Lynn – we miss you!

Lynn and her cousin and the Stanley Cup

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  1. RCH / PYHU says:

    I finally found (or re-found) this site.
    I was just going through my old email account and was re reading all the emails between Lynn and I. I read through them and laughed as I remembered all the fun times we had.
    I felt happy reading her words, and then sad….
    Lynn was my biggest supporter when I graduated from her comment section and started my own blog.
    There was never any competition between us, just friendship.
    She was my go-to person to discuss ideas with and she was always willing to give me advice and feedback on my writing which I really valued.
    It’s because of Lynn that I even know what twitter is, and she was my inspiration for starting my own site. (So all the haters can blame her Lol)
    Funny how things work in life… I barely knew what the internet was good for besides watching US Tv shows and using Google to settle arguments between Hubs and I.
    One day I was bored and happened to type that now infamous phrase “I hate Jill Zarin” into Google just to see what would pop up.
    And as they say, the rest is history….

    It just doesn’t feel the same without her.
    I really really really miss her.

    RIP Lynn

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