Exclusive Interview with Ana Quincoces – Real Housewives of Miami

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Exclusive Interview with Ana Quincoces – Real Housewives of Miami by NoMoreDrama

ana quincocesAna Quincoces has impressed me this season on the Real Housewives of Miami.  She seems – for the lack of a better word – more level-headed than many of the ladies that have agreed to be on the various housewives franchises.  The moment I knew I’d love to interview her was after the episode with the Thomas Kramer dinner party, where Ana stood up for herself (and  in a way all women) by walking out of his dinner party after he behaved like an ass. Ana dishes on that dinner party and gives us the tea on the Rodolfo – Karent relationship.  She also corroborates Marysol’s side of the Elaine Lancaster / Lisa Pliner / Marysol Patton argument.  A big thank you to Ana for agreeing to the interview and answering all the questions candidly.

Q1.  My first question is – and I only ask this because you seem level-headed – why did you agree to be on a Housewives show?

Ana: I hate to sound cliché and say it was the “platform” but in large part that is why I did it- at least that why I convinced myself I was doing it. Filming this season became an exercise in self-discovery- part of me wanted to take a risk and do something a little out of character. I had played it safe for most of my adult life and I figured this was my opportunity to do something a little reckless. Lol.

Q2. You were voted one of Miami’s “hottest chefs” by Eater Magazine last year, but we’ve seen more of your Lawyer storyline than Chef storyline.  Why is that and will we see you cooking on the show in the remaining episodes?

Ana: The producers wanted to show my transition from one career to another. I was struggling with my office move and I think it was important for the viewers to get to know that part of me. I think next season will show more of Ana the chef.

Q3.  You and your ex-husband (is he an ex yet?) are showing the viewers an example of an amicable divorce.  Thank you for that.  What is your relationship status now?

Ana: We are still great friends and co-parents.

Q4.  There was a scene on the show where your ex let himself into your home and seemed to surprise you.  Have you set additional boundaries to respect your privacy?  If so, is he respecting them?

Ana: Robert is always welcome in my home- the unexpected visits however, are much less frequent. I did not really have to set boundaries. It was the natural progression of a relationship that was “winding down”, for lack of a better term.

Q5.   You were in the middle of the drama at Lisa Pliner’s party between Elaine Lancaster and Marysol Patton.  Is it intimidating to be yelled at by a six-foot two drag queen? What is your relationship with Elaine, and what is your relationship with James (the actor who plays Elaine)?  If it is different, why do you think that is?

Ana: There are very few things that intimidate me. Perhaps cooking alongside Morimoto or Batali would make me a bit uneasy- having a spirited discussion with Elaine Lancaster does not. I have a cordial relationship with both Elaine and James. We do not get in each other’s way- kind of an unspoken agreement between us.

Q6.   At Thomas Kramer’s party you were defending Marysol when Thomas started to yell at you.  What were you trying to say before you were interrupted?

Ana: I was having a conversation with Joanna regarding the Lisa Pliner controversy.  I was simply telling her about the texts I had read and the conversation I had witnessed and participated in which corroborated Marysol’s side of the story.  

Q7.  You chose to leave Thomas Kramer’s party, calling him a “misogynist.”  Can you give viewers a little insight into what was going on that night and how that made you feel?

Ana:  It was the kind of event that makes you want to get deloused upon leaving- as a hot shower would be insufficient to rid oneself of the infestation.

Q8.  Thomas Kramer has told his side of the story of that night on his blog here.  He defines each of the housewives by their husband/boyfriend’s relationship to HIM, with the exception of Marysol and Mama Elsa.  Had you met Thomas Kramer before that evening?  Have any of the men in your life had a (business/friendship) relationship with him?

Ana:  I had been to Thomas Kramer’s home twice before- I even cooked at his home for a VH-1 pilot. He then invited me a second time for a small dinner which included Jon Secada, the singer as well as some Japanese business associates. He was dating a friend of mine named Zurami who had the good sense to end the relationship shortly thereafter.

Q9.    Talking about the dinner party, Thomas Kramer said you were “loud, texting the entire time, rude and void of manners.” He described you as the “ME ME ME ME ME Star” of RHOM.  We certainly didn’t see that on the screen.  What really happened that night?

Ana:  To dignify his comments with a response is to give him more attention than he deserves.  What you saw on screen is the real me- someone who doesn’t draw first blood or vie for attention.

Q10.  How would you describe Thomas Kramer?

Ana:  I wouldn’t.

Q11.  You mentioned in your “on camera” interview after that night that you were finished defending Marysol, and that you were hurt that she didn’t come to your defense.  Can you explain how you were feeling that night?  How is your relationship with Marysol now?

Ana:  Marysol and I are closer than ever. That incident was just a hiccup in a blossoming friendship.

Q12.   You also mentioned that Marysol needed to start sticking up for herself.  Did you encourage her to work things out with Elaine/James?

Ana: I did encourage her to try and work things out.

Q13.  You got off to a rocky start with Karent Sierra when filming started.  Karent accused you of texting/fan stalking her then-boyfriend Rodolfo Jimenez.  Has she ever apologized for that?

Ana: No she has not. But that is consistent with her character or lack thereof.

Q14.   You kept referring to Rodolfo as Karent’s fake boyfriend.  While it’s now clear that he was cheating on her, it’s not clear to me why you felt that their relationship was fake.  Could you please explain why you said that?

Ana:  I had the opportunity to spend some time with Rodolfo at the hospital when Alexia’s son was recovering from his accident.  He made it very clear to me, Alexia, and several others that he wanted nothing to do with Karent. In fact, he said he was avoiding her at all cost.  I had also attended numerous events where both he and Karent were present and he didn’t as much as look in her general direction. Her account of their relationship is inconsistent with what I witnessed with my own eyes.  Rodolfo also became engaged to another woman during the purported “break” she often spoke of. This “reconciliation” fortuitously and too coincidentally happened at the same time that the casting for RHOM was taking place. I believe Rodolfo was a prop for Karent to be cast on the show and that he agreed to this because he had just been terminated from his job at Univision. I do believe however that Karent held out hope for a true reconciliation, but ultimately she was not honest with the viewers or herself.

Q15.  In last week’s episode of Real Housewives of Miami most of the show seemed centered around Alexia waiting for the right opportunity to tell Karent about the article that mentioned Rodolfo’s new girlfriend.  How much of that night was really spent on talking about Karent’s relationship? Was that article something you had seen before Alexia showed it to you or was it a surprise?  Was it something Karent could have seen on-line?  Was Alexia asked to bring the article to Bimini to “confront” Karent with the truth?

Ana:  The scene in the bathroom was the first time I saw or heard of the article. My reaction upon learning that Rodolfo was involved with a 24 year old named “Ana” was that of vindication with a side of poetic justice. The remainder of the evening made me uncomfortable as is evident from the footage and the many times the camera panned upon my face.

Q16.  Lea Black is very direct, and while she asked Karent all sorts of questions about her relationship with Rodolfo she didn’t mention the article.  What did you think of Lea’s questions that night?  How is your relationship with Lea?

Ana: I think it was distasteful and not at all direct.

Q17.  How is your relationship with Karent now?

Ana: Cordial.

Q18.  If you’re back for a second season of Real Housewives of Miami, what else would you like us to learn about you?

Ana: I would love to share my passion for cooking with the viewers. I would also love the viewers to see more of the amazing relationship I share with my daughters. They are quite the characters. Ultimately, I think the viewers learned a lot about me this season. I did honest TV. I didn’t play anything up or anything down for the cameras. I have some regrets but mostly I am proud of my participation. I am not a typical “housewife” by any stretch. I am a veritable “square peg” and I like it that way.

Q19.  What’s next for Ana Quincoces?

Ana:  My third cookbook for the famed Versailles Cuban Restaurant comes out in the spring, and a food line beginning with my “Million Dollar Marinade will launch in early January. I am also toying with the idea of a small restaurant. We’ll see… I am both nervous and excited about my future. I suppose that if the world is my oyster, I’m making “Oysters Rockefeller”! 😉

Thank you Ana – NMD!

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