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Episode 11



Ramona hasn’t blogged since May 29th.

Screenshot 2015-06-19 21.08.52 (Small)

Bethenny Frankel

“Can Everyone Get Off Me?”

And now Bethenny is crying.  Again.  Sigh.  She promises this is the last time.  I think we heard that before.  She knows she is not the first person to go through a divorce and custody battle.  B feels pulled in many directions.  She claims she didn’t ask the girls to adjust dates for her, but I think the other girls were compelled to try and accommodate her.  I honestly think Bethenny jumped into this show when she wasn’t emotionally ready.  I think she is more raw than she would like us to see.

I remember that day, and it really felt that Kristen was looking to stir it up with me, albeit subtly. Here is my advice: You do you, and I’ll do me.

She knew walking in that Kristen was ready for battle (again, I think Kristen was waiting for “screen time” and knew a confrontation with B would give her definite time!)  B was excited to see Luann’s fashion line.  She compliments Luann’s business sense.

I giggled at the conversation with Ramona. She just makes me laugh. I keep her around to be entertained, and she never disappoints. And she is always oblivious to the joke, which makes me laugh even more.

Ramona is the classic dumb blonde.  She never disappoints.

Regarding the Carole lesbian dream scene, can everyone get off me? I’m not here telling Carole that she needs to perk up and become more motivated, so she doesn’t need to worry about my intensity. I haven’t written eight books, done a talk show, nine seasons of reality TV, created two workout DVDs, raised a 5-year-old, and built an international brand by being “chill.” She can sit right down, BUT I will let her go down on me in her dreams.

Downtown Julie Brown?  Really?  I have not ever had a lesbian sex dream.  Nothing wrong with Lesbians, but I am not a lesbian and haven’t had lesbian sex dreams.  That said, when I was preggers with the twins, I had some pretty insane dreams.  B says she likes men.  But is flattered by Carole’s dreams.

Screenshot 2015-06-19 21.23.11 (Small)

I LOVED our broads’ dinner. I feel badly that we talked about Sonja and our opinions about where she is in her life. There is more to this story on this night, which will play out this season. I maintain that Sonja is a good person, who is sweet, fun, and sexy. She is also holding onto a lot of stuff inside that no one sees. Maybe even Sonja doesn’t see it. And that night proved that blondes do get more head turns.

Sonja’s behavior makes me very uncomfy.  I agree that Sonja is a good person who is living in a fantasy world.  I saw she got a new intern this week.  Can anyone explain the intern situation to me?  Are they paid?  Do they get college credit?  What is their major if their internship is “working” for Sonja?  Anyone?  Crickets.

Ramona came in hot on Kristen at Luann’s suite. This is because Ramona knows a lot about the ins and outs of my situation, and she saw Kristen chomping at the bit to start a conversation about the trip. Ramona will take a hit for me.

Ramona really jumped into the shit with Kristen.  I don’t agree with her confrontational approach.  I think the conversation would have been better if she had pulled Kristen aside and just talked to her about how her words were perceived by Bethenny.  I also think the other ladies are walking on egg shells around Bethenny because everything seems to set her off.  Bethenny warns us though that everything between herself and Ramona is not sunshine and roses.

Screenshot 2015-06-19 21.14.47 (Small)

Kristen Taekman

“I am so Over Ramona and Her Opinions”

Kristen starts off telling us she felt bad for interrupting her conversation with Bethenny last week.  I think it was one of those situations where Kristen had all the words on the tip of her tongue and desperately needed to speak to B immediately before she forgot everything she wanted to say.

Lu asked me to model for her Countess line of clothing, which I was excited to do. Just before I had to go in and get my makeup done, Ramona (aka Sh– Stirrer) had said Bethenny was having issues with the schedule for our trip we were all taking. Please keep in mind we are dealing with eight women’s schedules and, like Bethenny, both Heather and I also have small children. We need to do quite a bit of scheduling in advance in order to get away, which we had already done and now if we are going to change it again for her schedule, we need to know right away.

Hey, I get it!  I have 2 teenagers and planning a weekend is like organizing a G8 Summit!  Kristen claims she wasn’t trying to be rude and I really don’t think her approach was rude, but when it comes to Bethenny these days, we just don’t know what is gonna bring on Niagara Falls.

Screenshot 2015-06-19 21.12.36 (Small)

I have no idea all the stress and pressure she has in her personal life, but then again she turns her back on me and doesn’t speak to me, so how would I know? And BTW…she has no problem being rude or talking sh– to any of the girls, so #sorrynotsorry for just wanting to know what her plans with the trip.

This is kinda true.  Bethenny can be pretty rude.  She can dish it out, but cannot take it.

Ramona is always just out to get me. So because Bethenny is going through a divorce, I am not supposed to ask her about the trip? I should wait and hear about it later through the grapevine? NO! Ramona, you don’t make the rules.

Ramona’s approach was awful.  We have seen this time and time again with Ramona.  She is very confrontational.  I am starting to see why Mario sought out another woman…ok, I had figured this out sooner!

Ramona, you have a history with these women–years and years of friendships. I am an acquaintance of yours, just met Dorinda, and have talked to Bethenny once for maybe a minute or two. I’m the first to admit I do not fit into your little group. That is clearly obvious, and that is just fine with me. I know where my place is and Upper East Side and downtown are two different worlds, and I’m fine staying downtown with my family and friends.

Ramona’s has always approached others as “better than”.  Kristen and Ramona would not be “friends” in a natural environment so we cannot expect them to be friends on RH.  It would be nice if Ramona could be KIND, but that aint’ gonna happen.  Kristen calls herself and MILF and Ramona a cougar.  LOL!  That kinda makes me giggle.

Screenshot 2015-06-19 21.08.28 (Small)

Luann de Lesseps

“Kristen’s Problem is with Timing, Not Intelligence”

Making cupcakes was fun and talking sex toys was what was expected from Sonja.  Luann enjoyed shoe shopping with Kristen and again we address advice on how to deal with Bethenny.  Argh.  I have no friends that come with instructions.

Carole’s admission to Bethenny that she had a sex dream about her was a bit strange considering they don’t know each other all that well. I can see how a bit of nooky would loosen Bethenny up, but I think she’s going to have to find her own way on this! At least Carole was honest that she stirred the pot when talking about Kristen’s Pop of Color nail polish brand. Why she would insert herself between the two of them is beyond me…I guess even cool girls can be all uncool!

Screenshot 2015-06-19 21.09.08 (Small)

I was also impressed that Carole owned that she stirred up some shit with Kristen and Bethenny.  Let’s hope she doesn’t continue down that path.

I design clothing for real women that are chic-made-easy and affordable, and I just celebrated my one-year anniversary of The Countess Collection with! My collection can take you from work to play with the kids, and then straight to a dinner party. The pieces are meant to go seamlessly from day to night and all are made right here in NYC (and cost below $60). You’ll see me wear my collection throughout the entire season. Look for my new signature statement jewelry collection this fall. For more on my new collection, go here.

Screenshot 2015-06-19 21.13.11 (Small)

OK, since it is my “job”, I went and checked out Luann’s clothing line.  I gotta say, there are several pieces I wouldn’t mind owning (yes, there a few capes…did we expect anything less?).  The items seem reasonably priced and trendy.  It is also pretty cool that Luann is WEARING her pieces.  I have seen the Kardashian line at Sears and cannot imagine those girls actually wearing any of those items in public.  Luann is proud of her line and the fact that she is filmed wearing her line, shows that does truly love it.  She invited the ladies to her shoot so that she could share her collection with them and also asked Kristen to do some modeling (on the website, there are pics of Luann wearing her pieces as well as other models, but I didn’t see any pics of Kristen?).

The Park Side Restaurant is a great reason to visit Queens. I loved the old-school Italian atmosphere, and since I spent many years in Italy, I felt right at home. Bethenny did a good job picking the spot, and the food was fabulous! Our dinner conversation was going along just fine as we discussed the exotic and out-of-the-way destinations we’d like to visit but then veered into treacherous waters when we began discussing Sonja’s problems. I told the girls that Turks and Caicos is not an intervention but a vacation!

I find it pretty funny how some of these ladies don’t like to leave the island!  Remember how they dissed Alex for living in Brooklyn?  It was also funny for the girls to count the number of “looks” they got from guys in the bar.  Poor B with her brunette locks!  The conversation obviously turned to gossip about Sonja.  Luann does not want to see the vaca turn into an intervention for Sonja (this has happened before and not gone so well…).  The first step in recovery is recognizing you have a problem.  Sonja does not acknowledge that she has problem, therefore it is impossible to help her at this point.  I think Bravo is enabling her as they did with Kim.

Launching a fashion line with family and friends is a dream come true, and I was glad both my children were there for me. It was only a matter of time before Ramona reared her Ramotional head, and I was surprised at her aggressiveness with Kristen. Kristen has a right to express herself wherever and whenever she wants. As for Ramona calling Kristen dumb…well, that’s just dumb! Kristen is very smart, and while she might be having a little difficulty getting on with some of the girls, her problem is with timing, not intelligence. Anyway, it seemed to fizzle out quite quickly.

I’m not so sure it would be a dream come true to start a fashion line and invite some of these unpredictable ladies and have them behave horribly.  Ramona cannot seem to control herself OR she brings the drama in order to keep her apple?  Who knows.  Calling Kristen “dumb” was just childish.  As I said before, this conversation should have taken place privately where Ramona could have simply said, “I’m sorry your feelings were hurt when Carole gossiped, but please understand that Bethenny is really vulnerable right now.”  Or she could have checked with The Countess for a manners lesson.

Screenshot 2015-06-19 21.12.05 (Small)

Heather Thomson

“Doing Nothing is Very Hard for Me”

Heather realizes she failed at trying to support Bethenny and that her approach was all wrong in the past.  Heather says no matter how they all try, they seem to miss the mark when it comes to Bethenny.  She says it is hard to not jump in and hug someone when they are obviously hurting and she has to pull back around Bethenny since she knows the reaction will not be good.

At Luann’s party, Ramona decided to come in really hard at Kristen while trying to defend Bethenny. I think we all found this move pretty surprising. PS–When did these two become so close? Ramona was out of line in practicing a classic #HousewivesDoubleStandard. But Kristen handled herself really well in an unfair situation.

Screenshot 2015-06-19 21.11.38 (Small)

It was a totally double standard.  I wonder how the conversation would go if Heather approached Ramona about her rude conversation with Kristen?  I imagine Crazy Eyes would have NONE of that.  #HousewivesDoubleStandard

Heather reviews the divorce statistics (gee, didn’t we just get this less on OC earlier this week?).  Heather acknowledges that when it comes to divorce, her and Kristen are in the minority in the group.  Their perspective is different and perhaps those that have been or are going through divorce are a little bit bitter towards those that are still in good marriages.

Screenshot 2015-06-19 21.12.15 (Small)

Dorinda Medley

“I Feel Bad I Said Anything About Sonja”

Anyone else loving the new girl like me?  I hope she doesn’t spoil this for me!  I am enjoying her.  The cupcake decorating session was fun to watch but I don’t believe for one minute that these ladies can eat a half dozen cupcakes like I can.  I love me some buttercream.  Dorinda called it a “grownup playdate”.  The Turks and Caicos trip came out of nowhere, but I imagine these ladies are given a pretty healthy heads up for these trips, no?  Dorinda bemoans spending 5 whole days with these lunatics.  Maybe she needs to be like Bethenny and demand her own room.  I would also send out a group text that I would no longer be Sonja’s babysitter for the upcoming trip.

So, as an outsider on the inside, it’s fascinating to watch the relationship between Carole and Bethenny develop. They seem quite different, and they are, but it works. Granted, when a friend tells you they’re having sex with you in your dreams, you could either become REALLY close REALLY quickly, or you could get a court order. Carole is calm, a great listener, and really intelligent. Bethenny loves that in someone. She’s able to just be herself, not have to sift through opinons, judgments, or probing questions with Carole. Everyone else treats Bethenny like she’s Poor Richard’s Almanac. Carole is so laid back and so zen, she’s practically catatonic, and that’s what Bethenny needs.

Maybe Carole is the Yin to Bethenny’s Yang.  Maybe her aura balances Bethenny.  I don’t know.  It is interesting.  I do think though that Bethenny doesn’t want to be friends with anyone who is in a perfectly happy marriage/relationship.  I don’t think she is ready for that yet.

So last week we saw Kristen launch her Pop Of Color, and this week, we saw The Countess Collection take off. I’m so proud of Luann and her collection. She has great style, has experienced so much in her life with modeling, a career in Europe, having children, and her relationships, that it’s so nice to see her put all that experience into creative energy and develop a clothing line. It was also an opportunity to break open her classic modeling moves, and show us what she’s got.

I’m kinda bored watching each one start their next business venture.  I feel like I am being forced to watch the Home Shopping Channel or QVC.

At this point, Bethenny should really develop Skinnygirl tissues…the scented ones…cucumber dill with a twist of jalapeńo…to keep you crying.

There might be a market for this!  A lot of people get weepy when they get all liquored up and they could use some nicely scented tissues.  Not everyone can afford to buy linen napkins!

I will admit it, I am a wee bit like Sonja…not in the fact that I have minions who fold and pack my undies, but I do pack way in advance, I overpack and overthink each item.  I am situational packer… “Gee, if we go out to eat at some place fancy, I am gonna need a dress.  And nice shoes.  And prob some matching accessories.”  We are going on vaca in a week and I have already begun obsessing about what to pack.  It also becomes a bigger prob when you have to make sure your kids pack, too!  Wait, Sonja has interns helping her pack for herself?  Really?  This is like an old Polish joke, “How many interns does it take to pack Sonja’s suitcase?”

So, in talking with Bethenny one night, we both realized that Park Side in Queens is one of our favorite restaurants; Bethenny then organized a girl’s night out, complete with stretch limo and trick cups! Great food, old school mafia environment, and the cast of characters are endless. Believe it, it’s much more charming than that sounds. (Also, I forgot how much I love a good jumpsuit and frosted lipstick.) Every time I walk into that place, I feel like I’m on the set of Casino. I dragged The Countess across the East River and she actually enjoyed it!

This was really like a scene out of a movie!  Very old school.  Since Sonja couldn’t come out and play, the ladies took this opportunity to gossip about her.  And this, my friends, is why I never miss book club…cause I am sure those bitches would spend the whole night talking shit about me.

And that brings us to the Rise of RaMEANa. The Warwick suite was gorgeous and, to celebrate the Resident Magazine cover for Luann, we all got together and supported. (I’ll be honest, I wouldn’t mind moving into that suite. It’s that kind of beautiful.) Ultimately, it was a great night, despite the clash in the suite. (Of course, there’s a clash that happens at the party downstairs, but that’s for next Tuesday’s blog.) When Ramona walked in and jumped at Kristen, it was like a new battle between the Blue and the Gray. (Or is it grey?)

She is so right!  RaMEANa was in attendance; do you think she RSVPed?  I wonder if RaMEANa’s plus 1 is Ramona?

Ultimately, Kristen handled herself pretty well and walked out like a classy, elegant girl with a wine glass in hand, thank you very much. Thank goodness it all ended quickly, as we had to move mannequins downstairs for the party that awaited. (Not me…I don’t work at cocktail parties anymore. Those days are behind me. Thanks.)

I have always been on the belief that there is no reasoning with crazy.  Kristen’s best bet was to move her caboose as far away from crazy because that shit can be contagious.

Screenshot 2015-06-19 21.23.35 (Small)

Sonja Morgan

“We Should All Relax and be Ourselves”

Holy crap on toast!  Sonja’s blog is 190 words long.  That’s it.  190.  So Sonja is surprised that Ramona brought her own wine and glass with her.  Really?  This is from the girl that thought Luann was throwing a BYOB party earlier in the season.

I consider Dorinda calling me Marilyn Monroe to be the highest of compliments! I’ve performed as Marilyn Monroe in my caburlesque performances on Watch What Happens Live and recently at a party hosted by Andy Cohen to celebrate WWHL talent producer Anthony Lella’s 30th birthday. So…maybe my stage persona is coming through in my real life. Haaaappy Biiiirthday Mr. President!

I don’t think Dorinda calling Sonja Marilyn Monroe was meant as a compliment.  Given the fact that Marilyn died from an overdose after living a life way beyond her means, I would say it was an accurate comparison and sad parallel for Sonja.  She is still just plain delusional.


Million Dollar Listing New York by NotInStCyr

1 - mdlny (Small) 2 - mdlny (Small) 3 - mdlny (Small)

Fredric is summoned to a small park in Manhattan’s Financial District.  This is an area that is becoming more residential and is now being called FiDi or the “New Downtown”.  He’s meeting with Eric Bass, a member of the team that is developing the Temple Court building across the street. He invites Fredrik to audition to become the broker for the 51-story condominium tower being built next to the landmark.  Temple Court is one of the most fabled properties in the city.  Fredrik can barely contain his excitement.  He says that when he first looked at the property, his reaction was the same as when he first laid eyes on the paint-dappled perfection that is Derek.  His next thought was, “I want that!”  I completely understand.  I get the same feeling when I look at the maple bacon crullers at Do-Rite Donuts in the morning.  Temple Court is a 130 year-old red brick office building that has a beautiful 9-story interior courtyard rimmed by elaborate wrought iron railings and topped by a glass skylight.  As it aged and fell out of favor, the building lost tenants and eventually closed.  It became the sleeping beauty of New York real estate.  I first saw Temple Court when it was featured on Scouting NY, a blog by Nick Carr, a movie location scout.  His blog helped stir interest in the decrepit property, which became a hip place to shoot fashion spreads, TV scenes and music videos and also host social events. Kanye West has been there. Say no more.  This brought in a little money that may have helped keep the building afloat until it could be rescued.  In 2012, GFI Development/GB Lodging bought Temple Court for $64 million and renamed it 5 Beekman.  If Fredrik gets the job, it will be one of the highlights of his career and could net him a $9 million commission.

Ryan is brainstorming with his Nest Seekers team about the marketing of the One57 apartment.  For a two bedroom, two bath apartment priced at $13.95 million, people at least expect unobstructed views.  Since the seller is throwing in the furniture, the team decides to showcase the unit as a turnkey property that will appeal to new, young money – that is, people who work all day and never look out the window.  Ryan decides they need to host a party for young millionaires, particularly from the tech field.

Having taken his life coach’s lessons to heart, Luis is taking the time to take deep breaths in his office. His coach must have left out the part about smelling the roses.  Luis admits that his life was filled with too much frantic energy, and that he lost his focus.  Now invigorated, he tells Ronita that “we’re going to turn things around!”  Luis decides to go back to the future by tackling the Jones home in Harlem.  He loves both the clients and the house and has been kicking himself for not being able to sell it.

It’s show time and Fredrik shows up with a rolling bar cart at the pitch meeting for 5 Beekman.  This is an unusual strategy, since most people come to meetings armed with laptop PowerPoint presentations and spiral bound reports. Maybe even a laser pointer. He starts serving drinks around the table while he describes the atmosphere he’d like to create at an event that will give people a taste of what it will be like to live in the building. The challenge here is that the condo tower hasn’t been built yet, and a high-profile project like this has to offer more than just renderings to prospective buyers.  So, Fredrik suggests making a very large scale model of the condo tower that would help people visualize the apartment they could be living in.  He’d also like a state-of-the art model apartment with simulated view windows that would be remotely controlled by an IPad.  A Debbie Downer comments that these ideas could cost millions of dollars to execute.  Still, Fredrik gets congratulated for thinking outside of the box.  Ruh roh – that sounds dismissive.  Maybe Fredrik was hoping to soften the mood with the alcoholic beverages.

4 - mdlny (Small) 5 - mdlny (Small)

Ryan is holding the event for “new millionaires” in the One57 party room.  He’s wearing a tuxedo in a plaid that would be look better upholstering a wing chair in a wind-swept Scottish castle. He stands out, and that’s the point.  He says that he wants these people to know, “I’m your broker, bitch!”  He’s right — a broker in a loud plaid tux would be memorable.  Ryan leads people on tours of the apartment, with its high-end finishes and $1 million dollars’ worth of free furniture.  I can tell you that the closet pendant light alone (The Moooi Random Light designed by Bertjan Pot) costs about $700.  This I know, because I’ve lusted after this fixture for ages.  Since it’s dark outside, no one even notices the obstructed park view. Clever!  The party is full of insanely wealthy, disheveled “start-up dudes”, including one person who wants to make an offer in Bitcoins.  This is like Monopoly money to Ryan, but he’s told that for B50,000 is worth about $13.041 million in real world dollars.

1 - mmdly

2 - mmdlny

The Maserati is back!  Luis drives it to Harlem to meet once again with Dr. and Mrs. Jones.  He’s greeted warmly, if warily, by the couple.  Luis explains that he’d like to re-list the house.  Perceptively, Mrs. Jones replies that he wasn’t focused enough the last time he tried to sell it.  Also, Dr. Jones didn’t appreciate the push back on the price they got from him.  Luis assures them that he wants get them the price they want and that the house deserves. He says, “I’d like to finish this”.  Dr. Jones agrees to give Luis a 30-day contract.

3 - mmlny

Ryan and Emilia are dining at home, and he is inordinately proud of the fact that he cooked the meal.  I’m glad that household tasks are being performed by both partners nowadays, but why is it that when a man does his share, he expects the Noble Prize?  Or at least a Milk Bone. I digress. Emilia announces that she’s gotten a promotion.  They drink to that, but Ryan notices that she doesn’t seem particularly happy about it.  We learn that Emilia is a lawyer specializing in shipping law, and her firm wants her to relocate to Geneva.  Which is really ironic, because Switzerland is a land-locked country.  Emilia says that she’s worked really hard for this and needs to consider the opportunity.  Ryan is stunned.  He tell us that New York is a part of their relationship.  The part that doesn’t send birthday cards, remember anniversaries or pick up the garbage, which is scattered all over the front sidewalk.  Emilia feels that he can sell real estate anywhere, but he tells her that he can’t leave the city.

4 - mmlny

An awkward, TO BE CONTINUED silence ensues.

5 - mmlny

Luis has finally hired another broker named Ricellys for Team Luis.  She and Luis hold private showings of the Jones’ 5-story townhome.  Instead of trying to lure Manhattan brokers into making the trek up to Harlem, Luis is marketing the property as a family home.  They emphasize its roominess, hand-carved finishes and lavish appointments.  At one of the showings, they meet a broker with a client who wants a house large enough to accommodate 3 generations of his family.

6 - mmlny

Fredrik got the job!  He’s at the Beekman sales gallery, which is a mock-up of the hotel lobby and bar.  It looks like all of his suggestions were used.  There is an impressively large model of the entire development, which Fredrik admits makes even him look small.  It cost $500,000 and took 30 people 30 days to build.  The model apartment is, of course, stunning.  At the touch of an IPad screen, Fredrik can call up every view that every window of every one of the 68 units will have.  The entire shebang cost $2.5 million, and Fredrik needs to prove it’s worth every penny the developers spent.  No worry.  Even though the tower is not yet built, and the units are priced at the record high price of $2,200/sq. ft., 25% of them are sold by the end of the evening.  Fredrik informs Bass that they’ve done $44 million in sales in just a few hours.  He (Fredrik, not Bass) does his happy “weeee” leg kick and sings in Swedish.

Ryan is trying to concentrate on his work and not dwell on the bomb dropped by Emilia.  He submits the Bitcoin offer, which is still $1 million below the asking price, to his client’s representative, who is not Virtual Victor this time around.  Blake is surprisingly reasonable and agrees with Ryan that the price is too high, especially since there is a surplus of luxury apartments in the New York real estate market.  Instead of taking the apartment off the market, the client will instead lease it to a friend for $50,000/mo. It’s a win/win for Ryan.  The property will become a pocket listing that he can continue to show to potential buyers, and he will make a commission of $7,500/mo. from the lease.

Luis drives out to the Jones’ weekend getaway in Grand View-on-Hudson, NY.  He can’t wait to tell them that he has a fully-vetted offer for the full asking price from the buyer with the multi-generation family.  As a reward, Dr. Jones asks Luis to sell their house on the Hudson River.  What is it with these rich people?  Why do they keep flipping the homes they live in?  Are they nomads?

I’ve admitted that the Temple Court/5 Beekman building is dear to my heart.  So what if the apartments in the nondescript, architecturally soul-less glass tower are priced between $1.2 million and $3.7 million, which is beyond the reach of mere mortals.  I’m just glad that this old world brick palace was rescued from the wrecking ball and preserved.  Fredrik has already sold 50% of the units in the condo tower.  Note to self: must buy lottery tickets.  PS:  Puffer Munkin + Ryan 4EVAH!!!


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  1. Powell says:

    Hello!! 😊👋👋

  2. Powell says:

    Sorry Amilia Switzerland is not the U.S. where Ryan could probably adapt quite easily and get his real estate license in another state in no time. RE is Switzerland is a total other ball game.

  3. Powell says:

    Whoever lives in that apartment w/the gorgeous clothes has white plastic hangers in that expensive closet. He needs nice cloth or wooden hangers.

  4. Thanks for the blogs, ladies.

    Love the photos you shared, StCyr! New York City life is akin to living on Mars to me. No idea what that’s like….

    Namasté, I just can’t see what Kristen said to Beth that was in any way confrontational. Ramona brought up the question of changing the dates. Kristen just said, Can we talk about that before I go to makeup? Beth went off on a crying jag all by herself, IMO, as she was already in a tense phone convo when she came in. Her eyes looked red when she finally joined the ladies.

    I agree that it’s ridiculous how this entire season now seems to be the cast launching products and promoting companies.

    Interns do not get paid. Sonja has said they get college credit for working for her. Internships are supposed to get the intern job experience and connections in their field, as well.

    But Marilyn Monroe turned over in her grave.

    Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

    • Orson says:

      Here’s what confuses me about these internships… they expect you to pay tuition so you can do gruntwork for free?

      • ladebra says:

        Some internships are paid, some aren’t. Some internships are arranged through the school and you get class credit I believe, and some internships are arranged by the student over the summer in a field the are studying. The latter are more apt to be paid and I do not believe they get class credit.

        That’s just my understanding and I might be way off the mark.

        • It’s been a long time since I even thought about this, but I do believe an old friend’s husband was a law intern during summer breaks from his law school and he got paid.

          He also got hired by that firm when he graduated.

          But many internships don’t pay, and I’d be willing to bet Sonja, Queen of the Cheapskates, does not.

          Though of course, I could be wrong. Should we ask her? LOL

          • FattyCat says:

            My little cousin interned at a law firm when she was going to be a lawyer (she changed her major, law wasn’t for her). It was paid, but minimal. She did it for the experience on her resume and references (she got some really good ones). The organization I used to work for used interns, again, minimal pay, some unpaid. Depends on the situation, some are paid, some aren’t. Internships are useful on resumes, sometimes for school credit, but more importantly for future references. It’s a networking/reference thing. Honestly, I can’t see how an internship with a wealthy (???) socialite would be useful, but it could be they are going into hospitality (packing luggage?) and the name might look impressive. The fact that the person interned at all could be a plus, shows initiative.

            • True. It’s so hard to get work post-graduation, I’m sure it can’t hurt.

              Also, remember that Sonja is a cast member on a popular network program, so there are lots of thing that one can learn about TV/entertainment production; also they can learn about designing and producing a “brand,” marketing, etc.–as we know Sonja has “products” and “partners” galore. LOL

        • Powell says:

          Yeah I don’t think Sonja’s are paid. That’s why she likes them. No dough to pay out. I remember her saying mothers come to her to ask if their kids can intern for her. I don’t know if that’s true or not.

        • EllaMinnowPea says:

          Nope, you have it right. Some are paid, some are not. For example, prime internships with a company like Disney, are almost always unpaid. The payoff is that you can put Disney on your resume. Some are paid a stipend (a set amount, usually one payment) and some are paid by the hour, usually at minimum wage. All should include college credit.
          The advantage of these internships is that you get the work experience and make contacts within your field. So I’m not sure what field Sonja’s interns are going into. Is “Packing For Someone Else’s Vacation” a major??
          At any rate, students should have an Internship Advisor who helps them choose the best position for them and their educational goals. So I don’t know what happened to Sonja’s poor minions. Maybe she knows one of the advisors who just keeps sending her people.

      • OneMoreInBoston says:

        It’s not grunt work.

        Internships either paid or unpaid are crucial to some industries. You network and have viable work experience to put on a resume.

        The internships are approved by the school and you have to check in with your counselor a because you get SCHOOL CREDIT. So of course you pay tuition.

        Northeastern actually has a mandatory 5 year program for their students as they demand a year internship in your field.

        They’re quite competitive, and you can actually be rejected to work for free if a firm doesn’t believe you’re a good fit or if they have too many.

        Despite how Sonja comes off on TV she IS a former Morgan and probably has quite a fat Roladex. I would put up with toaster ovens and a creaky old mansion if I got a reference and a contacts to call when I graduated.

        • Orson says:

          And Sonja does know how to marry a really wealthy man.

          • T-Rex says:

            Welllll, she knew how to screw a bunch of them, enough to get her FIRED from her “hostess” job when she became a “party” to two divorce actions, THEN she nailed a rich man, but she hasn’t learned how to nail another one. She has tried so she is “hammering” young studs instead.

      • T-Rex says:

        Just a note the interns “working” for DrunkDelusionalGreyGardensSonja are “UNPAID”, well at least UNPAID by HER. Remember, her financials for the last five years have been on public display due to the bankruptcy, and I can tell you she didn’t PAY anything to those interns out of her bank accounts.

    • Just insane that all those dumb intern agree to the ridiculousness of their work!

  5. Thanks for blogging – I saw the first sentences and picture and wanted to BARF so I’ll have to analyze later

    VV—> I fully think you’re on to something with YoFo. Totally 🎯🎯
    Though I must admit I’ll miss seeing the white jeans and nonstop Victoria Beckham dresses and H belts. 😭

    Happy weekend all!!!!!! 🍕🍺🍦

  6. Great Great Great blogs Namaste and NotinStCyr!
    I am glad to see B and Carole getting along…I actually had them pegged as friends when I heard B was coming back, and was beginning to doubt my own predictions, but now it looks like they might make it after all. I just figured they were both outspoken with dry sense of humor and one-liners galore…but it sure took longer than I expected it would. Ramona hasn’t changed at all, she just downplayed her old self the first couple of episodes…and now she is back to being the old Ramona, childish and where ‘points’ go way over her head. Kristen was always very vanilla and isn’t much better this season…nice of her to make the point that she and Heather both have children and they are able to still do things…it’s like apples and cumquats, because they also both have husbands, and neither has only court-designated days that they can see their kids. I have always loved B, but I still will be glad when the crying stops!

    I hope this doesn’t go South for Ryan and Emilia, they are so good together. I am about over Fredrick though…someone needs to give him eggs so we can move on! Luis, although funny and amusing, needs to grow a bit as a person, take some time for himself and quit thinking he is a superhero…until he is one!

    Anyhow, wonderful blogs you two, and I hope everyone has a great weekend!

    • I swear, you and Hubs always fall on the opposite side of whatever POV with me, like clockwork. It’s a plot, right?! LOL

    • Powell says:

      Reality_Bytes I’m so tired of hearing Kristen and Heather say they make sacrifices w/their kids to do stuff w/the group. They’ve seen what’s been going on w/B in court just like the rest of us. Feigning like they don’t know her life is different and difficult. I really don’t want to hear that at the reunion and I have a feeling we will.

      • If we can see it why can’t they…their lives are not even close to being the same.

      • FattyCat says:

        completely agree. They have their children 24/7. As much as I am not a fan of Bethanny, I do side with her on this issue. She deserves that respect, that understanding. She gets her daughter only so many days a week/month. They again, have their kids 24/7 if they choose to have them that often (I use the word choose loosely as they like to go out quite a bit or so it seems!)

        • Foxymel(Mel) says:

          Good point fatty cat. My friend has her child Monday and Tuesday and every other weekend. So it can be many days that she doesn’t see her son. This is 50/50 custody. I would never want to experience having g my kids that shirt time–it would kill me..

      • EllaMinnowPea says:

        The thing that annoys me is that they don’t seem to get (any of them really) that B isn’t asking for special treatment – she doesn’t want them to change their plans. She’ll work hers around them and it doesn’t bother her if she’ll miss a few days with THEM, if it means she gets a few more days with her kid. So let her be. Make your plans and if she can join, she will. Why is that hard for some people to understand? (“You do you, I’ll do me.”)

        • Orson says:


        • kit9 says:

          They are letting her be. They don’t care if she leaves early. What they were concerned about was having to change plans they’d already made to accommodate B’s schedule. Of course, what Ramona told them was completely wrong.

      • chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:

        BARF feigns like she doesn’t know how this reality shi@ show stuff works and doesn’t know how these other women are because – oh my god she’s so so busy and awesome she didn’t “hear” or “read” or forbid WATCH 😱screeners of the women before signing on. #####BS

    • Powell says:

      Fred needs to find himself some eggs! LOL. Too funny. 😆😆

      • Barb (Just wondering in Jersey) says:

        If they’re really desperate… Heather from OC has a couple. Just saying. 😉

  7. ladebra says:

    Thank you Namaste and NotInStCyr for the blogs. I don’t watch MDLNY but I see where they are going to add a MDL San Fanciaco. I’ve never lived in NY but I did live in the Bay Area, that one I might catch.

    I hope B is over the tears, but I understand why she is so raw. The upcoming trip looks intense. This is where Heather is uncool right? lol. I grow weary of the infomercials, but I suppose if they can keep them short, I can FF 😜

    Hope everyone is enjoying your Sunday funday, first day of summer!🌟

    • Powell says:

      I’m looking forward to watching RE in Silicon Valley.

      Lu will say “Be cool, not uncool” in this epi? I can’t wait to see how that evolves. 😃

  8. VV™ says:

    Consider the source…

    Single And Ready To Mingle! Brandi Glanville Gets Bravo Spin-Off Based On Her Dating Life via @radar_online

    • T-Rex says:

      BWAhHahahaha! Another RadarOnliarliarpantsonfire(allegedly) false story, I am sure provided by the person that the story is about. Remember when she twattered she had two jobs coming up. If Bravo was actually spinning her off into a show, they would have clearly mentioned that in the press releases they sent out about them not “re-signing” her to the Ho-wives(aka fired). I am not saying another network might not be interested down the road, but it’s not Bravo.

      • Powell says:

        Right. They would have said she wasn’t coming back because she has a spinoff called “blah blah blah”.

      • Powell says:

        Annnnnnddddd it wouldn’t even work. Her on BH w/the rest of the ladies is the only reason 70% of the viewers have watched her. The 70% are the viewers that don’t like her. 30% that are her fans is not enough for a successful show. 😉 😝

      • VV™ says:

        I hope so T-Rex. I hope you are correct. I just don’t trust Bravo at all.

        • T-Rex says:

          VV, IF that fool had a deal with Bravo, she would have TOTALLY mentioned it on her twatter! She is “licking wounds” right now, and I guess has been tweeting and deleting, she would be touting her new venture if there was one. OH and her wine is tanking!! The only place I guess you can now get it is through mail order, or that one restaurant she had the debut in, or at the vineyards that ACTUALLY made the wine and slapped her name on the bottle.

      • FattyCat says:

        agree, they talked about Kyle’s show, or at least her new reality show about her life has been talked about and it’s actually happening. Have never hear a thing about BG, other than lawsuits. Not saying Kyle’s will amount to anything, but she does have a fan base where I don’t really think that BG does.

    • Isn’t Leanne also shopping a reality show?


    • lila1star says:

      No way–I do not believe it! I wish Bravo would release the new cast already and be done with it.
      Great blogs 🙂

    • Hey, guess what? I don’t have to see it or her! Yay! I win!

  9. VV™ says:

    So. I’m reading Twitter and the Tampon-String-Hanging-Racist-Remarks-About-Black-People-Drunk-On-TV-Jokes-About-Rape-And-Constantly-Lies fans are blaming Lisa V. for Brandi’s for this supposedly firing.
    All the HWs this past season were attacked by Brandi – except Yolanda and the easily manipulated Kim. Why singling Lisa V. Out? Recently on interview Brandi called Kyle the “C” word for the third time. She was nicer to Lisa V. I would think Kyle does not want Brandi on the show anymore than Lisa V. Or the rest of the cast for that matter.

    • T-Rex says:

      ThatTrampWeLOVEEileen wasn’t going to come back if she was on the cast, period, and yes I am sure TheRoyalVpump was a part of it but if she was the ONLY cast member, like she was last season, that Bitch would still be on the show, but it was ALL the ladies, they ALL said they didn’t want to film with her, period.

    • T-Rex says:

      OH and let’s point out that her Spinoff VPRules is a HIT while the Celebrity Apprentice show that THELIARSUPREMESCUMBAGLYINGLIARJEALOUSBITCHHOWIFENOMOREMoronBrandi was on was noted as the LOWEST rated CA on record. I only know this because when Trump decided to run for President they talked about CA being put on hold, and folks said they thought it was on hold since the last season of CA did HORRIBLY in the ratings, worst ever. So, proof will be in the pudding so to speak, let’s see the ratings next season.

      • VV™ says:

        Monday shes making the big announcement. I just want her firing confirmed and done with. You are always very accurate with your sources so fingers crossed.

        • T-Rex says:

          Well the only Bravo announcement that is out there, is that she is going to be allowed to come back for some “events” on the show, NOT like a “friend”, but just like the HoofMaloof and TwoFacedCamillaZilla last season. She CLAIMED she had some acting gigs in the works, and if she does good for her. To be honest, I am going to throw this out there, she reads here we know. She and ManCandy and his Craycraywife, should do a family reality show together, crap can’t be any worse than MamaJune and Honey Booboo(which I have NEVER watched), I guess she could be the honeybooboo part since she is about the same age emotionally.

  10. FattyCat says:

    NY Ho Wives – my take:

    I really like Dorinda, so far she has actually been real, no BS, no picking fights, she’s just very interesting and even with no real story line, I enjoy watching her. Bethanny- I was never a fan, not sure if I am now. I’m tired of her issues, tears, skinnygirl promotion. She’s mean, rude, and a loose cannon. Ramona – oh what to say. She’s too full of herself, always has been. I thought perhaps the whole Mario thing brought a bit of reality into her life, but not so sure. LuAnn – pretentious A**, no further comment, another I never really took to. Carole – I know everyone says Kristen is very beige/vanilla, but I’m finding Carole to be the same. I liked her the first season or two she was on but now I find the constant sexual stuff old (I am not a prude, just it’s old). Heather – honestly, if I just met her and she was trying to get into my stuff or comfort me, I think I would react as Beth has, just back off, I don’t know you, you don’t know me. I tend to be somewhat private with new people. Kristen – why, why is she on the show, I honestly just don’t get it, she’s boring, she doesn’t bring anything, and she’s just hanging on Heather’s coattails, anything Heather says, she’s there. Sonja – again, so over the sexual sh*&, you’re too old. Don’t even feel sorry for her.

    Again, this is my take, my opinions.

    • Foxymel(Mel) says:

      Lol so who do you like??

      • FattyCat says:

        Dorinda!, I do really like Dorinda (so far :)) I like 1 out of 8, I’m thinking consider who the choices are, it’s pretty good stats!!!

      • FattyCat says:

        ok, after watching OC today, LuAnn is a saint, and so unpretentious compared to Heather of the OC, and I will put her on the “ok can tolerate” list. I don’t know why I watch OC, I really don’t. If Heather says three words without mentioning the cost of whatever it’s a miracle. Ok Foxymel, now I like Dorinda and tolerate LuAnn 🙂 2 out of 8, if OC keeps on the way it is, the stats for NY may go up 😉

  11. FattyCat says:

    I forgot, wishing all the Father’s (father, step father, in law, whatever) out there a very Happy Father’s Day. I was blessed to have an amazing Pop who today would have been 99 and I was equally as blessed to have Dad (my father-in-law) in my life. I love them both to pieces!!

  12. VV™ says:

    Bethenny is sometimes cryptic with her tweets. I wonder if she witnessed a real threesome while on her cruise.

    View this post on Instagram

    I've witnessed my first threesome.

    A post shared by Bethenny Frankel (@bethennyfrankel) on

  13. I think the Orphan Black season was a bit hit or miss, but very satisfied with finale. How about you Powelly, Ladebra and other OB fans still in or did it jump the shark?

    • chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:

      SJP — just watched the premiere for this season. All the Castors and Pollux guys are getting me confused already.

      We’ll see. I finished Aquarius and am up to date on Wayward Pines so now just have True Detective and some other things to find on demand on AMC and sundance. ☀️💃🏿

    • ladebra says:

      Oh SJP I watched the last two shows today. Very satisfied! A couple of twists I didn’t see coming, and new threads to pull on for next season. The actress who plays the sister clones is just amazing! I wouldn’t be hurt is the Castor clones were a one season wonder and don’t come back. I love this show!!

      (And I’m almost caught up on Hannibal, just one behind) Hannibal keeps me on the edge of my seat, and I really like the characters…. which is creepy because I don’t think any of them is a good person!

      And lastly, I just found today is Giraffe Day!

  14. VV™ says:

    Charlie Sheen Slams “Terrorist” Denise Richards in Vulgar Father’s Day Rant: “Worst Mom Alive”

  15. SoutheastVA says:

    Hi all! Happy Father’s Day!
    My family was watching Meet the Press this morning. The topic was the Charleston massacre. A family whose family member was one of the victims was interviewed, the Simmons. My 14 year old daughter shouted, “Hey, that’s Ms. Simmons.”. The family spokesperson was my daughter’s chorus teacher this past school year. She mentioned support from this area, Hampton Roads, her family has received in addition to support in Charleston and all over the country. Our world is so small. This huge tragedy affecting someone I know and saw on a monthly basis at my kid’s middle school. Continuing with the small world perspective, I found out this evening that my brother in law knows her brother. They are fraternity brothers. Again, small world. My daughter will send her a Facebook private message and we’ll get her a sympathies card. I’m heart broken over how her grandfather was taken from her family. She’s had a tough year. Her house burned down about a month or so before mine this past winter. She acquitted herself well today on MTP. God’s grace.

    • T-Rex says:

      HUGS to all of you and your family that is affected by this tragedy, especially your kids having to deal with this. Hate is a terrible thing, but I think psychopaths use hate as their excuse to kill and that HATE groups single out psychopaths to be their soldiers in their evil empire. I don’t understand and never will, killing for any cause unless it’s complete self defense. Gods grace to that entire community

    • Oh my gosh! This is just so so awful.

      I also just don’t understand. The marathon bombings…sandy Hook…these church going good people whose loves ones FORGAVE the shooter at his bail hearing…the places that should be safe, that should be off limits in some way- can’t help but think they attract satan and his minions.


      Saying a prayer and sending your daughter love

    • FattyCat says:

      thoughts to all of you. How horrible to experience this horrific tragedy, let alone know someone directly involved. I feel like I have been punched in the stomach over this and I live in NY. Prayers to all.

  16. T-Rex says:

    MMMmkay, so say you are dating some sort of real estate agent, and he knew you were losing your lease, uhm wouldn’t he be finding you a home you could afford and helping you move??? I loved her twat that homes are too expensive to purchase, honey, seriously they aren’t going to get any cheaper, and it’s NOT a bad market to purchase. You should buy something, create some improvements, wait until the market gets better than sell, like normal folks. OH and the home she claims they want to sell, has always been for sale, they took it off the market during filming, and is still for lease today.

    • mrs peabody says:

      I don’t understand why she didn’t take some of that money she made on her books and buy a nice little house for her and the boys.

    • ladebra says:

      I know – it would just be a whole lot less confusing if her pants really DID burst into flames every time she opened her mouth. 😜🔥

    • VV™ says:

      T-Rex don’t give HGTV any ideas for a show… Just sayin’

    • kit9 says:

      Exactly! I saw that stupid tweet! Homes are only going to get more expensive, Brandi you idiot! And, they still aren’t at highs we saw before the slump. She should be looking to buy.

      • T-Rex says:

        I remember some random “drive-by” poster here once asked me how I knew that THELIARSUPREMESCUMBAGLYINGLIARJEALOUSBITCHHOWIFENOMOREMoronBrandi had crappy credit, uhm because that moron posted she had terrible credit. SO, instead of taking out a lease on a car, and paying that lease, one year in full up front, you should have taken your Bravo money and book money and purchased a decent home. But hey, when the Bravo dime has been paying your rent for 3 years, I guess it doesn’t occur to someone to SAVE their money to buy a real home. OH and in addition, if you credit rating is crap, HER WORDS, then in any “bidding war” for a lease, you will automatically LOSE, no one is choosing the crappy credit person to rent to, above folks who show they pay their bills. In addition, NO WAY you get kicked out of your rental, or do not receive a lease because the owners want to sell the home, they may offer a month to month deal but if you have “paying” renters in your home, you want to keep that money rolling in until that home sells. UGH, why can’t she just say she cannot afford the rent any longer and moving to somewhere affordable?

    • T-Rex says:

      Yeah, I was pretty sure this was coming. I love how everyone blames B-ballbuster, but its also CraggyDrunkRamoner that also doesn’t think she “fits” the show. Look she is a nice stay at home mom, with a side nail polish business, that isn’t really going to go anywhere. She should be content with that. I know she went on the show to help promote her husbands business, but she is a snoozefest, last season the only storyline she had was that her husband was an asshat that treated her like a doormat, and he was the one that started the whole “she is dumb” schtick~

      • Pretty Beige did go to the upfronts so maybe she is a candidate for a friend of housewife since except for trying to be friends with Square Jaw she doesn’t have much of a story line?

      • kit9 says:

        I’d rather watch Kristen watching paint dry than watch Bethenny this season. The overreacting, the whining about not wanting attention while being ON a reality show, the crying(B, if you are so upset about missing time w/your kid, you shouldn’t have done the show) and w/the constant SG product placements(the last epi had 3 scenes w/SG crap. 3. Honestly, if I see B with a cocktail shaker one more time!), I wish she’d never come back. And, when she’s not pushing product, she’s just an a-hole. Seriously, unless something drastic happens in the remaining episodes and B turns it around, I’m going to officially be an ex fan. I’m hanging on by nails at this point.

    • Ha! I have the scoop on this. See down the page. 😛

  17. kit9 says:

    Wth is Bethenny talking about? Kristen did nothing wrong. Kristen wasn’t chomping at the bit or trying to stir things up w/her. I’ve seen that scene a couple times now and Kristen didn’t even have the time do what Bethenny says she was doing. B walked up and Kristen immediately asked her about the trip. And, she didn’t have a sourpuss face when she did it or an attitude or tone. She just asked a question which B answered and cleared up the confusion caused by Ramona who Bethenny should be ripping for starting the whole mess but isn’t. Ramona told the women that they might have to change their schedules and that was clearly not the case.

  18. designernailsdiana says:

    I survived my first week of mini retirement and loved it. I lost a few pounds. I sewed some cute shorts for my grandkidlets. Went on a light rail train trip around Minneapolis and St. Paul with my DH, Nevaeh and Riley.
    This week will be equally exciting I hope.
    Thank you all for the blogs. I just don’t get why we are subjected to all these products and fashion lines with the Ho-Wives. I know that’s their take away from the gig, but geesh. Unless it’s all to highlight GreyGardensSonJas lack of anything to promote besides banging young men and drinking a lot of booze to look bad on TV?

  19. HuskerHuny says:

    Is everyone feeling fresh and well rested from their weekend? NOT ME!!! It’s eleventy hundred degrees where with the humidity being just as high! Yuck! Went to Missouri on Saturday to stock up on our fireworks and boy howdy, we all come home with a bit of heat exhaustion. Most of the fireworks stands are in tents and non-air conditioned buildings with no air flow. It’s going to be a hot one this week. I’m staying inside. Hope it’s cool where y’all are at!

    • Eleventy hundred? Sometimes a girl just needs a beer.

    • FattyCat says:

      lol, I feel what you are feeling today! Have had the ac going upstairs (only one we have 😦 ) since 8:00 a.m. and I don’t normally turn it on until after 2:00 p.m.! After the winter we have, I will not complain, would rather sweat a bit than shovel snow. Tank top, nice cool wash cloth around my neck. I’m good! Wishing I could get a job so I could sit at a desk plugging away at whatever, but in AC. Keep cool whoever needs too 🙂

  20. T-Rex says:

    MMmmmmm someone’s twatter account is “radio silent”, I know they are on west coast time, but would have thought that any BIG announcements would have been made already.

  21. TexasTart says:

    Namaste! Thanks for NY blogs dissected for all the good stuff. I totally laughed out loud at Skinny Tissues…did Dorinda steal that from you?! 😉

    NotInStCyr, what is it with these rich people?! haha. Funny about Fredrik and his bar on wheels, who needs a laptop and PowerPoint presentation, lol, oh and the description of Ryan’s plaid suit! Do we know Mrs. Jones from somewhere else? Or just MDLNY? She looks so dang familar.

    Hope everyone is well. Praying for good test results for T-Rex. Glad to see Diana is able to enjoy what she’s doing now.

    I had a good time with family yesterday. 🙂 My dog is having 2 surgeries this afternoon. 😦 One is a cruciate ligament repair (getting hardware installed on his leg bones so his knee will work again) our other dog is distraught to see I came home without Rocky. He will get out of the hospital on Wednesday and be confined to quarters for a few months.

  22. TexasTart says:

  23. Cityside says:

    I’m going to miss you guys a bunch.


  24. TexasTart says:

  25. Rebecca wishes dragons would appear and roast every Housewife who says or does something stupid. says:

    Let’s keep this party going peeps….

  26. TexasTart says:

  27. TexasTart says:

  28. TexasTart says:

    And here you go, so we can all feel great about how we look at the beach 🙄
    Somebody get Chismosa off the floor, please 😛

    • What did this girl do to her face? Bangin body with a strange feral grimace.


      Has the sex appeal of a used QTip TO ME.

      • EllaMinnowPea says:

        If I were contorting my body like that, I would grimace, too. lol
        But did she also cut her hair?

        • ladebra says:

          Yes, she cut her hair short – well like a short of bob cut length. I like her new shorter hair.

    • That’s Bethenny? Oh my. Did she get a face transplant?

    • I said above somewhere she’s trying for the new Hilaria Baldwin title.

      BARF. 😴😴😴😴😴

    • Foxymel(Mel) says:

      Great body but her face……um I dunno.

    • TexasTart says:

      I’m intrigued that I post that and all you guys comment on is her face and hair?! 😕

      • Well, she is clearly anorexic–look at her ribs protruding from her upper chest and lower midriff. That’s her body eating itself. But she’s gotten rich promoting that, so what can I say?

        But her face…she’s lost so much weight she’s not even recognizable. Are we sure it’s her? #confused

        • EllaMinnowPea says:

          She’s always been thin. And with the stress and anxiety that come with everything going on in her life it’s not surprising that she’d be even thinner.

        • WTG with all the stress she is under I am not surprised she has lost weight on her already thin frame. I think using the term anorexic is a little aggressive.

          • IMHO? She doesn’t look anorexic to me. A little too Thin but healthy.

            For some reason I just think she has zero sex appeal. But then again, I’m not a man,

          • Have you looked closely at that photo? When rib bones protrude to that extent, the body is eating the muscle tissue. That’s because it’s not getting enough fuel to function normally.

            Did you see her “nibble” on a bite of pasta on her fork at that Italian restaurant? She barely allowed her teeth to touch it. I only noticed after I read a comment elsewhere in which someone said, Eat the noodle already. So I watched again and it’s really sad.

            Look at how emaciated her face is in that picture. Notice her breast implant is folding back over her chest skin. There’s no fatty tissue to hold it in. It’s just not healthy.

            I’m not saying this to be mean or criticize. That’s textbook anorexia.

            • I DID look closely. I think her ribs are protruding because of her pose.

              Hell if I bend waaaaaaayyyyy back- stick out my ribs and suck in my Buddha belly- I can kinda sorta see my ribcage.

              If I squint.


        • Foxymel(Mel) says:

          She’s probably sucking in her gut too. Trust me. Lol

  29. Thunderstorms this morning. Woke up to find the table in my yard gone and the umbrella in the neighbor’s yard. Considering the nearest neighbor is 1/4 of a mile away, it really took off! I’ve got a lot of clean up to do when I get home from work.

  30. I have been working on this for a week, but as I was finishing up, hubs channel-surfed to The Godfather and I was inspired all over again. he he

    The Godmother: The Real Housewives of New York City revealed.

  31. Kit – I hear you ! 👆👆👆👆👆

    I love how Kristen came in “HOT”— wow. Poor B couldn’t handle that. Wahhhhhhh wahhhhhhh 👶🏻👶🏻
    Fine, didn’t want to – doesn’t care. So what – you came off a lousy bit$h. You could have been just averagely cordial with her and left your adorable witty snoozing for the interviews.

    I’m happy though because all this BARFing has made me lose like 15 lbs.

  32. Oh boy you Hannibal fans are going to be pissed !


  33. Orson says:

    Just so you all know… the people who don’t come over to the new place when it’s up and running? We’re going to talk about you.

    • ladebra says:


    • Let me know when and where. You can still talk about me.

      • Orson says:

        I’m not sure it’s my place to give out where. And I don’t know when. But I’m sure it’ll be announced here.

        • I understand. I only commented because of what you stated. I haven’t asked before because I understand whoever organizes it may want for it to be private. I have no expectations. I’m not that much of a joiner, anyway.

          • Foxymel(Mel) says:

            WTG, join facebook and join the groups to stay in touch, then I’m sure you’ll be able to slide over to the other place without worry. 🙂 I’m Foxy Mel

            • Is it going to be on FB?

              • Foxymel(Mel) says:

                From what I’m understanding, Starzy is starting her own website and we’ll ALL transition over. Fb is if you’d like to add your friends from here and also go onto the groups established from other people that also chat about HW’s. 🙂

                • FattyCat says:

                  if it is on FB, I will have to say farewell. I’m on FB, but don’t use it often for various reasons. If another site, I will be more than happy to join in on the conversations, in fact, I would really love to. I have visited the FB HW sites and just not my cup of tea, too nasty.

                • Okay. I don’t care for FB. I’m a twitter gal. LOL But if Starzy’s website gets up, I’d like that. Thanks for the info.

    • RabbleRouser says:

      I’ll be there. I feel like we have lost too many of us already. 😦

      • Jules says:

        I would gladly migrate AND talk about all y’all there or not. thinking about getting cable again so can really have an informed opinion about Bravo. Come to think of it when had Bravo wasn’t very informed with my comments.

    • designernailsdiana says:

      TT thanks for sharing Empresses blog. I sat wiping tears remembering when my Mom died 12 yrs ago. Today would’ve been my parents 59th anniversary. I told my Dad that today as I drove him to work. He said we didn’t make it to 50. He has shown me how to move forward after 48 yrs with the love of his life. He loved it when we went to the cemetery on Mothers Day with our grandson Isaak for his first time. I’ll take him next month to bring her roses.
      Tonight I’ll give him an extra long hug before he goes to bed. I’m blessed to have him living with us. I’ll give my hubby Thomas a few extra hugs, kisses and pats on the butt before he leaves for work tonight.
      I just can not imagine my life without him to share ups and downs every day.

  34. kit9 says:

    Ok, so where’s Brandi’s big announcement? I see nothing on her Twitter feed. I also looked at her FB page, which I never go to and I LOL at the description under her name there….it reads…”Public Figure”. lol!

    • TexasTart says:

      It should read “Go figure”.

    • T-Rex says:

      Kit- Yep I mentioned the same thing her twatter was “radio silent” then she posted some cryptic missive she had been in meetings all day, yeah right. Smells of one LunaticZarin on the whole, she’s got meetings for new exciting adventures. Well good luck with that, just stay off my programs, go to some other network so if your fans want to see you great, and the rest of us can steer completely clear!

  35. VV™ says:

    I honesty think VR is just trying to get attention.

    • mrs peabody says:

      I don’t like that new girl on the OC.

    • T-Rex says:

      Didn’t VR go cray cray a few years back claiming that the soap was run by racist pigs when she got fired from YRestless. Of course the fact that there were a number of other folks on the show that were African American made her look foolish. They fired her cause she was a bit nuts. She also claimed at some point that Dick Van Dyke was a rascist pig when she was fired from his show as well, which again wasn’t true since they replaced her character with another African American.

  36. EllaMinnowPea says:

    Anybody watching Odd Mom Out?
    I’m liking it. I think it’s because, like Jill, I’m annoyed by most people. And I love her best friend. 🙂

    • T-Rex says:

      WOWSA, isn’t he the “entitled piece of crap” that just keeps on giving! That kid needs some real jail time. Unfortunately Mummy and Duhddy just keep paying folks off not to press charges against him. At least the airlines wouldn’t do so and did press charges so he is on probation if I am not mistaken.

      • Orson says:

        Connie blew it this time. He violated a restraining order. No jury will be involved. In effect, he told a judge FU. And judges don’t like that. And I don’t really think you can pay off a DA not to bring him before the judge who issued the restraining order.

        • T-Rex says:

          EXACTLY! I guess it’s going to take this kid actually killing someone to get the courts to realize he is a walking timebomb. I would think that the courts should come down on him like a ton of bricks for this, he seems to be that crazy and thinks he is above the law, the LA DA’s office, the courts and the PD are going to be looking at major lawsuits from her family because she did everything right, and those assholes let him “walk” because of who he is, frightening actually.

      • Powell says:

        I just think it’s appalling and a shame that there are these multi-billionaire families w/legacies to pass down to their spoiled rotten kids that do whatever the heck they want and get away w/it because they know their parents will bail them out. I think Nicky is the only one they didn’t have much problems with.
        We can say what we want sb Donald Trump but his kids didn’t cause many problems. The oldest Don did something when he was younger if I’m remembering correctly but I believe it was very minor. I remember when they were on Oprah Ivanka said they knew the consequences of bad behavior. And Eric said they all know their father will fire them. Ivanka said they had to work for and pay for anything outside of what allowance paid and anything outside college tuition and college essentials. I doubt very seriously the Hilton’s set Amy limits and boundaries when they were little kids.

    • kit9 says:

      Wow. And, in a creepy twist, the ex GF he’s stalking is the daughter of the loser who appeared in his sister’s sex tape. Real group of winners, those Hilton kids.

      • kit9 says:

        And, she’s also the daughter of actress Elizabeth Daily. I remember her from Valley Girl!

        • T-Rex says:

          That poor girl should not have to endure living her life, frightened all the time because some Jerk who thinks he is above the law, whose parents have paid off other folks to make his issues go away, gets to stalk her, when she has a restraining order already. He NEEDS to go to JAIL!

          • kit9 says:

            So agree. The entitlement! No restraining order is going to stop him from doing what he wants. He’s a Hilton! Daddy will get him out of it! Will be interesting to see what the court does because could this also be a violation of his probation from his other case. Kid need to actually go to jail, get a dose of the real world.

            • T-Rex says:

              I am trying to find the article it was posted some time ago, that in high school he had been accused of stalking and ex-girlfriend and the Hiltons paid her off to keep it all quiet. It was after his 200 mph police chase, with helicopter that is finally going to court after the press “guilted” the PD into actually filing charges against him, after his parents fought to have this whole thing quashed.

              • kit9 says:

                Whhhhaattt? Holy crap. This kid really has problems. Problems the family obviously aren’t addressing. Wow, a history of stalking? If he had no real ramifications then-or counseling, no surprise he’s screaming on planes that his dad could buy them all or whatever he was saying. Let’s hope this results in real attention to his problems, maybe jail and court ordered therapy because this could end tragically for him or the poor girl.

                • T-Rex says:

                  Kit – He has been on probation continually for Drugs since he was 17 years old, he went coocoo for cocoa puffs on an airplane, he had a 200 mph chase with police, who only charged him after they were shamed into doing so, oh and helicopters were involved, but so was a BIG OLE Donation to that police department from a Hilton Foundation. Then he stalks this ex girlfriend for almost a year and they finally get a restraining order AND THEN the moron goes to her home BREAKS IN, and several units of officers, including another helicopter had to go to the home to get him OUT OF HER HOUSE. It’s ridiculous that this idiot is not sitting in a damn jail cell.

    • Powell says:

      It’s appalling that multi-billionaire families w/legacies to pass down to their spoiled rotten kids do whatever they want because they know their parents will bail them out.
      We can say what we want about Donald Trump but we’ve never heard anything really bad about his kids. I think Don Jr did something if I’m correct, when he was younger but I think it was very minor. I remember when they were on Oprah Ivanka said they knew the consequences of bad behavior. Eric said they know their father will fire them. Ivanka also said outside of college tuition, college extras, outside of their allowance the had to pay for what they wanted. The Trump kids and the Hilton kids grew up together when the Hilton’s lived in NY. What a difference discipline makes.
      But the Hilton legacy of causing havoc is multi-generational. Unfortunately it hasn’t stopped.

  37. lila1star says:

    Morning–Happy Tuesday everyone. Anyone know when this site shuts down for good?

  38. California35 says:

    Good morning everyone,
    Hot days in California…thank God for AC and for cool evenings.

    It seems slower here and I am sure it is because we will be moving soon, but it does seem qiuet 😌 any news from Stars? Are you working hard to bring in the new blog or is all ready but you did not tell us???!!! 😌😌 lol I am only joking, take your time.

    About Brandi – woooohooo (and not Vicky’s) she will be gone from BH and I don’t care, why, how, where. I don’t even care if she will have her own show, It will be great not to see her on a show i watch 😀

    About Bethenny – man she sure called it when she told Andy that she has fans but also many people do not like her (anymore or ever, I’m not sure). I am very happy she is back to NY, and am disappointed about a lot of things evolving her, BUT all are about her castmates who do not get off her jock. So that (and her product plscement) is what we see. She needs her own show, or those castmates to just live and let live. Then we can see a more calm episode.

    About Hannibal – I’m still crying …..😧😧😢😢😫😫😫😭😭😭😭

  39. Rebecca wishes dragons would appear and roast every Housewife who says or does something stupid. says:

    Good morning everyone! Leaving on an early flight to San Diego, but wanted to leave this here…

    • T-Rex says:

      I believe they are “pitching” the idea, but I don’t think it will be Bravo that winds up with her, maybeVH1 or MTV would be the channels that pick up her show. MzAndy doesn’t run Bravo any longer only the Ho-Wives programs, so I don’t see them wasting their time with her and her nonsense, but we shall see, they still have that StinkyStankySkankerificGoldDiggersEscortShow(allegedly) still on there so who knows

      • Well.

        You’re correct that he “stepped down” from his position as EVP of Development and Production, but he DID start his own production company that gives Bravo and Oxygen first shot at his shows.

        Andy has an incomprehensible affection for Brandi so who knows how this will shake out.

        • T-Rex says:

          Andy and his new company haven’t pitched anything to anyone that I can see, his production company right now only produces his own show WWHL, he is still in charge of the HO-wives, but that franchise is Bravo’s and their other production companies, not a single version is produced by Andy’s company. I have looked and right now he isn’t behind any productions

      • Powell says:

        VH1 is adapted to her kind. On shows like Love and Hip Hop, Mob Wives, Basketball Wives all of which I do watch here and there Mob Wives is the only one I watch regularly, they have security guards right there in their homes, restaurants, clubs, vaca, wherever they are. Booble Bobble Head can go for it and throw wine, threaten people and curse til the cows come home. However if she does get her “show” and it’s on VH1 the rest of the cast will pull no punches and won’t back down like Kyle or explain her actions away like Lisa and Yo. She will have that weave yanked out and hands around her throat.

        • mrs peabody says:

          Can you just see her on mob wives, she’d be hiding in the bathroom. Those girls won’t put up with her wanta be tough girl act.

    • not THAT Jill says:

      A spin off showing her doing WHAT??? Her podcast? That’s once every 2 weeks. What does she do that would be interesting to watch? Move? Go to meetings? (She is forever tweeting about all her meetings). Go on a date? I read her book-the shit that happens when she is on a date would never make on Bravo-it’s more porn channel material! She can’t film with her kids so we never see being the wonderful mother she claims to be. We have met her 400 best friends already and not one of them are interesting enough to be a spin off sidekick. So what could she possibly have to show us?

      • T-Rex says:

        From my “spies” she is pitching a show about her dating life as a single mother, uhm, isn’t she supposedly already in a relationship? Of course she isn’t she is in a “when I get drunk or he gets drunk we ‘hookup for random sex’ relationship”. I don’t think anyone is going to buy it, and again I will note that MzAndy is NOT party to this, he isn’t even in LA right now so he is NOT in the meetings that she is having, which are not with BRAVO anyway.

        • mrs peabody says:

          I don’t care if she gets a show or not cuz I will not be watching it. Who wants to watch a drunk trying to have sex wit everyone. I can watch that on HWNYC with Sonja. Sides I like her better, at least she doesn’t say such horrible things all the time.

          • T-Rex says:

            I am with you, more power to her, just go be on your own show where I don’t have to watch you ever! I didn’t care she did Celebrity apprentice because I have never and will never watch that show, so again, give her a show outside Howives so we can choose to not have to watch her.

          • Powell says:

            So true. Sonja doesn’t say horrible things about people and rarely to people. She gets mad and her feelings get her just like the others but she’s never viscous at any time.

      • TexasTart says:

        She’s going to showcase her comedic genius! Geez, Jill how could you forget all the laughing we did?! Oh wait, that wasn’t laughing at her humor…..

        Nevermind! (in my best Emily Litella voice)

      • Powell says:

        I have no Fricken IDEA!! 😏
        The networks need to read your comment. That’s her life in a sunflower seed shell.

  40. ladebra says:

    RIP Dick Van Patten 😦

  41. TexasTart says:

  42. kit9 says:

    Oh, great. Now I have to listen to it! I’d been taking a wee vacay but I’m going to have to listen to this….

  43. kit9 says:

    Damn, my comment is in moderation so I’ll just quote her tweet. Looks like it may be true…a spinoff or something because she links to an article about it along with this…” … Find out all the truth &my big announcements on my @PodcastOne #BrandiGlanvilleUnftered recording today!”

    • Powell says:

      So her 30% BH audience will be her audience of her “show”. 😊

      • kit9 says:

        lol! Let me tell, if I were one of those fans, I’d be pissed at her jerking me around like this. First she says she’s going to make a big announcement Monday. Monday comes and goes, no announcement. Now she’s got them hanging on for the podcast, which won’t post today. Maybe not till next week, in fact.

        • not THAT Jill says:

          I just can’t see a spin off-there’s nothing to spin off!! Spin offs are for weddings or trips or a new restaurant…she has nothing-she does nothing!! What will it showcase??

          • kit9 says:

            I know! A whole show of stellar Brandi moments like her date with that kid in Amsterdam? A whole show of Brandi slurring her way through dinner and flirting pathetically….”I liikkee it”? Ugh. Maybe it will be a whole show of Brandi moving. Each week a different house! I will say this-I can better accept a spin off than a demotion to friend on BH because I watch that show. A spin off, I can just avoid like the plague it would be. lol!

            • Brandi is a Scorpio. Just like Bethenny (and Hilary Clinton btw)

              Scorpions are like a Pheonix rising from the ashes- they are constantly reinventing themselves. They may be down temporarily but they are never out.

              And while I really don’t like her- I WILL watch, if only to see what it’s all about.

              • not THAT Jill says:

                I’m all for reinvention-but what does she have to offer? Spin off wise? It’s not like she’s running a business or doing fabulous things…maybe it’s just b/c I don’t like her but there isn’t anything truly interesting about her…but I didn’t think a kim Z was all that interesting and she’s been Tardy for he Party for years!! Maybe Brandi will find a rich husband and have 4 kids in 3 years like Kim and that will make her interesting?

              • Powell says:

                OMIB how come Booble Head re-inventions are just the same ole same ole w/no growth, no lessons learned?

          • Foxymel(Mel) says:

            Exactly! What would they film?

    • T-Rex says:

      SOOOooo, I know Kit hasn’t listened yet, but I guess there isn’t any other real announcement, more of a watch and see, they are working on something for me, In that Podcrapfest she claimed to be announcing something big, but she just regurgitated articles she herself leaked to the press.

  44. Powell says:

    Hello everyone. 👋😊

  45. TexasTart says:

  46. shamrockblonde says:

    hello everyone! – hope Father’s Day was a celebration of all the Dads, as good as Dads and all those Dads that live on in our hearts and in our memories Dads –
    my older daughter shares custody of the twins with her ex – when everything first happened, and before they became officially divorced her ex wanted to see them every Thursday night and from Saturday night until Monday morning every weekend – when they started divorce proceedings the agreement changed – at one point during the negotiations he threatened to sue for full custody of one of the twins – yep he did that – I told my daughter to offer him the flat screen tv and the stereo system along with the other tv in their home if he agreed to drop the suit and sign paperwork that he agreed not to ever start proceedings like this again – after three days he agreed – I remember what that was like – trying to wrap our heads around how anyone could do that – even consider separating sisters, let alone with twins – this on top of having to fight over belongings in the home that they shared – I can only imagine what B is going through – when the girls were little and we as a family planned on going away, if it was during a weekend that her ex had the kids, my husband could not understand what the big deal was – just switch weekends right? but no – that asshat would refuse – almost every time – unless he was in the process of dating some new twinkie – then it was ok – when school started Kerry had to get the custody agreement altered so that the girls were home on a Sunday night instead of Monday night – this too, despite it being to help them in school, was fought – the tension this caused was horrid, so on a very small scale I get where she is coming from and how much worse it much be when it is being played out on a public space and with much more money involved with people in her face either for screen time, or petty and/or catty comments is just that straw that breaks the camels back – just back off –

    Heather and Kris have husbands who are not trying to tear their family apart – their house is not divided – it is most certainly NOT the same –

    I am liking Dorinda and I hope that the lovely Amerlia and Ryan come out the other side in good shape – still do not like Carole – in fact before I didn’t care about her all that much either way, but this season she is just annoying – not sure what is going on with her but not impressed, or worse, entertained – at all –

    • T-Rex says:

      Thanks Shammy, I don’t comment much on the divorce and parenting issues since I don’t have kids and even if I were to divorce, it’s different not having children. It really irks me that the two married with children folks, who both have nannies, and a husband who is helpful, or at least can help occasionally. I agree I like Dorinda, she makes me cringe some times, but I kinda like that about her, she is a definite asset to the clan, and I hope they keep her. Carole really bothers me this season with her Scoop-Rumor-Bombs that she lobs then runs away, but MzAndy will have her on the show for as long as she wants. AND with that, the only person I would like to see GO next season would Be KristenYesIamThatDumb-WHO?????

      • Foxymel(Mel) says:

        Can’t agree with you more, T-Rexie.
        Not sure why Heather decided to right in her blog that she and Kristen were the only two married (in a bitchy way). Girl, don’t spit up! Lol

    • mrs peabody says:

      There are just some ex’s that have to fight you on everything no matter whether it benefits the kids or not. I don’t understand why you wouldn’t always want the best for your kids even if you might have to give up a little bit (like bringing them back Sunday night rather than Monday morning) but then I don’t understand parents that once divorced the kids are also out of sight out of mind. My son is divorced now and they work together to try and do what is best for the kids as it should be. I don’t like Carole either, haven’t for a long time. I’ve said it before I think she is the kid we all went to school with who always has to be the cool kid and will try and cause trouble behind the scenes. I see B’s point with her daughter and her time with her, Heather and what’s her face haven’t a clue as their situation with their children is not the same. None of those women have the same situation with their kids as B does. I also don’t like that new girl on OC either and hope her and the NY yes I am stupid girl both go away. Feel the same about both of them as I did about the Atlanta Claudia. I’m not to much into the ones who feel even as brand new ones they have to get into fights. Who does that with a bunch of women you just met, not anyone I know.

      • Powell says:

        Mrs P I don’t like the new OC chick either. Why was she on Shannon’s jock? Why did she even bring that up like that? She could have just asked her again for help. I don’t think Shannon was nasty on that call. I think Shannon didn’t know who she was talking to. Now Shannon did go overboard when she got an attitude, jumped up and said “I start charities”. That didn’t even make sense. I do understand Shannon saying she had her private number and didn’t like that.
        Claudia got the ax from ATL. She just caused nothing but problems any way. Who’s going to be Kenya’s BFF now? Not that I care.

        • FattyCat says:

          I really liked Shannon last season. She was off the wall, but that’s what I liked about her. She was different and she owned it. This season, so far, she should not be on the show. Kind of like Kim – work through your personal issues, don’t broadcast them. In all honestly, I feel for David. I do not condone the affair, but I don’t know if I could deal with those mood swings. As much as I don’t really like the new girl at this moment, there was no reason at all for Shannon to respond to her the way she did, even if it wasn’t the place to bring something like that up. Just shut it down politely and say, we’ll talk about it later.

        • mrs peabody says:

          I think the new girl thinks she has to bring it on and that is what she is doing rather than getting to know the group and letting the viewers get to know you. I didn’t think Shannon was rude to her on that call either. I would have been ruder if someone called me out of the blue like that and I didn’t know who they were. I’d be asking how did you get my number. The gal that gave the # to the new girl should have said I’ll talk to Shannon and see if she might be able to help and give her your number rather than here’s Shannon’s number give her a call and don’t use the name she knows you by. I also think Shannon is was really hurt by her husband with what he did and is walking on egg shells so as to not rock the boat regardless of what she says. I don’t think she has gotten over this. I think she is really insecure in her marriage and overreacts because of it. I think the combination of how the new girl handled this and Shannon’s emotional state right now is what caused her to go overboard. I really think the new chick should have apologized to her first for calling her and not explaining who she really was and explain why she was calling. I think if her delivery had been different she would have had a different reply from Shannon. If I was David I think I would have left her along time ago, I can’t deal with high maintenance people like that, they’re tiring. I grow tired of that type of person.

    • Powell says:

      Hey Shamrock. DANG your ex sIL certainly is an asshat. Sounds to me all the grief was just about your daughter. Nothing to do w/the twins. ASSHAT!!
      Heather and Kristen are getting on my last nerve w/their criticism of B not going here or there because she’s w/Bryn. I wish Ramona, Lu and Sonja would say something to them about it. Heather and Kristen are just acting stupid and saying stupid things. Heather – “We’re all going through stuff.” Just selfish IMO.

      • mrs peabody says:

        Yea it’s got to be hard losing your nanny and you and your husband having to take care of those kids yourself. So sad.

        • T-Rex says:

          Mrs P, She STILL Has another Nanny/Helper, she just lost the one that had been with them for NINE years!

          • EllaMinnowPea says:

            Not that I’m agreeing that Heather’s “stuff” is as difficult ad B’s, but remember that she does have a kid with special medical needs and it probably is hard to find a nanny that you trust to care for him. Bust since they do all have “stuff” maybe they should take a page from B’s book and put spending time with children first.

        • Powell says:

          I know. Let the violins roll. 🙄
          Like there’s not 10,000 other nannies in NY.

    • Jules says:

      have never liked Carol. she sealed the deal of no likey when on the island trip she and PT with the boyfriend and husband called the other ladies OLD and Fat. and all laughed.

    • California35 says:

      Some exs are just terrible 😌 sorry about your daughter and her kids.

      Yep – like T-Tex i try not to comment much on mother children situations, but I do feel bad even if I dont have children. I do mind those ignorants, Heather and Kristen make those comments. They sound foolish AND insensitive. Some people have to go through the same in order to understand, and I dont wish them to be in the same situation as Bethenny.

    • (((shamrockblonde)))

  47. Powell says:

    Watching OC again. Riddle me this. Why is Collette walking around w/a pacifier? She’s 6 i think. Why is Collette NOT walking? Heather is always caring her. Sometimes Terry too. 😯

    • mrs peabody says:

      You know I thought that was odd to see that too. I’m thinking she’s about 4 (she was a baby the first year Heather was on) but 4 is still to old for a pacifier in my book. I’ve also wondered why Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes always carried their daughter around too, I think she has just started walking in the past couple of years and she’s about 9-10. I guess some kids are just real slooooooooooooooow walkers! Looks silly to carry a kid that age all the time. My back would be killing me.

      • Powell says:

        After a couple of yrs that pacifier needs to start it’s decent to the garbage.

      • vilzvet says:

        Tom Cruise’s kid was another one with the pacifier too at age 4, you always saw pictures. I guess they just give them up when they’re good and ready!

      • designernailsdiana says:

        I helped my youngest give up her pacifier. It “broke”, I cut the top off so it wouldn’t work then I told her it must’ve broke so she should throw it away. She threw it into the trash and we tossed the old ones so she had none to tempt her back on it. I think her brother and sister used it to shut her up. LOL

    • Thank you!!!! I’ve been asking that very same question since I saw that school-aged child on Heather’s hip while Heather yanked the pacifier out of her mouth. Gross! Maybe they’re not having any more kids and they are trying to keep their “baby” but it’s not good for the child.

    • EllaMinnowPea says:

      Lol! My son did not want to give his up, either. Eventually, we banished it to bed only… You want it, you stay in bed. It’s a security thing. He never had a blankie or stuffed animal he lugged around. So I had to laugh when Heather told her go put it in the bed. He’s 10 now and recently when we got new furniture we found one in the bottom lining of the couch. I showed it to him and he didn’t even remember what it was, so there’s hope.

    • I hate pacifiers. Anti ⛔️🚫

  48. shamrockblonde says:

    thanks guys – its just sometimes hard to understand the amount of stress that you are under – how a simple family party ends up being a big deal because your ex just wants you to be miserable – and if you start talking smack about him to anyone and he finds out he can use that against you – its hard in small circumstance – in public, with cameras it must be incredibly difficult just to BE – but to carry on with some semblance of normalcy -i.e., attending a party and just wanting to have a few laughs and for a little while, try not to let your mind focus on the tension and just even smile for a bit and want so much to just be one of the gals – a normal person – that must be horrendous – and who is that other chick on the OC? not Jim’s wife – the other one – the one that was talking to Tammy Sue about churches and God – I cannot watch her any more – at all now – so thank goodness for these blogs!! when Heather – Heather for goodness sake – starts looking almost good – you know its bad….loved seeing Lizzie – hope she sticks around –

    • mrs peabody says:

      I think the other blond is one of those friends we see occasionally that never say much but always seem to be in the background. They’re useless and I don’t know why they keep showing up but I’ve seen them with some of the other housewives too. They’re usually only there for a season and then they’re gone. I see no point in them.

    • jezzibel says:

      I wound up having to skip over Shannon and David’s segments, she will never let it go, and his comment about how the affair gave him new life….WOW. Shannon comes off as someone wanting to be the eternal victim(it’s harsh I know) she is so caught up in the cycle of fight and make up, fight and make up, that she can’t see outside of it to realize how it is impacting the people she claims to love.

      Brookes…well if Vicki is happy being taken for a ride by fake, she will have no one to blame, but everyone else.

      Tamra got rattled last year when she found out that Heather, Shannon, Lizzie were not in the least like Gretchen and Alexis when it came to her going mean girl on them, they hung tough and hit back just as mean.

      Heather is Heather and at least she has been fairly consistent from season to season.

      The young new one is going to learn a hard lesson when she finds out about being Tammy sue’s mini me.

      I wish Jeana would come back, it was nice to see Lizzy and her husband.

      • T-Rex says:

        I don’t watch the OldCronesofBeverlyHillsadjacent as long as one TrailerTrashTrampysue is on the show. As far as IckyVicky she is what I call a “needy broad”, she feels she is nothing without a man, so she won’t be without one no matter how inappropriate or bad for her that man is. She didn’t leave Husband 1.0 until after almost a year of cheating husband 2.0 DONN decided he would marry her if she left her first husband. Then she didn’t decide to divorce Donn until she had been cheating with CroooksBrooks and he decided he liked her money enough to agree to be in a relationship with her if she left Donn. Everyone has been saying she wishes she hadn’t left Donn, and she really wanted him back some time ago, but he was DONE with her and had moved on. Oh and yes I wish Jeanna were on the show full time.

        • Powell says:

          Yeah I think she regrets what happened w/Donn. But she preferred working until 2am than being home w/him and then balked when she had to pay Donn half in the divorce. No one told her to put making money before her marriage but her. And yup Donn was through. He was tired of her working, leaving him home while she traveled and listening to her complaining.

      • Powell says:

        What David did was just awful having the affair. There’s no excuse. First IDK what was up w/Shannon when she and David were in the golf cart and turned around. In her TH she claimed David having saki shots w/Christian was something nefarious. OK maybe he previously didn’t drink that much. He’s having a good time w/the guys. Then once they are at the wine party and Tamra, Eddie, and Shannon go find the bar she turns around and says to David “you’re not coming,?” Well does he have to now be glued to her side? There’s plenty of camera crew there. If David hits on a woman you can believe the camera crew will be there capturing it on film. I can only imagine how hard it is for her to trust him but if she’s nervous about him scampering off she should be more worried when he says he’s going to work.

      • Powell says:

        Oh and Jeanna looks fantastic. She lost a few pounds. They should have had her and Lizzie back. I like Lizzie.

      • Powell says:

        And if Vicki is happy w/a con artist I’m happy for her. I do hope he Will be alright. I don’t like him but I don’t want anyone to have cancer.

  49. California35 says:

    I follow Candace Bushnell on Twitter, she has a new book coming out today!!
    Any ways, the reason I am telling you this is becasue she posted a quick video, Carol is in it!! So they are BFFs ??! Interesting that Carol does not mention it, but we know she does not name drop.

  50. VV™ says:

    Non HW related. I thought it was pretty funny.
    WARNING: Comedian Language

  51. California35 says:

    LOL!! That was funny😛😛

  52. T-Rex says:

    Yeah Nene maybe should have also spent more time raising her children instead of trying to be famous, this one has been in and out of jail since he was about 15.

  53. OMIB- if I didn’t have a Scorpio mother or know Tarts I really would dislike Scorpio women. The men, JADORE.

    I just so don’t identify with my sun because my rising and moon are so kookoo and override me.

    So I can’t rush to judge anymore. Just like I usually can’t deal with air(head) signs, but some I can (like VV😂😂😂😂)

    I LOVE that Jill my bestie and ASHY friend should technically get along great with Brandi that scorpion bit$h. 😋

    • Your rising is how others see you. Your moon is how you respond emotionally but your sun? That’s you. Your essence.

      You are a Cancer thru and thru- it comes out in your posts.

      Technically? If you met Brandi- you SHOULD get along with her, possibly the only one in the room to understand her.

      I have friends if all signs but I gravitate to water signs, I like Scorpios.

  54. Stars99 says:

    Contrary to popular belief – I haven’t actually fallen off the face of the earth… Although, admittedly, I have some battle wounds from fighting with technology and stuff…lol… The truth is that I’ve been working hard on my site that will launched… Wait for it… Wait for it… JUNE 27!! WooooOOooooO!! June 27th is an important date in my life for a number of reasons and it seems to be the most appropriate date for an official launch at this point of time… I hope to see you there! Be there or be square… or round… or triangular… or… or…

  55. Powell says:

    I didn’t see this last week. Georgetown Cupcake is here in MD. Started by 2 sisters in Georgetown DC. They use the original DC location as the test kitchen mostly now. They have their 2nd location in Bethesda MD. Their cupcakes are freakin expensive. They have a website where you can order and the deliver w/in a certain number of miles. The last I checked I was outside of their “miles”. They’re 45 minutes to an hour from me. They used to have a show on WE TV. Its a family affair. Their mom and dad work w/them and one of the sister’s husband builds their stands, etc when they do events for people.

    • That show used to put me to sleep. My BFF’s first cousin was the manager when they opened in NYC.

      I was greatly maddened when the homelier sister didn’t have a proper Greek wedding. Tres malform for a Greek family.

      They have SUCH snooze personalities.

      Cupcakes are SOOOOOO 2009. I don’t get it.

  56. Powell says:

    “Did I get to where I am by being stupid?” HA!! Yes Sonja you did. 😊
    I’m looking forward to that line next epi.

  57. Powell says:

    LOL Sonja purchases two or three of the same bathing suit. Which I get. But she keeps one for the parts in case one breaks. That’s too funny. 😄😄

  58. T-Rex says:

    OMFG THatDUMBassKristenWHOOOOOO???? Needs to GO GO GO!

  59. T-Rex says:

    Omfg DrunkDelusionalGreyGardensSonja showed up to that party DRUNK OFF her hass.

  60. Powell says:

    OMG I would’ve let those crazy ladies take whatever bedroom and I just would’ve taken the one that was left. #TheseLadiesGiveMeAHeadache 😖

  61. T-Rex says:

    I guess I am the only one watching and posting, but just when I was starting to like that OldCraggyDrunkRamoner, she let’s me know EXACTLY why I can’t stand her, what a petty, immature idiot. Awesome that CountlessLumanDeLeHubcaps got the best room. Sorry I am really liking her this season.

  62. Powell says:

    Yes those are hooker shoes. 😄😄

  63. Yummy relax, it wasn’t bad advice

  64. Please advise if anyone sees Beth-Barf eat an entire piece of a CARB — and not the complex kind —- thanks ✌️

    Alcohol doesn’t count. Candy either.

  65. T-Rex says:

    DrunkDelusionalGreygardensSonja needs a 12 step program, she is not remembering what she even does any longer. I am excited to see Bethenny try to get through that drunk ass head of hers that she is ridiculous.

  66. T-Rex says:

    Something I want to point out that the dumbass DrunkDelusionalGreyGardensSonja is supposed to be the “hostess” of this trip, you know because she knows PR and promote things and is a party hostess, etc.(insert heavy sarcasm). Look I am well aware this is a Bravo-induced free trip, but she could have at least had an itinerary other than trying to figure out how to find the nearest bar in order to get drunk and laid with any random dude she can find

  67. Powell says:

    LOL this is the 2nd time Sonja says B is projecting her problems onto Sonja. Poor Sonja. Poor delusional Sonja

      • T-Rex says:

        Absolutely!! I think she has created this delusional land to live in and she is self medicating to become numb, because she cannot handle reality. She did NOT win anything with her ex really, what she had to liquidate all the assets she had a partial interest in, had to mortgage her home she owned free and clear from her divorce, because she made horrible business decisions. UGH

  68. Cityside says:

    I don’t see anything good about LuAnne. She continues to start mean or rude conversations about Ramona. It gets a little tiring. I think she’s just a beatch $hit disturber and mean. Why make fun of someone’s yellow swim suit as you sit there in a gaudy hat or jewerly. Give it a rest LuAnne. Just give it a rest.


  69. adamay411 says:

    I can’t help but wonder — where is Sonja’s daughter while all this is going on. She barely mentions her?

    • She doesn’t film with her.

      I know TRex has said that the daughter goes to boarding school but I thought I read she went to private school – regular- in NYC ??

      I think it’s just shared custody and I also — personally JMHO— think Sonja didn’t want her on film the first season Sonja tried it out.

      • EllaMinnowPea says:

        I thought it was the dad who would not sign off on the kid filming. I was under the impression that Sonja had her on the first season before dad realized it. Of course, I could be totally making this up in my head… :p

      • T-Rex says:

        She used to be in boarding school, now she is in a prestigious school in the city, courtesy of her father, she still spends a great deal of time with her father, they are actually extremely close. He has refused to allow his daughter on the show and if you notice she never calls her daughter by name either. MrDaddyMorgan wants his child as far away from the filming as possible. If her daughter is at the home in Manhattan there can be NO filming in the home, period.

  70. Cityside says:

    How old is Sonja’s daughter?

    • vilzvet says:

      She’s got to be around 12 or so? Not sure but I do know we have NEVER seen her live on the show, just that family portrait. Definitely the ex’s doing as stated above because I think Sonja wouldn’t have minded a scene or two with her, and it would be nice to see another side of Sonja.

  71. EllaMinnowPea says:

    I think she was 10 Sonja’s first season, so she’d be about 14 now.

  72. kit9 says:

    Well well well. A new podcast was posted finally and it’s the one w/the big announcement. I didn’t think it would post till next week because she already has one in the can w/the actress from OITNB that hasn’t posted. She must have hurried it. I’ll have it finished by tomorrow am.

    • TexasTart says:

      Very funny, Carole. This article says that Turks and Caicos makes the last 4 episodes of the season. I’m surprised they’re only going 15 episodes before the reunion…looks like they need to get busy filming that.

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