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  1. BB says:

    I’ll be the first to comment here since I’m the one who asked NMD to do it (unless someone beats me to it). Some of us in the Lynn Fam are trying to either lose weight or get healthier. This page is for those to either ask question to get advice from others or to share their experiences and successes that might help or encourage others.

    I’m a yo yo dieter but have put on a significant amount of weight after taking a certain anti-depressant. It had to have been the anti-depressant because my eating habits didn’t change, but I gained a lot of weight over a period of time. I’ve stopped taking it, but the weight hasn’t come off. Now causing other health problems, so a week and a half ago I made a concerted effort to try to get some of this weight off. I’m trying to cut the carbs because that’s my weakness. It seems to be working as I have lost at least 5 lbs so far.

    • Catseye says:

      I’m a carbaholic too. What has worked for me (I know I’m repeating myself here) was a 3 day stint on the Master Cleanse, then 1 meal a day and I started using something called Starch Blockers it’s White Kidney Bean Extract that prevents your body from releasing an enzyme that helps you to process the starch/sugar, whenever I get carried away with sweets. I think what caused me to gain so much weight was diet soda. Even though it’s not supposed to have calories, I find that the more I drink, the more I weigh. AND most importantly, if you want to lose weight, you have to drink plenty of water.

      • BB says:

        Diet soda is bad bad bad in my opinion. I am leery of not eating regularly as my blood sugar will plummet. I asked you a question about Colloidal Silver on the other page.

  2. not THAT Jill says:

    I have been fighting the same damn 20lbs for the past 5 years-20lbs doesn’t seem like much but when you loose 20 or gain 20 it makes such a difference!! I wanted to try a cleanse and we have so many people on the blog who have so much info on a cleanse but I don’t think I could do it-I’m a girl who likes to chow down!! I think I may do WW again b/c it helps me so much to get rid of the 20….but the 20 always finds me!!!

    • BB says:

      WW is great and proven. I’ve lost weight on WW before (gained it back, but that was my fault). I know more than a few people who have gotten to their goal weight on WW and kept it off for years. So I know it can be done.

      • not THAT Jill says:

        I like to do WW because I get obsessed with checking points and doing my work out and drinking my water-all so I can log on and check things off!! It’s worked so well for me but its the maintaining that gets me.I can keep the weight off for a few month and then it creeps back. Then I get annoyed with myself and eat whatever for a month or two. That’s where I am now-a little annoyed with myself but ready to do something before 20lbs turns into 30!!!

      • chismosa says:

        i agree WW is great, and i think it is one of those very medically-approved, common-sense ways of life. It’s a change your way of living-mentality. I don’t know Jill- if it worked for you before, maybe try it again, but then you have to get on the Maintenance and be tough on yourself with the maintenance stage??
        Maybe if you can, start/ up the exercising after the weight comes off? That is what i always hears works really good for maintaining weight loss of any kind

  3. chismosa says:

    Hi all- i’m so glad this page was made- thank you BB and NMD—-
    that way we don’t clog up the regular chat blogs. i’m always cutting and pasting the notes i get from you all to my notepad! Great tips!

  4. California35 says:

    Great idea!!! I don’t want to get all obsessed over loosing weight and diets, like I have done in Past. But I wouldmlike to lose some weight slowly but steady. Last time I lost weight all I did was changed my dinners, it took months but I did lose some weight. I was never hungry, I eat of everything, but not as much I had been for years. Any ways, I did not go back to my old bad habits, so I have kept the weight off ….. Buuuuuut I would like to lose a few more pounds and my body got used to that change, so I guess I need to change a bit more :-/

    Having this support group could help — I hope πŸ™‚

    Good luck every body.

    • BB says:

      Just make one small change and see if that helps you lose those few more pounds. Like take steps instead of the elevator, or park further away from the entrance than you usually do, or cut that soda (regular or diet believe or not) out that you’re used to drinking every day, or cut the amount of carbs you normally eat; like if you eat white bread/toast, switch to whole grain or wheat bread/ toast. If you eat milk chocolate, switch to dark chocolate. Things like that. It’s always those last few pounds you want to lose that are the hardest.

      • not THAT Jill says:

        As soon as I start a diet the first thing I do is quit soda-I am a diet coke fanatic(I know so JZ) but it makes a big difference with bloating and such. I notice a change just a few days into being off soda…

        • Catseye says:

          SOO true!! I actually think I put on MORE weight drinking the diet stuff, rather than regular!!!

          • BB says:

            I agree. If you have to have one soda a day, drink the regular, not the diet. I’m not kidding.

            • not THAT Jill says:

              When I diet I can’t have one-I have to cut soda out all together or I feel like I don’t loose anything…what’s with the soda? Why does it make you gain/not loose? I never knew the reason I just knew it was true!!

              • BB says:

                I don’t know the scientific reason for it, but maybe someone else can explain it. I used to work with a lady who dieted constantly, but she drank diet cokes all day long. At the time neither of us could figure out why she couldn’t lose weight. Now I can guess why.

                • Nancy says:

                  Hi BB this is George. For one thing, it could be that people who are naturally heavy, or heavy for another reason, are more likely to drink diet drinks. It could also be that the sweetness, even if it’s calorie-free, triggers the appetite so you eat more other foods. It also COULD be a more direct effect of one or more of the sweeteners (saccharin, aspartame, sucralose, etc) on the appetite that we just didn’t know about.

                • realhousewifeva says:

                  I have heard that because diet soda taste sweet but is actually an artificial sweetener, it causes your body to crave REAL sugar and that is where eating the carbs and unhealthy stuff comes in.
                  However, Diet Soda itself does not make you gain weight, it is 0 calories and low sodium. I NEVER drink my calories (except in coffee and even then I don`t use sugar or anything) and I have occasional diet cokes with my meal instead of water and it never has made me gain weight.

            • chismosa says:

              BB I’m SO With you on the diet soda thing.

              If anything I have a REGULAR soda

              Plus, I try to stick to Sierra mist since it uses sugar and not corn syrup.
              In fact I read somewhere that the reason Coke tastes so much better overseas is because they use regular sugar and not something in place of sugar
              So they say to try to get coca cola from Hispanic stores or ethnic stores, because the stock may be from Mexico or overseas where the soda is made with sugar

    • California35 says:

      Oh hi! Thanks for all the replies πŸ™‚

      Yes, less carbs for sure, that is what I was doing cutting lots but not all of it. Now I am considering all of it for a while and see, BUT I am afraid I will go crazy. So I will just continue cutting more of them during the day and NONE for dinner.

      Funny you guys mentioned the sodas. I don’t care for them, but I would have a diet coke thinking it would-be better then having any other “bad” snack. I know it’s best to not have it or the bad snack at all…so now that you all are mentioning it, I better not get into the habit of having diet coke (JZ comes to mind :-P).

  5. Nancy says:

    Your father needs to be on different antibiotics for both problems. I’m assuming he has strep throat. Even if the eye problem is a virus it will still shorten the duration of the disease by approx. 20%. My husband is very against giving out antibiotics unless they are really needed as well but not in your fathers case. Good hand washing is really important when sharing space with the
    elderly. Hope this helps.

    • chismosa says:

      Thanks Nancy.
      He’s under an eye doctor’a intense care because he’s getting his other eye’s (the one without pink eye) cataract operated on next week.
      We love our eye doctor- I got PRK when it first came out, then my mother and brother got their surgeries. Many years ago we even flew my 80/90 year old grandmother from overseas to get her cataracts done by him. So we trust him a lot. So I’m sure they’re being careful with the eye situation

      So, after seeing the general doctor today, I guess he got diagnosed with strep (I never knew they diagnose so quickly), and he’s now on 800- something mgs of amoxicillin. So I hate antibiotics but I want to be sure to give him probiotics as well.
      The doctor didnt even mention probiotics. I wish doctors would be learning to advise taking those along with the ANTI.

      Thank you for your advice, and I’m being SUPER careful.
      My brother had pink eye and then passed it. I’m furious because my father is not a young man.
      I don’t know why strep came at the same time as pink eye. ?????

      Anyhow, thank you again for your help!
      I will give him the acidophilus to take.

  6. Catseye says:

    Another thing to try is Intermittent Fasting. You eat normally 5 days a week, then restrict your calories on the other 2 days. I saw a show on PBS (Eat/Fast) about it a few weeks ago and it has been proven to work.

    • not THAT Jill says:

      I could do that I think-2 days doesn’t seem like a lot!!

    • BB says:

      I tried that thinking I could do it. I even bought the book by the person on the PBS special. It was not for me. On those fasting days (even though I could eat 500 cals) I obsessed about it too much. Then I think I overcompensated on the non-fasting days. But I can see how that would work for others. If anyone wants me to mail them the book, let me know. I’m not going to use it anymore.

  7. ramonacoaster says:

    So glad you requested this BB. Losing weight is such a struggle. I need to lose 15 lbs before my brother’s wedding next January. It’s hard to change eating habits and my eating habits aren’t that bad. It’s mostly fresh food and recipes made from scratch. My weaknesses are desserts. I’m a sugar-aholic. What helped me in the past was exercising for at least an hour 4-5xs a week. I did lots of walking, pilates, yoga and whatever exercise DVD I could download. I was a size 6 and I’m tall – 5’11” so I was skinny. I want to get down to that weight again. I’ve been hanging on to my size 6 clothes in hopes I could get the motivation. Maybe I could find some on this page. Thanks NMD for putting this up.

    • BB says:

      Now your just making me mad ramonacoaster. 5’11” and a size six? I hate you! Just Kidding. Whatever weight makes you feel the best is what’s best for you, I think. But you are right, the last few pounds are the hardest to take off and keep off I’ve heard.

      • chismosa says:

        I was going to say the same thing —- you are so tall and a Size 6!?!? Lucky you!

        Good luck im sure you can do it.

    • California35 says:

      You can do it! You got plenty of time πŸ™‚

  8. Nancy says:

    May I ask you what anti- depressant you were on that made you gain weight?
    Wellbutrin is one that you might want to try as for some people it acts like a stimulant.
    I’m on Elavil for my RSD and I have gained more weight than I care to expose. lol I’m
    thinking of eating a protein bar for breakfast and dinner and eating a salad/vegs for lunch.
    I have to lose this weight as it’s making me REALLY depressed. 😦

    • BB says:

      Celexa made me gain the weight and I also slept a lot for some reason. Then I tried Wellbutrin. It made my appetite decrease, but had other side effects I couldn’t tolerate, including my hair falling out in clumps. I’m not on anything now and doing pretty well. I know, it made me soooooo mad when I gained weight on an anti-depressant. It made me even more depressed! Arghhhhh! Maybe and your doc can figure something else out..

      • Nancy says:

        I’m ready to get my jaw wired! Have you ever tried light therapy? In the morning
        get yourself outside or sit under a very bright lamp for 2 hours. They treat depression
        for people living at the south or north pole when there isn’t any light. I’m sorry to hear
        the Celexa didn’t work for you.

        • BB says:

          I think that’s why I feel better when I’m at the Outer Banks. I get out in the sun more. I do know that during the Winter I’m more depressed so I think I have whatever it is they call it. I can’t think of the name of it right now.

          • Nancy says:

            Hi again BB. This could be seasonal affective disorder, & could really respond to early AM light therapy. It should be outside in sunlight, or 4-10 times brighter than ordinary room light. It should be at least 2 hrs, first thihg in the AM, or at least before 9 AM. Of course medications could also help, & so could CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy).

            • BB says:

              Thank you again George. What other medications should I discuss with my doctor? I’ve only tried Celexa and Welbutrin so far. I’m doing pretty well right now, but if I ever feel I need something, my doctor will listen.

            • Laineylainey says:

              I know a guy who graduated fom MIT..and now lives on disability due to seasonal affective disorder. Not sure what my point is …just thought I’d say that.

  9. Nancy says:

    Here’s an idea. How about every Monday we disclose how much we have lost or gained.
    This way we wouldn’t have to tell anyone our actual weight unless we wanted to.

    • BB says:

      I’m in. That’s the day I’ve been weighing in. I don’t weigh more than once a week. I’ll even admit if I’ve gained.

      • not THAT Jill says:

        I love the idea of a weekly weigh-in but I would never get on a scale on a Monday!! Mondays are sucky enough and I’m always at some party or another over the weekend-I will post my numbers on Fridays if that okay-I love Friday!!

        • BB says:

          Oh, you are one of those people who goes to WW for the weigh in and then goes to I-Hop for a tall stack of pancakes afterwards. Been there, done that. Lololol!

          • Nancy says:

            LOL!!!!!!!!!!! Good thing the 3 of us don’t live near each other.
            Friday’s are ok with me. I’m starting my diet right after the Stanley Cup is over.

            • BB says:

              I can switch to weighing on Fridays. Doesn’t matter to me. OK, starting this Friday, everyone who has started trying to lose weight report your weight loss (or gain) here.

              • Nancy says:

                BB…In the Show we would have weigh-ins and we would get fined if we gained weight.
                Some of the girls would take their earrings out before stepping on the scale. Many of
                them ended up with eating disorders.

                • BB says:

                  When I used to weigh in at WW, people always took off their shoes. I just tried to wear the same thing every week so I could get a true reading of my weight gain or loss.

                  • Laineylainey says:

                    That’s good thinking.

                    • I saw one lady in Minnesota wear the same pants every week, she’d zip off the lower leg portion. Another woman wore capri’s until it was too cold to safely wear them. I take off my shoes, but I weigh naked at home so they wouldn’t let me strip down at WW. Those fuddy duddies!
                      I’ll join in on this since my trainer challenged me to be down 10 pounds by July 15th. She even offered me free Starbucks for 2 weeks (her drink choice not mine). We settled on a surprise bag for the gym, meaning I think she’ll find me goodies meant for the gym. I was going to ask for a date with Visor Dude, but I’m married….SIGH

    • California35 says:

      I don’t do that either now, as I said before, diets were terrible for me and obsession, etc.funny that I know I lost weight by fitting into clothes I never thought I would again…but I have no idea how many pounds I lost. I will skip this :-/

  10. Laineylainey says:

    I am here! Reading everything and hoping to get inspired by all you divas! XXOO. My first step is that I need to moooooove. I need to get up off the couch and off the computer (gasp!). My body is stiff and achy. I remember Bluey was always moving. Azgirl, too. What kind of exercise are y’all doing?

    • Nancy says:

      Eating! lol

    • BB says:

      LL, I am not much of an exerciser as in going for walks etc. I am going to try to ride my bike every day, but so far I haven’t done so. I have started getting up from the computer more often and doing something around the house more. I am also trying to get out of the house more like I did yesterday. I went to Belk, TJ Maxx and K-Mart and did some major walking around. I enjoy riding my bike over walking. Also I have a pool out back and need to get in there and move around. It helps my aching joints.

  11. BB says:

    Lainey Lainey and all. If you guys want to start moving more and want something easy to do in the privacy of your own home, go buy a Leslie Sansone walking tape. They are inexpensive and they are easy and they work. Here’s a free link and you can find her on Youtube if you want to what it’s all about first. It’s one of the one videos I can stick with that doesn’t collect dust on the shelf.

    • BB says:

      Hey guys, you don’t have to go buy the video. The same routines are on the links to the link I posted above. These routines are really easy. No excuses. Are You Ready Boots? Start Walking!

    • ramonacoaster says:

      Wow that’s great. That’s a big weight loss. Walking is the best exercise. I wonder if I could get fresh fruits & veggies at a 99 cent store near me.

      • Laineylainey says:

        Bb and Ramona coaster – thanks. No excuses “it’s too hot!” Etc….these look easy. And it will get me off the couch!

    • realhousewifeva says:

      The 99 cent store has produce!?! NICE Ours definitely doesn`t 😦

  12. designernailsdiana says:

    Some of you know I have a blog about losing weight or trying to lose it. I have not blogged in many months. I guess I got tired of not reporting any weight loss.
    My Personal Trainer Jen is amazing! She and I had a sit down and talk about what I should eat and when. My struggle came on the days I trained and felt SO hungry.
    Here it is in a nutshell.

    Get on My Fitness Pal (to log what you eat)
    Keep meals to 6 meals per day
    Meals 1-3 1 protein source
    1 starchy carb source
    Meals 4-6 1 protein source along with veggie and fat

    Starchy carbs
    -Rice cakes – Squash -Sweet Potato -Oats -White Potato
    -Ezekiel Bread 4:9 sprouted -Tortillas (Food For Life brand) -Whole Wheat Pasta keep portion small & not every day

    -Berries of any kind -Apples -Banana -Pears -Peaches Have these around a workout and in the mornings only

    -Avocado – Green Beans -Beets -Cucumber -Lettuce -Asparagus -Peas -Carrots
    -Avocado -Olive Oil -Peanut Butter -Nuts

    -Chicken – Turkey -Fish -Whey protein shakes -Tuna -Red meats (lean) -Eggs
    -Greek Yogurt (Plain add berries to it) -Cottage Cheese

    WATER 1 Gallon Per Day add Mio or Crystal light flavors

    Let me know if you want to know more. In 2 days I had lost 2 pounds, but gained it back. I’m back on it and doing well.

    • Laineylainey says:

      Thanks dnd!

    • Catseye says:

      The water is REALLY important. Also, I’ve been using 7 Keto DHEA from Amazon, under $15 a bottle. It’s supposed to speed up your metabolism and is something people become deficient in, as they get older.

      • chismosa says:

        Are these the raspberry ketones I keep hearing people
        Take ??

        What about CLA– is that good?

        • AZGirl says:

          I tried CLA years ago and it does not work.

        • Catseye says:

          I used CLA a few times, it’s supposed to make your body less insulin resistant. I don’t think it’s all it’s hyped up to be, same with the Raspberry Ketones or Green Coffee Bean Extract, which I’ve tried. But I HAVE had results using the 7 Keto DHEA and White Kidney Bean Starch Blockers.

    • Catseye says:

      Coconut Oil is really good too. I take a teaspoonful and let it melt in my mouth when I’m really hungry, it’s very satisfying. From what I have read, it’s not as fattening as most other oils.

  13. AZGirl says:

    I read the posts and I feel for you all. LaineyLainey and DND trainer have the answers. YOU NEED TO MOVE AND YOU NEED TO EAT HEALTHY.
    I do not advocate any fasting. Fasting is not healthy and does cause metabolism problems. I only believe in supplements for daily vitamins, calcium/bone and iron deficiencies.

    As many of you know I am ACE certified and taught aerobics for 14 years. I am now in my mid 50’s and also struggling with weight issues.
    1. I am a big fan of Weight Watchers. Those on the program lose weight and continue to see long term results.
    2. You need to move. Get up and call a friend and start walking. Get an ipod. Start with realistic goals and add on either by speed, duration of walking or biking and/or distance.

    Many of you are on medications and so the best source of information regarding their side effects is your own individual doctors.

    Some of you are like me and have gone through or going through menopause. Please remember there are several things that your body is going through. First, because you are not ovulating you are no longer producing progesterone. That effects metabolism and as a result the weight gain. Eating less and eating healthy along with exercise is the key. Also, you need to do some sort of muscle/weigh bearing exercise. Building muscle burn calories and also increases metabolism. Do not worry. You will not get “big” Women do not produce enough testosterone to be able to build big muscles. The women who compete in body building take supplements.

    That is why I am posting here now and not at the gym. My back is out and alas I am resting and icing it down.
    Keep positive and stay strong.

  14. designernailsdiana says:

    AZ Thank you for all that information. It’s fairly easy to add in hand weights when walking. I have arthritis in my hands so I’ve used ankle weights on my forearms. Just 1.5 pound weights is a good weight per arm.
    I looked at the Walking youtubes and I’ll do some of those too because that is something I kind of do now. Maybe that’s why I love going out and dancing, it’s a total body workout. My DH says I always look like I’m having so much fun whenever I dance to the bands we go see.
    I’m so jealous if I had a pool I’d be in it naked…err all the time.
    I enjoyed the water aerobics classes I took before my last foot surgery. My newest PT hasn’t even mentioned doing a water workout.
    I’m so glad NMD made this page for BB and of course all of us!

    • AZGirl says:

      shhhhhhhh…..when it gets really hot and late at night when I am alone well…..skinny dipping is so much fun. I figure anyone stupid enough to look over our 8 foot block wall will see a middle age skinny dipper. Their loss. πŸ™‚

  15. AZGirl says:

    Colloidal Silver: This is tricky stuff. There are many products out on the market that claim that they are “true” Colloidal Silver. This is not the case. Here is a link that explains the difference:
    Combining Colloidal Silver with some proteins is dangerous. Side effect of too much ingested or topical is blue/green skin. This is one of those supplements that are marketed improperly.
    This website is very informative.

  16. BB says:

    It’s Friday morning and I have weighed in. No change since I weighed on Monday. A little disappointed, but I know what I need to do to fix it. At least I didn’t gain (lol). Anyway, I have lost 5 lbs. since I started on 3 June so that’s a plus.

    • pat says:

      BB, I didn’t have time to read all the comments here, but it sounds like for exercise you like to walk? That’s mostly what I do these days, too, plus use my little hand weights. And I get to yoga class once in awhile. Hot yoga. Re the walking, if I want to step up the workout, I have a walkvest. It has little pockets to add half pound weights. Here’s a link:

      I also did 10 days on the master cleanse, a couple of months ago, and have kept off all but a couple of the pounds I lost. I know that’s not for everyone, but if anyone has questions about it, lemme know. I’m planning to do it at least annually, tho my husband wants to try it so we might do it together in the fall.

      • BB says:

        Thanks, Pat. I really need to pick up the pace on my exercising. It’s my least favorite thing about trying to lose weight and it’s hit or miss for me. Maybe one day I’ll get up the gumption to try a master cleanse, just to see what it’s like.

        • ramonacoaster says:

          You are like me. Someday I want to try the master cleanse too to see what it is like. But right now I like to eat and am afraid to pass out from hunger. Great job with the 5lb weight loss in 11 days!

      • Catseye says:

        I plan on doing the Master Cleanse again, even just for a couple of days. I haven’t felt so good or at peace ever.

    • Nancy says:

      Good work BB. I told you I’m not starting until the Stanley Cup is over.
      Too many parties! lol

  17. Nancy says:

    What is CLA that everyone is talking about?

  18. BB says:

    For those interested in knowing the different types of vegetarians and what differentiates a vegetarian from a vegan.

    Types of Vegetarians
    Vegan: Vegetables, fruits, and grains only.
    Ovo-Vegetarian: Vegetables, fruits, grains + eggs.
    Lacto-Vegetarian: Vegetables, fruits, grains + dairy.
    Lacto-Ovo Vegetarian: Vegetables, fruits, grains + dairy and eggs.
    Pescetarian: Vegetables, fruits, grains, dairy, eggs + fish.
    Occasional Vegetarian: Vegetables, fruits, grains, dairy, eggs, fish + chicken.
    (Many people consider themselves vegetarian even if they only cut out red meat.)

    Definition of a Vegan

    A vegan, excludes animal flesh (meat, poultry, fish and seafood), animal products (eggs, dairy and honey), and the wearing and use of animal products (eg. leather, silk, wool, lanolin, gelatin). The vegan diet consists totally of vegetables, vegetable oils, and seeds.

    • pat says:

      Thanks for posting that! I had no idea there were so many different types. My daughter had a study buddy over last night who’s a vegetarian & she stayed for dinner. According to this chart, she’s a Pescetarian. We were having salmon, which she loves. whew!

  19. not THAT Jill says:

    Well the good news is I have been Diet Coke free for 2 days (that is a life time to me) the bad news-I have the worst headache ever-I think it’s from the lack of caffeine. I know it will be better in another day or two so I’m sticking it out. I have been drinking so much water!!! My stomach feels flatter already b/c of the no soda so that makes my headache less important!!!

  20. Nancy says:

    Does anyone know of a great protein bar that could replace a meal? I’m desperate.

    • Laineylainey says:

      E eats Quest bars. gNC. Hi protein, lo carb. Take a vitamin cause the trade off is that they don’t have tons of vitamins like the higher Carby ones,

      • Nancy says:

        Thanks Lainey!!!!! Hopefully I can buy them on-line. πŸ™‚

        • Laineylainey says:

          You can. Get a gold card for more discounts. Oh and…any of the ones with choc are not her faves. She likes apple pie, banana nut muffin, cheesecake, vanilla almond. However if u go to amazon, people are raving about the choc brownie flavor. Oh and they are gluten free. Some people put them in the microwave for a few seconds. Oh she hated the choc chip cookie dough. Go online and read all about it. She pays $ 24.99 or less per box. Amazon sells them too. I think gNC has a cheap shipping rate.

          • Laineylainey says:

            Oh and she loves cinn roll. I am thinking she must have taken advantage of a sale cause everything I see is $25 and up at GNC.

  21. designernailsdiana says:

    I’m struggling to eat healthy, but since I’m going out of town tomorrow I’m not putting pressure on myself.
    My boss was not pleased to hear that I had a very bad dizzy spell at work last week and didn’t tell him. I was holding down the office while my co worker was out of town and he was juggling his properties so I just dealt with it my way. Which is ignore it and hope it goes away. I need to get back into the Dr because this was a bad one. I felt like I was literally being rolled out of my chair. I grabbed my desk to keep me from falling off my chair. I don’t think the meclizine is helping at all for my dizziness. The leg cramps are letting up and I’m stretching more too.

  22. BB says:

    Its Friday – weigh in day! You know those 5 lbs I lost? Well, I found one of them (or it found me). 😦 I’m blaming it on my daughter, her husband and baby Jack who have been down here with me at the OBX all week. Have to blame it on someone, right?

    • not THAT Jill says:

      I’m proud to report I’m down 4lbs!!! So happy b/c now I can fit back into a few of my shorts!!!

    • Nancy says:

      Hi ladies…I’m blaming it on the Stanley Cup!!! LOL Once that last buzzer goes off the party is OVER for me. I’ve ordered some protein bars that I am going to use as a meal replacement as I don’t so well when given choices. So far my doctor won’t let me stop the RSD medication until he can figure out what to replace it with. Not happy with that.
      I feel like I’m in the wrong body with this added weight. 😦

    • Laineylainey says:

      Hi BB, Jill & nancy…I didn’t realize we were doing weighins on Fridays. Great idea. I will do mine on Saturday morn.

      • Nancy says:

        Hi Lainey…I ordered those protien bars that you suggested so thank-you. πŸ™‚

        • Laineylainey says:

          My Dd loves them! I think they might be a meal replacement for breakfast, I’ll have to ask her if she replaces other Meals.

  23. BB says:

    It’s Friday already? Well, I’m moving on the scale but not in the direction (up 2 lbs instead of down). I’m eating the right things, but I know I’m eating too much of the right things. Also trying to adjust my working/sleeping schedule now that I’m watching Jack. Oh, well. At least I know what I’m doing wrong, now I just need to fix it. Trying to keep a positive attitude about it. πŸ˜€

  24. BB says:

    Friday weigh-in – Lost 2 lbs. πŸ™‚

  25. designernailsdiana says:

    Two weeks ago I ended up in ER because of my dizziness not going away. ER doc asked why I hadn’t followed up on the aneurysm they saw last year. I had forgotten about that aneurysm. They gave me a CT scan and some meds. I waited and was happy to hear the aneurysm was GONE! They thought perhaps I had moved during that previous scan, but I didn’t move because I was scared I was having a stroke at the time.
    I’m now on meclizine 4 time a day not just one. My headaches are beginning to go away.
    The muscles cramps and spasms have returned.
    I’m starting to see a little pattern that has to do with me overdoing it on a “feeling good day” and that leads to 3-4 feeling terrible days with lots of muscle cramps and spasms. UGH
    I’m not even focusing on losing the weight I’m just focusing on not hurting.
    I’m venting so thank you for letting me vent here in a safe place.

    • obx1 says:

      Here’s hoping you can get to a point where you’re not in constant pain and can get the focus back on other important things in your life.

    • Laineylainey says:

      So happy the aneurysm is gone. HOw does THAT hAppen? So sorry you are in pain, DND. I hope today is good day. Don’t overdo on the good days! It mut be hard t o, huh? Please continue to keep us posted.

  26. BB says:

    I won’t be weighing in today; the reason is that my scales at the OBX are different from my scales in VA and I know I’m in VA every Monday. So I will be weighing in on Mondays from now on. With the exception of last night (and I didn’t exactly go HOG WILD), I have been very very good this week. If I have to weigh in on Mondays, maybe it will make me behave better on the weekends. Lol.

  27. BB says:

    Lost 2+ lbs. At least I’m going in the right direction (slowly). πŸ™‚

  28. BB says:

    Lost 2.59 lbs. this week. Onward and Downward!

  29. BB says:

    A pound of muscle weighs the same as a pound of fat – but it’s much better looking.

  30. designernailsdiana says:

    I’ve been MIA. I was on vacation and we went camping. My blood pressure was very high, but came down Saturday and Sunday. Monday after taking my Dad to his eye doctor I experienced a TIA-Transient Ischemic Attack.
    I’m now on 3 new drugs and ordered to rest and relax. I can’t do that, I’m the family worry wart who must be checking up on everyone 24/7……well not anymore.
    I was so scared when I couldn’t cut my meat with my fork and started speaking slowly. I’m a very fast talker so I knew I was having the same thing I had last summer when the same type of thing happened. This time they got an answer or part of an answer. I go see my primary Dr next week and the end of next month the neurologist. UGH this sucks. But I’ve got my LynnFam to make me laugh every day. Thank You.

  31. BB says:

    I gained .8 lb. this week. Pretty good considering this past weekend was the “anniversary” weekend. Lol. Back to reality.

  32. BB says:

    Lost 3 lbs. this week. Did a little happy dance this morning. Now, back to bed. It’s my day off!

    • Nancy says:

      Good for you BB. The best part of the protein bars is that you aren’t hungry at all as
      they really fill you up. Most of them have under 200 calories a piece. πŸ™‚

  33. Nancy says:

    I’m down 9 lbs. πŸ™‚

  34. SC Girl says:

    Hello everyone…………I’m the origanal SCGirl from back in the Hubpages. That was like a lifetime ago. I’m also the one who wrote in for advice on quitting smoking months ago when I got so depressed. Thanks to y’all and the wonderful words and help I will have quit smoking 29 weeks tomorrow. Now it’s time to loose some weight, LOL.

    What happened? I gained like 56 Lbs. altogether From the 7-9 times I tried to stop smoking over a 4 year period.

    My weight loss plan
    I’m coming here every Monday to weigh in with y’all.
    Right now Aug. 18 – Sept. 4 I will just be starting to cut back on snacking.
    My DH and have already started water aronics on Monday and Tuesday nights.
    We walk the dogs 4/5 of the days, for like 20 minutes. It’s so hot right now.
    I would like to start working in some Yoga.

    From Sept. 5 – Oct. 17 I will be doing the Paleo Diet. A lot like Atkins. I hope to drop at least 15 in this 6 week period. Thoughts?
    Then after that 6 weeks I think I’m just going to go to counting intake.

    BB your doing great. What are you doing?

    I will be here for weight loss!/gain? announcement tomorrow. Last I weighed myself was Thursday so it will be from that point till tomorrow.

    I will now call myself Lander since someone took my name, LOL.

    • Laineylainey says:

      Hi! Welcome! I just recently decided to go “paleo” myself! Good luck to you, to us! Congrats on being smoke free! That’s awesome!

      Nancy, 9 lbs! Congrats!

    • Nancy says:

      Hi Lander…welcome back. πŸ™‚ I’m soooo proud of you for stopping smoking!!!!

  35. Lander says:

    Thank you so much.

    Yes congrats nancy, I totally did not see that you wrote that. πŸ™‚

  36. BB says:

    Hey, y’all. I’ve decided to quit doing my weekly weigh ins. Why, you ask? Because last week, after doing so well on my eating, it showed a gain. My closthes are getting looser, but it’s not showing up on the scales. So instead of throwing my hands in the air and giving up, I’m not going to weigh for a while. I know I’m doing the right things, so that’s what I’m going to continue doing. This past weekend, I was not totally on plan, but I didn’t go way overboard either. I’m not going to beat myself up about it. That’s where I go wrong and end up going totally off a good healthy eating plan.

    SC Girl. Congratulations on quitting smoking. That is a great accomplishment! You asked how I am losing weight? I’m counting calories and keeping a food journal of what I eat (I hate keeping track, but if that’s what I gotta do, then that’s what I’m gonna do).

    Nancy – Keep up the good work!

    That’s all I’ve got for now. Gotta go tend to Jack!

    • LaineyLainey says:

      I totally get that, it’s discouraging when the scale isn’t as enthusiastic to show results as we are to see results. I have been bread free, cheese free, rice and beans free (that’s a biggie for me) and I’ve not lost an ounce. But I’ve been eating a lot of veggies, meat, chicken, fruit, salads, eggs,…I’m not really watching my portions right now because I am afraid I will go back to the bread and bread like products to feel full. So I’m taking baby steps. Fat baby steps. goo goo gah gah!!

    • Nancy says:

      I feel your pain BB. I went an entire week and didn’t lose anything.
      I felt like throwing the scale out the window. Finally my weight went down but not
      as fast as I would like it to be as I’m hardly eating anything. 😦

  37. Lander says:

    Hello everyone………….

    BB that’s what I will be doing after I do my 6 weeks or so of the paleo diet. My good friend lost over 100 Lbs. in just over a year counting calories and kept it off for over 3 years. She loves a website called “Hungry Girl”. She looks at the recipes and then adds things, changes some things, or sometimes just makes the recipes as is.

    Laineylainly I have been looking at a couple of different paleo blogs. One was and right now I can not remember the other. I really am not going to go crazy, crazy making all sorts of food. It is very cool though now a days how many different food recipes you can make because of all the different flours and things. Since I will only be on the paleo diet for 6 weeks or so I will just do it more old school. But when I do make something I will be sure to tell and rate it for ya.

    OK I did my weigh in and had lost a half pound. It has to have been from the aqua jog. I love water exercise. I’m not crazy old now but when I was young I did aqua jog and all the other young people would make fun of me, LOL. I was like what ever if you bust your butt you can burn up to 800 calories with low impact to your body.


    • LaineyLainey says:

      aw, darn – I just wrote you a long reply and then accidentally cancelled it. eeeeeeek!!! so anyhoo I’ve been on Paleo since last Wed, and so that’s probably why I haven’t lost an ounce, but I haven’t started moving yet. I’m trying to get used to the shock of no beans, rice, tortilla, bread, corn, most cheese…it hasn’t been to bad, YET. I hope to start seeing results and then maybe that will encourage me to stick with it.

      • Lander says:

        I do think that I’m going to eat some cheese on my paleo diet. Just like good old fashioned Atkins diet you could eat cheese as long as it was 1 gram of carb or less and of course don’t go bonkers.

        I’m also not going low salt/sodium. I think you should always be mindful of that intake in both directions and that’s how salt should be handled. I have known people who have messed themselves up with getting off salt for a extended period of time and then they can’t eat it at all. This one girl I knew would blow up from a order of McD’s French fries.

        Doing OK. We had to stop aqua jog early last night due to weather. Then I got some bad for me sugar stuff :(. . The rest of the day went OK.


      • Nancy says:

        Lainey…why don’t you try a protein bar in place of one of your meals?
        I bet you regret telling me about them don’t you? LOL

        • Laineylainey says:

          No, I don’t regret it! LOL!!! I am so glad you like them. LGirl loves them.

        • Lander says:

          Nancy are the protein bars a big contributor to your 9 lbs. weight loss?

          • Nancy says:

            Hi Lander. Absolutely. I don’t do well when I have many choices so eating a protein bar for two of my meals makes it easy for me. I eat a salad and a piece of fruit for the 3rd meal. I gained a lot of weight after starting a new medication so this is really the first
            diet I’ve ever been on. I never thought it would be this difficult. 😦

        • LaineyLainey says:

          I haven’t gone the protein bar route because I don’t think I’ll feel full. Right now, that’s one of the needs I have when I eat. To feel full. LOL!!!

  38. LaineyLainey says:

    Hey, Diet and Health Friends!!! It’s been one week of following Paleo (pretty closely) and I weighed this morning and I have lost 2 pounds in one week. With no exercise. I am so excited. 2 down,…a jillion to go!!! jk! But a lot more to go…so I know I will have to start moving (nod to my AZGirl…love that inspiring movin’ everyday super woman!!!)

    • Lander says:

      That is so great Laineylainey. Thinking back my son did the atkins diet and the first week he did not lose any weight either. Then on he lost a lot of weight. I know I can’t wait to get started on the paleo diet and lose some weight. I made a list of all the food products I need to get out of the house that would tempt me.


      • Laineylainey says:

        But I DID, lose weight the first week! Starting week 2!

        • Lander says:

          Oh I didn’t understand that. Way cool. I will be on my way with you in 2 week exact.

          I have been having a really hard time every time I eat sugar I get symptoms of being diabetic but I’m not. My blood sugar in both directions in perfect. I have been checked, checked, and checked again. By myself and professionals. It’s so weird. It’s not so much a made from scratch out of organic sugar thing as a white sugar snicker bar, DQ, cake mix off the shelve, or what ever type of thing. I know that they at some point going to let companies put this fake sweetener in our food called neotame. Well my body has never taken to fake sweeteners. I get headaches and stomach aches. So London and short of it, I think they have started putting this product in our food now. I think my body is reading the fake sugar as a over load of sugar and it’s making me sick.


          • Lander says:

            Oh I thought I might have this thing called Candida. Now Heath food people think this is a real sickness and doctors think it a bunch of bologna. Well I have known about it for years and thought of I bet I have that Candida, but I don’t. I can eat things like pasta and bread, those kinda sugars and with Candida you can’t even eat them. Unless it starts out with of this sugar, this amount and just keeps going down hill from that point.


  39. Lander says:

    OK I lost 1.5 pounds. It’s the aqua jog because if anything I have eaten more food. On Friday I went to a buffet!!!!


    • BB says:

      That’s great! And just think how much more you’ll lose if you cut down on the food part.
      I’m not weighing, but I can report that I can take my pants off without unbuttoning or unzipping them. Yay!

      • Lander says:

        LOL, well that’s a even better way to measure. I know I was told to use a measuring tape for measurements and not to weigh myself. But I always do the scale.

  40. Nancy says:

    I’m down 13 lbs!!!! but…it might be because it’s been so hot out lately.
    I had no idea dieting was so difficult. 😦

    • Laineylainey says:

      Hi nancy! Good for you!!! I am down 7. Just imagine if I exercised. I am starting to miss bread. Tonight I had a lettuce wrapped burger. Pickles, onion, tomato, mustard ketchup,…all the pieces were there except the bread and cheese. Breadless sandwiches are messy. Who knew? Oh yeah, everyone! Haha!

  41. Nancy says:

    BB…I miss you around here and on the blog. The World Series will be here soon. πŸ™‚

    • Lander says:

      Nancy how has your diet been going?
      I have not started my Paleo diet yet. So many things have gone on. First the old man across the street was in the hospital, then my son (30) had to go to the emergency room for strep throat gone big time crazy. He’s fine now. But don’t ya know that I have gone down a size and a half with just 1 month of water aronics.

  42. Nancy says:

    I found this episode sad for everyone.

  43. Nancy says:

    Masters is a pig!! Poor Libby. This is what’s going to happen. M & V are going to start this
    “song & dance” together. They both want to be in control against each other. Don’t you think?

    • lulu says:

      I’m still trying to wrap my head around what the hell was she thinking!?!?! I know they get married but what was he thinking? I know he mentioned how other Dr’s sacrificed their own bodies/families for science. But this is different!! Did he want a mistress???

      • Nancy says:

        I think it is two fold. A) he really wants to do it for scientific research…and B) Virginia
        came into his life and woke him up sexually. He had pushed those feelings back
        for years so he went for it. This is where it will go off the rail though. Did you notice
        that they had an orgasm at the same time? Remember what Virginia said about this
        subject. Now what is she to do?

      • Nancy says:

        You have to remember that Virginia has major issues with intimacy herself so she
        doesn’t have the same feelings a healthy woman would feel. Yes she is worried about Libby but not enough for her to stop.

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