remember when Ramona was pushing her wine and Jillzy tried to twist into Ramona is an alcoholic?

      • plainviewsue says:

        Not to the point of Bethenny. Yes, Ramona mentions her wine and is always lugging it along. But I’m at the point where I will never buy a SG product cos I’m so sick of looking at it!

    • Powell says:

      If you go back to Bethenny’s first show remember her BD party? She was embarrassed and crying that Jason’s father put together the dress form gift for her. She didn’t even want the BD party but Jason insisted. B likes attention on HER terms and her terms only. That’s why she’s done 3 of her own shows, does talks, does book signing and SG signings. When she decides she’s going to do something it’s on her terms. No one else’s. So yes when she invited the ladies to her Hamptons house w/all 50,000 SG products show cased that was on her terms. Her set up. When she went to Dorinda’s BD party she didn’t want a big deal made out of what she could or couldn’t eat. She wanted to sit in the cut, drink and laugh w/Sonja and enjoy Dorinda. That’s it.

    • chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:

      Totes agree ^^^^^^^. Well said Sue ! 👏👏👏👏

    • I must ask, where does one find this lovely Namaste shirt you speak of? I must have one??? (I was already on Amazon…I just want to know which particular one you liked!)

      • plainviewsue says:

        I actually found it on Macy’s! I loved it cos it was such a pretty sky green color.

        • plainviewsue says:

          I looked it up. It’s Styleco, Namaste Marled Tee. They’re not showing it on the site. I love it!!

    • kit9 says:

      Agree completely. The bit about SG I can so relate to! I’m beginning hate the sight of it. They all pimp stuff for sure but Bethenny has taken it full infomercial. It’s ridiculous.

  19. plainviewsue says:

    The best thing about RHOC is that there are only 5 housewives. It is still the original, and I love when we see past housewives. Lynn as a grandmother? Biggest shock was David cheating on Shannon. But there’s something wackadoodle about the time line.

    T-Rex or VV…………..this is your specialty. She said she found out David cheated on her April 1st. That’s just two months ago. They started filming way before that. How can what just happened be in the first episode of the season?

    • The could’ve moved footage around. Because that’s pretty juicy stuff. Destroying a marriage and humiliating a housewife?

      Yup. They used that footage but quick.

    • T-Rex says:

      I don’t believe for ONE HOT MINUTE that crap was found out a mere two months ago, he has been cheating in a “long term” affair, which to me means at least 6 months or more, word on the street the affair has been going on for more than two years. I think they “fessed up” to folks on April 1st, especially their family, because this crap was going to air on national television and they needed to “come clean” before it did so. I have read varying stories that OversharingShannon has known for well over a year ago he was having an affair, and knew when she started filming. TrailerTrashTrampySueTramprat has now gone on record that SHE knew last year while filming and told no one,

      • Powell says:

        Well T-Rex you didn’t tell US?!? 😊 Did you keep that scooplet close to the vest? Or did I just miss that?

        • T-Rex says:

          I think I posted it during the beginning of the season that there were rumblings, but no one was really “fessing up” anywhere it was true, so I dropped it, it may have been one time that I remember. That is ONE item I do not take lightly and would NEVER throw around accusations of cheating without some backup, especially if folks have kids.

      • iceNfire says:

        Maybe April 1st was the day the kids found out?

      • EllaMinnowPea says:

        It’s possible she had suspected for a long time – she ‘knew’ but didn’t know. It’s not uncommon for cheaters to tell their spouses that they’re crazy, it’s all in their heads, etc., making the poor person question their own sanity (could it be all in my head?). It could explain why Shannon went round the bend so quickly last season when things went south. April first could be the day David finally confirmed what she knew.

        • T-Rex says:

          I am wondering if this is the first time he “strayed” prior to this admission, that’s the word on the street, is that they aren’t being truthful, in that, this wasn’t the first time David has possibly strayed. I am with MOST of you other ladies, I got a ONE STEP rule, you go out ONE STEP, you best keep on STEPPING because I don’t need that crap in my life, and I won’t tolerate it either. It’s a sign of complete disrespect, IMO to cheat on a spouse.

    • SerenaNYC says:

      Shannon said on twitter that this happened April 1st, 2014 which means this was a year ago and occurred after last season (9) wrapped filming.

      Can’t believe she was struggling with knowledge of the affair all while last season was airing.

      • California35 says:

        I was wondering WHAT YEAR??!! and if that is why she was constantly crying last season… Poor Shannon 😌

        I don’t want this and i still get into it 😛😖

      • EllaMinnowPea says:

        Ah. That makes sense.

      • plainviewsue says:

        Really? 2014? Which means that at the reunion when Shannon said everything was great it was post affair. That’s why I was so confused. Cos if her storyline is going to this therapy place how could it just of started April of this year.

    • VV™ says:

      Sorry PSV, I dont watch OC. I can’t stomach to watch Tamara and Vicky.

  20. Powell says:

    I think HollaHeather as T-Rex partly calls her ,needs to rewatch the table scene. B calmly said she didn’t eat fish. Again the HOST Dorinda of course didn’t want to see her guests not eat so she calmly offered B a few choices. B calmly said she was ok and calmly said no thank you to Dorinda. Dorinda calmly left it at that. The Mayor and proxy host to all Berkshire parties heard the exchange between Dorinda and B & maybe at First being helpful asked B, B said in a calm voice “No thank you”. Then Heather again but this time a bit pushy asks B does she want a used meatball and B again calmly said “No thank you,” but that wasn’t enough for Heather. She proceeds to tell B how good the used meatballs were & that’s when B got upset and said something to the affect “I don’t want attention on me. I just want to sit here. I’ll be laying on the floor crying if I get into everything that’s going on.”. Then Heather gets on her blah blah blah, gets up and grabs Vs hand like she’s a 5 yr old.
    If Heather had left her hostess skills back in NY and let Dorinda handle it like she was, none of it would have transpired. Besides. B doesn’t eat anyway right? She was just fine.

  21. Powell says:

    “I swear to God mom if you make me a sandwich…………..”. Namaste I have to hold my lips together tight or I’m going to be cracking up so much I’m not gonna stop. I feel the laughs building in my stomach. YOU are CRAZY!!!! 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆

    • chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:

      “Shady Pines maaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!”

      That was hysterical but the idea of mayo makes me want to vomit.
      Love pot roast – my Irish friends make it so good! Yummmm

  22. Powell says:

    OK! HOLD UP!HOLD UP!! #HoldUpWhiteGirl ✋😯 You are filming Real Housewives of New York. That’s why B is back Kristen. To use Ramona’s words. “Don’t be so dumb.” What a hell of an excuse. She and Heather dont know what’s been going on in Bs personal life?!? 😱 They don’t know why she’s back in the group?!?😱 So you’re giving Heather a pass on her treatment of B? The only thing I don’t agree w/B is that she didn’t invite Kristen to lunch. Bs excuse was she doesn’t know Kristen. She didn’t know any of them except Lu & Sonja. Was Sonja at the lunch? Any way. And B invited Kristen and everyone to her home in the Hamptons. So that non-invite didn’t make sense to me. But like Countess Luann said, “you can’t invite everyone all the time.”.

    • California35 says:

      Man i feel like if B had just said “sorry I didn’t invite her” all this would have been done about Kristen. I kept thinking B probably just forgot!! Period! But of course if she had said that also, it would not have been good either. But I feel thay is what happened. She invited only those she was talking to, she didn’t have to make an effort. Like a by the way come over…

  23. chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:

    Thank you SO much for the recap – just finally was able to get done reading it fully !!!

    💀: “this nastiness and catty conversation, now we know why. I”

    Omg you’re so real girl but you didn’t get that this is the f-Ing show you signed back on for. I just
    NOT with skeletor anymore.ughhhhhh😖
    Lambs stop screaming !!!!

    I personally don’t think Ramona would choose to remain friends with ANYone who gossips and talks behind her back— look at stupid JZ ……and Luann is mostly only due to working with her.
    Nice shade attempt Barf. Nice.

    I thought Holla owned up to what she was saying both on Twitter and with this: “but I was not attempting to “compare” people’s struggles…” ??
    🌲hug>>>>>💀huggers shrugging emoji 😞


    Good blog Kristen ! If the ladies chose to NOT engage and talk with Skeletor about anything in her life or just things in general — which she takes as being on trial NATURALLY — then the ladies would be seen as being cold and hateful towards Skeletor. It’s a NO WIN sitch.
    Good call.

    I love Luann talking mother- daughter relationships when we’ve seen she’s not super super close to her mom and her daughter clearly had the weekend and boarding school parenting to do. Lovely. 🙄


    I think Sonja meant that since we clearly saw Luann in the past seasons be super jelly of Ramona being close to Sonja — we saw the same thing when Dorinda and Ramona hug it out. Lu — poor little Lu. Still the snaky snake. Plus didn’t Ramona like cast Dorinda and bring her on ???i may be wrong I think.

    Thanks for blogging Namaste!!!!

    It’s so hot today – kill me. Can’t wait for the fall. 🍂🍁

    • It is so hot and muggy today, Hurricane or something off the coast of Mexico…ugh!

      • chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:

        Girl I never get how San Diego used to be known for having the Perfect WEATHER — and now it’s getting hella (Holla) hot at times, right ?
        Have things changed or am I imagining it?

        It’s that bit$( La Niña and El Niño I think. And of course- that phantom climate change rumor.

      • Foxymel(Mel) says:

        Hi PP! Have you seen or heard of the movie, San Andreas? I couldn’t even watch the preview. That is my WORST nightmare! In my dreams, the tidal waves are sky high.

        • I have lived that twice there is NO WAY I am going to see that movie!!!! I hate all those California falls into the ocean movie. When we went up to LA for Halloween that was my biggest fear…that the big one would happen while we were on the 15th floor in the middle of downtown….I had a blast but so happy to leave!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Powell says:

    LOL watching OC. Now Tamra is keeping her private life private? She’s on a reality show! 😆😆

  25. TexasTart says:

    Namaste! That’s such a valuable comment you made at the end. LIKE ⭐
    “It is all too often that we feel compelled to offer someone our advice or take over a situation when really our friend or loved one simply wanted to be heard. Nothing more or less. Just to be heard.”

    It was hilarious that Heather said in her blog that there were “enough eye rolls to film a sequel to Heathers” LOL. I didn’t kick HollaHeather to the curb for her bad behavior last week because I’ve seen a lot worse from Real Housewives. She might be annoying, but I hardly think some of what comes out of her mouth makes her a bad person. I know someone like her and people like that need to be told that you are not their project! Once that is understood, I could once again enjoy their finer points.

    I’m picky about my friends too, very much like you, Namaste. I saw Bethenny tweeting last week to defend herself and say she was a quality vs. quantity person. That’s very much my motto and not just with relationships.

    Your Mom offering you a sandwich, ha ha, I don’t think there could have been a better comparison and she cried too?! Oh no! Then why is it I can NOT stop laughing???! XD Thanks for the blog!

    • not THAT Jill says:

      I have 1 BFF-plus my 3 sisters…my BFF is also BFF with my sisters-I know-weird!! I keep my circle tight!! There are plenty of HW who never have a friend on-that doesn’t mean they don’t have any-it can mean they only have SMART friends who have no interest in being featured on these stupid shows!! Seriously-how many of Brandi’s besties did we all suffer through…all those BFFs and not one to tell her to cut the crap!!!

      • TexasTart says:

        I get that, but I don’t share friends with my sisters, ha! Now, anyone of the three of us to show up with a friend somewhere, automatically gets treated like family. My sisters were my first BFF’s and I feel so fortunate that we have always been extremely respectful of one another, despite any differences and have never argued or even exchanged a cross word.
        :::knocks on wood:::

    • Tartsy I was really just re-saying what Dorinda had said, but it is something I fully agree with! Too many people offer platitudes and want to “fix” a prob when really all we want is to be heard!

    • Foxymel(Mel) says:

      Heather definitely isn’t a bad person. I think she just comes off a little strong and very Alfa.

      I don’t have many friends because I choose to just rely on a certain few. I gotta agree with Bethenny about the quality vs. quantity. My friends call me the Crypt Keeper of Secrets because I never ever talk about the things they tell me about it to other people. Could also be because I’m forgetting a lot of my conversations, but I guess that’s another thing…lol

    • chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:

      Tarts I’m the same about friends. I agree with you.

      But then I look at someone like my mother who came to this country alone and made so many practically-sister-like friends and she’s older than Ramona and she’s a crazy Scorpio Beeeyotch like Bethenny and Ramona (!) ….. You burn them and they’re DEAD🙅🏾 to you🔪🔪🔪💉💉💉
      So I don’t know.

      Plus I think we’re over analyzing NUMBERS of friends. What makes a “LOT” of friends. Hmmmm 🎎👭👭👭👯👯👯👯👯

      • TexasTart says:

        I think a lot of friends is like when my sister had her BFF and sisters stand with her at the wedding, but then had a court of 15 honorary bridesmaids (and he had the same number of honorary groomsmen). You have a lot of friends when your phone beeps every few minutes because someone posted on FB and you want to know what they posted. You have a lot of friends when your social calendar is such that you feel exhausted trying to keep up. That is not for me.

        I’m a Scorpion. I will leave it for you to decide if I meet the crazy or bitch criteria. 😉

        • chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:

          Wait time out ✋how did I forget you were a Scorpio !?
          It’s my favorite sign- please don’t get me wrong !!! (Next to Pisces)

          —(I’ll email you)

          I COMPLETELY agree with you about that FB bs. That’s why I deactivated an account about 5-6 years ago because it became all about comparing and contrasting life.
          If a FRIEND is a true definition of a FRIEND they’d have my phone number or email to make contact with !

          15 bridesmaids – KOOKOO ! And 😂😂😂

  26. Namaste…best ever blog…had me almost on the floor laughing…How are you feeling? Thanks so much for the entertainment.

  27. Foxymel(Mel) says:

    Great job, Namaste! About the sandwich…..LOL!!
    I’m starting to have that personality too , I ask my kids if they’re hungry, they so no and I make them something anyway.

    I’m really not liking the OC ladies. I wanted to punch Heather when she’s talking about her muuuuuulti-million dollar construction woes..ugh
    I thought I’d like Shannon, but she starts by revealing that her husband had an affair and her marriage is in jeopardy. Um….why the F are you on this show?? Tamra trying to redeem herself–not gonna happen. Then there’s Vicki and Crooks. Ugh. Can’t stand the dumb new girl. Ugh

    Chismosita, I didn’t know you visited the North Shore often and that you’ve probably seen one of the blondes running around town. Very cool! I think the. Liza lady–very blonde<<—-ha , they all are! Is top dawg of the bunch.

  28. Powell says:

    Dinner in the Berkshires.

  29. Countless’ choaker and barmaid get up is just cracking me up, what happened to her style? And the gloves later – why?

  30. Ok I love Crazy Eyes oval crystal earrings and necklace she is wearing this season. Anyone know who makes them?

  31. Ok peeps where are you? Am I talking to myself tonight?

  32. Why is Yummy wearing a stocking cap inside the house? Is she trying to look “street”?

  33. I am really hating all the fur shrugs on the show, so over it. Most of the time it looks like they have a dead dog wrapped around them.

  34. not THAT Jill says:

    Think Heather was so annoying as soon as Bethenny arrived…”oh it’s so nice of you to come…I wish you told me you were coming….my kids are here too…next time you should tell me…blah blah blah ….shut the hell up Heather -it isn’t your house and Bethenny isn’t there for your ass…have a seat sista friend!!!

  35. Bethenny is a chef surely she can figure out her dinner and she was polite to Yummynin her first refusal but Yummy keeps pushing. The editing does seem a little choppy

  36. The hug wads weird – right? I think Square Jaw is trying to take the high road here

  37. not THAT Jill says:

    Bethenny just totally grabbed all the blame…when the B comes back she’s BACK!!!

    • I respect that she tried to diffuse the situation, I think she was nicer than she had to be

      • chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:

        I take it as her twisting it to make Heather look like a Kelly Kookoo scary island part 3 – Bethenny had to “diffuse” the poor crazy person.
        Very 🐍🐍🐍🐍-y


        • not THAT Jill says:

          I’m not surprised you see it that way-you aute Bethenny!! I can turn anything Brandi does into a horrible thing!!

          • not THAT Jill says:

            Aute?? Is that even a word???? HATE!! OMG my iPad HATES ME!!

          • chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:

            Ok ok so I’ll have to preface everything with it — a Miranda rights / preface thing.
            I’m just keeping mental notes when the poor tragic wolf cub thing has to go to seat #1 at her forced reunion and starts falling asleep on people. 💀🚽

  38. not THAT Jill says:

    Was Heather always a bitch or is this a new side of her she’s trying to show us?

  39. T-Rex says:

    OH GAWD F-U SanctimoniousHypocriteHeatheroftheTWear SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP!

  40. T-Rex says:

    I am so thrilled that Party is finally over, LOL!

  41. not THAT Jill says:

    So Bethenny tries to make nice and smooth things over and Heather wants to get gangsta on her skinny ass? Oh girl please try it-the B will chew you up and spit your wannabe gangsta ass out!!

  42. T-Rex says:

    Omg CraggyBitchRamonam this is why you stuck with LetharioMario after all the times he has cheated he comes crawling back and you took him back before, because none of that played out on a National level. Look he wants you back so he doesn’t have to divide up all your assets and money, and knows he can still cheat on you.

  43. I like seeing the business side of skinny girl, this is real.

  44. T-Rex says:

    This is totally HILARIOUS watching DrunkDelusionalGreyGardensSonja’s brain is about to explode, she has no clue what’s going on, sorry but it’s making me laugh, she is so clueless

  45. T-Rex says:

    Oh crap might have to stop watching if we are going to have to watch KristenWHooooAndWhyIsshestillhere, UGH

  46. chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:

    SJP you’d HATE me in person. My face is sooooooooo overexpressionate I need fillers to just shut my sh*t down. My friends always mock me.

    I’d never be good at poker. Blackjack only. 🎲

  47. Loving Crazy Eyes with Square Jaw tonight but enough with the fur

  48. Ok preview of Bethenny walking away from Pretty looks awesome and might be my highlight of the evening

  49. T-Rex says:

    WOW is it me or are they ALL now talking a mile a minute, LOL! Oh and going to have to turn the channel again I see KristenWHooooAndWhyIsshestillhere will be on again.

  50. T-Rex says:

    That quick little scene with BallBuster and Dorinda was HILARIOUS, they are great together, I hope they become friendlier because they were really fun to watch

  51. California35 says:

    SJP I have noticed Ramona’s jewlry, glass and metal, very nice. Bethenny wore somethjng like it and maybe Sonja? I wondered if it is from Ramona’s jewlry or made for her. We should look at her website. I always like Ramona’s jewlry, too bad its so expencive. She used to wear some blue earrings i LOVED and some yellow too on the same shape.

  52. not THAT Jill says:

    I hope Kristen doesn’t try to pretend that Bethenny is the first person in the world to call her dumb….her whole HW persona is wrapped up in being dumb…and preeetttyyyyy

  53. T-Rex says:

    Why nobody wants to be around you is because you are dumb. KristenWHooooAndWhyIsshestillhere

  54. not THAT Jill says:

    Carole…you dumbass

  55. OMG Crazy Eyes being the voice of reason in her TH

  56. not THAT Jill says:

    She didn’t break down for no reason you dumb drag queen…you gave the reason!!! wtf Luann????

  57. T-Rex says:

    SHUT UP KristenWHooooAndWhyIsshestillhere you are an IDIOT and Bravo just damn get rid of her.

  58. Powell says:

    Oh shigity!! Carole tells Kristen B called her dumb. Lu and B are on each other’s Jock. Oy Vey!!!!!!!!!! 🙄

  59. T-Rex says:

    OH and WHO is that damn CryptKeeper that looks like death warmed over in the back hanging around them

  60. not THAT Jill says:

    Who does this??? OMG someone please be REAL cause all this fake shit is pissing me off!! Why would Kristen give 2 shits what Bethenny says about her??

  61. “Pretty can wait” after all there is chicken to find

  62. T-Rex says:

    Good for YOU Bethenny walk away from the dumbass Crazy person KristenWHooooAndWhyIsshestillhere

  63. Powell says:

    WTF? 😱 Straight shooter B asks Kristen to talk. Kristen asks a question that B doesn’t want to answer so she flees? I’m turning back to Married at First Sight. 🙄

    • T-Rex says:

      No KristenWHooooAndWhyIsshestillhere started a stupid damned argument in the middle of an event, it was so weird, she is whackadoo

    • ladebra says:

      It really was taking way to long to get to the point. “I was watching someone sit there taking out bullets and loading the gun. I decided not to wait to get shot in the face.”

  64. Anybody watching Secrets and Wives? I can’t look away from their bad dye jobs, thanks a lot OMIB, I can’t see anything else when they are on screen.

  65. T-Rex says:

    Good for Bethenny to apologize to SanctimoniousHypocriteHeatheroftheTWear

  66. T-Rex says:

    Okay for the Record DrunkDelusionalGreyGardensSonja, is not in the midst of paying her judgement, she is mortgaging her home, that had NO mortgage on it, because she didn’t want to be on a payment plan and a budget. I am awaiting the documents, but according to the court date, she is mortgaging it to the tune of close to 9 million, even if she had an interest loan at 1%, which it isn’t, that’s a damn HEFTY monthly mortgage payment. YIKES

    • Do we believe anything she says? Of course she was a model in Milan and UAE, she won an award, graduated Parsons, …

      • T-Rex says:

        Oh, I have seen the court documents, she is getting a Home Mortgage, the courts are FED UP with this Bankruptcy dragging on for 5 years and was ready to dismiss it, and she came up with the mortgage plan. I am curious as to the dollar amount and if they list the interest rate, I think they have to release that to the courts though. That judgment for the Fraud apparently could not be dismissed and she has to pay all of it, plus she is paying a percentage of the rest of her debts.

  67. TexasTart says:

    I abandon ship due to a phone call, guess I will read what y’all said and then que the DVR!

  68. California35 says:

    SJP – im doing so muvh better, almost 100% ok thanks for asking 😀

    SJP and Chismosa — yes Ramona’s jewelry is expensive, for me. When there is no real gold or real stone, I really have to think about it to soend on that, you know? Or at least look at it in person before i buy it.

    • Yay, glad you are feeling better. I don’t like her jewelry so never really looked at prices, but I am obsessed with those earrings and of course I can’t find them!

      • California35 says:

        I have not visited her web in a while…i will look when i get a chance. These items she has been wearing This season are difrent, and wonder if its the next “thing” in fashion,

  69. VV™ says:

    Proof she reads this blog.

  70. T-Rex says:

    Okay I used to love Carole and I don’t get the whole “bomb” dropping and walking away from the fallout from the bomb. She did this at Dorinda’s party and then at the AOA event. Look even she knows that KristenWHooooAndWhyIsshestillhere is an idiot and you could see her planting the bomb knowing Dumbass would take it and run.

  71. VV™ says:

    Her GPS was turned on for this pic.

  72. Someone smarter than me needs to do the Twitter pastes, looks like Dorinda has some digs at Pretty.

    • not THAT Jill says:

      • ramonacoaster says:

        I’m loving Dorinda. Poor Kristen watched her chance for a storyline walk away tonight.

      • More from Dorina “Surprisingly, Carole is like that little mouse that quietly eats away at the electrical wires and causes huge house fires you see on CNN……”
        “You’re making this so much worse @KristenTaekman. I mean, if you wanted to dig yourself a hole, I would’ve grabbed you a shovel. #RHONY”

    • VV™ says:

      She’s actually pretty funny! (Dorinda)

      • Funny mixed with a little bitchiness, loving it.

      • not THAT Jill says:

        Heather has gone off the rails on twitter tonight-I have seen her call someone a twat and she told someone to go talk about snatch? She’s crazy?? Kristen is retweeting every tweet that talks badly about Bethennys looks-Kristen reminds me of Brandi. All they have is their perceived beauty…sad.

  73. adamay411 says:

    It’s been awhile since I have been to a dinner party — longer since I’ve had one. I remember though that there was small talk. No one was grilled about their romances or lack thereof, deeply personal topics were usually avoided and if there was gossip, it was harmless and not about anyone in our circle. We always had a lot to talk about and laugh about — more laughing as we had more to drink. I found Heather to be overbearing and pushy, Carole, Lu, and Kristen want desperately to cause trouble, and Ramona and Sonya are a little oblivious as to what is going on. Everyone needs to CHILL.

    • JumpTheShark says:

      Why did tonight’s episode of Cranky Hyper B*tches of New York remind me of the “Rocky Horror Picture Show”? (A toast!) Trying to decide which “lady” was the craziest, which the most mean spirited, which the most desperate, which the most pathetic, was the only entertainment. If I was told they had all dropped acid, it would explain so much. Each is old enough to know better than to behave so poorly (by far). If this is all an act, pure fiction, then they they have sold out their lives and reputations for chump change. For shame. Although I enjoy the fashions…

    • California35 says:

      That’ exactly how they should be, or they usually are.

      Everyone is so … Desperate? I dont know. Enough ladies…

    • Powell says:

      Or take a Xanyax!! 💊😊

  74. Barb (Just wondering in Jersey) says:

    I think I’m losing my mind, I forgot to watch. And it’s my favorite of all of them. Guess I’ll catch it on demand. Sometimes I think I need a keeper anymore. Sigh.

  75. Poor Pretty, perpetually pathetic.

  76. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone.

  77. Totally off topic…did anyone else laugh when you saw Heather had a piece of hair that was completely out of place at AOA and NOONE fixed it? Like everyone wanted her to look ridiculous on camera with that whole strand of hair flipped in the front? Its the little things that make me smile.

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