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Wall Street Lady contributed fairly regularly to the LynnNChicago Blogs.  Below are some of the ones I saved over the years.

RIP Lee Henessee/WSL.


October 23, 2011 – WSL at the Chum’s Birthday Party

My black limo pulled up at 12:30 pm on Sunday. The driver got on the FDR Drive and went South to Cobble Hill Brooklyn b4 the Wall St. area you make a loop off the FDR and go East across the Brooklyn Bridge to Brooklyn .I wish I could tell you directions to the Cobble Hill area but it was only my 2nd time in Brooklyn.

Cobble Hill is filled w/beautiful old historic town houses. These historic  town houses are 3-4 floors ,usually having 2 rooms per floor. Most r about 25′ wide and many “attached” houses share a wall with the house next to it so most don’t have windows on the longest part of the house.

I arrived for Johan & Francois’ party on time at 1pm. There were lots of balloons tied on the railing on the steps. There were pumpkins on every step & the pumpkin smell was very inviting herd laughter & saw the door wasn’t locked so I walked in.

At least 15 kids were darting around mostly running downstairs and out to the two-story blow up jumping/bouncing “kid ride”. The living room was just  like what we saw when Fog Horn helped Alex & Simon decorate. The difference was that the red walls are not so bright but a pretty deep red. The black & white accents do not dominant the room as seen on TV but compliment. The beautiful hand carved molding s are exceptionally elegant.  Jill should be put in the hall of shame for suggesting that they be removed when she offered advice (stupidity). It was ignorant to suggest removing historic art whose value is irreplaceable.

Cobble Hill Brooklyn is known for its beautiful historic homes & most home owners decorate around the beautiful carvings. There are 2 wonderful chandeliers that also add to the charm. It is a lovely combination of old & new that blends together to create a very cool look & feel. The dining room which was entered thru gigantic carved pocket doors, had deep grey walls and had an Art Deco feel. The large glass table had 8 retro suede rolled back chairs. The second black crystal chandelier hung over the table.    All the floors had the beautiful 6″ planks painted black ,w/a cool sheen. Alex’s kitchen was to die for. A restaurant, 8 burner stove sat atop a bakers oven. The appliances were stainless steel. All looked great against the black wooden floors. There  were three 10′ blond wood cabinets  that all NY ers would covet. There was a large island of blond wood  that everyone gathered around.

The very long (completed) wooden stair case led to 2 bedrooms and an office. The boys had  typical bunk beds and a room Filled w/toys & books & art projects.
The master bed room was huge. It had brownish red or mahogany floors & walls. Everything reflected order & peace with the very clean lines. There were beautiful black and white portraits hanging on the wall. Of course there was a very large walk in closet full of arty clothes picked out by Simon :)   There was a large glass door that led to the garden/playground (complete w/swings).
Back to the party. The adults had Mimosa’s.  Alex baked delicious Australian meat & vegetable pastries.
The children had a fun display of juice boxes & kid snacks on the dining room hunt board. The boys & girls could help themselves.
I enjoyed a couple of hours of adult conversation while the kids ran in & out & visited their parents for a hug etc.

I talked to a very attractive man for a while & finally asked him which was his wife ? He answered “My wife has a penis !”. The surrounding group & I all roared w/laughter as we were gathered round the kitchen island. I commented that the 3 birthday parties in the last BH show that the birthday parties were not as fun as this even if it didn’t cost $60 000. No one responded.  Alex gave me a look w/her eyes letting me know  to stop. Then she whispered in my ear that no one here watched the shows. She said to these neighbors & friends she & Simon were just the parents of their boys.

Later Alex introduced me to a bubbly gal & said “She watches”. We had a fun chat but mostly about non house wife topics. Next there was a magician who gave a fun magic show  that entertained us all. He was particularly good at making things disappear. The children squealed w/delight. Finally Alex brought out a chocolate fudge cake & parents & kids devoured it.
I was very impressed w/how well-behaved the boys were. They were told that their present’s were to be opened after everyone left.
If it had been me at that age I would have gone around & told people to “Go home”.
After 3 1/2 hrs my car was outside.  I got a sweet hug from the boys. Simon & Alex said good by.  I look forward to more fun times with a very sweet & fun family.

By:  Wall St Lady

Thank you Wall St Lady for this amazing story, it made me feel like I was there with you. ~Lynn


Wall Street Lady visits Jill Zarin at Lord and Taylor

Guest Blog by Wall St Lady

Last Thursday one of my friends who is one of the highest product  sales generators on QVC popped in town from NC. Ms QVC is fun and beautiful.  Her publicist had several events for her to attend.I have never met Jill.  Except for my friend who sold her Hamptons home to Jill, I have never met one person outside of  Ramona, Alex and LuAnn, that has ever met Jill !  I do know people who have had to interview her.  I have met Bobby years ago and I knew Harry Zarin because he bought stocks from me in the 80s.

Ms QVC wants to go to Lord &Taylor so I agree to go for 20 minutes.  I did want to report how many trees of girdles were on the Lord & Taylor floor.  We learned there was no stage, no chairs no food for the promoted “Fashion show”.  The event was in the regular store aisles.

Jill had announced on Show Biz and another NYC station details of the event.  On Thursday morning, Jill was allowed to mention her big launch on both shows but was 1st subjected to insulting questions like :
You were fired ! How does it feel to be fired ?

Jill Zarin ! She is the most loved or HATED Housewife.
To that Jill said: “Hated?  Nobody hates me!  Who hates me ?”
The hosts just laughed at her statement.

Anyway the free TV promos by Jill on TV should have brought 100ssssss of peeps.  Ms QVC and I arrive at L&T 5th Ave at 6ish (4 blocks from my office).  L&T is having a store wide party!  They are passing out champagne as you enter the store and loud music is playing on every floor.  The entire store has a 25% discount.

When we walk into the 1st floor, with it’s makeup, bags and jewelry, several people recognize my beautiful QVC star friend. We get delayed as she signs autographs and talks to fans.

I wore a Chanel tam and a new black St John suit with a small panther trim.  Ms QVC has a bright blue sparkle top under a navy leather Escada pants suit.

Finally we took the elevator to the 8th floor and among the normal 100 trees,  Jill has a logo board.  We see 40 people or so around her
4 trees.  Jill is in a white “Dr girdle” coat and is encouraging people to focus on her 4 trees.

There are 3 size 2 models in her girdle wear. I was embarrassed for them. They were girdle clad but it was just my 1st time seeing models in only underwear in mixed company.

Ok I am ready to leave but Jill’s people keep popping up asking if they can help and who are you to attendees ?  I totally respect that. When I spend the money for an investment event my team better greet and get the card of every attendee !

Jill is TINY ! She is 5′ in flats. Her bangs look like she cut them by putting a bowl on her head. She looks very tired and in my opinion really needs some natural vitamin E. (Dr Wexler do her for free !)  She darted around like a rat in a maze. She had high energy and she was “working it”.

There is a 10 -min presentation given by Jill in front of her portable logo board.  Jill  introduces herself and describes the models items and thanks everyone, but no one by name.

I look up and one of Jill’s assistants is saying loudly that a BiG announcement is coming!  I say congratulations.  This Jill employee is standing with whom I presume is friends one is beautiful gal who tried out for QVC model job and Ms QVC says she will help her try again.  We chat.  30 min in, I am ready to leave !

I turn around and Jill says “Hi, can I help you?”  “No?”  “Why are you here?”   I say my friend, a QVC star, thought it would be fun to include your show in her itinerary tonight. Good night, thank you Jill, we have to go. We left and apparently missed LuAnn.

We go to another event and then are the guests of a 42yr old superstar from NC who had a “Cover of NYT Biz section” article 3 weeks ago that I was dying to meet!  Thank You Ms QVC!
Believe it or not I told him about Lynn’s blog and they have a telephone appointment next week!!

We ate Fab Greek food. (Last time I was there Maria Bartoromo took me to celebrate an interview we did)

2am my cell phone rings; caller ID says unknown.

2:30 cell rings I see the number and say hello thinking it’s Ms QVC from her hotel.

A 30ish year old voice screams, “we didn’t like your old ugly black hat  (it was brown) and your out dated Chanel suit.  We had the security cameras on.”  (Yes, rigged on top of one of the girdle trees in case an angry XX Ho Wife fan jumped Jill)
Then she started to scream , “This is going to stop right now. This is the end.”
I started to laugh.
A crazy woman was calling at 2:30 in the morning; I couldn’t help but laugh at her and she hung up.

So much for the 3rd grand girdle Jill event.  I can guarantee you I will never waste my time again for a Jill event with not even a carrot!
BTW I was the only press there.  Jill did hire Getty to take pictures but they did not come as press.

I don’t tweet or FB.  I can barely keep up with 100 daily business google alerts!  I only view other websites posted by my LynnFam.
But my alerts do send me to twitter on topics or people I follow.

I wanted to respond to a 2am call and a tweet posted here referring to my vintage Chanel tam.

If you missed the tweet, it doesn’t matter.  It made me laugh that Jill would let Ginger chew a hat she could sell on E Bay for $500.  Please  let me share some history.

Get comfortable for a long story or SKIP now !

My grandmother’s sister was a friend of CoCo Chanel. My Aunt is mentioned in several books about Chanel’s life.  My Aunt trained Miriam Haskel as Miriam worked for her for many many years.
This history has granted me a wonderful vintage collection of Chanel and other designers and collectors treasures.

I have worn vintage pieces all my adult life.  I have hats and jewelry as well as clothes  purses and gloves.

In Palm Beach I have an entire hat room. I wouldn’t leave the house with out a hat!  I also own 100′s of hair bands, many with feathers and all evening bands have a place to pin one of my favorite brooches. I have made many of my hair bands myself  and have designed many as gifts requested by my Palm Beach girlfriends. Very often before a charity luncheon at Marlargo, The Everglades, Club Collette, the Breakers, the Bath and Tennis Club or other popular party sites; several of my friends will come over to borrow a hat. I am delighted! Before a Polo game I insist they borrow or I won’t sit with them.

I own the black feather hat Audrey Hepburn wore in “Breakfast at Tiffanys.”

One of the things I love about Palm Beach is that people wear gowns till they can’t and then their daughters do.  Ralph Lauren or Lipshick, copied his furniture look from studying “cottages” (20-30+rooms) in Newport that hadn’t been redecorated  in 30 years.
When I buy a new gown I put it in the closet for two years !

Remember how Tre said Joe didn’t like Picasso and Andy said “with all due respect Tre he couldn’t afford one even if he liked one………..”

Well I laugh someone  doesn’t know the different between vintage
and old fashioned.

Vintage appreciates with time.

Jill’s Items purchased for $100 and sold for $10, on eBay are out of date or old fashioned.  Ginger chews old fashioned hats !
Would you let your dog  “Lick your snot” and Poop on your bed room rug?  That is called old fashioned trash living !

Thank you Wall St Lady for your fascinating story!  That 2am phone call is pretty mysterious, does anyone else have a guess where that call may have come from?  Lynn~


Wall Street Lady goes to WWHL

March 16, 2012 – WSL at Watch What Happens Live

The studio is downtown in So Ho, it is not in a typical area for studios.  I almost couldn’t find it. I am sure if I had taken a cab I would have eventually been told “this is the address just get out”.

Anyway Michael eventually came to the street to find me. It was 10:30 when we went up the elevator to the 6th floor of a relatively new, modern building. There was a busy bar lined with bottles (plenty of SkinnyGirl) as we walked in that was surrounded by lots of attractive young people. I grabbed a diet coke and added a lemon for decoration. The 2 lady bartenders were PYTs! There were also lots of snacks.

It was obvious to me I had entered a happy place that celebrates Team Bravo. Down a hallway we reached a room 1/2 the size of a football field, filled with desks. The ceilings were very high which adds to the Great Room feeling.  Everybody is an “Andyite”.  There are housewife/Bravo promo cardboard or otherwise, things sitting up everywhere in this modern mostly white space. It is obvious Andy is the hero and they all adore him. The large room is surrounded by some 20×20 type rooms or private offices.

It’s interesting in my Wall Street world we call the inside large room the “Bull Pen”. We were guided to an outside room to meet up with Kristen and her other 3 guests. We laughed and teased Kristen about herbeautiful navy sexy dress. She is shy about how pretty she is.  She prefers to jump into her black pants and comfy shirt uniform. Kristen has the most beautiful hair I have ever seen. It’s 3xs the amount of most women. What a burden! (Sideline she and Alex use the same hair guy, and I had him cut my locks too)!
Game time!

We are suddenly told 5 min to show time and we are all wisked off to the clubhouse including Kristen.  We travel through the opposite end of the “bull pen” past 4 offices. Again each is filled with Bravo press items. It’s like a winning  sports team, you can just feel the MAJOR Team Bravo spirit and admiration for their leader, Andy.

There must have been 30  Bravo Staff around. Again you could just tell they all loved the honor of being part of Andy’s team and displayed the gracious hospitality that Andy displays in person.  No one acted freaked because it was show time. It was as if you were escorted to a fine meal.

So we go down a narrow hallway that suddenly becomes dark and winds around until it opens up into the Club House which is bright and fun!  The shelves are full of fun but unusual things. I think there were 20 of us. Rich Amons was the only person I recognized, he is very handsome.

We are escorted to front row seats and I am delighted! Some seats are benches. Michael took a bench so that I got a chair; such a gentleman!

Andy’s seat was 12′ from my seat. Remember I saw him on Monday at the book party and a few weeks ago at the Slam event so by know he remembers me and he came over and welcomed me and said “Hi WSL”.  We have a private joke!

Another thought on Andy, a little background.  The first time I met Andy was with Lynn at Cat’s book party. Andy was hunky and handsome I wanted to hug him and I have a major hunk hub and I have no shortage of hugs! Andy has lost another 20 pounds since that time. He looks gorgeous GQ on TV but I think he is too thin. I Know the saying “You can’t be too rich or too thin”.

So you saw the show so I won’t try to top perfection.
Jenni stood the whole time. She is much taller than I thought 5’8″. She also wore 5″ wedge heels.

During breaks the pretty young bartenders refreshed our drinks and the crowd was buzzed and having fun!  When the after show ended I was tired.  I thanked Andy and told Andy how fun I thought the show was.

Then I asked Andy “where is Ramona Turtle?”
He laughed and said “Turtle Soup”!

By now it’s past my bed time and WSM is texing: Come Home. I am going to bed DON’T WAKE me !
So I hugged Jenni, Kristin & Michael nitey nite.

I walked out with Rich Amons and his friend.  When I met his wife Mary at Cat’s party.
I was stunned at how gorgeous she was because she was not on camera. She is tall at 5’11″.
Rich was in NYC on  business. He is also a perfect gentleman and helped me into a cab. I was grateful because that area is deserted at night.

Thanks Kristen, Michael and Andy!

P.S.  All the twitter gals pea green w/envy.  Be a lady! and maybe you will be INVITED.

 (WSL Photos w/Andy Cohen and Kristen taken at different events, WSL didn’t stay for photos after the show)

Thanks so much for the fascinating blogs WSL, I am so jealous!  I wish I could have been there.  I’m so glad you both had fun!   xoxo  Lynn


Real Housewives of New York Season 5 Premiere Night

Posted on June 5, 2012 by LynnNChicago

Real Housewives of New York Premiere by LynnNChicago  – WSL Guest Blog

As I promised, we had a few spies at the Premiere Parties for the Real Housewives of New York.

Luann hosted a party, Ramona and Sonja hosted another and Aviva hosted a third.  Some interesting info on these parties:

She who much not be named went to Luann’s party as an invited guest but then she CRASHED Aviva’s party that was held at a bowling alley.  Confirmed, Jill was NOT invited to Aviva’s party yet she attended anyway. (note from NMD – sort of an invited guest – a guest of a guest as it turned out.)

LuAnn was cordial. Her party was only about 40-50 people. Intimate. She brought her mom.

Avery and Mario were with Ramona at her party.

Here’s a play by play (part one) from our own WSL….

The Evening’s Party Schedule for NYC HW Season 5 launch.
Iraquois Lantern  5pm

Seraina 7pm

Aviva Dreschers
Frames  8pm

Oh What a night!
So fun!
The President was in town so the traffic was a mess!
Dr Rosetta plastic surgeon to the stars jointed me and TEB.
At our 1st stop LuAnn her beau and her mom were front and center looking beautiful. The lantern room at the Iraquois Hotel is charming but small and holds about 50 people but everyone was elegant. I enjoyed talking to Luann’s very French- Canadian mom. She is 5’6″ and very cute her husband passed several years ago. She wore a beautiful royal blue and silver shift w/peacock looking large dangling earnings that were perfect for the dress. Quite elegant style. She said Luann was the 6th of 7 equally special children who are all tall. Her Dad’s dad was 100% American Indian. Her mom has lovely soft features and light hair. I didn’t feel comfortable asking if it would be ok to put her picture on a blog. It’s interesting she was a lamb a sneaky reporter could have asked her anything!

There were lots of reporters for lots of “papers” that I vaguely have heard of. For some reason we were snapped what seemed like a zillion times.
We were at the bar and Jill and Bobby came up. TEB teased me to say hello. I couldn’t be bothered, I saw Heather and wanted to say hello. So I made a bee-line for Heather.
My brother dates one of Heathers College suite mates.  She said Heather was always cool, lovely, stylish and very fun. We chatted, exchanged contacts and hugged. She is a DOLL!
The food was to die for and very artistically presented. It was like eating art!
Time flys!
Ready to hit the next PARTY!

Stay tuned …

Real Housewives of New York -Part 2 The Premiere Parties by WSL


Before we left Luann’s I said hi to Carole Radziwill very briefly and took a picture.

I called our driver and let him know we were ready for him to be out front . We decided that TEB would have to ride the hump since she was the youngest! The traffic was SLOW so we all hopped on Twitter!

It took 20 minutes to reach Sarafina so we were ready for a drink when we got there. Ramona’s wine was in big buckets and iced on the bar. The place had 160+ people and was packed.

I saw Avery and some of her pals. She has gotten so tall, maybe 5’7″. Ramona is petite at 5’4′ she had on gorgeous gold sparklie platform shoes. Avery had young lady pumps. Avery has natural blond hair that is thick. We call it “rich girl hair”. Avery was cute as she scurried around with her pals. She constantly checked on her mom who was taking hundreds of pictures with Sonja at the step and repeat.

Sarafina is a wonderful restaurant, the appetizers were excellent. The bite size lamb chops w/sauce were a little messy but way worth it. There was one treat on a skewer w/watermelon/cheese/meat that looked yummy and people licked their fingers but I never got around to eating!

I finally got a chance to hug my favorite Ramona. I adore Ramona. She doesn’t like to tweet so we text each other.  A while back I asked if Jill was coming and she text “NO WAY”! I laughed.

I think Bravo wanted the focus to be the current cast w/no “stars” taking the focus away from the cast.  I think it was selfish for Jill to crash Luann’s and Aviva’s parties.  At the entrance to each party there were 3-4 people with lists. The clip board holders were diligent to find your name and mark it off. I am sure the door people were not sure what to do with Jill. She appeared with Bobby just like she did on Scary Island, ASSUMING she was welcome when she wasn’t or she would have been invited.

If it was OK to come you would have thought Simon & Alex and Kelly would also have just shown up.  I think Jill knew better than to show up at Ramona’s. On Scary Island, Ramona made Jill leave even though she rented a plane to get there.

Hummm. Nothing changes!

So back to my divine Ramona hug. She smelled sooo good. Ramona is tiny. Her waist must be 19″.  She is cute like a puppy and I feel like putting her in my pocket to take home. She had on a gorgeous blue dress. With Ramona’s big brown eyes and no wrinkles I think she has the face of an angel. Mario is always close at hand. He is very handsome and not a lot taller than Ramona. We joked that I am married to an Italian Stallion too. Mario has lots of beautiful hair but it has gotten much more salt and pepper recently.

I saw several writers I know. The most famous was a Sr. fellow from Vanity Fair.

We just didn’t get close enough to Sonya to chat. TEB commented that Sonya was much prettier in person.

Time to hit the last party which was a very upscale bowling Alley. When we entered there was a 25′ hallway. So we are going in and guess who is coming out?  Yep Jill and Bobby.

Because I had been teased by my group for not acknowledging them and since I had to pass within a foot of Jilzy, I said our famous Italian family greeting:
A OH Eeeeeeeeee!
When I told WSM he didn’t think it was funny but he is also not aware of her sananigans.  Any way what can I say it just popped out!

We entered the party and probably half the folks had left cuz it was late.
It was very cool looking. Each alley had the Housewives show playing above the bowling pins on the play screen.

TEB knew Aviva and Rob of Naughty Nice. There were lots of hugs.
I talked to Aviva’s attractive Wall St. Husband, I was happy that he knew my company. We talked “street”. Aviva is darling!  She has a button nose only God can make.  Her hub looks close in age where the X Sonja knows looks 10+yrs older. They seem very in love. Aviva has a size minus 00 butt. She was wearing pants and her legs are the size of my very normal arms. You couldn’t help but like her. She is warm and genuine. Her brown eyes are as sweet as a lab’s.

I asked her if she wasn’t the one who called 2 gals “white trash”. (I happen to love that name)! She actually seemed to apologize and wish she hadn’t said it. At this point it seems out of character but that’s the fun, seeing the witches pop up!

Rob. (Shuter from Huffington Post)

Now first, Jill was NOT his date.
He heard Aviva say the same thing I heard! Nuff said.
I explained that we met when he moderated Teresa’s Annex presentation.

Rob is a big hunk. He may have the most beautiful head of hair I have ever seen. It’s too bad he isn’t straight, I think he is VERY handsome. He is one of those people who like to touch you as he expresses enthusiasm, it is endearing.  He was very personable and mentioned his husband lovingly.

Time to go home! I miss WSM!
We hopped in my car and left the live Housewives behind us.
What a privilege to have seen and met everybody. They all really give of themselves.

I DON’T PRETEND to be a writer but since I don’t talk to each of you I want to share.
I hope I shed a little extra light to my precious LynnFam.

Thank you WSL, sounds like you all had a fantastic evening!  Wish I could have been there! xoxo Lynn~


Those are the ones I saved from Lynn’s old blog.  RIP WSL and Lynn Hudson.  Veena

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