Brandi Glanville Podcast with guest Stassi Schroeder – They discuss Kim Richards, Lisa Vanderpump, and PumpRules

Brandi Glanville Podcast Recap by Kit9

Guest: Stassi Schroeder

Brandi begins by saying she’s read the comments by people who think her interview with Stassi will just be a “bitch fest about Lisa Vanderpump”. She says she doesn’t plan on doing that. Brandi thinks Stassi, along with Kristen, who Brandi describes as “batshit crazy” have the best one liners on the show. She thinks they are the two most interesting people on the show.

Brandi then proceeds to bash the men on the show by saying they are pretty much all the same person and says half of them are gay and on drugs. She calls the men of VPR’s, “manginas” (Brandi  had a nasty Twitter fights with some of the men on the show).

Before Stassi, Brandi says she wants to address the Kim situation. Brandi claims that TMZ and others have contacted her with questions about what is happening with Kim. “All I know, what I read on TMZ that she went to her daughter’s wedding and she’s MIA. We talked before she left and she was in a good place. I’ve texted her since she’s been gone and I haven’t heard from her and I’m just praying for her.” Her producer asks how long Kim’s been MIA. “This is from the internet. So, um, apparently, a few days,” Brandi says (real great friend, there, quoting gossip sites, no?).

“But she left rehab, had a pass for a couple days and just didn’t check back in, supposedly. Again, all gossip. But, I know she’s not returning my texts and she always gets back to me so I am worried and I love her and her family and I hope everything is ok. It’s frustrating because I don’t want anything bad to happen to her because she has a really good heart at the end of the day. She’s a little bit nutty, but aren’t we all? There’s more to her. She’s got a history. Her life is really interesting. I didn’t know her fiance was killed. I didn’t know any of that stuff.”

“One other thing I just. Need. To say. Because it’s driving me nuts…some blogs are saying that ‘Brandi is moving again, kicked out her house again’. I lease the house I live in. The lease is up in July and they are selling the house for more money than I can afford to pay. So it does look like we are moving unless they don’t sell the house”.

She says she loved living there except for the house being robbed and losing everything she owned. “My Louis Vuitton luggage. It’s so sad. But, it’s just things, the kids and I were fine.We might have to move, we might not. But, I’m not getting kicked out by any means…so stop with the bullshit.”

She turns to Stassi, noting that she’s dressed in all white, “like an angel. Right!” Brandi claims that she and Stassi have more to talk about than Lisa Vanderpump. “Our lives don’t revolve around SUR and Beverly Hills and all of that.” Did Stassi leave the show or was she fired? Stassi says production asked her before the reunion if she was willing to come back and she made it clear she wasn’t. “I think I made myself very clear, season 3, it was so apparent that I didn’t want to be there.”

“Yeah, you can tell. I only watched snippets because it’s hard to watch certain people (certain pink wearing, dog carrying people?) but, you’re the funniest one. I know Kristen is batshit crazy but I love her on the show.”

“I like Kristen, too,” says Stassi.

“Without you two..I don’t have the best one liners.”

“It will be a different kind of show,” Stassi says, “It will still be great.” But, she continues, “I was really upset by what some of my other cast members, and bosses went out and said. She said she personally fired me because I have a bad attitude. Mmm. Well, I was told if I ever wanted to come back, just give them a call.”

Brandi says Lisa went to TMZ with the story she fired Stassi. Stassi thanked the producers for a great three years but told them it was time for her to move on. She says she was really proud of herself for leaving the show on her own. Brandi agrees, saying, “It’s a lot to walk away from.”

“Yes, it’s a lot of money, and, so I felt, like, really hurt by the fact that someone kind of took that away from me,” Stassi says.

“Like they stole your power” (oh, fucking please, Brandi).

“So, you quit, you weren’t fired. We have that clear. And Lisa went to TMZ and said she fired you personally but we all know there’s a team of producers and it’s not just one person that can fire everyone.  If it were, Kristen would have been gone a long time ago,” Brandi says. “I remember Lisa saying to me how much she hated her. It was hilarious.” Both Stassi and Brandi agree that Kristen is great TV.

Stassi thinks Kristen is also smart. “She’s a little out there..but she’s not an idiot. She’s willing to do whatever for the sake of a good show.”

So what is Stassi doing now? She has a fashion blog, Style by Stassi. After college Stassi wrote for other blogs but wanted her own. She wrote for Pandora’s website but she wasn’t able to do what she wanted, prompting Brandi to giggle and snark on Pandora, “I didn’t know she had a website”.

Brandi asks if Stassi was ever actually a waitress at SUR (huh?). Yes. Stassi started working at SUR her senior year in college at LMU. Stassi figured she couldn’t find a real job at the time so it seemed like a great opportunity when the show came along. Brandi mentions that Stassi and her family being on Amazing Race years earlier. “You were a brat!” Brandi tells her.

Stassi agrees and says it’s embarrassing to have her most awkward phase be televised. Brandi asks about her being raised with money. “Not an exorbitant amount! We were just normal. I didn’t get whatever I wanted.” But, Stassi admits, “It’s just my nature to be a little bratty. I’m bratty.”

They discuss Stassi’s chin implant and she says it’s the only plastic surgery she’s had done. Brandi compliments Stassi’s lips and teeth. Brandi’s jealous of her friends that have really “thick teeth” (wth?). Brandi, though, hates veneers and would never date a man that had them. Stassi says she doesn’t notice teeth. “Really?” Brandi asks, “that’s interesting because you worked with a lot of English people at your last job” (get it? Cause Brits have bad teeth! Groan).

They turn to Stassi’s love life. She’s still with the same boyfriend. He didn’t want to be on the show. “I couldn’t see him, like, being on camera fighting with Jax or Tom. It’s just not his personality.” Brandi again calls the men of VPR’s manginas. She’s never seen men spend so much time getting ready and crying. Brandi asks how many of the boys on the show “go both ways”. Definitely one, Stassi thinks. Brandi thinks there’s three. When Brandi would model, the men were straight but they were “male-model straight” because “they would “suck a dick to get a job”.

Brandi noticed, while watching the VPR reunion that everyone except Scheana and Stassi were, “like jacked for Jesus…like everyone was sniffing and their jaws were like going back and forth and fidgeting. Like what were they on?”. “A bunch of them do the blow. But, we were all addicted to Adderall”, Stassi tells her. “Wow. It’s pretty much the same’s crystal meth…it’s methamphetamine”, Brandi says.

Stassi quit smoking and Adderall at the same time a year ago and she misses the Adderall every day. Why? “I love just being able to focus. I can drink as much as I want and I am still, totally, just on point”. After she quit, before season three started, she was worried she wouldn’t be as good on the show without the drug. Brandi’s hairdresser is on Adderall but actually needs it. Stassi says that she and none of her castmates legitimately needed Adderall. Brandi says a lot of women are on it to stay skinny. “Oh my god! I was so skinny when I was on it! It was the best”, Stassi says wistfully.

Brandi took it once and she was “cracked out of” her mind. She cleaned the whole house, organized everything. But she also ate a lot. Brandi wishes she could take something to suppress her appetite but there’s nothing safe for her to take. And, because she has kids, she says, “recreational drugs are no longer my thing, sadly”.

Stassi says she doesn’t think Scheana takes Adderal. “No, she’d be thinner”, Brandi says. “Kidding”. Brandi thinks that Stassi had her own opinion on the show and that once that opinion differed from “certain other people’s”, she was cast aside. Stassi thinks it was a little more complicated than that. Stassi thought she could be honest on the show and just “call out the bullshit”. But, it just made her the bad guy.

Brandi believes everyone “gets a season” where they can say whatever they want and get away with it. Stassi agrees. Brandi uses Lisa Rinna to illustrate her point, “Lisa Rinna got a golden pass. She said whatever she wanted and everyone loved her. Even though half the shit she said was horrible..and she got a pass. But, I’m telling you, she’ll have her moment”.

Brandi feels that the presence of the camera makes them all act like second graders. “We’re being paid to be dramatic, not to sit around and watch tv”, Stassi adds. Brandi would feel responsible when nothing was happening on the show. Stassi completely agrees and says she’d just start being bitchy and they both complain that other cast members would sit and be boring while getting a “free ride”.

Brandi gets in a dig about Lisa having photo shoots “for a restaurant”. Brandi’s agent can’t watch VPR anymore because all they do are photo shoots and sleep with each other. He worked in restaurants his whole life-with good looking people-and never did one photo shoot. Stassi still wonders if she did the right thing leaving the show and turning down all that money but also feels it got repetitive. “What the fuck else were they going to do? It’s all the same shit. Who’s going to be cheating on each other this time? You can’t keep going like that. I don’t know. I’m sure it will be salacious and dramatic and amazing”.

Brandi thinks they are going to have to bring in new people because they’ve all slept with each other. Brandi knew Vail before she was on the show when she was a legitimate actress and was shocked to see her doing reality tv. “What the fuck is Vail doing on VPRs?”. Brandi was dating Vail’s boyfriend’s friend at the time. Vail’s boyfriend had a jet and they were “fancy”. Brandi mentions that Vail is now dating Chris Pine and that Tom Sandoval claims the relationship is a publicity stunt, which she doubts.

Stassi disagrees and thinks Brandi is naive to believe the photos of Vail and Chris were taken without their knowledge. Brandi doesn’t see what Chris Pine could possibly get out of such a stunt and feels real actors like him think they are above reality tv. Stassi is under the impression that Vail has known Chris for a long time. Stassi then drops some interesting intel about Chris Pine–she knows three girls from Sur who have dated him. Brandi is shocked by this(I, for once, agree with her). “Are you kidding?!”. “Chris Pine has always been part of the chatter at Sur since I started working there”.

“I guess I’m just gullible”, Brandi says. “I thought they were just caught”, referring to the paparazzi pics. A skeptical Stassi teases Brandi by saying, “Maybe Angelina Jolie is caught sometimes. But, like, Chris Pine and Vail? Really?” Brandi concedes that maybe it’s not real but thinks the two look in love. “I hope so, I love love”, says Stassi.

Back to Stassi’s blog. Stassi wants to inspire teens and twenty somethings to be very fashionable without spending a lot of money. She never felt when she was younger that she could ever be a glamazon so she had to learn to put together outfits on a dime. Her best style tip is to have a personal uniform that flatters you. She doesn’t like the idea that everyone should have staples. Not everyone needs a leather jacket or white button down shirt, she says.

Stassi thinks if you wear clothes that flatter you, it always looks expensive. Brandi spends her money mostly on shoes and purses while getting her clothes at Zara. Stassi agrees and prefers spending her money on accessories rather than clothes. Stassi’s always looking for deals online. Her favorite site is which will search multiple fashion sites at once for what you want.

Brandi asks if Stassi is still doing personal styling. Stassi was never actually a stylist that and she she doesn’t know why Lisa said she was. Stassi also has a podcast called Straight Up With Stassi. She does it out of her home. Stassi doesn’t have celebrity guests. It’s girl talk. She wants people to feel like they’re sitting with their girlfriends having a glass of wine.

Stassi and her boyfriend lived together for a year in LA but now have decided to live apart but they’re still together. Stassi hopes that “he’s the one”. Before going on Brandi’s show, Stassi let Brandi know that she would not talk about certain people, namely Jax. What is Stassi’s ultimate goal? A talk show? Fashion magazines? Stassi doesn’t feel she has to choose just one thing. She just wants to keep working in fashion because that’s what makes her happy. But, does she still like being dramatic and filming a reality show? “Fuck yah, I do”. Brandi could see Stassi doing something like Fashion Police.


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Hiltons / Richards Carry on As Kim reportedly Falls off Wagon at Daughter’s Wedding / Real Housewives of New York “The Cavi-Art of War”

Hiltons / Richards Carry on As Kim reportedly Falls off Wagon at Daughter’s Wedding

It is a busy time for the Hilton / Richards clan.  Kim Richard’s daughter Brook had her big public wedding this weekend in Cabo, with everyone (including aunt Kyle) except aunt Kathy Hilton and father Monty (too ill to travel) in attendance.  Her mom, Kim Richards, was out of rehab with a sober coach attending the event.  While pictures showed happy, smiling faces, behind the scenes Kathy Hilton tweeted a curious 911, and TMZ reported that Kim Richards fell off the wagon and was mean to the bride and belligerent to guests.  Her sober coach allegedly left Cabo without her, and no word on whether she has found her way back to rehab.  Also no word on Kathy’s curious 911 or why she couldn’t fly down to attend the wedding.

Kathy Hilton's 911 tweets didn't tag any of her family - it was very very strange

Kathy Hilton’s 911 tweets didn’t tag any of her family – it was very very strange

Credit: Paris Hilton's instagram

Credit: Paris Hilton’s instagram

Some of the group were back in LA for Nicky Hilton’s bridal shower  – including aunt Kyle Richards.  This is the first photo of Kathy and Kyle we’ve seen in a LONG time.

Nicky shower

As for anyone commenting on the “Kim” story, the closest I could find was Kathy retweeted a curious “rehab” tweet, and Brandi replying to it saying she hoped Kim was okay.  It doesn’t look like Brandi was invited to any of the events.



Real Housewives of New York City

“The Cavi-Art of War” – S7E8

by Stars99

Group Shot

Remember Last Week…

Ramona continued her birthday celebration by hosting a luncheon. Some of the invitees had so much plastic surgery and work done that Bethenny told us they looked like they belonged at the Star Wars Cantina. I think she just wants another excuse to serve Skinny Girl margaritas, no? Bethenny met with her therapist and realized that some of her trust issues are really about herself because she’s been so wrong about people… Kristin whines about Bethenny choosing to stay home with Bryn instead of going to a boxing match with the others…. Carole, in her talking head (TH) says that LuAnn lecturing her on dating younger men is like the Saudi government lecturing the world on feminism. Bethenny had a heart-to-heart conversation with her estranged step-father who she hadn’t seen in over 20 years. LuAnn’s daughter, Victoria, had one of her art pieces displayed at Art Basel which is a modern and contemporary art show. After viewing Victoria’s completely naked self-portrait, LuAnn and Bethenny feed a clown… for $3.00. So the clown got fed AND got paid. I think we’re all in the wrong line of work…

This Week…

I was thinking today about how easy it is to lay on a couch armed with a remote and a keyboard and pronounce judgments on TV personalities. While I do love to snark – and they do some very snarkworthy things – I felt I would be remiss if I didn’t also remember some of the challenges they’ve had/or are having in life:

RAMONA – By her own admission, she was brought up in an abusive home. She was adamant about teaching self-reliance to her daughter so she would never feel like she had to rely on a man as her source of income. She said she considers making her own money to be an aphrodisiac. Now, since she’s contemplating how divorce will impact her life – She may very well turn into that independent, self-reliant woman that she’s talked about all these years.  Mario repeatedly cheated on her and wants to come back. Ramona is confused. I’m guessing it’s hard for her to go places by herself. And share custody of a dog. The loud silence of an empty nest is deafening.

SONJA – She weathered a divorce from a very wealthy man who had a prenup. Their daughter is 14-years-old… That means Sonja has a teenager in the house which is no small challenge. Sonja Productions, LLC was sued for breach of contract and was awarded a multi-million dollar settlement. She was forced to declare bankruptcy. Sonja has been holding onto her home with both hands for dear life throughout it all. She repeatedly trusts people who only look at the dollar sign they think they see over her head. Her ex-husband is 33 years older than she… She is now cougarifically opting to date men approximately 33 years younger than she. That’s a 66 year spread… Surely, Mr. Right is somewhere in there, no?

CAROLE – Before being on RHONYC, Carole had a highly successful career. As we know, her husband and one of her very close friends horrifically died within 4 weeks of each other. Grief upon grief is excruciatingly traumatic. When you see the fleeting nature of life – It certainly compels you to want to play more and work less. Carole could not care less about what anyone has to say about her life. Except for maybe a young chef… She might care about what he has to say.

HEATHER – One of Heather’s challenges has been that she’s a strong, female entrepreneur in a very competitive male world. She has had to fight and claw her way to make her company successful. She also deals day in and day out with a child who is very ill. Her son had to have a liver transplant as a baby. He has had to live with hearing and respiratory issues ever since. It’s tough to have a child who is chronically sick when you can’t do much to make it better except for being his advocate. Many of us have had to deal with healthcare and resultant paperwork – and that alone can put you over the edge. Both of these challenges could cause someone to have a tough exterior – And evidently, they also cause you to pretend to be a rapper. Holla…

BETHENNY – Last week we learned more about the nature of Bethenny’s childhood. Her Dad abandoned her and her Mom who was cheating on him. There were drugs, alcohol, sex and danger all around her. As a reality star, she met, married and is now divorcing her Prince Charming – While we all watch. While she has had HUGE success with her Skinny Girl brand and products – Her ex seems to want to take a nice, large chunk of that away. Meanwhile, her talk show got cancelled and she looks at it as a failure. This season, her big re-entry into this franchise hasn’t translated into a big increase in viewership. I hope she doesn’t blame herself for it…

LUANN – Her husband cheated on her and she went through her divorce while on this show. She set herself up on a royal pedestal from which she has fallen. However, she is getting back up. She is being verbal. She downsized her Hampton home to a house we all would probably love to visit. Money can’t buy you class (or a voice) but it sure can buy you a house on a lake, my friend.

DORINDA – While we don’t know much about the “new girl” – We do know that she was divorced from her 1st husband who is her daughter’s Father. We also know that her wonderful 2nd husband tragically died and that loss devastated Dorinda and her daughter. She has lived through two dramatic losses of relationship. When you lose the love of your life, I guess it’s probably hard to find someone who can comparably come close to their caliber. I personally wish that Dorinda would aim differently than at her current boyfriend “What’s His Name” (John). I believe she deserves someone who loves and adores her. I don’t think “What’s His Name” does. But that’s just my opinion… And what do I know?

KRISTEN – She’s had to deal with the insurmountable challenge of being Brandi Glanville’s friend (Sorry, I just had to… Brandi is from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – And well… I’m just going to stop there…). Previously, Kristen had to deal with her daughter being a bit behind developmentally. However everything seems to be better now… Well, except that she’s still married to Josh. Last season, he did not come off as being very likeable but both Kristen and he seem to have done what most never do… They actually watched themselves and made positive changes in their relationship. Kristen’s challenge this season is that she has blended into the sea of housewives in the background.

I’m not sure why it was hard for me to settle down to write this week’s blog – but it was. I first had to look at several videos of dogs playing with babies… And then dogs playing with their puppies (… Then a Walk Off the Earth video (… Of course I also had to take time to take the quiz, “Which Real Housewife of Melbourne are You? ( – I got Chyka for which I breathed a huge sigh of relief for some unknown reason… And then I finally rearranged all the stuff on the table next to me. Cuz you know… Who can write with an unorganized table staring right at her? Sigh.

This episode seemed to be all over the place – Just like my thoughts are at this point. Don’t get me wrong, it was an okay episode – but it was like a puzzle with too many pieces that didn’t match together quite right. I think it’s because there are way too many housewives on the show. It is not easy to seamlessly weave the lives of 8 different women together…

Ramona-I dont know

Stuff that Happened During this Episode…

~~ Dorinda and Ramona meet for drinks…This scene made me cranky cuz Ramona is obviously sick but still decides to spread her germs to the world. Stay home if you’re sick, dagnabit! She then talks about how she has to go to a couple of upcoming parties even though she’s sick – Because after all – You never know who you’re going to meet! Yes, cuz mucus is oh so attractive.

As I type this next part I suddenly realize that one of the reasons tonight’s episode has me feeling all wonky is because they start talking about Mario. He wants to come back into Ramona’s life. Dorinda asks a series of questions, “What do you want to do?” “When you see him how do you feel?” Ramona says she doesn’t know. This is where I just want to shake some sense into her. Ramona’s happy that Mario and her daughter have made amends because he finally owned that what he did was wrong… Yeah, let THAT sink in for a moment…It took him THAT long to figure it out… She’s still contemplating taking him back… In fact, in another part of the episode, Ramona let it slip out that she took some of the food from her Sports Bar to Mario… Really??? Ughghghghghghgh… That pounding you hear is me banging my head against the wall.

Later, in this VERY SAME EPISODE, Ramona tells Carole that she’s met someone that she’s seen a few times. He shows up with her to Dorinda’s birthday dinner. Of course, this is “transition guy” who generally doesn’t have a chance for making it as a long-term relationship prospect… But I do love that she’s dating, though… There are plenty of fish out there, my friend… Plenty of fish. Kiss that cheating BASS of a turd, Mario, goodbye – Once and for all.

~~ Carole wanted to be elected to the Board that governs her apartment building so she launched a campaign. She ran her campaign on the platform of “transparency.” During her election night party, she became “transparent” when she broke the news that her appetizers were likely well over 2 years old. Everyone gasped and I just laughed. No one goes to Carole’s house for the food. She won, by the way – As if there was any question she wouldn’t.

Sonja - Copy

~~ In pretty much Sonja’s only appearance this episode, she hosted a press thingie because she was on the magazine cover of Delirious Weekly wearing a fire engine red dress from her collection. I kid, I kid – Actually, she was on the cover of Latino Show magazine. The photo spread impressed Kristen but not Heather. Heather criticized, “One dress does not a collection make…”

Heather - 1 dress (1)

Sonja, wearing said fire engine red dress, proudly introduced Heather and Kristen to her “fashion team.” This is Sonja’s brain trust of a team who I fear are trying to milk Sonja out of every dollar she’s got… Heather asks them, “Where are you selling?” Their noncommittal response was that they’re talking to “several stores and chains.” Sure you are… Gosh, it’s like I’ve heard that somewhere before, no?

In tonight’s edition of “I Kid You Not” – Heather, managed to alienate 75% of the country by dissing Sonja’s efforts I KID YOU NOT by asking if Sonja’s collection was going to be sold at “a K-Mart kind of chain.” Sonja recoiled and prattled on about the quality of the Italian fabric – And how her team has “invested years and all this money into it.”

Heather TH

Of course, this was also an extremely short-sighted response. Perhaps you should both talk to Jaclyn Smith or Martha Stewart. In her TH, Heather backpedals and says that Sonja’s just being sensitive and that K-mart is a huge retailer and not something to look down your nose at…” Right… Because you know you totally meant that comment as a compliment. Wow. You would think someone within the industry would know better than to say something like that…

Things I couldn’t Agree with More…

~~ Ramona said there were people who didn’t want to be sitting next to “What’s His Name” (John – Dorinda’s creepy boyfriend) at a dinner party. I don’t want to be within 50 feet of him much less sitting next to him. The way he always leers at women gives me a major case of the creepies.

~~ Heather had a conversation with Bethenny about how Heather wants to get the Angelina Jolie “Maleficent” head tattooed on her hip. Heather says to Bethenny, “Isn’t that kind of cool?” Bethenny compliantly nods and agrees at the time. However in her TH, Bethenny emphatically says, “No.” It was hilarious. I think Heather is just desperately trying to be “hip.” Get it? Hahahahahaaaa…

Kristen-big deal

Things that Made Me Laugh but Probably Shouldn’t Have…

~~ Kristen decided to apologize to Sonja for being negative about her business enterprises. Kristen was talking to some guy who was remarking about how mean Sonja’s friends have been towards her and her endeavors. Kristen realized she was one of “those” friends. Oops!

~~ When Carole was talking on the phone with the VP of her apartment board, she had her mouth full. I dunno why… but it just cracked me up.

B and C Tissue2 - Copy

~~ Bethenny and Carole went shopping at CB2. For some reason, that alone makes me die laffin’. It just feels like an unlikely pair of shopping buddies. Bethenny ends up crying to an awkwardly non-nurturing Carole who offers to go get her a tissue. She returns with what looks like a cloth napkin that they’re selling at the store. They both laugh over who is going to buy the $2 item and the two non-huggers make plans to hug sometime in the future.

~~ Bethenny met with Dr. Amador, her therapist. I laughed and gasped when she got really pissy and sarcastic with him when he pressed her to tell him more about what her step-father had said he was sorry about from last week’s episode. He wanted to know about what he had acknowledged and what it felt like to Bethenny. I’m frustrated because evidently they really can’t talk about the real Jason Hoppy elephant in the room which Bethenny said was so much worse of an experience than what she went through as a child.

I find that I’m really uncomfortable listening in on these therapy sessions now because she is so raw and vulnerable. This whole reunion with her step-father, while important somehow feels like a distraction from the real issues swirling around in her head. She could have waited another year until things were more settled in other areas of her life before reconnecting with him – Especially on-camera. I know she initiated contact with her step-father 2 years ago… but still. Ugh. Bethenny was exhausted after the session. So was I… I grow tired…

~~ The most hilarious part of tonight’s episode, was when Ramona and her partner were conducting interviews for new staff at their AOA Bar and Grill.  A verbal question was asked of one of the applicants, “What are you doing right now?” With a very straight face, the applicant responded, “I’m here.” Everyone burst out laughing and the applicant completely looked like she had no idea why. … lolol…

When the question was clarified to mean they were asking about her current employment situation, the applicant responded that she was “currently between employment.” When asked what happened, she responded that things just disappeared and that there was a misunderstanding.

This very same applicant was asked about a response on her written application to the question about listing other office machines she knows how to use. She… I KID YOU NOT… actually wrote down, “stapler.” Ramona and her partner could not keep from laughing – But she quickly explained she thought it would be important for her to know how to use a stapler so she could staple the receipts together. I weep for our future.

Another question on the written application was, “What types of computer software do you have proficiency in?” This same applicant responded by writing, “Micros, Instagram, Tinder, Word, and Twitter.” Again, I weep.

The Final Scene…

LuAnn decided to host a dinner at Petrossian’s for Dorinda’s 50th birthday. I’m confused at why Ramona didn’t host it… But okay… Next week they’re all going to the Berkshires to further celebrate it so maybe Ramona’s hosting something there.

Ramona shows up with “her friend” Michael. Wow… He’s already on the show? They find out they met because Ramona walked up to him one night and said that she liked his shirt. I have to laugh… Do those opening lines still work? Fortunately, LuAnn doesn’t bring one of her youngsters with her. I’m surprised that Bethenny, Carole, Kristen, and Sonja aren’t there… Oh well – They probably had trouble finding childcare. Oh wait, Carole didn’t have to arrange childcare because her date is overseas at the moment…lol (Oh, snap!).

Dorinda and “What’s His Name” (John) show up. Sigh. John immediately leers at the “Caviar Girl.” When she leaves, he conveniently excuses himself to go to the bathroom. He’s gone for quite a while. I mean seriously… Quite a while.

LuAnn tries to toast the evening by saying they all are lovers – They all love good men… good food… and good champagne. She talks about how her friendship with Ramona has experienced some bumps and potholes.

Heather and LuAnn try to tell Ramona that she’s been through a metamorphosis. Ramona disagrees and says that she’s always been this way. Ramona explains that her walls come down with people like Dorinda because she is naturally welcoming and she feels like she can be herself around her.

Ramona explains that she feels there is a wall of insincerity towards her when it comes to Heather and LuAnn. Heather tells her that is her wall. Ramona tells Heather she’s being aggressive – That she was just expressing her feelings and Heather negated them.

Heather tells Ramona to chill out a little bit… lol.

Heather tries to explain that they didn’t get off on the right foot in the beginning – But that she’s seen a lot of change and growth in Ramona. Ramona disagrees and goes over to hug her friend Dorinda. Heather and LuAnn accuse Ramona of wanting to deflect and sweet things under the carpet.

Ramona and Dorinda Finger

LuAnn is confused at where all this kissy kissy is coming from since Dorinda recently called LuAnn when she was very upset and said that Ramona wasn’t being very nice to her. Dorinda explained to a surprised Ramona that she told LuAnn that Ramona wasn’t being nice about John. They go into a back and forth about who said what to whom…

LuAnn - Total Lie - Copy

LuAnn explains that she and Ramona had a conversation about John in which they both were critical of him. Evidently, Ramona told Dorinda about that conversation but conveniently left out the part that she was a full participant in the conversation and said some equally disparaging stuff about him.

In her TH, Dorinda tells us that she just doesn’t understand all of this over-observing of John… She thinks he must be like a creature in the wild that they’ve seen for the first time… She tells us that she’s not even that focused on him. Well, at least Dorinda got the “creature” part right, no?

John finally returns to the table after chatting up all the girls in the bar… At least I think that’s what he was doing… (Shivers)…

In her TH, Heather says that everyone is shaking their heads at John and Dorinda’s relationship behind their backs – but that it doesn’t mean you have to throw it in her face.

Dorinda recognizes something she may not have fully understood before, when she says, “At the end of the day, Ramona was just using LuAnn as the scape goat.” Ramona gets John’s attention and tells him that she doesn’t know what LuAnn is pulling but that she’s happy that John makes Dorinda happy. Ramona toasts, “If Dorinda is happy – I’m happy.” LuAnn announces she’s going to stick Ramona’s face into the caviar right now. Well, I suppose she could have if Heather hadn’t eaten it all…


The following chart depicts this season’s viewership by episode (Thanks to Randy at

Viewership - Copy

As you can see, viewership for last week’s episode decreased to the lowest point of the season thus far… Rut roh…

Next Week…

The group goes to Dorinda’s house in the Berkshires to celebrate her 50th birthday. Dorinda calls out a very surprised Kristen for shimmying with her boyfriend… Kristen is aghast… LuAnn tells Ramona that she pulled a “Ramona.”… LuAnn and Carole find an article online about how there’s some sort of love triangle with Ramona’s new man because he allegedly has also locked lips with Mario’s mistress…  Bethenny surprises everyone by showing up and she and Heather get into some drama at dinner. Happy Birthday, Dorinda!

Well, that’s it for this week – Thanks for reading… Hope to see you next week… Happy Trails!


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Shahs of Sunset and Real Housewives of New York Cast Blogs

The Shahs of Sunset – Big Trouble in Phukat by SunnyGirl

Does anyone else have the feeling that The Shahs are on their last go-round?  This has been the worst season.  I’m not sure what their viewing numbers are but everyone is trying way too hard.

So, GG and Mike meet to discuss “what happened in Turkey.”  They go back and forth and ultimately Mike claims he doesn’t remember – he had taken pills (what KIND of pills, inquiring minds want to know?) and had too much to drink.  GG claims he does remember.  Finally, Mike says he is sorry for whatever GG thinks might have happened.  That’s kind of a strange apology.  Mike made a good point when he said GG should have come to him and talked directly with him about it.  I agree – but otherwise, he basically admits that something must have happened.  (And still – Jessica married him.  And where, where, where has Jessica been lately?)

1 - shoes

The next few scenes show everyone packing for Thailand.  Of course, this sets the scene for everyone to discuss not only Reza calling off the wedding but foreshadowing Asifa and Bobby arguing.

Asifa and Bobby (I accidently typed Baby – hmm.) are packing.  Asifa says since the wedding of Reza and Adam was already paid for, why don’t Bobby and Asifa get married?  Bobby says no way, Jose.  The fighting starts again, and to be honest, my ears shut down.  I know they are arguing but I can’t even understand what it is about.

Everyone is showing up at the airport, including Shervin.   (Does anyone like him?  At the beginning of the season, I thought he would be a good addition but he is basically a zero.)  Of course, Bobby and Asifa are already fighting before the plane even takes off.    MJ says it’s a 19 hour flight with a 13 hour layover and then another 7 hour flight.  They are all worn out by the time they get off the plane.  (GG looks like a wet noodle – I wonder if long flights stir up her RA.)  Reza puts Bobby and Asifa on a separate bus because no one (including YOUR audience, dumb asses) want to hear Bobby and Asifa fighting any longer.  It’s old, Bravo!

The hotel is absolutely gorgeous – very luxurious and tasteful.  They all decide to meet for a buffet dinner.  This season, the most interesting thing on The Shahs of Sunset has been the magnificent food they eat – almost worth watching to see the meals they eat.  The Shahs do love to eat.  GG gives a toast.  Soon, for whatever reason (and I am not sure what the reason is because they have nonsensical conversations) Bobby announces that he likes his triceps sucked on.  Asifa is irritated about that…..but whenever Bobby opens his mouth, Asifa is irritated.  (Again, Bravo – it’s getting old!)

Now it’s breakfast and again, it is a magnificent meal.  The camera cuts to what Asifa is wearing – a pair of Daisy Dukes with half of her butt cheeks hanging out.  I’m sure that will be welcomed in Thailand.  They discuss catching up on their rest, laying by the pool and eating today – basically resting up from their arduous flight.  GG asks Reza how he is feeling now that he is here in Thailand.  Reza is obviously hurting.  Asifa asks how Adam was when Reza left.  Again, Reza kind of jumps around answering the question, but it is apparent that he is in pretty bad shape.

Soon, they begin talking about the color of Asifa’s nipples.  I don’t want to talk about Asifa’s nipples.  Suffice it to say, Reza says because she is ethnic they are maroon; however, Asifa insists they are peach.  Enough said.

Asifa, Asa and GG go for a massage.  Asa is trying her hardest to work with Bobby and Asifa to improve their relationship.  Asa, girl  — it’s a lost cause.  Give it up.

Bobby and Reza are also getting a massage.  I’m not going to tell you about the black mesh underwear that they put on, because why would I want you to have that imprinted on your brain like it is on mine?

We switch back and forth between the guys and the girls.  Reza is stirring up crap with Bobby by asking him why they are together.  He tells Bobby that Asifa is mean to him and that he should leave.

Asa asks Asifa if the relationship is stable.  Asifa says yes.  Asifa is obviously delusional.  Asa tells her they seem to enjoy fighting.  Asifa says they are used to it.  Asifa says she can’t get over the fact that Bobby hooked up with her friend while they were apart (who actually turned out to be Asifa’s personal trainer.)  Asa tells her she must forgive Bobby or move on.  Asifa says she is holding onto anger (really?).  Asa asks her how is she going to change.

Now at the pool, they are talking about GG’s guy.  GG says she really, really likes him.  GG says he is passionate and it makes her feel things like people in the movies.  (I wonder if they are still together.)

Bobby tells Reza that the happiest time in his life was when he was single.  Ya think?  Reza tells him to stop being a bitch.

2 - reza

Soon, everyone is together on a patio area.  Asifa asks Bobby where he was.  He replies that he was talking to the guys.  Asifa asks if they were talking about her.  Bobby starts saying he needs to talk to her about their relationship.  Asifa, to give her credit, says not here in front of everyone.  They start arguing and getting nasty with each other.  GG tells them to calm down and communicate, not insult each other.  (Reza , in his TH, says when Lochnesa is the voice of reason, you’re in trouble.  No truer words were spoken this episode.)  Again, my ears shut down and I hear blah, blah, blah.  Asifa says let’s break up then and Bobby says ok, let’s.  Bobby runs off and says he is leaving.

GG talks to Bobby to try to get him to calm down, but he goes ahead and starts packing.

I do feel sorry for Reza in all of this.  This was supposed to be a relaxing, mentally healing vacation for him.  He should not have to deal with Bobby and Asifa.  (I don’t want to type Bobby and Asifa ever again.)

Now we see GG trying to calm Asifa down.  Asifa claims that Bobby loves drama.  That’s like the pot calling the kettle black.  Shervin tells Asifa that there is a lack of respect between the two of them.

Asifa and Bobby meet.  Asifa is mad that Bobby changed rooms.  Bobby tells her she is in a state of denial.  Bobby tells her he doesn’t see a future with her.

Everyone (except for Bobby and Asifa) come down to dinner and it’s apparent they are all drained emotionally.  For Reza, it’s not only the B & A fighting but also worrying about Adam.  They are all very subdued.  Here comes Asifa (who should know better) down to dinner.  (At least, Bobby had the sense to stay away.)   They ask her how she is and she responds that she doesn’t want to talk about it.  Reza says now you don’t want to talk?  MJ calls out Asifa on the fighting and says it is taking over their vacation and causing them all to be sad and depressed.  Asa says she is so sad about Adam.  Asa gets up and goes to her room.  GG tells Asifa that it hasn’t been pleasant to be around her and Bobby.  Reza leaves also.  MJ is trying to tell Asifa that she is ruining their vacation and Asifa gets up and leaves.

Last scene shows Reza and Asa talking about Adam and the vacation.  Reza says he is struggling with guilt; that he knows Adam is home crying his eyes out.  Reza tells Asa if things don’t improve, he is going to go home.

Next week – season finale.


Real Housewives of New York Cast Blogs Blogged by Namaste

Episode 7

 Screenshot 2015-05-25 20.10.31 (Small)

Bethenny Frankel

“I Think That People Do Their Best”

Pretty may be smarter than I think but not quite smart enough to realize that I’m going through a divorce, and my precious moments are divided. My balance as a mother and business person is knowing that I spend every moment possible with my daughter.

DAMN RIGHT!  Kristen showed her ASS on Tuesday night by making this very ignorant comment about B.  I wonder if she has given the same advice to her BFF Brandi Glanville?  I am not a single mom, but I can certainly totally respect that when a mom (or dad) has their time with their child, they are not going to be getting sitters and stepping out on the town; especially NOT during a custody battle like we see Bethenny going through.  Shame on Kristen.  She should really apologize for her ignorant comment.  Bethenny tells us she is not “nannied” up and doesn’t go out when she has Bryn.  Luann is not someone I would be taking parenting advice from anyway.

It has been a long time coming, and as I wrote in A Place of Yes, I don’t wear my story. I, genuinely, am not angry. I think I have longed for a person to discuss the craziness of my past with. I’m an only child and essentially an orphan, so there is no one I can turn or talk to that can acknowledge what I remember to be true. I do think that people do their best; all I can do is pay it forward by being the best mother to my daughter that I can possibly be.

Screenshot 2015-05-25 20.17.27 (Small)

Bethenny is definitely like an onion and we have slowly peeled back all these layers over the years.  Her childhood certainly sucked.  Maybe that is what made her such a driven and hyperfocused adult.  I actually understand there are women out there that shouldn’t have had children.  I know a few of these women.  Sad.  Very sad.

Like Dorinda says, I’m an onion with many layers. We all are. Thanks for all the love. You are loving it, and so are we. If you love what you do, you’ll be good at it. That’s why The Real Housewives of New York City are back and better than ever.

Shit.  Dorinda just totally copied off me.

Screenshot 2015-05-25 20.02.38 (Small)

Kristen Taekman

“Not Everyone Is Out To Get Bethenny”

Kristen starts by saying Ramona’s friends are amazing.  Not sure I would describe them the same way.  Maybe, plastic?  Kristen says they are all loving, giving, beautiful and supportive women.  I guess we will take her word for it, cause I am not one of Ramona’s 30 BFFs.

Sonja and the Swami Priestess!? UGH! That Yogi friend of hers gets on my nerves!

I thought this episode was one of the best so far this season because we had limited contact with Lady Morgan.  Always a win in my book.  Kristen goes on to discuss Bethenny’s therapy session and claims she wants to hug her.

She said that she needs help to navigate and she has a hard time trusting…I was thinking this was only applicable to men, but I guess it’s friends, too. Huh…good to know. It’s sad to me that she isn’t able to trust people. Not everyone is out to get her.

But the shitty comment you made would lead me to believe you were kinda sorta maybe out to “get her” or not supportive of her situation.  Kristen loved the boxing match.  Not sure I can watch boxing other than Sylvester Stallone.  I have seen all the Rocky movies multiple times AND named my dog Rocky.  But real boxing is not like Rocky movies.  I didn’t realize that Josh’s company sponsored Carole’s boxer.  She says it was hard watching the match at first but after a few beers, she was totally into it….until this happened…

Ewwwww! I am such a germ freak. To make things worse, that mouth guard flew out of his mouth and his spit went everywhere on my leg, in my hand and in my beer!!!  Yuck!  Sooo gross!!!  Thank goodness for my hand sanitizer!

I would have thrown up!  I would have bleached myself.

It’s nice to see that Lu and Bethany have a great friendship. After all these years they can pick up right where they left off!  Victoria’s art is so captivating! Sexy! Congrats to her, what a huge deal to be part of such a prominent show!  

I do like Lu and Bethenny together.  They seem to enjoy each other’s company.  Kristen does go on to “overcompliment” Lu’s parenting of her children which is kinda laughable.  I understand that most NYC upper east side kids do go to boarding schools, but that just isn’t common.  Most of us moms are very hands on and participating in the day to day minutia of our children’s lives.  In fact just yesterday, I was at the twins’ sophomore awards at the high school at 8am and then back up there at 1:30pm to discuss my daughter’s classroom options for next year.  I also coach the special needs cheering squad at our HS, too.  I am not asking for a pat on the back because I know this is how most moms are out there.  I am just not gonna say Lu should be getting a “World’s Greatest Mom” mug.

Carole and Adam seem so sweet together and really enjoying getting to know each other. It’s cute to see them chatting on the phone. It’s always so fun when it’s new, I think Carole was actually blushing! Carole, get back to work! Write that BOOK!  

I was totally thinking that Carole should just write long emails and turn them into a book.  Isn’t that how Aviva wrote her book without a ghostwriter?  I also love that her kitchen is her office now.  In NYC you need to use EVERY bit of square footage you can if you aren’t using a space for it’s original purpose, you should totally re-purpose it!

Screenshot 2015-05-25 19.55.27 (Small)

Sonja Morgan

“Is It Really So Bad To Be Me, Carole?”

Praise God!  1537 words this week.  What a relief.  Now, since she was in only 10% of the episode, I wonder how she has so much to say, but I digress.  Sonja tells us that Ramona celebrated her “birthday week”.  Um, that is something that maybe a 5 year old does.  I thought I would look up psychopharmacologist…

Psychopharmacology is the study of the use of medications in treating mental disorders.  The complexity of this field requires continuous study in order to keep current with new advances.  Psychopharmacologists need to understand all the clinically relevant principles of pharmacokinets (what the body does to mediation) and pharacodynamics (what the medications do to the body).

Since the use of these medications is to treat mental disorders, an extensive understanding of basic neuroscience, basic psychopharmacology, clinical medicine, the differential diagnosis of mental disorders, and treatment options is required.  Psychopharmacologists also must be skilled in building and utilizing a therapeutic alliance with the patient.

OK, go back and re-read those 2 paragraphs.  I think we now have our answer as to “What is wrong with Lady Morgan?”

I’m not surprised, too, that Bethenny was not receptive to me telling her that I am seeing my friend Robin Cofar, who is a Swami Priest and Yogi. In Atlantic City, Bethenny told me that she thought that I needed to see someone and start talking about the things that are going on in my life. Robin and I are doing introspective work, so I thought that Bethenny would want to know that I was taking her advise and trying to slow things down a little bit as she suggested. Instead of being supportive, Bethenny just attacked me!

I don’t think Bethenny thought you should talk to a Swami (a Hindu priest or religious leader) Priest.  I think Bethenny was thinking you need to see a REAL doctor (I also don’t think that B was thinking a Psychopharmacologist, but hey, whatever blows your skirt up.

I know that I am very grateful for my marriage and for all of the moments I’ve had in my life. Bethenny has a very strict view of success and failure, and that’s why she views my toaster oven venture as a failure. I view it as a growing experience, because I learned so much from producing the toaster oven, and I was able to take the knowledge with me and transpose it into my Sonja Morgan New York fashion line.

I’ll say it again, I really just want that damn toast oven.  Damn you Lady Morgan!

Speaking of artists, Victoria’s paintings were amazing! She is a lovely girl, and I am so glad that she is so successful! I have been supporting young artists for decades, so maybe I need to include Victoria in one of my young artists’ exhibitions! Looks like I’ve found my next Sonja in the City event! 

Shit.  Why hasn’t Lu hired Sonja to do PR for Vitoria?  That’s what she does, right?  Victoria’s nekkid self-portraits would be flying off the shelves surely.

I don’t know why Carole was so upset when Luann said that her boyfriend is “Sonja young.” Is it really so bad to be me Carole?! I also can’t believe Ramona said that my boyfriends are just toys. The men who I date may be young, but they are established independent men who don’t need me to support them. I’m just happy that Carole has a man right now. I’m not trying to poke holes in her relationship like all of the other women are trying to do to mine. 

I actually think the insult was in the way Lu said the comment and she did not mean it as a compliment to Carole so Sonja should really be irritated with the hypocrite Luann.  Sonja has admitted she is not dating to find a serious relationship so that means these young boys are play things.  Ramona hit the mark.

But I don’t know why Ramona tried to belittle Dorinda’s relationship with John. Why can’t these women just be happy for each other?! They all need to take a step back, stop meddling in other people’s lives, and just worry about their own problems while being supportive of their friends. Dorinda is happy. John has been there for her in dark moments. 

Ramona lives in a glass house with many broken windows yet she continues to throw stones.  She really needs to learn when to close her mouth.

Can’t wait for you all to see my cover next week! I wear my own designs, the team is strong! If I am delusional, why am I wearing the very dress and jewelry I have been designing for years at a Sonja in the City event? At Vanessa Noels Coutuier?

But did she only have one dress made?  Cause that make it challenging to sell your brand if you only have a dress made for yourself to wear, right?

Screenshot 2015-05-25 19.55.15 (Small)

Dorinda Medley

“I Was Surprised To See How Open Bethenny Was”

Dorinda tell us they are back from “Atlantic Titty” which I kinda love!  Dorinda is starting to connect with these ladies and feels part of the group.  She is officially “one of the girls”.  Lucky her.  NOT!  Dorinda is enjoying Ramona’s neverending birthday week.  We learn that R’s b-day is November 18, but the parties began after Halloween and continued throughout the month of November.  Dorinda calls it Ramona Heritage Month.  I hope they had lots of pumpkin pie.

Our next stop on the birthday train was at Fishtail with ALL of her friends. And I mean ALL of them. These girls run the Upper East Side with an iron fist. They basically buy out every season at Bergdorf’s before it makes it to the floor. They’re a fun crowd—colorful characters—and Bethenny was right: It’s like the Cantina’s greatest hits from Star Wars. Of course, they’re all jockeying to be Princess Leia, though c’mon, Ramona’s the birthday girl. We know she’s the princess in our midst. After all, it is November…

There was definitely a lot of plastic in that room.  Dorinda shares with us that she has on occasion run in the circle of the ladies who lunch.  She says seeing Heather, Carole and Bethenny at this event was like seeing an animal outside it’s habitat (think Penguin in a rainforest).  Dorinda is bummed she was invited to the boxing match.  I guess she enjoys a good brawl.  As for the Carole/Luann/Adam/Niece issue…Dorinda draws the line at critiquing another’s decisions.  That is super boring and I totally think Dorinda should re-think that policy.

Speaking of private lives…I was so surprised to see how open Bethenny was about her past and her family. In may ways, she and I grew up around the same people. My grandfather loved race horses, being around the track and all those characters—some of which were colorful, to say the least. Evel Knievel was one of them, so that might give you a sense…

Dorinda relates to some aspect of Bethenny’s childhood, although not all.  Dorinda goes on to educate us on why we look for love and sometimes are unsuccessful.  I’m bored.  Dorinda does say a mother’s love is unconditional (although that greatly depends on the mother…).

Knowing you have a “home” in someone’s heart because they are part of you and you are part of them is sometimes all you need to go take on the world. Without that mother’s love and affection, it’s got to be difficult to not feel lost. That said, not having that in your life really makes you appreciate it so much more, right? You come to value how priceless and profound an unconditional, immovable love can be. This is why Bethenny is such an amazing mother. So devoted, so compassionate, so unconditionally in love with her daughter…it’s inspiring to see and moving to a fellow mom.

Unfortunately (or fortunately) we will not see how Bethenny is as a mom.  Dorinda officially feels like “one of the girls” and a part of the drama.

Screenshot 2015-05-25 20.03.29 (Small)

Heather Thomson

“It’s Exciting To See Your Friends Find Happiness”

Heather shares that she has nicknames and terms of endearment for everyone.  Holla and Mama are just part of her lingo.  I call my son Dude and Dog a lot.  My husband gets mad when he calls me Dude.  I let him do it when dad isn’t around.  It’s our “thing”.

I’m happy for Carole. She’s excited about someone, and it’s because of chemistry! You can’t hide a chemistry that magnetic. It’s exciting to see your friends find happiness. I believe Luann, at least the one I thought I knew, meant it when she said she was happy for Carole, too. Unfortunately, she’s changed her tune on that.

I think Carole is actually really happy with this Adam guy and considering Carole’s past true love, she deserves happiness.  If Lu was a truly compassionate and loving friend, she would be sad her niece lost out on a great guy, but happy that her friend found a guy that makes her happy.  Heather shares that she has been happily married for 12 years (which is like 24 or 36 in NYC years?)

BTW, I was perusing the Boston Proper website looking for some new summer clothes and saw that Heather’s Yummie Tummy products are sold on their site!  WOW!  They sell Spanx, too, but I was shocked to see Yummie products holding their own next to Spanx.  I did not see Jill Zarin’s fat girl slim line on their site though.

Screenshot 2015-05-25 19.50.59 (Small)

Ramona Singer

“I Am Truly Blessed”

Ramona said the trip to Atlantic City was great.  She musta been way drunker than I thought.  She says her lunch with her 30 girlfriends (I don’t think I could write a list of 30 girlfriends?  Maybe casual friends, but not 30 REAL friends).

I shared with Dorinda that I went from keeping the company of men to dating men. Leave it to Dorinda to ask if anyone gave me butterflies!

Well, I am glad she is dating these men so that they can buy her a meal.  Isn’t that whole purpose of dating?  To get someone to pay for your food?  OK, its been 21 years since I dated.

Listening to Bethenny talk about her childhood brought up so many memories of mine. We both had fathers who were abusive to our mothers. This does affect your relationships with men and makes you very strong and independent in your adult life. You will learn more about this from me in my book Life on the Ramonacoaster.

Who started calling Ramona Ramonacoaster?  I hope whoever it was gets a large gift for giving Ramona a great name for her book.  If Heather had her way, Ramona would be buying someone a car!

Screenshot 2015-05-25 20.09.49 (Small)

Luann de Lesseps

“I Am Not A Hypocrite.  I’m Honest”

Lu eats her words and tells us Ramona was right when she toasted her 30 best girlfriends.  Am I am the only one that is salty that Ramona HAS 30 girlfriends and I have maybe 10?

Boxing is called a blood sport for a reason and if you are going to sit ringside, getting splashed with bodily fluids is part of the experience. What amused me was how Kristen went from squeamish to scream-ish during the match. I think Lewis “Cruise Control” Cruise has a new fan! What was up with Carole admitting she took testosterone? As for Bethenny skipping the match, sometimes you have to choose family over fun but I do think that once the baby is down for the night, it’s okay to leave her with a sitter occasionally. The last boxing match I attended was Holyfield versus Dokes in Vegas and this was just as fun.

Never been to a boxing match.  I would go if Rocky was still fighting or if Mark Wahlburg (The Fighter) was in a match, but that is about it.  I am more about fictional boxing and bored when I watch a real match on TV.  Wonder why Carole took testosterone and for what reason?  I wouldn’t take parenting advice from Lu so Bethenny can just click “ignore”.

In the matter of Carole versus Luann, when it comes to her dating my niece’s ex-boyfriend Adam, I say if she’s happy, I’m happy. I don’t have long-term relationships with twenty-somethings; so I’m not a hypocrite, just being honest. Carole is excited about Adam and I really do wish them the best. I’m over it and so is my niece. 

I doubt very much she is over it given her reason twitter history and the nasty things she has been saying.  Not buying what you are selling Lu.

Screenshot 2015-05-25 20.09.52 (Small)

My trip to Miami with Victoria was a blast and I was so proud that one of her pieces was chosen for display at Art Basel. Her Untitled Nude was hung with other works exploring the role of feminism in the art world. She came through her teen years and our divorce a stronger person and has become an amazing, talented young woman. I’m so lucky.  There is a diverse range of artwork, some edgier than others, at Art Basel and it’s known for its avant-garde performance art and the clown was definitely interesting! 

Screenshot 2015-05-25 20.10.25 (Small)

I am not an “artsy” person.  I get that a “nude” is art and I thought Victoria’s self portrait was very well done although, not my taste.  I would feel totally creepy buying a nude pic of someone else and hanging it in my house…BTW, I have no nude pics of myself hanging in my home either (I am not Kim!)

So I leave you with this, holding onto resentment is like drinking a glass of poison…it will kill you eventually! So seize the day, grab a cocktail with your girlfriends, laugh it out and live your life the fullest.

This statement is oh so true.  Oh Lu, you really are the Yoda of the group.


Stay Here to C hat for New York and Bethenny Interviewing Andy Cohen


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Real Housewives of Melbourne Reunion Part 1

RHOMelbourne – S2 EP12 –Reunion Part 1 by Reality_Bytes

group shot

Gamble Outwits, Outlasts & Outplays Petti in true Survivor style last night in Part 1 of the Melbourne Housewives reunion show, and I couldn’t be more proud of her finding her voice. I think we have seen the best of Gamble in this show and girlfriend is ready to soar…not just fly! And the way in which she did this you ask? Well she put miss Petti in her place!

The show opens with all of the ladies arriving separately and carrying the gown they will be wearing with 2 exceptions…Gina was already dressed to the 9’s, and Jackie was barking orders to her stylist as he was lugging several bags and yelling at him to hurry asking him what he was waiting for? Uh…they do the makeup and it is only one dress Jackie…really…a bit overdone don’t you think, especially barking orders! I’m gonna like you at the end but at the beginning? Not so much.

janet hair

I am not a big fan of Alex what’s-his-toes because last year he was so soft with the women and doesn’t go for the hard questions, and I wondered if Andy Cohen had a training school Alex could attend?

However, having said that, this year he was bringing up controversial and relevant questions from people on social media to spotlight the fights and bad behavior of all the ladies and at one point after fighting ensued around Petti about her book, he finally said he needed to shut 7 bitches up … so he did far better this year, and I actually enjoyed him.

He welcomed them all individually…He asked Janet if she was ready to have tea leaves read…he welcomed Gamble calling her a reunion virgin, and she replied that she is the ‘fresh blood’, says she has no idea what she is in for tonight and says she should have worn a helmet! He welcomed Petti and said she probably has a lot to say tonight and she said ‘yes tonight I am shouting…grrreaaaaaaaaaaat!!! Jackie next and says she is the barometer of truth, and Gina commented Jackie is brutally honest! Lydia is next and he asks how her husband is doing. Alex says she took more of a backseat this season, and Lydia agreed and said because of last year’s whiplash with Gina she really didn’t have a great deal of confidence and says she has had a horrible time with ‘non-faced people’ of social media.  As Alex welcomes Gina he talks about her book and how she uninvited some people…Gina returns with she mailed all the girls invitations but some of them didn’t receive them…and then her publicist decided I guess that it was the wrong venue for HW fights…Gina herself said it wasn’t really a housewife event and she wanted to keep it simple with no negativity. He welcomes Janet and asks her what she thinks of Gina doing that, and Janet replies she thought she was going and then got a text that she was uninvited and she thought it was just her…wahh wahh wahh. Gina says there is an energy when all the girls get together and they tend to put a negative spin on things…and then jokes and said if the girls would have bashed the book she would have had to stab them…Jackie looks appalled!

Does anyone have an extra sense of humor we can lend Jackie??? Alex goes on to greet Chyka saying she slid off the fence this year and Chyka says she was never a fence sitter…blah blah…Alex called her a cheekier Chyka!

Now Alex brings up how well the ladies compliment each other and all the snarky making fun of each other clips are run and this part ends with everyone doing the Janet ‘EVERYONE’ ARM WAVE.

the wave

Moving on to Alex asking Gamble if she had her feelings hurt when Lydia was mocking her speech impediment, and Gamble said yes and explained why…and Lydia gave a mea culpa look and said Oops and even apologized half heartedly. (Lydia isn’t one who should be mocking anyone since it isn’t her accent but lack of either using the correct word or pronouncing it correctly that has plagued both she and Jackie this season…glass houses and all ladies…glass houses!

Next is one of the funniest segments ever seen in any of the HW reunion shows – Gamble and Gina’s friendship…and they even showed a morphing segment of Gamble into Gina…both she and Gina have a big laugh during this segment and all the snarkies from Jackie and Janet are also played, and that is a good thing because I am not sure either of those two have  any ‘real’ friendships other than surface ones…well maybe MANuela and Janet…ha ha ha…but that says it all anyway doesn’t it? Chyka is the only one who has mentioned it could be a very true friendship between Gamble and Gina (not sure I see the conviction behind her words though… Alas, she does get the A+ for the effort.)

After the morphing part and Gamble spoke and Gina spoke…Alex says Petti questioned the friendship as to whether or not is was real, and she gets downright ugly, obviously jealous because she doesn’t have the same kind of relationship with anyone that we have seen all season with the HWs or her personal friends. Petti:

  • It doesn’t seem like they have much in common, and I still don’t think so
  • Gamble has a little crush on Gina
  • Gamble says that is condescending and she doesn’t have a crush on anyone
  • Petti says you said it
  • Janet says you said it was the lesbian in you
  • Gamble says her point is…it’s not about having a crush it is that Gina embodies the things I respect in a woman…she’s got her own career…she studied very hard (Petti interrupts here and I missed some dialog)
  • Petti says you were sniffing her butt like a little dog the whole time
  • Gamble says she finds it really vulgar the way Petti speaks and she isn’t up anyone’s a$$ (Chyka turns her head, fiddles with her hair and smiles) and Gamble finishes with “it is revolting”…
  • Janet says well I think you are up her a$$
  • Gamble says that is disgusting and why do you speak like that?
  • Chyka finally says “maybe there is a better way of saying it Janet” and Janet gets a bored look on her face
  • Gamble goes on to say that Gina is like a female version of Rick, who is very sensitive, very conservative and very sober, and I am sort of the dizzy silly fun one and sometimes it is a nice balance (AMEN to you Gamble and very articulate)
  • Chyka gives her same meeting someone late in life speech and it is great when a friendship like that actually happens
  • Gina agrees…(and my take is why not be friends with someone who is not gunning for you all the time and starting fights?)


Alex starts out by saying one of the newbies this season was a POCKET ROCKET with an even bigger mouth to match…(Thanks to Gina for the “pocket rocket” title for Petti, and thanks to Alex for pointing out what we already know…Petti has a big mouth!!!)  We go through a video montage of Petti’s narcissistic comments about herself starting with…My name is Pettifleur – please call me Pettifleur (Rut Ro, I must have missed this at the beginning of the season, LOL)…and of course all her bitchy moments and her bossing people around and all her freaking out comments…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…and how she has been accepted into the group and we can all eat our hearts out…loosely translated DRIVE THE STAKE THROUGH MY HEART NOW! After wraps up Petti says “Can I go now?” My answer is twofold…first it is May I go now (we know you are capable, but will you?)…and secondly is a resounding YES!

Alex asks if the doing the show was confronting to her, and she responds with it was a great ride!

The next question (from FaceBook) is why does she talk to people like they are second class citizens when she herself comes from humble beginnings?

While Jacks winces, Chyka looks to be sleeping, and Janet is butting into the conversation…

pre answer

Petti says the question is sad because she is far from that type of person. Really? You are going to go with that answer Petti?

Gamble has a non-verbal response to Petti…

gambles response

She kind of ends with she is horrified when she sees how she acted…uh huh…


Is Petti assertive, aggressive, or just bitchy?

I am thinking Gina works in a man’s world as well, but I’ll bet she doesn’t treat her peers like that, nor would she need to in order to command the respect of male counterparts.

EPIC FAIL on Petti’s reasoning. Her housekeeper and the store sales people were both women and she treated them and the ladies like crap all season!

Next Alex says the other newbie came complete with a Pomeranian, chicken noises and a wolf or two! Now we see a montage of Gambles scenes which are all pretty darned funny and Gamble’s view is “It is a matter of being silly and not stupid!” Well said Gamble, and I would add that it is a lot more of “not taking yourself too seriously” in there as well!

A Twitter question is “I can’t figure out whether you are super bright or super dumb…which are you? Gamble answers BOTH!

Nouveau Riche vs Old Money

The scenes play showing Petti talking to Lydia saying her first impression of Gamble is she’s not that bright (ironic to me who she is voicing that sentiment to, LOL), the Petti says “She’s dumb, just dumb dumb dumb” (and even Jacks cringes). She tops the conversation off by saying “I can’t do dumb.”

The we go to Gamble calling Petti nouveau riche Barbie, which of course Petti doesn’t like. The next scenes are where Petti is always putting down something Gamble is wearing…and Petti says she thinks Gamble’s style is a bit of a train wreck…and then DRUMROLL PLEASE…perhaps less plastic surgery? On to the scene at the bar where Petti asks why she thought Gamble thought she spent her money frivolously (that was the headdress moment) and then the conversation about stupid again and Gamble asks so do YOU have moments of stupidity, Petti no, and Gamble says well I do, and Petti says well then I am justified (in calling you  stupid…[sic]) and flashes a smile with spinach in her teeth, LOL…PRICELESS!

spinach teeth

Another scene is where Petti says (to Jacks I think) that Gamble was like “who let the dogs out…my God…get back in your cage!”

Then it is the old money vs new money between Gamble and Petti and the infamous crap from Petti about she doesn’t have her money given to her like Gamble does and credit cards, and an allowance, etc. (A really embarrassing part of the season)…I am not going through all the ugly here again…we saw it all season, but Gamble’s comment at the reunion was spot on…(the comment comes a bit later on, so be patient ladies)

Alex thought the two newbies would have bonded and stuck up for each other…and Petti says me too…  Gamble says…for someone who is supposed to be writing a book about empowering women then calling somebody stupid before you have gotten to know them at all…I found that even if I do behave stupidly at times I found that contrary to what she is trying to portray… (Lydia talking over this part of Gamble talking)…she insults me at every moment…(Gamble turns to Lydia and says excuse me I am talking now)…Gambles starts again and Lydia butts in and says “I know you are I can hear you”…Petti didn’t like my jewelry or something about what I was wearing and it gets a bit wearing on you after while…and I never tried to possess that I had all this wealth or anything, and I didn’t know how else to describe it so I used nouveau riche…because Petti is extremely obsessed with money and obsessed with Brands and all that…(Petti interrupts and calls Gamble Cuckoo…and Gamble says maybe she should have called it something else.

Alex asks Petti how she would respond to that and Petti says she thinks Gamble is cuckoo…Lydia laughs…and Petti says “How the Hell does she know ME to start talking the garbage she just did?”

Alex says but you called her stupid…

Petti replies with I was just having some fun, it wasn’t malicious…

Gina’s reaction to the having some fun comment…

ginas reaction

Petti continues with but what she attacks is very malicious…going down bad roads like money and how much I spend and who I hang out with (which Petti is making up here)…WAIT PETTI…YOU STARTED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gamble: I never said that…I never said any of that!

Petti tries to downplay all her comments in dressing down Gamble were all in fun…

Gamble says she thought nouveau riche was a pretty lightweight paddle back at Petti for all the things she had been saying throughout the season at her because she didn’t insult her taste, she didn’t insult anything she was wearing, I never took a slam at your intelligence, so I think you covered a lot more in your insults than my one comment to you to your mountains of comments every time I sat down with you on and off camera missy…so if you are going to get called nouveau riche, just suck it up because it was just a light insult back!

(I am on my living room floor bowing repeatedly to Gamble) YOU GO GIRL!


Petti –  9,476,313 comments

Gamble – 1 nouveau riche comment – cha ching!

Alex asks Petti another FaceBook question: Don’t you think it is rude to question someone about their money?

Petti’s response was…I didn’t question her about her money – she questioned me about my money!

Gambles reaction to that…


Chyka interjects here that she has a real opinion on this money thing…”My opinion of this is no matter where any one of us comes from…it really doesn’t matter…every single one of us here have our own way of doing things…and I think it is up to US to talk about those things IF we want to.

Petti continues the fight even after Chyka has said this, and says it is because she had a dig at my NEW money…and when you talk about somebody’s new money…



Petti loses it and says her parents come from her (SAY WHAT?) and asks what ex-husband?

Yes folks…Petti has not 1 but 2 ex-husbands and a really rich partner now of 8 years!!!

Don’t these ladies Google each other?

Petti IMMEDIATELY apologizes to Gamble (not heartfelt…just quick words to move the reunion along) by saying Sorry Gamble! NOTE: When anyone apologizes at the top of their lungs – they are not to be believed!

After the Break – A TEARY JACKS

It seems Jackie really felt threatened by Gina…WTF? Really Jacks? Gina might break a nail…LOL…how could you possibly have felt threatened by her?

In any event I guess for the most part Jackie and Gina resolved this off camera before the reunion show(s), but for a story line…Jacks is bring it up here and attempting to squeeze out a tear…and says she didn’t want to be placed in a situation where she didn’t feel safe.

Gina is listening attentively, and shaking her head a bit.

Montage of the seasonal fights where for the most part Jackie is making accusations and being Bogan!  Gina says it best where the relationship is a bit like a mother and a teenage daughter – there is love and there is affection and the there is rebellion and there is discipline. (I think Chyka even said in her blog that this was a good analogy of the relationship).

Alex believe the relationship is healthy because they both get it out and say what they feel…Gina smiles and says she would rather she keep it in! Jackie says no she isn’t going to keep it in, and Gina again says keep it in – it is uninvited!

NOTE TO JACKIE: Also there is a huge difference in being called a Bogan and displaying Bogan behavior. (She looked up Bogan in the dictionary and says Gina is mocking the working class)…Gina said no she wasn’t calling her a Bogan she said she was displaying Bogan behavior…bless Jackie’s heart, she just can’t get it right!

The argument goes on to something about how Jacks said a word GWOONE or something like that (which is actually how this Bogan stuff all got started and that was last year when Jacks brought it up and said something about Bogan to Gina)…hey ladies turnabout is fair play! Jacks calls her a legal aid barrister – Gina says she is a prosecutor, and Jackie just is playing tit for tat with her and saying if she is going to use a word like that she should know the terminology…laughable at best…Gina KNOWS the terminology and used it correctly and Jacks had to look it up…nuff said!

Now there is the reading from Jacks last season saying Gina’s partner was running around on her and Jacks thought Gina’s partner was mad…he wasn’t…he and Petti’s partner have known each other for years and they both were out on the balcony at Petti’s party, and whatever point Jackie is really bringing up for Gina to defend…was SOLVED BEFORE THE REUNION…why bring it up? In any event Gina sees Jackies frame-of-reference and sincerely apologizes to her…Petti looks like she is thinking of something to bring up next because I am sure she doesn’t want Gina and Jackie to be friends…LOL…and Jackie is doing her best to muster up a tear…NEXT!!!

Now Janet wants in on the next conversation about dilated pupils…and accuses Gina of always making a comment and running away and Chyka says there is no follow through…Janet calls it a smash-and-run…and Gina says what they are missing is she is not instigating the conversation when this happens…she is actually reacting and running…and why not if you don’t want to go through the same crap over and over?

Janet says oh Gina says it is all us…ok I am getting a drink now, and she gets up and forces a break…guess her alcohol in her bloodstream has been depleted and she must refill it!

AFTER JANET GETS REBOOZED – Switch the Bitch Book Talk…zzzzzzzz

This segment starts out with Petty being happy of course because the attention is on her…

Alex asks Petti for a reading, and following Jackies lead…now Petti is starting to cry…and when asked why she is crying, Chyka says because it is her journey…and we hear the hard knock story again…zzzzzzz

Gina asks why that makes her cry, and Lydia starts answering and Gina says to Lydia to LET HER ANSWER…Petti feebly comes up with the time and money she had to come up with to get this book where it is today selflessly (YES SHE SAID SELFLESSLY)…to be published…(Janet call BS on it and said…

janet no tear

…and then says “It’s all bullsh**t. There’s no crying at all, There is nothing coming… Chyka and Jacks are smiling…Janet goes on to say it is making her uncomfortable…

Petti, not missing a beat, goes on to say her 15 year old son edited it …and Petti gives a reading…this is a snoozefest.

  • Next Alex asks Chyka about bitch being derogatory
  • (I think I saw Gina suppress a yawn)
  • Gina tells Chyka she is so agreeable – every questions she is asked she is agreeable…says a friends with everybody translates a little bit to friends with nobody…upsets Chyka
  • Next ??? is did she know about the other bitch book before she wrote hers…standard Petti answer…yes she know…everyone supported her except Gamble and Gina…
  • Gamble said as a friend she tried to give her a head’s up to her face and suggested an editor…she says the book didn’t look finished, it didn’t look entertaining…
  • Petti defends it as “raw dahling”…
  • Jacks attacks Gamble for trying to put Petti down and insert her big nose…
  • Gamble said she wasn’t…
  • Magazine experience comes up and Lydia-who-has-never-worked blasts Gamble that her work wasn’t important…said it was a column and not a magazine…
  • Lydia gets angry and tells Gamble not to get angry with her
  • Chaos ensues and Alex tells all 7 women to STFU…well kinda…LOL
  • Gamble tells Petti she just called her stupid again
  • Gamble says why should she be supportive of Petti when she doesn’t agree with the title, or the content
  • Alex says he needs to switch 7 bitches off right now.

Petti Takes on Gina and Walks Out

Montage of Petti and Gina throughout the season…but she didn’t feel drawn to a friendship. Or a connection or a chemistry that would want her to move forward in a friendship

  • Gina says upon meeting Petti she didn’t dislike her at all
  • Gina didn’t feel they were having great communication
  • Someone on Twitter asked why when Petti was so eager to meet Gina…why didn’t a friendship happen?
  • Petti says she didn’t have any control over that
  • It was how Gina came across
  • There was the underlying snickering (which NEVER happened at their first meeting so anything said forward can’t be true…
  • She said when she first met Gina that Gina was like a dog trying to hump her leg
  • Gina’s comment to that remark is What planet am I on?
  • Gina asks Petti if she has ever been described like that?
  • Gina says she has never behaved like that
  • Lydia butts in saying Gina is condescending at times, but goes on to say it is Gina’s sense of humor and she did explain that to Petti early on
  • Chyka pops in with everyone has owned up to things they have done, but tells Gina she never has (well THAT isn’t true if she sat down with Jackie and resolved their issues…and we have seen her try and make up with Petti and Janet
  • Gina asks what she hasn’t owned up to?
  • Gina says it is unrequited love with Petti, she came to the situation with expectations and Gina didn’t reciprocate what Petti wanted in a friendship
  • Alex thinks that is a bit arrogant and Gina feels it is the truth…and if we remember from the beginning of the season…that is what Petti said she wanted.
  • Petti complains she isn’t being given a chance to get to know her…
  • Says she only talks to Gamble…not true…she talks to the other ladies too…(but if it were true it would be because Gamble doesn’t attack her all the time, wouldn’t it?)
  • Alex asks about the publicity tour, and Petti says yes it happened there too, and Gamble and Gina start laughing, and it seems all the girls are laughing at this
  • Petti says she got dragged into a fight…all the ladies are laughing, and Gina is about to fall off the couch laughing and probably wiping REAL TEARS of laughter…Petti asks what is funny…

real tear

  • Something about Petti’s commando and landing strip…and she owns it but doesn’t want to talk about it…LOL…she certainly did the first episode and wanting to but mirrors on the floor of the Bentley…
  • Gina said Pettifleur you are so divine really and getting this so wrong actually…you are cute, and I am so glad Jackie witnessed it…
  • Jackie speaks up and says it wasn’t Gina and Jackie arguing it was Petti and Gina…
  • Janet agrees
  • Gina said we were having a nice conversation …
  • Jackie says to Petti that is was when she brought up that Gina wasn’t a Barrister…if you remember that conversation
  • Petti says she only talked about it when she got dragged into it
  • Jackie disagrees and said Petti was drunk
  • Petti says she doesn’t drink then says not more than 2 drinks is a max and she wasn’t drunk
  • Janet says DRUNK AS A SKUNK
  • Petti jumps up and starts pointing that finger again and then says she is getting the He11 out of Dodge because she is not taking lies

no lies

  • Petti screams that they are all lying
  • Gamble says that’s not the way it went honey…(Guys this is a must see part, my words will be inadequate in this instance
  • I guess in the segment everyone remembers Petti being drunk, except Petti who says she doesn’t drink yet says out of the other side of her mouth that she never has more that 2! Hmmm…MORE THAN ZERO is drinking!
  • Here is how the rest of them remember it…



  • Will Petti come back?
  • Can you believe MANuela is there and they seat her next to Gamble?
  • Janet slides off the couch to make a point (of showing more nostril)

Ciao for Now!

RHOMel Episode 8 Tidbits

Chyka blog on Part 1

Janets blog

you tube

Chyka Blog


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Real Housewife of Melbourne Tangles with Omarosa plus Million Dollar Listing New York

 Omarosa Rips ‘Real Housewife’

Back Off, Bitch …I’m Working This Corner! 

by Reality_Bytes

“O.G. ‘Apprentice’ bitch Omarosa Manigault isn’t about to let some ‘Real Housewife’ from Down Under rip-off her self-help book — and now she’s taking legal action to block the ‘bitch.’”

“Omarosa and her lawyer, Bradford M. Cohen, fired off a pretty entertaining letter.”

Read more:

Uh…Gina tried to warn her, right?

I have no idea whether or nor Omarosa is doing this for publicity or if she is serious, but it probably won’t help Petti’s book/booklet/pamphlet sales!

I am not even sure how things in Australia are copyrighted.

  • Do they have their own version of the Library of Congress?
  • Do they have their own rules and regulations?
  • If you sell something in Australia and the United States, would you have to copyright in both countries?

Any Legal Beagles want to weigh in on this and help us out?


Ciao for now!


Million Dollar Listing New York S4E6:  Ready to Launch by NotInStCyr

In this episode, Luis will try to make Cobble Hill the center of the universe, Fredrik is concerned about finishing something and Ryan makes a timely decision.

Ryan is on his way to  82nd St. and East End on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, where Yvonne, the developer he worked with on another building in an earlier episode, has  new construction.  She’s come through on her promise to bring him in on new projects. She wants him to work on a 6 story, 4 unit building near Gracie Mansion, the mayor’s residence.  It has coffered ceilings and beautiful, high-end finishes, like marble fireplace mantles and steam showers.  Yvonne tests Ryan’s judgment by asking what prices he’d set on the condos.  Luckily for Ryan, he’s right on the money with her expectations.  She tells him that his commission on the building will pay for the wedding.  Remember, Yvonne is a friend of Emilia and is naturally interested on finding out when the marriage is going to happen.  Ryan tells us that while he doesn’t exactly have cold feet, his feet “are still a little chilly, but they’re starting to warm up.”

Fredrik is in the West Village, the same neighborhood that last week’s Jackson Pollock apartment is in.  He explains that while the rest of the city is a dense forest of high-rises, the West Village still has historic low-rise buildings.  He’s meeting Tom and Jared, developers who are rebuilding an 1860’s townhouse.  Right now, it’s 7,000 sq. ft. of raw and unfinished space, and the developers would like Fredrik’s input on what it would take to attract buyers who’d be willing to pay $25 million.  Although this is the kind of work that Fredrik relishes, he tells them that the price they want is untenable and suggests pricing the townhome at $20 million.  Tom and Jared are ready to walk out, but Fredrik quickly tells them that if they upgraded to top-of-the-line finishes, they might be able to get $22.5 million for the property.  Whew.

1 - changing

Luis, like Fredrik and Ryan, has realized that the top brokers foster relationships with key developers. Last year, Fredrik introduced Luis to a new developer.  For reasons known only known to Luis, he took that as an insult.  Instead of aligning himself with a budding developer, Luis is much more ambitious.  He’s been bombarding “one of the most important developers in Manhattan” (who’s based in Brooklyn) with phone calls and finally gotten an appointment.  The big day dawns, but Luis’ alarm clock fails to go off.  We get completely unnecessary footage of Luis scurrying around his apartment in his underwear.  Note to Bravo:  if I wanted soft porn, I wouldn’t be watching your channel.  Give someone like Channing Tatum a show, and then we’ll talk.  Once he’s suited up and in the Maserati, Luis is stymied by a traffic jam that only lets him to drive about 5 mph.  He throws a little tantrum in the car but then decides to use the opportunity to apply more hair spray.  By now, an F5 tornado could not dislodge a single strand of Luis’ hair.  Thanks to the magic of editing, Luis miraculously traverses Manhattan and makes it to Brooklyn in time.  The developer, Gerard Longo, tells him that he agreed to the meeting, because his secretaries were tired of getting his phone calls.  Instead of enjoying the one-on-one he expected, Luis has to sit down with the developer and his marketing team.  They discuss The Townhouses of Cobble Hill, a development of old and new buildings in Brooklyn with one remaining building, which is listed for $4 million.  Luis deploys his high energy charm and informs them that they need him more than he needs them, because he has connections that will bring in international money.  Longo agrees to consider Luis’ pitch, if for no other reason than to stop his phone from ringing.

2 - car

Ryan’s feet must have warmed up, because he asks his assistant, RD, how he’d propose.  RD has several useless ideas, until he comes up with Times Square.  Ryan is immediately taken with the suggestion, and thinks that it should be easy to shut it down.  He tells RD, “Get me Times Square’s phone number!”

3 - time square

Fredrik is at the launch party, which is an open house without the house. He has hyped the property and expects 400 brokers to attend.  He’s also ready to schedule showings as soon as possible.  However, there is a loose end that is nagging him.  Renderings of the townhouse’s interiors were made, but Tom and Jared have yet to sign off on the high-end interior finishes. Fredrik tracks them down at the party, and they confess that some of the suggestions made by the interior designers were outside their budget.  This really alarms Fredrik, but he maintains his cool and explains that to get the price they want for this townhouse, they have to spend the money for the best finishes.

Luis sees Longo and his team one day after their initial meeting.  The developer says that he’d like to see a marketing plan.  You’d think that means that Luis needs to put together a PowerPoint presentation or submit a nicely bound report containing an action plan and a budget.  No, you’d be wrong.  Luis’ plan is to verbally spin his idea of promoting the property to foreign investors.  He tells them that Europeans consider Brooklyn a “cheaper version of Manhattan.”  This irritates Longo, who thinks that’s ignorant.  Undaunted, Luis tells them that he’d like to plan an event that will attract New York and international media.  The team looks gravely concerned.  Luis assures them that by using the media, he’ll “get everyone on this entire planet talking about Cobble Hill” and create demand for the townhouse.  I’m surprised that he’s excluded the International Space Station from consideration.

Ryan is on his way to show one of the units to an interested party who can’t attend the launch party.  Unfortunately, Ryan is stuck in traffic, which is the real villain of this episode.  Luckily, RD is already at the property, so Ryan devises a plan.  RD will keep his phone on, so that Ryan can hear everything that’s said.  Ryan will then deploy RD like a ventriloquist’s dummy and use the Bluetooth headset to tell him what to say.  Things don’t go too smoothly, because RD is visibly uncomfortable having to both listen to Ryan and repeat his words.  The woman he’s showing the property to even stops and asks him if something is wrong.  You have to admire Ryan’s ability to visualize and describe the details of each room, sight unseen, using his telephone.  Every now and then, we get to see the experience, showmanship and mastery that earn these brokers the big bucks.

We get a little one act play involving Fredrik and his long-suffering assistant Jordan in the office.  Although Fredrik is something like 6’5”, he’s scrunched up in his office chair with his legs drawn up and shoes off.  Imagine a giraffe stuffed into a high chair.  He explains that he takes his shoes off when he wants to think, because a shoe is like a helmet on the brain.  Someone should apply for a government grant and look into that.

Ryan is holding his launch party at East End Kitchen, a restaurant on the Upper East Side around the corner from the Yvonne’s building.  He’s invited people who were at the open house held for her last property.  He’s leading tours of the 4 units. (“We’re walking, we’re walking.” Ha — I like anyone who can quote the movie, Dave.)  It looks like RD didn’t bungle the showing after all, because Ryan gets an offer of $4.5 million for the apartment on his cell phone.  Olivia, his former assistant who is now a broker herself, is at the party and can’t believe that RD has already sold a property.  Ryan modestly attributes RD’s success to “good coaching”.

Our international man of mystery, Luis, has invited bloggers, food critics, art critics, historians and fashion writers to the launch party, because they are his marketing tool.  He stands in front of a drawing of the townhouse and begins a fast-talking, enthusiastic spiel, but he’s thrown off by the arrival of Longo and his team.  They sit unsmilingly in a corner of the restaurant where the event is being held.  Later, the executive vice president pulls Luis away from the party, because she’s still concerned about whether his strategy will work.  He assures her that stories about the property will probably begin appearing in the media the next day.

4 - slide projector

Fredrik starts showing the West Village property. He’s come up with the novel idea of putting the interior renderings in a View Finder.  This is the same toy that many of us had before smart phones, tablets and MP3 players were used to distract kids. I had one until my pet dinosaur ate it.  Using Fredrik’s device, people can walk into a bare space, look into the View Finder and see what the room will ultimately look like.  Although it’s a brilliant marketing tool, Fredrik realizes that for the unusually high price the developers are asking, people need to see a finished product.

5 - ryan

Ryan and JD visit Times Square.  Ryan tells us, “I love big…and I want a big proposal”.  He’s always heard that you know when you find The One, but didn’t believe it until he met Emilia.  He knew he’d marry her the moment he saw her smile.  In his blog he says, “…she would smile for me and I would feel better.”  She’s made him happy over the last 2 years, and he can imagine being with her for the rest of their lives.  Wow.  Ryan was once the Snidely Whiplash of the show. (Go ahead and use Google if you don’t know who that is.  We’ll wait.)  We loved to hate the smug so and so as he womanized his way through Manhattan and made himself a thorn in Fredrik’s side.  Now, he’s – dare I say – likable?  No doubt about it, Emilia is a Miracle Worker.  She should be giving Discovery Center seminars.  Ryan deems Times Square to be the right place to give Emilia a fairy tale experience.  He even gets down on one knee to demonstrate how he’s going to ask Emilia, until he realizes that it looks like he’s proposing to RD.  Now, if he could only get rid of all those pesky people in Times Square.

6 - proposal

Next week:  Will Fredrik have to take his socks off to figure out what to do while the West Village townhouse is under construction?  Will Luis succeed in his plan for worldwide media manipulation?  What will Times Square say when Ryan calls?


Here's Namaste in all her glory of a pre-surgery high from Versed, sans makeup or botox!

Namaste in all her glory, on pre-surgery high from Versed, sans makeup or botox!

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Real Housewives of New York City “Family Matters” plus Dorinda Medley on WWHL – AWKWARD

Real Housewives of New York City

“Family Matters” – S7E7

by Stars99

Group Shot

Note: We were a house divided again tonight – The Chicago Blackhawks are playing the Anaheim Ducks in the Stanly Cup playoffs… Mr. Stars99 grew up in Chicago and we live in Orange County… We generally root for Chicago teams until they play Orange County teams… Even in baseball I will generally root for the Cubs cuz they’re such underdogs. However, I will ALWAYS root for the Ducks… Quack. The dang game had 3 OTs… and didn’t end until around 11:10 PM my time… Ducks lost… Oh puck… It was the longest game in Chicago’s history… Needless to say – I’m cranky… Really cranky… The only silver lining is that Mr. Stars99 is happy… But I’m not… And I’m exhausted… Watch out, housewives… You have been warned…

Remember Last Week…

Sonja was rude… Bethenny was late… Heather and Kristen rightfully flipped their figs about having to wait outside in the cold and rain… There was so much whining and screeching on the limo ride that it gave me a headache…Bethenny grew tired. Sonja and I grew more tired… Kristen fashionably wore 2 different-colored shoes… Carole wore bunny ears and a tuxedo boobie shirt…Dorinda kept her cool and was kewl… Bethenny lost in gambling but the birthday girl and Sonja won… Money can’t buy you class but evidently LuAnn was crowned Sonja’s “snatch guard”… Dorinda had to babysit a drunken Sonja… And Sonja lost her ever-lovin’ mind while she was drunk because she claimed to party all the time with Madonna and John-John Kennedy. Honest…

This Week…

Ramona continues to celebrate her birthday season by hosting a gathering at the Fishtail restaurant. She has invited 30+ “great girlfriends” that she has known for over 20 years. Bethenny and Ramona bond over Heather’s use of casual-speak. Bethenny just doesn’t understand why Heather insists on calling people “mama.” They talk about when Heather says, “holla.” Ramona gets right on board the Heather bashing train.  Ramona thinks Heather is an uptown white chick from the Berkshires – Not a rapper.

Speaking of a joke of a rapper we’d rather not see… Did anyone happen to see Kanye West’s performance on Sunday night’s Billboard Music Awards? It was filled with so much pyrotechnics that you couldn’t even see him perform – It was absolutely hilarious! Also – The censors had way too much fun for words bleeping out large portions of his song and as a result there were huge gaps of blank air. It was pure perfection! However, to me, the sad part was when Kendall and Kylie Jenner went onstage to announce their brother-in-law’s performance. They (and Kanye) were mercilessly booed… I guess I’m just not a fan of booing teenagers especially when the booing is probably just a backlash of anti-Kardashian sentiment. These girls actually model and do stuff. Okay, okay, meanwhile… back at the party…

Did I mention there’s a “Turtle Time” cake? It’s always all about the cake.

Bethenny observes there are lots of blondes and lots of boobs amongst the crowd. She tells us several of them look amazing and you would never know their age because of the “work” they’ve had done. Others look like they would be more at home in the Star Wars bar because of the amount of cosmetic enhancements they’ve had. You just gotta love a housewife who uses a Star Wars reference. Now, if only Bethenny could get the Star Wars Cantina to serve Skinny Girl products…

It’s hilarious because several women at the gathering greet Bethenny like she’s their long, lost friend – But Bethenny only looks blankly back at them and superficially says “hello.” Could this be Bethenny’s karma for complaining that she had met Kelly B several times but Kelly never remembered her? I’m guessing Bethenny HAS met several of these women before – But she just can’t remember them. They probably didn’t buy any of her products. In all fairness, it’s got to be hard to remember everyone you meet. I know I can’t. I sometimes blank out on people’s names… I mean names that I really SHOULD know… And so I punt and call them something like, “Miss Wonderful America” or something – Lame as that is…lol.


Sonja talks to Robin who we learn is a “Swami Priestess.” Okay, I’m not sure what that means…  But I think she’s the same person who blessed Sonja and her home last season, no? Sonja couldn’t wait to tell Bethenny that she has taken her advice and is talking to someone about her issues. Sonja gushes that the “Swami” has advised her to get back to her writing and to go to the beach with her. Wait… So, on the exhaustive list of “hats that Sonja wears” we can now add “writer?” Wow… I wonder if Sonja even writes her own blog… Hmmm… Bethenny is understandably perplexed by this because Sonja is NOT doing anything they talked about. Sonja thinks Bethenny is just projecting her own personal experience onto her. I think Sonja is a little wackadoodle… But then – Aren’t we all?

There was some talk about Sonja and her Psychopharmacologist. Sigh. Let’s be honest – You’re being prescribed stuff that’s stronger than just herbal tea, Sonja. I think you must have graduated from Kim Richard’s school of pretend truth.

Dorinda tells the girls about the architecture of a house she and “What’s His Name” (John) recently visited. There was an actual shower in the middle of the “party” room and they were told that if the party went well – They all could just spontaneously have some shower fun. I really could use one of those showers in the middle of my living room since I’m compelled to take a shower every time I see “What’s His Name” (John) on TV cuz every time I see him on TV he gives me such a bad case of the creepies. I also get creeped out when I see Slade Smiley and/or Vicki Gunvalson’s Icky boyfriend Brooks from RHOC… Or anyone named “Joe” from RHONJ… I could go on… but you get the picture.

Dorinda is asked if she and John are swingers. Ack!… I quickly reach for the eye bleach to try to get THAT visual out of my mind…lol… Dorinda assures all of us that they’re not swingers because she’s too competitive. Really? THAT’s the reason you’re not a swinger? Sigh…

Ramona stands up and makes a toast to her friends. She tells them the reason she’s able to get through the stuff she’s going through is because of them. It’s really quite sweet – Ramona really does care about her friends.

Bethenny is meeting with Dr. Amador, her therapist and I must admit that it kind of feels like old times. He really knows Bethenny and her situation so well – and as Bethenny puts it, “He knows where all the bodies are buried.”

Bethenny explains to him that her talk show was very demanding. She felt like she was shot out of a cannon and there were so many things going on in her life. Now she’s wrestling with the failure of her talk show and her marriage. She’s in shock about the whole thing. The scary thing to her is that there’s no way to really know a person. She is reticent about making new best friends at this point – Because even if she wasn’t great friends with someone in the past – She thinks the devil you know is better than the devil you don’t. It kind of explains why she isn’t quickly friending her coworkers on this show.

Bethenny is finding it hard not only to trust others – but she’s wrestling with trusting her own judgment because she has been so wrong about people. With Jason, she had some gut instincts that she didn’t go with… But now, she says she’s shooting first and asking questions later. She is looking for connection with someone.

She talks about reconnecting with John, her step-father. He raised her since she was 4-years-old and parented her more than either of her biological parents. Their relationship “got hairy” and they stopped talking – But she really wants to re-open that door on some level. She seems to desperately want Bryn to know family on her side of the family tree. She wants Bryn to know the person she considers to be her father – Even if it’s not at all like a fairytale. The end of the session comes and you can tell Bethenny doesn’t want to leave. She looks around the room and sizes it up as her new home. Cuz… You know… She’s homeless and stuff.

Carole saw a documentary on Jack Johnson and fell in love with boxing. I think she’s referring to “Unforgivable Blackness: The Rise and Fall of Jack Johnson.” She attributes some of her love for boxing to the testosterone she was taking at the time…lol.  Carole, Kristen, LuAnn and Ramona go to a boxing match and sit in the front row. Carole tells the others that the ONLY way to watch boxing is from the front row. Cuz you know, that way you can be showered in the boxers’ sweat and if you’re REAL lucky, you’ll get splattered with blood. Ick.

Kristen and C

At first Kristen is really not really into it – Especially when one of the boxer’s mouth guards catapults out his mouth, hits her leg and winds up on the floor in front of her. During the match, Kristen whips out her travel Purell to wash down her perspire-spattered bare legs. Yuck. However, as the match goes on, Kristen gets more and more into it. She starts screaming at the boxers. It’s pretty funny. I guess I just don’t understand boxing…

Carole tells the others that Bethenny decided not to come with them to boxing night because she had Bryn. Intonight’s edition of “I Kid You Not” – Kristen’s clueless response to that news was, I KID YOU NOT – “I don’t want to judge, but I do have 2 kids and I can manage to get childcare for my kids and still go out and be social… Everybody’s different – But at this point it just doesn’t really seem like she’s making the effort.”

Wow… You always know you’re in trouble when you start out, “I don’t want to judge, BUT…” which of course means you’re going to be judge, jury and executioner, no? The thing is, Kristen… You have NO idea what it’s like to have access to your kids only 50% of the time… You have NO idea what it’s like to be constantly working outside of the house and away from your kids… I get that you don’t think Bethenny is making much effort to be friends with you at this point – But it seems to me that you can thank Heather for that. Her knowledge of you thus far is that you whined about not being invited to her birthday party.

After the boxing match, the girls meet Heather and go out for some refreshments. LuAnn thinks that after seeing such a raw, primal boxing event that they should be ordering something like beer and ribs – But the dainty girls are instead drinking mint tea and eating steamed vegetables.

R and C

Kristen casually asks Carole about Adam. There was an awkward silence and Carole was stunned that Kristen had asked about him. Carole says they’re still seeing each other and they’re having a good time. LuAnn thinks he’s a little young and still has issues about it since he’s her niece’s ex-boyfriend. Ramona tells Carole that LuAnn’s niece is like a daughter to her. There’s conversation about how long ago they broke up – LuAnn says it was six months ago – but Carole thinks it’s been longer than that. When pressed, LuAnn just says that it seems like yesterday.

Kirsten and H

Heather tells LuAnn that you can’t control these things. LuAnn says that Adam is young… That he’s “Sonja young.” Carole flips a fig about her comparison to Sonja. LuAnn states that Sonja is dating a 24 year-old and Adam is 28. Carole, in her talking head (TH) says that LuAnn lecturing her on dating younger men is like the Saudi government lecturing the world on feminism. She thinks LuAnn is a hypocrite of epic proportions.

Carole defends herself by saying they didn’t jump into bed the very first minute. Right now, he’s in Nicaragua with LuAnn’s niece. Heather says that this is the first time she’s seen Carole excited about the person she’s dating. Carole doesn’t know what’s going to happen next with them. LuAnn finally says that she’s happy if Carole is happy. Carole says that she wishes he was 20 years younger. The others pick up on her Freudian slip – Don’t you mean 20 years older? Oopsie…


Bethenny goes to Miami Beach to be with some of her high school friends. She meets Teri, the maid of honor from her wedding. She tells her about her upcoming meeting with her step-father who she hasn’t seen for years. Bethenny is being guarded and cautious about it.

Bethenny said the physical abuse was always aimed at her Mother – Except for the last time she ever saw him. Evidently, he attacked her when she was around 19. She’s baffled at how someone could ever beat somebody in front of their kid. She says that innocence is something you can never get back. She tells Teri that she doesn’t walk around telling everyone her story… Except she kind of is now, no?

Bethenny is craving some normalcy for her life. She went through a whole lot of atrocious things as a kid – but what she’s going through now she describes as 10 times worse. She admits she looks like a skeleton. Teri agrees… but she’s a pretty skeleton.

Dorinda and Ramona are working out at “Strive.” Dorinda says she doesn’t work out. Ramona asks how she looks so fit – and Dorinda humbly attributes it to girdles and low lighting…lol. Ramona has made the big step in admitting that she’s actually “dating.” Ramona does not seem to like Dorinda’s boyfriend, “What’s His Name” (John) because he’s crass and she’s unsure that he genuinely cares about Dorinda. I totally agree… Haven’t they broken up yet? Dorinda wants to know how much more exercise she has to do and Ramona laughs and says that they just got there…lol…

LuAnn’s daughter, Victoria, has one of her art pieces showing at Art Basel which is a modern and contemporary art show that’s annually held in Miami (and other places across the world). As Bethenny and LuAnn walk into show, Bethenny just can’t get over how there’s a naked man right over there… They meet up with Victoria and make their way through the exhibits to find Victoria’s offering. Wow… It’s self-portrait of Victoria in all of her full frontal nakedness and glory. They pop some champagne to celebrate…

LuAnn and B

LuAnn has a heart-to-heart talk with Bethenny about how “the girls” don’t think she’s making enough of an effort with them and that they’re disappointed. Bethenny listens and takes it all in. She asks LuAnn what she would do if she was in her situation. LuAnn says that maybe once Bryn goes to bed that she could then feel free to leave. LuAnn always seemed to feel very free to leave her kids, no? Remember that in previous seasons her son begged her to stay home with them? It was heartbreaking, really… Bethenny is spending every moment she possibly can with her daughter. It’s really a very easy decision for her.

Bethenny and clown

As they’re leaving, they pass an area where you can pay $3 to feed a clown. Bethenny is surprised they have to pay but she coughs up the dough since the barker promises her a lifetime of memories if she does so. As she smooshes the food into the clown’s mouth – The clown loses his nose. As they continued walking out, they were perplexed at the whole scenario but were somehow placated because they seemed to make the clown happy.  Okay, let me get this straight – You can actually get people to pay money to feed you? Clearly, I’m in the wrong line of work.

In the 60 second fake out segment we get the privilege of seeing Sonja work out with her trainer… I’m not sure why… but okay… While she’s working out she’s also looking at shoes that have been just delivered by her “stylist intern.” No seriously, that’s what Sonja called her…lol. Sonja tells us, “There’s not enough hours in the day to do everything – So I do it all at once.” I think this must be her mantra. She does EVERYTHING all at once… All the time…

Carole TH

Carole is feeling pressured to write her book. Perhaps she can call Aviva for some help on that. It took her 3 years to write her first book and 4 years to write her novel. She’s not the kind of author that can churn out a book in 6 months.

It’s hilarious cuz Carole is working in her “used to be a kitchen but is now a converted office.” I find it amusing and quite smart that she’s dating a chef since she doesn’t cook at all herself. I questioned one of my nieces one time about learning how to cook – And she said that she’s concluded that she didn’t need to learn how to cook because she was just going to marry a guy like her uncle Stars99. I just had to laff! And I couldn’t argue with her logic. Carole is working in her kitchen/office… She gets a phone call from Adam who is in Nicaragua. She bellyaches that technology doesn’t allow you to get to the point where you can actually miss anyone anymore. I’m thinking she’s feeling a little smothered… but I could be wrong…

The final scene is of Bethenny meeting with her step-father, John Parisella. They haven’t talked in over 25 years. He was a horse trainer just like her biological father. Evidently, her Mom was cheating on her Dad with him. They talk about her childhood and that she was going to nightclubs when she was 14… From a very young age, Bethenny was surrounded by incidents of abuse, alcohol, drugs, gambling, and her Mom’s suicide attempts.

But Bethenny knows that it made her who she is today and that’s that she’s successful as a result of it – I think it’s more like in spite of it, but okay…


Bethenny tells him that she can’t imagine any of this stuff happening to her daughter. John bluntly tells Bethenny that she has to understand that her Mother never actually wanted a child. Whoa… Bethenny may have felt that was true all along – But it’s pretty brutal to have someone straight out tell her she was unwanted.

John says that he’s sorry for what Bethenny experienced. Bethenny tells him there was a lot of good, too – But that there are some things that she vividly remembers. Like the time when she got into the car and he told them they had to move because the mafia was after them. She remembers at the age of 5 that she knew there was a gun in the glove compartment of their car.

John tries to explain that it was because he owed the mafia $300,000 in gambling debt. He said he was sorry about so much that happened and Bethenny appreciated it because this was the first time he had apologized to her. As an adult woman and as a mother, Bethenny is wrestling with how to deal with all of her childhood as an adult looking back at it. She promises John that she’s not angry or anything.

However, John said that HE is mad. Bethenny went to boarding school at 14 and her Mom was in a “nuthouse.” He’s mad that he hasn’t heard from her for 20 years. John said that he visited Bethenny 3-4 times a year at Pinecrest… Whoa – You mean every 3 or 4 months? Wow – Pin a rose on your nose. Bethenny tries to tell him that she was the child in the situation. She tells him that he SHOULD have visited her because she was the child – He was the parent. She tells him that she appreciates that he did visit her and that’s why she’s even talking to him at this point of time.

He doesn’t understand why he hasn’t heard from Bethenny since she was 18 years old. Bethenny tells him it was because of “the incident.” She reminds him of the time when she came home with her Mother’s car and he went a little crazy on her. He seems incredulous that it lasted 20 years. Bethenny reminds him that she reached out to him 2 years ago. He didn’t reach out to her – even though she’s the child. John thought that Bethenny had become so successful that she no longer had any time for him.

Bethenny sticks up for herself and tells him that she had no money until about 6 years ago. She reminds him that she first attempted to reconnect with him DURING her success.  Bethenny tells him that she always refers to him as the only Father she’s ever known. She tells him that she believes he did the best he could and that her Mom did the best she could.

Bethenny said it was sad to hear some of these things John had to say – But it is what it is. He said he’d like to see her when she comes down again to visit her friends. He’d also like to meet Bryn.

Bethenny is glad they sat down and talked. They hug it out… Then go get a drink. I’m sure it was a Skinny Girl drink.


The following chart depicts this season’s viewership by episode (Thanks to Randy at

Season 7 Viewership

As you can see, viewership as slightly increased over the last 2 episodes but it still hasn’t returned to what it was for the first 3 episodes.

Next Week…

Heather is criticizing Sonja’s “original” dress – but Kristen seems to think it’s a big deal… Ramona and Dorinda talk about Mario… Bethenny cries while talking to Carole who isn’t a big hugger… which is fine… Countess LuAnn asks Dorinda in front of Ramona about a comment she said that Ramona hadn’t been nice to her… Dorinda explains to Ramona that she said she wasn’t very nice to John… But Dorinda thought that she said that LuAnn had said it – And LuAnn said it was a total lie… and Ramona tells LuAnn that she DOES, in fact, lie – Therefore, LuAnn wants to stick Ramona’s face into the caviar. Fun times!

Well, that’s it for this week – Thanks for reading… Hope to see you next week… Happy Trails!


Dorinda on WWHL by Veena

Dorinda had an awkward debut on WWHL last night.  She started off by giving Andy a rose (her fellow guest was Bachelor host Chris).  But when Andy was waving the rose around she told him to be careful and accused him of not caring about the rose (needy much) to which he replied – he did indeed care about the rose.  She did a lot of jumping in – over talking – but all in strangely awkward places.  Perhaps the most disturbing thing was when Andy mentioned he got a call to potentially do The Bachelor – and had to explain that he was “so gay.”  Dorinda jumped in to assure Andy that he wasn’t that gay (what the fleck?) because he loved her (huh?). Hey Dorinda, Andy wasn’t saying he was “so gay” as a self-derogatory remark to get attention (as in I’m “so lazy”.)  He was saying it because he in face is gay – ie he would not do well on a show where the premise is finding a woman of his dreams.  Super awkward.  Asked if she thought John was getting a bad edit, she just sat there looking sulky saying no one really knew him.   Correct.  However, he is coming across as a disgusting pig.  Then finally, asked about Ramona’s words about John from the show that night she tossed back, “where’s Mario living.”  Ouch.  Just not a good night for Dorinda.


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Real Housewives of New York Cast Blogs Blogged and Let’s Chat

Real Housewives of New York Cast Blogs

Blogged by Namaste

Episode 6

Screenshot 2015-05-18 15.54.33 (Small)

Kristen Taekman

“Dinner Was A Serious Roller Coaster”

Kristen sets the record straight about the whole confusion that started out the trip to AC.  They were told to meet at Sonja’s at an early time that made it impossible for Heather and Kristen to take their own kids to school.  They both arranged for someone else to take their kid to school which I think leads Kristen to question why Bethenny could not do the same.  The weather was crazy with pouring rain, howling wind and bitter cold.  When they arrived at Sonja’s, they expected to be invited in for perhaps a hot cocoa or a cup of tea since we have always heard about what a wonderful host Sonja claims to be, but Hostess Sonja was not up and about at this early hour.  One might think that one of the many interns could have pinch-hit for Sonja, but perhaps they were busy folding her undies and sorting her hair pieces to host the ladies.  This pissed the ladies off and I believe, rightfully so!  You invite the ladies on the trip.  You tell them to meet at your place at a specific time and when they arrive, they are told to wait out in the rain.  The limo finally arrives, the ladies pour into the car and B arrives with MANY apologies in tow; she handled the situation appropriately.  SHE APOLOGIZED!  Sonja finally deigns the ladies with her presence and not one apology is heard from her.  Only a list of reasons why they should not have barged into her home.


It starts in the car with Bethenny and Sonja. Bethenny is really trying to help Sonja out…no more repeating and no more speaking of the past about all the extravagant friends, parties, trips, yachts, houses, businesses, etc. It’s funny to watch Bethenny genuinely trying to help but quickly becoming frustrated by Sonja’s madness. I will say, we all tried to warn her! I personally do really care for Sonja and think she is a very smart, savvy woman with a huge heart, and she is funnier than anything. I am starting to think she is not well, because it used to feel like an act but not anymore. I said tonight that I thought Sonja’s tears were fake, but Luann was quick to point out that they weren’t. Did you ever see the movie Blue Jasmine with Cate Blanchett? Sonja sort of reminds me of her.

Why do the ladies feel the need to compliment Sonja?  She is not a smart, savvy woman.  She is a woman who is falling apart on national TV.  We are watching Kim Part 2 and it ain’t pretty.  Kristen jumps forward and talks about the private conversation B had with Sonja.  She was glad Sonja’s façade broke and the seemed to recognize there was a problem.  Unfortunately, Sonja quickly turns the situation around by claiming no one truly understands her situation.

Screenshot 2015-05-18 16.12.13 (Small)

I like to push the limit with my style and felt that wearing two different colored shoes would be wild and crazy and fun for AC. I mean, Carole had on a pair of Playboy Bunny ears, and I had two different colored heels, all in good fun. I personally don’t care what anyone else thinks, so when Ramona asked what was going on with my shoes, I joked with her that I forgot one. I was kidding–the whole look was intentional.

I’m not sure if wearing mis-matched shoes is really pushing the limit, but I thought her shoes looked super cute with her outfit.  I also thought Carole’s outfit was cute and loved her sense of humor when selecting her clothes.  Carole does not take herself too seriously.

Screenshot 2015-05-18 16.12.31 (Small)

Dinner was a serious roller coaster, because we were there to celebrate Ramona’s birthday and have some fun. And Bethenny was still trying to get through to Sonja, and then Sonja starts crying…ugh! I just remember thinking, enough is enough already…let’s keep this light and fun. After all, it’s Ramona’s birthday! We’re supposed to be celebrating! Sonja has a wonderful way of always making sure the attention is on her, and everything always circles back to her. But Bethenny trying to help is appreciated, and yeah, let’s celebrate Ramona.

Oy vay.  It was just painful to watch and I imagine it was worse for those sitting at the table.  Awkward?

The ladies all went back upstairs after dinner to freshen up. I didn’t want to go all the way up, so I hit the floor to gamble. When I ran into Bethenny, I sat down at the empty seat beside her. I didn’t realize she wanted to be alone…hmm. Oh well. However, when Elvis pops up out of the blue on that guy’s hat, I knew I was in for something good. Elvis seems to always be with me in some weird and mysterious way, and in this case, he was my good luck charm. With Bethenny’s help, I won $800. Call it beginner’s luck, but I say thanks to Elvis and Bethenny!

I am not much of a gambler myself cause I am cheap.  I like my money IN my pockets.  I am the girl that wins 20 bucks and walks away from the table.  My husband and I are not alike in this way, by the way!

The nightclub was fun. It’s always fun to dance with the ladies. Oh, Sonja, I don’t even need to comment, but she was having fun and getting her erotic dance on and a few free shots for the club (if you know what I mean). Ramona made it clear she has a hard time handling Sonja when she is in that state and thought it was very kind of Dorinda to look after Sonja and make sure she made it back to her room in one piece safe and sound.

I actually felt bad for Dorinda that she got dumped with Sonja.  No one likes to babysit the drunk.  Kristen notes that Sonja was “fresh as a daisy” the following morning and acted like nothing happened the night before.  I imagine Sonja was so many sheets to the wind that she has little recollection of the details.

I have to say Bethenny legit cares about Sonja, because she even takes more time to pull her aside and try and talk to her and help her through whatever she is going through. I think they can understand each other through some of the same challenges they probably face with divorce and being single mothers, but Bethenny is trying her best to help Sonja, and I think that is sweet.

I am surprised that Bethenny has taken such a sincere interest in trying to help Sonja.  At this point, Sonja needs to really acknowledge she has a problem.

Screenshot 2015-05-18 16.08.42 (Small)

Bethenny Frankel

“I Genuinely Didn’t Want To Upset Sonja”

Bethenny now understands why Heather’s panties were in a bunch after having to stand out in the rain for an hour.  She realizes now that Heather has “carried” Sonja into her house and tucked her into bed when Sonja was on a bender.  She acknowledges that Sonja prob has NO recollection of these incidents and prob doesn’t make the connection.

I could go on about this for days, but then you’d fall asleep. You decide if you think it’s a big deal. Maybe she was banging an intern and needed privacy. Who cares really?

I had not thought of that as an excuse, but seems perfectly reasonable to me.

That limo ride made me pee–literally. When you gotta go, you gotta go. Is that really a big deal? For the record, Ramona did pee. I saw it, and I heard it, but she got self-conscious and realized that one day other people would see this. Big deal, R. I’ve seen you do way worse. Your pee is as yellow as the rest of ours.

That limo ride would have made me throw up.  I would have probably reacted like Ramona and yelled at everyone to SHUT THE FUCK UP!  She feels bad for Sonja and realizes, truth hurts and perhaps its not her job to tell Sonja “the truth”.

For me, repetition can be maddening. Sonja likes to drive a point home but somehow gets lost on the ride home and takes a lot of circuitous turns. Not much to say.

Screenshot 2015-05-18 15.57.17 (Small)

This would have put me over the edge and I am always of the belief: Don’t Feed Crazy.  When someone around me is acting or saying ridiculous things, I walk away.  I cannot fix crazy.  I can however remove myself from crazy.  Bethenny says gambling was fun, but she lost so it wasn’t as much fun as she would have liked, but still prob better than sitting next to Sonja at dinner.

The amount I lose is annoying, and the amount I’d win couldn’t change my life. Kristen definitely had beginner’s luck, which made me happy!  Carole kept betting on my bet, which was the wrong caboose to attach to. She has a great attitude overall.  Loved her ridiculous outfit. She enjoys a getup, as do I.

I hope Kristen splurged and bought something fun with her winnings.

It’s starting to get good; this is the turning point. You will love this on so many levels. I sure did, and these bitches and I do get crazy.

I might need to start taking Imodium before I watch these episodes.

Screenshot 2015-05-18 16.21.57 (Small)

Luann de Lesseps

“You Don’t Reason With Sonja When She’s Drinking”

Luann is grateful she missed the limo ride from hell.  She also schools Sonja on her lack of hospitality by leaving the ladies in the rain.  Luann reminds us this isn’t the first time we have seen Bethenny tinkle on our tv.  Yes, the other tinkle was brought back to the forefront of our memories by Bravo thank you very much.

The folks at the Borgata did a wonderful job for us. Heather was late for dinner that night–no question–and I find her denial of this fact confusing, because just hours earlier, she went ballistic on Bethenny for running behind schedule. Sonja started drinking before dinner (always a risky proposition), and she was tipsy by the time we left the suite to go to Izakaya. Sonja’s name-dropping JohnJohn/Gstaad/updo/Madonna/Gstaad/updo doesn’t just irritate Bethenny but annoys all of us, and her attempts to move Sonja on to another topic were futile. Is Sonja repeating herself, or as those in PR say, “staying on message”? You can’t reason with Sonja when she’s drinking, so I don’t even try.

It was odd that Heather was late, but perhaps it was a passive aggressive move.  Sonja’s delusional (ok, delusional is the new drinking word.  Everytime we see it, we must drink!) name dropping is just annoying and bringing up John John is classless!  Lu addresses Carole barb at her (although I don’t really think it was rude because, well, Carole simply pointed out that Lu is not European.)  I don’t agree that Lu should get extensions because I love her hair and her whole “look”.  It totally suits her and she shouldn’t change it.

Screenshot 2015-05-18 16.21.52 (Small) Screenshot 2015-05-18 16.21.49 (Small)

Disco Disco Disco! I guess I’ve become the snatch guard for Sonja…OMG, keep your legs together woman. Unfortunately, my hands were not large enough to keep the crowd from getting an eyeful. When Sonja’s two sheets to the wind, at some point she’s going to try to make out with you–it happens every time. I’m used to it, though, and since I’m so much taller than her, half the time she misses my face. Bethenny finally had enough and left us to look after Sonja. Thank goodness Dorinda took a turn taking care of her. As Heather mentioned earlier, we’ve all had a shot at keeping her safe. After we pulled Sonja from the dance floor, and we knew she was ensconced in her room, the rest of us partied into the night. I think Ramona had a great time and even won money playing black jack.

I did laugh when Lu asked when she became the Snatch Guard.  Was she wearing panties?  Was she not?  Who cares.  IT’S SO WRONG!  On too many levels for me to count.  I did feel bad that the new got stuck with Sonja.  I guess that is how they haze in these groups.  As we saw the following morning, Sonja was VERY quickly recovered from the events the evening before.  Sonja blames the “baromic” (does she mean barometric?) pressure for her behavior the evening before.  I guess the vodka has nothing to do with it then.  Lu believes Bethenny’s intervention fell on deaf ears.  Sonja, being the amazing PR person that she is, stay on message and repeated that she was fine.  That worked out good for Kim Richards, right?

Will Sonja cut down her drinking? Will Bethenny ever get to relax on this trip? And will Kristen ever match her shoes…? This and more, from the Borgata to you, see you next week. Be there and be cool.

I guess we have been warned.

timeline 1 (Small) Timeline 2 (Small) timeline 3 (Small) Timeline 4 (Small)

Heather Thomson

“What Happened To Common Courtesy And Manners?”

Heather tells us she understands running late.  She admits that she herself has a difficult time being on time.  Heather then says they were given a time to meet at Sonja’s – 10am.  Of course, Sonja wasn’t ready and Bethenny was running late.  The polite thing to do would be to invite your guests in from the rain, but Sonja shows us she is not polite.  She does, however, hang with John-John and Madonna.  I hope she doesn’t make them wait out in the rain.

I was literally shocked when one of Sonja’s many interns told me “Lady Morgan isn’t receiving guests.” The same “Lady Morgan” who has allowed me to make sure she is able to get home safely is now forcing us to wait in her unheated vestibule. This was insane to me. I also found it very hard to believe Sonja was clueless about the car situation. She was the one who arranged all the details for this trip. Just invite us in, offer me a glass of water, and I would have been happy to wait it out for hours. 

Ok, now I totally want an intern.  Where and how do I get one?  I want to be called “Lady Namaste” and I want them to cut my grapes.  Heather says she really didn’t care that Bethenny was late.  She would have appreciated a little “heads up” from her to let the group know she had to get her kid to school and would be late and maybe Heather and the others could have spent a little more time drinking before arriving at Sonja’s unheated vestibule.

Once we finally made it to AC and were getting ready for dinner, I wasn’t keeping everyone waiting as Bethenny tried to make it seem. Bethenny actually used my hair stylist that night, and I even let her go ahead of me, so it makes me giggle that she was calling me out. Everyone was in the living area of my room, so someone could have easily come and gotten me if I was really 51 minutes late.

Why the fuck do these ladies need to bring their hairstylists along for a weekend away at AC?  Really?  You ladies are too dumb to do your own hair?  Plus, I noticed Carole had her make-up done so I am assuming the others did also.  Why?  No one looked that great.  And it wasn’t like they were going to an “event”.  It was dinner in a casino.  Heather does share that she is not always a fan of Bethenny’s delivery, she did tell Sonja things she desperately needed to hear.  Heather wants (and I believe she is sincere) for Sonja to get healthy.

Screenshot 2015-05-18 15.53.57 (Small)

Dorinda Medley

“I Was Disappointed In The Ladies”

Dorinda starts out by addressing the number of opinions shared by the ladies.  I always say, Opinions are like assholes; everyone has one and everyone thinks their’s does not stink.

Opinion, opinions, opinions…Opinions everywhere and no solutions!

So the trip to Atlantic City started out with a deluge–and I’m not just talking about the weather. Once we got to Sonja’s townhouse, we were told to wait in the foyer. In Lady Morgan’s foyer. Quite a nice foyer, but nonetheless, a foyer. (Is it foyER or is it foyEYH? It really depends on who you ask, really.) I was fine waiting, to tell you the truth. With this much entertainment around you, how could I not? I did not want to sit in on a coffee klatch at Lady Morgan’s house, especially with Heather having so much on her mind about Sonja lately. Would’ve been nice to have the limo there already, yes, but it’s not like we were being held in a hot subway station in the middle of August. Heather, on the other hand, was pissed…and I mean pissed. She took it very personally that we were kept waiting in the foyer and, naturally, Heather expressed it to Sonja…and Bethenny…and Ramona…loud and clear. More than once. In fact, she may have taken it a little too personal. Although I would have probably handled it differently, I don’t think it required a burning at the stake. I kinda expected Sonja to be late. C’mon…she’s Lady Morgan.

I have to say, I find Dorinda’s blog to be quite entertaining.  She pokes at herself and the other ladies without really crossing the line.  I think we all expect Sonja to be late, but not because she is Lady Morgan.  Dorinda feels it would have been polite for Sonja (or her minions) to offer a little coffee, cup of tea and perhaps a biscuit.  She was grateful when the damn limo finally pulled up and they were able to pile in.

Hey where are Carole and Luann, those tricky ones?! How did they get out of this rainy booze cruise shenanigans?!

Screenshot 2015-05-18 16.10.19 (Small)

Carole and Luann were genius!

I was just hoping Madame Yummie would grant poor Lady Morgan a pardon already, so we could have some fun…it’s Ramona’s birthday! That limo ride was full of chit-chat-chattering and back-and-forth. I kinda sit and take it all in—what else is there to do? If I get involved with my real feelings, there would be bleeding housewives everywhere. Don’t even want to drink, because I am afraid that my anxiety will push me overboard.

Now I think Madame Tummie is perfect for Heather.  I wonder who the Dowager will be?  (Downton Abbey reference).  Upon arrival at the hotel, Lu and Carole finally deigned to share themselves with the others.  Dorinda refers to Carole, Lu and Heather (Madame Tummie) as the three “Witches of Eastwick” and I am think that is perfect.

Thankfully, that restaurant delivered on both. It was delicious. A short-lived pleasantry, because it became the Takedown Sonja Hour. I hate that—it made me very uncomfortable and sad. Right or wrong, we have to let Sonja go on her journey.

I am torn.  I agree AND disagree.  I will not sit idly by and watch someone I care about destroy themselves.  Dorinda compliments Bethenny on changing her tact the next afternoon.

Sonja just has to let go and let things happen. I know how she feels, I’ve been there myself. This is why Bethenny’s advice was perfect: Life happens now. Thankfully Ramona pulled her out of it the night before. (By the way, I’m calling them Frick and Frack, because when they pair up, not only do they start to look and act like one another, they’re entirely in sync. Have you noticed? They even finish each other’s sentences! It’s as cute as it is frightening, to tell you the truth.)

Sonja is in a hole so deep that I am not sure there is even a way out.  Yes, Ramona and Sonja do start to look and act a lot alike when they are together…only thing is that we don’t usually see Ramona 22 sheets to the wind and cry uncontrollable while attempting to one-up every conversation she can hear.  Dorinda says she was disappointed that the ladies kinda dumped Sonja once things went completely sideways  Dorinda knew she had to get her back to her room and tuck her into bed.

Note to self: Next time, I’ll tell Sonja that John John is waiting for her upstairs. Maybe then she’ll move faster.

And again, I love her sense of humor!

Screenshot 2015-05-18 16.09.28 (Small)

Sonja Morgan

“Heather Was Just Pissed Bethenny Was Late” 2322

Just so everyone knows, this week it took Lady Morgan 2322 words to explain herself.  Yes, that is 2322.  Let that sink in.  I will attempt to swim in her BS, but I can make no promises.

First and foremost, I need to address the situation that occurred at my home at the beginning of the episode. What really happened was that I was taking a call from my sister from Nashville who was just telling me she was not be able to come to watch my daughter, because her best friend had just passed away. My carefully laid plan blew up, and if I didn’t secure someone else trustworthy to watch my daughter, I couldn’t leave to Atlantic City overnight. I was trying to deal with all of that. I was focused on taking care of my family, and Heather went completely ballistic on me on the phone when she called to come up, and I told her I would meet her in the limo, and besides, Bethenny was late, and some of the others had not arrived yet! What really pissed her and the some other girls off was that Her Royal Skinny Bitch was late. (I’m Lady Morgan, we have Countess Luann, Princess Radziwell, and now Lady Dorinda–I think the queen of skinny stuff deserves a title, too!) HRSB’s tardiness is what set off the bomb. Luann can vouch for that. Heather can’t take that she might not be HBIC anymore in this crew. (Head Bitch In Control) Trust me it’s not about me, it’s always about them. At least I don’t lie and comment on things I don’t understand about others’ businesses to be relevant among the girls. 

Alright, I kinda want to buy this story, but what baffles me is that when she got in the limo, why didn’t she just SAY THIS.  Instead, she continues to act as though she was not late.  Also, Bravo’s editing made it seem like she was having a cup of tea and packing her suitcase.  Hmmm.  Sonja says it was rude of Heather to let herself into her home and barge up the stairs.

She did call, and I told her I needed the time to finish the call with my sister, had no one to attend to the girls if they wanted to come up, and that I would be right down. Interns are here to learn, they are not employees or domestics. I have to be with the interns when they observe or participate in any entertaining at home. I won’t tell you the disasters that can occur in a home like mine in 15 minutes. Just imagine French doors, pond in backyard, front doors to street, garbage disposals, elevators, electric gates, two poodles, the cat, and a myriad of other accidents waiting to happen without me with the interns, who are trying to help out and learn.

OK, now this IS getting good.  So the reason a cup of tea could not be served is that the interns (who are not slaves) must be duly watched by Lady Morgan when they are in the home.  What are the interns going to COLLEGE for that being an intern at Sonja’s is a learning experience?  Are they going to school to be an assistant?  Someone’s bitch?  Where is this major available?  Sonja then tells us unequivocally that Heather has NEVER carried her to her bedroom…or maybe the liquor has blurred her memory?  Moving on, when the ladies barged into the foyer, a cup of tea (somewhere at Grey Gardens) was spilled all over the marble mosaic tile floor and on an antique table. We are then given details as to how Lady Morgan herself had to clean each drop of tea off the mahogany table.  Sonja then tries to sell us on the idea that Heather wasn’t mad at her, she was mad at Bethenny.  Difference?  Bethenny immediately apologized upon entering the limo in order to diffuse the tension.  You behaved as though you were a little early for this event.  FUCK!  I just realized there are over 1400 words in this blog.  I need a glass of wine in order to continue.  BRB.

OK, I’m back.  It’s been over 12 hours, but I managed to convince myself I need to come back and finish what I started.  Sonja acknowledges that Bethenny was trying to be supportive in the limo, BUT she still vacations in Gstaad with an updo and smoky eye.  I guess The Learning Annex has invited Sonja into the demonstrate these things…which makes me think less of The Learning Annex.

It’s hard for me to be there for her (Ramona) emotionally when I’m being attacked all the time, so any time we get to spend time away from the other girls is really special. Like when we were gambling and dancing on our own. The other women want to keep me in a nice little labeled box because of their own insecurities. They would not feel the need to constantly be talking about me unless they were uncomfortable with where they themselves are going. I have seen this script in my life over and over. People with real concerns don’t share them with the world. They are protective and keep it between the friend and themselves. In private. They don’t want me to do well and get out of this mess of a divorce and lawsuit resulting in a $7 million dollar judgment. They are just trying to level the playing field by bringing me down, but nobody can bring me down!

Forgive me, I fell asleep.  Same old story; different day.  Sonja now says she has learned her lesson and knows she just shouldn’t drink around these particular women.  She warns us that she will not be drinking in Turks and Caicos and will stick to wine (when did wine become “not drinking”?)

They all started drinking in the limo on the way over, starting before 12pm for four hours. I really don’t know how their livers do it! After one hard drink, I’m buzzed. After two, I’m bombed! After three, I’m yours! I’m a cheap date as they say. People ask me why my skin is so nice. One reason is I can’t drink that much, so it’s usually an early night if I don’t stick to wine and wine spritzers. So, I didn’t start drinking until we got to the hotel. The key to having a good night out (and I do feel that I’m an expert on the subject) is to be with good people and to be in a good mood. Instead, I was surrounded by women who are always nit picking me and trying to belittle my life decisions.

And now we have entered the twilight zone.  I am at a complete loss for words.  Sonja continues by telling us AGAIN how much stress she is under and how she is building a (fictional) fashion lifestyle brand from scratch.  She says she is “self-made”.  Hmmm.

I’m glad that Bethenny cared enough open up to me about how she was feeling. I really do think that Bethenny was coming from a good place and that she is trying to help me, but I did feel a little attacked at dinner. We all know that Bethenny can project her life experiences at times on others, so I’m glad that the two of us were able to talk and clear the air. Bethenny was right saying that divorce is like a death. Losing your best friend, lover, and father to your daughter is not something that I would wish upon anyone (as we saw in Morocco with the psychic who said Mario was cheating), and it’s something that takes a long time to adjust to.

I get it.  Divorce is hard.  But you cannot use your divorce which happened in 2006.  Yes, 2006.  Its been 9 whole years.  I guess Sonja isn’t gonna put on her big girl panties (cause she is always commando) and grow the fuck up.  All of us have had big shit sandwiches handed to us over the years and you don’t see us (at least not me….I can’t speak for all ya other ladies! J) Drunk without my panties dancing on a bar while 6 sheets to the wind.

 I don’t want to enter into another relationship until I feel that I can contribute as an equal partner emotionally and can stand on my own two feet financially. I just didn’t feel that I could do that a year ago. Hence, the younger men. Between being a mother, running my businesses, starting new businesses, managing my reorganization, and dealing with my legal situation, I don’t have much left to give to another person. But as I’ve said in the past, life moves in a circle, and I’ve had my low times, and now I’m headed back up to a high point again. I’m very lucky, because I have many circles of supportive, non-judgmental friends that like me for being me. I have a very strong family base and spiritual beliefs. God has been there for me. But I’m just taking life one day at a time like everybody else! See you all next week for more fun times and hopefully less clubs, crying, and catfights! 


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Shahs of Sunset “Reza Calls off the Wedding” / Million Dollar Listing New York “She’s Keeping Her Eggs”

The Shahs of Sunset – Bubbles of Fertility by SunnyGirl

Finally!  The Shahs have an episode that isn’t all about Mike and GG and what may or may not have happened in Turkey!

First we see Reza at the Stanley condos.  Worker bees are all over and Reza tells us that Asa’s magic made the difference.  Suddenly his permits started being approved and everything is coming together.  (I want Asa to come bless my life.)  Reza’s phone rings and it’s MJ.  She has made an appointment with a fertility specialist and wants Reza to come with her.  (Weird.)  Reza tells her okay and then tells her that he and Adam have an appointment with the therapist.

Asa shows up at the Stanley address.  Reza says Asa should come to bed with Reza and Adam to resolve the intimacy issues!  They talk about Thailand and Asa asks who he has invited.  He tells her he has invited everyone, including Mike but Mike won’t come without Jessica and Reza did not want Jessica there.  Asa tells Reza that, while she is looking forward to Thailand, she is still unhappy about MJ’s bachelor party.  (Check out Asa’s shoes.  I love, love, love them.)

1 - eggs

Reza and MJ are at the fertility specialist’s office and MJ is checking in.  MJ says a 40 year old woman needs to have options.  (How many years is MJ going to be 40?  Because she has been 40 since this show started.)  Reza tells MJ she would be a good mom.  Now Dr. “Smily” Ghadir calls MJ back into the examining room.  MJ tells him that she is checking her eggs because she wants to be able to get pregnant the old fashioned way.  They go over the questionnaire that MJ has filled out.  The doctor says he went to high school with MJ and questions the age of 40.  (Yay!  I was right!)  MJ claims she is 40 and is not changing her answer.  The doctor calls her 40ish.  Now MJ is starting to undress (while Reza is in the room) and get into the hospital gown.  Note – MJ keeps her Louboutin’s on while her feet are up in the stirrups.  The doctor begins the pelvic ultrasound.  MJ is very anxious and covers her face.  She is worried she won’t have any eggs.  The doctor says her ovaries are healthy and has more eggs that normal for a 40ish woman.  MJ breaks down, crying and emotional.  (MJ has been much more real this season – with the eggs, her new boyfriend, and her dog.  It’s refreshing.)  The doctor will now do bloodwork to finalize the testing.  As MJ and Reza leave the doctor’s office, MJ says she is vaginally viable.

Asa and her parents arrive at their house, complete with cats.  The house is finally done and Asa can’t wait until her parents see the changes.  If you do nothing else, watch this video.  Asa’s mother has on the most unusual T-shirt I have ever seen.  It is a bikini drawn on the T-shirt, both front and back.  When she moves, I swear it looks real.  The outside of the house in been painted and done in greys.  Asa’s mom says it is 50 shades of grey!  Surprisingly, the inside of the house looks beautiful.  (I’m not a fan of the Persian way of decorating.)  It is tastefully decorated.  The white and black kitchen is amazing and Momma Joon is swooning and dancing over it.  Asa, in her TH, says that her parents sacrificed luxury and their own lives to move to American to give their children better lives.  Asa says she is the epitome of the American dream.  Asa hangs an evil eye pendant over the front door of the house in order to bless the house and give it positive energy.

2 - asa parents

Mike is at a house with Adi, another realtor.  He is the buyer’s agent for the house.  It has sold at almost $3 million, which nets him a commission of around $160k.  MJ calls and wants to come by the house.  He is sharing his happy news with MJ and they talk about how it’s like old times.  MJ says she is so proud of him.  She asks him how he likes the residential end of the real estate business.  He says there are so many details in residential sales and that he loves it.

Of course, the talk turns to the rift between Mike and the rest of the group.  Mike says he has apologized to Reza and Asa.  MJ talks about the polygraph test, and tells him that she believes GG is definitely telling the truth.  MJ says it’s now at a point where it’s all about I’m sorry.  MJ wants Mike to sit down with GG and have a discussion.  MJ says she feels like Mike is carrying a huge burden.  MJ says he needs to apologize; Mike says he will consider it.

Now we are at Asifa and Bobby’s house, where we know we will have front row seats to an argument.  (The Bickersons bicker again.)  Bobby’s mom is arriving and Bobby wants to give his mom their bedroom.  Asifa is not happy about that.  Bobby says she can’t walk very well and that they just need to do the right thing.  Bobby’s mother, Farzi, arrives.  Bobby and Asifa start getting food ready.  (Remember, they only do carryout food – no cooking.)  Asifa wants to throw it on the table; Bobby wants to put it into nice dishes.  They begin arguing about this and you can see Farzi is uncomfortable.  While Asifa is changing her clothes, Bobby and Farzi discuss their relationship.  Farzi tells Bobby if he is happy, she is okay.  When Asifa comes back in, Bobby tells Farzi he wants her to move back to LA.  Asifa says Farzi must stay where she is happiest.  Bobby says he is a momma’s boy and that Asifa knows that.  Asifa starts in again about some friend of hers that Bobby slept with while they weren’t together.  Bobby says there is no trust and that Asifa knew about this girl before they got back together.  Basically, this relationship is a goner.

MJ and Charlie are having a picnic.  MJ says that because she is now in a serious relationship, she has allowed herself to dream about becoming a mother.  GG shows up.  MJ is going to meet GG’s new guy, Danny, and she is skeptical but when Danny shows up and MJ sees how GG lights up, she is less concerned.  MJ, of course, gets right to the point and asks Danny if they are exclusive.  Danny answers that they are on the right track.  MJ says any guy would be a fool to let GG go because she is the whole package.  Awe!!  GG and MJ walk away to discuss Danny.  GG says he is sweet and caring and pays attention to her.  MJ says he has passed her test.

Now we are at Dr. Down’s office with Reza and Adam.  Both guys are looking stressed and uncomfortable.  Dr. Downs asks Reza what the issues are.  Reza responds that they are intimacy issues.  Dr. Downs asks what does intimacy look like for Reza.  Reza says passion and sex.  Reza also hates Adam’s computer pornography.  Adam claims Reza is exaggerating.  Reza is concerned about whether they are compatible enough.  Dr. Downs asks Adam what he thinks the issues are.  Adam says communication and then looks at Reza for confirmation.  Dr. Downs (rightly so) tells Adam that he needs to speak up – that Reza is a big personality but that Adam is allowed to have feelings too.  Dr. Downs also claims he sees frustration and anger with both of them.  They discuss delaying the wedding because they all feel nothing is going to resolve in one therapy session.  Reza looks at Adam and says getting married isn’t happening.  Adam covers his face and is clearly very emotional.  Adam says he put his world into Reza’s world and now he feels lost.  Reza claims he wants to stay together but doesn’t think things are right between them.  They agree to meet with Dr. Downs once a week.

Vida and MJ are having dinner at a restaurant.  MJ asks Vida if she wants MJ to be happy.  Vida, of course, responds yes.  MJ asks Vid not to judge Charlie too harshly.  Now Charlie arrives and is seated.  MJ says she wasn’t fair when she did a surprise introduction – that it wasn’t fair to Vida or Charlie.   Vida asks what stage their relationship is in.  Vida asks Charlie is he is there for MJ.  Charlie answers the questions in a manner that Vida is accepting.  Vida tells him to just be there for MJ.  MJ says this is a big breakthrough for Vida.  MJ says she finally has the courage to dream.

Asa is having dessert with Bobby.  She thinks Asifa and Bobby don’t feel heard and she thinks she can help.  (Yeah.  When is it ever a good idea to do that?)  Bobby says he is sick of being Asifa’s bitch.  Bobby asks Asa if she thinks he would be a good husband and father.  Asa answers yes.  Bobby asks if she can say the same about Asifa.  Asa tells Bobby to stop acting like a victim because it is contributing to the problems.  (Yay, again Asa!)  Bobby and Asifa are going to Thailand in the hopes it will help their relationship.

MJ’s bloodwork is back.  (Weird – she is at a client’s house taking the call on speakerphone.)  Her bloodwork for venereal diseases is clear and her ovaries are producing eggs!

3 - reza

Now Reza has called everyone together – well, except for Mike.  Reza arrives and everyone is concerned about how stressed he looks.  Asifa starts talking about the altercation with GG.  MJ asks them to torture each other one on one.  Good idea!  Asifa wants to start therapy and Bobby isn’t so sure.

Reza says that he has cancelled the wedding.  Everyone is shocked!  Everyone is asking about Adam and if he is okay.  Reza says Adam is at home, that they aren’t breaking up.  He says Adam will not be going to Thailand with them because he doesn’t want to go now.  He asks that they give Adam some space because Adam is having a tough time.  They end the show with a toast to a good time in Thailand.


Million Dollar Listing New York S4E5 by NotInStCyr

When we last saw our favorite New York brokers, Fredrik was egging Ryan on; Ryan was trying to rein in Arty, his party-hearty client; and Luis was all alone, naturally.

Luis gushes about an apartment he’s about to see at 46 Carmine in the West Village.  You realize, of course, that Luis is in a Red Bull-fueled energetic state most of the time. To see him this enthusiastic is almost more than our galaxy can bear.  I fear we could all get blown to bits by this super nova of real estate ambition.  All this bounciness is over an 800 sq. ft. unit owned by Bianca, a woman he met at an art show.  She told him that Jackson Pollock, the famous American painter, once lived in it. The apartment is compact with high ceilings and has a skylight that fills it with light.  The place doesn’t seem as small as it is, because it’s airy and makes clever use of storage spaces, like a ship’s quarters.  Luis is disappointed to learn that there aren’t any paint splatters left from Pollock’s residency and vows to track down a paint drop if it kills him.  Bianca only paid $27,000 for it back in 1972.  She thinks it’s a unique property worth more than the $1.25 million Luis suggests. Despite its artistic legacy, the apartment is still in an old building without any amenities.

1 - apt 2 - apt 3 - apt

.Ryan has scheduled a meeting with Arty, the hard drinking Russian businessman who wants to spend $20 million.  Arty is insulted when Ryan asks him to take real estate showings more seriously and not bring his harem of mayhem along.  Ryan treads carefully, because as the client, Arty has the upper hand here.  For the first time, Arty drops the frat boy demeanor and looks Ryan in the eyes and menacingly tells him that he can easily find another broker.  Although he stands behind his “this is the way I do business” philosophy, Arty eventually agrees to leave the bimbo pack behind.

Derek, who really is paint dappled in this episode, is in the living room waiting to paint Emilia’s portrait.  I’m surprised that someone who makes his living as an artist doesn’t have a separate space in which to paint.  Propping a canvas up on a glass coffee table just doesn’t seem too professional.  I suspect that either the spare room or studio he uses wasn’t big enough to fit a camera crew.  Fredrik pops in just long enough to wonder out loud how Emilia is going to react to being asked for her eggs.

4 - eggs

Emilia arrives just as Fredrik is leaving.  She arranges herself on the sectional and chats easily with Derek about how similar Ryan and Fredrik are.  We get a glimpse of the painting, which Derek said was going to be an abstract.  Well, it certainly is abstract and also a bit smudgy. I really hate to be mean, but it looks more like a portrait of Cousin It than of Emilia.  In what is fast becoming a French farce, Fredrik returns after visiting the beleaguered stager for the 19th St. penthouse.  (Expect lots of faux fur.)  When Emilia proves to be as warm, smart and charming as ever, Fredrik brings up the great egg hunt.  Emboldened, he then asks Emilia if she’d be willing to donate her eggs so that they could have a child.  She laughs until she realizes that Fredrik is serious.  Emilia recovers quickly and tells the men that their request is incredibly flattering.  However, she and Ryan may have children of their own someday, and she needs to talk to him about it.  Fredrik cheerfully replies that their children could be siblings and is encouraged by her not saying “no” right away.  Methinks I detect a heavy-handed Bravo setup.  If Fredrik and Derek and Ryan and Emilia really cross-pollinated, the Rapture would happen, the 4 Horsemen would gallop in front of a CNN camera crew and the Cubs would probably win the World Series.

5 - emilia 6 - painting

Luis takes Ronita to the open house for the West Village apartment. He tells her that Jackson Pollock’s favorite number was 46, and that he often incorporated 4 and 6 into his paintings. So, it would be very fitting if he could sell the unit for $1.46 million. His strategy is to price low and aim high. Luis should probably make that his family motto.  There is a line of people outside 46 Carmine waiting for the open house to start.  The Jackson Pollock connection has stirred up a lot of interest, and sure enough, someone asks if there were any paint splatters left behind.  The Luis of a few years ago would probably have dropped a little Benjamin Moore on the floor to enhance the property’s value.

7 - couple

Ryan comes home as Emilia is preparing a light dinner.  She needs to tell him something, and she says that he’s either going to be pissed off about it, or he’s going to make a joke about it.  This sounds ominous, and his knee jerk reaction is to ask if she’s pregnant.  Oh, Ryan.  She then tells him about being asked to donate her egg.  Ryan also laughs at first.  If he’d been drinking at the time, there would have been spit take involved.  There is a long pause as it slowly dawns on him that Emilia is not punking him.  To her face, he says all the right things:  I support you, do what you think is best, yada yada yada.  Privately, he notes that Fredrik has been his mortal enemy for most of his career and emphatically declares, “No. They’re MY eggs!”

We next see Ryan dressed in a pink suit that is so tight, he must coat himself in Pam to be able to slither into it.  He’s brought Arty to a construction site in the Financial District.  Arty is unimpressed with the hole in the ground, but Ryan knows that this building will have the latest in high tech gadgets, something that appeals to rich, male clients.  They enter the sales office, which looks relatively low key.  However, a few taps on a touch screen and a huge bank of screens at one end of the room simulate the incredible view of New York that Arty would enjoy from the 7,000 sq. ft. apartment on the 49th floor apartment.  Meh – Arty is not so easily impressed.  So, the salesman snaps his fingers, and curtains silently part to reveal a spectacular model apartment.  Finally, Arty is dazzled enough to declare that he’ll buy it — if his gaggle of girlfriends agrees.  I’m wondering if 7,000 sq. ft. will really be big enough to house the entire harem. Will each leggy blonde get her own room, or will Arty need to install bunk beds?

Ryan goes to see Fredrik at his Douglas Elliman office.  He wants to get the paperwork for the co-listing out of the way and start talking about the project.  He definitely doesn’t want to discuss eggs.  So, naturally, Fredrik mentions that Emilia called and turned down their request.  He says that they understand and still love her.  Ryan wants to know if they ask a lot of people for their eggs.  He feels that the situation was weird, given their past history.  He also seems resentful that Fredrik didn’t “cc’d” him on the matter.  Fredrik replies that she was only the third person they’ve asked.  Ryan tells us that while he sincerely wants Fredrik and Derek to find the right donor, he just doesn’t want it to be his girlfriend.

Finally, Fredrik admits that the lawyers for their firms were unable to hammer out the contract for the co-listing and that he’s really disappointed it didn’t work out.  Ryan on the other hand, reacts in a paranoid manner and suspects that Fredrik is trying to pull a fast one.  He accuses Fredrik of trying to cheat him out of a commission.  Fredrik assures him that that there are no offers on the table and that nothing has been sold.  While he still thinks they’re friends, Ryan seems unsure about that and sarcastically wishes Fredrik good luck on profiting from his staging suggestions for the penthouse.

Ronita informs Luis that 6 offers have come in for the Carmine St. apartment.  The best are for $1.35 million and $1.4 million, both well above the listing price.  Since the buyer willing to pay $1.4 million can’t go any higher, he calls the broker who submitted the lower bid.  His willingness to meet gives Luis hope that the offer can be raised to $1.46 million.  Luis and Ronita get together with the broker at Cipriani’s.  Once Luis pinky swears that he’s not playing games and will not counter-offer, both parties agree to $1.46 million.  Luis feels that he’s “kept history alive” and that this is a “beautiful story for the rest of the world”. On behalf of the world, I thank you, Luis, you deluded ball of fire.

8 - driving

Since nothing came of the 19th St. deal, Ryan is glad that he persevered with Arty.  Although the gaggle gave their seal of approval, Arty remains as unpredictable as ever.  He tells Ryan to meet him at a heliport.  There, he tells him that he must do something to seal the deal.  It’s vision quest time!  They land at the Monticello Motor Club racetrack, where Arty announces that he will buy the apartment at “full ask” only if Ryan beats him in a 10-lap race.  Ryan tells us that ordinarily, he’d find the situation completely ridiculous, but this is Arty — Arty who drinks tequila for breakfast.  Lest we forget, Ryan reminds us that he’s willing to do anything for a $600,000 commission. It’s actually $571,800, but who’s counting?  We see snippets of some kind of orientation and/or training about racing high performance sports cars.  At least I hope so, because the last thing we saw Ryan drive around Manhattan was a scooter.  They put a grown-up in the car with Ryan, who drives as if he’s taking his grandmother to church.

While Speed Racer is dawdling around the track, we visit Fredrik at his open house at 128 W. 19th St.  Unfortunately, it’s a really hot day, and the AC is AWOL.  Someone put a portable air conditioner on the floor, but it’s obviously not enough to make the event anything less than hellaciously hot.  Fredrik says that this is one of the worst things that has ever happened to him in an open house. As brokers flee and sweat stains spread, he unbuttons his shirt, deliberately revealing a  “little bit of tanned Swedish man skin.” Oh, that Fredrik.  He really uses all of the tools at his disposal to do business and is not above Chippendaling himself for a deal.  One of the women clutches her pearls.

9 - racetrack

Luckily, Ryan is still alive — not dying was one of his goals.  He maintains an erratic and snail-like pace, while Arty expertly takes and holds on to the lead. On the final lap, Arty admits that he wants the apartment so bad, that he’s going to let Ryan win.  Ryan takes the lead and lets out a squeal of happiness that is so high-pitched, it woke my dog up from its nap.  He gets out of the car and jumps up and down for joy several times, still emitting dolphin-like sounds.  I wonder what made Ryan more ecstatic:  “winning” the race, getting the huge commission or just surviving.

10 - racetrack two

In the car, Fredrik calls Erez, the developer of the 19th St. building, and informs him that there are offers at the full asking price and no conditions for 4 out of the 5 units.  The developer seems stunned and pleased at the same time, which makes it all the more surprising when he orders Fredrik to pull the penthouse off the market.  Even though Fredrik assures him that they’ll get offers for the penthouse soon, Erez is adamant and hangs up the phone.  In the sit-down commentary, Fredrik calmly assures us that he always sells out buildings and will devote himself night and day to figuring out a strategy for completing this deal.  In reality, we see him ask his driver to stop the car immediately.  He jumps out and can be heard yelling what the subtitles helpfully provided by Bravo tell us are Swedish swear words. Since the swearing itself was not subtitled, we are the none the wiser about what he actually said.  Which is a shame, because I appreciate it when reality shows toss a little tater tot of education my way every once in a while.  I’d like to be able to swear fluently in Scandinavian every time ABBA comes on a radio station, or I can’t assemble the latest purchase from Ikea.  May such dark fates never befall you, my friends.


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Kandi’s Ski Trip – Todd had better look out when Joyce starts slinging snowballs

Kandi’s Ski Trip by RamonaCoaster


So instead of getting deleted scenes of the Atlanta housewives, we see the Burruss-Tucker family do a big vacation to help blend their families together.  I guess someone at Bravo felt Joyce and her sisters were entertaining enough to film a show and the animosity between Todd & Joyce would be enough of a storyline.

Kandi got a free stay at a resort in Colorado which is why they are going on a ski trip.  This is why Kandi will stay rich because she takes advantage of a deal.  I noticed people who stay rich are thrifty.  Kandi and Todd are taking Riley and Kaela shopping for ski gear.  Todd has snowboarded twice which apparently makes him more of an expert on the slopes than Kandi.   Todd is scared that the girls are spending too much money and he wants to limit how much they spend.  The total comes to $1248.90 and Todd pulls out the Citibank card.  I’m sure there’s enough of Kandi’s money there to cover it.  You got to look cute on the slopes!

They all start packing for the trip and are wondering why they are going on a ski trip.  Mama Joyce questions why a ski trip but reconciled by saying she is looking forward to spending time with her since she hasn’t seen much of her since Kandi was married.  This is normal for couples to spend time alone together and their kids.  Carmen wants to make sure Joyce knows she is going.  Just watch out for flying shoes, Carmen.  Carmen and Don Juan are going on the trip too.  Kandi says it is because they helped put together a musical and a wedding so they are going to help put together a trip.  I thought she was going to say because you guys are such good employees – I’m letting you go on a free getaway.  It’s apparently a work trip.  Kandi tells them they are part of the family and Carmen is not sure she wants to be a part of the family while Don Juan says he has his own dysfunctional family.  Already Joyce is saying Todd better watch out for her rock inside a snowball.  Mind you this is after Sharon, Todd’s mother, has passed.  I do remember Sharon in the past saying New Yorkers don’t take threats lightly.  Being from a city where there has been a major terrorist attack, we take every threat seriously.  Mama Joyce could teach Al-Qaeda a thing or two.  Joyce says she has been trying to have a better relationship with Todd.  When has she been trying?

So far the two aunts, Joyce, cousin Weenie, Kandi, Todd, Riley, Kaela, Carmen, Don Juan, Todd’s assistant Matthew, Todd’s uncle, wife & brother are going on the trip.  Carmen is already watching out for any attempted murder scenarios.

Kandi is setting her hair in a bonnet and Todd is complaining.  I guess the baby making factory is closed down for now.   They pray for Sharon’s soul and we see a scene with Mama Joyce bringing flowers to Todd for Sharon’s grave and she promises to be a good mother-in-law.  Joyce should be happy with a new house since Todd had issues with her living in Kandi and Todd’s house.  They should have time together as a couple.

Joyce is going to play nice with Carmen even though she still wants to drag her.  On the bus, Don Juan wonders if Steamboat Springs has seen any black people.  They all take a flight and see the snow from the plane.  Todd’s family and assistant meet at the airport.  Already Matthew is assigning transportation.  The Tuckers go in the truck and everyone else goes in the shuttle bus.  Already the aunts are complaining.  Matthew offers apple cider to the Tucker family and Don Juan says the aunts are going to push him over a cliff for forgetting them.  Matthew seems like a better assistant than Carmen with his survival bag.

On the shuttle bus, the aunts think Colorado is about weed and snow.  I wonder if they’re going to get toe up. They all admire the mountains.   Aunt Bertha is complaining about the long ride to the house.  The owner greets them and shows them around.  They are all impressed except for Aunt Bertha.  That long trip without a smoke stop was getting on her nerves.  Todd tries to cheer her up and when that doesn’t work Kandi tries to placate her.  Aunt Bertha is used to planning trips so when things are out of her control she does not have a good time.  Bertha is spitting mad and forgot that the trip is free and voluntary.    Matthew even offers to give her a foot rub and Bertha’s ready to smack him.

Carmen did the room arrangements.  Todd’s family is on a ground floor in a separate house.  The aunts and cousin Weenie are walking up the steps to another house in the back.  Bertha’s a smoker and she’s already wheezing going up the steps.  They start complaining about the raggedy-ness of the room and start waving their arms and yelling.  It looked nice to me.  I do think they shouldn’t be walking up the steps in case of ice, not that there was any ice there.  Bertha brought a taser for security since there are no locks on the door.  It’s only them in the house, why would they need to lock their rooms?  I’m sure there’s a lock from the outside of the house.

Kaela nicely got off her phone to talk to Riley.  Riley tells Kaela she broke up with her boyfriend through a friend.  It’s cute that they can talk about their personal lives this way.

Kandi and Todd walk up the doggy steps to get up to the high bed.  They’re both short enough to use it.  Todd talks too soon about how peaceful the situation is.  He doesn’t know what’s going on in the other house with the aunts.  Kandi didn’t pack her remote control Bedroom Kandy panties.  She needs to advertise her goods.  She can’t leave them at home. It’s time to eat and the aunts are ready to go on the warpath.

Weenie gets into it first and starts yelling at Kandi how they were placed in the back and far away from the main house where they meet for meals.  Meanwhile Riley and Kaela are eating elk at the kid’s table with Matthew.  The aunts and cousin Weenie are very upset at how far they have to walk and Kandi didn’t realize what the problem was.  It is all very dramatic and crazy. Kandi asks Kaela and Riley to switch and Riley is whining that she doesn’t want to.  She complains about her hurt knee.  Is she going to go skiing with her hurt knee?  Carmen and Don Juan volunteer to switch.  They seem to be appeased but they are still far away and up the steps so it’s not much of a better situation.  Did they automatically assume they got the worst living situation despite the lovely views?  Joyce finally is reasonable in her TH that they should be happy they were invited on a free trip.  I’m getting scared that I agree with her.

Kandi goes to help them pack their stuff  and they start laying on their grievances on her. It’s like Kandi took Nene’s place in the counseling session intervention.  It seems rather scripted.  Aunt Nora complains she hasn’t heard from Kandi the past year and says she doesn’t mind not getting money?  Kandi gives her money?  Joyce says she doesn’t see her either and Kandi doesn’t return phone calls.  Even Weenie says her feelings are hurt.  Aunt Bertha says she should reach out more often. They all pretty much have the same complaint that Phaedra had with her.  Todd has been away working in Los Angeles so it can’t be her new marriage.  Kandi is pretty much saying “whatever” to her family too when they don’t say what she wants to hear.  Kandi, after making her shaky cry voice and giving excuses, promises to be better.  Aunt Bertha puts down a broom from the fireplace set so that Kandi can jump the broom and the problems get swept out the door.  Kandi obliges them.    I thought this would be more of a comedy but so far, only Don Juan has been giving the good punchlines and everyone else has been whiny and not in the funny way.  The family seems to be too needy and should find a hobby that doesn’t include their world revolving around Kandi.

I have been looking for Todd’s name in the credits and don’t see it.  According to the Zap2It website, “The Real Housewives of Atlanta: Kandi’s Ski Trip” is produced by True Entertainment with Steven Weinstock, Glenda Hersh, Lauren Eskelin, Carlos King, Lorraine Haughton, Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker serving as Executive Producers.  If they have control over editing, shouldn’t she show her family to be more entertaining than showcasing how needy and entitled they are?  Unless she doesn’t care as long as they get a paycheck and don’t mooch off of her anymore.  It’s rather ingenious.

Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion Part 3 has a 2.59 million Live + SD ratings.  They lost some viewers but are still strong at the adult 18-49 ratings which are what advertisers look at.


Meanwhile in Atlanta last night ….  Kandi celebrated her b-day with some of her ATL co-stars, including Phaedra Parks, Kenya Moore, Claudia Jordan and Demetria.  Derek J and Funky were also in attendance.

Kandi Phaedra



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Brandi Glanville Podcast – Guest Josh Wolf

Brandi Glanville Podcast by Kit9

Guest: Comedian Josh Wolf

Josh is the cousin of actor Scott Wolf from Party Of Five. Josh about how Scott hasn’t aged and how he has a beautiful wife and family. Brandi, says that means Scott, “is super fucked up. He probably wants to be a woman like Bruce. You can’t have a perfect family. When it looks perfect and you don’t age, there’s something up.” Josh says Scott does runs like a girl before saying he’s joking so he doesn’t get hate mail calling him sexist.

Josh says Scott is one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. Brandi has doubts, saying, “It’s a question mark. I’ve met him.” (What the hell did Scott do to her, I wonder?) “He’s a really super nice guy.” Brandi’s still not buying it and continues shading Scott by calling him chubby. Josh used to be obsessed with his diet and going to the gym. “Clearly, you’re not doing that anymore”, says Brandi. Josh loves In and Out, in moderation.

He has pretty good self control, food wise, except when it comes to chocolate chip cookies, which he’ll eat till he’s sick. Brandi eats till she’s full and then can’t eat any more. She also eats quickly which she credits her restraint with growing up poor and the fact her mother, “made really shitty food.” Brandi was the middle child and says she was abused by her siblings and she abused them back. Josh had three older brothers who beat the hell out of him which helped him learn to be funny to stop them from hitting him.

Brandi won’t date guys who wear True Religion jeans. Same goes for guys who wear Ed Hardy t’s. Men with a bald spots are a no go, too. Brandi jokes about how Josh stole somebody’s children. The children in question are part Asian and racist and Kathy Lee sweat shop jokes follow. “Do they sew?” ask Brandi. No, but they do dry clean, Josh says. Turns out Josh was dating a woman who had two kids and then they had a third, together. And when they broke up, he kept all the kids-hers and theirs. He says it worked out best for everybody.

Brandi has an axe to grind with Josh over something he said about her and which he claims he doesn’t remember. Brandi doesn’t like Josh’s ex boss and current producer, Chelsea Handler, who once described Brandi as an over botoxed cougar from the Valley. Apparently, Josh’s reply to Chelsea was, “She’s disgusting looking. Eww.” Josh now says that’s clearly not true. Also, when he said it, he probably had never seen Brandi. But, Brandi points out Chelsea showed him a picture(snort!). Brandi throws the insult back at Chelsea

They talk about the source of the rift between Brandi and Chelsea. Something about making out with someone named Shelly. Also someone named Ryan, sent Brandi dick picks. Of Ryan, Brandi says Ryan, “may not have been going to my church.” Ryan, doesn’t understand what she means and she says he’s too young for her and “very Christian.” After some nonsensical back and forth, it’s clear what Brandi means is Ryan is gay.

She says she goes to “the kind of straight person church.” She didn’t think Ryan really knew what church he went to and she felt like she was taking advantage of him. Ryan’s penis was huge and she did make out with him but only saw his penis in pictures. Brandi hates dick pics. Josh feels the same about vagina pics.

Josh doesn’t go to strip clubs. Brandi says Jews don’t go to strip clubs because, “it’s not Kosher”(groan). “Well, you’re not eating there,” Josh says. “Well maybe you are”, Brandi shoots back. Josh says Portland has the most strip clubs per cap of anyplace in the country (really? Doesn’t sound right). Brandi goes on about her concerns with stripper pole cleanliness. “It’s like a Petri dish.”

They discuss Brandi’s eldest son’s impending puberty. Brandi now knocks before she enters his room. Josh suggests she buy him some extra pairs of socks. Josh goes back to his comments about her looks and tells her there’s nothing disgusting about her. “You don’t know me yet,” Brand jokes. Brandi claims she does her own guest background research. Josh doesn’t believe her, earning him an FU from Brandi. Brandi and Josh both say they had good childhoods. Brandi’s rule for blackout sex is if she doesn’t remember it, it didn’t happen.

Then they talk about the toll cell phones cameras have taken on personal freedom. You can’t go out and get drunk anymore, says Brandi. Josh talks about being a prisoner in his hotel room when he’s on the road. “You have to drink at home, do drugs at home, beat your children within your home and not in front of a window,” says Brandi. “You gotta put oranges in a sock so it doesn’t leave a bruise…on the bottom of the foot,” says Ryan. “Long sleeves,” adds Brandi. “Kidding,” says Brandi.

Brandi had a Dorothy Hamill cut when she was young. Brandi says her sister was the pretty one. Everyone thought Brandi was a boy because of her short hair. Josh has 3 testicles (can’t tell if he’s joking or not). Ryan has a new show on CMT. It’s a panel show. Brandi whines about not being able to have an opinion without backlash (see, she can have an opinion but others aren’t allowed to have an opinion about her opinion). She brings up her calling her son an asshole and claims she refused to apologize for it.

Brandi talks about some Sarah Silverman bit where she makes rape jokes. Brandi thinks Sarah is hilarious and thought the jokes were funny so she tweeted about got a “ton of hate” for it. “Obviously rape is not funny but the joke was funny!” whines Brandi, “It frustrates the hell out of me.” Josh agrees and says that someone he doesn’t know can’t offend him.

Brandi says her kids have asked her why their “gay friends can call each other faggots but we’re not allowed to say it at all?” She says they also ask why they can’t say or sing the n-word in songs but Jay-z can. Josh used to live next to a former Real Worlder and he did heroin in his apartment. Apparently, the guy was still upset about being cast as the villain on the show. Brandi says the show is a J.O.B. for her. She has to pay the rent and take care of her kids. “My husband doesn’t work. He’s an actor and 90% of Hollywood is out of work, so he’s not working. So, I foot the bill for everything with my children.”

Brandi mentions recently breaking into Eddie’s house-with his permission-to get something for her son. It was the first time she’d been in his house and she thought, “This fucker’s livin’ the life. I was pissed.” Brandi claims that she can’t live off her book royalties and that just because you’re on tv doesn’t mean you’re rich. Josh, agrees, saying he made very little for his appearances on Chelsea’s show.

Brandi says that reality tv knows you’re going to use it as a platform to sell other things so “they don’t pay you” (sure Bravo LOVES hearing this). But, she needs the money, so that’s why she puts up with the public scrutiny. Josh flips the table and interviews her asking, in her dream of dreams, what would Brandi do? A talk show. A Springer type show dealing with conflict and relationships. She loved Jenny Jones and doesn’t think anyone is doing a program like that now. “That’s my end goal. I don’t want to be on the show forever. However, I have to do it right now.” Brandi says that Steve Wilkos has asked her to host some shows with him.


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