Exclusive Interview with Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Carlton “Mr. Couture” Morton

Published November 17, 2012

Exclusive Interview with Real Housewives of Atlanta’s

Carlton “Mr. Couture” Morton

by NoMoreDrama

Carlton Morton is Cynthia Bailey’s Assistant at the Bailey Agency School of Fashion.  Carlton was the recipient of Kenya Moore’s “security” smackdown at the event.  Carlton’s twitter description is: “Celeb Assistant – Real Housewives of ATL. Online Radio Host. Entrepreneur. Socialite. Humanitarian. Opinionated Creole.”  I thought it would be fun to ask Carlton a few questions about what happened during the JET casting event that was shown on Episode One of the Real Housewives of Atlanta this season.

NoMoreDrama:  How long have you known Cynthia Bailey and how did you meet?

Carlton:  I’ve known Cynthia for some years now. I met her through the amazing Dr. Zelda Pittman. We were introduced at a red carpet event Cynthia was hosting in which I accompanied Zelda. When I first met Cynthia, I was speechless. She was and still is one of the most amazingly gorgeous and regal women I have ever met in my life. Her personality was very welcoming and I could tell based on her spirit that she would be a phenomenal person to work with.

 NoMoreDrama: Have you been on any episodes of the Real Housewives of Atlanta before this year?

Carlton: Yes. I was seen but not heard in a few of the episodes last season. If you watch the footage from The Bailey Agency opening or the anniversary party, you’ll see me. However, please don’t blink because you may miss me. I’m just saying.

NoMoreDrama:  What is your job at The Bailey  Agency?

Carlton: In addition to being Cynthia’s assistant, I also oversee online content management, the Acting for Kids course, and the staffing of interns. I must admit, my job is pretty cool. It is what I love to do and has never felt like work.

HilDogAtl:  Kenya Moore states in the upcoming episode (I believe) that Jet contacted her about judging and the venue was going to be at Cynthia’s school.  Yet, in Cynthia’s blog this week, she mentions that Jet contacted her and she invited Kenya…what’s the real tea on this?

Carlton: Here’s the deal. Cynthia invited that lady to the casting. Period. I’m not sure where the fluff or delusion came from but maybe she got Cynthia’s invite confused with JET or something. I’m not sure. However, I will say Cynthia invited that lady to come and be a judge for the casting.

NoMoreDrama:  Was there any pre-screening for the models before they saw the panel?  While Kenya’s delivery left something to be desired, do you think the models benefited from her critique?  It did seem like some were completely unprepared for the audition.

Carlton: With any casting, usually you sign the sign-in sheet, have your photos ready, and walk in to meet the judges when your number is called.  I am not sure how the models would have benefited from the critique. There is a different between constructive criticism and “extra”. You can never really fully “prepare” for any audition because you just never know who the judges will be and what they will specifically be looking for.  I think the young ladies were all amazing for even at least trying to do something great with their goals.  That alone is admirable.

NoMoreDrama:  What prompted you to talk to Kenya about her comments to the models?  Why didn’t you let Cynthia handle it?

Carlton: I actually was speaking in general in that moment. It was an attempt to calm down a situation which had just occurred with my co-worker. We were offended that the comments were ongoing and distasteful. In that moment, you don’t think about letting anyone else handle it. This isn’t some tag team effort. It was all real emotion for what was right. We saw and issue and took matters into our own hands to try to help but it totally took a turn down “Crazy Avenue”.  Cynthia handled the situation with class and the way it should have been handled.

HilDogAtl:  Kenya states that she had you physically removed but from what I remember seeing, that didn’t happen.  Did her security man really kick you out of the auditions?

Carlton:  Come on. Anyone who saw the episode can clearly see I walked out after the situation was squashed. That man had nothing to do with me walking out of there. I said it then and I will say it again: They would have been ushered out before me. That is the place I work. You understand? You can’t remove me from a place in which you have no authority. You do not sign my checks. Those were the thoughts in my head but nice try.

NoMoreDrama:  Was this your only interaction with Kenya?  Will we see the two of you in any future episodes of the series?

Carlton: Ha. Well, you may see us interact. You have to keep watching to find that out. Trust me, you will enjoy this season. Definitely stay tuned for moments everyone has been waiting for. The Real Housewives of Atlanta are a show-stopping bunch.

NoMoreDrama.  What’s next for Carlton?  Anything you’d like us to know about you?

Carlton: Currently, I just launched my online radio show “INSOMNIA with Mr. Couture”. It airs every Monday night from 11pm-1am EST on my website www.CoutureWasHere.com. I’m also currently working on other projects for charity and of course continuing to be a part of greatness at The Bailey Agency School of Fashion. I’m honestly just excited about life and the ability to inspire so many people who have similar stories as mine. Life is all about creating opportunities rather than waiting for them to come to you. I plan on using every gift I’ve been given.

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