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Episode 10

Screenshot 2015-06-13 16.11.54

Bethenny Frankel

“I Never Said Kristen Is Dumb”

Let me start off by saying that the other ladies OBVIOUSLY know the best way to get screen time is to be confrontational with Bethenny.  This episode specially exposes this when the ladies are getting on line to bitch at Bethenny.  Bethenny just wanted the odd dynamic with Heather to be over.  She just wanted to hug and move on.  She acknowledges that she is very high strung.  I don’t think anyone will argue that with her!

As for AOA, I felt like the Don waiting to put out fires and deal with everyone’s issues…I approached Heather, because I really didn’t want this to become some insane Housewife rivalry that it isn’t. She came on strong. I backed up. That is it.

These two ladies are both Type A and very strong personalities.  They are “black and white” without a lot of grey in the middle.  I don’t see them being besties any time soon.

Now to Kristen. I saw her winding up the whole party and simply couldn’t do it. We didn’t click. J’adore Carole, and I genuinely consider her a friend, but she has no idea what she is talking about. I never said Kristen didn’t register the trademark. I never said Kristen was dumb. I had no idea about either of these things. I simply questioned Kristen choosing a name that is remarkably similar to another much larger brand.

Carole’s behavior was worse than anyone’s.  This is the second episode where we saw Carole get a good dig in and then ran away (last week she was the one that Googled Ramona’s “date”).  I doubt that Bethenny called Kristen “dumb”.  I imagine it was more like, “I think it would be dumb to chose a name for a polish that is already out there AND to not trademark the name immediately.” (Or was it the website domain?)  I buy nail polish, but if I am spending MY money on good polish it is OPI and that is it.  I buy random bottles at the dollar store and what not, but when I want good polish, I stick to what I know.  I will not be seeking out A Pop of Color anytime soon.

Sonja impressed me. She was so humble and earnest and eager and wanted to learn at my Skinnygirl brand summit. She could have left early, she could have been negative (particularly because I was skeptical about her brand meeting), and she could have been a know-it-all. She did none of that. She listened. She connected. She worked the room. I shared all of my contacts and wanted her to learn.

OK, was Sonja late to the meeting?  She showed up AFTER Bethenny so am thinking she was a wee bit tardy.  She did seem to put on a good show and make like she understood, but I think she should have brought a dictionary and a thesaurus so she could follow the conversations.  I am impressed that Bethenny is so willing to share her contacts with Sonja.  It shows she does want Sonja to succeed.

All in all, B thinks this was a good episode and is pleased she did not get all weepy.  She warns us that there will be tears next week, but believes we will be free of her crying jags after that.

Screenshot 2015-06-13 16.04.46
Dorinda Medley

“There Was A Line To Take Hits At Bethenny”

Dorinda is beside herself with joy since her 50th birthday weekend is over.  Dorinda believes the ladies used her weekend as an exorcism rather than celebration.

Speaking of Ramona, I can’t tell you how happy I am for her and Avery. They’ve both grown up so nicely, right? Ramona is centered, calm, cool and collected now. And Avery is such a breath of fresh air. Especially considering how New York tends to affect kids of her generation. It’s great to watch their relationship grow. And let me tell you, at some point, you find yourself having “girl talk” with your own daughters and they really become your best friends.

Avery is a super well-adjusted girl that has managed to keep herself grounded and below the radar.  Bravo to her (and I guess Ramona, too!).

And speaking of other spectacular moms I’m proud of, wasn’t it interesting watching Sonja at Bethenny’s summit? I adore Sonja and I love watching her just be Sonja. (Seriously, between her and Ramona, there’s a Discovery Channel special just begging to be made.) But anyway, this wasn’t some bullsh– summit at Cipriani, with cocktail waitresses offering you a refresher, this was a no-bullsh– business meeting — the real deal.

Screenshot 2015-06-13 16.11.43

Yes yes, we are all impressed by this high powered business meeting that was lacking Skinnygirl Sweeteners where Bethenny dress in her brand colors.  Very cool.

So, with that, I’ll segue to our AOA Christmas party. AOA is a fun, upscale, stylish sports bar with lots of energy. Kind of like Ramona. The atmosphere is high energy and the food is pretty great. I really love the way the TVs were all on fireplace mode and not on a sports game — that was nice. And that’s as far as “nice” got. (To be honest, this was a party I really had no interest in going to.) As you know, whenever the girls get together, there’s some drama afoot and I felt it was going to be another Salem bonfire.

Have I mentioned how much I love Dorinda?  She is quick and witty and keeps is real.  If she comes back for another season, I hope she can maintain!  She mentioned she was aware that Heather, Luann and Kristen all had beefs with Bethenny and could tell that they were brewing for a battle.

That night, it seemed Bethenny was the target. But it was so aggravating because it seemed like there was literally a line forming to take hits at her. Like a line for a picture with Santa at Macy’s, but instead of wishlists, billy clubs and night sticks. As soon as she walked in, the punches started swingin’! As you know, I have no beef and rarely do, so I decided to just be one of the little elves in the background. I’m more comfortable back there. If it’s something serious, I’ll jump at someone’s throat, but why make petty mountains out of petty molehills?

It was strange to watch and honestly, had I been in Bethenny’s platforms, I would have bolted for the door.  Dorinda is one smart cookie and reminds us we have learned time and time again that Bethenny does not do well with confrontation.  Have these ladies learned nothing?  I think the ladies just realize the camera is on Bethenny and they want screen time… (I think I mentioned this before).

Screenshot 2015-06-13 16.06.32

Heather Thomson

“I’m Sorry If I Came Off Pushy”

Heather admits right off that she is a “fixer”.  She tells us she likes to give people chances and she has definitely learned about Bethenny’s personality.  She is glad they had managed to put their issues aside at this point (although I doubt it will last).

Speaking of finding your way look at Kristen go! I’m so excited for Kristen and her new nail polish line Pop of Color! I’ve been wearing it and it’s great. The polish really lasts and I get compliments all the time. The color ‘Blue Moon’ has been my go-to. And we’re neighbors at Ricky’s NYC since they also carry yummie! Kristen has been working hard on her new projects, as well as trying to understand a new friendship with Bethenny. Rejection is a natural emotion, and there just doesn’t seem to be any empathy on Bethenny’s end for her feelings. But as much as I like to fix, I think I’ll probably just stay out of this one! Till next week…

OK, I am just sick and tired of how NEEDY Kristen is.  I hate needy people.  Grow a backbone and move on.  I also don’t’ understand how these ladies are under the spell that makes them believe that because they are on this reality show, they are making new friends!  Remember The Real World on MTV how that was about putting 7 people of different backgrounds into a home and wait for shit to get real?  HW is similar although they don’t go out of their way to pick a diverse group.  HW does show that even on the upper east side you will find women of very different personalities, politics, moral and beliefs.

Screenshot 2015-06-13 16.19.00

Kristen Taekman

“Why Is Bethenny Bad-Mouthing My Business?”

Kristen is confused as to how things got all amped up at dinner in the Berkshires.  Kristen observes Avery and Ramona together and likes that they can talk and be open with one another.

Bethenny’s brand summit! Wow! I I would have loved to have been there. It seems like one could have learned a lot! This is a perfect opportunity for Sonja–it’s great for her to see what her business could aspire to be!

I imagine the other RH are all green with envy when they see the empire that B has created.  Can anyone imagine Teresa in a meeting like this?

I’m thrilled to announce that I started a nail polish line called POP OF COLOR! Josh recently had a meeting with Ricky’s NYC who have been selling Eboost in their stores for years. My name came up and Josh came home and asked if I wanted to do a nail polish line! It’s crazy how some things happen.

Kristen loves nail polish.  I think it is important to love the thing you try to sell (Bethenny is SKINNY and loves it and sells her Skinnygirl line like a HBC).  She realizes asking Carole to help name some over her colors was going to be entertaining and agrees that sex sells.  We may see a Pop of Color polish names “Thrust”.  I can’t imagine what color that would be?  I am cringing just imagining this.

AOA–Merry Christmas all! When Carole shares a small but mighty piece of information with me…I just can’t hold it in any longer. Enough with beating around the damn bush with Bethenny! Why on earth is she bad-mouthing my business? The name is trademarked, thank-you-very-much! I felt that I should just confront Bethenny myself. Seriously, what’s the deal here? You barely speak to me to my face, but yet you have plenty to say behind my back? I really just don’t get it at all. And once I do approach her, she just dismisses me rudely and walks away! I have made the conscious decision that I don’t need any more friends!

First, I will say again, this was super bad on Carole’s part to plant this little seed then run away.  I think she did it on purpose.  If Kristen was her REAL friend, she never would have gone and shared this tidbit.  Very against girl-code.  I also don’t think Bethenny was bad-mouthing the business; she was commenting.  She thought she was having a private conversation with Carole (her mistake) and didn’t realize she was on the record.  Again, I would have walked away from Kristen, too but then I would have marched over to Carole and confronted her for spreading gossip.

Screenshot 2015-06-13 16.05.01

Luann de Lusseps

“I Get Why Bethenny Has Walls Up”

Luann says she is so very glad that Bethenny showed up and finally hugged Heather.  She believes that Heather is coming from a good (albeit annoying) place.  She explains her toast but does not address her very rude comments about John (Class with the Countess is now on clearance).

I felt for Ramona when she picked up Avery from the airport excited to go to dinner and Avery told her that she first had to finish a paper — a paper that she could have worked on during her flight home but instead blew off to flirt with the cute boy sitting next to her. Cute boy…term paper…which would you choose at her age? As for Ramona asking Avery “what should she do about Mario pursuing her again?” — it felt awkward to me, yet Avery showed a lot of maturity when she said that Ramona has to do what is best for her.

I would have chosen the cute boy myself.  It was super weird that Ramona was asking Avery for advice.  I think Ramona wanted Avery to tell her to get back with her dad and then Ramona could tell everyone, “Well, my daughter really wanted us to give it another try!”  Avery, being mature beyond her years and showing us she is much more insightful than her parents, told her mom that she needed to what would make her happy and leave her out of it.

Bethenny showed a lot of class by letting Sonja sit in on her yearly Skinnygirl branding summit. I think Sonja was surprised that Bethenny’s partnering with some very large companies to distribute her products. Bethenny’s the real deal and I think you can see why she reaches her emotional limit when pushed too hard to confront the walls she puts up to protect herself.

I wonder if Luann every offered to allow Sonja to sit in a meeting with QVC and Luann?  Doubtful!

When Bethenny invited Ramona out for dinner, she didn’t realize that Ramona wanted beef, she just didn’t mean steak! She didn’t read the email all the way through I guess!! As for hitting a meat-market after dinner, Ramona clearly means of the male variety. She is uncomfortable with females one-on-one, even just talking about it grosses her out…I say, “to each her own.”

I don’t know about you ladies (or gentlemen) but I don’t go out to dinner with my girlfriends so I can gawk at men.  I go to eat and have GREAT conversation with my friends.  I guess that isn’t what happens in Ramona’s world.  Also, the conversations about girl-on-girl action was weird.  Ramona’s reaction was very childish.

Did Carole really have to tell Kristen about what Bethenny said regarding her copyright for Pop of Color? I think Kristen should go with her gut when naming her polishes and I think “Date Night” is a lot better than “Thrust”…way better. I’m happy for Kristen and I hope her new venture is a smashing success. As for Kristen approaching Bethenny at the AOA party, there is a right time for this type of conversation and for Bethenny this wasn’t the time. Again, Bethenny can only take so much and I was just having a heartfelt conversation about the state of her emotions before Kristen interrupted us.

Sounds like the Countess might offer Carole a free seminar on Class with the Countess on how not to spread gossip and start WWIII.  Also sounds like she could offer a seminar to Kristen on how not to confront people about idle gossip.


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125 Responses to Real Housewives of New York Cast Blogs Blogged

  1. California35 says:

    Thanks Namaste! Great recap on the blogs 😊
    Thanks Veena for posting it, I hope you’re enjoying your vacation 😀

  2. Thanks for posting Veena!
    And just so everyone knows, at the time that I send this to Veena, Ramona and Sonja had not posted blogs on the Bravo site. If they do, I will attempt to do my best…but there ain’t no guarantees!

  3. Toodybird says:

    Great blog. Thanks. I could have watched Bethany’s Skinny Girl meeting for its entirety.

  4. ladebra says:

    Great blog! Again, I really enjoy the way you write. I might be jaded about RHONY .. I grow tired of Sonja the clown, Ramona the entitled OG, Heather the fixer, Kristen the bore, Luann of Switzerland, Carole the producer’s sh-t stirrer, and Bethenny the marketing machina.

    But I love reading the blogs of the show and the blogs of the blogs! Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend.

    Bon voyage Veena!

  5. Thanks, Namaste. Always enjoy your POV.

    I was looking at your screenshot of the SG “summit” and saw I could click on it to blow it up. Did you notice the people at the end of the table have had their faces blurred out? I’m sure Bravo has to get legal permission to be on the episode from all these meeting participants, so I’m guessing they didn’t have those? As crowded as the table is, I’m wondering if they are just extras crammed in for effect. LOL

    Sorry, I’m not buying this entire “summmit” because the people were stiff and only one I can remember ever said a word–which, BTW, means they don’t get union actors pay, if that was a factor. The man who said a couple of very scripted sentences I thought sounded very staged. The whole meeting seemed like a heavily choreographed scene. Especially Beth’s and Sonja’s “entrances” and exits, lines, etc. Notice how when Beth asked if anyone had any positive comments about the Brand, she barely paused for an answer–and no one said anything except CAST MEMBER Sonja, already on the production payroll. What Sonja said didn’t even make any sense in relation to the meeting or business. That was awkward on so many levels. I’ve seen a couple of comments by people who do a lot of business meetings and they say that’s not how it goes.

    Anyhow, just wondering if I’m alone in this. I’m really turned off by the season at this point. I think it was always meant to be The Bethenny Show as that’s how it’s now rolled out. For all the criticism of the other cast members for trying to “get to know” Beth, what are they supposed to do when every event ends up being all about her having a hissy fit of one kind or another and/or product placement of her products? It’s just one big SkinnyGirl infomercial, complements of Beth’s BFF Andy.

    No sale.

    Oh well, it’s just a TV show. Hope everyone is having a nice summer now that’s it’s heating up. Didn’t someone get married this weekend? Veena is in Hawaii. What else have I missed?

    • VV™ says:

      Im not watching RHONY but paused my remote on a rerun of the scene you’re referring to. It looked like a fake, scripted, and for show only to me. You are not alone on this. It’s no secret I don’t like Bethenny.
      She lies as proven by me on this blog where she gave three different accounts on how she got on the show in her own words.

      • Ah. You mean when she first said, “NO! I would NEVVVVVVER be on the HWs again! EVVVVVVER!” And then a year later, when her talk show was canceled, said, “NO! I am NOT going to rejoin the RHONY next season!” And then a few months later, “YES! I am joining the cast of NY! I am thrilled!”

        [I paraphrased, but close?]

        Or do you have another series of conflicting stories? Because it’s very clear to me after the “SG Summit” that they’ve pulled a fast one on us, and this season is entirely, solely about Bethenny selling Skinnygirl products. Boohoos are extra.

    • EllaMinnowPea says:

      Huh. While I was watching it, I was thinking I’ve been in meetings similar to that. I’ve organized them (minus the surprise guest, if course), right down to making sure the venue has the correct brand of products on hand.

      • EllaMinnowPea says:

        After giving it some thought, it’s possible this was a reenactment of a real meeting that had concluded.

        • Well, each scene in a reality show has a producer/director, like any other program: setting, entrances and exits, where people are going to sit, stand, or move for camera work, lighting, etc. There are other limitations and legal issues for anything that is aired by Bravo, including very strict union rules, etc. [Related to all those filmed at the table. It was a private company event, not a public one.]

          I know there is more scripting on these shows than we’re told, but this was pretty blatant to me. This wasn’t reality: it was acting.

      • Thanks for your thoughts.

        Maybe for me it’s this: I’ve seen so much of her SG Brand pushed on this show by now, I’m having a negative reaction, like a gag reflex.

        • kit9 says:

          The product placement is just downright obnoxious at this point. Watch the next episode and check out all the SG gear in a freaking cup cake decorating scene. My fav part was Bethenny making fun of Ramona bringing her own booze and glasses when they are drinking out of SG glasses and there are bags of SG stuff in the background.

      • mm in oc says:

        I have a hard time believing she has a different brand manager for every product line. That group was way too big to hold an effective exchange of ideas. When a group is that big only a few type A’s speak up. that size group would be more training and individual prsentations. Just my 2 cents.

        Totally over bethenny. her ego is out of control. Does she think she can pick and choose who she interacts with? Thats not how the show works. It requires some conflict. And I think she said that about kristen. Frankly I would say the same thing. Another saturated market where she really doesnt stand a chance competing is dumb. Even A list actors fail to launch successful brands. She doesnt have the business experience or name recognition to launch any product.

  6. Foxymel(Mel) says:

    Thank you so much, Namaste for the wonderful blog!❤️
    I’m getting tired of all the HWs shoving their new ventures down our throats. Sorry Kristen, I don’t need to buy your line of nail polish you because you’re on a reality show and your husband set you up with a get busy business. Sigh although, I wouldn’t mind seeing the Countess sing again–I love a good laugh. Lol

    I already miss you all! ;(

  7. EllaMinnowPea says:

    Thanks for the recaps!
    OK, first – I Googled Pop of Color nail polish and it is currently available a a store in NY, maybe small boutique? (Apparently you can buy Yummie Tummie there, too.) And none of the colors is called Thrust or any of Carole’s other suggestions. Thank goodness.
    Second, I was laughing at Kristen all night. The way she was trying and failing to interact with the other ladies she seemed like someone’s kid sister and was only at the party because taking her was the only way the older sister was allowed to go. And Carole telling her what B (supposedly) said was just a trick to see what would happen.
    Finally, based on B’s facial expressions (tho there were some wonky cuts/edits) she had zero idea what Kristen was talking about when Kristen did finally get her audience. So I’m wondering what that was really all about.

    • Foxymel(Mel) says:

      You brought up so good points, Ella. 🙂

    • I think Carole was pot-stirring. She either twisted Beth’s words A LOT, or she was making the director happy, giving Kristen a purpose and a scene. It all looked very staged, as well.

      Now that you mention it, they all seem to be…delivering lines. Or hitting their “marks” this season.

    • Ricky’s is an AWESOME tiny chain. I love love love them

      I didn’t get the president getting all flushed about the sex-names because each store has a “sex” section in the back, behind another door/// dangly thing !!!! Weird.

    • kit9 says:

      I think Bethenny looked guilty. She didn’t say, “huh? I never said that” or “What are you efing talking about?”. She got up and ran.

      • I have to wonder if this is the Producer pushing Kristen out. They have too many, and they’ve been giving her very little storyline or air time all season. Who knows, but it has occurred to me that Beth isn’t inviting Kristen and Heather to stuff because they’re on the chopping block and this is the way they’re being eased out.

      • EllaMinnowPea says:

        That’s why I think there was some funky editing going on. It was just weird B face, back to Kristen, weird B face again and then she runs off. It’s very unlike B to say NOTHING.

  8. Powell says:

    Hello everyone. Hope you had a fantabulous weekend!! 😃

  9. Laineylainey says:

    Great blog Nami!

  10. lila1star says:

    Morning–just love your NY blogs–it is almost like I am watching 🙂 Hope everyone had a good weekend. I spent mine binge watching S1-2 of Devious Maids and I am willing to admit–I am hooked. Not sure how I never heard of this show before but I am all caught up now. Today–back to reality–laundry, floors etc…..

    • Powell says:

      I missed most of S2. I need to get back into it.

      • lila1star says:

        I found a site that has them all with out commercials. If you can ignore all the junk they say u need (which u don’t)–its free to watch.

        • FattyCat says:

          DM is my favorite show, I have watched since season 1 and got hooked the very first episode. I now dvr the wives and usually watch them once I see a recap or blog blogged here and then I come read 🙂

          I am really liking Dorinda the more I watch, the others could care less, especially Kristen, she really brings nothing as far as I am concerned.

  11. Anyone watching Mother Funders? I was PTO President at my kids’ elementary school for 3 years (basically cause noone else was willing to take on this super sucky role) and I never once treated people the way their president does. It is entertaining, but not realistic at all!

    • Powell says:

      Namaste just looking at the promos I decided “nope”. The HBIC seems like not only is she really that type of person but she also wanted to be on TV.

      • shamrockblonde says:

        “HBIC” hahahahaha!!!! – love it!!! and agreed! – nope not watching this one –

    • T-Rex says:

      I am not watching but from the previews for some reason I thought this was one of their “scripted” shows, it’s not? Then it’s completely faked reality. No way this crap happens in real life, otherwise there would be huge postings on social media about the nonsense the PTO was doing. I think the Reality crap has hit it’s “rock bottom” and now it’s REALLY becoming fake, fake and even more fake.

      • kit9 says:

        I assumed it was scripted, too!

        • California35 says:

          Oh God, i saw a part of it, yike!! No thank you! Lol

          What with Bravo and all of these types of shows??! Bring in some lighter shows please!! Remember back and the day, queer eye for the traight guy, was great! Everyone was so supportive and friendly AND FUN!! We need that type of show, and the Actors Studio. Another good show,

          Also, noticed all or most are about wives and mothers? The ones with singles (Shahs), that’s it 😒😕
          Oh well, that’s why I dont watch much of Bravo, down to Real Houswives of NY, and tentitive about BH depending on who is coming back.

    • T-Rex says:

      Oh and a SIDE note the ELEMENTARY school that this PTO is allegedly about, immediately disbanded, and has fired everyone on the PTO due to the backlash from just the initial “up front” about the show. Oh and billed as a Suburb of Atlanta, yeah, it’s about 38 miles south of the City, which is really not a suburb, it’s just an out of the way area that’s within an hour of the city. No filming was to be done on school property and they weren’t supposed to even AIR the name of the school anywhere. Note the fact that they claim the whole PTO that was filmed has “moved on” ALL of them, guess that’s the new keyword for “firing” all of them or insisting they all “step down”

      • T-Rex says:

        Oh and here is more On WHY this show is complete BullHOCKEY! (sorry Hockey on the brain today Go Bolts). Anywhooo this FakeALITY show doesn’t realize again to do some homework, because here are the REAL members of the PTO for that school, you see several of the ladies listed below aren’t well, hmmm as camera-ready as Bravo would probably want. Note that LaShon Thompson has given interviews that she has been a “celebrity” as she is the mother of two of his children, so you see now why they went for a show down there, she is also very much Besties with Carla Stephens. These are the only REAL two PTO board members

        Congratulations to the 2014-15 PTO Board!
        Carla Stephens-President
        Charmaine Prince-Vice-President
        LaShon Thompson-Secretary
        Pascale Collins-Treasurer
        Melissa Hoover & Shanta Simmons-Volunteer Coordinators

        • T-Rex says:

          Whoops not sure how it didn’t post but LaShon Thompson is the baby Mama for the rapper T.I’s older children and both are NO stranger to FAKE-Ality television

        • Nickel says:

          2015-2016 PTOs were chosen in the Spring. A lot of times you will have turnover if children move to middle school or middle to high school, which was the case for our board here (I was going to be a PTO newbie until my husbands company expanded out of state). I would have hated to come in brand new and have to deal with reality show shenanigans of my predecessors. I think the school made a good call.

  12. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. Its Bottom Lip Monday. 😝 😭😵😭

    • California35 says:

      Good morning!
      Had a nice weekend, but I still feel like I need another day 😛

  13. Powell says:

    Gosh it’s only 9 o’clock. Why does it feel like at least 2? 😖

    • HuskerHuny says:

      Hi Powell! It’s almost 11 a.m. here and it’s cloudy and rainy. It’s been raining almost daily/weekly since the first of May. I now have webbed feet. Rainy days and Mondays always get me down . . .

    • California35 says:

      Now is 9 for me (when you wrote that it was 6 😋)
      You’re nowat noon, so you are 1/2 way there…. I hope your afternoon goes by fast 😀

  14. Carolinagirl says:

    A friend of mine, knowing how I love my Real Housewives of wherever (she doesn’t watch any of them) surprised me the other night by bringing me a bottle of Skinnygirl Margarita. Thank goodness I thanked her but didn’t open it in front of her because….later.when I filled my glass with ice…poured it over….waited a minute for it to chill…..took a sip and UGH promptly poured it out. I just don’t get it. And I am a woman who loves her cocktails in the evening. I literally could not drink it. Maybe I got a bad batch….:(

    • California35 says:

      The flavor or how strong it was?
      I remembered it being bery strong. I added sparkly water 😛 i figured hey if it is already “skinny” i made it even more skinny 😛

    • Interesting. I looked for the Skinnygirl brand of agavé or sweetener or whatever it is at my local Kroger grocery store last week, as I’d seen some once last year, and there were two display boxes on the shelf with “liquid” sweetener in small plastic bottles. I did like the idea of liquid and the small bottles, but no sale as I’m so mad about having the brand shoved down my throat on this show, thank you very much Bravo, Andy, and Beth, I refuse to even consider it. Only a couple of them had been bought and the pricing sign said reduced for CLOSE-OUT.

      • WasLurking says:

        I don’t think anyone needs or wants all of her products…….doesn’t make any of them unsuccessful because what I don’t care for may be the awesome something someone else wants. I love her cocktails…… All her stuff in in my grocery store and sells well enough that it is always restocked. I thought she did a mimosa… but haven’t seen it.
        I was really looking forward to trying it. …….I probably misheard. Drat!

        As for the product placement on the show…… I don’t ever notice it anymore and it’s no worse than when Ramona had her wine all over the place. I think the haters pay more attention to petty things to bitch about than looking at the show as a whole.

        Besides………. don’t like her or the show? There is a button on your remote.
        Do you force yourself to watch it just to point out something that to you makes any and everything she’s every said or done a lie? It’s truly sad..

        • Yeah, I do hate-watch Bethenny now, as a matter of fact. Since she and Andy talked about that very thing on WWHL, they know how it works. She certainly hasn’t made any effort to change that, pretty sure she doesn’t give a rip.

          As for why or when I watch or when I don’t, do not try to patronize me, thank you. You don’t have to read my comments, either.

          PS Get off MY jock. 😛

          • WTG- hate watching is one of my favorite hobbies! I love it ! It’s in my profiles everywhere!
            In a moment of great distress because they were HUGELY marked down, I got the stevia liquid. I regret it now. It’s not actual leaf extract which is what you want. Plus too many preservatives.

            Just like her chemically laiden sparking “water”. No thanks. I’ll take real sugar and not trick my body into thinking it has to raise insulin levels when it’s not real sugar.

            • Sparking === sparkling

            • I first learned that term at Watch What Crappens. They’re equal opportunity hate-watchers. LOL

              Look, I’m opinionated, no secret there. So I don’t mind opposing views, even irate ones. We all have our own personal hot-button issues.

              Obviously some people like Beth’s products, as she’s made a fortune selling them. I once did myself. But not any more.

    • EllaMinnowPea says:

      I took a pass on it, too. The PTO women at our school are very clique-ish and some have reverted to HS but they’re nothing like we see on the previews.

    • Powell says:

      Carolinagirl when it came out yrs ago and was finally in my area I was so excited to try it. It was $14.99. It was Yuck to me too but I drank it. Shoot $14.99! It’s sour. Where the heck is the agave? I didn’t get it either. When B first started doing her events at the Annex Learning Center in NY women were bringing their bottles and they were basically having parties. 😝 Yuck. I’ve said I want to try other drinks of herself but I haven’t yet. Mainly $14.99 😱 when you can get something REALLY good for $14.99.

  15. Carolinagirl says:

    I’ll stick with Chunkygirl margaritas. The REAL ones.

    • California35 says:

      Hehehe 😉😀 as even she says, sometimes the real thing is worth having. Can have less of it or more of the none real thing. It all depends where you want to spend your calories/sugar or whatever it is you are trying. I dont drink margaritas often, so to me buying her margarita would have been buying just because its “skinny”. So I rather stick to what i do drink and like already 😀

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      Ha! My and one if my girlfriends have a Fat Girl fajita and ‘Rita nite every couple of weeks!

      • Powell says:

        I LOVEEEEEEE fajitas! Mmmmm!!! 😋

      • Powell says:

        Oh darn OMIB you’re making me hungry. 😏

      • California35 says:

        When i first moved here, i started tacos and margaritas night. Not every week, but a couple times a month. 😛. It was a night when i didn’t try a new recipe for dinner, but instead I would try new margarita recipes. That was fun 😉 there are so many recipes for margaritas!!! And ai would try a new one every time. Then I did taco tuesdays, no margaritas anymore… But I stoped that….. Any ways, I will try to bring it back, it sounds like fun.

    • Powell says:

      Hahaha!! Too funny 😆😆😆😆
      I’m with you. 😊

  16. Butters'Mom says:

    Hey gang! So the wedding is coming up this Friday. I’m still stressed but the hives are under control mostly (yeah prednisone). Saw Dad yesterday. He’s doing pretty good but we will probably have him use his walker to walk me down the aisle and the wheelchair the rest of the evening. He is determined to do the father/daughter dance. I told him we can just hug and sway back and forth, nothing fancy. I’m a big girl so I should be able to hold his weight if he gets weak. Otherwise I think everything else is in order. I do final dress fitting tonight and take dress home if all is good. Love to you all and thanks for all the support. The HW have been my way to turn off my mind for a couple hours a week which does actually help. Kind of my mind zen yoga alternative.

    • shamrockblonde says:

      *hugs Butters’Mom really hard* glad the hives are under control – even more glad that your Dad is doing ok! – please give him a kiss for me – you are both blessed to have each other – I bet your dress is beautiful! –

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      Good luck with the dress tonight! 👰👰👰

    • California35 says:

      Yay! The day is almost here! 😀

    • Powell says:

      Friday is going to he a BEAUTIFUL day!!! Bless your dad. I’m SO happy for you all. We will be your Angles on your shoulders. 😊

  17. shamrockblonde says:

    thank you for the blog Namaste! and thank you to Veena for posting it – hope your trip is as fabulous as you!

    about the big meeting – I’ve been in meetings like that – and while I suspect that the meeting we saw was not an actual meeting I do think that it was a recreation of the real one – I did not even notice that B was wearing skinny girl colors to that meeting – and yes, the ladies are super aware that where B is so are the cameras – didn’t Heather say something along the lines that she was surprised that Kristin took Carole to that meeting instead of her? scriped? sure – but I will watch that over anything Booble head every time – Avery seems to be doing well and I have no doubt that is because her screen time was and continues to be, extremely very limited –

    still don’t care for Carole – wondering how her interactions with B are affecting her friendship with Heather –

    enjoying Dorinda – loving all of you!

    • T-Rex says:

      This was my thought, I know CannonballCarole(that’s her name for lobbing conversation bombs, then slinking away like nothing happened) is a writer, but why wouldn’t you have taken HypocriticalBitchHeatheroftheTWear to your meeting. Because some idiot production person thought, well BethennyBallBuster is having a meeting and at the end of that Meeting we are bringing in DrunkDelusionalGreyGardensSonja so that folks can see that well maybe she has some business sense, but we all know she doesn’t and still doesn’t. So they thought DumbassKristenWHO? needed I guess some support on screen because they could already sense the masses immediately turn the channel or fast forward through any scene she is in and figured if CannonballCarole was in the scene we might watch, uhm this person didn’t fast forwarded right through that weird meeting

      • Powell says:

        T-Rex I looked on her website last night. Now you can place an order. I tried my size of a dress and I’m guessing it was available. It went in the cart anyway but you know sometimes you have to get to the checkout to see if it’s really available. Everything is still ridiculously high priced. I need to look at the fabric content to see what she’s using. The designs aren’t extraordinary for her to charge such prices.

    • Powell says:

      Why would the biz people agree to re-create a meeting for tv? Why did I ask that? Duh because it’s the reason B is back. Marketing SG. 😃

  18. SerenaNYC says:

    Hey guys – not sure if you saw yet but Ramona’s apartment is now for sale.

    • T-Rex says:

      From what we have been told, LetharioMario got the Apartment in their divorce and PROMPTLY placed it on the market. OldDrunkRamoner got the Hamptons House, they had previously sold off their house down in the islands some where at the beginning of their separation.

  19. Barb (Just wondering in Jersey) says:

    Howdy doody all. Just back from the Pulmonologist. It appears I will live another day. 😀

  20. shamrockblonde says:

    YAY!!! *hugs Barb really hard*

  21. T-Rex says:

    Okay so FINALLY got the hearing papers on the KrupaKupcake VS TheLiarSupremeSlutbagScumbagLyingLIarJealousBitchMoronSTFUBrandi’s case for the Civil Trial. So as noted, the reason that the 3 year old sent a fish to KrupaKupcake was that indeed the Motion to Dismiss was D-E-N-I-E-D, by the courts. They are to be back in Court on June 22nd, 2015, I thought the case had been settled, but apparently it wasn’t as they are due back in court. So they have amended and been granted, the addition of legal fees to the Lawsuit against TheLiarSupremeSlutbagScumbagLyingLIarJealousBitchMoronSTFUBrandi, if they WIN the case, for some reason I read this as the case being closed. So Next Monday is the next court info, and there can be NO continuances, per the judge, for this next hearing. TheLiarSupremeSlutbagScumbagLyingLIarJealousBitchMoronSTFUBrandi is NOT required to attend but her lawyers must be at the hearing.

    • Foxymel(Mel) says:

      Thanks for the info. T-Rexie. Can the lawyers use the fact that Brandi sent Joanna a fish at the restaurant to further prove their point? I hope she pays! 💵💵💵💵💵

      • T-Rex says:

        Foxy, I believe if this does go to trial, that they will be able to bring this up during the trial. I know that TheLiarSupremeSlutbagScumbagLyingLIarJealousBitchMoronSTFUBrandi CLAIMED which is “her speak” for LIED OUT HER ASS, that she had made some sort of offer to them to settle out the case. If they did, it was for SO little money it wasn’t worth it, and it would have been done so after the judge ruled on her Motion to Dismiss, which they have filed twice now and been denied both times and the judge this time said NO MORE MOTIONS to dismiss, by saying this subject has now been dealt with and CANNOT be brought up again! I think if TheLiarSupremeSlutbagScumbagLyingLIarJealousBitchMoronSTFUBrandi came up with the legal fees, a chunk of change, and a FORMAL apology on the record to all charges, that KrupaKupcake would settle. BUT that moron just keeps saying she “didn’t say it”. okay “she said it, but not the way it is being portrayed”, uhm “TheRoyalVpump said it and it wasn’t really me”, UGH, that idiot just can’t tell the truth EVER! Look thank goodness they have it all on tape, and the original complaint has the entire show transcript as evidence, word for every freakin word. Oh, and I guess there was more info to this because they have the “outtakes” when the show goes to commercial, she apparently said even more stuff, but they are only using that as evidence to support the initial charges, since that never aired.

        • Powell says:

          I am not a Joanna fan but I surely wouldn’t mind if she could keep Booble Bobble Head in court for many yrs and has to live I her car because she can’t rent a place to live. I’m sorry but she’s an idiot. She keeps crying poor but keeps yapping her mouth. She doesn’t believe someone would sue her.
          I guess she wishes she’d not listened to her mgr that told her it was ok to spend her book money on leasing a range rover.

        • WasLurking says:

          The court has nothing better/more important to deal with but these morons? Insane!
          Bad me but I thought the dish sent to Jo……..was fricking hysterical!! These peeps have zero sense of humor.

        • Foxymel(Mel) says:

          Oh my gosh! Can you imagine what dum dum said during commercials breaks? I’m glad that’s part of the evidence.

      • Powell says:

        Good question.

    • Yeah, thanks for taking the time to do this, since apparently the tabloids can’t figure it out. 😀

      I can’t imagine how this “sounds” in court as both sides argue. If I were rich, I’d fly there just to hear it. It’s like when I learned of the Russian girl band “Pussy Riot” and the BBC was reporting on their incarceration for staging a concert somewhere Putin didn’t approve or something. I could not WAIT to hear the starched accent of the male BBC reporter say the name of the band. I couldn’t imagine how he’d handle it! Get away with it? LOL

      So he just said it–many times in the report–and with his proper British accent, he might as well have been saying Rice Krispies. There you go.

      But if those lawyers and judge can keep a straight face while arguing this insane suit, they are truly professionals.

      Or dry as a bone.

      • Powell says:

        WTG you know they are going to be cracking up. Have you seen Anatomy of a Murder w/Jimmy Stewart, Ben Gazzara and Lee Remick? The owner of this bar named Barney was murdered and Ben G character was in the military and went on trial for killing Barney because Barney tried to rape Ben G character’s wife played by Remick. Barney tore Remick’s character’s underwear off of her and the underwear were part of the evidence. They were referred to as “panties”. The judge knew there would be snickering, laughing so he warned the court, told them to get it out of their system and then he didn’t want to hear any snickering, etc again when they refereed to the “panties”. I can imagine the judge doing just that.

    • Orson says:

      I’ll be curious to hear how well the “It was just a joke” defense works in a real courtroom.

      • Powell says:

        And wouldn’t you just love to hear the judge RIP her apart for her saying it as a “joke”? She’s such an idiot. Yes 3 yr old a T-Rex said is just right. Although we might be giving her too much credit since there are very smart 3 yr olds.

        • Orson says:

          You think the judge might give her a time out for contempt for trying that? I figure a restraining order itself isn’t that major of a thing, as long as you obey it. You just don’t contact the person and avoid them. If you see them, go the other way around. But, if you blatantly violate it, judges tend to see that as a big FU in their face, and tend to act accordingly.

          I followed (from an online safe distance) the antics of a reality challenged woman who got hauled into court (literally – handcuffs were involved) several times because she couldn’t stop harassing a former friend who had a 6 month RO taken out against her. She got it extended to 3 years with hardly any input from her victim.

        • T-Rex says:

          Oh I have read their Motion to Dismiss she and the lawyers have tried, “it’s a joke”, “she didn’t mean it”, “she didn’t really say it” crapola, Oh and someone noted it’s basically BS for the courts to hear the case, UHM it’s called CIVIL court and they hear these cases every single day. And actually they dismiss a lot of cases for not having as much “teeth” as this one does. They could have settled this out, very early on, and this would have all gone away but that moron TheLiarSupremeSlutbagScumbagLyingLIarJealousBitchMoronSTFUBrandiwould F a Flagpole if it would get her dumbass in the press, she is such a MediaWhore, she just can’t make any money off the trial and she will have to pay pay pay. Oh and you can’t bankrupt the judgment either. I would venture to state that if she loses this case, I would bet she is our next Bankruptcy HOWIFE contestant.

          • ladebra says:

            But she doesn’t own a house, she’s leasing her car… If JK wins the suit, and has to file a judgement, it might not get her any where. On the other hand, if JK wins, and Brandy has to pay legal bills, it didn’t cost JK anything, and she made her point.

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