Shahs of Sunset Reunion Part 1 plus a Special Message to Lynnfam

Dear LynnFam,

Some of you may have wondered why I haven’t asked for any new bloggers as a new season of shows starts.  The truth is, I’m burned out.  It has been getting harder and harder to steal time away from my life to spend on setting up a blog each morning.  It hasn’t helped that I’ve grown bored of the shows – and the people on the shows.

I know many of you depend on LynnFam for your daily fix of companionship, reality show gossip, and other assorted amusements, and this decision wasn’t easy.  The good news is that Stars99 is getting ready to launch her own website, so we’ll all have a place to play!

I want to thank all of you that have blogged for Lynnfam over the years.  I hope everyone had a great experience.  I know I’ve appreciated all the talent that has been posted on these pages.  And of course we all have Lynn to thank for bringing us together.

I also want to thank all of the wonderful people that comment, and bring news and updates to the blog and those of you that have helped out behind the scenes.  There isn’t a tweet or instagram that gets past our group.

The transition won’t happen overnight – I’ll continue to post any blogs that come in – and Stars still has some work to do on her site.  There are also some fun facebook groups with gossip and snark – just send me a fb message and I’ll get you an invite.  You’ll see lots of familiar faces.

I want to thank everyone for making this such a great experience.  Love you all!  Veena

PS – I’ll keep posting blogs as they roll in – we’ve still got a few to finish out.


The Shahs of Sunset – Reunion Part 1 by SunnyGirl


Before I watched the reunion, I watched the very first episode, just to remind myself how these folks portrayed themselves originally.  Reza states that he, Mike and MJ all went to Beverly Hills High together.  He says all of them come from rich families (I’m not sure Asa’s family is rich, though.)  Reza says Persian families expect you to do great things.  Reza says Persians are passionate and they fight, but they makeup.  They love fancy cars, flashy houses, gold and Cristal.

In this first episode, MJ says she doesn’t want to get married.  She is happy with her dogs.  She is an only child and her parents are divorced.  She says she grew up having houses in the US, Iran and London.  She works for Keller Williams Real Estate.

Reza says he is 98.7% finer than any other Persian man.  He also works for Keller Williams Real Estate and says MJ is his best friend.  MJ was the first one that Reza told about being gay.  Reza swears he had sex with MJ once, but MJ swears he did not.

Mike and GG have known each other for years.  Mike dated GG’s sister, Leila.  Mike talks about how sexy GG is.  Mike says he loves to flirt with GG.  He says when he flirts with GG, she flirts back.  Mike says he is an alpha male; he is good at everything.

MJ says she hasn’t figured out what is going on between Mike and GG.  She says the biggest issue is that Mike is Jewish and GG is Muslim.  GG is therefore forbidden fruit.

GG says that she hates ants and ugly people.  She admits that her Daddy pays her bills.  She says she is looking for a Persian spouse but all Persian boys are “Momma’s boys.”

Asa is an artist.  Her work is about her life.  She paints, does photography and music.  She has recorded a song called Tehran-geles.  She says they are refuges from Iran and when they left, they lost everything.  She grew up in the ghetto of Beverly Hills.  She claims Persians are very materialistic and most don’t live a soulful life.  Reza calls Asa a “brokedown Punky Brewster.”

My, how things have changed in four shorts seasons.

2 - group shahs

We see the Shahs arriving to get ready for the reunion.  No one looks stressed at this point.  GG is in her trailer, getting makeup done.  She is asked who she is looking forward to seeing the most.  She replies “I’m excited to see Mike and Jessica.  People are going to get f$&^ed up!”  Reza visits Mercedes in her trailer.  MJ says that Asa wouldn’t even say hi to her.

Everyone is now arriving on set.  Filming is happening but I’m not sure the Shahs realize it.  GG is puffing a cigarette as she is walking from her trailer to the set.

Now Andy Cohen arrives and welcomes the Shahs to the reunion.  They are serving champagne which surprises me because during the past reunions with the Shahs alcohol was not served until filming was done.

Andy congratulates Mike on his marriage and talks about all the different things that have happened since the show was filmed.  Andy comments on how long some of these people have known each other.  It’s interesting because, unlike the Real Housewives franchise, this crew actual has years of history with one another.

Pictures are shown of them when they were younger.  Mike and Asa have known each other since Asa moved to America.  Mike and GG have known each other since GG was in her early teens; he was a friend (and I believe from past episodes also a boyfriend) of GG’s sister.  GG has known Asifa for over 11 years.  Reza and MJ have known each other since high school.  MJ says when she met Reza, she felt she had met her soulmate.

MJ says it best when Andy asks why the group stays so connected.  She says the friends have become her family.  Mike says they are like family and he loves them which is why it was such a difficult season for him.

3 - mj

4 - reza

Now Andy is asking about the changes to their appearances.  Reza looks absolutely stunning.  He has lost 30 pounds and shaved off his moustache.  He is dressed in a black suit with a black shirt.  He is much more understated than he usually is, although he is still sporting some gold jewelry.  MJ is wearing a turquoise gown with an extreme amount of breast showing.  Her hair is much lighter and it’s a good look for MJ.  The gown is appealing but MJ is obviously uncomfortable in it because she keeps adjusting the top to cover more of the breast area.  Asa has her hair straightened and it’s a good look for her.  She is wearing a deep blue gown with jewels encrusted throughout.  GG is in a black gown, showing her new boob job.  She asks Andy if he wants to touch them and, for once, Andy is flustered.  Asifa is in a white gown, and says she wears a lot of white.  Mike is wearing a black leather jacket with a black patterned shirt.

5 - asa

They discuss plastic surgery.  MJ claims she had a breast lift.  Asifa and GG have had breast implants.  Everyone has had a nose job except for Asa, Asifa and Reza.

Now, of course, the arguments begin.  Andy brings up the subject of Asa’s weight.  Asa calls out MJ.  Asa claims MJ throws shade at her and uses the example of Asa’s weight as an example.  When Asa, MJ and Reza are discussing weight loss for Reza’s upcoming wedding, Reza asks Asa how much she weighs.  She tells them she weighs 170 pounds.  MJ makes jokes that Asa is not going to lose weight and that she is already fibbing about the 170 pounds.  Asa tells MJ that, as a woman, when Asa told national TV how much she weighed, MJ should have supported her.  MJ claims she wasn’t throwing shade; she was just joking.  I see both sides of that disagreement.

6 - asifa

Andy, as Andy always does,  brings up that Asa and MJ had problems with each other this year.  Andy says it seems like all started when Reza picked MJ to be his maid of honor.  Andy asks Reza why he chose MJ.  Reza jokes that they go back to the 14th century.  Andy says that MJ announced that Asa and Adam could not attend Reza’s bachelor party.  MJ says her reason was that Reza wanted a traditional bachelor party while Adam wanted a co-ed party.

Andy asks Reza if Asa had attended the party, would he have had as good a time.  Reza says “Honestly, we have this weird respect thing like I have with my sister.”  Andy paraphrases what Reza says and states “So, you’re saying you might not have had as much fun with Asa there.”  Asa says everyone was there but her.  MJ says not everyone was there.  She says there were no straight guys.  Asa asks if MJ thinks Asa is a straight guy.  Asa says GG was there.  There is more discussion about Asa not being invited.  Then Asa speaks up and says “You know what’s difficult in this friendship?  When MJ is cool, she is so cool.  And then that night she will stab me in my heart.”  Asa tells MJ she is two-faced and that it is a running joke with the Shahs.  GG says it’s MJ’s only disease – that she wants everyone to like her so she tells one person one thing and then tells another person the exact opposite.

Andy says he loves the relationship Asa has with her parents.  He asks what the biggest challenge was when her parents moved in with her.  She says the cats and the cat pee were the worst.  She claims the cats have a diet of Flaming Hot Cheetos and watermelon.  Yuck.  They all laugh about Asa’s mom quoting 1990’s hit songs, like “Say Goodbye to Yesterday” by Boys to Men.

Then Andy turns to Mike to talk about his proposal to Jessica.  Andy asks about Jessica’s spiritual conversion.   He asks the group what they thought about Jessica making the conversion before she got a ring.  Reza says “With all due respect, I wouldn’t switch from Pepsi to Coke without a ring.”  Mike explains that it is at least a four month conversion process and that his folks wouldn’t have accepted plans for a wedding until Jessica converted.  Then Andy talks to Mike about his proposal to Jessica.  Andy said Bravo got loads of positive feedback about the romantic way Mike proposed.  The camera cuts to GG, where we see an evil smirk on her face.  Uh oh.

Reza says the best, most beautiful part of the season is Mike’s proposal.  Andy asks GG what her reaction was, considering it was days after GG had publically confronted Mike about what happened in Turkey.  GG says her eyes filled up with tears and that she thought it was beautiful.  She claims she doesn’t want them to not be together. She says she has known Mike forever and she loves him. She says that at the end of the day, if he called and needed something, she would be right there. She says she wants him to be a great husband to this woman that is bending her back over to make him happy.  Mike listens and then says GG has a funny way of showing things.  He says he can’t believe her.

7 - gigi

Andy asks Asifa if it was hard to meet the group of people who have such a long history with each other.  Asifa said any time you meet new people it takes awhile.  Andy asks MJ if she welcomes people easily.  MJ says she is guarded.  Asa says MJ welcomes men very easily, and Asifa agrees with her.  The girls seem to gang up on MJ a little – about not supporting women and about being two-faced.  MJ really takes offense.  Asifa gets a little nasty with MJ.  MJ tells Asifa she doesn’t respect her so she doesn’t care what her opinion is.  Asifa starts saying she has normal parents and a normal upbringing.  Then ALL the Shahs get hot under the collar and say that parents are off-bounds.  Mike claims it bothers him that there are no boundaries in the group any more.

Andy turns to Reza and starts the conversation about Reza and Adam’s relationship conflicts.  Reza looks miserable about having to talk about it again.  Andy asks where the relationship stands.  Reza takes a deep breath and says things are great.  He says they have really been working on their relationship.  He says he is an incredibly flawed person with a lot of issues.  He says he tries to understand Adam, who is completely different than he is.  He says calling off the wedding was the hardest thing he has ever done.  They discuss the trip to Thailand and that it was miserable for Reza.  Reza did finally realize how much he loved Adam while he was in Thailand so ultimately it was a good trip.  Reza tells Andy that he and Adam are still living together.  Andy asks Reza if the sex has improved and Reza responds that it is a lot better.  Reza says that 1000% there will be a wedding in the future but he has no clue when.  Adam declined to attend the reunion because he did not want to live through that pain again.

They discuss the bachelor party.  Andy asks what Reza told Adam about the party.  Reza says he told Adam he doesn’t remember anything.  Mike jumps on that and asks how could that be a defense?  (Good one, Mike!)  Mike and Reza argue back and forth.

Andy asks if Adam signed the pre-nup before they called off the wedding and Adam did sign it before.  Andy asks Mike if they have a pre-nup.  Mike responds no, that whatever he has is Jessica’s.  There is a discussion that Mike has nothing therefore he doesn’t need a pre-nup.  Reza says Mike and Jessica floss, which, we learn, means to show off.  Mike denies it but Reza says Jessica is the flossiest person he knows.  (Now we’ve all learned a new word.)  Mike and Reza get into an argument with Reza screaming at Mike.  He says Mike is the fakest person on the show.

They take a break from filming, however the camera is still filming.  MJ says she has made a reservation for dinner for all them for that night.  Reza and Mike continue their argument in Persian, where Mike tells Reza he will kill him.

When they come back to film again, Reza claims they were joking.  He says he wants to get to a better place with Mike but he needs Mike to be honest with him.

Andy brings up Pablo.  MJ had had Pablo for 11 years.  MJ says Pablo was closer to her than any other thing.  MJ tries to explain why Pablo was in the freezer.  She doesn’t really succeed in clearing it up.  GG says there are no words to describe what she was feeling when MJ pulled Pablo out of the freezer.  MJ talks about getting a new sister for Julio, and tells how she named the puppy Toya, after Toya in Married to Medicine.

Andy turns to the Turkeygate debacle.  He asks GG why she waited nearly a year to say anything.  She says she happy to have the chance to explain.  She said Mike started being rude to her, talking down to her and being mean to her.  She said she tried to avoid Mike and not invite him places.  She says her original plan was to keep it quiet and not say anything to anyone.   GG says people make drunken mistakes all the time.  The camera cuts over to Mike and he is TEXTING!  Andy tells him to stop.  Reza asks if he is bored.

Andy asks if the others knew about this.  Reza says GG didn’t show up for breakfast (I remember this now!) and that she said she didn’t feel well.  Asa’s family was coming in from Iran and GG didn’t come.

GG asks Mike if he is still claiming he just doesn’t remember.  Mike looks ashamed and states that he doesn’t even remember being in the club that night where he pulled on GG’s underwear and got so close to her face.  Mike says he is very ashamed of himself.  He says he shouldn’t have taken the pills he took and shouldn’t have had so much to drink.  He says at the end of the day, he doesn’t recollect anything at all.  He says the thought of being with GG makes him so weirded out and that’s why he thought there was no way that it could have happened.

Mike said it didn’t happen until he saw the footage of he and GG walking to his hotel room.  That’s when he changed his story.  He says he now doesn’t remember anything about it.  None of the Persians knew that footage existed.

Andy asks Mike if he thinks GG is jealous of his relationship.  Mike says he doesn’t know what to think anymore – that everyone has banded together against him.  Reza says there were conversations between he and Mike off camera.  Reza says Mike told him that Mike “f’d up.”  Reza said “Just admit, apologize and move on.  But Mike said he couldn’t and that Jessica wouldn’t understand.

Then Andy asks what GG wants.  She claims she wants Mike to quit talking about her and tainting her name.  She points to Mike and says ”Your bitch started this and I can’t wait to finish this.”  Andy asks how Jessica started it.  GG says that Jessica went to TMZ and told them her man would never cheat on her with an ugly ass bitch like GG.

GG continues to say that Jessica is mean on Twitter and Instagram.  Andy asks her if GG knew how things would turn out, would she still have told what happened.  GG says she wants everyone to know that she isn’t a liar.  Meanwhile, Mike is still texting and Andy is frustrated with him.  GG says Jessica should know what kind of man she is getting and that there are rumors about at least 20 other women with Mike.  And GG says everyone blames her for trying to damage the relationship but really Mike is the one damaging the relationship.  (I do agree with that.)

8 - mike

Mike is saying the story is really old.  Then GG drops the bombshell – she says “Wait, didn’t you f&#% my sister on your engagement night, or something?”  GG claims they have that proof as well.  She is gleeful when talking about this.  Mike, of course, denies this and says GG’s sister was helping him shop for suits.

Reza starts screaming at Mike and saying that Mike doesn’t make an effort to remain friends with all of them.  He wants Mike to be accountable.  He screams at Mike to stop being the victim.  He says four people for four years have asked Mike to make more of an effort to be a friend.  Asa claims they specifically talked about this very issue.  Reza gets up and says he can’t take anymore.  Andy is yelling and asking Reza where he is going.  Reza claims he can’t breathe and doesn’t want to be there.

And, until next week………


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Real Housewives of New York Cast Blogs Blogged

Real Housewives of New York Cast Blogs Blogged by Namaste

Episode 9

Bethenny-Knotts landing

Bethenny Frankel

“I’m A Quality Versus Quantity Person”

Bethenny shares with us that her Tour of Tears is over after this episode.  Praise Jesus.

I booked a limo with blankets and pillows and princess movies and came to the dinner after bedtime. I came from “a place of yes,” and it worked out. That said, I was, as Carole puts it, “wound tight” having tried to pull it all together.

We have always known Bethenny was wound pretty tight.  She kinda always owns her shit.  I laughed out loud when she commented on the wardrobe choices of the other ladies.  B went there wanting to “chill” and giggle and I guess Heather wanted to make the rules and had decided upon B’s arrival that laughter wasn’t on the playlist.  B comments on the other ladies analyzing her and saying she had no girlfriends.

I have a very small group of best friends that I’ve had for 25 years. I keep it tight and right, and with this nastiness and catty conversation, now we know why. I’m a quality versus quantity person. If you think I’m going to fill a room or my life with girls that look like they’re all my BFFs but wait for them to start gossiping behind my back, you got the wrong one. Ya gotta love Ramona.

I guess I am more like Bethenny.  I have very few close girlfriends and then I have acquaintances.  I have been burned in the past by too many ladies I thought were good friends and I am very picky about who I allow to get close to me.  B does find it interesting that Kristen was the one that started that conversation… “You just stand around and look pretty.”

And my daughter and I got to make snow angels at the Red Lion Inn. All in all, I’m glad I went, and I’m glad the crying game is ending.

Glad she was able to leave the city and have some fun (albeit cry a little too).


Heather Thomson

“It’s Clear I Was Getting Frustrated”

Heather claims she is usually way more chill in the Berkshires.  Maybe she does better in the summer with no A/C?

Dorinda’s house is special, and I love the history of it for her with her father. I’ve met him, and he himself is special. There is so much history in the Berkshires, and the architectural history has always fascinated me. During America’s Gilded Age (1865-1901) our country saw unprecedented economic growth and prosperity, allowing some of the nation’s wealthiest families to construct these massive estates. Approximately 75 of them are in the Berkshires, including: The Wheatleigh, Ventfort Hall Mansion, and The Mount.

I am shocked that Heather takes a little time out of her busy Yummie life to educate us.  Shocker.  I actually had no idea that the Berkshires had so many historical homes!  Heather reminds us she and Hubs got engaged at The Red Lion Inn and she is childhood friends with the executive chef.  Seriously?  I know the kid who flips burgers at McDonalds and got engaged in my husband’s grandfather’s living room on Christmas Eve.  Big whoop.

Normally dinner at the Red Lion is special, but immediately the group started discussing  Bethenny and all the usual topics…custody arrangements, her childhood, and opinions on her friendships and her integration into the group, or lack thereof, and the mood changed. It’s clear I was getting frustrated with the context of the conversation, and I can admit to being tough and having an irreverence for bullsh–, but I was not attempting to “compare” people’s struggles…and although I may have enough eye rolls in this episode to fill a sequel to The Heathers, I am not a judgmental person and certainly not unsympathetic to people’s challenges, misfortunes, mishaps, or sh–ty deals. That is for damn sure. Life has tough breaks, and unfortunately some of us have it worse than others, and some better, but circumstances can change in the blink of an eye…

Odd that Heather doesn’t own her really inappropriate comment where she attempts to suggests that losing her Nanny is on the same level as divorce and child custody!

I was looking forward to my husband Jon’s arrival and Kristen’s husband Josh’s, too! This evening was all about a dressed-up dinner for Dorinda’s birthday. She loves a dressed-up dinner party, so fancy was the dress code, and it’s fun!

And now we understand the dress code!  Thanks for clueing us in!

Unfortunately, things took a turn rather quickly after Bethenny’s arrival. It started with Bethenny’s reaction to us recognizing she had fish allergies after surprising us for dinner. Considering her announcement about not eating fish and knowing there was a sushi service on deck with the probability of nothing for her to eat, first Dorinda, and then I, were simply trying to suggest alternative options. No one was trying to get a rundown of her dietary preferences!

I thought it was odd the way Bethenny made an announcement (like, if you have strong food allergy, you should never just “show up” at a dinner party since a hostess cannot usually accommodate you at the last minute) about not eating seafood and I think Dorinda and John’s reaction was pretty normal.  They immediately starting offering anything they could think of that was in the kitchen because I am sure they didn’t want to see their guest at a dinner party with an empty plate.  Heather decided this was her opportunity to mother/smother and it didn’t go as planned.

While you can be sure that I am over Bethenny’s rules, deliveries, and rude behavior, in dealing with her at this point, my own attitude has become harsh. I am completely sensitive to food allergies, given my own son’s struggles with them, and I could never have expected such a severe reaction…instead of a normal conversation about an allergy to fish, Bethenny, snaps at us to ignore it.

I think Bethenny initially responded to Heather with a polite “no thank you” but Heather being Heather couldn’t let it go and she pushed and pushed.  I have a mom that is a pusher.  This is a stop at her house:

Mom: “Namaste, do you want a sandwich?”

Namaste: “No thanks”

Mom: “I just made a roast.  I will cut you a sliver and put on some bread.”

Namaste: “No thanks Mom.”

Mom: “You look tired.  You should have a sandwich.” (all while opening fridge to get the full fat mayo out)

Namaste: “I swear to God Mom if you make me a sandwich I am going to put a down payment on the nursing home you hate down the street!”

Mom: crying

Screenshot 2015-06-03 11.54.02

Kristen Taekman

“Dorinda Is Clearly Very Sensitive About John”

Kristen’s agrees that Dorinda’s house is beautiful and colorful and fun! Blue Stone Manor was magical.  Kristen moves on and tells us that Ramona is a SHIT stirrer…yup, she sure is!  Kristen addresses the “awkward dance”.  Doesn’t anyone here ever let a sleeping dog lie?

As for Dorinda. WOW! She is clearly very sensitive to the whole John topic. Very defensive. I had no idea of the history behind this topic before this particular day in the Berkshires. John is sort of known for his inappropriateness? UGH…

John may be known to all the ladies here as “inappropriate” but I think to Dorinda he has been a true friend and companion.  Kristen was shocked when Dorinda blew up at her, but I think at this point, Dorinda is just sick of defending the man that has stood beside her through her darkest period.

After she freaks out on me, she starts crying about Richard and how when she was 40, he was with her by her side, etc., and now he’s gone. She started crying, then I started crying thinking what if something happened to Josh and he wasn’t around in 10 years. I can’t imagine! I know how hard this all is, but still, for her to make all those criticisms about me… Oh, and then I was reminded about how much of a BITCH Ramona is!

I loved that Dorinda completely opened up about this and shared why she really cares about John.  We find him a wee bit icky, but there has to be something good in him cause he gives Dorinda free dry cleaning AND holds her when she cries.  I say WIN-WIN.

Red Lion Inn–We all start talking about Bethennybut what you all don’t realize is that she just wasn’t around much when we were all hanging out. And because Heather and I haven’t gotten to know her yet, at this point we have no idea what’s going on in her private life (I am watching now just like you are), and so we are totally confused as to why she’s back–what does she want from the group?

The difference between Bethenny and many of the other ladies is she isn’t on this show to “make new friends” or build relationships.  She is there to promote her brand and change her image; it was a business decision.  Add into that the fact that she has shared custody of her daughter which usually means that every 5 days she has her daughter for 5 days (or something similar) which would mean she is limited when it comes to filming.  PLUS, given her current custody battle, it would be completely stupid of her to have her daughter, leave her with a sitter so she could film some silly stuff with other HWs cause I am sure Jason’s attorney is combing over these episodes with a fine-tooth comb to make sure she isn’t wasting her precious mommy time.  Kristen kinda regrets the shitty comment she made about Bethenny, but doesn’t really apologize.  Argh.

P.S. Ramona, yes, you cry crocodile tears often, and it’s so fake and obvious!

Did Ramona not watch last season?  The trip to the Berkshires was FILLED with those damn crocodile tears!

P.S. The dress code for Dorinda’s party was “elegant.” Knots Landing is back, Bethenny. When you RSVP, you get the memo! 

OH SNAP!  LOL!  I find the dressing up fun.  I haven’t gotten all dressed up since the last funeral I went to.  Shows you how very lame my life is!

I am shocked when I find out that Peter is linked to Marios fling! WHAAATTT?! Does Ramona know that? That’s a bit creepy. There are too many fish in the sea to have to resort to double dipping, ewwwww!

That is super creepy and a very odd small pond to swim in.  YUCK!

Screenshot 2015-06-03 11.45.38

Luann de Lusseps

“Heather Should Know When To Quit”

Luann really enjoyed the history behind Dorinda’s Berkshire home with regard to her father and grandfather.  It was a really cool story and I love that Dorinda has REAL history with this home.

The Berkshires in the winter is gorgeous, and Dorinda’s home is as vibrant as her personality. I took a car from New York with Ramona, and I have to admit, it wasn’t all that bad! We’ve been through so much together that when we have a tiff, it’s more of a fender bender than a 95-car pileup.

I was surprised that so soon after the Caviar Debacle they were in a car together for the long trek up to the Berkshires.  Maybe Luann snuck a little Xanax into Ramona’s Pinot and it was a calm ride.  Who knows?  Luann school Kristen about bringing up the whole John and Dorinda thing.  Funny that it was OK for Luann to share with Ramona her concerns about John but Kristen isn’t allowed to?  Not cool.

John makes Dorinda happy, and she’s opened up her heart to him, so her friends need to accept John for who he is…a kind, sometimes slightly inappropriate man who should heed Dorinda’s warning that these girls are looking to throw him under the bus.

Again Luann tries to make us believe she is above such gossip, yet we have been watching all season and know better.

Women who have good relationships with their mothers have an easier time building and keeping female friendships. Our mothers and sisters are our first friends, and if that trust if broken when we are young, it’s difficult to trust women in the future. I think that some of the girls are better than others when it comes to nurturing healthy female relationships, and Bethenny clearly struggles with this.

And now Luann will psychoanalyze Bethenny.  I think Bethenny pays her shrink plenty of money to analyze her and doesn’t need any help from Luann.

When Heather compared losing her nanny to the struggles Ramona and Bethenny are currently experiencing, the reaction from everyone at the table was of disbelief. Heather tries, she really does, but this time she was way off base, and she should know when to quit.

I think Heather probably wishes she didn’t say that.  It was an odd game of one-up.  Heather lost.  My girlfriends and I play a game called “Who has the Craziest Mother In Law”.  I am the all-time highest scorer.

It’s hard to hide your past with Google! It’s disconcerting that Peter, Ramona’s plus one for the party, also dated Mario’s mistress. Too close for comfort in my opinion, yet I don’t think Ramona cares, because she enjoys his company and he makes her laugh. I’m certainly not going to mention it to her.

Carole & L finding info

How is it that anyone on these shows believes their private life is private?  Why the hell would Ramona bring this guy on the show when surely it would come out that he was somehow affiliated with Mario’s playground?

Screenshot 2015-06-03 12.06.18 (Small)

Sonja Morgan

“These Girls Are Emotional Vampires”

I will attempt to cut through the BS in this particular blog, but I make no promises.  I might throw in the towel and quit halfway through.  Just so you are warned.

Overall Dorinda was an amazing hostess to all of us crazy ladies, and I am so grateful to her for extending her warmth and hospitality by sharing her birthday with us nuts. 

I did think Dorinda was very warm and welcoming to all those crackpots.  Sonja moves on to complain that Ramona hadn’t told her anything about her dating life.  Perhaps because the only thing Sonja wants to talk about is the current toddler she is breastfeeding?  Sonja believes Luann and Ramona are both ridiculous for questioning John and Dorinda’s relationship.  Sonja tries to suggest that Luann and Ramona fight over her all the time…WTF?

Speaking of people who thrive off drama, what was with Kristen this episode?! Like Dorinda said to Kristen, if you are going to do a sandwich, do a sandwich! Don’t act like John was trying to be malicious when we were all just having a good time as adults in a private club. If you can’t take the heat, Kristen, get out of the kitchen!

Well, there you have it!  Who knew that when three adults danced closely it was called a sandwich?  I have said before and can’t say it enough, I guess I don’t get out much.

I loved how all of the women immediately hated on my dress as soon as I showed up to Dorinda’s house. I would like everyone to know that dress was made by Michael Kors, not Dracula! But I have always been able to laugh at myself and take a joke, so if the girls want to pick on my dress, that’s fine. I’ll always make fashion faux pas. That’s how I create.

I think all their wardrobe choices are questionable.  I think Carole and Heather are the most “casual” in the group…and maybe Dorinda is able to do casual in the Berkshires.  Right now, I am wearing a pair of work out shorts I bought at Target, a tshirt from JC Penney, socks from Costco and Fila running shoes.  I went grocery shopping and tanning dressed like this today.  I doubt I brought shame upon my family (at least I hope not).

I love John, and that moment with Dorinda, John, and me in the bedroom is pure fun! Everyone needs to stop saying that they are going to stop knocking John and actually stop knocking John. I have great intuition about people, and I can see that John really cares about Dorinda. It’s great that Dorinda felt comfortable sharing why John is so special to her. I think that conversation really helped the other women see that Dorinda loves John and that John helped her through a very difficult time in her life and has been there for the last two years. 

I think John is kinda a big bear of a guy and is probably very good with Dorinda.  I also thought he kept Sonja at arm’s length even though Sonja did everything she could to slink all over him.  I wouldn’t trust Sonja around any married man.  Moving on, Sonja was glad that Dorinda was able to brush off the fighting and ridiculousness in order to have a beautiful birthday dinner.

I think Heather would get along with all of the women much better if she stopped trying to control everyone. Controlling everyone around you doesn’t mean you are actually in control–it means you want to be a dictator. I can see why Bethenny doesn’t feel comfortable sharing things with Heather. Everything you share in intimacy with Heather she uses as ammunition against you. It feels like a trap to be friends with Heather! For example, when Heather was in the car with Carole and said that I had said I made my first million when I was 20?!

This is actually a very astute observation of Heather!  I am very impressed and think the interns are contributing a little bit more to the blog this week.  Sonja completely denies ever saying she had made her first million before she was 20, but this is the same person that says she parties with John-john…

Screenshot 2015-06-03 11.57.57

Dorinda Medley

“I Reached My Boiling Point”

Dorinda was rightfully nervous and excited going into her birthday weekend with this group.  She tells us her home is a real “lived-in” home (oh, like mine then, right?  Only slightly bigger…)  Finally! At long last, my birthday weekend arrived, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was as nervous and tentative as I was excited.  She loves seeing the reaction the other ladies have to her house.  She then addresses the inappropriate and disrespectful comments the others have made about John.

Ever get annoyed by hearing the same loud commercial over and over again? Even the commercial jingle just makes you clench your teeth? Right…well…Do these girls have nothing else in their lives, or are they so bored that they have to focus on this?

Not sure about them having anything else in their lives, but they have learned you get plenty of screen time if you can gossip about another housewife.

Let’s break this down into Eight Simple Rules For Not Getting Bitched At:

1. Make no mountains out of mole hills. (It wasn’t a big deal.)
2. Don’t rehash and belabor things. (The topic has been exhausted.)
3. Take responsibility. (You’re an adult and weren’t forced to do anything.)
4. Be a gracious guest. (You embarrassed me at my own cocktail party.)
5. Show off your manners and be polite. (You’re my guest, once again.)
6. Take the shade someplace else. (Especially when it’s about me.)

I’m not one for living in the past, and at this point in my life, I just aim to be happy. So…

  1. Be happy for me.

And if you can’t be…

  1. Leave me alone.

I gotta say, Dorinda is our Common Sense housewife.  I imagine any of us could hang out with her and have a conversation and not be belittled or dismissed.  She seems quite “REAL” which is something we are not accustomed to on these shows.

BTW, did we know The Red Lion Inn was opened in 1773?  Holy crap?  The city I live in is celebrating its bicentennial so we got nothing that old!

Lady Morgan was definitely channeling some Transylvanian chic with her black florals and fur cape, wasn’t she? I loved it! When she pulled up, I knew the weekend would be a fun one. She came wearing a cape and bearing gifts. Naturally, I thought we should all go Christmas shopping, and I gathered all the ladies of the manor and ordered our coachman to take us into town. How dainty.

I totally need to get a friend who lives in the Berkshires!  It seems enchanting.

We decided to have a nice dress-up dinner party and make the most of it. I love dressing for dinner; it creates an “old world” feel, and it makes things a little more fun and memorable. Once the ladies came down to the living room for some pre-dinner cocktails, I sat there and just smiled. THIS is what I was wanting Petrossian to be! We have the 40s chic look to the dark and sultry Morticia Radziwill, to my Pucci Pucci Pucci. (I love me some Pucci!) Once the champagne was popped, BAM! THE B WAS BACK!

As I said before, I do love a reason to get fancy, but have so few opportunities.  My closet is not filled with as many options as these ladies’ though.  Everything was going smoothly until B announced her allergy.  And then the shit hit the fan.

I also know that Bethenny hates attention and certainly wouldn’t want to call this kind of attention to herself at a dinner party, because it’s potentially embarrassing and definitely distracting. Watching this back-and-forth, as you’ve noticed, makes me so uncomfortable. I just want to line ’em up and start slappin’. Just don’t understand why it has to be so much tension about every little thing. I feel like we should all get reminders on our iPhones that say “Choose your battles wisely, bitch.”

Since when does Bethenny NOT like to draw attention to herself?  This is how she gets paid!  I think the polite thing to do would be to wait until your dinner was served and eat what she could off the plate and if Dorinda questioned it, she could then say she was allergic, but certainly didn’t want to inconvenience anyone since she had NOT RSVPed.  That would have been the polite thing to do if you did not wish to draw attention to yourself.  I like attention so I would have made a GRAND announcement.  But, my mother raised me right so I would have RSVPed.  Since Bethenny was raised by wolves, I guess we have to forgive her.

 I sat there next to John, looking at Luann and Sonja, asking myself, “Why can’t I just have a peaceful birthday where we drink some sake and have a fun night?” Singing “Happy Birthday” to me wouldn’t hurt either, by the way.

It was odd that Dorinda’s birthday celebrations were spoiled both times, but she has to be a little satisfied that this time, it had nothing to do with John.  Whew.  Dorinda goes on to say she understand that everyone deals with their “shit” differently.  Everyone has a journey and each person’s journey is different.  She just wants people to know she is there for them and not there to analyze them or offer a solution (I LOVE HER!).

When Richard passed, my mom called every day and asked me simple questions. We had short conversations, we had long conversations. It was comforting to hear these simple words at the end of each one: “I’ll call you tomorrow.” That was precisely what I needed. To know that she was there, available, and willing to be there again when I needed her next. That was a good 50% of the comfort I needed. And each day got better and better.

It is all too often that we feel compelled to offer someone our advice or take over a situation when really our friend or loved one simply wanted to be heard.  Nothing more or less.  Just to be heard.


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Kandi’s Ski Trip Part Three

Kandi’s Ski Trip Part Three by RamonaCoaster

I think Todd produced this show to showcase these crazy old biddies and a wife who is insouciant to the irrational behavior so that we all witness him say “You see what I have to deal with?” because he’ll need that videotape as a defense of provocation in court when he finally goes over the edge.    He’ll also need Matthew to be a witness for the defense, that is, if Don Juan and Carmon don’t off him first.

I see that Kandi has learned to adapt to her environment by ignoring all the crazy behaviors  but Todd, I can see, isn’t used to it.  He is used to confronting his problems and talking them out.


The ratings for part 2 was 1.644 live + SD which increased from part 1.

Kandi knocks on Mama Joyce’s door so Mama and Carmon can hash out their problems.  Then Kandi promptly leaves.  Seriously?  Someone needs to be the mediator especially after the shoe tossing skirmish and Mama wanting to beat Carmon which would have happened if she hadn’t been physically held back.  Mama says she has never lied about Carmon and Carmon states nothing happened between her and Todd.  Carmon says Mama’s story constantly changes.  Then Mama names the names of all the people that she heard from the streets that were telling the story.  This must be the same street that Aviva heard Carole had a ghostwriter.  Carmon asks why Mama didn’t confront her about the stories she heard especially when Mama has known her since she was a child.  Mama says a man can get drunk and put it in any hole.  Would Carmon let him put it in her hole?  Then Mama starts describing an instance where Kandi was offering her old hair and Mama said she liked the hair and Carmon says she wants her hair.  This is totally unrelated to the alleged affair that Mama says Carmon and Todd had.  Mama is not able to connect the dots between the hair incident and the alleged affair unless she has a list of grievances and she is getting revenge.  The voices escalate.  Carmon says she doesn’t want the situation to intensify until something happens like Sharon passing away and Mama will be really sorry for making up stories.  Kandi finally comes in and breaks up the fight.  Kandi says there is no reason to be mad.  Kandi admits that leaving them alone to resolve their problems was stupid.  Mama wants Carmon to take a lie detector test.  Kandi says her mama wants everyone to take a lie detector test.  Carmon leaves because there is no talking to Mama.  Guilty until proven innocent is Mama Joyce’s motto.  Stick with your lie is another of her mottos.


Todd comes in and Mama says she is okay with Todd because he is a man and a man will not do more than what a woman lets him.  It’s not surprising that Mama has such a low opinion of men.  He swears on his mother’s grave that nothing happened.   Mama looks stunned that he swore on his mother’s grave.

Aww!  The next morning Todd’s brother is leaving the craziness and going back to his own life.  The vacation was a short one for him.  Todd’s team is shrinking.  Todd’s brother says where there is conflict, there is an opportunity for growth.  It’s important that he works on it.  I can see why Todd is so Zen.  He was probably brought up on Confucius proverbs.  Kaela says goodbye to her uncle and it’s a sweet scene.

The ”unt nuts” (thanks to mrs peabody and OMIB for coming up with that moniker) are making snowballs to start a snowball fight.  Carmon sit down and talks to the “unt nuts” about the fight she had with Mama Joyce.  They are in disbelief and rolling their eyes at Mama Joyce.  Carmon wants to know if there is something else going on with Mama Joyce.  “Unt nut” Bertha says Mama’s relationship with Kandi is downhill so Mama takes it out on Carmon who is the next best person.  Of all people, Bertha says it’s a mental problem.  It’s nice she can identify mental illness in others.  Not so much in herself.  Bertha says Mama has changed since she had brain surgery to prevent a ruptured aneurysm.  But this was when Kandi was younger.  “Unt nut” Nora breaks down in tears which seem very melodramatic because she is so sad and she doesn’t know what to do to help her sister.  In the end, the problem that needs to be solved is between Kandi and Mama Joyce.  Kandi doesn’t seem to want to see there is a problem and is willing to ignore everyone that has a problem with her.

Matthew is wearing a mask to help fight acne. These masks are everywhere.  Even on Brandi.  Mama thinks he looks like “White Vader.”  Mama Joyce complains that Don Juan and Carmon are nasty to people.  Matthew wants to be an irreplaceable employee and he wants to replace Carmon and Don Juan so he is trying to get Mama on his side with flattery and kindness.  Mama tells Matthew that she feels left out of Kandi’s life.  Matthew commiserates.  As soon as Mama Joyce leaves the room, an evil grin slowly appears over Matthew’s face.  He rubs his hands slowly together, licking his lips and says, “First, the assistant job for Kandi and Todd, next, world domination.”  That didn’t really happen but it could!  Off camera!   (Cue evil laugh!)


Matthew gets into a snow fight after insulting Kaela, Riley and Weenie’s snow man.  Weenie got him good. The “unt nuts” want Todd to take them to a place that sell weed.  He takes them to a weed store and I half expect smoke to come pouring out as soon as Todd opens the door.  Bertha is one step away from stepping inside when she steps back, overwhelmed by the smell.  She is the smoker.  I figured she’d be used to it.  God bless the salesman, he asks the aunts for their IDs to check their age.  The salesman seeing where they are from gives them a lowdown on the selling of weed for out of state residents.  They are not allowed to buy more than a quarter of an ounce per day and they can’t take it out of the state.  Age 21 and over can buy weed.  He explains the differences between sativa and indica like a sommelier explaining wine. They smell one of the staple reefers.  They have root beers and gummy bears.  Carole Radziwill can get another gummy bear from this guy instead of some random dude at a club.   The salesman must be giving them the hard sell because Bertha wants to talk outside and when they get outside they want to leave.  Todd must feel pressured to buy a joint because he goes back inside the store and buys one.  Bertha seems like the person that would drive to the reservation to buy discount ciggies.  Bertha insists she got a contact high.  I’m not familiar with marijuana so I’m not sure if you can get a contact high without the joint being lit.  Nora announces she came out with a cookie.  What’s in that cookie, “Unt Nut” Nora?


Kandi, Mama Joyce, Riley and Kaela decide to go snowshoeing.  They walk about ten feet away from the cabin.  Kaela is nice enough to assist Mama Joyce.  They have a snowball fight and it looks like fun.  Kandi is happy they are all bonding.  “Mending and Blending.”

Don Juan is checking up on the office to see if it burned down in his absence.  Carmon and Matthew join him.  Matthew addresses the tense moments between Don Juan and Carmon.  He thinks it’s pathetic that they are not doing their jobs.  Don Juan concedes he could be an asshole and Matthew agrees which DJ doesn’t like so he catalogs what he does for Kandi.  He can take it but can’t dish it out.  DJ knows how the dynamics work with Mama Joyce.  He has been witness to many things and Matthew has been there for a hot minute.  They make up but DJ is uncomfortable when Matthew hugs him.  Don Juan looks spastic when he skis.

Kandi and Todd discuss what happened on the trip.  They are happy Kaela and Riley are getting along.  Todd talks about mourning for his mother and how he is supposed to do that.  He may not be completely accepting that his mother is gone.  He was very close to her.  He is thankful that Kandi is there for him during his tough time.

Everyone is in the living room to talk and “mend and blend”.  Bertha tells them they got a joint and a half for $17.99.  Todd is not allowed to smoke it because Kandi wants his sperm to be healthy.  Do we really need to hear about Todd’s crusty toenails, Kandi?  Kaela tells Kandi if she licks his toes, she can’t kiss them on the cheeks.  Riley demonstrates how to make s’mores for everyone.  Bertha retires for the evening.  Riley and Kaela prepares a game called “Let it Burn” where everyone writes down their problems with other people and then throws the paper in the fireplace to let it burn.  Riley apologizes to Carmon and DJ for throwing shade.  Kaela forgives Mama Joyce for what she said about her grandmother and her father.  Everyone starts tearing up.  The kids are more mature than the grown-ups.  Matthew wants to leave behind negative attention from DJ and Carmon and wants to build Kandi and Todd’s empire.  Weenie wants to leave behind the conversation with Todd.  Todd is letting go of Mama Joyce’s insults.  Everyone tenses when Carmon gets up because they are afraid she might stir something up with Mama Joyce.  Carmon doesn’t want to continue her issues with Mama Joyce.  Mama Joyce doesn’t want any more problems with Carmon.  Mama Joyce sings “Let it go” from Frozen.  Just kidding!  Mama Joyce addresses her two granddaughters, Riley and Kaela, that she wants to be the best grandmother to them and they all go on as a family.  Kandi knows her mama’s good intentions might be short-lived.   Kandi wants to do better about reaching out and showing her family she cares and won’t take her employees for granted.  All our attitudes towards Carmon and Don Juan are based on Kandi’s and other people’s opinions.  We don’t really know if they do their jobs and do it well (maybe not Carmon, she’s lazy).  Kandi is making money so they must be doing something.  It seems the trip ended on a good note and the family is mended and blended…. for now.






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Real Housewives of Melborne Final Wrap Up

RHOMelbourne – Season 2 – POSTMORTEM by Reality Bytes



Well ladies…it has been a season, hasn’t it?

There were ups and downs and tears and laughs…there were fights and rumors and bird flipping poor behavior…book launches… tea launches… shoe launches…booze launches…charity events…poker events…horse races…dog races…and golf outings… trips to Sydney and Manila…lavish parties and booths and events, and at the end of the day…all the ladies are still intact, no scratches or bruises (at least visible ones) and they can still slide off the couch at the reunion or hug it out when it is all said and done…their choice!

janet slide










  • If Chyka and Jackie (totally different people with different backgrounds and different social circles, etc.) can have a good friendship…why is it that Chyka is so suspect of Gina and Gamble having a true good friendship?
  • Why is it that Pettipants admitted, upon meeting Gina, that she wants to be friends because she feels Gina is an accomplished woman (like she is cough…cough), and then tell the tale at the Reunion that Gina was like a dog humping her leg the first time she met her?
  • Two seasons now, 2 property developers and we haven’t seen 1 property developed, why is that Janet and Petti?
  • Who acted more petulant at the Reunion, Petti storming off in a snit, or Lydia refusing to move to the end of the couch (FOR 3 MINUTES so MANuela could fight with Gamble)?
  • Jacks is all about ‘being real’, and that is not a bad thing…but who, besides me wants to send her to ‘finishing school’ so she can be a bit more couth about it?
  • If these ladies are the socialites of Melbourne, why haven’t they learned the simple lesson of discussing things in private with each other? The only ones we really heard about doing that were arch enemies Jacks and Gina, and even then they made it a point at the reunion to bring up the fight again. It was a real WOW anyhow because Jacks felt physically threatened by Gina’s partner? Really? You are going with that storyline? Was that truth or fiction? And if truth, in what alternate universe does Jacks live?
  • Gamble, I think, surprised everyone at part 1 of the reunion with being much more articulate than other times during the season, but she was being attacked the entire season like Gina was in season 1…so maybe that has something to do with it, right? I hope that was it, I like Gamble and she doesn’t attack without provocation…let’s see what season 3 brings for her besides wedding bells!
  • Why don’t each of the housewives have to blog after every episode like the U.S. HW’s do? And even when they do blog, they have them all over the place, not on a single source.
  • Why doesn’t Bravo air the U.S. shows in real-time with Australian airings? Life and blogging would be so much simpler that way!
  • Who is with me? I would rather hear Jackie misuse “couture” incessantly or poke myself in the eye with a sharp stick than hear the word BITCH one more time!



Maybe for me it is my age or my aspiration to be like “Maxine” or both…LOL, but if someone starts dishing on me when we are in a conversation, and I choose not to continue, I simply say “this is not a conversation” (that’s the nice cleaned-up version of what I say…LOL), and either they or I walk away.



I didn’t know the power of those two words ‘walk away’ until I watched The Royals this season, and when the Queen spoke to someone and she was through with the conversation…she simply looked at them and dismissively said WALK AWAY!  I like that much better, so here are a few thoughts…



When you’re happy, you enjoy the music but when you’re sad, you understand the lyrics. In reflection you were sorry, but in real-time you acted like J’Andrea this season, and you took mean to a new level, WALK AWAY.


I can explain it to you, but I can’t understand it for you.

petti tweet

An English comprehension class might behoove you. Also, racism isn’t a joke or something that should be brought up to have a storyline, WALK AWAY.


If you tell me the truth, I’m gonna be mad but I will get over it. If you lie to me I’m never going to be able to trust you again 100%. Excuses are useless and results are priceless. Your choice!   WALK AWAY


Dear Karma, I have a list of people you missed, and this one thinks she owns Melbourne. WALK AWAY


Knowing what to say is one thing, but it’s knowing when to say it that really makes the difference…I think you actually sorted that out a little bit this year, I like you a lot, but I am affectionately giving you the nickname of Switzerland!


I buy you books, show you how to study, and you eat the covers…A bit of an iffy season on the brashness and fighting, but you actually redeemed yourself a little by siding with the drunken truth at the reunion even if it meant siding with Gina…so I am still giving you a shot at full redemption (Who’d a thunk it?)


Life is all about making choices that you can live with. Love is all about making choices you can’t live without. Sorry you were picked on so much, I like you tons and tons…Give Cash a smoochie from me…The best to you and Rick, he is your true North!


There are two things you should never waste your time on ~ things that don’t matter and people that think you don’t matter. I am so happy the viewers got to see more of the “woman within” this season…they have only to read your book to know even more, and if they don’t, it is their loss. Looking forward to all you have in the works…smoochies to Ninja…and heartfelt thanks again for sending me an autographed copy of your book ~ I will forever be grateful for that treasure!



Chyka’s Blog –

Jackie’s blog


Cast shakeup for Season 3?

MANuela in and 2 demoted to friends? (Already sharpening my pencils for this if it is true!)

How will we ever stand it all summer without these ladies while we wait for Season 3 that begins filming in July 2015?



Ciao…until Season 3!




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Million Dollar Listing New York

Million Dollar Listing New York by NotInStCyr

Are you still feeling a romantic glow from last week’s episode?  I’ve been hugging my cat a lot more, much to her annoyance.  I’ll probably never have a boyfriend who will close down Times Square for me.  Heck, I count myself lucky if a guy even holds the door open.

Fredrik and the paint-dappled perfection that is Derek are still in Sweden.  Fredrik is combining business with pleasure:  he wants to sell the last ski chalet in a luxury home development would like to convince his best friend, Anna, to reconsider her decision not to donate her eggs for Project Milla.

1 - mslny2 - mdlny

Luis is walking to an appointment on the Upper East Side, giving the Maserati some much needed rest.  Keeping a car in New York costs a small fortune.  When my sister lived there, the monthly cost of parking her SUV in a garage was more than I paid in rent.  Anyway, Luis is trying to get the listing for a penthouse owned by a South African developer named Garin.  The triplex is vast and has an additional 1,500 sq. ft. of outdoor space with 270 degree views.  On the downside, the shower in the master bathroom is covered entirely in gold tile.  That means that for the rest of the episode, we have to endure a lot of smutty innuendos about “golden showers”.  You should also know that the apartment was once owned by Star Jones, but I’m not sure that’s considered a selling point.  Garin is adamant that he wants everything handled directly by Luis and not one of his assistants.  Luis assures him that he will dedicate himself to selling the penthouse and not delegate the matter to any other broker.  Since he doesn’t have any team members other than his assistant, Ronita, it’s sort of a true statement.  The property is priced at $2.995 million.

3 - ryan 4  - ryan and team

Ryan goes to 22 Renwick in West Soho, a newly rezoned part of Manhattan that has become a hotbed of redevelopment.  He joins forces with Olivia, his former assistant, who is now a full-fledged broker on his team.  They meet with a developer who has two penthouses to sell.  The first apartment is a 2,702 sq. ft. triplex with several balconies, a rooftop deck and a lot of Carrera marble.  The second penthouse has 2,000 sq. ft. of space spread out over one floor, plus two outdoor terraces.  Ryan wants Olivia to handle the triplex, while he concentrates on the smaller apartment.  After some dickering back and forth, they convince the developer to list the triplex for $6.35 million  and the smaller penthouse for $4 million.  If successful, Ryan and Olivia will each walk away with a $155,250 commission.  A bet is made:  if Olivia sells the triplex before Ryan sells the other penthouse, he’ll have to wear a bunny suit (“because it’s funny”) and be her assistant for the day.  If she loses, Olivia has to jump into the Hudson River after making sure her shots are up to date.

Luis is prepping Garin’s apartment for private showings.  First, he brings in a photographer to reshoot the triplex, because he feels that the previous broker didn’t emphasize the beautiful views and layout.

Fredrik goes dog sledding with Helen, the person he’s identified as most likely to buy the remaining villa in the ski resort.  They stop at a beautiful spot in front of the local frozen lake.  Åre Lake, if you must know.  Fredrik wants Helen to take in the “winter wonderland” panorama that could be hers if she and her husband cough up several million Kroner.  Demonstrating that there is nothing he won’t do in pursuit of a deal, Fredrik tussles playfully with Helen in the snow until she agrees to pay the full asking price.  Sales tactics sure are different in Sweden.  In any event, they work.  Helen will buy the ski chalet, and Fredrik will leave Sweden with a $41,280 commission.  Would the Greco-Roman wrestling tactics work in Manhattan?

Luis is showing Garin’s apartment and is particularly gratified when one of New York’s better known brokers strolls in and seems interested in the triplex for one of his clients.   Everything falls in place and within a short amount of time, Luis has an offer of $2.75 million.  Garin makes a counter offer of $2.9 million, which is accepted.  Luis credits the “Luis Ortiz touch” for getting the property sold so quickly.

5 - apt

Ryan walks into the penthouse he’s selling and is shocked to find all the beautiful furniture used to stage it gone.  He tries to figure out what happened and eventually contacts Olivia, who admits to brazenly moving all the furniture into her penthouse.  Ryan realizes that he shouldn’t have been so nice to his protégé and ruefully acknowledges that “I taught her too well”.  Still, he hopes she knows how to swim.

6  - fred

7 - woman

Fredrik, Derek and Anna finally get together to talk.  We learn that Fredrik has been friends with Anna since he was 11.  She admits that she’s given more thought to the  situation.  However, she has a new boyfriend, and it’s just not something she can do right now.  Fredrik is disappointed and a little tearful, while Derek seems to take Anna’s decision in stride.  Ultimately, they all want to remain friends for life and grow old together.

Luis is concerned because it’s been 3 days and Mr. Famous Broker has not returned the signed contract for the penthouse.  Luis and Ronita try to hunt him down, but there is no sign of him anywhere.

We get a little interlude in which Luis calls Ronita from his apartment, because he doesn’t have a spoon.  Really.  He doesn’t know why he’s currently spoonless, just that he is.  Since she appears to be on cutlery duty, Luis orders Ronita to buy him a spoon or two.  He then stirs the coffee with his finger.  My, that is action-packed entertainment, Bravo.  Next week, do we get thrilling footage of Ronita dealing with a paper jam?

Fredrik is back in New York.  He’s visiting the 7,000 sq. ft. West Village townhome developed by Tom and Jared, who had initially balked at paying for the high-end finishes needed to justify the $22 million asking price.  Now that the property has been completed, the developers want Fredrik to sell it right away—and I mean, right away.  As soon as their meeting ends, one of the developers starts bombarding Fredrik with text messages asking whether he’s already sold it.  Fredrik gets increasingly exasperated and finally tells the other developer that they need to back off and let him do his thing.

8 - garin

It’s been 7 days and Luis has still not heard from Mr. Famous Broker, who is obviously dodging phone calls.  Luis breaks the news to Garin, who is displeased and ready to take the apartment off the market.  Luis fears that this deal will put a dent in his reputation.

Since Olivia hijacked the furniture from Ryan’s penthouse to stage her triplex, Ryan feels justified in stealing some of her clients and bringing them to the apartment he’s selling.  Admirably glib, he explains the lack of staging by saying that it was deliberate, because he wants to showcase how big it was.  Well played, Ryan. Well played.  Emilia drops by, and Ryan decides to show her the penthouse.  He tells us that the apartment “spoke to him” from the start and that he’d like for them to move from his bachelor pad to a space where he and Emilia can start their new life together.  Ryan informs her that he wants to buy the penthouse.  He can even start doing yoga on the terrace, because that’s what men his age do.  He’s also picturing 6 little Puffer Munkins running around, looking Greek and speaking English, which he says will confuse the neighbors.  This touching moment gives Ryan the win for the episode.  Next week, Fredrik and Luis will need to bring on pandas, puppies and baby seals to compete with the Serhant feel-good juggernaut.

9 - ryan

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Brandi Glanville Podcast Let’s Just Say “Ewww” Together plus Real Housewives of Melbourne – Twitter Fight

Brandi Glanville Podcast by Kit9

Guest: Dennis Hof, pimp, of Bunny Ranch, HBO show Cathouse and his girlfriend, Chrissie, Bunny Ranch prostitute; former pornstar Ron Jeremy.

Ron Jeremy, famous for his huge penis, has “murdered” many women’s vaginas, according to Brandi. Dennis has a book, The Art of Pimp, coming out. Dennis thinks the book industry isn’t what it used to be, quality wise. Brandi, agrees, saying every celebrity has a book out and they’re ghost written “garbage.”

Queen of Scorned Women, Brandi, as she has in the past, blames women for their husbands leaving them when Dennis asks what women are doing in the bedroom to make their man happy. “Not enough, I’ll tell you that with the divorce rate,” she says. “Exactly,” agrees pimp Dennis (no word on what men are doing to keep their wives happy).

Late comic Andy Kaufman frequented the Bunny Ranch (I really wish I could unknow that. Loved Andy. I remember watching him on SNL as a little kid!) Dennis once had a promotion to give winning grandpas free services at the Ranch. Three grandpa’s won the prize but one died having dinner at the Ranch before he ever got to the sex.

Their latest promotion is Hookers For Hillary (I’m sure Hillary is thrilled). Apparently, Dennis’ magazine featured a cover with two of his girls and Bill Clinton (I’m sure Hillary was thrilled). Chrissie says that Obamacare allowed the girls at the Ranch to get health insurance and it’s one reason they’d support Hillary. “Legal prostitutes-before that they had to pay out of pocket.” “That’s a big deal to them. They pay their taxes like everyone else. If it was illegal, I’d understand.”

Dennis doesn’t provide a health care plan to the prostitutes at the Ranch. The girls are like independent contractors. Dennis says the average girl at the Ranch work just a week a month and make six figure salaries. Top earners make a half million a year. Dennis claims they weren’t allowed to buy insurance at any price because he says the industry is ignorant and lumped together his girls with illegal prostitutes even though it’s legal in Nevada (huh?)

Brandi asks if men have to show “papers” confirming that they’re disease free to get service at the ranch. No. The girls are pretested before working at the Ranch. And, then blood tested weekly after that. They also use condoms. Dennis claims that 1 in 4 young girls have an STD in America so he no longer “dates civilian girls” (Kit claims that 1 in 4 hideous fat old pimps have STD’s in America).

Are there different prices for different girls? The girls set their own prices according to sex act. Prices can range from 3 hundred to a million, Chrissie says. Does Dennis have trouble finding girls? He claims he gets a thousand girls a month applying for work at his Ranch (why don’t I believe a thing this man says?).

Brandi is looking over a Bunny Ranch Menu and asks if all the girls featured “are actually at the Bunny Ranch because they’re very attractive”(lol! Key word here being ‘actually’). Dennis claims they are. Several of the girls were in Hustler and Penthouse. One was in Marie Claire, he says.

Dennis describes the Ranch as being like a resort. They have a chef and a full time trainer. Brandi would rather have her husband go to a prostitute than have an emotional relationship with another woman. Chrissie says men go to the Ranch, then go home to their wives who they love. Brandi says that her husband cheated but it wasn’t about her (unlike those women Brandi blames for their husbands leaving them). The Ranch gets couples as well as single men.

Brandi believes men are animals. “They think like animals. It’s just sex to them.” Ron Jeremy says women are catching up on that front and says that the term “boytoy” is used more now where it didn’t exist before. Chrissie says that a man can have the hottest girlfriend in the world but still seek out sex with “a disgusting’s so gross.” Former madam, Heid Fleiss, once told Dennis that men will “fuck mud.” Brandi thinks men will “fuck down” because it’s easier for them while Dennis thinks they want variety.

Ron Jeremy plays Brandi Happy Birthday on his harmonica. Brandi asks if the girls have different prices. Yes, again. Chrissie says a man once paid her $3,000 just to pray for her. There was no actual sex but he asked to masturbate on her clothes (not clear if that’s before or after he prayed for her). “That’s a fucked up mother fucker,” Brandi says. Chrissie had another man pay her $20,000 for her feet and to act out a scene from Twilight. “It was really weird.”

Brandi believes if California made prostitution legal there would be a lot less divorce. She thinks marriage is an “old fashioned” idea and tells her gay friends to be careful what they wish for. Brandi and Chrissie talk about the double standard men have when it comes to 3 ways. Brandi would have liked to have a 3 way with two men but that her ex wouldn’t do it. “That’s just sick,” he’d say.

Dennis believes his show has helped change sexual attitudes in America. Dennis claims he has a professor that is going to work at the Ranch and many of his girls work at the Ranch to pay off school loans. Brandi wants to know if Dennis has a “Dude Ranch” for women. He had plans to do it with Heidi Fleiss but she got in trouble and ended up on Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew.

Brandi talks about a gay strip bar in LA called Big Fat Dick where they have a nightly big dick contest. Ron Jeremy says he asks his gay friends “if they were born that way or sucked into it”*crickets* (Ron throws out dopey jokes like this a couple of times and Brandi flat ignores him). Brandi believes that everyone is “gay for pay.” “There are those guys that will do anything for a buck.”

Brandi, again (again), puts the responsibility for philandering men on women saying, “I think it’s important for women..if you’re in gym clothes all day and you don’t put makeup on and you’re not trying and you’re only having sex on your back, he’s gonna look elsewhere.” She suggests doing it in the car or out in public. Wear an apron with nothing on underneath in high heels while cooking dinner, she suggests. “There’s nothing more attractive to a man than that” (this idea is grosser to me than the praying masturbator).

“If the majority of women just got their head around it, like they’re so prim and proper, I think that there would be a lot less cheating,” Brandi says (I really hope Brandi’s legion of scorned women listen to her podcast!). Dennis asks her opinion about the sex lives of her cast mates on the show. Brandi says that she and Yolanda talk about it and that “she’s sick right now” but David is “freaky for sure” and they “do fine.” She can’t picture anyone else on the show having sex.

Brandi’s tried to bring it up with them but they “all act shocked” and say they don’t do that. “I try to bring it up to shock them (no!) to talk about something interesting. And then they say, “she’s so crass!” Chrissie says that people from back home in Michigan are so conservative and shocked by what she does (well, I’m from Las Vegas and I’m shocked).

Chrissie’s mother was a Southern Baptist and doesn’t like what Chrissie does. When Chrissie met Dennis she was 23 and had only had sex once. She had been with a boyfriend for 3 years and thought she’d marry him. He was a preacher’s son and they had sex once and then had to repent for it. She’s 26 now and Brandi quips that she’s made up for lost time. “Definitely,” says Chrissie.

Male strip clubs don’t turn Brandi on. Brandi and Chrissie both hate dick pics. And, Brandi won’t send pics of her “down under” to men. “Just the top of it but not all up in it,” she says. Then Chrissie, THE HOOKER, says she doesn’t like graphic photos of women “spread eagle.” “I hate that”, she says. “It’s kinda gross,” adds Brandi. Chrissie agrees,”When I see girls on Twitter, like porn stars, like spread eagle..that’s so trashy!” she says, “I hate’s really gross when girls, like, show every detail.”

Let that sink in for just a mo’ as I try to keep my head from exploding.

They talk the trouble people have gotten into sexting, like Anthony Weiner. Brandi says politicians are probably the worst offenders and need to go to the Ranch. Dennis says they do. The beauty of the Ranch, Dennis says, is they can do it with anonymity. The girls sign contracts and he says they’d keep them in court for the rest of their lives if they broke them and went public.

Dennis talks about the perks of living in Nevada-no taxes, guns, drinking and gambling 24 hours a day and “hips, lips and fingertips” (eww) at the Bunny Ranch. Brandi had never heard that charming saying before and thinks it’s cute. Brandi talks about her “stripper nails,” prompting Jeremy to mention that porn stars always have one finger with a short nail (beyone eww). Chrissie implores men to clip their nails. “it hurts!” (not as much as listening to this podcast).

Ron just shot a documentary about his life and his recent heart surgery. He has the same condition as the late John Ritter. Brandi says that at her last (latest) house warming party, one of her friends took off her top and started running around. “Imagine housewives and cameras and they’re, like, all mortified…so I’m like, let’s do it! I started to take off my shirt and my BF said no way! And, I’m like, you’re the fucking fun police.” “It’s just the women are like, ‘oh she’s trash.’ I’m not, I’m just fun..I always have fun.. my girlfriends and I, no matter where we go, we are the party. And, people like to talk poorly about it.”



Starring the RHOMelbourne

by Reality_Bytes

I am not usually terribly awake when I stumble in to my home office and flip on the computer at O’Dark-Thirty on any given morning with my first cup of coffee in hand…I want to sip a succulently brewed cup of coffee while I peruse the internet, check the blogs, check TMZ , check CNN, read the obits (so if I find my name I know I don’t have to go in to work, ya know?)  It is all about waking up on the top side of the grass, slowly, gently, and with the proper amount of decadence right?

I think my mouse was headed to to check the blogs, but my Twitter icon is right next to that on the toolbar, and lo and behold…I hit Twitter first, and talk about being gobsmacked…I certainly woke up in a hurry.

This all took place after Reunion Part 1 from the Melbourne ladies, and if you will please notice, Chyka, Gina, and Gamble were noticeably absent from all this bickering…stellar move ladies!

U.S. HW’s get into it sometimes too, but the Aussies took it to a new level all over Drunk-Gate…

  • Was she drinking?
  • Does drinking mean none or 2?
  • 2 what?
  • Glasses, bottles, liters?
  • If someone keeps topping off your glass, is it still just 1 drink?

I think after seeing this tirade I may have more questions than answers…what about you? Do you call this cutting to the quick or just HW banter?

What is the most revealing revelation in all this?

T1 T2 T3 T4 T5 T6 T7 T8 T9 T10




Just as I was about to send this off to Veena, I ran across an interview from OK Magazine of Jackie, Chyka, and Janet (who said in the Reunion Part 2 that she wishes she had never brought up the rumor) throwing shade and still repeating it…and the ladies dishing on Gina saying she is irrelevant! Really? Y’all are going with that statement?  Here is the transcript:

Read full transcript – courtesy of OK! Magazine

OK!: What do you think about Gamble Breaux?

Janet: I started off on the wrong foot with Gamble. But now we’re at a stage where we filmed a lot of this 6 months ago, and during that period of time and during the promos, Gamble and I are probably the two that like to drink the most out of the group.

OK!: Why do Pettifleur Berenger and Gamble keep talking about each other’s finances?

Chyka: I was really mortified when Pettifleur started going on about Gamble and whether or not she had her own money. It’s actually not a very Australian thing to talk about. We don’t talk about money, and the fact that she kept asking that question and doubting where Gamble’s getting her money, we don’t care!

OK!: What is your opinion on Pettiefleur?

Jackie: I think she’s probably not coming across too good on camera. But off camera she’s pretty sweet and she’s actually quite humble. Maybe she came into this season, she feels like she has to prove something. Maybe it comes from her ethnic background. Maybe she’s always felt like she’s had to do that her whole life. So maybe that’s her way of maybe not really defining herself, but maybe it’s her way of trying to feel like she’s part of the group.

Janet: I have an issue with Pettifleur. I find that off camera, when I have tried to get close to her, she just continually tells me about ‘Didn’t I look great in that outfit? Wasn’t that a great necklace?’ After about 10 minutes, I just start to glaze over.

OK!: What do you guys think about Gina Liano?

Janet: I think Gina’s irrelevant. I haven’t gotten anything to say about it.

Chyka: Gina’s her own person. She does her own thing. She lives by her own rules, and that’s it.

OK!: There are bad rumors going around on the show about Gamble. What are those rumors?

Janet: She was a hooker, and hooker and a stripper, and had sex parties. It sounds to me like she is having a damn fine time.

OK!: What are your thoughts on Lydia Schiavello?

Janet: Lydia was the one who told me about the sex parties. Lydiot allowed me to get smashed for the whole season when all she had to say is, “I was actually the one that told her.”

OK!: Chyka, how you and your husband make time for each other when you guys are running three businesses together?

Chyka: He’s involved in everything. He knows every decision that we make. When there’s a problem, he knows about it. He’s become friends with the girls and their partners. So I feel blessed and very supported.

OK!: How have you guys avoided the housewives marriage curse?

Chyka: Suddenly one person goes from being maybe not the one that’s noticed all the time to being frontal. But as long as he and I are strong, and with my kids too, that’s very important. WE talk about everything, so there’s no secrets.”

OK!: Jackie, what’s the hardest part about being married to a musician?

Jackie: Where I’m very blessed is that Ben’s been in the public eye since the age of 13-14. Traveling the world with some of the biggest bands in America and the world, so he actually said to me, ‘If you do this, I’m going to tell you what’s going to happen.’ He gave me the pros. He gave me the cons. So it was very much like I had that support.”

OK!: Who is your favorite housewife and why?

Jackie: I think we both really like Yolanda. She’s gone on a very deep spiritual path and she remembers where she’s come from. It’s not just about her being sick. You can actually see the authenticity within her.

Janet: I had never watched it before I was asked. We had to watch an episode before we signed our contract. So I went home that night and Atlanta was on and the girls had a huge big fight around the swimming pool in these sequin dresses and they are all pulling each other’s wigs off and I rang them and I said, ‘No, no! I could never!’

OK!: Why are you guys so open about plastic surgery?

Jackie: I don’t think there is anything to hide!

Chyka: No. I think if you want to do something, do it and do it with pride!

POSTMORTEM is still coming…just ran into a busy week…will get to it as soon as possible.

Ciao for now!


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Real Housewives of New York City “Birthday in the Berks” plus Million Dollar Listing New York The Proposal

Real Housewives of New York City

“Birthday in the Berks” – S7E9

by Stars99

Group Shot

Remember Last Week…

While Ramona is confused regarding her feelings about Mario wanting to get back together, she also seems to be enjoying dating again. She brings a guy named “Michael” to Dorinda’s birthday dinner. Heather killed her chances of ever selling “Yummie” shapewear in K-Mart stores when she snottily asked Sonja if that’s where her fashion line was going to be sold – I think they BOTH could only DREAM their fashion lines were available there – Just ask Martha Stewart and Jaclyn Smith about it… Carole was inexplicably elected to the Board that governs her apartment building despite serving appetizers during her election night party that were over 2 years old. I think she was hoping for some handsome paramedics to have to come…

Heather seems always trying to appear to be a “hipster” and last week’s attempt culminated in a straight-faced statement that she wanted to get the Angelina Jolie “Maleficent” head tattooed on her hip. Wow. Also, Bethenny broke down crying while shopping with Carole at CB2 – Being ever so touchy-feely, she and Carole have scheduled a date and time to hug in October, 2016… However, the funniest part of the episode was when Ramona and her business partner, Peter, were interviewing a potential employee for a job at their sports bar. From it, we all learned that we’ve been remiss in not listing a “stapler” on our job applications under “business machines you know how to operate.” No seriously, she listed, “stapler” in that category. I’m just glad we don’t have to answer questions about our relationship with staple removers cuz those things can KILL you…

Ramona got caught talking badly about Dorinda’s boyfriend “What’s His Name” (John) who still gives me a severe case of the creepies – Especially when he leers at caviar girls (Sorry, Dorinda). Evidently, Ramona had a previous conversation with LuAnn about “What’s His Name” and they both said some disparaging things about him – But when tattletale Ramona told Dorinda about her conversation with LuAnn, Ramona conveniently omitted the part that she said unflattering stuff, too. LuAnn wanted to shove Ramona’s face into the caviar but sadly, Heather had eaten it all.

This Week…

It’s so picturesque… The snow is lightly falling… And there is a honkingly long driveway leading up to Dorinda’s Berkshire home/mansion/manor. Dorinda tells the women about how her grandfather was a mason from Italy and physically built the foundation for the house. In addition, Dorinda’s Father did all of the stone work for the house. She tells the story that when she was growing up, they used to drive by the mansion and Dorinda used to point at it and tell her Dad that someday she was going to own that house. Her Dad responded, “Of course you are, Princess.” In my mind’s eye I can almost see him patronizingly patting her on her head. Well, fast forward a few years – and Dorinda’s 2nd husband, Richard, generously bought the house for her. When her Dad came to visit her new home for the first time – Out of habit, he tried to enter via a side entrance like he did when he used to work on the house – Dorinda insisted he come through the front door. I think it was a symbol of great pride for her – It was a pretty kewl story.

Okay, before I say anything more – Let me just say that I love, love, LOVE the mansion. To me, it feels homey – but it’s also very eclectic. I don’t mind eclectic if it’s tastefully done. I’m pretty eclectic myself. And I do love me some vibrant color… But holy crap on a cracker!

Every room was very unique, distinctive, and vibrantly colored which is no small feat – Especially when you’re dealing with the number of rooms she had to decorate. The other women said they all loved the home – And it seems that Dorinda made all of them feel completely at home in this fun, crazy environment. I think that’s what it’s all about, no?

LuAnn probably said it best when she described the inside as being just as colorful as Dorinda is… The main living room had 2 purple couches; one with gold pillows and the other with burnt orange pillows. There was also a turquoise couch and drapes. I love me some Dorinda – But for this particular room – It looks to me like she used the classic “Joker” as the inspiration for her color palette.


Dorinda tells the women she wants to come up with a name for the house while they’re there. Heather tells us that since Heather’s home is also in the Berkshires, she feels like she’s kind of like a cohost.

Ramona tells Carole and Kristen that her business partner is going to come to the dinner party the following evening. Of course Carole and Kristen question her about it – because that’s kind of what you do with your friends. Ramona wonders if it would be considered a “date.” She’s surprised that they both would call it a “date” – and Ramona insists that she thinks of him as her “friend.” Ramona refuses to say if they’ve kissed or not. I’m confused because Ramona JUST brought a guy named “Michael” to Dorinda’s other birthday party a few days earlier… But, in my defense, Ramona seems more confused than me about her relationships.  Ramona is cautioned not to mix business with pleasure. Ramona gets all offended because evidently she knows that more than anyone else.

Carole tells Ramona that she’s going to suggest to Dorinda that she name the house “Bluestone Manor.” Later in the episode when they’re talking to Dorinda, Ramona tries to take credit for the name. In her TH, Carole says, “Apparently dresses aren’t the only thing that Ramona steals.”  Oh, snap!

Ramona and Kristen are in a very, very blue room talking about what happened the previous week. Ramona didn’t like it that LuAnn brought up their conversation about “What’s His Name” (John) during Dorinda’s birthday dinner. Kristen says she thinks that John is flirty. Dorinda walks in on them while they’re talking and wants to know what they’re talking about. They are so busted!

Dorinda cranky

Ramona explains to Dorinda that she was very disappointed in LuAnn’s timing and delivery during the dinner. Ramona noticed that LuAnn started to talk about it the minute Ramona physically got up and sat next to Dorinda and hugger her. Ramona is upset that LuAnn throws the dagger, “You made your girlfriend cry.” Kristen tells Dorinda that she had a conversation about John and that she had said that he was too touchy feely to her. Ramona in her Talking Head (TH) said, “Kristen – You’re absolutely dumb to tell Dorinda that John is too touchy – I mean thought you had a brain or two.” Whoa… Where did THAT come from? Yikes!

Dorinda reminds Kristen that she was right there shimmying with John, too.  Kristen maintains that when he got too touchy feely for her that she walked away. Kristen was upset that her husband was standing there. I dunno – I think it would have been worse if her husband WASN’T standing right there – I mean it’s disrespectful either way you slice it, IMO, but at least it didn’t appear like she was hiding anything.

Dorinda says that it wasn’t a just a quick thing but instead they were dancing together for a couple of minutes. Dorinda seems to think that it was inappropriate that Kristen did it in front of her husband – But really, isn’t it JUST as inappropriate doing it in front of your girlfriend? At some point the “Mom” card was also used – And I just don’t even want to go there. Kristen said she was okay when she was dancing sandwich style with her front to John’s back… but that it was when they turned around that she felt very uncomfortable. Possibly because John was grinding his crotchel region into Kristen’s backside… But I’m only guessing…lol. Sonja – the other part of the human sandwich – Seemed to enjoy the whole danged thing.

Kristen called out

Dorinda tells Kristen that she was embarrassed for Kristen and she was embarrassed for herself. Kristen is shocked. Dorinda tells Kristen that she made Dorinda look like an ass and that she should not do that crap. Kristen doesn’t understand why Dorinda is making such a big deal about it… She doesn’t feel like she did anything wrong and that she walked away. Dorinda accuses Kristen of acting “coquettish” and Kristen disagrees.

Dorinda wants to make sure everyone is going to be okay around John when he arrives the following day for her party. In fact, that is what she asked of them as her birthday gift – For no one to say anything negative about John and that they like him on her birthday. It’s not much to ask, right?

Dorinda gives us a little insight to her relationship with John. She explains that she had just met Richard when she turned 40 – and within 10 years they met, married and he died. She had no idea that she would be in this situation at the age of 50. She said that John has really been there for her over the last couple of years. He sat with her night after night as she wept – and often he wept with her. I really think that’s what we should all do – Weep with those who weep – and rejoice with those who rejoice. I think too often we insist that people “cheer up” instead of letting them have a good cry and process through their feelings. I think it’s because we’re uncomfortable with tears because we don’t know what to do or say to make things better – As if mere words could make the grieving process easier… I think we all need to get a grip. John got HUGE points from me on this one. I mean he got some serious points.

Ramona then said something in her TH that floored me. She admitted that she judged John too quickly and too harshly – And that it wasn’t right of her to do so. Whoa… She tells us that she’s happy when Dorinda’s happy. Okay, okay… I’ll try to look at his good qualities… I really will…

Heather appears and wants to know what’s happened. They rehash it to her. Sigh.

The women go to the Red Lion Inn for dinner. It’s where Heather got engaged…It’s a pretty great place and their special dining area reminded them of eating at their grandmother’s house. Ramona said that she was happy she was there and that surprisingly she really loves the Berkshires. I think she’s just not fond of going there in the middle of summer with no air conditioning…lol.

Even though there are 6 women at the table with all kinds of things to talk about – They decide to talk about Bethenny – Who isn’t there. They criticize Bethenny for leaving so quickly from Carole’s election night party. LuAnn tells everyone that she had a heart-to-heart with Bethenny about making more of an effort with everyone. The women express they just want an opportunity to get to know Bethenny. I don’t think they understand that Bethenny is not looking for friendships from this show – But rather a platform to sell her products. But okay… lol.

Ramona says that Bethenny is not and has never been a “girl’s girl.” She then she criticizes her that she had her stylists, makeup artists, and assistants at her birthday party. Ramona asks, “What girlfriends does she have?” I dunno – Maybe she has a point – But we’ve seen Bethenny with a few friends here and there throughout the years. She has told us that her circle of friends is small by design. I think very few get to be in Bethenny’s inner circle – Of course she has trust issues. Plus, when you have money – All of the sudden you have a whole bunch of friends who are extending their hands for their payouts. I’m sure Ramona hadn’t seen the footage from a couple of weeks ago of Bethenny in Florida with her maid-of-honor. They show a clip from a previous season when Ramona tells Bethenny that she has no friends. Talk about being harsh…

Carol explains B

The women continue to talk and say that Bethenny has had to scratch her way through life. Carole tells the others about how Bethenny broke down in tears when they talked about how Bethenny wasn’t getting along with the rest of the women. Carole told Bethenny she had a branding problem. Heather does a huge eye roll. Kristen wants to know if they were real tears or if they were crocodile tears like “this one.” Ramona wants to know who “this one” is – And Kristen tells her it’s Ramona. They argue… Kristen maintains that Ramona has cried crocodile tears a couple of times… Ramona calls Kristen a jerk… I grow tired.

As if we all needed reminding again, LuAnn says Bethenny had a horrible relationship with her parents. Heather isn’t buying it for a second and says that a lot of people survive not having a good relationship with their mother. LuAnn says that if you can’t trust your mother that it affects your whole life and all of your relationships with women. LuAnn is really sticking up for Bethenny – It’s pretty kewl to see.

Heather concludes that the other women are scared of Bethenny. She doesn’t understand why they cut her so much slack. It seems like she thinks that Bethenny is excused for what she says and does because she is going through a lot. Heather points at some of the others who are also going through a lot.

In tonight’s edition of, “I KID YOU NOT” – Heather says, I kid you not,I just went through the major change in my life – Where I moved from my nanny for 9 years…”  Okay, is it just me, or did Heather just actually compare the perils of having to change nannies with: 1) those who grew up in homes filled with abuse (Ramona, Bethenny); 2) the 5 women who have gone through divorce – Some of them very public divorces; and, 3) the 2 widows (Dorinda and Carole). Wow… In LuAnn’s TH, she emphasizes that Heather just compared losing her nanny to the abuses that Bethenny experienced while growing up. LuAnn doesn’t think it’s a great comparison.

Ramona decides to go on a diatribe by saying how everyone goes through hard times like divorce, death, losing a job – but that we all need to find our inner strength to say, “It’s going to be okay.”

Dorinda - Actually

Dorinda thinks that’s all bologna and that instead, what you say is “I just have to get up this morning.” She talks about how you’re lucky if you’re feeling well enough to even take a shower. Dorinda and Carole talk about how you really can’t say that it’s all going to be okay because it’s really NOT going to be okay… These two know the kind of grief and loss that leaves a permanent hole in your heart. I think you don’t get over it – but you just get through it. Carole concludes that it’s a different level of tragedy.  They all cheers to Dorinda’s birthday!

The following day is Dorinda’s birthday, and Sonja arrives wearing what Dorinda describes as a “19th century Dracula outfit.” I don’t think she was being critical – just descriptive. Carole is wearing a “stop talking” sweatshirt… I die laffin’… Heather comes down wearing the same animal print vest and cream shirt as Ramona is wearing. Aww… That’s cute… They’re twinsies!

The women all decide to go shopping but nothing interesting happens except that Sonja and Ramona embarrass Carole by walking down the street singing…lol… Oh, and Ramona confronts LuAnn about what she said at Dorinda’s birthday dinner. LuAnn said that she was kind of caught up in the moment and admits she could have chosen a better place and time to talk about it. Ramona thinks LuAnn “pulled a Ramona” – Blurting out something at the wrong place and time. I think Ramona’s lucky LuAnn didn’t push her face in some caviar.

All the men start arriving for the festivities starting with “What’s His Name” (John) bringing tidings of a case of pink champagne. Ramona had already brought a case of her “Ramona Pinot Grigio” so it looks like they have plenty to drink. And what’s a Bravo party without a lot of alcohol. Heather’s husband John and Kristen’s husband Josh also arrive… Wow… I guess everyone who dates or marries these women have names that start with “J”… I mean even Jason Hoppy fit that particular bill…

Sonja comes downstairs dressed in a lingerie robe that frequently opens. She poses sexually and postures and rubs up against “What’s His Name” (John). Dorinda laffs it off in her TH that John is looking at Sonja with Roger Rabbit eyes… Sonja greets and frontally hugs John while barely keeping her robe closed. She tells John that he can touch her… I get the case of the creepies again…

Dorinda must be a much more tolerant person than I because I would NOT be okay with that at all. It’s not like I think that something would actually happen. I guess to me, both John and Sonja are disrespecting Dorinda when they do that crap – Harmless and playful as it may be. Sonja is perpetually in heat – or at least pretends that she is – So for me, while I’m sure she would never consciously do anything wonky – She has shown she is able to cross a lot of boundaries when she’s under the influence. Sonja’s reason for being there at that point is that she forgot to bring a dress and she needs to borrow one… I just shake my head. Doesn’t she have an entire clothing line from which to choose? Oh right… It’s not available yet. Nevermind… lol…

Bethenny walks in with flowers in her hand and the look on Heather’s face is absolutely priceless… She is so NOT happy and it makes me laff. Bethenny explains that she decided to go to Dorinda’s after her daughter went to bed to surprise her. Bethenny made an entire experience out of the trip with her daughter – They traveled in a limo with lots of pillows and blankets and watched Princess movies together… Dorinda felt very honored that Bethenny took the effort to come to her birthday party… Heather immediately chides Bethenny for not telling her she was coming with her daughter because Heather also brought her kids who were also staying at a hotel off-site. OMG… I already grow tired…

Carole & L finding info

Before everyone sits down for dinner, Carole goes into LuAnn’s room with her laptop. She google searched “Peter” – Ramona’s business partner and date for the evening. She found an article that talks about how Peter allegedly dated Mario’s alleged mistress (did I use the word “alleged” enough…I hope so… lol) LuAnn asks Carole if she’s going to tell Ramona about the article and Carole is so not going to tell her. When they go down for dinner…LuAnn and Carole can’t wait to clue in Heather while they’re standing like 20 feet away from Ramona… And, as if on cue… In walks Peter… Oh see… He’s doomed already cuz his name doesn’t start with a “J.”

Bethenny-Knotts landing

Bethenny thinks everyone is wearing Knott’s landing costumes complete with long gloves… I’m distracted by the lighted ceramic Christmas trees that are behind Dorinda and John’s head – because we used to have one of those.  I love it. Everyone seems to be having a good time. Dorinda completely rolls with Bethenny showing up to a formal dinner party unannounced. Ramona leans into her date…

John announces that they have a gourmet sushi chef who will be preparing the meal. Bethenny makes a comment that she only eats shellfish. Rut roh… I think if you show up to a dinner party without RSVPing – That you eat what you’re served or you don’t eat.  Heather tells Dorinda that Bethenny is allergic to fish with fins. Wow… I have never heard of that… I know plenty of people who are allergic to fish in general – or shellfish specifically – but not “fish with fins.” Hmmm….

Bethenny is allergic to fish

Dorinda tells Bethenny that she has some hummus. Heather tries to get involved in solving this globally important critical issue of what is Bethenny going to eat for dinner. Wait… Does Bethenny even actually eat? Anyhoo… Bethenny insists she’ll be fine… Heather gets grumpy about the whole thing… Ramona in her TH tells Heather that Bethenny is an adult and can take care of herself and that, “You’re not her mommy, Heather.” Meanwhile, Heather leans over to Carole to tell her about the big kerfuffle about Bethenny not eating fish. Heather says that on one hand she’s feeling bad for Bethenny but on the other hand she thinks she’s mean and that, “She really is harsh.”


In her TH, Heather says that she’s never dealt with someone who is turned off by someone trying to be nice. Then Heather complains about not even being able to give Bethenny a meatball. Bethenny tells Sonja that she doesn’t want therapy… She doesn’t want to be helped… She just wants to be left alone…

Bethenny tells us that she always feels like Heather is taking her temperature. Mr. Stars99 comments, “Is that rectally or orally?” I die laffin’… Bethenny seems to be confused at how someone she just met is talking to her about her custody schedule, how she’s dealing with things, and her childhood… Bethenny says she feels like she’s being clocked.

Heather suddenly spills the beans and tells the entire table that they have a journalist amongst them – And so they looked Peter up on the internet. Peter good naturedly plays along and they talk about whether or not it was nice stuff. Then Heather starts to talk to him about his businesses… and out of nowhere, Bethenny suddenly starts talking to the bottles/glasses of booze in front of her saying, “I love you… I love you… I love you… I love you all the same…” It was really wonky… Is she drunk? Or is she doing it for attention?

Ramona and her guy

In light of Heather’s conversation at the table with Peter, Bethenny offers to take Dorinda’s brother into the bathroom to help him end it all… She asks if he would like a slow death with a butter knife or a quick one involving an artery? Sonja and Bethenny are laughing… Peter asks how many times a week they have this kind of a roast… He laughs at the situation and says that he told his driver outside not to shut the car off – Just so he can leave at any time. I gotta say, I kinda like this guy… He has a great sense of humor.

Heather tells Bethenny that she’s going to have to separate her and Sonja because they talk through every conversation. Bethenny says there’s 20 people at the table and that they’re allowed to have a conversation. Heather tells Bethenny that she was just making a joke and tells her that she has to lighten up – That she’s too serious. Wait… Didn’t you just say that you were going to have to separate Sonja and Bethenny because they were laughing and talking? Heather – You are soooooooooooooooooo danged confusing. This season, you have somehow turned into this raging pain in the dupa – I just don’t understand it. This isn’t a flattering look on you… Maybe your “Yummie” shapewear is too tight or something…

LuAnn scowl

Heather tells Bethenny that she doesn’t understand why Bethenny acts the way she does when she’s trying to be nice to her. Bethenny honestly says she feels like Heather is trying “to tend to her” and they really don’t even know each other yet. Heather says that she can tell her what she wants to fu***ng tell her. Heather says, “Don’t tell me how to talk… Don’t tell me what to do…” Bethenny said she didn’t tell Heather how to talk or what to do… Heather wants Bethenny to be clear on what her intention was… But Bethenny said she doesn’t need Heather to talk to her like this…

Bethenny tells Heather that she’s exhausting and, “I’m not interested in this.” I think “I’m not interested in this” is this season’s, “Shut the F**k up.” Lol… Heather tells Bethenny she doesn’t have to be interested in Heather – But that she should be interested in Sonja… Bethenny quickly responds, “Okay… just like, get off me.” I guess I just don’t understand this whole conversation – Bethenny HAS shown an interest in Sonja – all season. Plus she just got into trouble for talking to her too much. I just don’t understand Heather’s comments at all. Perhaps Heather was just trying to bring drama to a Bravo dinner party… I dunno. But seriously, Heather – To me, this makes you look like a gooberhead.

Dorinda says of Heather, “Sometimes Heather goes from teaching to preaching.” Bethenny says that sometimes she doesn’t want attention – That she just wants to breathe and be light. Heather says it Bethenny is making it sound like she’s suffocating her… Bethenny doesn’t want to get into anything otherwise she will be on the floor sobbing… She wants her walls to be up and working. People tell Heather to take a step back.

Then inexplicably, Heather gets up and walks over to Bethenny and tries to take her by the hand to go and talk to her in another room. That’s the LAST THING Bethenny is going to want to do. Is this all because Carole had a heart-to-heart with Bethenny and now Heather wants one too? Surely, it can’t be…  Bethenny doesn’t want to deal with anything…Bethenny is saying, “Just walk away.” Heather starts crying… Bethenny is in tears… The words, “To Be Continued…” fill the TV screen. OMG… We have another week of this? KMN! (Kill me now!).


The following chart depicts this season’s viewership by episode (Thanks to Randy at


Last week, when a “mysterious” person (some think it was Jill Z in disguise) suggested on Twitter that @Andy fire Bethenny because she didn’t save the RHONYC’s ratings this year, Andy responded, “uh they’re up double digits from last season pal! Over 2 million an episode! We’re poppin bottles.”

I admit I was confused because I checked the stats that I used in the chart with 2 different sites. They both agree that the week of 5/19 had only 1,089,000 viewers… That’s a far cry from “over 2 million an episode.”  Now, Andy could be referring to “LIVE+SD” which is the number of people who watched a show while it was broadcasted or watched by DVR on the same day it was broadcasted… Or he could be referring to “LIVE + SD + 3” or “LIVE + SD + 7” which is the number of people who watched a show while it was broadcasted or watched it by DVR 3 or 7 days from the original airdate…. Or he could be adding up all the days it was rebroadcast throughout the week plus all of the above categories. Or he could be using new math… I have no idea…

Statistics can be very deceiving depending on the semantics used to explain them. Statistics can be spun in a whole lot of ways. Even the first part of Andy’s response, “up double digits from last season” could simply mean that viewership is up by as little as 10 people because technically, that’s the definition of “double digits.” This season’s total average viewership (1,364,875) is up a little from last season’s total average viewership (1,289,130) it’s still not even close to the franchise high viewership from Season 4 (2,039,833).

I have found that it’s wisest to compare apples to apples to apples. While I think there is certainly validity in considering viewership from all the categories above – In years past, those statistics weren’t easily accessible. To be fair, I do find myself watching many shows by DVR 1 or 2 weeks after they air – Because, after all – Aren’t we all busy? But until the exact same sourcing for statistics occurs for several years in a row – In my opinion, it’s unfair to compare apples to oranges.

For the purposes of comparing viewership, I will continue to compare apples to apples to apples. I mean, it’s the only fair way to do it, no? After all, it’s really not fair to compare the viewership of a show that is rerun 10 times in a week to a show that is only aired once. Also, perhaps this year – The statistic gatherers gained access to additional cable company statistics. I think that would give an unfair numbers advantage to a current show versus last year’s show when the statistics just weren’t available. Perhaps someone else has some additional information on this topic…

Don’t even get me talking about “On Demand”…LOL! It cracks me up how Real Housewives of New York City and Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are available on my cable company’s (Time Warner) “On Demand” system – but Real Housewives of Atlanta is not.  It really forces you to watch the show live, DVR it, or catch a rerun of it. I’m sure there’s a calculated strategy for this – Probably relating to driving up the numbers that potential advertisers use or something. It has just always amused me. It is the most watched show of all the “Real Housewives” franchises. Somehow, it’s all about money – We can be sure of that… Either potential earnings or money the networks have to pay the cable companies for “On Demand” accessibilities.

While last week’s RHONYC episode increased from the season low of the previous week – It still was the 2nd lowest viewed episode this season.

Next Week…

Heather bellyaches more about Bethenny and decides to put on her “scully so that bitch knows who she’s dealing with.” Bethenny is talking to Ramona and Sonja about something and says that she would rather eat glass than to talk about what they’re talking about… Back in NYC… Ramona asks Avery if her dad has told her that he’s trying to pursue Ramona so to speak – Avery says she doesn’t ask many questions – And Ramona says that’s smart… LuAnn is agitated with Bethenny and asks if they are friends or not – Bethenny tells LuAnn that LuAnn can’t deliver things in pretty packages that aren’t pretty… Kristen is cranky that Carole told her that she was dumb… But at least she’s “Preeeeeeety.”

Well, that’s it for this week – Thanks for reading… Hope to see you next week… Happy Trails!


Million Dollar Listing New York – The Proposal – by NotInStCyr

2015.06.02 MDLNY-S4E7

This is the episode we’ve been waiting for.  We’ve seen previews of the big moment and really, I wish that was the only thing I could write about.  Have patience.  We need to wade through some of Fredrik’s personal life and Luis’ megalomania first.

Last week, Luis promised to focus the entire planet on the last remaining townhome in Gerard Longo’s Cobble Hill development in Brooklyn.  Luis wants to use the international press to create enough buzz to interest international buyers in the property.  His real goal, however, is to impress Longo and become the broker for his developments.  Unfortunately, Luis failed to do his research and didn’t discover that Longo already had an in-house team of brokers. Let’s give Luis some credit, because inviting the press and a lot of media freeloaders to a catered event did result in a few articles in foreign publications that mentioned the townhome.  He can’t wait to email the articles to Laura, the executive vice president from Longo’s firm, who doubted him.  You just know he’d love to tell her, “Nyah, nyah, nyah, na na!”

1 - mdl

Ryan has already sold 3 of the 4 units in Yvonne’s new building on the Upper East Side.  The last remaining unit is the top floor duplex that has an asking price of $4.75 million.  The developer has spared no expense in outfitting the penthouse, which Ryan shows to a Greek family with a particularly rambunctious son.  Ryan tries to create a bond with them by mentioning that he has a Greek girlfriend.  He utters the one phrase he says he knows in Greek.  When the family breaks out in laughter, he realizes that it didn’t mean what he thought it meant.  Instead of saying “I love you” in Greek, Emilia has apparently being saying “You drive me crazy” all this time.  Adorbs.

Fredrik has gone home to Stockholm to seal a deal his firm has brokered.  Eklund Stockholm is apparently very successful, with $40 million in commissions and offices in London, Helsinki, Oslo and, well, Stockholm.  He’s obviously an extremely driven workaholic.  As a kid, I once set up a lemonade stand on a borrowed card table.  At the same age, Fredrik probably started up a multinational beverage company.

Eklund Stockholm has sold 6 out of 7 homes in a development in an exclusive Swedish ski resort. Fredrik wants to have a hand in selling the last chalet.  The Sunset Peak villa is beautifully crafted in the warm, comfortable and sleek Scandinavian style we’ve all come to love.  Think IKEA times several million.  The home is listed at the equivalent of $1.4 million.

Ryan and JD have been calling various city agencies, as well as the Mayor’s office and the NYPD, in an attempt to shut down Times Square.  He’s repeatedly told “it can’t be done!”  They don’t know Ryan very well, do they?

Luis goes to Brooklyn for a showing of the unfinished Cobble Hill townhome.  He’s met by Laura, Longo’s EVP, who hugs him.  Luis’ strategy finally impressed her.  They tour the space with a Brazilian developer who may be interested in buying the property for himself as an investment.

Derek and Fredrik go to see his brother, sister-in-law and father.  It’s obvious that he’s close to all of them, and he feels guilty for living so far away in New York.  Fredrik tells his family that Derek has finally come around and is ready to start a family.  The first person Fredrik approached for an egg donation was Malin, his sister-in-law.  Although she was willing, Sigge, his brother – not so much, thereby sparing the Eklunds some very confusing family reunions.  Klaus, Fredrik’s father, reminds him that he needs to reduce his workload if he wants to see his child regularly, as he was unable to do because of his career.  Fredrik feels that since he went to New York with the intention of becoming the number 1 broker in the city, he shouldn’t have any trouble becoming the number 1 father.  He’s even willing to reprioritize and settle for being the number 2 broker in New York.  Somewhere Luis is rubbing his hands together and saying, “My chance at last!”.

2 - fredriq

Ryan is still trying to find a way to shut down Times Square.  One functionary finally admits that it was done once before, apparently for Tom Cruise.  We never find out if this was for a movie, or whether Mr. Cruise popped the question to any of his ex-wives there.

We spend some time in the Swedish Aspen, as Fredrik calls it.  Åre is only 1 hour away by plane from Stockholm, which makes it a convenient and desirable destination for wealthy Europeans.  Sadly, this is probably the only time I’ll get to use the A with the little halo over it.  Fredrik has scheduled private showings with a few Swedes, who are a little resistant to the unusually high price of the property.  Fredrik is in his element showing off the amenities, including a kitchen island that he deems “3 Fredriks long”.  Yes, he has now made himself a unit of measurement.  He brushes aside the steep asking price, assuring potential buyers it will be worth owning the best house in town.

Ryan is bringing Yvonne an offer of $4.5 million for the duplex, which is below the list price of $4.75 million.  He’s a little hesitant, saying, “I can’t negotiate…she’ll take my firstborn!”  She does indeed give Ryan a hard time and refuses the offer, noting that all the other units sold for the full asking price.  At Yvonne’s insistence, Ryan actually succeeds in getting the offer increased by $25,000, which he describes as a “lot of money…like part of an engagement ring”.  Yvonne finally lets Ryan off the hook, accepts the deal and tells him that she actually would have taken the $4.5 million offer.  She wants to know if he’s ready for the next project.

Luis is putting on a lot of miles on the Maserati, as he returns to Brooklyn to meet with Longo.  Luis is pleased as a puppy to present the developer with an offer of $3.75 million for the Cobble Hill townhome.  He quickly adds that he can probably get the bid up.  Longo, however, dashes Luis’ dreams by telling him that his team has already received an offer at the full asking price.  Luis quickly makes lemonade out of lemons, and tells us that this was a “win”, because he showed that he has vision and can deliver.  The developer, on the other hand, only promises to “consider” Luis for future projects.

We then get to watch Luis interview people for a job on his team.  He asks, “What’s so amazing about you?…What value do you bring to me?”  I’d like to know where is he going to put the new employee, since he already shares a small office with Ronita.  Is he going to build a bunk desk above her head? Luis confides his plan to take over the world with an “army of successful brokers”.  By the way, did you notice the name plate on his desk?  It reads, “Luis Ortiz — Boom!”  Really, Luis, a catchphrase?  I bet you he watches every episode of the Apprentice, too.

Fredrik is throwing a party for international buyers at the lodge where he and Derek are staying.  He’s also invited Anna, his best friend, who is also an egg naysayer.  He hopes to change her mind, now that Project Milla is a go.

It’s 7:00 am and Ryan and Emilia are driving through Manhattan on the way to Boston for a family birthday party.  Around Times Square, Ryan says that he wants to stop at a Starbucks and makes Emilia get out of the car.  Times Square is usually one of the loudest, flashiest and crowded spots in the world.  Now, it’s eerily desolate and quiet, which seems to fill Emilia with dread.  She nervously asks what’s going on.  Ryan tells us that he wants to create a fairy tale memory for Emilia that they’ll be able to tell their grandchildren about.  He also says that this is the birth of a new life for him.  Looking like the last people on earth (except for the String Quartet playing in the background), they walk along the huge, empty space. Ryan then tells Emilia, “You’re The One” and directs her attention to an electronic billboard facing them.  It reads “I love you Puffer Munkin” in Greek.  Puffer Munkin is either Emilia’s pet name, or the name of a rare species of Puffin that only lives in Greece and subsists on feta cheese.  I may have missed that David Attenborough episode.  Ryan, the former womanizer and all-around MDLNY scoundrel, gets down on one knee and opens a box to reveal a ring.  When he asks her to marry him, she’s so shocked, she forgets to answer him.  With a little prompting, she finally whispers, “yes”.  Like the ending of a corny Harlequin romance novel, they fold into each other for a long embrace in Times Square.  Ryan tells us that words can’t describe what he’s feeling.  I have to confess that this moment melted my jaded, cynical, Grinch-like shriveled heart.  Sniffle.

3 - time sq

4 - proposal





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The Shahs of Sunset – Season Finale and Real Housewives of New York Cast Blogs Blogged

The Shahs of Sunset – Season Finale by SunnyGirl

Finally!  The Shahs go back to what made them stand out from other reality shows.

It begins with breakfast buffet on a patio and you can almost smell the food and feel the ocean breeze.  Reza talks about how he has been dieting like a bitch for the wedding but he is not going to worry about that now.  The talk at the breakfast table turns to Asifa and Bobby.  Both of them have left Thailand and gone back to Los Angeles.  Reza is thrilled and says he feels like he won the lottery.  I’m glad that Asifa and Bobby decided to take the drama back to L.A. – it was no vacation for anyone else.

As they are eating, the guys notice a table with women in the traditional black cape with total face coverings.  Shervin and Reza take a selfie and then introduce themselves.  The women immediately bow their heads and won’t make eye contact.   When they are back at their own table, the man in the other group sends a plate of fruit to them.  As they thank him, the women begin pulling off their black garments and it’s MJ and Nema.

1 - reza

GG talks about the garments and says she can’t understand how they can be comfortable wearing them.  Then she says that ghosts get used to it.

Now they go to a tailor’s shop where Reza was going to get a suit made for his wedding.  Reza is feeling guilty for taking this vacation, especially knowing that Adam is home and in pain.  Reza orders a suit but it’s unlike what he was planning on ordering for the wedding.  Reza tells the tailor he wants a suit that is “dictator chic.”  Not sure what that means.

Back in LA, Mike is also going to a clothing store to buy suits and a tuxedo for his own wedding.  He and Reza both know the tailor so Mike is telling the story (the one we’ve heard all season) about what GG has accused him of.  It is apparent that Mike is hurt and wishes he were in Thailand.  It is also apparent that Mike doesn’t realize that Reza has called off the wedding.   Mike wants nothing more than to have his apology accepted by the group and have things go back to the way they were.  He really loves all of them and misses them.  Mike tells the tailor that he is going to invite Reza to his wedding.  (Hmmm.  Has he told Jessica this?)

Reza says he is crying privately and trying not to be a downer while he is with his friends.  MJ is being supportive and caring with Reza.

When the group is done shopping, GG treats them all to a pedicure.  GG takes them to a place where they all are supposed to put their feet in these fish tanks where the fish actually eat off the dead skin from their feet.  I’m just not sure I want to do that, but to each their own.  Asa is noticeably avoiding MJ.

Next they go to a boxing stadium where the boxers are doing weird dances while in the ring and getting the crap kicked out of them.  For whatever reason, Reza gets in the ring and dances around.

Next stop is the Red Light District where “lady boys” are dancing.  “Lady boys” are men transitioning into women (perfect day for this after Bruce Jenner became Caitlyn Jenner on the cover of Vanity Fair) and they are all very gorgeous.  Reza jumps up on stage and begins pole dancing with the “lady boys” and soon the entire group is dancing and laughing.  Reza says that he isn’t depressed any more – that maybe tomorrow he will be but tonight he is not.

The next day they go to Tiger Kingdom.  Reza and Adam had dreamed of being there together.  The tigers are stunningly beautiful creatures and it is amazing to watch them frolic in the pool.  The guide takes the group back to the area where the tigers can be cuddled and petted.  The guide tells them not to shout or make fast movements.  Reza cuddles with Ricky, the tiger.   The tiger growls in appreciation.

The girls and Reza go play with the baby tigers.  I don’t think I have ever seen a more beautiful animal than these young tigers.  They have the eyes of an angel.  Reza is down on hands and knees chasing them.  Shervin says he has never seen Reza chase pussy before.  Reza says he absolutely loves the tigers but it’s bittersweet being there without Adam.  (At this point, I want to slap Reza and remind him that he is the reason he isn’t there with Adam.  He seems to have forgotten that.)

2 - baby tiger

After leaving the Tiger Kingdom they go to a sacred Buddhist Temple.  Monks in gold robes are sitting in a circle, while chanting and praying for a good life.  The Shahs also sit in a circle and participate in prayer.  GG says it’s very pure, spiritual cleansing.  She says it brings out all the feelings and soon everyone is crying and emotional.

3 - prayer

When they leave the temple, MJ and Asa hug and talk about Pablo.  Asa says that Persians are very passionate people who argue and fight but typically make up because life is sacred and beautiful.  MJ

The next morning GG is in bed Skyping with Danny.  She says Danny is a normal, sweet and kind guy.  Danny makes her feel amazing about herself and GG says she can’t stop thinking about him.

Asa and Reza are having coffee and discussing Reza’s feelings about Adam.  Asa says he has to figure out why he is so sad and that he isn’t dealing with his tsunami of emotions.  Reza is terribly hoarse.  Asa tells him that Adam is a beautiful person but if there is no sexual chemistry then it isn’t right.  Asa says Reza has to get real and clear his head.  (Asa needs to quit thinking that she is the group’s therapist, because I’m not always sure she does any good.  She has stirred trouble with Asifa and Bobby and now she is doing it with Reza and Adam.)  Asa makes a lot of sense but she seems to overstep her bounds with Reza at times.

The group is playing with some monkeys.  Reza is a little scared but GG loves them and calls them “my people.”  Reza claims they are at GG’s family reunion.  The monkeys are cute little devils.

In L.A., Asifa is meeting Bobby at a restaurant to talk.  Asifa looks gorgeous and says she is excited to meet with Bobby to see if they can work things out. Asifa is very apologetic and humble.  Bobby doesn’t give her an inch and tells her that the relationship has been getting worse.  He says it’s been six years and nothing has changed.  Bobby asks her if she can cut out the BS.  Bobby says he loves her; Asifa says they are competing with each other and that they need to be on the same team.  They agree to cut out all the BS.  Bobby, however, tells Asifa they are on a new 60 day plan.  (I think they need longer than 60 days!)

The Shahs are all getting ready for dinner on the beach.  Turns out this was going to be the reception dinner for Reza and Adam’s wedding.  Asa and MJ have a heart to heart.  MJ says she is truly sorry from the bottom of her heart about the bachelor party.  She tells Asa that she isn’t okay when they are fighting.  Asa says MJ is like a sister to her.  They hug and everything is okay.  (Off topic – see the kaftan that Asa is wearing?  She is now selling beautiful kaftans online and this is one of them.)

There is a beautiful infinity pool.  It is dark but we can see a white tent surrounded by white candles.  Under the tent, a table is set with all white china and all white flowers.  It is elegant and tasteful and romantic.  I’ve never seen the Shahs do anything quite this classy before!  Reza is struggling through dinner and gets up to go to the edge of the ocean to clear his head.  He feels like he is betraying Adam (which, in a way, he is.)  He comes back to the table and MJ offers a toast to love.

In LA, Mike is driving to a park with his dog.  He calls Jessica and apologizes for leaving so early without telling her.  He says he needs to clear his head.  It is really bothering him that he is not with the group in Thailand but he doesn’t tell Jessica that.  Mike says he makes mistakes but he wants back into the group.

Shervin suggests a rebirth.  The guys strip to their underwear and run into the ocean.  The girls are frolicking on the beach.  It’s a beautiful scene and it ends the season of The Shahs of Sunset on a high note.  In Reza’s TH, he claims he is going to go home, grab Adam and do right by him.  And then he is going to sit down with Mike and GG and make them work it out.


Real Housewives of New York Cast Blogs Blogged by Namaste

Episode 8

 Kristen-big deal

Kristen Taekman

“Sonja Is Good At Doing The Unexpected”

Kristin is pleased to see Ramona and Dorinda’s friendship and that Dorinda can truly support Ramona through her impending divorce.  She sees Ramona being vulnerable with Dorinda and it is a fresh change from the Ramona we have all seen in the past.

I was so impressed with Carole holding court at her fav little restaurant LEFT Bank and having a board meeting for her building. It made me think of her being this big corporate executive and working her angles to get the support she needed…GO Carole…however, if you ever lived in NYC, you hear all the stories of these co-op building and condos and how much power and control the board of the building has on controlling your building and essentially your living conditions in the building to the point they can control who you even sell your apartment to and who they let live in the building.

I thought this was pretty entertained, too and a whole new side to Carole that we never get to see!  She was pretty serious about this whole election and brought in a team to help her with the win.  Did she have to pay all those consultants?  I wonder if Heather and Ramona did man the phone banks to help guarantee votes from 15 people?

Moving on.  Kristen prattles on about Bethenny’s therapy and I am left wondering if we are gonna have to watch all these sessions.  I am leary of a therapist who allows a reality tv crew to film him during a therapy session.

One thing for sure about Sonja Morgan is she knows how to bring it, and she looked so stunning and beautiful on the cover! WOW! I am still trying to figure out the connection with Sonja Morgan, born and raised in the US, and a connection to a Latin magazine/lifestyle, but what the heck, it is Sonja Morgan, and she is the ultimate chameleon! It was funny, because I was speaking to the editor of the magazine, and the editor made the point that Sonja was wearing the dress of a Latin designer, so maybe that was the necessary criteria to be on the cover? Either way, good for Sonja Morgan. She is always good at doing the unexpected.

Please re-read this sentence:

It was funny, because I was speaking to the editor of the magazine, and the editor made the point that Sonja was wearing the dress of a Latin designer, so maybe that was the necessary criteria to be on the cover?

If you must, re-read it again.  So Sonja either lied to the editor about the dress OR the dress is not one of HER designs.  Either way, Sonja is again a Liar-Pants.

I actually also met the same team Bethenny met who were running her Fashion Collection, and they actually had a lot of the answers to Bethenny’s and Heather’s questions about her line and the retailers they were going out to. They also pointed out in the magazine she was wearing her collection, so hey, maybe there is a real Sonja Morgan Collection about to hit the retail doors, and we can go and buy it.

As far as I can tell, items are still only available for pre-order on her website unless you are the same size as Sonja and are willing to buy the lightly worn dress she wore to this event which may or may not be something she designed.

Carole won the election!  WOOHOO!  I thought the three year old pigs in a blanket were hilarious and must admit (with little shame) that I keep stuff in my freezer for way too long also!  Especially things that are high calorie and I am “saving” them for a special occasion.  There are butterbreads I bought from my daughter’s choir fundraiser when she was in 6th grade in my freezer.  Um, she will be starting her Junior year this fall.

For a long time I wanted to speak with Sonja and let her know I meant no disrespect when I called her delusional, and I really do like and support her. I feel like after her Latin event magazine and her clothing line actually coming, this is going to be Sonja’s moment and the truth is I think everyone will be there to cheer her along to success!

The sad thing is that by “buying” into Sonja’s delusions, you are doing Sonja no favors.  I always believe holding people accountable for their words and actions is the way to go.

B and C Tissue2 - Copy

Bethenny Frankel

Emotions Creep Out In Unexpected Ways

Bethenny acknowledges we have arrived at The Crying Game (although no one is a tranny here, right?)  She tell us that her emotions just creep out at the strangest time.

I have had a rough time, and I was particularly raw. I broke down in CB2, which I’ve renamed “Cry Baby 2.” Carole was perfect in that situation. I am not a huge hugger, either, and I just needed to let it out.

I did love that they used the cloth napkin as tissues.  Wonder if they had to pay for them or if CB2 let them get away with it cause they knew they would get a ton of free marketing.

I thought Carole’s election was cute. Those pigs in blankets were awesome, but then again I’m a massive Trader Joe’s fan. Thank god she didn’t tarnish her campaign with a hors d’oeuvres lie. Heather is very inquisitive and likes to get deep quickly. She is just curious, concerned, and a little touchy feely at times. I believe it comes from a good place. I am just guarded and not always trusting. As Dorinda says, I’m a squirrel, so really fast moves make me run. Custody conversation is very personal, and I was just not there, nor will I probably ever be.

Can I share a secret with ya’ll?  I have never been to a Trader Joe’s.  I have never sipped two buck Chuck.  I need to get this on my Bucket List asap.  Heather does ask too many questions.  I am like that when I meet someone knew and am trying to make small talk.  I sometimes take on the role of “interviewer” (Oprah persona).  It’s my way of getting other people to talk but not having to talk about myself.  Try it.  It totally works!  I think asking and questioning a custody battle during the process is not cool.  So not cool. HOLLA!

As far as Luann commenting on my departure, I was there an hour, which is probably the longest that I would ever spend at an apartment building election party. Luckily, I had school pickup.

Um, Lu was like an hour late so why the fuck was she commenting on Bethenny leaving; she showed up and showed up ON TIME!

Heather did fire a random shot at her though asking about Kmart. I was literally at Kmart yesterday, a store that I LOVE, but I didn’t happen to notice any full-length, red evening gowns there. That was a little slap.

Heather did not make the comment as a compliment as she will try to do.  It was made as a dig.  I will say, I think all of Sophia Vergara’s clothes at Kmart are super cute!  My daughter got one of her swimsuits last year.

The caviar dinner was a shit stirrer. Luann has not been silent about her opinions this season. It’s the anti-Countess…(a term that Bravo and the ladies will definitely adopt). Anyway, Luann definitely commented about Dorinda and John. But Ramona can be a meddler and loves to drive the getaway car while not getting dirty. Ramona definitely commented, as well, which she conveniently left out.

Ramona is a HUGE meddler and LOVES to stir the pot, light it on fire and run!  But she definitely commits when she denies. 


Carole Radziwell

“I Feel Terrible For Bethenny”

Bravotv began the question and answers session by asking why Carole wanted to join the board…

It wasn’t really sudden. I had been thinking about it for some time. So when the new election was announced, I decided to run. When you own an apartment in NewYork, it’s important to know what’s happening in your building. Each building runs as its own little municipal town.

I thought this was a completely different side to Carole that we saw.  I imagine this is how she was in the newsroom.  She goes on to admit that initially, she was more self-interested when starting her campaign, but as she moved forward, she sincerely wanted to address the concerns of the other residents in the building

Bravotv asked if there were any last minute shenanigans that helped her win the election…

I listened very closely to the campaign consultants. They were no joke. Mike worked for Rudy Giuliani’s presidential campaign and Andrew Cuomo’s race for NYS Governor. In the end, I think it’s just a matter of asking people for their votes.

I wonder how many other people use campaign consultants to help them get on the board of their building?  Is this just an NYC thing?  I was PTO president for 3 years basically cause no one else was stupid enough to raise their hand and say they wanted to take over this thankless job.

Bravotv wanted to know what was going through her mind when Bethenny broke down while shopping for furniture…

Oh wow. I wasn’t expecting that. I knew she had child-care issues that precluded her from attending some of the events and dinners. I imagine it’s difficult to juggle work and play and family, especially given a protracted divorce. I felt terrible for her, but I also sensed that she was not the type of woman who wanted to be coddled. I’m not someone who can hug it out either.

Carole shares that, too, is not much of a hugger either.  Carole did make sure she was able to make sure she could help make Bethenny laugh by getting her that two dollar napkin.  Laughing through tears is probably the best medicine when sad.

Heather TH

Heather Thomson

“Even Small Talk Is Difficult With Bethenny”

Heather starts off buy complimenting Sonja’s photographs.  I gotta admit, Sonja does photograph very well and looks pretty damn good for her age.  And then the compliments end…

It takes the same amount of work to develop a strategy and the collections for a branded business at Kmart (think of the Kardashians at Sears or Daisy Fuentes at Kohl’s) as it does to build a brand like Michael Kors at Bloomingdale’s or Calvin Klein at Macy’s, who both deal in multiple levels of distribution.

Mentioned the kings of the Blue Light Special was in no way a compliment!  Saying Macy’s or Dillards might have been a little nicer.

It was in no way meant as an insult to ask Sonja’s business partner for clarification on their strategy for sales and distribution. Sonja describes what she is launching as an “international affordable luxury brand” and one dress worn at a party and in a random ad honestly doesn’t define it for me. But any insights regarding the strategic nature of their launch naturally could…

And then Heather continues to dig herself into that hole by not owning that what she said was a wee bit snooty.  I get that International Affordable Luxury Brand is really confusing.  I have no f-ing idea what that means.  Affordable and luxury are not words commonly placed together to describe a product.  “Cheap, yet made from the best fabric known to man!”  I guess if it is made by those little children overseas who are paid in grains of rice.

So, I guess it was Heather and her kid’s who made the signs for Carole’s campaign!  I did think the posters were cute and catchy!

Rushing into Carole’s results party to help set up, I was surprised to see Bethenny had already made it. I was happy she had, because she’s often challenged with making dates due to her custody arrangements. Our talk about her custody of Bryn was a simple conversation to bring clarity to a topic she often discusses. I just didn’t realize that only Bethenny can address it. I feel like there are a lot of unwritten rules with her. What you can ask, what you can say, how you can feel…it’s a little tough to navigate.

This just goes back to how Bethenny keeps most people at arms length until she is completely comfortable with them.  I think she has had enough “users” in her life and is very leary of new people.  Bethenny’s reaction to Heather’s tattoo idea was comical to me!  LOL!  Heather does share that she has an old tattoo that she wants to cover and likes Maleficent so much that she was thinking of having that tattooed over her old one.  I have no tattoos.  My husband faints when he has to get blood drawn, so obviously he has none.  My mom has offered each of her grandchildren $2500 to stay tattoo free until they are 25 (I have a feeling a few of them will collect that $2500 and get a pretty nice tattoo!).  However, my father and brother have several large tattoos!  I guess to each their own.  I can’t do it cause I have such a hard time making decisions that I can’t imagine committing to something I will have to keep FOR LIFE!

This dinner might have been a disaster if it wasn’t for the caviar! We know how much I love caviar. And I’m trying to compliment Ramona while defending the amount of caviar on my plate! I’ve been doing a lot of defending and making excuses for Ramona, but tonight she can’t get out of her own way.

I think Heather’s relationship to caviar is akin to mine with wedding cake.  I love the way she wasn’t ashamed to SCOOP that shit onto her plate and shovel it into her mouth.  I feel the same way about cake; good cake.  None of that Crisco icing shit.  I want buttercream and lots of it.

But Ramona’s into strutting her dark side tonight, and she continues on even after John re-enters the room! Oy! Does anyone want to talk about my tattoo idea?!  Dorinda and John both handled a difficult situation with class. Though I can’t say the same about Singer. We all love her, but at times she runs on her own turtle time…

I think we have all been put in a place with a friend who has an odd or questionable partner.  You either choose to support your friend and be find to their mate or remove yourself from the relationship.  I have actually done both.  I found out a friend’s spouse was a cheating pig.  Wife is completely aware of his ways and continues to turn a blind eye.  The husband skeeves me out and I don’t want to be anywhere near him.  Ramona was just plain rude in front of her friend and it was cruel.

LuAnn - Total Lie - Copy

Luann de Lusseps

“Ramona Used Me As A Scapegoat As Usual”

Luann is still shocked that there was an argument while in the presence of fine caviar and champs.  She tells us she is glad Mario and Avery are now on good terms, but hopes that Ramona things really long and hard before she considers jumping back in bed with Mario.  Luann shares her thoughts on Carole’s campaign and appreciated Carole’s “strategy team”.  I guess NYC politics are rough everywhere.  Lu has compassion for Bethenny’s situation and realizes her custody situation is shitty.  She does tell Bethenny that she needs to take care of herself.

When she went décor shopping with Carole at CB2 (fabulous place) and broke down sobbing in the middle of the store, it made me realize that she is so consumed with fear that she can’t see her future through her tears. I wonder why Carole couldn’t find it within her to give Bethenny a hug…even if she isn’t “a hugger.” Bethenny has to begin looking ahead rather than back and enjoy the time she has with her friends and family.

I won’t criticize Carole for not hugging Bethenny cause I really don’t think that’s what she wanted.  I think B wanted someone to just sit and HEAR her.  Someone not offering advice.  Just someone who was listening and agreed that yes, this really really sucks.  She did not want platitudes.  Carole did a great job being there for B and then making her laugh with the 2 dollar napkin.

I would never stick Ramona’s face in the caviar, as much as I wanted to at Dorinda’s party…who would waste such a delicious treat? Although Ramona tries not to be a (caviar) pot stirrer, sometimes she just can’t resist, and this was one of those times. Typical! I did have a conversation with Ramona about John, and she was an enthusiastic participant in sharing her concerns with me about his overly friendly behavior with the ladies. Ramona, when backed into a corner, was quick to blame me for the entire situation. Poor Dorinda, she’s right, we are over-analyzing John, and it’s her boyfriend and her choice to be with him. I say, if Dorinda’s happy, I’m happy, and I hope that we didn’t hurt John’s feelings airing our private conversation with everyone. Ramona used me as a scapegoat as usual!

I am glad that Luann was not wasteful with the caviar although I am pretty sure that Heather would have grabbed a crackers and scraped that shit right off Ramona’s face anyway.  I gossip about friends all the time.  I think we all do.  I am sure NO ONE talks about me behind my back, right?  I am perfect and that just doesn’t happen.  So, it is normal to analyze another friend’s mate.  It is NOT COOL for one of the said gossipers to rat out her fellow gossipers to the gossipee.  And then to deny that it was a two way conversation is so beyond not cool!  I will say, When will these ladies learn that you cannot tell Ramona anything you don’t want printed on a billboard at a later date?

Sonja - Copy

Sonja Morgan

“They Are Just Plain Jealous”

This week’s blog is filled with 1432 words.  She was only on the screen for like 10 minutes and yet she has that much to say.  I read through the whole blog and let me tell you, it is not worth your while!  Sonja sells us a bunch of unicorns and tooth fairies.  She continues to talk about her affordable lifestyle brand and then says the dress she designed (or someone else) will have a pricepoint of $800 to $1000.  Who is this affordable for?  My wedding dress did not cost that much.  I think the majority of America would not call that “affordable”.  So, for the first time, I am refusing to blog her drivle.

Ramona and Dorinda Finger

Dorinda Medley

“My Feelings Were Hurt”

Dorinda chats with us about her conversation with Ramona.  They had a lot to catch up on and the situation with Mario and Avery dominated the conversation.  Dorinda says like many people that divorce is a process and dismantling a long relationship should be handled with kid gloves.  She is glad that Mario and Avery are finally speaking and on “good terms”.

I knew I’d get a reaction out of her when I mentioned I was off to see her favorite person…John.  Bethenny has said before, “The heart wants what the hearts wants,” and I want John, so guess what folks—I get to have John. He makes me happy, simple as that. Isn’t that what we are all trying to do and achieve, a little happiness in this journey we call life?

If John makes her happy (although Bravo has gone out of its way to only show Dorinda UNHAPPY with John) then I think Dorinda is fine.  I also think she can handle herself.  She moves on to chat about Bethenny’s latest therapy session and am I alone when I say I hope this season isn’t going to continue to be “Bethenny’s Weekly Therapy Session”?  I am bored with this topic.

So…wait…the Latino Show Magazine party for Sonja’s new line. How is that for an off-the-wall invitation? You wouldn’t naturally make that connection, but welcome to New York City! That place, Vanessa Noel, is one of my favorite shoe haunts in the city. And the party was great! The people were fab, the food was delicious, and with Lady Morgan looking incredibly glamorous, what a night! I’ll be honest with you: I did not quite get the connection with Sonja and this particular magazine at first—it’s like celebrating Joan Collins on the cover of Essence—but that photo spread was truly amazing.

Dorinda is impressed with the photo spread and compliments The Red Dress.  She does say that Madame Yummie’s comments about Kmart were “snippety”.  But overall, the event was a success.

Speaking of The Countess…I was SO happy when she told me she’d be hosting a birthday dinner for me at Petrossian. How nice was that, right? Quite the luxurious surprise, too. For those who don’t know, Petrossian is like the caviar capital of New York City. If you like caviar, it is a caviar experience that will leave you feeling like you’re floating in a bellini when you’re done. For moi, this is perfect, because I love…and I mean LOVE…caviar, but never feel it’s worth buying for myself. At these prices, it’s either a tin of Ossetra or a new pair of Laboutins, you know what I mean? (OBVIOUSLY the shoes always win.)

I am glad someone finally clued us in on this place.  I imagine many of us aren’t ever gonna seek this place out to dine on caviar, but we are all voyeurs and this is how the Upper East Side lives I guess.

I have to say I was very saddened by the way Ramona and Luann behaved. John didn’t deserve that humiliation, especially not in front of an audience. There is a time and a place for everything, and a birthday dinner wasn’t it. What they did was mean, uncomfortable, disrespectful, awkward, and quite frankly, pretty damn cruel to John…but mostly to me. They should’ve either shared their thoughts with me at a different time or just continue blabbing about it behind my back…ultimately, I don’t care what they say. And I think that annoys them, but…“c’est la vie.”

Damn right this was RUDE!  Luann being the self appointed manners police should have found a way to shut this conversation down and avoid making ruining Dorinda’s birthday celebration (what would Ramona have done had someone chose to humiliate her at one of her many birthday celebrations?  I imagine she would not have handled it with the same class that Dorinda did!)  Dorinda shares that she would have enjoyed a pleasant dinner at McDonalds over this embarrassing episode at Petrossian.


Ramona Singer

“I Put My Foot In My Mouth Big Time”

Ramona chooses to keep her comments pretty short this week.  She completely acknowledges that what she said at Dorinda’s party was rude.

Instead of taking the compliment graciously that Heather gave me and Luann agreed with, I turned it around into an argument when I said they both never got me the way Dorinda did. My punishment for that was served up coldly–or should I say hotly–by Luann when she angrily started in about a conversation we had about John and Dorinda. OMG, when will I learn to keep my mouth totally shut?! I should have just been stuffing it with caviar.

Yes, this whole situation was rude and cruel and the only one that was hurt was Dorinda.  If I had been Dorinda at that table, I would have grabbed a “to go” container of caviar and John (ick) and headed for the door.

I would also like to add how proud I am of my friend Sonja. Her Latino Show Magazine cover was gorgeous!

Wow!  She really did keep it short!  You’re welcome!


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Kandi’s Ski Trip Part 2

Kandi’s Ski Trip Part 2 by RamonaCoaster

I thought the “unts” would be the comedy relief on this show but thus far, their brand of craziness is not entertaining.  Don Juan and to a certain extent, Carmon, are the greek chorus.  They are the muppets that sit in the balcony and make wisecracks about the characters in the show.  Last week’s rating was 1.457 Live + SD.  Kandi’s Wedding did much better in the ratings department.

Kandi comes back from the family intervention and talks to Todd about how her “unts,” cousin and Mama felt.   Todd doesn’t know what the problem is when they are on a free getaway.  Kandi tells him her family complained that she isn’t the same person.  He doesn’t think she is the same person.  She is newly married.  Todd thinks there is a lack of men in the situation and the women are catty, crazy, only see things from their own perspective.  Todd still wants to sit them down and hash it out which I think you should do if the people you are dealing with are sane but you can’t talk to crazy.  Kandi knows her “unts” better than that.  In Todd’s TH he realizes they are old and set in their crazy ways and no man can gainsay them.  After all they set it up that way.

Carmon and Don Juan decide to have a drink after the long crazy night.  Matthew knocks on the door and they are surprised that “Forrest Gump” came to see them with a notepad and an itinerary.  Don Juan does his Forest Gump imitation and it’s funny as heck.  Matthew wants to know where Don Juan’s notepad is and he says he has passed that level.  Matthew is sassing that they are unprepared and are only there for a free vacay.  He suggests fly fishing.  In the middle of winter, Matthew?  Actually I did some research and you can do fly fishing in winter provided the stream isn’t frozen over and you can stand the cold.  I don’t think they would stand there freezing just to catch some fish.  Don Juan says our people don’t fly fish and Matthew whispers “that’s racist.”

Don Juan wants to know if there is an AARP for snowboarding.  Matthew then illustrates by raising his foot in the air that Mama Joyce is very flexible.  It’s not about flexibility; it’s about strong bones.  One broken hip and it’s downhill from there.  Don Juan doesn’t think he should put his leg in the air and thinks he is strange.  Matthew says he wants to be just like Mama Joyce when he grows up.  Does your boss know about this?  Carmon suggest Matthew take the “unts” shopping while the rest of the family goes skiing.  But Matthew wanted to go skiing.  Oh well.  Take one for the team.  When they discuss breakfast, Carmon says they will have bacon, eggs, and grits.  Matthew suggests organic pumpkin or granola cereal for breakfast and Carmon tells him that’s not going to fly with these people.  They need food that clogs their arteries.  Carmon wants to give him enough rope to hang himself so sends him grocery shopping on his own.  Carmon is unbothered that Matthew wants to take her job.  Eventually they are going to resent him for doing a better job as an assistant.

Kandi and Mama Joyce are cooking breakfast.  Joyce doesn’t usually have breakfast.  She does her Jack Lalanne exercises instead.  Kandi doesn’t think two packs of bacon are going to be enough for all those people.  No one brought grits despite arguing who should take the grits in their suitcase. Kandi must have glossed over the organic pumpkin granola stuff that Matthew bought.  Kandi asks her mom if she knew how the “unts” felt about Kandi.  Joyce is carefully picking her words.  She reiterates that they think Kandi has changed.  They both agree they want their relationship back on track.  Joyce doesn’t eat the way her sisters eat so she doesn’t cook.  Her sister is surprised when she walks into the kitchen and sees Joyce cooking bacon.  I think Joyce would enjoy the organic pumpkin granola.

Don Juan can’t believe Carmon let “Forrest Gump” go grocery shopping on his own.  Carmon wants to put the blame for not having enough bacon at the breakfast table on Matthew but Kandi rightfully says that it was her job to do the grocery shopping.  I guess her plan to pin it all on Matthew is going down the tubes.

Mama Joyce says she hasn’t seen Carmon doing anything.  She says if Kandi wants to pay Carmon for doing nothing then pay her own self too.  Mama Joyce got a house.  Her salary is very expensive for complaining and meddling in her daughter’s marriage.  The group members are splitting up to go shopping and skiing.  The OLG (old lady gang) are no way in hell going skiing.

Todd, Kandi, Todd’s brother, Don Juan, Carmon, Riley and Kaela are going skiing and signing some releases that excuse the resorts from liability and they are wondering how dangerous skiing is. Just ask Michael Kennedy, Sonny Bono, and Natasha Richardson how dangerous skiing is.   Matthew had the forethought to set them up with ski instructors.  Ray, Todd’s brother, fell as soon as he got on the ski escalator and had trouble getting up.  It’s rather discouraging when you can’t even get up the bunny slope.

Matthew is taking the “lovely” senior citizens shopping.  Mama felt Carmon should have taken the old ladies shopping instead of Matthew.  They all like the store that Matthew suggested and tried on some cowboy hats.  Matthew thinks his boss’s needs come first.  Mama Joyce is getting to know Todd’s aunt and Todd’s aunt says she doesn’t judge a book by its cover.

The skiers are falling and having a good time.  It’s nice they are getting along; Kaela is all over the slopes bumping into people.  Carmon is skiing like a pro.  Kandi wishes she was a better assistant than skier.

After skiing, Todd takes his male relatives out for beers to talk and get away from the cackling hens.  His uncle tells him that Cousin Weenie is a bully and is jealous & envious.  He feels he needs to take a stand.  Todd sees how Kandi’s family can be from another perspective.  Todd is usually alone when dealing with Kandi’s family and he feels like he is losing his mind.  Usually when you are the only sane person in a room full of crazies, you start to wonder if you are the one going crazy.  Todd says he usually calls his mother when things happen and now he wants to know if it’s okay to ask his male relatives for advice and support.  His brother, Ray, offers advice that Todd shouldn’t withdraw and make his voice heard and respected.  This gives Todd the push to talk sit down and talk with Kandi’s crazy relatives to hash things out.

Kandi and her family sit around to play family games.  Matthew announces that someone wants to go to a nude beach which really is a nude spring.  Mama starts screaming that she doesn’t want to see anything.  It’s a rather weird thing for Matthew to say.  Matthew offers to wake up the “unts” to play games and they all tell him if him if he wants to live, he won’t.  They decide never to want to play truth or dare and play charades instead.  The senior citizens trounced the young’uns’.  After the game, Todd brings up the issue that the family feels he is responsible for Kandi not being around and how they addressed the room situation in the beginning of the trip.  Weenie starts screaming about how she took off a week for her vacation to come there.  It’s a free vacay, freeloader!  I’m also beginning to suspect they are getting paid to be there.  It’s no hardship for you, Weener.  Todd starts speaking when Weenie is screaming and Mama Joyce yells “hold up!”  Don Juan is all excited that Joyce is saying her peace.  She points out that Todd’s uncle came in and gave his wife a kiss while Todd came in and got a beer.  Todd realizes Mama is deflecting and he brings the conversation back to his point.  Todd says he feels they should communicate more and he is not keeping Kandi from them.  Uh, Todd?  Maybe Kandi just wants to get away from the crazy and she is not communicating appropriately?  Weenie says they won’t have a problem if he treats Kandi right.  Kandi is flattered that Weenie is over protective of her.   Come on, Kandi!  You are the money tree they like to shake every once in a while.  They can’t do without you.

They go snowmobiling the next day.  Riley and Matthew overturn their mobile but are okay.  The “unts” are enjoying themselves.

They sit down for a big family meal at a ranch.  Kandi wants everyone to sit next to someone they wouldn’t normally sit next to.  Kandi points out that Matthew has been helpful.  Matthew gives out minitoothbrushes to clean your teeth after eating barbecue.  Aunt Bertha thinks Matthew hit his head after watching him brush his teeth and the table.  Don Juan wants him to brush the brown stuff off his nose.  Riley is annoyed at how sarcastic Don Juan and Carmon are being towards Matthew but it is because he is doing a better job and they are haters.  Give Riley fifty silver dollars!  They all wonder what Carmon does for Kandi.  Mama Joyce jumps in and notices that Carmon doesn’t take care of her “artist” (boss).  Carmon starts listing what she does for Kandi and it sounds kind of weak.  Mama plans on coming around to see what Carmon does.  Don Juan wants to know when Kandi will step in because eventually they will start in on him if the Carmon bashing gets tiring.

Don Juan and Carmon retire to their crib and complain about what happened over dinner.   They feel they bring in the money and don’t want to explain what they do for the Kandi empire.  Kandi walks in and knows she walked into the middle of their conversation.  Kandi says she wishes Carmon was more like Matthew.  Don Juan wants to point out that he is not an assistant but a general manager.  Kandi gives him props for doing a good job.  Carmon, however, is not that great of an assistant.  Kandi points out that Carmon gets her nails done first thing in the morning instead of her job.  She then throws Don Juan under the bus when Kandi says he doesn’t want to ask her to do stuff anymore because she doesn’t so he does it himself.  Don Juan is not happy that he was caught talking crap about Carmon.  Kandi points out that people in her company think she gets special treatment because she is Kandi’s friend.  I think if she wasn’t her friend, she would have been fired already.  Kandi then wants Carmon to sort things out with Mama Joyce.

They both go over to Mama Joyce to start talking.  Dun, dun, duuuun! Until next week.

So on the next WWHL poll, I think Andy should ask the audience: “Who is the biggest, entitled pain in the ass on the ski trip?”


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Real Housewives of Melbourne Season 2 EP 13 – Reunion Part 2 – It’s a Wrap!

RHOMelbourne Season 2 EP 13 – Reunion Part 2 – It’s a Wrap!

 by Reality_Bytes

Loosely translated – Petite-Petti’s-Pitty-Party

(how’s that for alliteration?)

group shot

We left off with PettyPetti storming off the set of Reunion Part 1 calling everyone a liar because she doesn’t drink (then back pedaled to not more than 2…MAX) and she wasn’t drunk…although more than half the cast was there and said she was…so she is now having a Petite-Petti-Pitty-Party behind the scenes… And thus begins

Reunion Part Deux!

The segment opens with a rerun of Petti storming off saying the ladies were disgusting and that she wasn’t drunk…Jackie screaming about her taking a lie detector test and the ladies laughing, and Lydia (perhaps the guiltiest HW of all) gets up from the couch to go back there and pet Petti in an attempt to get her to pitter patter back on stage…

While she is still telling Lydia to leave her alone, the girls are laughing and Gina points to backstage and says “She’s ranting…” and the asks “What happened to her?”

Jackie and others try to fill in Alex on what really happened to start the brouhaha… apparently Petti had been digging at Gina all day and accused Gina of not being a barrister because none of her friends had ever heard of Gina… and the ladies agree they were having a conversation and not an argument…Petti is backstage insisting that everyone is lying about her and she WILL NOT STAND FOR IT…Janet tells Alex that for all the remaining ladies on the couches to agree – that he should know they were telling the truth…Petti is saying she cannot respect people who are lying.

Alex listened not-so-intently to Jackie and went backstage and get’s involved in convincing her to come back to the show and in the background of that conversation all we hear are the other ladies saying things like “she was plastered”…”she was a pain in the a$$”…”she was walking up and down the street yelling like a gypsy”…”she was banging and pounding on the doors of some of the rooms.”

Personally I think the Diva behavior is a bigger pain in the a$$, but there will be a moment later on that even beats this DIVA moment by the Head Diva Lydia…but the last snark before Petti returns was from Janet who said to Chyka and Jackie…”Get the other f-ing leg to your outfit, all right?”…Chyka laughs. (Petti’s outfit it is a one legged jumpsuit with a flowing skirt slit up the front…not at all attractive.

Pettifleur, still looking picked on, re-joins the group and Jackie launches straight into an attack, telling Petti, “I don’t want you to feel upset but I don’t appreciate your saying that I’m lying.”  Janet adds her 2 cents about “lying about not drinking” when Alex jumps in with, “Can everybody shut up for a minute” which, didn’t do much if anything to stop the chatter, but they did knock it down to a low roar…Janet says she doesn’t even think Petti is crying..Chyka laughs…

Alex asks Petti what upset her so much…and Petti says the lies…Gina tells her that was your trigger…Petti says …you are going to really freaking hear something if you don’t stop…

Gina tries to help the explanation along by injecting “she doesn’t mind going commando but she’s embarrassed about being drunk?”

Petti insists she only EVER drinks “two glasses max”. (Honey, I know the measurements are different over there with that silly metric system and all, but be reasonable…HOW BIG WERE THE GLASSES…I liter, 2 liters? Janet saying everything Petti is saying is a lie…Petti is talking over the top of Janet (which is hard to do…) and says she is not going to talk about it any more…riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight!

Alex says he is going to have to shut this subject down…and in his infinite wisdom, says let’s get back to where this started… asking Gina if she called Petti the C-word and was there any nail gouging? Gina said yes, doesn’t think she called her that did she, but she called her all sorts of things! Jackie says yes she did call her that…Gina said she was being a pain and she just wanted her to keep quiet…Chyka just shakes her head in dismay…Alex asks again “Nail gouging?”, Jackie answers yes, Gina answers I squeezed her arm and said be quiet. (There ya go Chyka who says Gina never owns anything!)


Alex says the next topic is racism which was a hot topic with all the ladies and the viewers as well…Petti says “AH…don’t go there.”

A montage featuring all the housewives taking turns at picking on PF’s accent and heritage, was played, but meaningless because Petti doesn’t know the difference between mimicking and mocking (trust me, I had to remind her myself on Twitter!)

Alex gave Petti a lead in to talk again about her upbringing and she tells him “it feels awful” when people tease her about her accent. Gina insists that teasing someone about their accent isn’t racism, Chyka think it’s quite “condescending, and DIVA Lydia must have forgotten when she agreed with Chyka that she made fun of Gamble saying Hawthorne, AND called Petti a Mongrel!  Petti says these girls think I have an accent now…well 30 years ago I had a thick accent…Gina says…”We think she does? She does!” Gina then asks “What is racist, that we say you have an accent and you do?” Chyka says something and then Gina says “It’s not racism – it is the way you speak!” Now Petti tries saying if they were mates it would be ok…Gina says I thought we were mates…we just didn’t click as good friends. Can’t write more about this I have been doing it all season…nothing will change Petti’s understanding of it.

The next montage is of Jackie’s only storyline in Season one about being psychic, continued into Season 2 with Chyka’s help…and Jackie has now escalated it to them attacking her profession…blah blah blah…and her analogy is she could have made fun of Gamble’s paintings saying they looked like a 5-year old did them…but finishes with she doesn’t throw shade at people…riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight!


Alex says the ladies are ladies…but don’t always act ladylike and could make a sailor blush…the next montage starts about all the ‘catch phrases’ and ‘sexual innuendo’ the ladies use (and these clips we will never be able to UN-see…since they are now etched on our retinas) while winding up with a wonderful montage of Gina adjusting ‘the girls’ throughout the season.

gina boobs

After watching the clip, Gina adjusts ‘the girls’ again on camera and says “Here is something for your Montage!”

WOLF PUP (Rick Joins The Ladies)

Rick joins Gamble on the couch and they talk a little about their relationship, they met on, have been together for 5 years, and when asked about the wedding, Gamble and Rick announce that their wedding will be in September and will probably be filmed in Season 3. (I REALLY LIKE THESE TWO). Everyone notices Rick has lost weight, and Chyka comments on Gamble serving him only frozen peas, and Wolfie Pup going out at lunch for a big ole greasy burger. He clearly loves her and she clearly loves him – GOOD ON THEM!!! Gamble says this relationship is different from any other one she has had because Rick is not a psychopath!


  • Alex brings up Rumor Gate and how that dragged on all season long (just like Andrea’s bitchiness in Season 1)
  • Janet thinks it dragged on for so long because “‘somebody’ could have butted in within 2 seconds and completely stopped the pain that I went through for the whole season over this” (everyone immediately looked at Gina…LOL…) before revealing that “one of the girls in this group” let Janet take all the blame for that rumor when she was the one who heard it first and told Janet.
  • Lydia is finally outed as the person who knew…but contends she was in Florence when it aired on the show and didn’t see any point in jumping into the fray upon her return. Miss Lydia knew EXACTLY what she was doing to Gamble and with both Janet and Carlos – Miss Diva sure likes to deflect and misdirect to get the attention off of herself doesn’t she? She is as bad as a silent but deadly fart!

lydia who me

  • Janet was upset her poor credibility was brought under attack
  • Gamble sooths Janet by saying “I didn’t question it.  I always knew you were full of shit!”
  • Janet responds “then you better watch out because there is a lot more I can say about you.”
  • This is another area I cannot possibly write on again!


Only the good Lord knows why Alex then brings out MANuela who walks right over across to the far couch and wants to sit next to Alex (IN GAMBLE’S seat…and hence, meaning all the women should slide down one seat.

Nay nay my little friends, LYDIA DIVA refuses to be slid to the end of the couch, and says so out loud!

MANuela walks in and shakes hands with Alex and then points to Gambles seat and asks “Where am I sitting?”

where am i sitting

Lydia says “NO NO, I’m not going to the end”

END After a couple of awkward moments with MANuela and Lydia, Gina gets up and moves to the other side of Lydia and Gamble slides over (which she NEVER should have done because it is what MANuela wanted to intimidate Gamble further).

MANuela and Gamble of course have words and they show a montage of the different places she was on the show and how aggressive she was towards Gamble. Alex had a FB question or asked the question (I forgot which) about MANuela wanting to take Gamble’s spot on the show to which she tosses her head (not far enough) and says she doesn’t want Gamble’s spot (riiiiiiiiiiiiight)…(I am guessing she will get Petti’s spot because she has been campaigning for her own spot all season…and Janet will gain an ally to replace Petti who she obviously has kicked to the curb).

MANuela was downright rude to Gamble during her short stay on the couch which then precipitated an under-her-breath comment from Gamble to MANuela, which is the opposite of a comment that factually described how crapppy MANuela actually looked at the reunion (Rode hard and put away wet)…YES LADIES I AM SPEAKING OF HORSES! Geez, don’t get your knickers in a wad…I don’t talk like what she said because I’m a lady DAMNIT!


A short segment on Gina rumors…where Gina has to explain AGAIN, that going to the source and asking a question is NOT brandishing rumors all over the place.

The next issue is Gina and Janet resurrecting one of their beefs,Janet wants to put gaffer’s tape over Gina’s mouth , Lydia putting her hand in front of Gina’s mouth, and Chyka chiming in about Gina not owning her actions or apologizing for them, and Gina explains why she says some of the things she does IN CONTEXT to what was actually happening (which the rest of the ladies never consider)…and ends with she isn’t going to apologize for anything offensive she has said the entire season! Janet starts whining and sliding off the couch screeching “For Christ’s sake just apologize and shut up!” (My thoughts about you exactly!)

janet slide

Alex asks the ladies what they have learned this season…

  • Nostril Janet said she had some horribly bad hair days, and she regrets bringing up rumors..and Alex tells her she needs to back away from the hair extensions…LOL
  • PettyPetti says she “would like to be able to call everyone her friend” and she is not 100% sure where her relationships are with the girls…then begs for a chance to show the girls who she really is with tha layers peeled back…loosely translated she is vying for a contract for Season 3)
  • Chyka… she has learned a lot about bringing up conversations, the right way the wrong way what to say what not to say…and when not to say it…
  • Gina…Has learned her sense of humor can sometimes get her into trouble…and perhaps she should reserve it…for people she knows a little better…
  • Lydia…not supporting Janet about the rumor…made a friend in Petti, but she doesn’t know about friendship with the little trickster in the corner (Gamble)…
  • Jacks…we all do make mistakes (shouldn’t she have seen the mistakes coming and not made any???) then something about the end of the day the ladies will all be in each other’s lives from now on…
  • Gamble… loves working with all the ladies…even though there has been a bit if a clash now and then…

Alex spoke of the women…and said there was only one way to decide who was top dog this season…and that is the ladies running the dog track in heels carrying champagne…

ladies running

Lydia screams I WON, and on a DC says Of course I won, I was the winner…(wiener is more like it…you are the youngest, you should have won!)

They then all say what a great season it was…yada yada yada

Gamble asks Gina…

gamble crap 2

Lydia says “I’m getting quite bored here…and Gina concludes the season by reminding Lydia of her faux pas on floor counting when she says…OK 71th!


~~~The End~~~

I want to thank Veena and y’all for allowing me to blog over here and recap this season, I have had nothing short of a blast…and I have one last blog of the TWITTERFEST and POSTMORTEM of the entire season…that I would like to do for next week since we have now seen it all and heard it all.

Ciao for now!


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